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Date ‘n Ditch

“Well. This is awkward.”

“Yeah, no shit.”

“… What should we do?”

“Ain’t much we can do, unless you wanna go tell ‘em to stop.”

“As if!”

“Answered your own question then, didn’t ya Kagome?”

“But we can’t just sit here. It feels so… intrusive.”

“Keh! They’re the ones being gross in public. It’s their own fault if they get an audience.”

“I mean, I know they haven’t seen each other for awhile, but… it looks like they’re trying to eat each other’s faces.”

“More like eat each other’s tongues.”


“Tell it to those two!”

“This is the last time I ever go anywhere with Sango and Miroku.”


“They’re just… so…”


“… publicly affectionate.”

“Yeah, gross.”

“How’d you get roped into being here, Inuyasha?”

“I’m Miroku’s ride. You?”

“Sango and I had a movie date, but, well, the plans changed when Miroku called at the last minute.”


“I really wouldn’t have minded if Sango cancelled our plans. I know how weird Miroku’s work schedule has been, and it’s hard for them to have time together… but I think she felt bad about it, and kept insisting I should come along. Kinda wish I’d said no.”

“You shoulda said ’fuck no.’”

“… I won’t argue with you there.”

“This is really putting me off my food.”


“The whole restaurant is staring at us.”

“I guess it’s dinner and a show.”

“Ugh, don’t say shit like that, you’re gonna make me more nauseous than I already am.”


“… goddamn, did his hand just…?”


“And did she just—”

“Looks like it.”

“… fucking gross.”

“I can’t believe we haven’t been kicked out of here yet.”

“… You know what? Fuck this. Let’s go.”

“Huh? Go?”

“Let’s get out of here. Just 'cuz those two won’t get a room doesn’t mean we have to sit here and watch 'em.”

“You want us to ditch our friends?”

“Like they’d even care.”


“We could start a knife fight in here and they wouldn’t notice. I mean, look at them.”

“… yeah, okay. Let’s go.”

“Fucking finally. Don’t forget your coat.”

“What about the tab?”

“Let them deal with it.”

“I dunno, that doesn’t seem very—”

“We’ll pay 'em back later, let’s just go before I start puking.”

“All right. Where should we go?”

“We can hit that movie you and Sango were gonna see.”

“Works for me.”

“… we could get dinner afterwards, too. If, y'know, we’re hungry or whatever.”

“… Inuyasha, are you asking me on a date?”

“Keh! No. I’m rescuing your ass from our disgusting friends.”

“Ah. I see.”

“It ain’t a date.”


“It ain’t.”

“I believe you.”





“… if it were a date—which it isn’t, okay?—but if it were, would you, er…”



“Yes, I’d go with you.”

“… right. Okay. That’s, um, cool.”



“Will you go on a date with me?”

“… Fuck yes.”  

Thought I’d try my hand at my own dialogue challenge. :3

I’m a Fan Now- Ryan Strome

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(Why does he look so good and his brother looks dead??)

Omg I had so much fun with this request so anon, I really hope you like this one (and that you’re still reading XD)! Enjoy guys!

Warning: I think a few curse words

Anon Request: Ahhhh I love your blog so much!!! Could you do an imagine where the reader is a giant rangers fan but becomes friends with an ny islander (Ryan strome maybe?) during the off season and doesn’t realize what he does/ who he plays for until the season starts? I love your writing so much that I get phone alerts when you post stuff and read it immediately 😉😉


              “Ryan” you laughed as he cannonballed into the pool, splashing you. “You jerk!”

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My North Star (pt 2)

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A/N: again, not sure what I’m doing. Please give me feedback. Also in the future, I might write some parts from Jin’s POV :D

Genre: angst/fluff/romance

Characters: Jin x Reader, Hoseok x Reader

Summary: The one constant in your life, Jin, has been your best friend (and the love of you life) for as long as you can remember. That is, until the new girl comes into his life. 

Length: 2622 words

**italics = your thoughts

pt 1

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Silent World (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Um, I have a request for a one-shot on your Draco book, if it’s ok.  Maybe a deaf reader and she only speaks sign language, so Draco learns  it to be able to talk to her, or she teaches him? - KaylaBignall

Warnings: Half-assed writing (sorry), Cheesiness (I’ve spent my holiday watching crappy rom-coms)

( This story is a lot like the last about the mute reader so excuse any reoccurring ideas in this one.)

(Author’s Note: I appreciate all the requests but I ’m starting to stress a bit. I will do all the requests I have gotten up until now but I wont take any more that come after this chapter until I’m done with the one’s I’ve got. Anyway I love writing these but I’ve just got way to many to write and I can’t write all the time anyway.)

(I just realised that I’m such a mess haha)

Draco’s Pov

She is sitting at the back of the library again, a textbook open in front of her, her eyes skimming the contents of the page. Sun is pouring in from the nearby window, highlighting once again, just how pretty she actually is.

I sigh quite loudly, questioning whether I should go talk to her but instantly realising I can’t, because her world is silent and my words can’t reach her, because (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was unlucky enough to lose her hearing to a curse, a curse that was fired by a deatheater, who even after, the dark lord’s retreat into hiding, continued to force his ideas onto society.

As all this courses through my mind, I fail to remember that I’m stood in the middle of the entrance to the library.

“Do you plan to stand there all day, Malfoy?”

“Shut up, Granger,” I snap back, grudgingly shuffling out of the girls way, but before she scurries away I remember. “Wait, Granger, you know sign, right?”

“What’s it to you?” She grunts and I sigh.

“Can you teach me?"I ask, avoiding eye contact  with her.

"Why do you want to learn sign language,"She scoffs, my eyes drift to (Y/N) again, and her eyes widen into a look of shock. ”No way! Not happening, Malfoy! (Y/N) is a dear friend, I’m not setting her up with the likes of… you. You’ll just hurt her, no way!“

"I won’t hurt her!,"I hiss loudly , making people turn and stare. "Listen, I like her,” I say in a whisper and she scoffs again.

“Have you even had a conversation with her?”

“ Why do you think I want to learn sign?” I snap and she rolls her eyes.


“Please, I promise never to hurt her, I just want to be able to talk to her,” I plead and she sighs.

“Did you just say please?” She asks in surprise “I’ve never heard you say that before,”

“Please?"I ask again and she scrunches her face up before sighing and nodding.

