i should be grateful i guess

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so if 1 person is talking about their suffering/oppression/whatever tumblr thinks the appropriate response is SO WHAT AT LEAST IT'S NOT AS BAD AS WHAT THIS PERSON OF X BACKGROUND IN AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CONTINENT HAS SUFFERED OMG YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL YOU"RE SO PRIVILEGED. like i had absolutely 0 knowledge of ireland's troubles it's not something w studied in school and i'm guessing it's not in the us either so the least they could do is educate themselves, *sigh*

empathy/tumblr is such a notp, SUCH A NOTP. also idk I studied irish history in a fairly summary way in high school but we had a specific british history curricula separated from regular history - like, you’d do it along with everyone else without going too much in depth in regular hours, but we had like six hours of english language per week in the last three years of HS and we’d do three literature and three history. so since we did ONLY FUCKING BRITISH HISTORY FOR THREE YEARS we did irish history as well because it went hand to hand with it and we had an entire didactic section or unit or whatever it’s called just on the famine…….. in italy lol. (nvm that I read a comic book where the protagonist lived in london and at some point he had a story with an irish girl tied with IRA and that’s how I learned the troubles were a thing. spoilers: it was a horror comic ops but let’s say italian comic industry is fairly ahead of the times when it comes to educate you on recent history.) anyway from what I gathered our system is atypical so obviously not everyone might know but good lord GO ON WIKIPEDIA AND READ SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of…. saying to go eat a potato which is the equivalent of a lot of things they wouldn’t say about *nonwhite people TM*

The Musketeers Fandom:

I don’t know how many times I let it be known or perhaps it was not enough. My last conversation with my most favourite, @chancellorfangirl, made me reflect. Yet it was not that hard because my miss? Terrible. Pervasive. Heart-crushing.

You, as a collective of LOVING souls, made such an impression on me, forever. I’m so grateful to have been part, to know you in my life. Such dedicated, LOYAL, beautiful souls, all in ONE fandom. Dumas would have been so proud to have such souls come together, to share the love of his characters and plots and everything in-between. I had, in my wonder, thought it was all too good to be true. And still, you ALL went far and beyond. Exceeded those expectations. As it should be.

I guess the time is now, despite how many times I was dying to say this, all this, to you. Trust me, I have my heart in my throat as I try to piece this together. Yet I needed to thank you.

I love you.

I miss you.

Again, thank you.

Thank you for making my time here so lovely.

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And of course, so many more fans I missed. I would like more to be added for I wish for the love to keep spreading. So if anyone sees this, by all means, add more to the list if your name is not on it. If not, just know that this message is for all those in The Musketeers fandom, even if you lurk.

Hand to heart, you ALL deserve such honour.


“I guess we should be grateful. After all the years, all the missions, all the close calls. Both our deaths. Right. After all that, we’re still standing, the two of us. Maybe we should toast to that. We’ve been making a lot of toasts lately. Maybe we should try something else.

Things Jungkook Is Thankful For (in no specific order)

1. The way Jin puts extra pancakes in his, Jimin’s, and Yoongi’s plates

2. The way Taehyung always scoots over without grumbling when Jungkook slips into bed next to him at three in the morning and accidentally wakes him up. (He’s even more grateful for the way Taehyung wordlessly throws an arm and leg over him because he knows that Jungkook needs the reassurance without Jungkook having to say it aloud)  

3. The way Hoseok ruffles his hair (and pats his butt) when he gets the choreography correct on his first try and the way he gently tells Jungkook that it’s okay and stays with him in the studio all night long to help him out when Jungkook has a bad day and keeps messing up

4. The way Yoongi laughs at all of his dumb jokes and antics even when no one else does. (Jungkook loves watching Yoongi’s reaction to his dubsmash videos when he’s down because Yoongi has that smile on, the one Jungkook knows is only reserved for him and somedays, just seeing it makes Jungkook feel better)  

5. The way Namjoon always greets him with the brightest smile, always listens to everything he says attentively and the way he’s always there for Jungkook whenever Jungkook needs to ask someone for guidance

6. The way Jimin forces him to take a break, quite literally dragging him out of the practice room even though he does the same exact thing Jungkook does and overworks himself far too often. (When Jungkook points this out, Jimin flicks his forehead and tells him to shut up and eat)

7. The way he can act like the goofy and carefree fifteen year old that he never got to be around Jin and the way Jin acts just as goofy and silly  

8. The way Taehyung jumps on his back during dance practice, saying that he’ll pay for dinner if Jungkook can do the entire choreography with him on his back and the way Taehyung laughs with his head thrown back when Jungkook tries to throw him off

9. The way Hoseok spontaneously hugs him, arms wrapping around Jungkook’s waist and torso pressing into Jungkook’s back with his chin on Jungkook’s shoulder. (“Ah, Jungkookie, you’ve grown up so well.”)

