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Okay I can’t even express how important Leticia Saltier is to me. I see myself in her. As a girl in technical theatre (I’ve been pushed into stage management, but my heart lies in all the physical work of being a stagehand) it has been so fantastic to see myself in one of my favorite things.

She is so gentle, but has a powerful presence and gets shit done and she is such a badass. She is the dream, she’s what I strive to be. She is honestly the epitome of what a good stagehand should be.

Wow. I just don’t know how I can explain any better how important Leticia Saltier is.

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[Common route] Saito-san, Okita-san and Hijikata-san. What if you never get to die by the sword? Would it be a bad thing since you're all warriors and take pride by living for the sword? (Sorry for my bad English >_<)

Note: Your English looks fine to me!

“If I can die in bed after everything I’ve done, that’ll be heaven’s reward for all the shit I’ve been through,” chuckles Hijikata. “Being a warrior and taking pride in fighting doesn’t mean you should throw your life away just for the sake of dying on someone else’s sword. If I can fulfill the Shinsengumi’s purpose so that fighting isn’t necessary anymore, I’ll be glad to die some other way instead.”

“I’m not about to throw my life away, but there’s no way I’m just giving up and dying in bed,” says Okita, grimacing. “For as long as I have a purpose, I’m fighting for it, no matter what fate has in store. If I have to die, my death has to mean something, so I’m going to go down fighting for something I believe in.” His eyes harden. “Even if that means taking my own life in the end.”

“I agree with Souji,” puts in Saito firmly. “Even if the Shinsengumi runs its course someday, I will always find something else to fight for, because I have always fought more for the ideals than the organization. Therefore, it is unreasonable to assume that I will not die on the battlefield—or by my own blade, should my honor falter.”

me: I’ve listened to Hamilton a lot and it’s getting kind of old, maybe I should take a-

  • cassian in rogue one novel, every five minutes:
  • is jyn cold? i think she needs medical help. JYN? WHERE ARE YOU JYN? JYN. DON’T DO THAT, JYN PLEASE. SHE'S GONNA GET HERSELF KILLED. why am i thinking about her so much this doesn’t make Sense, i don’t... understand. BECAUSE *I DON’T* LIKE HER AT ALL. i also don’t need her now, she’s expendable. *shouts* WHERE’S JYN? [shut up cassian don’t show any weakness] *feels rage* WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HER? SHIT SHE MIGHT END UP KILLING ME... why can’t i leave her behind?.... i should just leave her behind, right? because that’s a good idea. BUT I NEED TO SAVE HER. stop thinking about her, cassian. hey jyn. J Y N.
How They React When They Accidentally Walk In On You Changing


You are changing in your room, only in bra and panties, when the door opens, without anyone knocking on it. You try to cover yourself the best you can but fail. You see it’s Rick. When he sees you are half naked, he turns around. “Shit (y/n) I’m so sorry! I should have knocked” “It’s ok Rick…” you say as you put your blankets around yourself. He turns around and you see that his cheeks are red. “When you are done dressing just join us for the run”. You nod and Rick leaves. At the run, he barely speaks to you and you know it’s because he’s still shock and shy of what happened earlier. 


 You just get out of the shower and just finished drying. You grab your panties and pants, putting them on. As you reach for your shirt, the door open and reveals Daryl. “Fuck” he says, his cheeks turning bright red. You hide your naked breast, blushing too. Daryl stares at you for few seconds and just turns around and leaves, closing the door behind him. You finish dressing and walk downstairs to see Daryl drinking a glass of water. When he sees you, he looks away still shy. “I’m sorry, Michonne told me there was no one in the bathroom” he says. “It’s ok Daryl, it’s not that bad”. He nods and walks away. 