"Fine, but only if you’re not an arse to me and don’t lead (Y/N) on,”

“Thank you,”

“I’m going to have to get used to these manners,"She mumbles before beginning to walk away. "Meet me here after dinner, don’t be late, Malfoy,”

I can’t help but grin, knowing I am going to be able to speak to (Y/N).

As I start learning sign I slowly begin to talk to (Y/N). Just a simple “How are you?” or a comment on the weather or such during class. Along with lessons with Granger, I’ve picked up a few books on sign and my vocabulary is almost good enough to hold a conversation.

Today I am walking to potions with (Y/N), chatting happily.

“I can’t stand Snape sometimes,” I sign and she nods with a smirk.

“He can be very annoying,”She signs and I laugh.

“I heard that Umbridge is going to come in and check out his class today,” I sign, making a tiny mistake but she snorts.

“This will be fun,” She signs with a smirk before we walk into the classroom.

The lady in pink stands with Snape, holding herself with undeserving pride and a friendly mask that is beginning to fall to pieces as she waits for the class to calm down until her lips fall into a frown.

“Professor Umbridge will be joining the lesson today…"Snape says flatly, I turn to (Y/N) and give a smirk which she returns with a grin.

During the little exchange I notice something new, my heart beating faster than normal and realisation strikes me on why and for the first time, I feel a slight blush rise to my cheeks and I quickly whip my gaze away from (Y/N) who frowns at this.

I’ve realised I’m in love with (Y/N) and now I can’t have conversation with her without blushing a tomato-red colour when she smiles or laughs. It’s infuriating to be in such a state because of a girl that doesn’t like me back , it’s pathetic. It’s also pretty hard to sign when I’m a flustered mess.

As I take a seat next to Granger for another lesson, I sigh before resting my head on the table.

"Wow, what’s wrong with you?” Granger asks and I grunt.

“Nothing, I’m great,"I say sarcastically.

"Well someones in a tremendous mood,”

“Shut up,”

“Has this got something to do with the fact that you have fallen deeply in love with (Y/N) and now you are a total mess?"She smirks and for a second I think about denying it but I just nod.


“Well why are you moping and not telling her how you feel?”

“Because she doesn’t like me back, Granger, okay?” I snap and she roles her eyes

“Ugh, do all boys have to be so incredibly thick or are they all just blind. (Y/N) likes you too, idiot,” She sighs and I lift my head of the table suddenly.

“How do you know?”

“I have working eyes,”

“Are you sure?” I ask a little bit frantic to know.

“Yes, now (Y/N) should be leaving dinner about now so I suggest you make haste,” She smirks

I stand up quickly and begin to trot to the door but before leaving I turn round.

“Thanks, Granger, for all of this,”

“For goodness sake,Malfoy, go get her!"She snaps and I smirk before running out of the Library

I find (Y/N) walking along the corridors on her way to her dorm. I run towards her, grabbing her hand before coming to a halt, out of breath and panting.

"Draco, what’s wrong?” She signs with a concerned expression.

“Nothing, I just need to get something off my chest,” I sign, regaining my composure and standing up straight.

“What is it?”

I hesitate before I decide just to come out with it.

“I love you.”I sign and her eyes widen “I have for quite a while now.”

(Y/N) is completely still for a second and I start to panic.

“It’s fine if you don’t like me back, it’s fine,” I sign frantically but she comes closer.

She lifts a hand to my cheek before leaning in. When her lips touch mine it’s like nothing else matters except (Y/N) and I, kissing in the empty corridor. Even though (Y/N)’s world is silent her actions seem louder than words.  

(Author Note: Okay I read this back and felt like throwing up over cheesiness so  I apologise for that, this is pretty half assed but I have serious writers block plus my heating has broken so I’m a literal ice pole right now. Anyway my general opinion on this chapter is just"oops". Sorry )

Jealous. (SR)


Request: Spencer x Reader where the reader has a German Shepard like Luke and is all about him and is like I gotta get home to Alex or I gotta go see Alex ( you can change the pets name ) but Spencer likes the reader and is a little jealous of this “Alex” until one day the reader invites him over and he meets her dog and he gets all flustered and embarrassed (I hope this makes sense and btw I love your work 💕)

warnings: None

his pov: 

“Hey Y/N are you coming out with us tonight?” I overhead JJ ask Y/N. “Um I don’t think so, I need to get home to Alex.” She said, puzzling me. “Don’t you think Alex can have one night alone?” Emily said begging. I heard Y/N laugh, “No, he’s too much of a baby.” She said giggling. My eyebrows furrowed while my mouth dropped into a frown. She has a boyfriend, I finally find someone I like and she has a boyfriend. I closed my eyes and placed my hand on my forehead. “Hey Spence, you okay?” Y/N asked. I raised my face to see hers. “Oh yeah, sorry I’m fine. Headache.” I said quickly. She nodded her head and sat on the edge of my desk. “You should come around sometime. Meet Alex?” I bit my lip to not say anything I’d regret. I nodded my head and gave her a best fake smile I could. “Sure, that’d be great.” I told her looking back down to my book. “Great! How about tomorrow night? I can make dinner for us!” She said excitedly. I smiled and laughed, “That sounds good.” I told her getting up grabbing my coat, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.

I woke up early, already regretting tonight. Maybe I should just tell her I can’t come? Maybe I just tell her I have a migraine that won’t go away? Ugh, that wouldn’t work, I’d feel too much guilt. I pushed my covers off of me and got up stretching. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I undressed from my pajamas and eased into the warm water. I stood under the shower head and allowed the water to cascade down my body relaxing my muscles. 

I stepped out of the shower and placed a towel around my waist. I walked to the sink and pulled out my toothbrush and toothpaste, brushing my teeth. I walked to the closet after rinsing out my mouth. The anxious feeling in my stomach grew. I didn’t want to go see the girl I liked be lovey with her boyfriend. I groaned and pulled a purple button up from it’s hanger and then some brown dress pants, and brown sweater vest. I got dressed pulling on converse to complete the look. I tucked my long hair behind my ears and I looked in the mirror. I deemed myself presentable and walked out to the living room pulling a book out sitting on the couch to pass time until dinner. 

I looked down at my watch seeing it was almost five already. I stood up quickly placing my wallet and phone in my pockets, grabbing my car keys on the way out. I rushed down to my car and unlocked it. I needed to go get some wine, never show up to someone’s house empty handed. I put the car in gear heading off to the store. 

