i should be freeing america


Transparent dump because whoop de doo I shouldn’t have Photoshop

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The Hobama Senses Series, Part I: Sound

“Sing for me,” Obama said, holding his hands up to his ears. And Harry did. 
“Not bad,” the President of the United States of America said with a smirk.
Harry held up his hands to his ears now, pressing his lips together to keep from giggling as he mimicked President Obama. “Your turn, Barrack.”
Obama pretended that he was going to go along with it and sing but suddenly he pulled out an air horn. “Agh!” Harry gasped at the loud noise, reaching up to cover his ear.

stucky as buzzfeed titles:
  • 16 ways to show bae you love him (hint: shoot him in the leg)
  • captain america himself destroys biphobia while wearing the american flag
  • what it was like to be lgbt in the military while WWII was raging (”I hid, a lot. I did it for him. If they’d found out I wasn’t straight I would’ve been discharged so I kept my mouth shut. the closet can be very lonely”)
  • “stop sending me candy bars” former assassin and cap’s childhood best friend is so done
  • 22 reasons why bucky barnes and steve rogers are relationship goals
  • steve rogers on how he keeps the romance alive after 70 years
  • bucky barnes opens up about peggy carter “I would’ve supported steve if they’d married”

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i didn’t care much how long i lived

but i swear i thought i dreamed him

he never asked me once about the wrong i did

anonymous asked:

you are trying to hard to be funny.

I can’t believe we have to have this conversation