You are changing in Negan’s room after a deserved shower. You both just came back from a run. He enters the room and sees you barely clothed. He smirks “Don’t you dare putting back these clothes doll” he says walking to you. You smile and put your shirt away, staying in underwear. Negan put his arms around your waist and kiss you roughly. You kiss him back and he takes off his clothes, keeping only his boxers. He takes off your bra and kisses your breasts. He leaves few hickeys here and there and then he takes off all your clothes. That night, Negan gave you the best sex you ever had 


When Carl enters while you are changing, he can’t help but stare at you. He never saw you in only your underwear and he thinks that you look stunning. All of your perfect curves that makes him go crazy, your skin that is so soft under his touch. He keeps staring at you for few seconds, or maybe a minute, and when he realizes what he’s doing, he blushes deep and looks down. “Sorry, I was just making sure if you were alright… I’ll leave”. He walks out of the room and you smile and chuckle at how cute he looked. When you see him later in the day, he always blushes and you smile.


When he sees you wearing only one of his shirts, he smirks softly and smiles, openning his arms. “You know that you look cute in that shirt, it actually fits you more than it fits me”. You smile and so does he. He walks to you and gives you a sweet kiss on the lips. You kiss him back and continue dressing even if Paul is in the room, you didn’t care since he is your boyfriend. When you finish changing, you both walk out and he gives you a slap on the ass, making you chuckle. “Why that?” you ask him on a funny tone. “Cause that ass belongs to me, like you do baby” he says putting his arms around you.

This blog protects Lukas Waldenbeck from the people who says that he needs to just ‘get over’ and that he should ‘fuck off’ and those people who shit on his appearance. Just no. Watch the live chat with the cast and listen to what James Paxton says, he talks about how this internalized homophobia rings so deep into Lukas that the decisions that he makes are irrational. I don’t think what he’s done to Rose or Philip is right, but I also don’t think from his point of view that he thinks he’s wrong. He’s so focused on not being perceived as gay that he doesn’t care what he does as long as his peers and his father doesn’t figure out. You don’t think Lukas feels like crap? You don’t think Lukas sits there at night and thinks about this beautiful boy he’s met whilst having the words ‘why do you have to be so different?’ ringing through his mind? You don’t think Lukas cries himself to sleep because everytime he closes his eyes all he can hear is gunshots and feel philip’s lips against his? And all that time wondering which is worse, witnessing murder or coming out. How bad must his father make him feel for Lukas to think that covering up a murder is the lesser of two evils.

So you know what, don’t tell Lukas to just get over it, tell Lukas to work through it, tell Lukas that it’ll get better, tell Lukas that there will be a time when he can be himself, tell Lukas that he’ll be loved for who he is, tell him that one day he’ll be able to sleep without feeling like he can’t love someone he wants to. But do not for a second think you can sit there and tell him to get over it or just come out because that struggle is his alone to bare.  

Witch tip! 🕯

OKAY. GUYS. SERIOUSLY. If you are not aware of how to clean off or out a candle holder throw that shit in the freezer! When you’re done put it in the freezer over night or a few hours, come back and boom! The extra wax that you couldn’t burn or can’t get off should now just fall out. Easy to reuse the candle holder it came in for something else. I hear boiling water helps too but if you spill everything known to man (like myself) this saves you and everything else from the boiling hot water.

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[Alicia in Season 2 Deleted Scenes] Alicia and Alex: Holy shit. You told them about us. I did. Maybe we deserved that. Maybe. I didn’t wanna leave you there. I wish I could have done more. You did what you could. It wasn’t enough. Nothing’s enough anymore. I’m getting out of here, so should you.

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Greek Mythology, Dorm AU

Hera & Zeus: Zeus is studying Politics, Hera is studying Psychology, particularly Child and Marriage Counselling. They went to high-school together and they were the classic ‘it’ couple. Zeus was the quarterback and Hera was the Student Representative and the head of every club and comity. In high school Zeus was player until he accidentally got a girl pregnant. It took him 2 extra years to get himself together but he convinced Hera to try one last time after what everyone calls the “10 Things I Hate About You Remake”. Since then, Zeus is happily faithful (after a few therapy sessions) although he is still a ridiculous flirt and Hera tries to control her trust and control issues. But they are also the couple that get shit done and tries to take care of everyone, one time the electricity was cut to the dorm, within 5mins Zeus and Hera were knocking on doors anding handed out a stash of candles and torches (”You guys should make a emergency box, here, have a list of everything you should have in the box).