Here goes nothing. I told myself as I knocked on her door. I gulped and bit my lip, nervous. What if he opens the door? What if she didn’t tell him I was coming? I swallowed the lump in my throat and sighed as I heard the door unlocked. “Hey Spence!” She said smiling and hugging me softly. I must say, it felt good having her in my arms. “Oh, this is for you.” I said pushing the wine in her hands. “Aw thanks Spencer. I’m sure we can take care of this.” She said winking. I blushed and smiled, “So where’s Alex?” I asked tilting my head. “I’m sure he’s around here somewhere.” She lead the way into the kitchen and set the wine down on the island. “Alex, come here boy.” She said patting her lap. I tilted my head and furrowed my eyebrows. I heard claws on the tile as her German Shepard came in view. I blushed furiously, feeling stupid. “So this is Alex?” I asked confused and relieved. She laughed and petted his head. “Yes, this is Alex. He is a big sweetheart.” She said kissing his head. “Go see Spencer.” She said pointing to me. He walked over to me skeptically. He sniffed at my feet. I placed my hand out in front of me as he sniffed. “He likes you.” She told me as she reached up to get two wine glasses. Alex nudged his head into my hand waiting for me to pet him. “You know dogs don’t usually like me.” I said to her. She laughed and handed me a glass of wine. “Oh really?” She asked me confused. “Yeah they usually bark at me.” I said sipping my drink. “Well Alex only likes people who are genuine, so I guess you’re alright.” She said bumping her hip into mine. I gave her a soft smile. “You know I thought Alex was your boyfriend.” I said biting my lip. She tilted her head back and laughed, “You’re kidding?” She said wiping the tears from her eyes. I laughed and shook my head, “No I thought it was.” She walked over to me and placed her hand on my shoulder. “Spencer, I’ve been trying to get closer with you.” She said blushing and biting her lip. My mouth hung open as I froze. “I guess you don’t feel the same.” She said frowning retreating her hand. She turned towards the counter and took a huge gulp of her drink. I leaped towards her placing my hands on her waist and turning her around pinning her to the cabinets. I placed my lips on hers softly and whimpered softly. I have been waiting too long for this kiss. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she pulled back, “Should we take this to the bedroom?”  

msdistress said:
Prompt: The pack is back from college and Scott talks Derek into fostering kittens because there is no room at the clinic. Stiles keeps showing up at Derek’s place to play with them and to bother Derek. There’s no other reason, right? (Spoiler: It’s not just because of the kittens. Also, Derek ends up adopting them.) Basically, Derek and cats, mutual pining, obliviousness. Bonus: Nobody in the pack is dead (except maybe Peter), and Scott arranged it b/c he thought pets would be good for Derek.

You know I can’t resist an animal prompt!  SUPER QUICK KITTEN FIC - Derek awkwardly woos Stiles with floofy kittens.

“You’re trying to kill me,” Stiles says, falling into Scott as soon as he opens the door. He takes hold of Scott’s arms and shakes him a little. “I’ve wronged you somehow, and now you’re trying to murder me.”

Scott blinks at him. “What?”

“This! This—” He lets go of Scott to tug his phone out of his pocket and waves it in Scott’s face. “Look at this!” He clicks the home button with his thumb to light up the screen and practically shoves it up Scott’s nose—he deserves it.

Scott smiles and says, “Oh.”

“Oh? Oh?” There are important pieces of Stiles that are dying deep down inside of him, and that’s all Scott has to say for himself?

“I thought it would be funny,” Scott says. His smile wavers. “It’s not?”

Stiles looks at the lock screen of his phone again—Derek is scowling at the camera, Henley unbuttoned. He looks sleep-mussed and unamused and there are two fuzzy balls of floof cradled in his arms. One is pawing at Derek’s mouth, the other is asleep in the curve of his elbow. Both are stripy orange and fluffy-furred with pink noses and pink beans, they are so super cute it makes Stiles’s eyes water a little.

“No, Scott,” Stiles says slowly, “it is not.” What it is is devastating, never mind the fact that Stiles immediately set the picture as his wallpaper as soon as Scott sent it to him.

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Needed Me [Part 2] (Steve Harrington x Reader)

