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It’s ridiculous how much a lil glow and shading can change this from ‘cosplayer slammed into a wall’ to ‘idiot ghost-boy we know and love slammed into a wall’


This is probably my fave piece I’ve done so far askjdsy

It was a lot easier than the others and the background was super fun too!!

Natsume Takashi is my precious son ;;;;; I love him pls protect him

ok so not to get controversial but how’s it that Press It™ didn’t get that award today?? Press it was literally the highlights of 2016 a consistent and unique album?? Jimmy Hendrix himself was brought to tears when he heard that guitar intro in One by One, Michael Jackson communicated with Taemin through a dream and just looked at him and told him ‘u did it son’ after he saw those moves in Drip Drop, the CEO of iTunes decided to delete every single song in the ballad category after he listened to Soldier for the first time should I go on? #PressItDeservedBetter

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Unpopular Opinion: Brutal Doom is quite good, The gore physics and the ability to execute demons to gain hp adds a new layer of game feel and feedback, i only play classic mode tho. I actually wanna know why you seem to hate brutal doom so much and why you think its bad for a first time player. I personally think new players should get the best possible experience.

brutal doom is boring. last time i played it, all the enemies moved and attack so much faster than the player that the only viable way to play was stop-and-pop, which is boring. the billion buckets of gore stuff is entertaining for like five minutes and then it gets old fast. the fatality animations take way to fucking long, it completely destroys any semblance of fast and smooth gameplay flow, not to mention extremely repetitive considering there’s only a handful of animations.

sgt mark is still a giant piece of racist shit who stole art and code, and claimed credit for shit he didn’t do until like half the community called him out on it, and had the gall to cry like a little baby when it he thought new doom was “ripping him off” fuck you you stole so much from other people you fucking asshole.

and for the love of fuck why would you play a mod of a game for your first time playing it? it’s not an “improved” version of doom, it’s not the “definitive way” to play doom, and it’s certainly not the best possible experience for new players. it’s honestly probably the worst.

don’t even get me started on that giant wave of dumb kids who flooded doom communities and harassed other mod makers to try and make everything compatible with brutal doom. fuck you. that’s why a lot of doom mods nowadays have “anti-brutal” checks in them, to prevent stupid idiots from running brutal doom with fucking everything like it’s the only mod that exists.

do you want me to go on

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Hello! I'm a baby witch, and I just recently discovered that I want to become a witch! Do you have any tips on starting out? Like what should I do?


First thing I would always recommend doing: research! Books, blogs, website, lore, they are all good starts. There will be things you’ll agree with, things that resonate with you, and things that you’ll find just stupid (there is always some craziness when you do research) or not fit for what you look for.

Don’t believe everything you read and see, so many people wants to put rules in witchcraft, but the truth is, you just do you. You do not have to work with deities, to have an altar, to have an athame, to believe in the three fold law, etc. Read everything with a grain of salt and make your own opinion.

All along, you can start collecting the information that makes sense to you, that you want to keep. Write them in a notebook, on your computer, whatever you prefer. You can start a grimoire if you want (ideas here)

Some posts for you:

Hope it helps!

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So when should we expect this huge storm to hit us..?

Not for a while orz

I absolutely have to finish out Zana and commissions first, which should take a few months, perhaps longer. 

But! The … good? bad? (depending how you look at it) news is that it’s not going to be a fic.

It’s gonna be a series of comics.

The way I’m going now - there’s a loooot of stuff I want to include, and the workload is such that it’d actually be quicker for me to draw these things than write them. Besides, I know what I’m doing more in drawings anyways. 

The hope is that when the time comes, I can open a patreon for my art so I can try my hand at pursuing this. The comics will be open to read, obviously. But I’ll have stuff like sketches, wips, comic page previews, process pieces, tutorials or livestreams, maybe even a stray nsfw piece, etc. I think I’ll reopen commissions to cover the distance, but I am trying to consider down the road with this bad boy.

That’s the downside here - in order for this to go the way I wish for it (lovingly illustrated in full color), it’s gotta be a full time job. I’m slightly optimistic that I can make that happen, but I know I gotta put forth the effort.

Hey folks! Some of you already know about this, and I’ve announced this everywhere else… BUT I figured I should say something here as well! @gathion & I are expecting our first child! Right now, it looks like a gummy bear, but it will become human shaped by September 23rd! ;)

I’m going to make a side blog/vlog about pregnancy, parenthood, etc. and link to it if anyone’s interested. I’ll still MENTION it here, but most of the posts will be over there once it’s created. This blog is mostly fandom crap, so why change it? lol

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, and love <3 We appreciate it!

  • <p> <b>Abby:</b> Okay I really have to go get some sleep now<p/><b>Marcus:</b> I know... I probably should too..<p/><b>Abby:</b> ... You hang up first<p/><b>Marcus:</b> no YOU hang up first<p/><b>Abby:</b> No YOU ha-<p/><b>Raven:</b> This is the last time I'm going to tell you guys I can also hear your calls from my radio too please just go to sLEEP<p/></p>

To those interested in participating in the new recreation of THE SHADOW Radio Show:

I’ve had people inquire, or send me more general demo reels, so I wanted to help you guys out, and perhaps offer a few more specifics about what I’m looking for. There’s a number of parts still open (virtually all of them, in fact). So I’ll simply list (in general terms) the parts available, and if you think you can do a decent, old-timey-type voice of it? Send me a message with what part(s) you want to read for, along with said demo, and I’ll let you know. 

