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Rated (SM) for slightly mature.


➸ There was nothing rushed during your little shower session, Jin was definitely going to take his time with you. Thankful he had time off to spend with you, he wanted to make it last for a long as he could - from slow kisses to the slow rhythm of his hips as he easily slid into your entrance. Soft moans would fall from each of your lips as they barely separated from one another, you hands caressing his face while his would travel from your thighs, hips, to waist. He didn’t leave any patch of skin untouched, neither did you. Everything about this moment was perfect and filled with bliss. It was as if the whole world had stopped for the two of you…but unfortunately, that’s unrealistic thinking. 

“Could you two stop blowing up the goddamn water bill?” 

Jin nearly drops you at the sound of Yoongi’s voice, you letting out a small squeak as he presses you even farther into the wall, his chest smushing into yours to hide you away from the sudden intruder. 

“Yah, Suga! Why didn’t you knock, that’s so rude!” 

“So is using up all the hot water. Do it in the bedroom, like normal fucking people.” 


➸ You’ve been needy all day, and when he was finally home, you weren’t wasting a second more. He wasn’t complaining - hell - he was hoping you were in the mood anyways. Things didn’t take long to escalate as Yoongi had no trouble taking you from behind, smirking lazily at the sounds you didn’t even bother to cover up. 

“That’s it, baby, let me hear how good you feel…” 

Constant whispers of unholy things were enough to increase the volume of your moans, not taking into consideration that you two wouldn’t exactly be alone for much longer. Not even 30 seconds have passed when a harsh knock came to the door, but Yoongi didn’t falter into his thrusts - he didn’t even stop. As he continued to pound into you, he answered to whoever was at the door. 

“I’m busy.” 

“Yeah, we know! We all heard you from the front door! The FRONT DOOR, Yoongi! Could you keep it down a little?” 

Min Yoongi grins so devilishly at the back of your head, you could feel chills run down your spine. Gripping your hair tightly to tug your neck backward, you could now see the mischievous look in his eyes; he was up to no good. 

“Sure, no problem.” Without even missing a beat, Yoongi starts back up again at an inhuman amount of speed, finally hitting that one spot over and over again that both made you see stars, and scream at the top of your lungs. By now, the neighbors could probably hear the two of you as well. 

“Is this down enough for you?” They could practically hear his shit-eating grin, all glaring at the door as it seemed that now there was no stopping him. 

He was smart enough to lock the door. 


➸ The two of you just couldn’t wait; didn’t even get fully undressed until after you stepped into the shower. Namjoon watched you intensely as he undressed you from your now drenched shirt, licking his lips at the mere sight of the water dripping down your body rapidly. 

“Fuck, I’ve missed you, jagi…” He groans before pulling you closer to continue the make-out session you started in the living room. Reaching in between the two of you, you eagerly gripped his already throbbing member causing a strained moan to escape past his lips in surprise. 

Namjoon practically panted in your mouth as your pace picked up in no time, him letting you touch him for as long as you wanted as he placed one hand to the wall to keep his balance. 

“Namjoon, did you break my headphon-OH. OH OH OH I AM SO SORRY. IGNORE ME, YOU SEEM BUSY, ILL ASK LATER BYE.” Hoseok flailed, almost slipping on the rug on his way out, almost forgetting where the door knob was as he dramatically exited the bathroom. 

Both you and Namjoon stared at the door with raised eyebrows, him shrugging his shoulders while you giggled softly while shaking your head. That small interruption didn’t kill the mood at all for the two of you, as he stared down at you with lust filled eyes and a slanted smirk. 

“On your knees, babygirl.” 


➸ It was the end of your anniversary date, which consisted of dinner and a movie. He wanted the night to be perfect, and boy did he deliver. Hoseok was nothing but romantic and gentle with you all night, everything just all cuddly and calm. The warm water that cascaded down your still clothed figures felt so relaxing - his soft kisses that trailed from the side of your face to your neck almost had you practically melting in his arms. Your hands ran through his damp hair, while his were placed firmly on your hips, as the two of you basically slow danced in the shower. 

“You’re too good for me, Hobi…how did I get so lucky?” 

He chuckles softly, now nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck. “That’s my line, jagi…I should be asking you that.” 