A/N: Part Twoooo! Sorry I haven’t updated in days! This has been requested 5 times! I also have 6 imagines in the works currently and I’ve been assigned a lot of homework in school so I’m falling behind:( but I will be definitely post on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday for now on. So I hope you like this. Sorry for the delay again. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~ I lay on my bed with tears running down my face. My arms lay on my face, trying to block out the light peeking out from behind my curtain. Jonathan’s play list he gave my for my birthday plays in my earphones as I try to steady my uneven breath. Why would Steve do that? Why would Nancy say that? Why was I so stupid? “Sweetie? Are you okay? You haven’t come out all vacation. You have to go back to school in 3 more days, sweets.” My mother’s calming voice drifts past the door. “Y-Yeah mom. I’m okay. I’m okay.” My voice cracks a little and you can tell I’ve been crying for a while. “I’m coming in, okay?” My mom doesn’t wait for a response as she opens the door am I sit up. She makes her way to my bed and sits down and hold my hand and continues, “I know it’s hard. I know it hurts. You’ll get better soon. And we are a (Y/L/N)! We’re tough cookies.” I uncover my eyes and slip of the earphones and a small smile snakes it way to my lips. It may be a Mother Daughter connection but she always makes me feel better. I take a deep breath and say, “ I know mom. It will get better but I still feel sick to my stomach that Steve and Nancy would do that and say those things. My mom takes a deep voice and says, “Darling… Steve came by this morning. He said he wants to meet you later tonight by the lake.” I scoff and roll my eyes. “Of course! I bet him and his gang are going to make fun of me and ‘jump’ me or something.” She lets out a laugh and I look at her weirdly. “Darling! Those old friends of him would make fun of him if they see him like I did! He has major eye bags and ohh my god! His hair! It’s a mess! Steve Harrington’s hair is a mess! His name is HAIRrington for heavens sake! I wanted to rub it in his face but sweets he’s hurt and he regrets it.” My mood lifts when I hear that he’s worse than me. “His hair is a mess?! Neverrrr.” “It is! I know right! Haha! …okay okay you should get ready soon. You’re meeting him in 10 minutes~!” “Yeah okay… WAIT WHAT? In 10 minutes I barley have time to get ready! Ugh! Mom!” I let out a load groan and I throw my blanket off of me and run to put my shoes on. “Well you better get going sweetie! See yeah later! Come home soon~! Love ya. Ohh! We’re having pizza for dinner by the way!” My mom screams at me from inside the house as I hop on my bike I got for my 14th birthday. I roll my eyes and start moving. I make it to the lake in record time. Only 6 minutes suckkaaa! I look around and I can barley see anything s the sun starts to set. I squint and see roses floating in the water. I hear foot steps and I whip my heat around and look to see Steve lighting a bunch of candles. “(Y/N)… Umm.. I’m sorry. Ugh I don’t know what to say.” Steve looks me in my eyes and looks like he’s in deep sorrow. I lift my eyebrows and cross my arms as I make my way over to him. “So. Why. Just why.” I try to keep my voice steady and try to make it not crack as I still feel like shit. “I-I just… Ugh! You send me so much mixed signals! I didn’t know if you even liked me! I’m sorry! I thought that having Nancy with me would take me feel bette-” Steve starts but I cut him off. “Don’t blame this on me. It was your moves that broke this ‘thing’ up. You could have confronted me and we could have talked it out but instead you being stupid Steve did something that ruins everything like always.” I fail my goal and my voice cracks and tears start to build in my eyes. “I know! I’m sorry. Truly. Just please, please give us a chance again. I read your letter. I love you too. Just please.” Steve’s voice fills with need and he grabs my hands in his and intertwines them together. I let out a sigh and look in his eyes. “Look. I’ll forgive you. But I don’t want this to be like oh is in books. I still won’t date you again but we could start on a clean slate. I might say I forgive you but I REALLY want to slit your throat right now.” Steve visibly gulps but his features lift and look at me in the eyes as he lets out a breath. “So Mr Hot stuff. How long did it take you to spread the roses in the water?” Steve lets out a small laugh and looks at me with love in his eyes. “3 hours. I’m really tired. So what’s your mom making for dinner?” I laugh really load laugh and wipe a year from my eye. “Pizza.”

Zodiacs: What THEY THINK THEY SAY(EXPECTATION)  vs what they say(REALITY)


Expectation: I’m just tempermental sometimes.I hope you understand that. 

Reality: lollll  you wanna fight? get it on! 


Expectation: I love you so much,sweetheart <3 



Expectation: yeah i love one direction. I love whatever music you like because it has you in it. <3 



Expectation: I made dinner for you. come home. we’ll make love and have fun ;) 

Reality: Honestly, nobody helps me! Why everyone is so insensitive to my emotions! you have no heart! LEAVE ME ALONE! OH, OKAY…YOU JUST WALK AWAY FROM ME? YOU REALLY DON’T LOVE ME! ;( 


Expectation: Babe,How do i look in this dress? 

Reality: You better tell me i look fucking sexy cuz, i won’t give it to you tonight if you say otherwise. 


Expectation: I want a clean house. A perfect heart. A good looking person. Is it too much to ask for? 

Reality:  I want a clean house. A perfect heart. A good looking person. Is it too much to ask for?


Expectation: Of course i can live without you. I am independent balanced person. I’m fucking practical 

Reality: *after 10 mins* babe i’m sorry. please let me make it upto you. i beg you babe. i’m sorry. i know i should just keep my big mouth shut. 


Expectation: I wanna make love to you all night. It will be so special you’ll never forget it! 



Expectation: I love adventures. We should go hiking sometime. Maybe tomorrow? 



Expectation: Yes babe. I will come home and make sweet love to you. We’ll go out for dinner. We’ll have fun! I promise. 

Reality: *is still at work* 


Expectation: Life is so beautiful. Not everyone can understand the beauty of life and its meaning.

Reality: *is either hungover or high as fuck* 


Expectation: Do you like pizza and tumblr? OMG ME TOO! 

Reality: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

300 follower smut continuation (KBTBB) Revenge - 7. Eisuke.

[While I was writing this, my brain was screaming ‘YES FUCK YOU, EISUKE.’ Sassy, confident MC’s need to exist in voltage games. Fo’real. I’m kind of sad this is the last bidder. The revenge of this series is drawing to a close. WAAAAH. I hope this is a fitting ending to MC’s revenge. Tagging @teresa-yukibito as usual. ENJOY.]

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Isaac Lahey x Stiles!sister

hey love! can you please write an Isaac lahey imagine where the reader is his gf (and stiles’ little sister and a werewolf) and he really liked to see her wearing his scarves (like, he makes excuses for her to wear it, but she does anyway cuz she knows he loves it)?? I loooooove your blog!! ❤️❤️❤️

As soon as you got out of the car the wind sent your hair flying into your face. “This wind is ridiculous,” you heard your brother curse. “I feel like it was just 70 and sunny and now it’s 60, cloudy, and windy out.”

“That’s fall for you, Stiles.” You saw Isaac walking towards you and smiled. “I’ll see you at lunch, Stiles.” You turned from your brother and walked towards your boyfriend. A chill ran through you as a gust of wind went through you.

“Nice to know I still give you chills,” Isaac winked. You rolled your eyes at him and he untangled his scarf from around his neck. “Here, wear this.” You gladly accepted and sunk into the scarf and the added comfort it gave. And, while you were busy loving the coziness of the scarf, Isaac was busy looking at you and falling in love with the way you looked in his scarf.


“Bye Dad,” you called as you ran out of the house to Isaac’s car. “Hi,” you smiled putting on your seat belt.

“Hey. Oh, here,” you reached behind your seat and pulled something out from behind, “I brought you another one of my scarves. You know, in case you got chilly.” You looked at his smirk and caught on to what he was really thinking.

“Thanks babe,” you accepted and wrapped the scarf around your neck, “I was a little cold,” you played along. “Maybe I should buy some scarves this weekend.”

“No,” he nearly shouted. “I mean…ugh…why waste money buying scarves when you can use mine. I have plenty to share with you.”

“Oh, are you sure?” He nodded vigorously. “Aw, you are so sweet,” you leaned over and kissed him.


Isaac had come home with you after school. Stiles was out with Scott, your Dad was at work, so you and Isaac were camped out on the couch watching movies. A large yawn came over you as you finished another movie. “I’m going to make us dinner, that’ll wake you up a little bit,” Isaac got up and went to the kitchen.

