i should be doing my math assignment but no

shitty advice of a college student.

OR: some (actually helpful) stuff my first semester of college has taught me.

disclaimer: this is from the point of view of a community college student. my experiences may be different from other students, but overall I think this list could be very helpful to anyone going to a college, university, high school, or for any students just hoping to kick procrastination in the ass. I’ll probably be uploading updated versions/parts of this in the future, but here’s some stuff based on my experience so far.

  • do. work. every. day. even if it’s just a little bit of work. don’t procrastinate.
  •  college isn’t like high school; oftentimes, professors won’t expect homework from you every single day of class. usually, you’ll have due dates of when large sections of assignments or papers are due. make the most of your time. do not wait until the night before to get 6 sections of homework done by 11:59.
  • in reality, you should be doing homework and studying for every single class. but remember that you need to put more time into the classes that are toughest for you. For example, math is my weakest subject so I usually put more homework time into doing my Stats homework.
  • if you don’t want to do it, or have been procrastinating on doing it, it should be the thing you’re getting done first!!
  • books are hella expensive everywhere. if you can’t find any free versions of your textbooks online, try to buy your textbooks used. I buy all of my textbooks used, with the exception of one book which I’ve rented. Personally, I recommend buying your books bc it’s a great study strategy to actually own the books for your classes and be able to write and highlight inside of them… but this is a personal preference.
  • doing homework on your bed makes you lazy. work at a desk, library, coffee shop, outside; anywhere that will make you sit down and focus.
  • let your phone run out of battery and leave. it. alone.
  • if u don’t have a planner/agenda/calendar already then there is nothing more I can help u with pal ur on ur own
  • make a study playlist bc you’ll need it at some point. find music that helps you study the best! for example, I strictly can only study to soft music or just instrumentals, but I know some people who study really well to rap and hip-hop. find what works for you! remember this should relax you, not distract you.
  • hydrate. I keep a water bottle right on my desk when I study so when I look up I’m reminded to take a sip. being hydrated is important!!! not only will this make your body and skin happy but it’ll also make your brain work a little harder and focus more!
  • I know things can get tough and busy but pls pls eat and sleep well I’m begging u
  • follow-up to the last point: let yourself go pee as many times as you need to. it’s ok. it doesn’t count as your break. you’re not wasting time from doing work. do us all a favor and go to the bathroom already.
  • follow-follow-up: know the difference between taking a break and giving up.
  • learn how to say no to temptations like hanging out with your friends or distracting yourself in the depths of Youtube and Netflix. you have work to do and you know it!!! don’t make yourself feel bad by suffering. if you want good grades, your education (next to your mental/physical health) should be your first priority.
  • reward yourself for working hard. this could be a night out with friends, a candy bar, boba, whatever floats your boat.
  • I know it’s a drug but I don’t care what anyone says: if I need to drink coffee then I’m drinking that damn cup of coffee.
  • priority-wise, your education should always top your studyblr. every. single. time.

Day 13/100 of Productivity: 4 September 2017 

Here’s my cover page for September. September’s going to be a Harry Potter themed month seeing that September 1st 2017 is the last scene in the books - 19 years later… 

Today, I’ve done my science homework, done my history homework, finished an agriculture assignment and finished my agriculture homework. I plan to start my maths assignment and write up some notes for science later,, but it all depends on how long I spend procrastinating lmao 

Also I hit 1000 followers today.. um what???? 

I’m not entirely sure what I should do to celebrate.. Maybe blog rates? But I’ll definitely do something. Feel free to send me suggestions if you have any ideas :D
stats 101 | jikook edition

I really didn’t want to do my actual math assignments (as always), but then I stumbled across a little problem while watching Kookmin World’s newest video. So like I believe every aspiring mathematician/statistician should, I decided use the power of numbers to solve some interesting questions in my spare time (well…my profs do great things like figuring out who’s cheating on their midterms simply by calculating probability but…I’m not there yet LOL). Thus, I decided to calculate the probability of Jimin and Jungkook’s fans appearing next to each three times in a row, just by chance. 

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t done counting problems in awhile so there may be a mistake. I tried to recheck with my notes but I could still be wrong with some of my intuition because I did this purely off the top of my head. If there is please let me know and I shall fix it promptly, but this is merely my way of trying to show how cool math is… Also, I’m not reeeaaallly doing this as a shipper, cause really it doesn’t mean anything that their fans are next to each other (except perhaps maybe there was some instinctive sense as to why they should be together), I just wanted to know the numbers, and perhaps you would too :)

also, please take a look at this it cooler than you think and may help you out with your homework in the future ;)

So. Hurr we go. 

SCENARIO 1: Fans are placed in a circle

So here, we want to know what the probability is that Jimin’s fan is next to Jungkook within this circle, completely by chance.  

Since this is a circle, and circles are pains in the asses to calculate permutation for, there are many different approaches. What I personally did was I defined a fixed point in the rearrangement:

where each circle represents a fan and the blue dot is a fan whose position never changes (because if it did I’d have to divide by two or something fancy and that’s too complicated).

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And I'm here (Ong Seong woo)

Title: And I’m here
Member: Ong Seongwoo
Summary: You and Seongwoo “were” best friends for almost your whole life. In the middle of everything, it just suddenly ended without a word.
Genre: Angst


Try listening to “And I’m here” by Kim Kyung Hee (Goblin Ost) while reading this fic.

