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My thoughts on the new episode per queen

Valentina: amazing. Outstanding. Beautiful. Deserved to win the pageant since she was not criticized once. Clearly top 3 Material

Nina: smart. Funny, im glad that she won as well, super super nice. Maybe middle of the pack

Aja: loved the first look, didn’t love the second one as much. She is SICKENING though, and she will definitely go far. Top 3 material

Kimora: probably one of the fashion queens of the seasons for me. They didn’t like her outfits but I live for them. Probably top 5.

Eureka: her only objectives are to win over Trinity and to send her home. No. Her objectives should be winning the competition. She will go home early.

Trinity: I didn’t feel her in the promos but after that lady Gaga look DAMN that was amazing

Alexis : she slayed this challenge. She is the look queen. Amazing make up, amazing padding, amazing EVERYTHING. Maybe top 7

Sasha: very smart and creative, even though she didn’t deserve her spot in the top three of the week she is still one of my faves, top 5.

Peppermint: my opinions on her are normal. I don’t see her in the top 7 though.

Shea: she is a nice fucking person. And very funny as well, personally she is not in my top 5 but if she were to be there I would not protest.

Charlie: I love her. But this weeks performance was… underwhelming in some way? Her first look was giving me a “mother, has arrived” realness. It was messy… her second look though was good. Hopefully she will get far. I love her.

Farrah: even though she got many many critiques I know she will be a front runner, top three material. Her looks were visually appealing and I loved them

Mimi Imfurst AKA Jaymes Mansfield: she tries so hard. Since the moment she came into the werk room she looked uncomfortable and out of place. She tries so hard to be a character she simply is not. The first look was underwhelming and the second look was just terrible. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but honestly, she is my pick to the one that goes home first, maybe second.

Cynthia: yas miss cucu. Get ready to be slayed by her. She has grown so much since her season. And she is the first miss congeniality to miss the snatch game, and I want her to do it.

Even the Mennonite guy was more shocked

Context: In the town we are staying in, there has been an outbreak of murders. It turns out these murders were carried out in order to coerce our Ranger into joining the murderer’s “pack”. This murderer has many followers, leading us to believe he is the head of some sort of cult. After thoroughly scaring Alma through the use of messages on victims, breaking into her home to steal a lock of her hair, and sending her a message through an insane cursed guy, he promises to end the “harvest in her honor” should she join him. Faced with a cold case and several possible victims, she decides to take him up on his offer, but with a twist.

Ranger: I’m going. It’s my fault people are dying.
Paladin: No way. There is no way I’m letting you go to that madman. You’ll die!
Ranger: actually, that’s what I’m planning on.
Barbarian: you’re killing yourself?
Ranger: [alchemist], can you make me a potion that will make me look dead?
Alchemist (OOC): Romeo and Juliet style?
Ranger (OOC): yeah
Alchemist: You’re going to fake your own death? You don’t know that’ll work, what if you get buried underground?
Ranger: I’ve done it before.

The ranger reveals herself to be the noble girl that supposedly jumped in a river and died.

Paladin: *freaks out*
Barbarian: *freaks out*
The librarian (we play in a library): *freaks out*
DM (rewriting the script): *freaks out*
Assorted onlookers, including a Mennonite guy for some reason: *freaks out*

Alchemist: oh, neat.


Scott x Reader

Requested by @unknownwoman17

“We should help Derek!” You yelped and Scott growled and he rolled his eyes.

“Are you serious, we have our own problems to deal with, Derek can handle his own pack.” Scott sighed and felt a twinge of jealousy jolt through him.

“Derek would help you!” You yelled and Scott snarled as he closed in on you. “You know what maybe if you’re going to be a jerk then I’ll change to Derek’s pack.”

“Fine but you won’t be living here anymore!” He snapped back when your words hit home.

“Fine by me.” You snatched at a backpack and hurried to your room, shoving things in it.

“Go and live with him, then! See if I care.” Scott growled as you stalked past and down the stairs.

“I will, doesn’t bother me!” You huffed and yanked open the door.