20 minutes later Isaac came in with two grilled cheese and two bowls of soup. “Dinner is…served,” he ended with a whisper as he saw you asleep on the couch with his scarf around you keeping you warm and doubling as a pillow.

Peppered Kisses (Yugyeom)

Request: can i request a yugyeom fluff scenario where you go to hang out with him after a really long shift at work and you end up accidentally falling asleep on him and he snuggles up w you but then after a while he wakes you up with lil kisses and stuff

Length: 481 words

Genre: Fluff

*A/N: shoutout to all the working girls who are tired as heck at the end of every frickin day~

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Dinner at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Leave your lover |C.H

((A/N why not make 2015 go out with a bang and post this imagine that may or may not have 3-4 parts ;))

Requested?: Yes


Request: You should do one where Y/N is having supposed to go to dinner with Calum but he never makes it and she gets upset and idk you can figure out the rest 😂😂 but can you like try to make it with multiple parts?!?


Rating: Some swear words and fair amount of smut

“I’ll be back by 7:00 baby.”


“Babe you know I wouldn’t forget about tonight.”

‘Fucking liar’

“You know I would never lie to you.”

‘Ugh you’re such a fuck boy’

“I love you baby.”

‘Okay that’s one of the  biggest lie I’ve ever heard’

Today was December 25. Not only was it Christmas Day, one of the most celebrated holiday in the world, but it was also my anniversary- our anniversary.
The day my life had supposedly changed for the better, the day I thought that I had found my soulmate. It was the day I had met Calum.
We met during spring break at a party, Calum had offered to take me home after I was deemed too drunk to drive me by my even dunker friends, I said yes and he took me back to my moms house; she cried and thanked him and I called him the next day to express my gratitude and the rest was history.
But now Calum was pissing me off, and I didn’t care about what he had done in past.
Calum was supposed to be back by 7:00, but it was now 11:38 and I was sitting in a sleek black dress I had picked out to wear to dinner tonight which was probably not going to happen now, so I began peeling off my dress.
God I felt like crying, why couldn’t he just do the things he said he would!! 'Why can he just, why can’t he love me like he used to?’ I thought to myself. Anger and unexpressed sadness build up in the pit of my stomach as I thought about that, and I couldn’t control my next action.
I went towards the balcony door and swung it open roughly, since it was winter a cold breeze immediately hits my uncovered skin and my hair was blown back; making me shiver and a cool chill runs up my spine.
I stepped out there and sat on the ledge as I took my left shoe off, then the right.
I got down off the railing and took the $300 pair of gold pumps that Calum had bought me in one hand and I chucked them off the ledge, letting out a raw ear piercing scream as I did. I ran a hand through my hair and flat onto my ass with my head in my hands.
I could feel the hot tears run down my cold face and I instantly tried to wipe them away, but that didn’t work because too many fell from my eyes. I wanted to feels Calum’s warm love run through my blood again, I wanted him to embrace my like he used to, I wanted to him love me at least a little bit.

But maybe he didn’t love me at all
Calum’s P.O.V

The loud music of the packed strip club registered in my ears less and less as I downed drinks that were being poured for me rapidly.
Girls where dancing on polls, hundred dollar bills laid on some on the floor, some in the panties of stripers.
“Babeeeee.” London whined as she pulled on my suit. “What baby?” I asked as I smiled down at her. “Come with me.” She moaned, getting up off my lap and standing up as she pulled on my tie.
“Where are we going?” I laughed as she tried to make me follow her.
“I wanna show you a dance Cal.” She giggled, continuing to pull on me, so I followed her.
She released her grip on my tie and locked arms with mine as she pulled me so I turned left, then she opened the first door we came to.
She pushed the door open and giggled again as she pushed me into dressing room and sat me down in a tall brown fold out chair.
“wanna make you feel good.” She purred as she began taking off she top, “Will you let me do that cally?” She asked as she sunk down in front of my legs and began fumbling with my belt buckle on pants before palming my shaft.
“Fuck London.” I moaned, “Suck me off babe.”

Third person P.O.V

“I just- I just want him to love me you know?” Y/N cried as she lay into her friends chest, “H-he said we could go out a-and he promised he wouldn’t forget.“She hiccuped “It’s okay darling, calm down.” Her friend spoke, rubbing small circles in her back.
“I can’t!!” She cried harder. “I though he love me!! I thought we were perfect for each other.”
“Honey it’s okay, sometimes thing just don’t work out.” He spoke, but that only made her cry harder.
“Hey.” Her friend spoke as he lifted her off his shoulder. “How about we go get some icecream huh? Would that make you feel better?” Y/N wiped her tears and laughed a bit as she nodded, “Yeah, I-I like icecream.” “Hey I got you to smile!!” He smiled, “Yeah.” She laughed again.
Y/N’s friend took his thumb and wiped the remaining tears that fell from Y/N’s soft wet cheeks, she smiled and put her hand over top of his as they looked at each other. Y/Ns eyes darted from her friends lips and back up to his eyes quickly, Y/N’s thoughts now began to drift into something far from her broken heart, and she knew what she was about to do was absolutely wrong, but she didn’t even care.
She got up onto her knees so that she was face to face with her friend.
“Y/N what are you-” And before he could finish his sentence, Y/N grabbed his face and smashed her face onto his. She kissed him passionately, holding the side of his face with one hand and the other running through his hair.
But that didn’t last long, as he slowly, pulled her face off his; not even kissing her back.
“Y/N…” He started, and she could immediately feel a sense of rejection was over her.
“No, it’s fine.” She spoke as she tried to get off the couch, but he pulled her back.
“It’s-it’s not like I didn’t want to kiss you.” He spoke, “But you’re still dating Calum. And I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret later.”
Y/N bit her lip before opening her mouth,
“I’m not going to regret it Michael.” She smiled, and Michael smiled.

“God I was hoping you’d say that.”

‘Blossom In My Hands’: the newest addition (part 2)

Here we go my little blossoms! Part 2 is here! There’s a lot of important ground covered here and a lot of sweet moments between our mister and missus. Please, please be sure to let me know what you think so far! I can’t wait to here your favorite parts, lines, predictions, etc.. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

How Long Will I Love You

(rated ma)

Any links/songs, etc. will be italicized and linked within the text.