“I know it’s you”

Your POV

  • I was 5 and you are 6, when you transferred houses next to mine. Our parents became friends and so are we. We played different games like hide and seek, playing as husband and wife, cooking non-edible things which mostly leads to fights whether who will be the sous chef or the customer.
  • You and me become inseparable, our parents always talk about whether in the future they’ll become in-laws or something. 
  • We just laughed at them knowing nothing about marriage. 
  • You are 13 and I was 12, both of us now in the same school but different classes.
  • You always check on me if I’m doing well at class. 
  • We had different set of friends but it never came to you to leave me behind. 
  • We are like “Tom and Jerry”, we always fight about nothing but at the same time we are good friends. 
  • We still have our friendship on top of everything.
  • “Y/N, ready to go home?” You are waiting at the door of my classroom. My friends started teasing me about you. We both are young and naïve about love. We don’t know what love is yet, but I know for sure that it is starting to develop.
  • “Wait a minute Seongwoo, I forgot my Math book in my locker.” I ran to my locker to get your book when an envelope fell down. I picked it up noticing hearts as the design of the envelope.
  • “Is that a love letter?” Seongwoo suddenly appeared beside me. I tried to hide the letter from Seongwoo, but he was fast. You had the letter in your hands. 
  • “Dear, Y/N. I like you. From, Bae Jinyoung.” You read it as loud as you can. “Y/N, I’m gonna tell auntie about this letter.” You poked your tongue and ran away from me. In the end of the day, I was scolded by my parents for hiding a love letter. 
  • You are 16 and I was 15, when you are casted as a model for a teen magazine.
  • I was very excited seeing you as a model.
  • We celebrated by eating at a fancy restaurant with your parents. 
  • “Y/N, your best friend looks handsome, right?” Seongwoo pointed his picture.
  • “Ugh, Seongwoo-ah you look like an alien in disguised behind those expensive clothes.” I laughed at you
  • “Bwo? Yah! Y/N, admit it that I look handsome in my first photoshoot?” Seongwoo smirked at you. You felt heat coming up to your cheeks, you never seen Seongwoo this handsome before. You felt embarrass from his remark, you playfully punched his arms.
  • “You look like an alien whose face was deformed cause of gravity, idiot.” Seongwoo ruffled your hair. “Whatever you say, Y/N”.
  • I think I like you, Seongwoo.
  • I was 19 and you were 20. We both went to different colleges, our friendship kinda suffered. We had months without talking and seeing each other. We talked less, see less, shared less; everything seems to be falling apart for our friendship.
  • But today was an exemption. It’s been a year since we last saw each other, I opted to surprise you by going to your school without a notice. 
  • I saw you going out of the school’s gate when a girl stopped you. My heart suddenly clenched. The sight of you smiling at her, it hurts me. The girl suddenly hugged you and you do the same to her. My legs felt numbed, I can’t comprehend this kind of feeling. At that time, I knew that I was jealous yet angry at myself for not being that girl on your arms.
  • The cupcakes that I baked just for you fell down from my hands. I felt a tear ran down my cheeks. You turned into my direction and I knew for sure you saw me. 
  • You removed your hands on her. You saw me crying without knowing what’s the reason behind.
  • I ran away from my place when you moved to come closer to me. “Y/N” you yelled my name like before. I don’t know what will happen next, I just ran away from you as much as possible. I ran away from the love of my life, my best friend, my partner-in-crime.
  • It was not you who was surprised, it was me. 
  • At the last hour of my life, I saw you with another girl and cried like a little girl in parallel of your direction.
  • The last thing I remembered, I was running away from you with a heavy heart.
  • The last thing I was thinking, I should be the girl on your arms. I should be the one who will make you happy. 
  • The last thing I heard was the beeping of my heart.
  • The last thing I saw was the light of a car approaching me. 
  • The last thing I realize is that I died while trying to surprise you.

Ong Seongwoo’s POV

  • You are 12 and I was 13, both of us now in the same school but different classes.
  • I always try to look after you, to check if you are doing well in class, if you have problems in your assignment. We’re best friends after all we should look at each other every single day, every single minute, and every second of our lives.
  • “Y/N, ready to go home?” I waited for you on your classroom door. I heard your friends tease you about me. We are still young for that kind of relationship. I assure myself that you will always be my best friend and it will be awkward for us if we’ll be a couple. But we will never know, right?
  • “Wait a minute Seongwoo, I forgot my Math book in my locker.” You said to me with apologetic eyes. I followed you to your locker when an enveloped fell down from your locker. It looks like a love letter. I had many of those from other girl, but when I saw you having one I didn’t help being annoyed by the fact that someone is liking on you. 
  • “Is that a love letter?” I asked you for confirmation. You shook your head in disagreement, you tried to hide the enveloped but I was faster than you. A second later, the letter was in my hands. 
  • “Dear, Y/N. I like you. From, Bae Jinyoung.” I read it as loud as I can. I looked at your face for your reaction, but you didn’t look shocked even for a bit.
  • “Y/N, I’m gonna tell auntie about this letter.” I poked my tongue and ran away from you. 
  • You are 15 and I was 16, I was casted as a teen model for a magazine. You are the first one to know about this, and I’m very proud of myself. You are always the one to know the first bite in everything I do. It was my responsibility to report to you anyway, as best friends we must know everything happening in our lives.
  • At that time, I didn’t realize that I kinda like you.
  • I was 20 and you were 19. We both went to different colleges, we didn’t have the time to talk to each other. Let’s just say we drifted apart naturally. I’ve been so busy with my college life that I didn’t even have the time to text you.
  • But today was an exemption, I was going out of the campus when Jennie, my classmate, stopped my tracks. Jennie thanked me for assisting her on her project. I was her model for photography class. We’ve been close to each other, but we never fell for each other. I still think you are the one for me, and Jennie is also seeing a boy named Kim Jaehwan. “Thank you for everything Seongwoo, my professor gave me a “A” for my project.” Jennie hugged me. “You’re always welcome, Jennie. If you still need a model for your photography class, you can always call me. You know where to find me.” I smiled at her. When I turned my head, I saw you crying with cupcakes on the floor. “Y/N” I whispered your name. You suddenly run away from me. “Y/N” I shouted your name as loud as I can. “Excuse me for a second Jennie” She nodded. I went to chase you but I didn’t saw where you go. I noticed a letter near the cupcakes that fell down. I picked it up and I tried to find you again.
  • I was running in the streets when I saw a people screaming for help. “Call an ambulance, please!” A middle-aged man screamed for help, some students from my school tried calling the ambulance. “The ambulance is on their way here.” A student said to the middle-aged man.
  • It was an accident. A hit and run accident near my school. The thought of you came into my mind.
  • I rushed to the crime scene and saw you lying on the floor, with your head full of blood. 
  • I can’t believe this was happening. A tear fell down my face as I call your name.
  • “Y/N? Y/N? Answer me, Y/N.” I tried to shake you up, but you are not answering me.
  • The ambulance came, I was still trying to wake you up.
  • It was the longest ride of my life. 
  • “Y/N, please be okay and alive.” I was still holding onto your hand. 
  • The doctors tried their best to revive you, but they failed.
  • I remembered the letter, I’m still crying while reading your letter to me.
  •       “Dear, Seongwoo-ahh <3, Happy Friendship Anniversary for the both of us! It’s been a year since we last saw each other. We became too busy with our lives. I miss you, Seongwoo. I really do~ Always take care of yourself. And call me if you don’t have anyone to talk to. We will reach our dreams, okay? We will be okay. So, Seongwoo, I’m thinking about something. I always think of you every single day, and I realize that I don’t want to be apart from you. I think I’m in-love with you. I don’t know if you feel the same as mine, but I hope you’ll consider my thoughts? I’ll wait for your answer, Seongwoo. Let’s catch up with each other again, I miss you so much and I love you. <3