It didn’t take long for his sweet kisses to turn into sucks, as he marked all of your favorite spots that he’s memorized all too well. Your bite your lip to keep quiet, knowing good and well that the others were in the bed by now…or were they? 

“I’m telling you, Jin-hyung, I turned off the shower an hour ag-OH HOLY SHIT!” As quick as the door came open, it was slammed shut. You and Hoseok now stared at the door in pure horror, covering each other up - even though neither of you was naked yet. Quickly turning off the shower, Hoseok steps out right as Jin opened the door once again - only this time with his eyes covered. By now, Jungkook ran back to his room in embarrassment. 

“I don’t care what you two were about to do in here, it’s none of my business. But, for the sake of Jungkook, and my innocent eyeballs - could you lock the door next time?” 


➸ Just like Hoseok, it was more a soothing type of shower session between the two of you. He sat on the shower bench while you straddled his lap, your bra still intact as Jimin just teased the straps, him smiling teasingly in the kiss as you hissed at him when he would tug it far, only to then let them snap back against your wet skin. 

“Jimin, I swear to God if you do that one more time, I’ll-”

“You’ll what, baby, huh?” His smile drops as he dared you to finish that threat, the hands that were placed upon your upper back now dangerously low on your ass - giving you a warning squeeze. “Did you forget who you talking to for a moment there? Does daddy need to punish you?” 

Before you could even respond, you could see the color drain from his face as his eyes drifted to something that was behind you. Tilting your head to the side in confusion, you turn to see what he was looking at, only to let out a scream in shock. Taehyung stood there in complete horror, unfortunately walking in at the wrong time. 

“I-I…I have no words…”

“Tae…how much did you hear?” Jimin gulps, afraid that his friend might have just discovered a little too much about himself. 

“Enough to where I want to shove pencils in my ears. Dinner’s ready, by the way, but it looks to me you’re already about to eat-”

“Y A H.” Jimin exclaims, Tae shooting his hands up in surrender as he starts to exit the bathroom with still a look of horror on his face. “Don’t tell anyone about this, please. I’m begging you.”

He shrugs, a small smirk starting to creep upon his lips. “Will daddy punish me if I do-”



➸ It was, at first, a solo shower. You had just gotten home from work, your day already starting off shitty - but that really took the cake. Not only did most of your co-workers call in sick, but they did it on the day where you have the most crowds. You were practically drowning in stress that you almost punched a costumer in the face. In conclusion : worst day ever. 

The dorm was empty by the time you got there, mentally thanking the man up in the sky that at least you came home to some peace and quiet for once. The warm water was exactly what you needed, but yet it wasn’t enough to fully relax you. Sighing heavily at the fact of not being completely satisfied, you lean forward to turn the water off - feeling defeat. It wasn’t until you felt a pair of cold hand grab your waist, and spin you around did you accidentally turn it to freezing ice water before letting out a small scream. Taehyung doesn’t hesitate to seal you screams with a kiss, letting you register that it was only him as you finally calmed down. 

“You jackass, don’t do that! One of these days I’m gonna stab you!” You couldn’t help but giggle as he started placing kisses all over your face, your lips trembling as the cold water draped over your bodies. 

“With what? Soap? Your shampoo bottle?” He teased, while continuing to place kisses anywhere and everywhere. “You looked a little down, so you can’t tell me that didn’t brighten you mood up just a little bit, jagi.” 

You wanted to punch him for almost giving you a heart attack, but you were happy to see him. Taehyung was actually the last puzzle piece to help turn this sour day back to sweet. Leaning into him closer to further his pecks into something more, the door to the bathroom was practically kicked in, and in came six out of the seven members as they all rushed into the small bathroom - Jimin holding a bat, while Hoseok started swinging at the air. 

“Y/n! Are you alright?! We heard you scream and- oh.” Namjoon pushed his way in, only to see that it wasn’t what they thought at all. “Seriously? Why can’t you do this at your own place - some of us have to shower in there, too!” 


➸ You moaned into his mouth shamelessly at the pleasure he was giving you, the rushed movements of your mouths only making the bathroom much more steamier than the hot water. He wanted to use up all the time he had with you, knowing that his hyungs would be home soon, Jungkook wanted to use this opportunity to make noise as much as possibly. With one hand he held your wrists together, while the other rubbed your clit in slow circles, the water giving spectacular lubrication as you whimpered at the feeling. 


