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                                              Please Jeff, stay.

A/N: It’s been a while since my last imagine and as you can see this time it’s not one about Reggie.

I just love Jeff so much and he obviously DESERVED BETTER, so I hope you like it. He doesn’t die in this one and honestly I don’t think I will ever write one of those because I lost someone ina¡ a car accident and I can’t even read the imagines about Jeff dying because I literally cry.

Please don’t ever drink and drive and always be careful on the road. Be safe. ❤️

Warnings: Maybe some misspelled things, but I’m Spanish, I try my best.  😁

Words: 1.604


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I wasn’t someone new at all in Liberty high even though it seem like I was. I went to school with most of the people in this high school, I was their classmate until the first year in high school when I moved to another city, but now I was back for my junior and senior year.

So as I was saying I wasn’t a new student, but people acted like they didn’t know who I was, they treated me like if I didn’t knew the place or the students and after explaining a few people the whole story I gave up and I just went along.

It has been a week since I arrived and I still noticed the stares I got in the halls and how when I passed next to a group of girls they would start whispering. I knew they were talking about me, I knew there were rumours out there but I didn’t care at all.

One morning while I was grabbing a book from my locker and thinking about nothing in particular I heard someone calling me from behind and when I turned I realized it was Jeff Atkins.

“Hey! You are Jedd right?” I was trying to make a joke but I saw that he was taking it seriously so I stopped trying to be funny “Just kidding, I remember you Jeff” when I said that he smiled again.

“I just wanted to know how are you handling being in Liberty high again” Jeff has always been one of the few good people around here, he wasn’t afraid to talk with everyone even though he didn’t know that person, and he was so nice with every one, that was one of the reasons why all the girls always liked him and I was sure that hasn’t change a bit.

“Fine, I guess” I said closing my locker “it is like no one remembers me tho”

“If it makes you feel better I didn’t forget about you” I gave him a smile “and Clay and Tony remember you too” he sounded like he was trying to play down about what he said first.

“It makes me feel better, indeed” we remain silence, it was a little uncomfortable because I didn’t know why he came to talk to me in the first place, I was grateful because it really felt good to know that he remembered me and that he wanted to talk to me, but still it felt odd having in account he was one of the most popular guys in high school.

The bell saved us from that silence, we had to go to class so I just say goodbye and I started walking to my next class, but Jeff called me again and I turned to look at him.

“Are you going to Jess’ party tonight?” I didn’t know why he was so interested suddenly, but it didn’t bother me at all.

“I don’t know, are you?”


“Then maybe I’ll show up” I answered giggling and turning again to leave that hall.

Was I being flirty with Jeff Atkins? I had no idea how I got to that point, but I had done it and I think he wanted me at the party, despite that fact I didn’t want to create false illusions to find out that it was all part of some fantasy of mine.

I didn’t think about that for the rest of the day until I saw my new friend Hannah Baker and she talked to me about that party and how Clay asked her if she was going to go. Neither of us knew what to do, we had thought of doing something more relaxing than a party, but we decided to go.

I was designated driver for the night, so that way Hannah could drink whatever she wanted. I didn’t have a problem because I actually didn’t like alcohol like most of the teenagers, so I drove very happy.

When we arrived to the party it was pretty crowed, the house was full and also was the front yard. Most of the people there were already wasted.

We went to the kitchen while I was looking for a certain someone, but I wouldn’t say that out loud, I think Hannah was looking for someone too and she was the first to find him.

We approached Clay and a big smile appeared in his face when he saw us.

“I didn’t know you were coming!”

“We are full of surprises” Hannah answered almost sounding nervous.

“There are drinks in the kitchen… we can go there”

“Not form me, designated driver” I said pointing at me.

“I’ll drink for you” Hannah added.

We followed Clay to the kitchen, but I looked outside in the way and I found who I was looking for. I tapped Hannah in the shoulder so she could see me going to the back yard.

I laid on the wall and I looked at him until he looked in my direction and when he noticed me I saw a bigger smile in his face.

I waved at him and started to walk in his direction, but he reached me before I could walk more than two steps.

“You came” I don’t know how he did it, but his smile was one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen.

“Yeah… but not because I like parties” I answered giggling “I’m…” I looked around before ending the sentence “working as cupid” I added in a whisper “Hannah obviously likes Clay, so I came to make sure they spend time together and hopefully something happens in the process and I’m proud to admit that I’m reaching my goal”

“Wow, we have more in common than I thought” did he really spend time thinking about what we had in common? “Because I’ve been trying to get those two together since Hannah came to Liberty” I couldn’t help but smile when I talked to him.

“We’re really good friends, they own us so much” I laughed.

“Hey (Y/N)!” we both looked in Jess’ direction; she was calling me from the door “Do you want to join us? We’re playing suck and blow”

I felt Jeff’s gaze on me even before Jess could finish her proposal and to be honest I couldn’t help but grimace thinking about kissing some drunk teenage by accident.

“No Jess, thank you, but I’m good” she was pretty wasted because she almost fell when she tried to go back inside the house.