Poseidon: Studying Marine Biology but considers himself an professional surfer. Technically, he’s Zeus’ cousin but they call each other bro so everyone assumes their brothers. He’s always travelling, hardly ever at the dorm but when he does, he’s introducing random people (”Hey guys, this is Yvette, she’s a Swedish farm girl but she says she wants to learn ballet” or “Oh this is Jason, he’s a MMA champion, we’re having a party, you’re more than willing to join, it to celebrate something about winning a belt or something…”). He also has the best stories, (”Yeah of course, I’ve been to Uluru, but I didn’t climb it cause I was talking to the tribe nearby and… or “Dude. I can’t go to Vermont they banned me after the Pineapple Incident…”). 

Hades: Studying Dead Languages and Ancient History, Hades is the youngest resident in the dorm, barely 18 because he graduated early from high school. Hades was going to take a year off to decide what he wanted to do but his  father forced him to start Uni at the same time as his brother, Zeus. Even while learning his 4th language, and about the Xia Dynasty he isn’t sure what he wants to do. He has found he likes teaching, something he discovered while teaching Dementer’s daughter Seph the Latin names of her plants. This lead to them spending afternoon trading their languages back and forth, Seph’s language of plants and trees and how they grow and eat and Hades’ languages where he brings the dead (languages) back to life. On these afternoons Demeter affectionally claims Hades “steals’ Seph away.

Demeter: Studying Business, Demeter was a teen-single mum nocked up by her high school “boyfriend”. In the end both her and the father agreed he didn’t need to be in Seph’s life. But now that her daughter is in high-school, Demeter finally wants to open up her own flower shop and horticulture class but she wants to do it right. Her daughter stays with Demeter’s best-friend Hestia because the University is so far from the High School. Seph helps her mom study and on weekends she comes to the dorm and helps in the garden Demeter nurtured out back (The Uni was originally against it but after a Demeter’s powerpoint presentation they were on board).

Athena: Studying Education, Athena wants to become a school principal preferably of a Learning Difficulties School. Athena has Dyslexia and ADD but after years of work, she is quiet proud to the level of control she has and she wants to have the chance to share that with other people. She is also a seriously into Martial Arts, because its a great way to direct her energy from ADD, right now she’s doing Judo and she finally managed to do a Hane Goshi throw (when he asked, Athena showed Hermes exactly what a Hane Goshi throw was). Athena is also a heavy gamer, she really likes Battle Force 3, COD and League of Legends although she is usually team leader.

Apollo: Studying Classical Music, Apollo studies part-time along with belonging to a Ballet Academy. Famously known as ‘The Sun” after a particularly amazing show where he wore a shining costume. He shares a room with his twin Artemis, because he is only at the dorm half the year. He has a real gift with music and continuously picks up and learns new instruments (often from youtube tutorials) which is awesome except for he insists he can play the recorder (”NO ONE can play the recorder Apollo-”. He’s considered an oddball because he is insists on practicing his instruments, his favourite is his bright yellow viola, while stretching. there was the time he tried to play the Oboe while doing the butterfly stretch and the Glaring while doing the splits. But when he does play, the sound filters through the whole building and everybody stops to listen, enraptured by the beauty of his music. Although there was one month where Apollo was sent home early from the Academy to rest after a bad fall, his music featured bad tempered battles with drums and sobbing cries from his violin (which Artemis later hit him with to get him out of his bad mood).