“Yeah well, more free time at home for me, won’t have to deal with you being under foot!” He bellowed so he could have the last word. “Wait crap that’s not what I wanted to happen.” He whispered to himself and hopped the stairs two at a time and hurried outside to see you ranting to Isaac who glanced his way and shrugged as you dragged him towards Derek’s.

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Google Translate Sings {Sentence Starters}

  • “Hail to me.”
  • “I kill people.”
  • “Muscle time.”
  • “I have no pants.”
  • “I’m not a bad person.”
  • “Welcome to the party.”
  • “I hope you are the best.”
  • “I like the ball in the sink.”
  • “Well, ok. I have no power.”
  • “Tune in, and slam the door.”
  • “They do not know me at all.”
  • “In any case, it’s gonna blow.”
  • “You are not a small problem.”
  • “You are a depressed banana.” 
  • “Why can I not understand you?”
  • “I do not think clams stop rusting.”
  • “I have saved the life of a monster.”
  • “Do not let them… do not them see.”
  • “It is very important to have one D…”
  • “So go home, in a six-pack, up yours!”
  • “I should be more foxy, and I realize that.”
  • “They cannot do that, god knows I’ve tried.”
  • “I questioned myself after all these years later.”
  • “There is no need to say sorry to you, I’m done.”
  • “Please refer to the sillhouette of the little people.”
  • “I should make more sense, and I understand that.”
  • <p> <b></b> 221B Baker Street<p/><b>Molly:</b> *yawns* As much as I want to stay and continue refereeing your game of Operations, I've just finished a double shift. *yawns again while packing her bag.<p/><b>John:</b> Of course, Molly. You should go home and rest now. Do you want me to call you a cab?<p/><b>Molly:</b> No, thank you. I'd rather commute rather than risk falling asleep in a cab. *yawns* It was a lovely dinner, thank you for inviting me.<p/><b>Rosie:</b> *being all cute and wide-eyed* Don't go yet, Aunt Molly!<p/><b>Molly:</b> *strokes Rosie's blonde curls* I'm sorry darling. I am too tired to play. I promise we'll play lots and lots next time. *yawns again*<p/><b>Rosie:</b> *activating full blown cuteness power* But you don hafta goooooooooo.<p/><b>John:</b> Rosie, Aunt Molly needs to go home and sleep now. You can play with her next time.<p/><b>Rosie:</b> But daddy, she don hafta goooo. She can sleep in her room.<p/><b>John:</b> Rosie, that's the reason why Aunt Molly have to go home now. So she can sleep in her room.<p/><b>Rosie:</b> *cute pout in full force* But she can sleep heeeere. In her room.<p/><b>John:</b> Sweetheart, Aunt Molly's room is in her house and she has to go home to sleep there.<p/><b>Rosie:</b> *does her little stomping dance when adults don't listen* Nooooo, Aunt Molly's room is here. *turns around and points out* Her room is there. *points to Sherlock's bedroom.<p/><b>John:</b> *patiently* Sweetheart, that's Uncle Sherlock's bedroom.<p/><b>Rosie:</b> *still in full force cuteness mode* Well it's Aunt Molly's room too. I saw her sleeping there many times!<p/><b>John:</b> *confused* What?<p/><b>Rosie:</b> Yeah! Sometimes I forgot what comes after Lithum or magmasum so I go to Uncle Sherlock's room and look at the pretty picture and then Aunt Molly is there sleeping!<p/><b>John:</b> *turns from his innocent daughter to his previous room mate who had been silent all this time* What? Does Molly sleep over here sometimes?<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *nonchalant* More than sometimes actually. *Stands up and approaches Molly who has been practically sleeping while standing all through the rest of the conversation* Also, she does more than sleep in there.*Smirks at John before swiping the almost asleep pathologist off her feet* Well...'we' do more than sleep in there but you don't need to know the details. *carries the already asleep pathologist to his room.<p/><b>John:</b> *utterly confused and clueless again for the nth time of his life.* What?!<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> Also, remind me to buy new locks. *kicks his bedroom door close*<p/><b></b> John *Still not processing things, turns to look at his daughter* What?<p/><b>Rosie:</b> *rolling her eyes at silly daddy* I tolds you daddy, Aunt Molly has a room here! *points again to Sherlock's room*<p/><b>John:</b> *realization finally dawns* Okay, that's it. *turns to grab his daughter for a hasty exit.* We are going home and we're gonna talk about why you should knock before opening doors, okay Rosie? Because you definitely have to start knocking in Uncle Sherlock and...well, Aunt Molly's *What?!?* room from now on.<p/><b></b> *whispers to himself* And me too.<p/></p>
Coffee on me -chapter one