10. The way Yoongi randomly reaches out for his hand, holds it under the table or briefly tangles their fingers together as they walk side by side

11. The way Namjoon constantly encourages him, tells him that he’s so so so so proud of the person Jungkook’s become

12. The way Jimin pokes and prods him when he’s upset and doesn’t leave him alone for a second and the way Jimin showers him with love and affection but doesn’t shy away from scolding him when he does something wrong

13. The way Jin always comes to him when he’s stressed and needs to relax (Jungkook is so so very grateful that Jin trusts him enough to confide in him even though he’s the youngest)

14. The way Taehyung always steals his food and then grins when Jungkook scowls, pinches his cheeks and tells him that he’ll take Jungkook out to get ice cream later  

15. The way Hoseok massages the tension out of his shoulders and tells him to relax, that one day of taking it easy won’t kill him

16. The way Yoongi spends hours bent over Jungkook’s compositions with him and helps him polish his songs up, constantly pointing out the things Jungkook’s done well but also not shying away from giving constructive criticism  

17. The way Namjoon hugs him so very tightly whenever Jungkook tries to put into words just how much he appreciates everything Namjoon’s done for him  

18. The way Jimin threatens to tickle him when he acts like a spoiled brat and then chases him around the dorm room when Jungkook tries to run away

Guess who stopped studying because sdfghjkl? I hate trying to study from powerpoints; guess I’m just gonna have to catch up tomorrow or something.

Obi-Wan moves around the Chancellor’s offices, looking at the various artefacts, paintings, and statues Palpatine has decorated them with.

He moves from room to room at a sedate pace without any fear or interruptions—Cody and his chosen troopers are still stationed right outside as well as in the working office for the Chancellor’s guards and have taken upon themselves to provide him with some solitude.

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you know i never expected the day where i would defend becky sugar or any of the writers but i honestly find it incredibly disrespectful to shrug off the efforts made to make ruby and sapphire’s relationship apparent and act as though fans should be grateful for what she’s doing.

honestly if i wasnt aware that zuke liked lapidot, i dont think i would’ve EVER guessed that peridot and lapis were gonna fall in love because, they just seem like goofy friends.

So about the speedpaint…I’ve ended it and…

The winner is ‘’An OC that belongs to Byu’’ ???? *throws confetti* ????

Okay I was totally NOT expecting that choice to win??? like who are you????? why are you so nice?? omg?????? AAAAAAAAA????

I’m really grateful for the fact that people actually want to see my OCs,I’m just filled with joy <3!

Since I didn’t thought that this was possible, I really don’t know which character I should do now soooo…

Would you guys rather that I just choose one of my OCs??? Or maybe you wanted me to draw a specific OC of mine???? or maybe another poll???? I don’t know I’m so confused right now, what should I do???? aaaaaAAA :’D

either way this made my day <3 thank you so much to everyone who voted!! and don’t worry,just because the other characters didn’t win,that doesn’t mean that I won’t draw them in the future ;3

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Honestly I feel so cheated with the delena ending. They didn't speak to each other at all ! Yes they got married and lives a long life with each other. They didn't even say I love you.

Yeah I have mixed feelings. When I watched it I was so happy and crying, but by the time the episode ended, I hated that there wasn’t more. But with Nina’s schedule, I am grateful that she was even able to appear. Though I won’t understand why there had to be so much Katherine. They could have brought Elena back sooner. Or at least defeated her much earlier. Or the best option… they should have made it a full 2 hour finale episode. I feel that there should’ve been a little more to the story. Or at least a bit more to the Delena reunion. I guess you can’t fully satisfy everyone.

