i should be finishing my thing

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So when should we expect this huge storm to hit us..?

Not for a while orz

I absolutely have to finish out Zana and commissions first, which should take a few months, perhaps longer. 

But! The … good? bad? (depending how you look at it) news is that it’s not going to be a fic.

It’s gonna be a series of comics.

The way I’m going now - there’s a loooot of stuff I want to include, and the workload is such that it’d actually be quicker for me to draw these things than write them. Besides, I know what I’m doing more in drawings anyways. 

The hope is that when the time comes, I can open a patreon for my art so I can try my hand at pursuing this. The comics will be open to read, obviously. But I’ll have stuff like sketches, wips, comic page previews, process pieces, tutorials or livestreams, maybe even a stray nsfw piece, etc. I think I’ll reopen commissions to cover the distance, but I am trying to consider down the road with this bad boy.

That’s the downside here - in order for this to go the way I wish for it (lovingly illustrated in full color), it’s gotta be a full time job. I’m slightly optimistic that I can make that happen, but I know I gotta put forth the effort.

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sO I have some art that's coming along for OTI ( very slowly though because school and other things have been a bit) but,, it involved the one scene at Keiths apartment and one question for the scene: where exactly was Keith laying down and could he see lance out the couch? ( hopefully you enjoy it once it's actually finished ah,,)

oh my GOD im gonna die i just fucking know it

okay sO let me get out the handy dandy drawing of keith’s apartment for this. i’ll draw some stick men (colour coded, of course) to indicate these two dense boys.

they look like they’re dead and this is a crime scene holy shit. i never said i was good at drawing ok the actually good stuff is all bronwyn’s doing lmao

anyways, yeah bc the couch is lowered, keith could totally see him :)

the boy lives in a fucking pig sty ok (altho i’d like to imagine it was MARGINALLY cleaner when lance was over bc otherwise lance would have peaced tf out of there lmao). most of the mess in the picture is just to give you an idea of the disaster that is his place, so feel free to change it up however you please :)


I usually come into fandoms late and usually ship the canon couple.

My only non-canon ship was Zutara and I knew they weren’t end game allready. (I spent most of the last season going, Why TF aren’t they canon? TBH)

Shipping Klance is giving me anxiety. Ha. Like I have so much hope. But the realist in me is super cautious. But I can’t control my shipper heart that loves to reach and get super excited about things. I love them so much.

I don’t want Dreamworks to break my heart.

(I also want bi/pan rep. so badly.)

Speaking of bi/pan rep. Now that I have Kodi and signed up for some pairing sites, I should try to watch Korra again. I never finished it because the kisscartoon links stopped working (This was a while ago).

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if she only did promo in the us i would agree with you but she goes to europe, australia, japan when promoting an album so the monday-thursday schedule doesn't work in those cases. so either taylor has already finished the album and mapped out and booked the promo tour and has let her band know and paul is working around her dates, or she's already told them she's not releasing anything this year so their schedules are wide open. i think it can go either way

Well Paul didnt go to australia last time for promo and didnt do every single performance..   and as jaime pointed out his band had a show on the day of F1. October has one booking for the band on the list i posted.

i just do not think she would have launched the ATT thing last December if she was not gonna have an album for another 2 years at that point. But that’s just my opinion.  i think we should know whats up by this summer. She may not have finished it (its only feb) but i am sure she knows if she is gonna or not. 


Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do


Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!


This is a continuation of my Mushishi-like artist box project. Inspired by the “Mushishi” TV animation series I’m making a backpack-box for outdoor painting sessions. 

 First, I made some concept sketches to visualise how the box will be used and what functions it should have: foldable legs and top so it can serve as a table, multiple drawers for small painting equipment, back space for larger things (sketchbooks and my portable easel), side straps for my tripods and of course backpack-like straps on the back. 

I will be posting videos including drawing these sketches and the progress on making the actual box on YouTube. I want to finish it fast and use it outside as soon as it becomes a little bit warmer!

Technical stuff:

  • Medium: Botanical FABRIANO Hot Press 210g B5
  • Sketch: Mitsu-Bishi Grade HI-UNI pencil
  • Ink: TACHIKAWA Linemarker A.T. 0.3 mm
  • Colours: 38 color Schmincke set + 2 custom greens.