From your best friend, Y/N 

P.s. I hope you feel the same. :)     

  • I do have the same feeling for you, Y/N.·        
  •  I love you. 
  • And I’m sorry

Hey! Another Wanna one scenarios for my lovely co- wannables <3 Hope you like it <3 Another vague ending for you to imagine TT__TT

Look, I get it. Studying sucks. We all hate studying with a passion.

I’ve been watching a bunch of BTS (Not the kpop band, but back to school) videos with “study hacks” but they’re all the same. ESPECIALLY with the gum method. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have this fear of gum at school. It kinda stemmed in middle school where if you were caught chewing gum, the teacher would call you out IN THE MIDDLE OF A LESSON and you had to do the walk to shame to the trashcan and spit it out. Me, being a middle schooler filled with anxiety, hated it. So I just got in the habit of not eating gum at school.

So, here are my tips on how to study and in essence, survive school for fun.

I never really studied that much in high school—but I did study smart, which helped with my grades.

I guess I should give you my credentials to you guys to let you guys know that it did in fact work for me. So, I want to let you know that I went to a (broke as can be) college prepatory high school (Which is a whole lot harder than a normal public school) and for my freshman year of high school, a Christian school (Anyone that has gone to religion school knows they don’t joke when it comes to studying. I used to do 30 math problems a night, along with English assignments, Biology assignments, ext, EVERY NIGHT.) I took as many AP classes as I could my Junior and Senior year, and during my upperclassman year, I managed a 4.0 (Don’t talk about my underclassmen year, I was a terrible underclassmen)

Anyways, so, here are my tips on how to study:

In Class Notes

1. Use your doodles for your advantage

I discovered this idea as while my US history teacher was showing us political cartoons.

As an artist, I understand pictures better than words. Also, as an artist, I would sometimes (Okay, all the time) doodle in class simply because doodling is just more fun then just sitting there, listening to the teacher. I also know that everyone doodles in class. So, here’s an idea: Draw something that’ll help you remember what you’re studying.

I would use this, so here are some examples

Teddy Roosevelt holding a bat

Big Stick Diplomacy. See how Teddy Roosevelt is looking intimidatingly at you? Well, the big stick diplomacy was the US’s international plan to keep peace—as while showing everyone their navy power. In essence, imagine you’re on a playground as a kid, then there’s this little kid with a bat. Now, he may not hit you with a bat, but he’s going to show off his bat just to tell you, “Hey, if you piss me off or do something stupid, I have a bat that I can attack you. But that’s only when you do something stupid.”

USSR and USA singing, “Anything you can do I can do better”

Cold War Era. During that time, the USSR and the USA tried to beat each other in “Who can make the most nukes?” Scary? Yes. But it makes sense with the song that I really don’t have to explain that much.

Voltaire being a badass.

Voltaire may be a dick, but he was an advocate of freedom of expression. I don’t particularly remember what else he did, other than he was an advocate of freedom of expression—but hey, it just shows you how helpful this was for me because I still remember this about Voltaire to this day.

a.) Another alternative if you don’t art, is to have something to remember it by.

Such as, for me, when I had to remember the Sympathetic Nervous system, I would think about being eaten by a bear. Why? Because if I were to say, see someone be eaten by a bear, I would feel rather sympathetic to them because they’re dead. Sympathetic I say? Sympathetic! Because their sympathetic nervous system would had kicked in before they got killed and eaten by a bear.

b.)   Puns
speaking of stupid and tiny things that would help someone remember things, puns also work. Such as, “What started the Protestant revolution? Martin Luther nailed it” (Get it? Because Luther nailed the 99 grievances to the church door? Ha)

2.) So what? Why the heck should I care?

This mainly works for history, but you should always question history—mainly the part as to why the heck should you care about what happened in the past. Not only that, but this helps on tests. I haven’t had a history class that was all dates since…Well, since middle school I suppose. But here are some examples:

Why was the US Congress disagreeing on Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points detrimental? Because the world blamed everything on Germany, and if we would have accepted Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points, it probably wouldn’t happen.

Why was the shooting of Archduke Ferdinad so important? Well, believe it or not, but there was a completely different world before WW1. I don’t remember much, but if you’ve taken European history, you would understand. The world would not be the world as it is today if it wasn’t for WW1. The “Church” would have probably still been in charge (although, losing power).

Just always ask yourself, “So what? Why should I give a damn?”

3.) Don’t highlight everything

A lot of youtubers tell you to highlight everything. I, on the other hand, am going to tell you TO NOT DO THAT BECAUSE THAT IS A VERY BAD IDEA!

Have you ever highlighted something, and before you realize it, you’ve practically highlighted the entire page—therefore making that effort of highlighting so pointless? Yes? Have you ever read something and then stop yourself as you realize that you read it, but didn’t retain any of it? Yes?

Here’s my tip. Read everything first on your notes before you highlight things.

a.) What should I highlight?

i.              Definitions. Most of the time, teachers are just trying to see if you know said thing

ii.             “Keywords” which are mainly the things that are bolded in the book

iii.            That thing your teacher won’t shut up about and keeps on mentioning over and over again

4.) Using a book? Use tabs and sticky notes!