A Kwon Jiyong/ G-Dragon Fanfiction

Description: You moved to Seoul in search of stardom, but after one year all you have is a douche for a boyfriend and a job at a cafe that pays minimum wage. After a particularly bad day you start to wonder if you should pack your bags and head home, but when Kwon Jiyong strolls into your cafe you begin to think things might start going your way… that is until you spill his coffee on him.

Word Count: 2.6K

Warning: mentions of alcohol abuse, fluffy introductions

A/N: AAAAAHHHHH my  first fanfic is here! Can you believe it!!! I hope you all enjoy this ride with me !

Waking up with twenty minutes until my shift starts, and living sixteen minutes away from the cafe, there’s only one chance I have at success: If I take the bus, and run at superhuman speed, I can probably make it with three minutes to spare. But that’s not counting the fact that when I look in the mirror: I see a complete mess. If I come in looking like I got hit by a damn train the other baristas will cackle at me like the witches they are.

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Brooklyn Nine Nine


Imagine Being Married Rosa

For My Followers

Cheerfully you skip into the Nine Nine precinct and wave to your girlfriend.

“Rosa! You left your lu-”

Rosa covers your mouth and drags you into a closet before you can finish your announcement.

“Sorry about that (Y/N). I can’t have my coworkers knowing too many personal things about me. Them just knowing I’m in a relationship is too much,” Rosa explains as she takes your lunch. You giggle and kiss her cheek.

“My silly Rosa. Oh I adore you,” you gush. Rosa flushes and ducks her head.

“I-I adore you too,” she mutters.

“Well I hope you enjoy your lunch! I packed an extra special surprise in there for you,” you say and smile sneakily. “Also you should hurry home after work cause I went shopping at Victoria’s today!” Rosa’s eyes go dark and she possessively captures your mouth in hers. She holds you in a passionate kiss for a few moments before you pull away.

“Later Rosa,” you murmur breathlessly. “Bye honey!” You peck her on the lips and exit the closet.

As you leave the precinct Rosa watches your ass and the other detectives gape.

“Who was that?” Amy finally asks.

“A booty call,” Rosa deadpans but can’t help grinning.

She loves you so much.


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Imagine you’ve been kidnapped by the Nogitsune and Peter demands for Stiles to tell him where you are being kept.

——— Request for anon ———

“You should just let me go,” the Nogitsune chuckles darkly, taking a look around the pack before leisurely tilting his head towards a window, “It’s getting dark, and I’ve got to go home and feed my pet.”

Peter growls, advancing towards the boy before anyone can grab onto him, “I don’t care if you are inside of Stiles. I will rip you apart if you don’t tell me where (Y/N) is.”

“What? Can’t you just sniff her out with that big snout of yours?” he smirks, unfazed by Peter’s threat, “Or are you having some performance issues?”

yesterday a man flung himself bodily between the train doors to keep me from being left behind on the platform and today i and like forty other commuters sang happy birthday to a stranger while stranded between stations on a train that couldn’t decide if it was actually going to take us home (no, seriously, the conductor was on the intercom going, “uh, they should tell me soon whether this is going to remain a fremont train or become a richmond train, and we are now inexplicably parked outside a station that’s only on the san francisco line, also i’m going to need to squirm through six packed train cars in a minute to turn us around so my life is great too, looking forward to getting to know you all really well”), so thank you random commute friends for not being terrible. 