Artemis: Studying International Relations, she also heads a world-wide message board for people to share stories on every issue under the sun. Wanting to eventually be part of the United Nations, Artemis spends her time fundraising and bringing awareness to just about everything. She is the manager of the resident gay bar, which is also where her band ‘The Hunters’ play. People often gossip about Artemis and her group trying to figure out who is dating who, but the few times someone asks Artemis to go home with them she always says, “The only think I do in bed is sleep.” Artemis and her friends, are the scariest group on campus, they are also the most eclectic, they’re J who refuses to tell anyone their real name, John who has the widest range of skirt and tights in the world and Steph who has a tattoo of a skull on her neck and a penchant for summer dresses. But the group is terrifying not because they start fights or yell at people but because they defend everyone. One time a couple of drunk guys stumbled into the gay bar and called the crowd a bunch of freaks and a few other nastier words, Artemis responded to this by knocking the guys over the head with her mic stand. There was another time where Artemis and her friends tied a girl to the top of a flag pole after hearing her yell “Go back to ISIS” to a guy walking through campus. Apollo is thankful he’s only had to bail her out of jail twice, both times she was arrested at a protest.

Aphrodite: Studying Design, Aphrodite aims to create a more diverse range of clothing for people: skirts, shirts, pants, jackets that fit boys and girls and neither and both, people who are tall, short, fat and thin. She also has a bad habit of giving her clothes away (even though she can just make them again), she’ll just be walking along and next minute she’ll be giving her scarf to a someone because “-it brings out your eyes babe, you should wear more blue!”. Her arms are also scarred, old thin lines that almost draw the focus from to thick scars on her wrists. She doesn’t hide her arms, she often says to people who blush or hide themselves as she flings clothes at them, “lines, curves, dips and bumps make art sweetheart! Just ask Hephaestus!” She is always bringing people around, either for models, inspiration, lovers or a combination she is hardly ever alone. Her dorm room is full of draping fabrics and rolls of ribbon that seems to be never ending. She also has the widest range of fashion, one time she spent a whole day just walking around in a ball gown, the next she was in full gothic logia aesthetic. Her Instagram! Its a thing of beauty, full of pictures of models, clothes and the sources of her inspirations, each picture just breathes with the beauty Aphro sees in the world.

8. Ares: Studying The History of Warfare. Ares came out of the arming with an honourable discharge after losing his hearing from being a blast that nearly set him on fire. At first Ares was uncomfortable, he had residual scarring all up his right arm and torso and he didn’t like wearing his hearing aid. But he couldn’t hold his fear with Aphrodite next door, who accepted and treated scars like they were freckles, simply part of the body. They tried to date, but decided to stay friends simply because they both valued being able to hold someone for comfort. After his return, Ares decided to study into what he was fighting for. Since beginning his degree Ares has written 2 books on how history repeats itself, particularly war. Ares is also a huge conspiracy theorist, honestly, he and Zeus get in huge arguments about governments and secrets which only stop when Hera intervenes. Surprisingly, the person he is closest to is Athena, every Wednesday night the pair stay up until 4am playing viedo games and comparing battle strategies.

Hephaestus: Studying Arts, nicknamed ‘The Creator’. Born in a wheel chair, Hep was originally an Engineer, but after becoming tired of making but not feeling like he was creating anything, came back to Uni to study art. Hep has used every material and media available in the art department, he is known for unusual works made from twisted metals and harsh brushstrokes. Everyone gossiped when, a few months back, Hep asked Aphrodite to model for him, and although he finished the work, the only one who is allowed to see it is Aphrodite, (she is also the only one who is allowed in his room and can convince him to eat/sleep/wake up). One time Hermes peaked into his room while Hep was sleeping and only had time to see a mural of Frida Kahlo’s  Broken Column before he was hit with a paint pallet. Always sleep deprived, grumpy and dirty, he disappears for days to work in the arts department on his next invention and sleeps for a whole day when he comes back. But when he finishes his work, he invites the whole dorm and uses the funds to donate to the children’s hospital in town.