I should specify that I am looking for American accents, unfortunately. Whereas the first episode we did involved a more exotic, supervillain-type enemy, and thus allowed us to use a variety of accents, this particular episode is a straight urban crime story, set in New York of the 1930s. So if you’re from across the pond, work on your American accent a bit before submitting. (And make sure it’s the trans-atlantic, 1930s variety - listen to old episodes of The Shadow for reference, if you need)

The available roles, apart from the announcer, are as follows: 

The villain of the piece. (The villain has a physical infirmity, so… maybe a slightly weaker voice, but still calculating and shrewd)
Two gangsters, the villain’s henchmen. (Good excuse to watch some Film Noir and get a feel for how ‘30s toughs spoke)
Two 1930s business partners.
A female acquaintance of Margot Lane’s.

A 1930s policeman.
A newsboy (preferably someone who can sound like a younger kid)
A bank teller. (Cast)

As most of you know, we did this once before. So if you need an idea of what to shoot for? Here’s some reference: 

Maybe I’m just a jerk, or whatever, but why does anyone truly give a crap about whether or not newbies use oil, acetone or other harmful materials on their dolls?

The oldbies that know better than to do that had to figure it out the hard way, didn’t they? Let them figure it out. Let the idiots who rush headlong into it bump their heads and have that profound moment of: “Oookkkaayyyy. Maybe I should have googled that first before trying it lol ….fuck! Dx”

The more we try to protect them the less they learn and the less they listen. Some people are hands on learners. Some people just have to see it for themselves that the sky is really blue or that the stove is hot. You can tell them til you’re blue in the face, but they have to try it themselves.

Besides it really sounds like you’re trying to coddle and hinder the modding community from doing what they do best. Trial and Error.

If they fuck up their doll, then they did. They can’t cry about it then and a lot of them won’t. If they ruin their limited edition: Congrats, everyone else that owns the same doll just had their value go up and someone who loves doll repair just got their next challenge project.

If they succeed, pat them on the back for trying something different and having it work.

I know concerns could arise from an unsuspecting newbie meeting with a faceup artist or modder that could ruin their doll, but there is a lesson in researching who you’re commissioning to be had somewhere in there.

TL;DR: If newbs and oldbies want to try out different or even known harmful to resin materials on THEIR dolls, fuck it. Let them. Let them learn. If they fuck up yay, you were right. If they succeed, cool we all learned something new.


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Hi sir, new to the sugarbowl here and let me just say your blog is wonderful. So much helpful information for me. I just wanted to ask, pay per meet i get that but first date where you'd usually meet and chat first, should i expect to be paid for that too? And how do Daddy's feel about tattoos because I have a few and piercings, as well as braids/dreads? Should I be more girly?

Hi there, my pet!  I’m happy you find my blog helpful.  You’ve asked a bunch of questions that I have already covered, so, let me take a trip down into my archives and give you some links!

On whether you should expect to be paid for a meet and greet:

I’m looking for some advice on how to tactfully ask for a gift (preferably cash) on the first meet. It’s just not worth it going out and spending all this time to get nothing in return when they turn out to be salt, but I don’t want to be too blunt and put anyone off.


Hi! I’m trying to ease my way into the SB world; and I was wondering what your typical range would be for a first meet and greet? What’s “ too low” of a price for a monthly allowance or paying per date? Sorry for all the questions! Love your blog and you give great advice!

On tattoos, piercings and the whole “alternative look”:

How do SD’s feel about tattoos and piercings? Specifically facial piercings?

… that post has a couple more links that you can click on and read!  Oh, and have I mentioned lately how girls with tattoos rule my world? 

On whether you should be more “girly” or something else:

i do not wear a ton of makeup or get my nails done like most other sugar babies cus of my work & i think i look bad w/ tht typical SB look. do u have any tips on how i can market myself to men who wld be more interested in a SB like me?


Hi daddy ! I’m a new sb and I was wondering if u could help me with something? Do u think in order to be a successful sb u need to be sexy and sophisticated? I’m petite, 18 and dress almost childish 😿 I’m more of a cute girl than a glamorous one :( do u think it will matter? I hope this made sense. Thank you xoxo

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i'm going to the la concert for bts, do you know how buying merchandise works? i saw the official md list but i've heard that you have to preorder and they sell out? and how early should i get to he venue? it's my first kpop concert so i'm excited and nervous haha 😂

You have to buy the merch in their official shop, they will not sell the merch overseas

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i'm 167cm tall and i'm not sure what my goal weight should be. i was thinking about going down to 55 kg at first but i'm not sure if that's low enough...what do you think?

i think 55kg is perfect. 

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(This is if youre not already sick to death of dealing with crushes aha) im pretty sure my crush likes me but we're both too scared to make a first move. What should i do, like whats the best way to find out for sure, without having to have too much courage lol

omg no don’t worry i love receiving crush stories from you guys! i never get tired of it and i’m always happy to help <3

honestly the easiest thing to do is just tell them. i know it’s scary, i promise you i know, but 14 year old me was able to go up to her crush and tell him she liked him, and he rejected her. and it sucked but like…..it’s honestly not as bad as you hype it up to be. just write out what you want to tell them - if your crush likes you, and it seems obvious, then just bring it up because like it won’t be a rejection. write up a draft and read it or send it or something

maybe have a friend ask him who he likes. play truth or dare with him and a group of people and see who he likes (that’s how my first bf and i found out we liked each other and like neither of us had to be the one to bring it up).

honestly, my best advice is to not play games and just take a leap of faith. you have courage. just ask him to hang out. it doesn’t even have to be a date. go to the cinema, go get some lunch, something casual. don’t think of it as a date - just ask him “hey have you been to x sandwich place? we HAVE to go sometime so you can try it out” so it’s a friendly invitation, but still just the two of you

good luck ok just try not to overthink things - pretend he’s just an ordinary friend you’re gonna hang out with!