箱を作る前に、自分のアイコンキャラクターを使ってコンセプトスケッチを描いてみました。箱に欲しい機能を想像しながら。 折りたためる足と、天井部分がテーブルになること、いろんな細かい道具を入れられる引き出し、大きなスケッチブックが入る裏のスペース、三脚を運べるサイドのストラップ、箱自体を背負えるストラップ。



  • 紙: 水彩紙 ボタニカルブック クラシコ 細目 B5 210g
  • 下描き: F  Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
  • 線画: 立川 ラインマーカーA・T 0.3mm 黒
  • 着色: 38色のシュミンケ水彩セット

on that note i should add that i finished watching korra and overall i loved it. i love politically driven stories so it was totally my thing. 

 honestly the entire show could’ve just been season 1 and i would have been totally satisfied. it would have been great just as a stand alone imo. season 2 was….not very good. it explained some lore and that shouldve been ¼th the length it actually was, the ending was just silly…attack of the 50 foot woman

 3 and 4 felt like one megaseason. i loved the worldbuilding and extensive cast added in the second half of the show. the final battle could have maybe been a bit more ‘grande’, but i was still satisfied with what we got. overall the plot past season 1 was somewhat predictable but the characters compensate for it well

HOLY HELL, I LOVED THE CAST?? and so many women of all age/ethnicity/class together was so refreshing and so good??? i especially loved the beifong family dynamic. the male cast was great too, i did find the ongoing theme of male villains having strongly drawn jowls amusing., oh and that one airbender child was very grating i hated him. 

 the love triangle was jarring but at least it was a step above twilight’s, which is honestly what i was expecting going in. i thought it was gonna be both brothers competing for korra lmao but instead it was just mako consistently fucking up. so yeah i could live with it, it could be something to sympathize with if you were a young teen watching and have a mind full of confused feelings and drama like most teens do.. its pretty harmless and if anything it shows a good example of talking things out with an ex, the value of communicating in a relationship, and moving on from drama.

my favourite characters by the end were asami and kuvira, the latter i wish was set up a bit more in the 3rd season so we could have had bigger build up and character arc but oh well. 

throughout the entire show my mind kept comparing it to fullmetal alchemist brotherhood.. did anybody else have that?? the political theme, time period, and the backgrounds, especially all the industrial stuff were reminiscent to me of fmab in a good way. by the end of it my roommate and i called korra a “combination of fmab and kung fu panda”, basically replace the science of alchemy with spirituality and martial arts and i think that description fits it sort of well

so yeah in conclusion i loved korra, its really good. it honestly tells a story of political movements and regimes much better than many ‘more dark’ live action movies and young adult dystopias. if you love politic themes, elements of fantasy, strange animals, female characters, and have a lot of hours to kill i recommend watching korra if you still haven’t.

also korrasami  👌 👌 👌


Oh boy. I finished this thing in a day, but I procrastinated posting it for another three days after realizing a lot of errors in the format of the comic rip but im lazy af so i never even fixed them ahh. As for the other comic I was working on: every new chapter released reveals another logical flaw in the comic. I think I’ll wait till the companion fic starts to really fix up that comic orz :’( 

This is for chapter 12 in the fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin


hey everyone!! the homestuck zine is FINALLY finished, and i am very very proud to show it to everyone!! it’s my first zine/collaborative project ive ever done, so some things did not go over very smoothly, but it is finally all together!!

you can view it HERE: 


(you should be able to download it!)

thank you so much to everyone who contributed !! everyone’s works were absolutely beautiful and i can tell a lot of you had fun!!!! love you all!!! <3 <3 

This was a good year <3 I feel like I’ve learnt a lot <3 <3 And it’s all thanks to you guys <3 And to MUH DETERMINATION

I hope I get even better next year <3 <3 Happy 2016!!