Parts: one


September-October 2030 (Month 2)

5-8 weeks

5 Weeks:

Over the years, you’d discovered that the human body was capable of doing some odd things. Normally, you didn’t think much of those said things. But when the ‘period’ that you’d been certain had started early suddenly stopped later that same night, you’d almost chunked up the bathroom sink trying to brush your teeth the following morning, and Harry getting a little handsy in the shower just after that, had you in near tears, you knew something was definitely off.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Harry apologized profusely, still dripping wet, with only a towel knotted at his hip. “I thought I was being gentle. I’m sorry. I forgot you were on your period, I’m sorry.”

“I’m not…It stopped, I guess it wasn’t it.” 

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  • Me Two Years Ago: "Why would Mako be a cop instead of Bolin why should Mako be close to Lin why would that happen why would she like him or favor him ugh I hate this."
  • Me Now: "Mako took Lin out to dinner on Avatar Mother's Day and she had absolutely no objections any other individual would have made her feel uncomfortable or upset or insulted but with Mako she actually felt touched and almost cried (but didn't of course because Momboss does not cry but even if she did Detective Son would never tell anyone or would never make it apparent that he'd noticed) and when Lin retires Mako is going to be leading the applause and when she's no longer fit to live on her own Mako is going to be the one taking care of her and when she finally passes away Mako is going to be the one taking charge of every single funeral arrangement and is also going to be the one who takes the loss hardest because it's like losing his mother all over again but he's also always happy because it was like he got to have his mother back."
Happy Hausgiving!

(Thank you to @marswithghosts! We were talking about this, and she graciously allowed me (and, in fact, encouraged me!) to take her idea and write it. Some of the chirps are hers, because she is hilarious. She’s also a wonderful friend!)

They had had a moment, standing just inside the door. Jack was already wearing his coat and hat (and God if Bitty didn’t love that hat!), a bag full of tupperware hanging of one forearm. Bitty stood in front of him, hands resting on Jack’s chest as he leaned in and up for one last kiss. It was sweet, and soft, and when it was done, Bitty wrapped his arms around Jack’s neck, wanting just one more moment of this perfect holiday.

“I love you, Jack. Drive safe, and text me when you’re home, okay?”

“Of course, Bits.” Jack pulled him even closer, the bag on his arm swinging a little, aided by the smooth slide of Bitty’s socked feet on the hardwood floor.

For one more moment, they hung on to each other, before the began to untangle themselves. Bitty still wasn’t used to this feeling, how different the separation felt when they got to decide what the last moment would be like, didn’t have to brace themselves, to remember who knew what and what couldn’t be said. It wasn’t easy, but knowing that they didn’t have to worry if Chowder wandered across the hallway in search of more pie made a world of difference.

“Bye, sweetheart.”

“Bye, Bits.”

Jack had just pulled open the door, Bitty standing just behind it, wanting to watch Jack as long as he could without letting too much of the cold air touch his skin, when Lardo shouted from down the hall, “You need to get a room, Bits!”

“Oh Lord.”

Jack threw his head back and laughed as he started down the path. Even when he turned around to wave, Bitty could still see the little shakes of his shoulders as fresh waves passed over him.

This boy…

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BokuAka Week - Day 2

Title: Bokuto Koutarou is Great with Animals
Author/Authors: justsportsimagines
Day/Prompt: 2/Pets
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Side Pairings: None
Summary: Bokuto asks to visit Akaashi’s house, where he meets his cat.
AO3 Link: Here

“Hey, hey, Akaashi. What’s your house like?”

Akaashi scowled across the court at Bokuto, who was bent over tying his shoelace. It was Friday night, and the duo were staying late for spiking practice, as had become the custom over the last six months. Akaashi didn’t mind—though when Bokuto liked to call it consolation for having to study all the time, Akaashi just had to give him a little grief. This wasn’t the first time the spiker had asked him something personal. But Akaashi couldn’t help but find the question strange.

“Why?” he countered, his expression never wavering.

Bokuto stood to his full height, planting his hands on his hips and smirking across the court. “You’re such a serious guy. Your parents are probably doctors or philosophers or philantrophists.”

“Philanthropists,” Akaashi corrected. “And no. My mother is a dean of a hospital, and my father is an accountant.”

“So basically, I was right,” Bokuto teased.

“Why do you want to know?” Akaashi ignored his quip, grabbing another ball from the cart.

“’Cause I wanna see where you live!” Bokuto cheered. “You’ve been to my house. There’s nothin’ all that special about it. I bet your house has fountains and a butler and—“

“There’s nothing special about my house either,” Akaashi cut him off.

“Damn,” Bokuto scoffed, scuffing a toe against the gym floor.

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All the Places Challenge Prompt #6: Birthday Cake

Hey loves! So I got two prompt request that I decided to combine into one. Thanks to my sis itsashethingtvblog and Anon for the amazing ideas! Hope you enjoy!

Derek hated celebrating his birthday. He had thrown many wild parties during the years, but he never actually threw himself a birthday bash. Most of his teammates didn’t even know his birthday until they googled him. On his special day he wouldn’t check his phone or any of the social media outlets where thousands of people wished him happy birthday. He didn’t consider the day very special at all. In fact, his birthday was a constant reminder of his childhood, which he didn’t like to remember.

“Happy birthday,” Ahsha whispered in his ear as she rolled over to his side of the bed.

Even Ahsha had to wait a while before learning his actual birthdate. She thought he was being silly until they had an argument when she asked one too many times. “Thanks baby,” Derek mumbled, pulling her in closer.

Since he seemed to be in a somewhat decent mood, Ahsha decided she’d attempt to make birthday plans. “Soooo, what do you have up for today?”

“Practice, then I’m free for the rest of the day. I may hit up the gym for a few hours though. Why, what’s up,” he asked, caressing her shoulder.

“It’s your birthday. Can’t you skip the gym for a day,” Ahsha asked, poking out her bottom lip. “I mean, there’s so many other things you could do. I can make plans?”

“Nothing special about today besides it being another day. That won’t stop me from working. I have to keep my body right for you,” he replied before kissing her lips. Ahsha knew he was only trying to distract her. She wanted to celebrate his birthday, not spend her entire day in the dance studio. Derek must have sensed her frustration because he began massaging her shoulders and kissing on her neck. “I’m just not into celebrating my birthday, you know that.”