“Please what, Y/n? You’re gonna have to be more specific~” 

“Please g-go faster, please..!” You would cry, the teasing no longer tolerable as you were now reduced to begging. You would give anything to cum, even so much as scream his name while his hyungs were home. Be careful what you wish for. 

“Jungkook, are you watching porn again?” Jimin opens the door, only for both his eyes and mouth to completely bust wide open in shock. Jungkook being Jungkook quickly pulled away from you to cover himself up - only to then realize that you were naked as well, to then cover you up away from Jimin’s amused stare. 

“J-Jimin, don’t tell Jin-hyung! W-We were just uh…saving water?” 

“Oh, don’t worry, Kookie. I won’t tell him that you’re committing unholy things in his bathroom.” Not even five seconds later, “SEOKJIN! GUESS WHO’S MAKING BABIES IN YOUR SHOWER.” 

Jungkook, not even giving a shit anymore, would practically run after Jimin naked - leaving you to stand in the confused and sexually frustrated. 

Tyler Seguin 1.0

Plot: You and Tyler Seguin have been friends since you were in middle school, but when he was signed with the Bruins, your friendship slipped away until you were playing phone tag trying to catch up. Things only worsened when your family decided that a change in scenery was needed, and shipped the lot of you off to sunny California, effectively causing you to lose contact with the Seguin family all together. Fast forward seven years.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol and recreational drug use.

This is my first imagine so let me know what you think, if I should continue, if I should stop and never write again, etc. Gonna be a two-shot if I continue.

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Yongguk - Dangerously Innocent ♥ [Part 11]

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Member: B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk

Pairing: MafiaLeader!Yongguk &  You

Genre: Someone stop  me


Words: 1,268

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Epilogue.

A/N: I’m sorry for any typos, but I actually wrote that at 1 am without my glasses on  & I still don’t have someone to proofread ♥

Yongguks POV

The day Y/N left wasn’t a good day. Everything inside my body hurt and it was painfully hard to not crawl into her bed and smell the sheets. I told Youngjae that he should follow her, take care that nothing happens to her, but he couldn’t even protect her for 24 hours. No one can properly protect her but me. Late on the first day he comes in to report to me. His report is not what I expected- “Y-Yongguk. Y/n was kidnapped. . ” I sit up straight in my chair and stare at him in disbelieve. “You are lying. Tell me that you are lying.” I don’t want to believe him.” One of the members of Black Widow started flirting with her in a bar and she followed him to his car. They drugged her. I tried to stop them but they were too many. At least 10 or 15 people. But I was able to follow them to their hideout. “He tells me where it is and I stand up. Himchan, who was sitting in the corner of the room, stands up and clears his throat. “I know you want to go and get her right now but we should wait a bit. They will be alert now. Prepared for us to go there. Too many people would die. They might even kill her.” His words just make me more angry, but my father’s voice tells me to calm down and sit back down. I need to get her back and I will, even if it’s the last thing I’ll do.

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anonymous asked:

I like to call Yoongi and JIMIN short and giggle but today I realized I am like 5'3 so they're still half a foot taller than I am 🙃

Your timing on this ask is perfect.

It’s late and I was thinking I need to go to bed… but I was also thinking if today was a debate on whether or not Yoongi would be a clingy boyfriend, what should tomorrow’s debate be?  Well, there’s been a question that has been burning in my mind for a while now…

How tall is Jimin, really?

Does anyone remember a video (I think it might have been when they went to an amusement park in the US a couple years ago) and someone (Jungkook, I think) is annoyed with something Jimin is doing and he basically threatens that he will reveal Jimin’s real height… and Jimin has a mini freak out.  It was a tiny thing, almost a throw away line in the video, but it was there.  Does anyone remember that? Anyone?  Also, if I assume that Namjoon’s height is real at 181 cm (and he has no reason to lie), and I assume that Jimin is always wearing thick soled shoes and probably insoles, look at the difference in their heights.  That looks like it’s more than a 6 cm (less than 3 inches) difference in their heights.  Is it just me?  I kinda suck at judging the size of things.

Originally posted by minpuffs

So how tall is Park Jimin – really?

Me, an extrovert, starting out in poly life: “I should date a different introvert each night of the week!”