Hermes: studying Journalism, he is also the radio host of the university radio, he has his hand on the pulse and knows about every single good deal, cheapest drinks, best parties, quietest study areas on campus. He constantly submits articles to the New York Times and the Huffington posts, on a whole range of topics from sitting down with Artemis and Aphrodite to talk about diversity and representation. He is unfortunately the biggest gossip and he is unusually good a figuring things out, so anytime anyone has drama they run in the opposite direction of him. But the unofficial councillor, people will write/text/call/tweet/email into the station and Hermes will do an hour long segment on ‘what to do if your S.O. is abusive’ or ‘Guys we’re having a meeting for people who struggle during exam block so we can all keep an eye on each other’.  

Dionysus: Studying Culinary Science, Dionysus is a recovering alcoholic who is now determined to open up his own restaurant. Wanting to make food so good it will make people go insane, Dionysus insists on testing his meals on the whole dorm. It is not unusual for it to be 4am and to have Dion banging on someone’s door demanding they taste his soup/steak/pasta etc. His room always smells fantastic, sometimes like cinnamon and berries other times like cooked beef and gravy. He and Demeter are always gossiping about the garden, they both want to make an orchid next.


Now, to be honest with you all, this is a post i didn’t wanted to do, because I get nauseous everytime I see a stupid post saying that James McAvoy is a murderer (<— people are actually believing this shit) and an insensitive person for doing Split and all that rubbish. 

First things first, I’m seeing a lot of hate towards James for doing Split not only in this piece of shit site but as well as Twitter, and I decided to investigate why the reason of such.

So I came with the conclusion that the mayority of the people against this film are saying that he shouldn’t have done the movie because it deals with the DID issue and the filmmaker such as the actor playing a FICTIONAL character should get all the hate as well as death threats for doing a movie that it’s completely fictional. 

I understand what DID means, I have friends of friends who are dealing with this terrible issue, however James as well as the filmmaker, crew and cast are doing their JOBS, they get paid for doing it, no one here should get the blame for doing a MOVIE that’s based in fiction.

Learn the difference of a real life character and a character that’s completely fictional in the first place before coming with such stupidity like “Because the movie says that people dealing with DID are murderers, we are going to treat them as such.” I think people with a thinking and functional brain can tell that people dealing with DID ARE NOT MURDERERS.

It’s unbelievable how people are coming with all this hate to a movie they haven’t seen yet. If you don’t want to see the movie that’s fine, no one is going to force you to see something you don’t want to see. 

These kind of people who keep posting hate and rage towards James, Shyamalan and crew, to me they are children in look for attention, and that’s fine, they are entitled to their own opinions but i ask you this now

Is this spread of hate to an actor doing his job truly necessary? 

i would watch the fuck out of a benjamin sisko cooking show

Things I want to see during RTExtraLife2016

- Edward Forty Hands. Michael or anyone else honestly. How has this not been done before? 
- Micahel and Gavin eating that chip thing. Michael eating more than one of that chip thing. 
- Ryan being a fucking creep
- 2spoopy 
- Ray and Tina
- people kissing i don’t care who just make it happen
- puke, I want puking
- who will get their head shaved this year???
- will drunk Gus make an appearance again, probably not but we can hope
- drunk Barb, as always
- Gavin playing a horror game, we should make this a stretch goal!!!
- happy Jack :)))
- Lindsey bevved and encouraging mavin lmao
- crazy shit basically

I remember a few million years ago, an anon had asked me for Yugi in a suit

I work at the queen of dairy, and yesterday it was just my friend and I opening, but it was good because we get our shit done fast especially when we work together. I feel like I should mention, I’m 4'11" and look 12. So first people that came in were some inbred hillbilly fucks. Before they even order they start chuckling, they’re easily in their 30s or 40s, I’m 23. I wear an engagement ring. They start off by asking who I think is better looking, I ignore them and take the order. When I try to get their money, he holds it above my head and asks who’d I’d rather go on a date with. So I pointed to my friend in the back and say I’d prefer her over either of you. Boom.

