i should be doing the meme but i still need one color and it's too much work rn

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Kaye ,i dont know if i should ask this here, but here i am. It's nothing exactly related about the au but about art. You are a animator/illustrator, and i want to ask you about this. Since i want to follow this career you are a big inspiration to me. As a girl who decided it at my 20's (and i wasn't that focused in evolve my art before) i'm full of insecurities and doubts, Do you have any advice for people who want to be illustrators or animators? About practice, evolve your art.

Oh geez I wrote sm I’m so sorry agsjshs but I talked about art in general so it could apply to everyone as well :-) but ofc if u have animation/illustration questions specifically, feel free to ask as well!

Hello!! I totally get where you’re coming from! It’s ok to feel that way, I, myself didn’t take my art seriously until I finally decided to major in it, so I had a lot of insecurities about it as well. Even now I still feel this incessant anxiety and self doubt of my abilities, except the biggest difference is that I’ve learned to not let it cripple me. I think one of the biggest things you have to be comfortable about if you want to pursue being an artist is the thought that you can always be better. But I don’t say this in a self-deprecating way! What I mean is that as an artist, cultivating that hunger for growth and having your ideas manifest really makes a difference because it’s what will keep you going.

The strive for improvement is really intimidating and hard to tackle, I had a particularly big struggle about it last year because my vision didn’t match my skill and that was the most frustrating thing ever and I felt like I was running out of time (since I freshly graduated w no job but big loans to pay, so I was particularly beating myself up over it.) It was hard to get off that mindset because I didn’t take the idea of improving in increments. I thought too hard about improving everything all at once, which in reality isn’t possible because you can only focus on too many things before being burnt out.

So a big takeaway from those years of turmoil is that ultimately, art isn’t a race, it’s about self-discovery. Even if you’re in your 20s it’s fine as long as your heart is in it. Try as many things as you can in school and really know which processes make you excited.

For me, having short term goals and long term goals made a lifetime’s difference because then, I knew what to strive for even if it seems intangible rn. It’s a lot of self-assessment you’d have to do. Like for me, I realized that I actually have no solid knowledge of colors, so I made it a goal to work on that by taking a class on it. Some other shorter goals I have are like: Improve on expressions for today; draws funny face; hMN it could be funnier; pushes self to draw an even funnier face. They don’t have to be all serious and intimidating. If you have a purposeful goal in mind, memes or not, it’s not a waste of time!!

But yeah as I said, it’s a lot of self-discovery so take your time and know what works and doesn’t work for you. It’s especially good to reflect on moments when you have a slump. Like when I was having a slump, I realized that I really really need a mentor to learn and improve. I wasn’t getting anywhere and I wasn’t doing anything because I didn’t have the motivation to learn by myself. I couldn’t trust myself w online teaching and self-learning because being distracted is something I just can not help when I’m alone. And that’s ok! The important part is going through the measure to remedy that. And to me that was being in an actual classroom presence w strict deadlines and a mentor who cared.

As for practicing, I think the best way to practice is creating something you love, but also being hyper aware of what you need to work on technically/artistically. The biggest purpose of why I made this ask blog was to improve on my story-telling and dialogue. I love bts so I wanted to incorporate that in my road to improvement. And it’s crazy because Ive learned so much in these past few months! Before this, Ive never written a full-fledged story or extensive dialogue but I kept working on it, and there’s just so much visible results :’-) 500+ pages of dedication and love and hard work 😭

But yeah the key is consistency but also a lot of self-care. Keep grinding but also take care of yourself. Immerse yourself in other hobbies as well, literally everything you do will contribute to being a better artist so don’t feel bad for “slacking.” Passive media consumption stockpiles creative ideas eventually, and even if it doesn’t, rest is a positive effect for your well-being as an artist. So yeah!!

Art in general isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be hard either! Work hard, with purpose and dedication!! But also w self-care and love in mind :-) I hope this helped even a little!