“Please, you have to help, my sister gave your name specifically,” Stiles pleaded. Stiles had traveled to New Orleans to meet his sister who just joined a pack. After turning into a werewolf, Y/N felt like it would be better for her to find a pack away from home and in the town that she loved so much. A week ago, Stiles got a frantic call from Y/N telling him she had been kidnapped by vampires and to go find Klaus Mikaelson and his family in New Orleans. After some research, Stiles found out they were the Original vampire family. He couldn’t believe he was here now in front of them, begging in his sister’s place.
“And why should I?” Klaus Mikaelson asked the scrawny boy in front of him. “I don’t even know your sister.”
“Yes you do,” Stiles exclaimed. “Y/N Stilinski, about this tall, Y/H/C hair, Y/E/C eyes. She apparently liked taking care of your kid and-” Elijah Mikaelson held up his face for Stiles to stop. Elijah as well as one of Y/N’s pack leaders, Hayley looked at Klaus.
“Klaus,” Hayley said. “We need to talk.”
The group walked away from Stiles, having a quiet intense discussion. As he waited, Stiles tried cracking jokes to the people around him. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get a laugh, Stiles waited impatiently for the group’s return. Hayley and Klaus returned and took up their original spots in front of Stiles.
“We’re going to find your sister,” Hayley told him. “She is a member of our pack and is family. Will get her back, no matter the cost.”
“Thank you,” Stiles said letting out a relieved sigh. A smirk, which Stiles could tell wasn’t good, appeared on Klaus’ face.
“But we are going to need your help. Yours and your pack’s.”
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Coffee on me - chapter two

A Kwon Jiyong/ G-Dragon Fanfiction

Description: She moved to Seoul in search of stardom, but after one year all she has is a douche for a boyfriend, and a job at a cafe that pays minimum wage. after a particularly bad day she starts to wonderif she should pack her bags and head home, but when kwon jiyong strolls into her cafe she begins to wonder if things might start going her way… that is until she spills his coffee on him.

word count: 2.8k

warnings: mentions of alcohol abuse, fluffy fluffy Jiyong

A/N: sorry it took literally forever for chapter two but here it is! and boy does this plot get thicc!

Another week came, and with each ring of the service bell I forgot more and more about the cute customer with a gummy smile. Focusing on making aesthetic latte designs while juggling angry customers makes it almost impossible to dream about a certain sunshine haired boy.

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Isis: We need to get you out of here, right now.

Helena: I don’t know what do to. I still can’t believe I’m in this situation again, how could I have been so dumb..

Isis: That’s it, you’re coming with me. We’re going home.

Helena: Isis, I can’t. It could ruin your relationship with my- your daughter. I don’t want to get you into more trouble. I still have to figure out what I’m going to do with this baby. Should I go to Oasis Springs and tell my parents all this? But how could I face them after I ran away from home and… look at me.

Isis: Right now, you’re going home with me. It’s a temporary solution and we’ll figure out what to do next. Trust me on this, okay? Now pack your things, you’ll be safe with me, I promise.

i’m about to pack up to head back to my place so i can go home and shower and be lazy, so like this post and when i get there i will post an open starter for you??? i haven’t really talked to A L O T of people so i should probably start doing that right lol?


Request: Could you do a smut where basement Gee shows y/n his “toys”???

(Hahahahaha this is gonna get weird)

“Mom, I’m home! Mom?” Gerard yelled, tossing his back pack on the couch. I did the same, sitting down on the recliner. Gerard picked up a scribbled note on the table, clearing his throat before reading it. “Gerard, dad and I are at Mikey’s parent teacher conference. We should be back around 6. Love you, Mom” He shrugged and set the note back down on the table. “Well, it looks like we have the house to ourselves. Should we get started?” He asked, referring to our project. We were partnered together for a 50 point assignment and decided to go to his house after school.

“Sure. I’ve never been to your house before,” I remarked, looking around the living room. Gerard and I have been friends for almost a year, but I’ve never went to his house.

“Oh, um, do you want a tour?”

“No no no, it’s okay,” I giggled, standing up. “I want to see your room though.”

“Okay sure. I’m warning you now, it’s uh…little messy,” he chuckled nervously, tucking his hair behind his ears.

“Come on Gee, you know I don’t care about stuff like that.”

“Right, it’s downstairs.” He led me down the stairs into the dimly lit basement. I looked around his room, walls plastered with band posters or his drawings. He had shelves full of comic books, action figures, and random items spread all around the room. 