“Yeah, sadly I do,” she added, throwing the covers back. “I’ll be in the shower.” Ahsha slammed the bathroom door shut to let Derek know he wasn’t invited.


Why someone hated celebrating their birthday was beyond her. Derek was loved by many people that volunteered to throw him parties, take him to dinner or flower them with gifts. He declined all the offers as if they were the next plague. Ahsha had never seen anyone get that angry about their birthday. Maybe he was afraid to age because it wasn’t like he hated the attention.

“Throw him a party. Maybe that’ll lift his spirits,” Sloane suggested. “Or you could take him a pot of my veggie soup. I’m sure he’ll like that.”

“Eww mom, no one wants any of your rabbit food. Derek’s a hungry man, that won’t even fill his stomach,” Ahsha laughed. “And throwing him a party will only make it worse. People have already offered him parties. He’s not budging.”

“Some people don’t like celebrating, maybe he’s one of them. Just have a nice intimate dinner, I don’t know,” Sloane said, hunching her shoulders. “I’m sure he’ll appreciate anything you put together.”

“Ugh! Why must this man be so difficult,” Ahsha groaned.

“That’s a man for you. Trust me, it only gets worse from here,” Sloane laughed, hugging her daughter’s shoulders.

“I guess I should go prepare dinner then. I’ll call you later mom.”

“Good luck. Please don’t burn that man’s house down. Call me if you need any pointers,” she added.

“Haha, very funny. Love ya,” Ahsha laughed, kissing her mother’s cheek before running out the door.


Before heading back to the mansion, Ahsha stopped by the arena to see if Derek was still around. Terrence told her he left practice early to head to the gym instead of going to the weight room right there in the arena. Derek thought he was being slick but she knew he was purposely avoiding her.

“Did he say how long he would be there,” Ahsha asked Terrence.

“Now you know that man stays in the gym for hours. But he wasn’t in the best mood today at practice since it’s his birthday and all,” he responded.

“Can I ask you a question? He’s never really talked to me about why he hates celebrating his birthday. What’s the deal,” Ahsha whispered, making sure no one was listening to their conversation.

“His mother pretty much ruined his birthday for him. You know how the situation is with her. She made some promises and didn’t follow through with them and it made him bitter. I guess he never really got over it,” he explained. “I usually give him his space when his birthday comes around to keep the peace. Don’t wanna have to cuss his ass out,” Terrence chuckled.

“Oh, I had no idea. He’s never told me about that. I’ll just catch him at home, thanks Terrence,” Ahsha said before heading toward the arena exit. She wasn’t going to let Mary Roman ruin Derek’s birthday. It wasn’t fair for him to let that hang over his head all these years. He deserved to enjoy his birthday every year and Ahsha was going to make sure that happened from now on.

When she made it back home, she began preparing dinner. Derek loved seafood, especially lobster. Lobster on any day brought a smile to his face. Ahsha even set the table up to give them more of an intimate setting. The table was set with his nicest dishes and four vanilla scented candles. She dimmed the lights in the room and turned on the fireplace. Her last finishing touch was a sexy little outfit she would put on later for her very special surprise.

“Hey what’s all this,” Derek asked as he entered the kitchen.

“Shit! I didn’t even hear you coming in,” Ahsha shrieked, almost dropping Derek’s china dishes on the floor. “I thought you would take a little longer.”

Derek looked around the kitchen and peeked into the dining. “Um, special occasion?”

Ahsha rolled her eyes. “Really Derek? Stop trying to be funny. I did this for your birthday,” she replied, motioning to the food and balloons. “I know, I know…you don’t like celebrating it. But I wouldn’t feel right doing nothing.”

“Ahsha…” Derek began.

She could already sense an argument was brewing, so she cut him off with a kiss. “Let’s enjoy this and we can talk about it over dinner.” Grabbing Derek’s hand, Ahsha led him to the dining room where she instructed him to sit. “Try to enjoy this okay?” Derek’s body was tense and from the expression on his face he wasn’t happy. Any other day she would have called him ungrateful but she knew the situation with his mother affected him in more ways than one.

“You know you really didn’t have to do all of this. For real Ahsha,” Derek said as she sat his plate in front of him.

“No I didn’t have to. I did it because I wanted to and you can’t stop me,” she snapped back with a wink. She sat on the opposite end of the table. They ate in silence for the first fifteen minutes until Ahsha couldn’t take it anymore. “Derek, what’s up with the birthday thing?”

“Just don’t like celebrating. What’s the point, all we’re doing is getting old anyway. I’ll age another year regardless of a celebration,” Derek replied slightly laughing as he picked at the food on his plate. Ahsha prayed that it was his nervousness and not the food being repulsive.

“Why not? It’s celebrating life. You ever have a birthday party when you were younger,” she pressed.

Derek’s whole demeanor changed after that. It was like looking at a little boy wilt in a corner after someone snatched his candy. “Yea, I had several.”

“Oh, did…did something happen at one of these parties? Is that why you don’t like celebrating your birthday.”


Still not satisfied with his answer, Ahsha got up from her seat and sat in the chair next to him. “What happened then?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he muttered, turning his attention back to his plate. “It’s not important.”

“Well it’s obviously important if you’re still upset about it after all these years. Come on babe, tell me,”Ahsha begged. She wanted him to open up to her about what was hurting him. “Derek?”

He finally sat up and stopped picking at his food. “My grandmother always threw me birthday parties as a kid. Every year my mother promised to come and she never showed up. I would sit up all night waiting on her to come but she never came. This happened every year until my tenth birthday.”

“Did she come to that one?”

“No, that’s when I stopped caring,” he answered sadly. “I figured she would never come and I was right. My mother didn’t come to one of my birthdays. Not one. She didn’t call…nothing. After that I stopped caring and didn’t even celebrate my birthday. Brings back too many bad memories so why harp on it,” he huffed.

Ahsha felt bad for pressuring him into celebrating a day he didn’t like to look forward to. She was beginning to have a strong dislike for his mother. Her actions deeply affected her son and Ahsha couldn’t understand how a mother could hurt their child like Mary did.

“Baby it’s not your fault so there’s no use of crying. I’m sorry for being such an ass all day. You didn’t deserve that,” Derek apologized, pulling Ahsha into his lap. “Thank you, for everything.”