I looked at Jeff again and I found his blue eyes on me, which made me a little nervous, but I controlled myself

“Do you want to play beer pong?” he offered

“I have to drive, I can’t drink”

“You can drink Coca-Cola, like me”

“Then count me in, I can teach you how to aim” I laughed passing by his side as if I knew where I had to go.

I joined him and a couple of his friends, who were drunk already.

I wasn’t joking when I said I had a good aim, I got the ball in every cup, making Jeff’s friends to drink even more.

I was having so much fun, Jeff and I were in the same team and we were clearly winning so we got to the point where we throw the ball in different funny ways like for example shooting while I was on Jeff’s back.

We were flirting all the time, teasing each other when it was each other turn, Jeff covering my eyes, tickling me and me trying to tickle him. I almost forgot we weren’t alone.

“I should look for Hannah” I said breathless for all the laughing.

“She’s over there with Clay” I followed Jeff indication and I saw them sitting by the pool, just talking.

“Hey Atkins! We need more beer!” I turned to look at who was saying that, but I didn’t know who he was.

“No problem!” Jeff answered.

My facial expression changed suddenly and I think Jeff noticed because his changed when he turned to me.

“Are you really going?”

“Yeah” he looked confused by my reaction.

“They had enough for tonight; they won’t even notice the lack of alcohol in their systems”

“Hey you don’t have to worry, I had two beer two hours ago, you’ve seen me drinking Coca-Cola” but that didn’t calm me, I wasn’t a big fan of driving in general, I lost someone in a car accident and I’ve been pretty scared since then.

“I know, but… maybe there’s someone out there who is driving drunk and you pay the consequences”

“I promise I’ll be careful, I’ll be back before you even notice I’m gone” he said caressing my arm, trying to calm me.

I saw him leaving, but I couldn’t let him go so I called him again and he turned in my direction.

“Please Jeff… stay” he remained silent, looking my way, probably really confused, but he smiled again and came to me.

“Why it is so important? I’ve done this a lot of times, I’ll be fine”

“Because…” I looked to my side, thinking if I was going to do what I was thinking right now. It was now or never, so I cupped his face with my hands and sorted the distance between our lips.

He kissed me back and I could hear people whistling around us, something that made me laugh in the kiss.

“Is this a good reason?” I asked when we broke the kiss.

“A really good one” he answered kissing me again before I could say anything else.

“Bad Associations”

Reader x SAMCRO
(GIF isn’t mine)

Being associated with SAMCRO was never something you chose, it just happened. As the daughter of the Club’s president and the half-sister to the VP, it was as if you were in the club as well, with all the shit you had to deal with and all the mountains you had to conquer in order to distance yourself from the club. Its not that you didn’t love your parents and your MC family, those guys were rough around the edges but they loved you and would lay their lives on the line for you, you just wanted a normal life, the life of a non-felon.

That’s the reason you studied to be an EMT. You figured the least you could do was help people in emergencies to try and counteract all the damage your father’s enterprise did. You discovered you had a passion for emergency medical work, the adrenaline coupled with having someone’s life in your hands was thrilling. You loved it.
Your mom, Gemma, didn’t approve of course, she said the line of work you were in was dangerous for someone with ties to the MC - citing all the times someone close to the club got hurt when they were alone - but you didn’t care, you wanted to do something more productive with your life than standing behind a bar pouring shots or impounding vehicles. To be honest, things were great. You were able to buy a house with the money you made as a medic and you even managed to keep yourself out of trouble…until today.

The call came in, unresponsive hispanic male in his 20s, possible gunshot wound, and your crew threw your bags in the vehicle and hopped in. You beat the police to the scene and jumped out, sliding to your knees beside the man laying bloody on the front lawn. Before you knew it you were being hoisted up from behind and dragged away, screaming as your crewmates watched with their hands up, knowing whoever had you was pointing a gun at them. You were terrified, and although you knew this was only the fault of whoever decided to hurt you, you couldn’t help but blame this on your dad. You knew it was some sort of gang-related retaliation against the Sons of Anarchy for one reason or another. From what little you did allow yourself to be privy to, you knew SAMCRO was into several undesirable businesses. You were hauled into the back of a truck and driven away with something over your head. You couldn’t understand much but your suspicions were confirmed when the truck stopped and someone hauled you from the truck. You were dropped on a concrete floor and a man pulled the makeshift blindfold off of you so they could speak to you. You captors didn’t bother covering their faces, probably because they knew Clay wouldn’t involve the police, and one of the men shoved a phone at you, “Call your father,” he demanded and you glared at him, taking the phone and dialing the number before handing it back to him.

“Clay Morrow?”

“You don’t need to know who’s asking, it’d be in your little girl’s best interest for you to cooperate.”
“Oh you think I would bluff?” he growled into the phone, turning to you and punching you in the stomach which caused you to groan as the air in your lungs was forced from your body.
“Do you know what your little girl sounds like when she takes a punch!” he yelled into the phone before shoving it in your face, “SPEAK,” he barked at you and you took several heavy breaths.