Which Bioshock character should you fight?
  • Jack Ryan: I mean, you could, but you'd get your ass handed to you. Besides, hasn't this poor baby had enough? Don't fight Jack Ryan.
  • Atlas: Fucking do it. Fucking- I will PAY you to beat the shit out of this Irish bastard. Fight Atlas. Fight Atlas and win.
  • Brigid Tenenbaum: You could fight her, but why? She's done nothing to provoke you. The woman is probably dying of lung cancer anyways. Leave Tenenbaum alone.
  • Sander Cohen: Fight the creepy son of a bitch and bring me back his painted mustache.
  • Andrew Ryan: Sure, fight him. It'll probably change nothing, and you'll garner nothing but the knowledge that you're his test tube bastard, programmed from birth to do the bidding of a looming capitalist overlord.
  • Frank Fontaine: Kill the looming capitalist overlord.
  • Subject Delta: You could, but at what cost? He's a gentle giant. You'd be better off giving him a hug. He's just trying to be a good dad, okay? Don't fight Delta.
  • Sinclair: Sure, you'd win, but what pleasure would you derive from it? I mean, the man's tried to apologize for his wrongdoings. I guess if you're one to hold grudges, then maybe you could fight Sinclair.
  • Eleanor Lamb: She will kick your ass and smile while she does. Just... don't. Don't fight Eleanor Lamb, please.
  • Sofia Lamb: Sure, but it really wouldn't be that great of a fight. She's probably not that strong. You might have to fight off some splicers to get to her, but ultimately it really wouldn't be that satisfying of a victory.
  • Booker Dewitt: Kick his ass. You'll lose, but it'll be totally worth it to kick his teeth in a little bit. Fight Booker Dewitt.
  • Elizabeth Comstock: Look, you could fight Elizabeth. Or you could not mess with space-tearing punch-packing genius babes and leave the room with all bones intact.
  • Zachary Hale Comstock: Fight this man. Fight him to the death. FUCK Zachary Comstock.
  • Daisy Fitzroy: Fight her. But know that you WILL lose and it'll be devastating.
  • Rosalind or Robert Lutece: Don't fight the Lutece twins. They won't land a single blow, they'll just find a universe where you got your ass kicked and your nose will bleed until you die of anemia or something.
🐜 ‘ANT-MAN’ (2015) sentence starters. 🐜