Me, still a poly extrovert 5 years later, but also now in my 30s: “I’m gonna go out with a friend for dinner, get home by 7:30, and then knit in bed with my cat! LOVIN IT”

Hiatus kinda?

I just went through a terrible break up.

At first I wasn’t going to say anything on tumblr because I thought I should close myself off and just draw and watch shows.

I watched a video saying I should use my energy to improve myself

So I’m going to exercise because I lay in bed all day

I’m going to get a job because I always depended on someone else

I’m going to learn to drive because I’m always stuck at home

I’m going to spend more time with friends I’ve been shuting out

Last but not least I’ll be taking my moms offer to go to Florida for a concert, I’ve never been further than one state away from mine.

Wish me luck, I’ll probably still get some art done but it will not be my main focus for awhile.


New Lipgloss!

 It’s 5am here but I’ve just finished making this. I should really go to bed but I’m proud and wanted to show you guys and see what you think :) 
There’s plenty of shades (18) that suit many skintones! And it’s completely hand-painted like all my other cc :D 
I’ll upload it really soon!


Hi hello my lovelies, i hope you’re all hanging in there with all this holo tour madness 💕

i know i’ve been quite absent lately, and i’m sorry for that. i miss being around and i miss chatting with you all. my life should be winding down a bit over the next month, but i’ve got to get through the next month first….

over the next month i’ll be in hotel beds more than my own, traipsing the whole east coast basically. i’m heading to orlando, philly, detroit, cleveland, back to detroit…lmao so. it’s a mix of business and pleasure, with my harry concert roped into that travel as well. i’m really fun and active on snapchat while traveling, so if you wanna be snap friends, message/ask me off anon 💕

so why am i telling you this? well….i’m probably going to be even more absent than usual ☹️ i’ve got my queue set and some pretty good post set up for you all. also! my absence as of lately hasn’t been for nothing because i’ve been working on some writing for you all. october is going to be the month of updates, really, with This Only Looks Like Love coming back, my lengthy oneshot a part of the TROPETASTIC! fic challenge on @allficcedup coming out, and the ever requested threesome piece finally posting.

i’m still in the process of editing and tightening up a few key scenes, so i don’t have dates for these posting yet but they definitely will all be out in october. i hope you’re excited! it certainly wasn’t my intention to go this long without posting anything, but work proved to be more than i could handle at times. 

but it’s almost over! and i’d love, love, love to start chatting with you all more, having more harry nights, basically get this blog active again. 

one more month! and, funnily enough, the day i’m finally home for a few weeks will be my tumblr birthday! october 22nd, mark it on your calendars! i definitely want to do something special (maybe a follow forever? a harry night? request night?) but i’m not sure what yet, so if you have any ideas on a good way to celebrate one year of the mess that is this blog, please let me know! 

so this is goodbye for now my loves 💕 i’ll probably end up drunk on showsite like i usually do and pop by for a night of incoherent harry talk lmao so keep me company yeah? don’t let my inbox get lonely while i’m away–i often check my inbox before i have time to respond, and you all always make me smile 🤗

be good 


It’s 4:33am. Am I in bed? No, you foolish mortal. I am writing an impromptu profanity-littered essay about the stigma of womanhood in history which originated as a Facebook rant but evolved into something a lot more angry and long-winded and leftist than my poor unsuspecting Facebook friends could ever be prepared to deal with.

Also, I probably should not have had coffee at 11:46pm.

so, today i woke up feeling “hungover” but i didn’t drink last night. while I was laying in bed, drinking a lot of fluids, I googled if being hungover without drinking alcohol the night before is possible…and it definitely is. i apparently “overexerted” my body the last two days by not sleeping properly, not drinking enough fluids, and eating sugary foods all day and night. the moral? if I’m gonna have jalapeño nacho pizza before bed, I should probably stay hydrated and sleep more.

naicors13  asked:

Omg you made me a hoe for lotor😱 the world needs more stuff with him! May I request a lotor x reader? Anything you want. Maybe a part two to the one were the reader is his sister? Thank you anyway. Love you lots 😘

Thanks for requesting, I know you waited so long for this oh my goodness, but I’m working on clearing out some of our older scenarios. It’s kind of short because idk where I was going with it lol Idk if I should warn this but yeah some Mild Swearing is in this story as well.