If you were anything like me, then you never use the highlighter to highlight your book because you don’t want to pay $100 for a damaged book that probably has a dick drawing (IN PEN, URGH) from the person who had it before you did.

So instead, use tabs and sticky notes to put in your book.

That way, you won’t have that, “HOLY CRAP, I SAW THAT DEFINITION A SECOND A GO, WHERE DID IT GOOOO????” moment.

5.) Pencil and eraser

Again with the book, another alternative is circle said word with a pencil, and erase it later with an eraser.

Quick tip: Use a white erasers, because pink erasers suck and will probably ruin the page and ink. White erasers are smoother, and won’t damage the book compared to a pink eraser.

6.) Study groups

Study groups are something I wish I would had done in high school. In high school, I was the overachiever so I took a bunch of AP classes. That being said, I also suffered alone.

When I went to university, I somehow managed to jump into a study group, and it was the best thing ever. Why? Because we were all suffering together. Whenever someone needed help on something, another person would chip in and tell them what they could do and give them advice.

You’re not suffering alone, which is absolutely WONDERFUL!

I think in high school, I only had one study group, and that was (sadly) right before the AP euro exam. Seriously, while we were doing some last minute studying for the test, we all said the same thing. “We should have done this earlier. URGH.”

Honestly, you make better lasting friendships that way. Plus, what parent wouldn’t say yes when you ask, “Mom, I’m going to my study group at the Library/at Starbucks to study”?

Oh, and just FYI, don’t do a study group at a restaurant. Just don’t do it, unless it’s between the hours of 1-5 PM. And if you do, you better tip your waiter/waitress real well. As in, it better be more than a 20% tip. Just, just don’t do study groups at a restaurant. Just don’t do that.


First of all, don’t do that again.

Secondly, https://www.youtube.com/user/crashcourse

Crash Course helped me in so many ways, mainly because I’ve had crappy teachers who didn’t know how to teach. But it’s also great because you can watch it way before a test while, let’s say, eating in front of your computer. It’s great repetition, and it’s just a blessing.

buckle up folks because I can already feel this is going to be a long one.

i think i was very lucky because i was able to experience both community college and university. I was accepted as a Spring Admit at my current university so that means I would enter as an incoming freshman in the Spring Semester instead of the Fall like a typically freshman. Therefore, in the fall, I decided to enroll in my local community college to get a head start on some credits.

Here is my opinion on the pros and cons of both.

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Schooling Tips!

It’s the dreaded back to school season. And whether you like it or not, you’ve got to start preparing. Here’s some tips for school that I came up with. It’s not a lot yet, but I’d like for me and other people to add as many as possible. Keep in mind that I go to an American public high school in a suburb of Chicago, so obviously not everything will be universally applicable, so if anyone from other places are willing to add tips that are specific to their locations, go right ahead.

Before School Starts:

* A week or two (or more) before school starts, start waking up earlier, if you don’t already. That way, by the time school comes around, you won’t suddenly have to change sleep schedules.

* If your school doesn’t provide a school supply list for you, then here are some basics plus other things to keep handy:

   * binders – I recommend getting one for each subject. But, if your classes don’t give out lots of papers, you could just have one binder, with each divider labeled with a certain subject. Personally, I think using accordion folders is a better option because you don’t need to hole punch everything and I think they’re lighter.

   * mechanical pencils, bright highlighters, black/colored pens, erasers – Make sure the pencils are no. 2! I’m not 100% what it means but as far as I know, standardized tests require these types of pencils. They’re labeled as no. 2 pencils on the package. And also you don’t have to awkwardly go up to the pencil sharpener in the middle of class! Don’t forget extra led. Highlighters and pens are great for color coding notes and other organization techniques you might use. 

   * notebooks/notebook paper – Particularly for classes that require you to take notes. Not all classes need it, but you won’t know which ones until well into the year, so it’s best to keep at least some lined paper in handy. You could use 1-subject notebooks for each class or use ajus 3-subject Or, if your school allows it, you can use a tablet or a laptop.

   * small journal/planner – Not all schools provide assignment notebooks, so you should keep a planner or just a plain journal/notebook to write down all of your assignments.

   * calculator, protractor, compass – Math, y’all. Try to get a scientific calculator if you’re allowed to bring one. They should be no more than $15. My school requires a graphing calculator and those are really expensive ($150!!!) so yeah. I think my school stopped requiring compasses and protractors in like 6th or 7th grade, so my teachers provide one.

   * USB drive – If you’re doing projects that are saved onto the computer, it’s best to use a USB drive so you can access it from home and school.

   * backpack – This is obvious, right? You need a bag roomy enough to fit everything you need. When I was in middle school, I didn’t need to bring my backpack everywhere; we used our lockers for that. But that was because my school was really small. Generally, you’ll need to bring your backpack everywhere with you, because going to your locker between classes will take up too much time, especially in the beginning of the year when you’re still figuring out where your classes are. Get a comfortable backpack. Trust me.

   * food – Maybe your lunch time is kinda late, and you’ll need a snack. Keep some snacks that won’t expire for a while in your locker or bag. I like to put my snacks in ziploc baggie, because they’re resealable and noticeably quieter than a foil chip bag. You don’t want to disrupt the class if you’re secretly eating a few pretzels or something.

   * hand lotion, tissues, hand sanitizer, deodorant, some sort of body spray – I lumped these all together because it’s hard to explain them individually. You can keep your deodorant in your gym locker, not in your bag. Hand sanitizer is great when you’re rushing to the cafeteria or if you can’t find the bathroom to wash your hands and you’re too awkward to ask.

   * portable charger for your phone – You know when you find out in the morning that your phone didn’t charge overnight? You’re welcome.

   * index cards and post it notes – Index cards are great for notes when you have a presentation, believe me. And why not have post it notes? Keep them with you just in case, you’ll probably have to use them eventually.

   * lunch bag/box and water bottle – You can keep your snacks in here with your lunch too if you want. Hydration is really important. In fact, you can put stickers on your water bottle with times written on it so that you remember to drink a certain amount of water by a certain time. If you’re confused by what I mean, look up “water bottle hack”.

* I’ve seen and heard required textbooks for school costing way too much to afford for school. People have been providing masterposts of textbook pdf links, but I can’t access the internet as I’m typing this, so will someone please reblog this with the links?