  • ❛ thanks for picking me up.❜
  • ❛ baskin-robbins always finds out. ❜
  • ❛ it wasn’t a violent crime, it was a cool crime! ❜
  • ❛ you want some waffles? ❜ 
  • ❛ i don’t care. i’m out. ❜ 
  • ❛ i think our first move should be calling the avengers. ❜
  • ❛ i’m trying, okay? i’ve changed. ❜
  • ❛ be the person she already thinks you are. ❜ 
  • ❛ gratitude can be forgiveness. ❜ 
  • ❛ oh man, are we screwed? ❜ 
  • ❛ i didn’t steal anything! i was returning something i stole! ❜ 
  • ❛ you know, you almost had us convinced that you’re gonna change your ways. ❜ 
  • ❛ the moment things get hard, you turn right back to crime. ❜ 
  • ❛ hey– um, whose pajamas are these?! ❜
  • ❛ i believe everybody deserves a shot at redemption. ❜
  • ❛ my days of breaking into places and stealing shit are done. ❜
  • ❛ i need you to break into a place and steal some shit.  ❜
  • ❛ it’s not about saving OUR world. it’s about saving THEIRS. ❜
  • ❛ damn. that was a good speech. ❜
  • ❛ useless. ❜
  • ❛ you gonna show me how to punch? show me how to punch. ❜
  • ❛ alright, princess, let’s get back to work. ❜
  • ❛ aw, you’re cute! ❜
  • ❛ i’m expendable. ❜
  • ❛ it’s not your fault. she made her choice. ❜
  • ❛ i ruined the moment, didn’t i? i’m gonna make some tea. ❜
  • ❛ it’s really important to me that captain never finds out about this. ❜
  • ❛ that was completely irresponsible and dangerous! you jeopardized everything! ❜
  • ❛ wait a minute… did you just compliment me? ❜
  • ❛ what did you see in me? …all those years ago, you picked ME. what did you see? ❜
  • ❛ hey look– this is gonna get weird, alright? it’s pretty freaky, but it’s safe, there’s no reason to be scared. ❜
  • ❛ oh no, daddy don’t get scared. ❜
  • ❛ we’re all doing this for reasons much bigger than any one of us. i’m just glad you have a SLIGHT chance of MAYBE pulling this off. ❜
  • ❛ i actually went from despising you to almost liking you! ❜
  • ❛ wow– wow. i mean, i saw that punch coming from a mile away but i just figured it’d be all pathetic and weak! ❜
  • ❛ hi, little guy!  ❜
  • ❛ you proud of me yet? ❜
  • ❛ you’re sick and i can help you, just put the gun down! ❜
  • ❛ you picked the wrong side, _____ ! ❜
  • ❛ don’t worry, i’m not going to die here. and neither are you. ❜
  • ❛ hey– we’re the good guys, right? feels kinda weird! ❜
  • ❛ you insult me. your very existence is insulting to me! ❜
  • ❛ there’s a… big hole in the roof. ❜
  • ❛ yeah, i don’t know what you’re doing, grabbing and kissing me like that, i was a little surprised myself, i mean, really? ❜
  • ❛ you’re full of shit, ______ ❜
  • ❛ this is awkward. i mean, what do we even talk about after all of this? ❜
  • ❛ look at that chick, she’s like CRAZY STUPID FINE, you know what i’m sayin’? ❜
  • ❛ it’s about damn time. ❜
small rant

I hate to bring negativity but I see way too much of this and I need to speak out. This is mainly to do on twitter but may even exist on tumblr. If you have twitter, you’ll most likely know what I’m about to talk about.

If you stan one group, stick to supporting that group. Do not focus your attention on trying to bring down other groups. From an army’s perspective, there’s so many pages trying to target BTS by tweeting horrible things by telling them to die. One particular twitter page called btsaresluts is set on telling everyone that BTS should get in a car accident and die. She says twice are better and BTS are pieces of shit. This is fucking immature and disgusting. Twice is no better than BTS. BTS is no better than Twice. They belong to different genres and have different styles. Just because you do not enjoy that one genre doesn’t give you the right to bash it. These idols have done nothing to deserve this hate and I’m not talking about just BTS and Twice but others as well. They are here to make music and live their dreams. They DO NOT need you to fucking discourage them or upset them by telling them to die. 

Support your favourites and fucking leave it at that. Don’t fucking try and diss others. ‘They shouldn’t have one. These people deserved it more.’ ‘They’re so ugly why are they even there?’ ‘Lol they can’t sing or dance lmao go die.’ These types of comments are reasons why idols don’t even check twitter anymore. These types of comments bring people to depression. THESE TYPES OF COMMENTS ARE WHY KPOP FANS ARE SEEN AS HORRIBLE. 

You do not gain anything from saying these types of things besides more negativity and useless attention. Why feel the need to gain this negative attention when you could actually get a life and focus your energy and supporting your group. Focus on getting them wins rather than complaining why they didn’t get one. Stop being fucking negative and unnecessarily petty over people that haven’t done anything to you and spend $0 on being a nice person.

I could go on but you get the idea. I’m done. That negativity you choose to focus on others will come back to bite you in the ass and don’t expect anyone to help. Peace out.