So Elena lived a long happy life with Damon.

Caroline lost Stefan, but it seems like she and Klaus will have a future romance.

And Bonnie ended the series enthusiastic about life but still pining for her dead boyfriend.

I’m sorry but once again the writer’s gave Bonnie the short end of the stick. I guess I should be grateful they didn’t kill her off to bring Elena back and they showed how epic she was being able to save the town, but I can’t ignore how when it comes to her love life she got a lot less than Caroline and Elena.

Every memory of you, every replay of your lips touching mine or your face buried between my legs is immediately followed by the thought of you doing the same to her. They’re no longer my private fantasies. They’re haunted by the knowledge that she’s the one you couldn’t let go. The one you did those things to first. We did have fun, and I guess we’ll always be special to each other in a sense.. But how do I sleep when I know she gets to feel the same magic touch, the same fiery lips that I crave so much? How do I not hurt at the fact that I will never feel that again? Never look into your eyes or feel your skin against mine, never hold you close when you’re cold. I guess I should be grateful that you’re still there in a way. And who knows? Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe she’s the one who came back and asked for another chance. Maybe she groveled at your feet and begged you to come back. But it doesn’t change the fact that you did. Doesn’t change that the you I want so much, the part that I crave like an addict craves his drug, is gone, is dead to me. And I don’t know what to do. Those memories are ours, but I don’t know how to reclaim them. They’re fresh and oh so vivid.. But then she’s there, taking my place, pushing me out of the frame. So I’m lying in the dark, rain from the thunderstorm is crashing steadily against the window with lightning flashing every five seconds.. And I just wish you were here. I wish it wasn’t like this. I wish I didn’t feel so fucking jealous. I wish I wasn’t fighting tears and gasping for breath through the sting.. You’re the storm in the dark of my life… You crashed in and shook my foundation and changed everything: the way I thought, the way I felt, the way I lived. You showed me passion and fire.. You evoked the want and desperate need to cleanse my soul. You made me laugh, you made me feel. But you were just passing through. You were passing through… Your force is decreasing.. Your fire is fading. When dawn breaks you’ll be moving on, with gentle raindrops caressing my cheek, stinging my eyes before they blow through to the next life, to her. But I’ll be here, waiting for the next storm; part of me hoping it’ll be you again. Until then, I guess I’ll have to cling to the last few raindrops and hope that they’re enough to get me through the night..
—  May 11, 2016

ohmygod!! guess what i just realized?

today is this blog’s 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF EXISTENCE!! WHOA!!!!!!

(how fitting that i should return from the dead today of all days!)

i just wanna say i’m rly grateful for all of my followers, especially those of you who have been with me since the beginning, and especially my mutuals/writing buddies. you guys are the only reason i’m still kicking around on the tumblrverse, and i cherish all of you for keeping me inspired and keeping me writing! Harley is my all-time bae, and i’m so glad y’all give me the opportunity to write her with a bunch of people who love her almost as much as i do. <3 this place has been a much-needed safe haven for me during my college experience, and it means a lot that you guys still hang around through all of my lengthy disappearances and weird AUs and inconsistent characterization and regrettable theme choices. 

that said, LIKE THIS POST for a starter! in celebration of Harley being here for 2 long years and (hopefully) many more! 

Through the Storm

A/N: I started off this ’Colin as Ariel‘piece at the end of 2013, but I guess I took too many wrong turns back then and when I came to a dead end, running out of the inspiration, I knew the only thing I could do was to abandon it for a moment. That’s how it has remained as wip ever since. And the reason why I gave it a shot one more time is still a mystery, properly a mood thing I guess.

This work is of a little madness I think lol, gone a bit wider than I expected, but it perfectly suits my current state and the current weather (angry storm to be precise). I actually like the delicate little Ariel embraces the rain with such serenity, which reminds me how I should tackle all the difficult problems in life. Stay composed. With a  grateful heart.