Preparing/During School:

* Spend as much time as you want picking your outfit the day before school starts. Not the morning of. I’m sure you’ve got plenty on your mind at that point, and freaking out over what you want to wear isn’t going to help.

* In fact, you should do a lot of things the day before. Take a shower the night before instead of in the morning. I know that on my first couple days of school I want as much time in the morning as possible. You can make that time by preparing a ton of stuff beforehand.

* Most people at my new school are saying that the cafeteria is actually really good, and I never have the time or the materials to make my own lunch anyway, so I just buy my lunch. Every day. BUT if I wasn’t so confident in my school’s ability to make edible food, I’d definitely bring my lunch.
   * I’ve seen a lot of people use a bento lunch box type thing? It’s basically a food container with dividers to organize your lunch.
   * Pack yourself a full lunch. You don’t want to get hungry after lunch and have it distract you in the middle of class.
   * If you’re like me, when we start getting more assignments, you start going to bed later and waking up later as well. So, you end up rushing through the morning and maybe skipping breakfast. My advice is to keep cereal bars somewhere, whether it’s in your backpack or the pantry, so that when you’re running on a tight schedule, you don’t have to take time to prepare it.

* Try to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep.

* Do your homework as early as possible. Use as much extra time as possible finishing it, especially if you have a lot of work. For big projects, set personal due dates for parts of the project, so that you don’t end up cramming everything all at once. People usually say to do all of the hard work first, but I think you should only do that in big projects. If you do all the easy work first, then you can get more done. This is just a suggestion, though. Different things work for different people.

This is as much as I can think of right now. I’ll try to add more.

- Admin Cas


Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader


Word Count: 664

“Isaac!” Mr Harris barked.

Your friend looked out of it. He looked as if he was sleeping. You knew he would get a detention so you helped him out.

“Nitrogen-fixing bacteria” You whispered.

His head shot up.

He repeated what you said and quelled Harris’ anger.

The next 20 minutes dragged past and once you heard that fateful bell. Isaac pulled his hood over his head and bolted from the classroom.


You kept calling him and he ignored you. Once you caught up to him you grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“I know you heard me the first 5 times I called you. Why were you so out of it?”

“No reason”

“Don’t lie to me, Isaac.”

“Fine, I don’t understand anything that Harris has been talking about. I’m not like Stiles and Lydia and Allison and Scott and you. Every night we’ve been at the loft, with Deaton or fighting people and I haven’t had any time to study.”

“Hey, look, my parent’s are still away. Come over at 5 and bring all of your books and we can study.”

He smiled and nodded.

Once school was finished you drove to the shop and bought some snacks to eat while you were studying. As soon as you got home you began frantically making sure that you didn’t have any dirty clothes on the floor and got changed. You wore a big flannel shirt with some leggings and fluffy socks and went downstairs to sort out snacks. You placed crisps in a big bowl and tipped out some popcorn and treat bags of Cadbury’s twirl and chocolate buttons into another bowl and took up a bottle of pink lemonade and two cups. Once it was arranged nicely you took it all up on a tray and when you came down your doorbell rang. It was Isaac.

“I have science and math and French”

“Ok, let’s go up to my room and get started.”

You closed your front door and went up to your room. 

Isaac stood there awkwardly playing with the strap of his rucksack.

“Grab a seat on my bed or wherever.” you called out him while choosing a playlist.

He took off his shoes and tipped out his bag onto your bed.

“If there are crumbs on my bed, Lahey you’re dead”

Isaac rolled his eyes and opened up his french textbook.

“This assignment is due in two days and I can’t do it.”

You took the sheet from him and began reading it.

“It should be elle était active instead of elle est active. ou need the imperfect past there as she was active over a continuous time and its the same case for J’ai joué, change it to?”

“Je jouais?”

“Oui, parfait”

Isaac noted what you said and changed his work. You got through his french assignment and got him through all of the math work he didn’t understand. You had finally reached your last subject. You pulled out your notebook from your bag and opened it up to the correct page

“Read my notes I took and see if any of it makes sense.”

You got up and stretched your legs, you changed the song that was currently playing.

“I only call you when it’s half past five” you sang horribly.

“Y/N, can you shut up.”

“The only time that I’ll be by your side.”


“I only love it when you touch me and not feel me, when I’m fucked up that’s the real me”

“Please, be quiet”

Fine, come over here and make me

You didn’t expect him to do anything but when he got up and pressed his lips to yours it was fair to say you were surprised.

“I have been waiting forever to do that.” He whispered resting his forehead on yours.

“What took you so long?” You replied before kissing him again.

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Congratulation on your grades!! So I want the same grades like you. I try and try but I don't get the grade that I want. Either it's my study method or I'm not college material.

Thanks! And I have some tips to hopefully help you out!

I keep really close track of what I’m getting on EVERYTHING in a class - I’m the person who will do the math to know exactly what I’m getting in a class and what I need to get on certain exams and assignments to get the grade I want. Sometimes this might be stressful if you aren’t doing as well as you want, but this really helps you gauge exactly how much you should be studying for each class to get close to the grades you want
Develop a consistent studying method - Once I find a way to study for a class that works for a class, I’ll stick to it for the whole semester. Here are some guides I’ve written that might help you with studying and taking exams! (But remember that everyone studies differently, so try out some different methods to see what works best for you)

Try to become friends with your professors - If you know your professors well, they’re much more likely to help you out compared to the kid who sits in the back, never says anything in class, and refuses to visit office hours. I know that speaking up in class and going to office hours causes anxiety for some people, but trust me when I say that I used to suffer from severe anxiety in class but after forcing myself to do and say things I normally wouldn’t, everything is SO much easier now. Plus, by visiting office hours and talking during class, you’re showing that you really want to do well in the class, and your professors will notice this. 
Accept that some classes are just hard and just because you didn’t get an A it doesn’t  mean you’re dumb - Some classes are hard and no matter how hard you study you might still not get an A. That’s okay! You don’t need straight As to be a good student. I don’t always have straight As; this semester I did really well because I was taking classes specifically for both my majors so I already knew a lot of things about the subjects and since they were for my majors, I knew what to expect and how to study for them. 