For the people who wanna see the full drawings, I’ll leave the links here:

1 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/137886231898/first-things-first-yes-i-should-be-doing-pages

2 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/139549990911/undertale-last-corridor-by-kaitogirl-how-could

3 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/141204826083/well-i-did-it-i-finished-the-drawing-i-feel

4 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/142760035083/felt-like-doing-a-lineless-drawing-storyshift

5 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/143815637113/the-streams-masterpiece-i-really-put-effort-in

6 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/145820153723/this-is-the-cover-of-the-ruins-arc-i-think

7 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/147094128363/leafbladie-asked-me-for-a-commission-and-gave-me

8 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/149326059538/they-appeared-with-an-umbrella-sometimes-i

9 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/150781963663/day-22-charans-i-love-spending-time-with-you

10 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/152599644403/captain-papyrus-and-his-lackey-wont-let-you

11 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/153528187613/its-going-to-rain-soon

12 - http://hiimtryingtounderfell.tumblr.com/post/155002616598/mercy-or-genocide-the-caretaker-of-the-ruins

First Time

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ | Smut Warning | NSFW

I combined these two requests into one awesome one shot:

Request: “If you do requests but if you have time you should do one where the reader is a virgin and falls hard for Daryl and it ends in fluffy smutness”

Request #2: “I was thinking like the reader is dating Daryl and decides to finally lose her virginity to him. And if it’s not to much him finishing on her stomach. That’s just one of the things I see with him.”

Summary: Hope I did these requests justice! Became one of my longer, hotter ones imo.. :) Set season 3 in the prison. Pre-Governor era. The reader is new to the group and finds herself attracted to the man they call Daryl, after he saves her in the woods. The reader is shy and unsure about all things that come along with the sex, as she is a virgin. Daryl and her get to talking one night and she asks him to take her virginity.  Reader is around 20 years old. Prepare for cute Daryl fluff in this one, I think he would be so sweet taking someone’s virginity. :)

Warnings: Reader Family Death, Fluff and Smut, Losing Virginity Smut (Warning?)


You had been living with your mother and sister in a small abandoned cabin for a few months, it was modest, one bedroom, one living room, a small kitchen, and bathroom. There were big windows alongside the north facing wall, to which you found large, heavy curtains to drape over them, trying to keep the little light you had from candles on the table, from the walkers.

You and your mom and sister were very close, your sister was a few years older than you and much more experienced with life. She had truly lived when the world was alive and well, she never missed an opportunity to do what she wanted, when she wanted. You had always admired this trait in your older sister. You were the thinker, the one who always had to think things through, you spent most of your days in the real world lost in homework, trying to keep everyone but yourself happy. Truth be told? You didn’t know what you wanted from this life, even before it ended.

Your mom was strong and silent these days, you had all watched your father get bit during the initial starting months of whatever this plague was. He was trying to protect you and was devoured by two walkers that had stumbled into your outdoor camp. After that happened you only stayed indoors. You mother had taught you how to hunt and scavenger the land, you all learned as you went, and before you know it years in this world had gone by and you were all still breathing.

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Many moons ago; like before having my first kid, I wanted to do an animation of one of my favorite scenes from Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.

I still haven’t given up on wanting to do that. It just got put on hold. I’m going back and reworking some things. Finally fleshed out the design for Vin, want to kind of go back and rework.. and *cough* finish *cough* the animatic but I’m feeling like I’m never going to start animation at this rate. It’s a long fight.. ahh well. I’ll keep updating as I progress.

Should be very, very interesting as I haven’t animated in several YEARS. We’ll see what happens. I don’t own these characters. Call it fanart/fan-animation planning?

smh as things I've done
  • bitty: baked two cakes and three dozen cookies because I was stressed about an upcoming project assignment that was due
  • jack: woke up in the middle of the night solely to have a panic attack
  • shitty: sent my friend a huge paragraph ranting about thanksgiving bc she said we should be grateful
  • lardo: couldn't find my paints or colored pencils while working on a project so I used eyeshadow to finish it instead
  • ransom: came home from school and immediately and abruptly laid down on the floor and groaned because of how stressful school was
  • holster: dramatically narrated my entire half-hour walk home to my friend via snapchat
  • chowder: snapchatted my cats every move with super excited captions every time
  • nursey: immediately nicknamed my friend 0.2 seconds after we first spoke and literally never referred to her as anything but that nickname again
  • dex: got called into the kitchen by my mom to help her knead dough because I apparently looked like I wanted to punch someone
  • tango: asked my French teacher on if she thought she'd win in a fight against a bear or not
  • whiskey: shrugged and said "tragic" in the most monotonous voice when I heard that about most of my friends would be going out without me
  • bonus kent: cried because my cat followed me back into my room so I could pet her
  • bonus r&h: enthusiastically agreed when a friend suggested that we both sprint head first towards each other so we get concussions and avoid our responsibilities