Also, I’d like to recommend the song ‘Moondust’ by Jaymes Young, it inspires me a lot lately! 

ok but i’m starting to genuinely believe in aphrodite like a little over a month ago i sat down and thought ‘ok aphrodite, if you’re the patron goddess of lesbians, pls give me a girlfriend i’d like that very much’

i started talking to a girl less than a week from that and guess who now has a girlfriend

in conclusion aphrodite might be real and even if she isn’t i trust her with my whole soul and i love her

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Hi! So you went to see SHINee's concert in Canada~ One, I'm so happy you could go! Two, I was wondering how you think it'll translate onto the L.A. stage. It's more of a theatre or instrument-band setup and it has a lot of history so I guess you could say I'm a little worried. I'm grateful to see them in any fashion but I just wanted to get your opinion.

Hi! Yes, I got to see them in my hometown and it was so much fun ♡ thank you!

The North American concerts are their own unique versions of SHINee World V, and you’ll need to go in accepting that, due to the smaller scale, there will inevitably be limitations in terms of staging and timing. But the organizers should be working with SHINee to maximize their use of the venue, and, barring any technical difficulties, it’ll be an amazing experience!

A few details regarding the upcoming shows are still up in the air at this point in the NA leg of the tour, so pay attention to how Vancouver, and especially Dallas (same producers as LA) go, because they will definitely give you a much better idea of what to expect at your date! I don’t think you should be too worried, but feel free to ask any specific questions if you do have concerns, and in any case, I hope you have the best time! :)


I should probably check my blood sugar

But right now, I’m a lot more focused 

on the way you talk with your hands

than the way mine are kinda shaking.

Seriously though, I should probably check my blood sugar

But I don’t want to interrupt this blissfully normal moment 

‘cause the way you’re stuttering is cute,

Shit, my stomach feels jumpy

“I need to check my blood sugar”  I say

Silently grateful that you don’t even flinch

122. Pretty perfect. 

I guess this feeling is 100% you. 


Yeeeah, Comic Con was great! Shout out to my homie @shiratoriwowza. She’s amazing and I couldn’t have survived without her. She’s also the one who had the idea to erect a “Shiro Shrine” which was well needed (she also got some good footage of his panel, that everyone should check out!). 

I got to meet Jeremy Shada! He was amazing and so funny. I also got to meet the legendary Steve Blum, who gave me a free print cause I gave him a drawing too. Ahh, I’m dead. But a good kind of dead. So yup thanks to everyone who came to see me! I was so happy to meet all the nerds like me and ahh I’m so grateful! Thank you all!

I’m gonna go eat some top ramen lol, then I guess I’ll get back to drawing voltron!   

I really want to just marathon the rest of DMF because I am so into it right now, but if I write that much for every episode I should probably just stick to 2-3 per day lol.

Despite the fact that I have been ripping apart the logic of season 3 of PriPara on my sideblog, somehow the ridiculousness of Pretty Rhythm (being drugged by clothing, being nearly killed by remaking a dress, using a dress to cross the butterfly universe, and wtf even is a Grateful Symphonia) doesn’t seem to bother me. Why is that? I guess because… it’s amazing. Really though, the complicated adult plots they very suddenly and dramatically put into the seasons of Pretty Rhythm are phenomenal. It goes so much farther than you would expect. I’m just thinking about PriPara with all this algebra over my head like how did we get from this to THIS.

(And yet, I think this may be the ultimate reason for Pretty Rhythm’s downfall. I think they missed their target audience. More on that later maybe.) 

the Nazi myth post has gotten traction again and that one I just reblogged isn’t the only one to argue that we did benefit from Nazi science because they discovered a bunch of stuff about exactly how people die from various causes and we should be grateful for that

like, fuck! how are you arguing that anything we learned was worth the literal torture and murder of innocent human beings?? I’m so uncomfortable knowing that others went ahead and used that knowledge, even though you could argue that not using it wouldn’t undo the sin of acquiring it and we might as well let it be of some use to others – let some good come out of evil, as it were

I guess that’s an argument I’ll consider but I’m pretty well convinced the net effect on the world was morally negative… which I think is more important than science.

incidentally, as this gentleman points out, Mengele and his ilk were also fucking hacks who did not obtain proper scientific facts because their methodology sucked (not to mention their theoretical frameworks) and thus inflicted all that suffering for nothing – but that’s not really the point for me! even if the data had been good it wasn’t! fucking! worth it! it’s just, y’know, worth considering when people actually open their mouths like “but Mengele discovered so much” like… fuck you for accuracy’s sake as well as on general principle.