Previous | Now

“So, mind telling me this story again?“ Lotor asked, his hand in his hair as he stood, his back against the wall. You sat on the bed, your back against the headboard, snug between the two sets of pillows for the both of you. Your eyes never left your toes as you plucked at them, your knees to your chest. You didn’t want to repeat it again. There wasn’t much of a story to tell him.

“She’s my sister.“ You explained, as causally as you could. Your heart pounded in your chest, and it sounded in your ears. Your face felt hot, and your mind swirled. You couldn’t let anything happen to her.

“That’s all?“ He prodded, not looking up from the small dagger that he held in his hand. He had sharpened it just that morning, and you had watched him, telling him to be careful. Now it felt like a world away from where you both were right now.

You nodded slowly, your eyes brimming with tears.

“Bullshit.“ He said, his voice low but it sounded like it was full volume in the silence that had overtaken the room. You snapped your head up at this. He rarely swore.

“You heard me,“ He said, looking up, “Bull-shit“ He straightened out, walking closer to you. “I doubt that’s all there is to the story. When did you find out? How did you find me? Did the paladins know you existed before I did?“

You broke eye contact with him, turning back to your toes. You heard him advance towards you, but you didn’t dare look up. His footsteps sounded through the room, before stopping at the foot of your shared bed.

You felt the tears come but you willed for them to stand by until Lotor had left.

“Answer me.“

You didn’t look up, mumbling, “They knew about me before you did.” You said, your tears slipping out now, one by one the droplets plopping down onto your feet. “I’m sorry,” You said, “I’m so so sorry, I really wanted to tell you but-” You hiccuped, “I didn’t want you to kill her!”

He looked away from you, his eyes landing on the vase in the corner, the flowers filling it a start contrast to your sobbing form. 

“You understand, right? I can’t just march my sister into danger like that. Please-“ You hiccuped, “I didn’t even know she was a paladin, I swear. I thought she just led the ship!“

“And created the wormholes that always messed us up, and injured my father, and stopped the Galra from winning every time.“

“I wasn’t going to out her,“ You blubbered out, looking at him. “I couldn’t hurt her, she’s still my sister. I love her, I can’t have you kill her.“

Lotor turned to look at you. You looked so broken, so sad.

“Please don’t kill her.“ You mumbled into your knees as you cried. He felt his walls crumble and he walked over to you, sitting down on the bed and bringing you into his arms. “Please don’t kill her.“ You repeated into his shoulder as you circled your arms around him as well.

He shushed you quietly, rhythmically rubbing his hand up and down your back, calming you down. Your sobs quieted, your tears almost stopping as you held you.

“Please don’t kill her.“ You told him once again as he let go of you. You had grown tired from your tears and had almost fell asleep on him. He shushed you once again, placing a single kiss on your forehead. 

“You should get some sleep,“ He said, placing you gently down so you could get comfortable. “I’ll figure out what to do in the morning.“

But even as he left the room, your mind drifting to sleep, one thing stuck with you.

He never said he wouldn’t kill her.

Five Things

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Five things you’ll find in my bag

  1. wallet
  2. A ton of loose change because when I pay w/cash I get too anxious trying to put the money neatly back in my wallet while the people standing behind me are waiting xD
  3. Uh sand from when my nephew thought it would be fun to pour sand in my purse at the beach in July. -rolls eyes affectionately-
  4. chapstick
  5. A ton of papers that should really be in a folder somewhere.

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom

  1. Bed
  2. Box fan/ heater depending on the time of the year
  3. Books
  4. All my makeup and hair supplies I never use
  5. Dresser

Five things I’ve always wanted to do

  1. Write a book
  2. See a broadway show
  3. Travel
  4. Ice Skate
  5. -shrugs-

Five things that make me feel happy

  1. Hubby
  2. Writing
  3. Reading
  4. Being outside
  5. recently- jogging

Five things I’m currently into

  1. Shameless
  2. JayTim
  3. Sterek
  4. Spideypool
  5. 1950s style

Five things on my to-do list

  1. Pack for the weekend
  2. Finish organizing the spare bedroom
  3. Mow the lawn
  4. Study
  5. And then a bunch of other adult things I’m likely to ignore for way too long

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You know what? I should go to bed but instead I’m going to follow the random train of thought I just had to see where it goes. Apologies in advance for whatever drivel my sleepless brain ends up spouting.

