i should be doing something productive with my life

Shout out to the readers whose parents and/or family don’t support their reading habits. For every time you were told you are wasting your time filling your head with nonsense and you should be doing something more productive. For all those times they told you they’re not wasting any more money on books for you and for every time they told you to stop wasting your own money on books. For every time they called you weird and blamed books for giving you “ideas”. For all those whose parents wanted proof that you were reading a book for class and not for pleasure. For every time they took away your book and forced you to go do something else and for the times they threatened to throw away or burn your books. To all those whose parents strictly controlled what you read. Your interest in reading is valid. Be a rebel. Read.

Latley i’ve been thinking i should do something with my life, something productive and social


*Puts on headphones and starts reading fanfic* This already consunmed my life

So my sister and I were talking about Jon’s change since his resurrection and she came up with this idea. 

In this video, Kit Harington was explaining how Jon has changed in such a way that isn’t necessarily for the best. He said:

“That’s what’s changed in Jon from here. A monster has risen in him a bit, which I think should be unsettling for the viewers.”

While Kit Harington was specifically referring to Battle of the Bastards as a life altering moment for Jon, my sister suggested that it’s possible that this “monster” in Jon is a product of something that’s simmered in him from the moment he came back to life. This “monster” that Jon becomes is something that is driven by anger, fury, hatred. When we watch him battling his way to Winterfell, we watch him kill as many men as he possibly can and look as if he’s doing it to unleash all his emotions, not because he has to battle them. I mean come on, we see him stand before a whole cavalry of his enemies like “come at me bro”. 

These extreme emotions are fuelled by passion, something animalistic and difficult to tame. 

So my sister was suggesting that if Jon x Sansa does happen, the simmering passion in Jon is the reason for all those lingering gazes, tenderness, and *cough*foreheadkisswiththelingeringgazeonherlips*cough? I’ve seen lots of posts saying that between him and Sansa, he seems to be discreetly (or not so) drawn to her in a non-sibling way. 

Jon going all haywire in Battle of the Bastards happened because watching Rickon die was the cherry on top for all the crap he’s been through in life. What if finding out that he’s a Targaryen is the cherry on top that will finally drive Jon towards Sansa? Ever since his death and resurrection, he’s changed. Jon is more impulsive, more passionate, and more of a risk taker. Maybe he isn’t even aware of it yet (if they do play it up that he’ll have feelings for Sansa), but it’s there, and it’s waiting for the chance to be spurned on by passion when Jon finally gives in. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time he experienced forbidden love (Ygritte was a wildling who was completely off limits to him).

Jon and Sansa happening because one or both other them having feelings for one another would be a dream. I don’t want to count on it, but it’s interesting if you look at it from this angle. He has changed, to what extent is still unknown. It’d be cool if D&D made Jon conflicted over his feelings for Sansa, cus what Jon x Sansa fangirl wouldn’t want that?

How My Life Works
  • Me: I should really do something with my life.
  • Brain: But there is so much other non-productive things to do!
  • Me: I should *insert productiveness*...
  • Brain: Yeah yeah do that... while listening to Hamilton.
  • Me: What???
  • Brain: Or you could do it while reading a *insert ship name* fanfic.
  • Me: I can't do both things at the same tim-
  • Brain: OR you could read fanfic and listen to Hamilton
  • Brain: Minus the productiveness part.
  • Me: ....
  • Brain: Do it.
  • Me: I hate you.
  • Me: *Does nothing productive*

anonymous asked:

ur gf is cheating with a man =/

Well, anon, I have fantastic news for you.

We are in a polyamorous, open relationship. Even if this was true, I wouldn’t give a single shit, for my girlfriend, who is a lesbian, can date/meet/sleep with whoever she wants.

This is a very obvious attempt to sabotage our relationship and I can imagine that it either comes from some pathetic genderist or one of the fantastic ladies who’ve been sending messages about my girlfriend to a CERTAIN blog, spreading lies about her and insulting her.

Whoever you are, you can go fuck yourself. Our relationship is none of your business and you should’ve had the guts to send this message off anon, you low life. Leave my girlfriend alone and quit accusing her of things without providing proof, how about that?

Go and do something productive instead of wasting my time.


So I’ve thrown three new pieces up on my redbubble, and figured I might as well do something of a master post. I have a shit tonne up there! This is maybe half of the products I’ve got rolling, so you guys should definitely go and have a look. [link to my shop]

If you buy something absolutely let me know! I get so excited when I see my work in real life. I was at a mate’s place slightly drunk once and she showed me my pillow and I actually cried, it was mad. 

People buying these things or commissioning me is what keeps me drawing these days, I need to buy food, so I really appreciate it. Also, redbubble prints pretty damn well, so you get something good out of it <3

Have another [link]

i took the night off work and it’s the best feeling ever wow freedom love life happiness i’m in such zen right now i hope ya’ll are having great thursday afternoons

  • clarke: maybe life should be about more than just surviving. don't we deserve better than that?
  • lexa: maybe we do
  • Clarke and Lexa: *kissing*
  • me: oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god
  • brain: you've watched this seven hundred time already
  • me: so beautiful
  • me: okay that was nice. time to do something productive now
  • me: or...
  • me: *rewinds*
  • clarke: maybe life should be about more than just surviving
  • me: nice