Ahsha still wore a pout on her face. “Oh come on, I said sorry.” He began tickling her sides, earning a laugh.

“I swear you make it hard to stay mad,” she sighed. “But I’m sorry for pushing you into this celebration. Knowing how much you hate your birthday.”

“I mean we could still celebrate…if you know what I mean,” Derek suggested, raising a brow.

Ahsha smiled as she thought about the outfit upstairs. She knew what she had in mind would take his mind off his mother. “Wait here. I’ll be right back,” she instructed, hopping up from his lap. “And don’t come up here trying to get a peek either.”

She hurried up the steps and into the bedroom. Ahsha wasn’t a big fan of lingerie, but she decided she would wear it on special occasions. Her outfit didn’t consist of much at all. Edible underwear with a sheer lace bra and Louboutins. She wasn’t going to be in clothes much longer anyway. Not after Derek got done with her. She strutted down the steps and grabbed the remote from the stereo system shelf. Beyonce’s sultry voice filled the house. Driver roll up the partition please. Ahsha peeked around the corner of the dining room. Derek was still seated at table, waiting on her to come back. Her heels clinked against the wooden floor as she slowly walked towards his chair. Oh he so horny, yeah he want to fuck. “Hello birthday boy,” she purred in her most seductive voice. She threw her leg of his shoulder and caressed the top of his head.

“What are you doing,” Derek asked, grabbing her leg.

“Giving you a present,” Ahsha replied, snatching her leg back. “Now if you would just follow me.” Taking his hand and leading him into the living room, Ahsha made sure to switch her hips as she walked. “Sit,” she demanded, pointing to a chair in the middle of the room.

“What if I don’t wanna,” he asked, grabbing her firm backside.

She knocked his hand away and pushed him down to the chair. “I said sit.”

“Okay, okay,” he chuckled. “Whatever you say.”

Hand prints and good grips all on my ass.

Private show with the music blastin’…

She laid a quick kiss on his lips before she back away and began swaying her hips to the beat. Thump, thump, thump thump thump. Partition was one of those songs that made every girl feel sexy. Ahsha bent over before falling to the floor and slowly crawling over to the chair. Derek watched as her back arched to the bass of the song. A half smile grazed her lips as she reached his legs, where she gripped his thighs and pulled herself up. She continued swiveling her hips until she was fully standing. He like to call me peaches when we get this nasty. Her tongue grazed his neck as she straddled his lap. He couldn’t help his roaming hands, although Ahsha kept pushing them away. “No touching,” she whispered as she began grinding her hips. Of course Derek didn’t follow her instructions as his hands found their way to her back where he unbuckled her bra. Take all of me, I just wanna be the girl you like. “Derek,” she groaned as her bra fell off. “I said no touching.” There was always a lot of teasing going on in their household, whether it was Ahsha being the tease or Derek torturing her. As his lips were about to touch hers, she threw one of her legs over his shoulder and slid off his lap and back to the floor. Derek was thankful she was a dancer because the girl could twist her body anyway she wanted. She sashayed around the chair, occasionally bending over in front of him, giving him a peek at what was under her strawberry flavored editable panties. He could smell the strawberry scent every time she came near, which only turned him on even more. Not able to take the teasing anymore, he grabbed her by the hips and bit the sides of the gummy underwear. Ahsha gasped as the panties fell to the ground. Derek smirked up at her while chewing on the candied undergarments. Red wine drip filth talk that trash. She shook her head and tip toed around the chair one more time before hitting a straddle split. Ahsha crawled back over to the baller as he bent forward and caught her lips in a searing, nasty kiss. She wasn’t quite done with her dance but the feel of his lips on hers made her forget about whatever dance move she was going to do next. Derek pulled Ahsha onto his lap, their lips never breaking contact. Even though it was his birthday and she was supposed to be pleasing him, he couldn’t just let her do all of the work. He rose up from the chair, wrapped her legs around his waist and made his way to the balcony doors.

The cool air hit Ahsha’s bare body as he stepped outside. Derek placed her back on her feet and backed her up against the railing. There was no way this was safe and she would probably get sick being naked in the cool night air. But that didn’t stop them. Ahsha’s head fell back as Derek kissed his way down her stomach. She only hoped he didn’t go any lower because her legs wouldn’t be able to handle the pleasure. Of course he continued going lower until he heard her sweet moans. Even with a tight grip on the railing, she felt her legs weaken. Her feet were still adorned in the tall heels.  She was most definitely skipping out on leg day for the next week. As his warm mouth continued to pleasure her, the muscles in her legs began to cramp. “Shit, cramp,” she shrieked, but she didn’t want him to stop and he wasn’t going to stop. That damn cramp in her leg would just have to wait. The cramp began to worsen so she had no choice but to place the wounded leg on his shoulder only giving his tongue a better entry. Just as the pressure began to build and she sank lower…he stopped. Ahsha was hell bent on giving him his gift. The night wasn’t about her. Derek landed on the lawn chair with a thud as Ahsha pushed him backward. “The night isn’t about me, although I did enjoy that,” she muttered breathlessly as she unzipped his black jeans.

“Did you really expect me to sit there after that sexy dance you were doing,” Derek asked.

“Hmmmm, nope,” Ahsha grinned, marking his chest and neck with kisses as she sank down on his hardened member. The sensation hit her immediately causing her to pause for a moment before she began moving her hips. The birthday boy gripped her hips with his rough hands, guiding them the direction he wanted them to go. She continued riding him as though she was in a rodeo, throwing her head back. He hungrily grinded into her, perfectly matching her pace. Not wanting to be the first to burst, Derek quickly flipped them over. Ahsha didn’t even protest this time. Her legs took their place on his waist as he pounded into her relentlessly. “Yesss, right there,” Ahsha moaned into his mouth. The wind began to pick up, blowing her sweaty hair around her head. She could feel the pressure building in the pit of her stomach.  All it took was his lips on her neck before she completely lost it. Her legs jerked as the powerful orgasm sent shockwaves through her body. Her loud cries encouraged her lover’s release as he collapsed on top of her. “Happy birthday,” she breathed, trying to catch her breath.

“Thank you baby. Oh and thanks for the cake,” he murmured, sliding down her body and between her legs. Ahsha smiled as Derek began round two of what would turn into a looooong night with Beyonce’s Partition on repeat.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!