There are a lot of time travel fics out there featuring our usual Jedi suspects, and sometimes even a Sith or two (note to self you do NOT need to write the Dooku version where he recruits his idiot grandsons to his cause and yet somehow STILL manages to fail to take over the galaxy) .

But what if it’s someone else? A group of someones in fact. A group who deserved so much more.

This time, it’s the Clones who remember.

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skye-wright  asked:

I feel like fic writers are out to get me to choke on my drinks tonight. To be fair though a fic titled a series of unfortunate dick pics should make me cautious about drinking and reading to begin with but it's a Bucky/tony fic and I had to take my chances. My glass has now been set far away from me as I continue to read fic before bed. Just wanted to let you know again how amazing I think you are, two updates in one night? You spoil us, I can't believe how much you've written this year.

Oh my god haha I am dying over that fic title omfg…..

I am really tired yall.

Lemme just preface this with saying that I am a writer. I have been writing for most of my life. I have taken actual classes about writing and about what fiction can offer you, me, and people as a whole. I have won an award for something that I wrote. I know and love fiction, be it in written form, graphic novels, or film. It is all so good and complex and it’s something I am passionate about. That said, let’s get into this.

A good majority of the discourse that goes on in most of the fandoms I’m in stem from the idea that violence and forbidden sexual acts in fiction will encourage those actions in reality. It is important to know, firstly, that the only time this happens is when a person is immature enough or not mentally healthy enough to distinguish reality from fiction. Growing up, my parents would often stop horror movies (back when I first started watching them) to ask me questions. To be fair, they were pretty shitty people, but in this one aspect, they were so good about making sure I knew this difference. “You know this is just a movie, right? None of the stuff on the tv is real.” They’d assure before continuing the film.

It’s not real.

Now, half of the stuff I read or watched back then was nowhere near pushing boundaries or making me think critically about society or whatever. However, I knew that what I watched wasn’t real. It was images on a screen. If I don’t like what I’m seeing, I can walk away. It doesn’t have to affect me, personally,  unless I let it.

Now, lets circle back. School. College. I took a writing class that used this book:

Granted, it was a screenwriting class and most of the chapters were about various script formats, but the beginning chapters focused on why we write and why we make the stories we do.

It had a section in it describing how human needs and desires are met through fiction. It detailed those needs in a list. This list:

Please draw your attention to the ones on the list that say that fictions helps people to:

Be purged of unpleasant emotions

To have vicarious but controlled emotional experiences

To confront, in a controlled situation, the horrible and terrible

To explore taboo subjects without guilt

Just because you personal don’t need various forms of ‘taboo’ media, doesn’t mean that others don’t. Media, in all of its forms, is a way for people to explore things safely. It’s an outlet that doesn’t harm anyone and it offers the creator and viewer/reader a safe way of exploring the complexities of situations (or in some cases relationships) that these people do not want to be involved in irl. Because we can distinguish reality from fiction. Because none of us are going out killing people or getting into abusive relationships or fucking our sibling.

While being critical of the media we consume is important and it is vital to dissect the whys of the media being created, there is a line between creating open discussion about these taboos, about the society and personal experiences that makes one need these outlets, and verbally abusing and harassing strangers.

If you want to create a dialogue about media or a ship you don’t agree with, fine. Talk about it. Dissect it. Really dig deep into the human condition and the psychology behind these outlets, but don’t shame people for them to the point of telling them to kill themselves or telling them they are human garbage or what the fuck ever.

Fiction isn’t always meant to be picturesque. It’s not always going to be SFW. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then great. Stop going into the tags of things that make you feel unhealthy. You do you. Keep yourself safe. Stop continuously exposing yourself to content that you can’t swallow. To keep getting involved, to keep harassing people, to keep abusing strangers shows that you don’t give a damn about the content. You need an excuse to bully someone else and indulge in holier-than-thou circle jerks with other people who also have no sense of what fiction is for.

so the kwami incorporate their features into the suits, right?

like so:

antennae ribbons


bald heads

and for those partaking in the spoilerfest from jeremy zag, you can easily see this continues on the rest of the users as well.

…except for the turtle, who they have been fairly secretive about.

so then… what could be waiting for us…?

we can only speculate… 

but my theory is he will look something this:

i dunno about you guys but i am ready for dipsy fu, how bout u?