Good luck! I hope that these help you and you can get closer to where you want to be! 

Day 9 / 100 | August 23rd
Featuring my leisure reading and Molly Moon, my ridiculous cat. 🐱
Finished and submitted my differential equations assignment. Why do they keep chucking physics questions in? Am I going to need to know physics for the exam?

If you haven’t read Ironskin by Tina Connolly, then you should. It is fantastic. I’m also really enjoying The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card. It’s nice to read something other than journal articles and textbooks occasionally. 📚

radioactivepigeons replied to your post “I finally finished my Physical Chemistry Assignment”

I found the equation editor in word or using latex could be easier sometimes than hand writing. Although it can be harder, depending on how you think through math

I should look into that.

Writing out long chemical equations or long repetitive calculations takes me minutes when it takes most people seconds. So it would probably help if I can find a program that can do that easily.

Ashton Irwin- Janitor's Closet

Request: Could you do one where you and Ashton go to a prep-school and you guys are both innocent but somehow you guys skip class and then end up having sex Idk where but things get heated but awkward at first because you’re both virgins


How could I forget about Mr. Simmons math test? I wrote it down in my assignment book, I wrote it on my calendar and I put a sticky note in my textbook! How could I forget? I sat in my English class debating about what I should do. As soon as lunch ends, I have this math test that I didn’t study for. I could always skip, but I’ve never skipped class before. Granted, I’ve always studied for my tests, except for this one time. I could skip. How can I get caught? Plus, it will give me a night to study for it. I smiled and sat back in my seat. Wow, I can’t believe I’m going to skip my first class ever. Suddenly, my best friend, Ashton, sat down next to me.

“Hey, Y/N, you ready for that math test?” He asked and pulled out his lunch from his backpack.

I shook my head, “I’m not going to class.”

“What?” He stopped moving.

“I forgot about the test, so I’m not going to go.”

“Hold on, you? Skip class? No way.” He shook his head and put his lunch on the table.

I chuckled, “No seriously. I’m not going.”

“Well, if you’re not going, then I’m not going.”


“What’s the point? Plus, I didn’t study either.”

We both shared a laugh and continued to eat our lunch. I have to admit, I’m kind of nervous to skip class. Is there a way we can get caught? I mean, I’ve never heard of anyone getting in trouble for cutting class. Yes again, I’m not friends with any troublemakers. The bell rang, indicating that lunch was over and we had to go to our next class. Ashton and I threw out what was left of our lunches and we headed towards the library.

“Shit.” Ashton muttered before grabbing my arm and pulling me into the janitor’s closet.

I glared at him, “What?”

“Our math teacher was walking towards us, so we had to hide.”

I sat down on a table that was in the middle of the room and set my backpack down, “Might as well just stay in here.”

He shrugged and locked the door.

“Why’d you lock the door?”

“So no one walks in and sees two students who are supposed to be in class.” He hopped on the table and sat next to me.

I leaned my head on his shoulder and sighed, “What are we going to do for an hour?”

“We could do homework.” Ashton suggested.

“No way. We didn’t skip class to do work for other classes. Come on, this of something spontaneous.”

Ashton hopped off the table and paced the room, “We could hook up.”

I laughed, “Yeah, right.”

“No, I’m serious. Think about it, we’ve both never done it. You want to be spontaneous, this is pretty spontaneous. Plus how cool would it be to lose your virginity in a closet?”

I tapped my fingers on the table, “I mean, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.”

Ashton stepped towards me, “If you don’t want to, I understand. I mean, losing your virginity is important.”

“How do you know I’m a virgin?”

“Please, the only thing you have close to a boyfriend is me.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him.

“Sorry, harsh words. But seriously, if you don’t want to-“

I cut him off my pulling his shirt closer to me and smashing my lips into his. He was taken a bit by surprising seeing as he didn’t kiss back at first. But then, he reached around my waist and held me tight to him. I wrapped my legs around my waist, pulling him close to me. This feels very…different. Never in a million years did I think I was going to hook up with my best friend in a janitor’s closet in school. Ashton’s lip on mine felt good; it made my lips tingle. He traced his hands up and down my waist, sometimes sticking a hand under my shirt. He’s a virgin too, so this is weird for both of us. I certainly don’t know what to do. But judging my Ashton’s movement, he does. I don’t want to know how he knows, but I’m damn glad he does.

“Take your shirt off.” I said against his lips.

He pulled away from me and pulled his shirt off of his head. He leaned in to kiss me, but I stopped him. I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it on the ground, leaving me in my bra and leggings. Ashton smiled at me and connected our lips again. My fingers found themselves tangled in his curly hair, holding him close to me. His tongue explored the inside of my mouth, making my stomach erupt into butterflies. Ashton reached down and unbuckled his pants, pushing them down to his ankles. But he left his boxers on, but I’m glad he did. He’s taking it slow, which is good. He connected out lips again and I hopped off the table. I pushed his chest back and pulled my leggings down my legs along with my panties. I couldn’t look up though. I’ve never been exposed like this in front of anyone. And now I’m standing in front of my best friend, almost fully naked.  

“If you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to.” He said.

I shook my head and looked up at him. His eyes locked with mine and I reached behind my back, letting my bra fall to the ground. His lips slightly parted as his eyes roamed my fully naked body. I stepped forward and reached up, wrapping an arm around his neck. My other hand played with the waistband of his boxers, “Take them off.”

He swallowed hard and nodded, stepping back from me. He pulled his pants down and my eyes widened at his member. That…is supposed to fit inside me? He walked towards me and connected our lips again, “I don’t know why we’re doing this.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Your first time should be in a bed with rose pedals and shit.”


“Because that’s what you deserve.”

“All I want it you, Ashton.” I leaned up and connected our lips again. He pressed his hand to the small of my back, pushing me closer to him. He picked me up and sat me down on the table.

“You need to be wet or else it will hurt more.” Ashton said.