“You’ve got a lot of stuff,” I said, running my hands down he spine of his books.

“Yeah, i’m a bit of a hoarder,” he confessed, picking some stray clothes off the ground and tossing them in a laundry basket. “Sorry, I told you it’s messy.”

“It’s fine. What’s in here?” I asked, pulling the handle on his closet door open.

“Wait!” He yelped, rushing towards me. Before he could spit it out, the closet slid open. I scrunched my nose in confusion, what was the big deal? There was just some clothes and shoes and-oh. I gulped when my eyes locked on the black cardboard box on the top shelf, a display picture of a vibrator on it. I could see him shifting anxiously out of the corner of my eye, looking at me in shock.

“I have a lot of clothes,” he chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his neck. I reached up, pulling the package of he shelf.

“Why do you have this?” His eyes widened at the sight of the box.

“I-I-I d-don’t know. Ray gave it to me last year for Christmas as a joke,” he quickly explained, his face fully flushed. I held back a laugh, Gerard was hilarious when he got flustered. 

“Ever used it?” I teased.

“W-What?! No no no, no way.” He was even more red now and he was picking at the ends of his sleeves. “Is it, uh, weird? That I have one?”

“No, actually kinda hot,” I winked, giggling when I heard him gulp. Gerard and I have always had this flirty relationship. We both got really drunk at one of Frank’s kick backs and ended up going to third base. Ever since, there’s always been thick, sexual tension between us. Gerard was way too bashful to act on it though, so I always initiated everything-from hugging to making out. 

“Have you ever used one?” He asked, leaning against his desk. An idea clicked in my head, a crazy but fun idea. I looked up and him smirked. 

“Not yet,” I purred, setting the box onto the bed.

“Yet?” Gerard squeaked. I walked over to him, lacing my fingers around his wrist.

“Wanna try it out?”

“Are y-you serious?”

“Why not? Do you want to use it on me?” I kissed his lips softly, feeling them tremble against mine.

“Y-Yes, but do you want me to?”

“Gerard, we’ve made out how may times since we’ve met? Why can’t you see how hot I am for you?” I giggled, wrapping my arms around his neck. He smiled bashfully, looking down at me.

“Sorry, i’m just not use to pretty girls hanging out with me, let alone want to do stuff with me.”

“You need to have more confidence, Gee. You’re quite a hottie.” I said comfortingly, running my fingers through his long, black hair. Gerard really was gorgeous: pale face, long eye lashes, full pink lips, bright hazel eyes. 

“No i’m not, you’re the pretty one,” he smiled shyly, cautiously leaning down to kiss me. I smiled and leaned up on my tippy toes to kiss back.

“Come on, this will be fun,” I smirked, leading him back over to his bed. I opened the box, looking up at Gerard when I noticed the tape was missing. “Never used it huh?”

“Well, I, uh, I opened it to see what it looked like b-but yeah, never used it.” Gerard gulped, unzipping his jacket. I couldn’t tell if he was lying or not, but decided not to push him. He was never gonna tell me if he actually has used it. I pulled out the vibrator, both of us looked at the purple plastic nervously. I leaned over and kissed him, trying to make him feel more comfortable. I pulled my shirt off, watching his eyes light up at the sight of my breasts. “Can I, um, touch you?”

“Please.” He smiled and slowly massaged my breasts, his other hand moving around my back to unclasp my bra. Soon, I was stripped down to just my underwear. I leaned back on the bed, watching him slowly pick up the vibrator. He ran his hand up and down it in fascination, jumping slightly when he accidentally hit the on switch and it started vibrating in his hand. His hands hesitantly pulled down my underwear, staring at me in awe. I held back a groan, the way he looked at me was intoxicating. 

“Okay, so I don’t really know what i’m doing so tell me what feels good,” he said, his voice unsteady and ten times deeper. I nodded, the anticipation killing me. He turned the vibrator back on, holding it against my clit. I whined and arched my back at the contact. He smiled, knowing I was enjoying it. He gently pushed it into me, looking up at me for approval. “Is this okay?”

