i should be making dinner ugh

I just made Kraft Dinner

Because my mom bought four boxes for Camren and I… and I just… I feel so nauseous rn. It’s so gross. I wanna cry.

  • Me Two Years Ago: "Why would Mako be a cop instead of Bolin why should Mako be close to Lin why would that happen why would she like him or favor him ugh I hate this."
  • Me Now: "Mako took Lin out to dinner on Avatar Mother's Day and she had absolutely no objections any other individual would have made her feel uncomfortable or upset or insulted but with Mako she actually felt touched and almost cried (but didn't of course because Momboss does not cry but even if she did Detective Son would never tell anyone or would never make it apparent that he'd noticed) and when Lin retires Mako is going to be leading the applause and when she's no longer fit to live on her own Mako is going to be the one taking care of her and when she finally passes away Mako is going to be the one taking charge of every single funeral arrangement and is also going to be the one who takes the loss hardest because it's like losing his mother all over again but he's also always happy because it was like he got to have his mother back."
  • Dad: So what's for dinner?
  • Mom: Ugh, I'm sick of cooking. Why don't you make something?
  • Dad: but you're the wife!
  • (queue semi-joking sexist banter about who had the babies and who brings home the money in this family)
  • Me (also semi-joking, as I walk by): Don't give in to the patriarchy, Mom
  • Mom: Oh, shut up Riy
  • Me: Oh my god, I was joking. I only said that because I know you're not a feminist. Which you should be!
  • Mom: Why should I??
  • Dad: Why are /you/ a feminist?? Why do you have to single out women?
  • Me: oh my god, feminism fights for equality of all sexes
  • Dad: I might as well be a- a masculinist!
  • Me: Oh my god
  • Dad: It's just not fair
  • Me: OH MY GOD