I nodded and he reached down, slipping a finger between my folds. I gasped at the foreign feeling, but I let him continue. He rubbed his finger of a specific spot that made a bubbling feeling rise in the pit of my stomach. After a few more seconds of rubbing, Ashton moved his hand away. I groaned at the course of his actions and he chuckled. He pushed my legs apart and lined himself up with my entrance. I suddenly became aware of what was happening and my breathing hitched.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, just a little nervous.”

“If at any time you want me to stop, tell me.” He reassured me.

I nodded, “Okay, go ahead.”

He pushed himself inside of me and I winced in pain. Holy shit, this really fucking hurts. He stayed inside, not moving, letting me adjust. This feels so weird and uncomfortable. He moved out of me, and then slowly back in. It was still painful, but not as bad as the first one. He pulled out of me again, and then back in again. He did this a few time before the pain went away. Instead, it began to feel…good. His head hit a spot he hasn’t hit yet and I moaned. He hit it again and again and again. I moaned his name with every breath I let out. It felt so good; a bubbling feeling began to rise in the pit of my stomach once again. What is that?

“Shit, Y/N.” He moaned in my ear.

I smiled at the effect him having on him. He finds this just as pleasurable as I do. He kept moaning my name until he finally came undone. His thrusts were a bit sloppier until he pulled out of me. He got down on his knees and came face to face with my throbbing center.

“That was so-” I began to say, but he cut me off my placing his tongue between my folds. I gasped and laid down on the table. He licked up and down, his tongue grazing a nub that was extremely sensitive. He started to suck on the little nub and I moaned and arched my back off the table. Wow, this feels so good. The feeling started to rise again and I was suddenly curious as to how much of this feeling I could take. My legs began to shake and I bucked my hips involuntarily. He gripped my hips so I was pinned down to the table. “Oh my God.” I moaned and the feeling became more and more powerful. But suddenly, the feeling became too much and I screamed out Ashton’s name. He licked up me once more before pulling back and standing up.

“How was that?” He asked?

I tried to speak, but I couldn’t. I was too out of breath, so I could only nod at him. He smiled and leaned down, placing a kiss on my lips.

“You’re going to call me after this right?” He joked.

“Don’t be clingy.” I replied and we both laughed.

The bell rang indicating that math class was over and we had to go to our next class. We quickly got dressed and headed to our next class, hand in hand.

- Brooke XD

Not So Nerdy - Luke Imagine

I wandered into my most dreaded class… Maths. I sat next to my best friend Michael. “Hey, Y/N. Prepared for torture.” He joked, I smiled shaking my head. “Torture would be nice after this class.” I replied, the teacher gave me a harsh glare. I sunk into my seat, hiding from her eyes. “Okay class today we will be beginning a new assignment. This one is a partner assignment.” There was a collective groan from the entire class. “And I’ve assigned partners to each of you.” The groan continued, she quietened us with a single glare. She went through the pairs, “Michael and Calum.” I sighed, great… All my first choices of a partner were gone. “Luke… Hemmings and Y/N.” I groaned, Michael chuckled beside me. “Sucked in.” He nudged me, I shoved him back. 

Michael moved to Calum’s desk, Luke moved to Michael’s spot. “H-Hi. Y/N.” He stuttered, pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose. “Hey, Luke.” I said cautiously, he smiled nervously. “Should we start?” He asked reading through the assignments. “Uh, just one thing. I’m terrible at maths.” I said nervously. “That’s okay, I’ll help you.” He said, I nodded. 

We worked… Well he worked while I tried to figure out what he was doing. “So this afternoon is fine?” He asked, I nodded. “Yeah I can come over to do this assignment.” I said before we went our separate ways.

I stood at my locker, thinking about the last lesson. Luke wasn’t too bad just he was so shy. “So how was Maths with Mr. Nerd?” Michael teased, I smiled at his nickname. “It was okay, he’s just shy. I’m going over to his place now… Yay… I’ll try to get to your house after.” I explained, he nodded. “Okay, bye. Y/N.” Michael said walking away. “Oi! Get back here Clifford. Give a girl a real hug.” I yelled back, he laughed coming back to me. He wrapped his arms around me lifting me off the ground. “Mike, stop! Put me down.” I laughed grabbing his shoulders, he lowered me to the ground. “Mr. Nerd six o'clock.” He whispered in my ear. “Go home Michael. I’ll be around yours later.” I said, waving at him. “Hey Luke.” I said as Luke came up to me. “Hey Y/N. You ready?" 

"Yeah. Let’s go.” I said swinging my bag onto my shoulder. 

Luke and I wandered out to the car park. I felt really awkward around Luke but I couldn’t figure out why. I had always hung out with boys, they were better to get along with. I looked over at Luke as he drove, maybe it was the glasses. I took note of the music that was playing, Luke’s lips moving with every word. “Who’s this singing?” I asked, he smiled. “Uh… Me.” I frowned confused, he didn’t look like the type of guy to sing like this. “Really? It’s really good.” I said, he glanced over at me. His blue eyes catching mine, I never noticed how blue they were. “Thank you. Do you sing?” He asked, I shook my head. “No but my best friends Michael and Calum do.” I said, as soon as the words left my mouth I realized I shouldn’t have said them. “Do they play instruments?” He asked, there was no going back now. “Mike plays guitar and Cal plays bass. Is this an original?” I asked diverting the conversation back to Luke. “Yeah it is. So Michael and Calum would play in a band?” He asked, I shrugged. Michael and Calum played music together but I didn’t know if they were serious. Luke must’ve noticed my discomfort and stopped the conversation. Luckily we pulled up at his house a few minutes later.

We went into his house, spreading out all of our stuff. “Y/N, I hear you’re really good at English?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Uh I guess why?" 

"Can we make a deal, I’ll tutor you in maths and you tutor me in English because I’m on the border of failing and I would prefer to not fail.” He explained, I shrugged. “Sure, thank you for this.” I said, looking down at my notes… Which to me were just numbers and letters on a page.

Luke and I worked on the assignment until it was finished, we had moved into his bedroom when his brothers came home. I was surprised, it was covered in band posters and two guitars leant against the wall among other things.

I looked at the clock seeing it was pretty late and I should’ve been at Michael’s hours ago. “I should go.” I said quickly, Luke’s hand caught my wrist. “Wait, I have a question.” He said, he pulled me back onto his bed. “Okay, sure." 