“Yes, keep going please.” He smiled and turned the vibration up to high and continued to push it in and out of me. I was writhing and moaning underneath him, begging for him to pick up the pace. I cried out when it rammed into my G-spot. He continuously brushed the vibrator against the bundle of nerves. “Fuck Gee, i’m close.” I gasped when I felt his tongue flick my clit, sending me over the edge. I screamed his name as raw, hot pleasure spread through my body. He turned the vibrator off and pulled it out of me, setting it back in the box. 

“How was it? Was the last part too far?” He asked anxiously.

“You need to use your tongue more often,” I panted. He chuckled and sighed with relief.

“At least I finally put this to use.”

“We’re definitely using that again.”

skiesovertatooine  asked:

Hey Jeff I have a great idea for a new game mode! You can play as Symmetra, Tracer, Pharah, Zarya, Mercy, Mei, Orisa, Emily, Bridgette and Widow and the goal is to gather the most kisses from the other ladies. The trick is that everyone's a winner :D

Oh… oh my god… This is it… This is the Best Game Mode. Everyone pack up, go home. This is what Overwatch was made for. This is why this game exists. There’s no other reason. The only addition is I think the guys should get a similar game-mode. Everyone’s gotta be included.

On the 1st day of Christmas... (Seungcheol got a crush)

Title:  On the 1st day of Christmas… (Seungcheol got a crush)
Rating: pg 
Pairing: Jeongcheol
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 500+
Summary: Junghan sings at the mall during Christmas and Seungcheol comes over at the mall every other day for the sole reason of watching him sing.
a/n: I’m sorry this is not proofread. It was puked in 1h since I had an excuse of inspiration !

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Roswell- Music Moments Gifsets (10/?)

U2- Walk On

And love is not the easy thing, the only baggage you can bring is all that you can’t leave behind

And if the darkness is to keep us apart. And if the daylight feels like it’s a long way off. And if your glass heart should crack. And for a second you turn back. Oh no, be strong, Walk on, Walk on, What you got, they can’t steal it, No they can’t even feel it

You’re packing a suitcase for a place none of us has been, A place that has to be believed to be seen. You could have flown away. A singing bird in an open cage who will only fly, only fly for freedom.

Home. Hard to know what it is if you never had one. Home. I can’t say where it is but I know I’m going home.That’s where the hurt is. And I know it aches and your heart it breaks and you can only take so much. Walk on. Leave it behind You’ve got to leave it behind

My Period
  • Me: I think I'll go do a little yoga!
  • Period: HAHAHAHAHA That's cute ;) BAM STOMACH CRAMPS.
  • Me: I should really be nicer to my brothers...
  • Me: Better lose some of this tummy...
Turn me down on my 21st birthday and I'll come back and deny you another sale the next day

So this happened a couple days ago. My 21st birthday was on Thursday this past week. But I’m working an internship in Florida (I’m from California) and I needed to work early the next morning. So I was just going to buy a 6 pack and go home and have a nice night in. So I go into this liquor store on my birthday and put a 6 pack at the check out counter. The guy asks for my ID and I proudly give it to him because hey I don’t get a first legal purchase any other day except today. He looks at it and then says some words you never want to here:

“I’m sorry. I can’t let you purchase this beer.”

I’m really confused. It’s my 21st birthday. I should be able to buy this. I ask him why and he tells me I have to wait until midnight (which would be Friday, the day AFTER my birthday). I’m from California and don’t know Florida drinking laws and so I leave in defeat. Later I’m at a bar (who did serve me) and ask them about this situation. They told me this guy was basically just being a dick for some reason and that there’s no law that says I can’t be served on my 21st birthday. Well this got me angry and I came up with a plan.

This is where the vengeance comes in. The next day after work, I go to that same liquor store. I put 3 six packs on the counter along with 2 fifths and a handle. He asks for my ID again and he approves that I am officially 21 now (somehow that 24 hours made a difference) and starts scanning my items. When he tells me the total, I tell him:

“Actually, can you take this six pack off. That’s a little too much for me.”

He takes it off and tells me my new total. I do this for every god damn item I put up there. And then I just walk out. No explanation. No reason why. But he knew why. Oh he definitely knew why.