“Dad, its me…” you spoke plainly, trying to hide your fear, but you were also calm knowing that the liklihood these guys would be stupid enough to kill Clay Morrow’s daughter was slim.
“Baby girl,” his voice sounded much more worried than yours, “are you okay?”
“I’m fine daddy I just–” the man who seemed to be in charge ripped the phone away from you and pulled it to his ear, “You have 24 hours to meet my demands or Ms. Morrow is gonna meet the end of my knife.”

He ended the call and smiled an evil smile at you, “Time to say goodnight baby girl,” he mocked before he reared back and hit you across the face, knocking you out immediately.

Gunshots snapped you awake and you flew into fight mode, your eyes wild as you scanned the area around you and saw a figure standing over you. Immediately you threw a punch, connecting with the figure’s crotch which sent him toppling down beside you. You were filled with regret when you saw his face, it was one of the Sons, Happy, who was holding himself as he knelt beside you and glared at you as he tried to catch his breath, having the wind knocked out of him by your blow to his goods.
“I’m so sorry I thought you were–”

“No time,” he panted, regaining control of himself, “I gotta get you outta here,” he urged as he grabbed your arm and stood up, heaving you to your feet and speed-walking away with you.

“Are you ok?” Bobby asked as you stepped out into the sunlight and Happy let go of your hand, “Goodness kid they really threw you a beating…” he gasped.

“I’m fine,” you grumbled as you pushed past him, heading towards the black van you knew was intended for you, tears threatening to burst forward over the havoc your life was wracked with.

You pulled open the sliding door and climbed inside, sitting down and burying your face in your hands as you waited to be taken away from there.

Soon Clay, Tig, Chibs, Opie, Juice and Jax were outside the van along with Happy and Bobby, looking in at you and your father was the first to speak, “Let me look at you,” his voice was sullen as he took your face in his large hands, turning it to the side so he could examine your bruises and cuts before placing a kiss on the top of your head and turning to Juice, “Get her back to the garage safely.” he ordered and Juice nodded, hurrying around to the driver’s side of the van which gave you clear vision of Happy in the background, hand still holding himself. You needed to remember to check on him, you had swung pretty hard.

“He’ll get you to the clubhouse and keep you there, I wanna talk to you when we make it back,” Clay told you and you nodded as he closed the door and waved you off.

You were sitting on the couch with Gemma right beside you. She had refused to leave your side and you knew she thought she had almost lost you, her only daughter, and Clay’s only child. You knew what was coming when your Dad made it back… First they would insist that you stay with them for a while, completely ruining the distance you had been creating, but then they would demand you quit your job, something you absolutely couldn’t bear the thought of because you absolutely adored your job. When the guys got back Happy was the first to walk in and you stood, walking over to him and standing in front of him, he looked back at you but didn’t speak so you threw your arms around him in a hug to which he hesitantly hugged you back, but still no words left his mouth.

“Thank you for getting me out of there,” you whispered to him and he nodded, “I’m sorry about…you know,” you added and he gave you a small chuckle in return, “I’m tougher than I look,” he rasped and you backed away, “Really? Cause you look fucking solid,” you smiled and he grinned back before turning to face your dad.

“Me and your mom need to talk to you,” he said behind gritted teeth and you followed him to the chapel where Gemma had already seated herself.

“Listen baby,” Gemma began as she took your hand, “We don’t want you to be hurt, and being in a job like yours is putting you in danger because we can’t keep eyes on you like we can with everyone else,” she spoke as your dad took over, “You mean the world to us baby, we want you safe. That’s why we want you to quit your job and do something else, almost anything else, so we know you won’t get in trouble again,” he finished with a sigh, leaning back in his chair as you stared at the wall in disbelief.

“No,” you spoke plainly, wrinkling your nose in defiance as you shook your head, “Not gonna do it.”
“Baby you–”

“–No, Mom, Listen. This job means more to me than this club!” you slammed your fists down on the reaper table, “You can’t just demand me to give it up!”

“Its either that or you move away from Charming,” Gemma folded her arms, glaring at you as she delivered the ultimatum expecting you to bend to her will, but you were your mother’s daughter, and you didn’t cave.

You loved your family, but you couldn’t be what they needed you to be.

Your family loved you, but they knew they couldn’t make you walk away from your passion.

After a few moments of silence you huffed with finality, “Fine,” you spoke and both of your parents breathed a sigh of relief, “but since YOU are the reason I’m going through this, I want the prospects to help me move,” you spoke and both Clay and Gemma’s mouths gaped open, not expecting that from you, “I’ll file for transfer in the morning. After what happened today I’m positive they’ll grant it. And I’ll start apartment hunting once I know where I’ll land. I should be outta here in the next couple weeks,” you spoke matter-of-factly and stood from the table, kissing your dad on the cheek and turning to hug your mom, “I love you guys, but I wasn’t made for the motorcycle club life. I need to get away,” you gave them a sad smile before you walked out of the chapel and through the bar, asking Juice to take you home so you could start packing.