"Are you dating Michael Clifford?” He asked, suddenly looking sad. “Uh… No. We’re just best friends.” I said shakily, he smiled at me. “Okay… Um… Here’s the thing Y/N…. I…. Uh like you. I’ve had a crush on you since I first saw you.” He said, it shocked me. “Wow… Wasn’t expecting that.” I said shocked, his smile faltered. “It’s okay if you don’t like me… I just wanted to tell you." 

"Luke, just from getting to know you today… I like you, you’re not so nerdy after all.” I said moving closer to him. His arm moved around my back, pulling me close. “Can I - can I kiss you?” He asked nervously, I smiled. He leaned in close to me, his forehead pressed to mine. “Wait.” I pulled back, my hands pulling his glasses off his face. He was even more attractive without his glasses… He looked sexily smart and now he just looks sexy. I put his glasses down on the bed and returned to our previous position. He pressed his lips to mine, soft and plump like I’d imagined. I suddenly pulled away when his hands wandered a little too far. “Okay I really should get going.” I said, he looked up at me innocently. “Did I do something wrong?" 

"No, I just need to go.” I said standing up, he stood up in front of me. “Do you want me to drive you home?” He asked, I shrugged “Sure.” I said getting my stuff. 

Luke drove me to Michael’s house. “So tomorrow for English?” I asked, leaning in the window of his car. “See you then. Bye Y/N." And with that he drove off. I spun around to be met with Michael. “Hey, Mike.” I said casually, he frowned confused. “Hey Y/N.” He said watching Luke’s car down the street… he had a look on his face. One I’d only seen once before and that was during a truth or dare game a few years ago when I had to kiss Calum. “Michael, are- are you jealous?” I asked shocked, he looked back down at me. “A bit yeah. He gets to hang out with you and I don’t.”

“Michael… study together. I’m helping him with English and he’s helping me with Maths. That’s it.” I said, ignoring the detail of our kiss… I wasn’t going to lie it was a good kiss. “Did you kiss him?”

“I – yes. I did. Does it matter?” I asked harshly, he sighed shaking his head. “If he hurts you I swear… I don’t care if he’s a nerd. I’ll still kick his ass.” He said hugging me close, I laughed into his chest. “So what else did you and Mr. Nerd do?”

“Maths… and I also learnt he’s not that different from you and Calum… apart from the fact that he can actually do maths.” I joked, he nodded. “How is he like us?”

“He sings and plays guitar.” I explained. “We’ll see. Anyway are you seeing him again after tomorrow?”

“Maybe… Come on let’s just go inside.” I said, Michael’s arm wrapped around me pulling me close to his side.

Michael and I spent a few hours talking until I had to go home. It was weird though… Michael was acting weird, like he didn’t like the idea of Luke and I. I still dindt know how I felt about him yet. We’ll see.

A/N: Okay… this was rubbish… i am so sorry i have wasted your time… but I may or may not do a part 2 to this (writer’s block is slowly killing me) I’m running out of ideas here people!!! Haha :) 

~ Lucy 

School story time

In grade seven, my science teacher pronounced my name correctly for the first half of the year, but then incorrectly for the rest no matter how many times I corrected him.

In grade eight, my science teacher claimed God was not real and that, “when you die, you are worm dirt.” I am not religious, but this made me uncomfortable as this teacher did not let us express our own opinions.

In grade nine, I was an art minor in an arts program school and was sketching some kind of anime drawing in my sketchbook before class started. The teacher walked up behind me, took a look in my sketchbook, and said, “you are not an artist.”

In grade eleven, I failed math because I, “did not hand in two out of four of my major assignments.” One of which, I handed in when a friend was also handing it in; she saw me give it to him and she was there when he said he could not find it. The second one which I had gotten where the deadline was two days after my grandmother died. After getting back into the habit of school for taking a couple of days off, I handed in my assignment which was excused as late due to the predicaments, realized I gave him the wrong assignment, went to give him the correct one where I was greeted with a shrug of the shoulders and, “you should have given me the right assignment.” I still do not know to this day what I gave him; I never got it back.

In grade twelve, my math teacher would say my name like a cat’s meow. On the first day, he turned to some poc students and asked, “can you understand me? Do you speak English?”

In grade nine, I had a drama teacher who was outgoing, quirky, and fun to work with. She had her, “teachable moments,” where she would squat down and make a T with her hands.

In grade eleven, I had a drama teacher who would have days where she had everyone sit down and just talk. She was open to our suggestions and while she was very critical, she was an amazing teacher.

In grade twelve and during my extra semester the year after, I had a drama teacher who was chill and easy to work with. He was not an easy person to please but he made you want to do the work. He was funny and got along well with the students(even though he usually intimidated grade nines, as he did me, without even doing anything), and he gave me the opportunity to help teach as a teacher I would have wanted to have when I was not supposed to be doing so for him, and instead another teacher. It was a fortunate mistake.

In my last semester of high school, I had a co-op teacher who was also my peer tutoring representative teacher. He was open to creativity and put faith in his students and ended up being a big part of why I made it into the college I did. He was marvelous and helped me in the workforce, and I’ll always be grateful for his recommendation.

There are questionable teachers but there are great teachers as well. Children cannot have their hands held for their whole lives, but as a teacher, it should be important to give students the opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve. A teacher who belittles their students will not be forgotten just as a teacher who praised their students will not be either.


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hello i started my 1st year of architecture school this month and i feel like im the dumbest person in my studio:/ like everyone knows what to do meanwhile im just there. I ask my instructor questions and my classmates too but i feel im still wayy behind. Just today i felt so sad and frustrated idk... did you ever feel like this in your first year or should i consider dropping out of arch? I knew it wouldnt be easy but is it normal to feel this lost when i just started? thanks anyways

I was just like you my first year, I was good at artistic drawing and math but had no knowledge of anything else. I will never forget our first design studio assignment where we had to build a model of an assigned important building in NYC. I showed up with my foam core model of the MoMA, badly built without curtain walls, frayed edges and drawn things on the surfaces and someone else showed up with a beautiful professional grade model of the old Whitney Museum that even had a working light bulb inside!

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