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reasons why season 3 episode 5 “good form” is iconic and unforgettable:

- the mcfreaking ponytail that changed my life

- david saying “you’d have liked my brother” as his version of a Sick Burn & killian saying “you’d have liked my brother” bc his brother was his hero & idol Jokes On You, David Nolan,

- that one bit where david literally swoons into killians arms

- “you couldnt handle it” “maybe YOU couldn’t handle it” SmoothTM and SuaveTM CombacksTM property of captain killian jones

- davids happy golden retriever face when the poison drains out of his system

- “im not complaining” “ok, im complaining”

- when ur stuck in the amazonian rainforest saving ur abducted kid so instead of a Romantique First KissTM u just gotta go for some hardcore making out in the middle of the jungle instead

- & then leave the not-quite-bae staring into space for like 10 minutes afterwards like a lovestruck Fool while u go get stuff done

- u kno waht? rudolph the red eared pirate tbh

- also t b h smol leftenant jones??? biggest nerd in his majesty’s service??? bless his awkward heart

- when david thinks hes Gonna Die & hugs emma real tight n emmas like ????????????????? dad ur bein Extra & weird & davids just like ‘haha no this is my Normal Dad Reflex what r u talkin abt”

- snow: david r u sure everythings ok 

- david, close 2 Tears but laughing nervously: yah im fine i just LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!!! not dying at all!!!!! cool!!!! let me hug u one last time. i mean one MORE time, hha, haha,,,

- The Princess Bride ReferenceTM

- davids Dad Smile when hes like “hook saved my life” & everyones like REALLY???? FORREAL??? that part was pure   

- anyways this was a good ep i should watch it again

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“You’d think the science building would be better planned than this,” Ford says, walking you down the hall after your last class. “I mean, one bathroom, hidden up on the third floor, where nobody even goes anymore? It’s ridiculous. And this university is supposed to carry some significance for its science and research programs? I’m sorry, that’s just bad planning.” He vented.

You listened, amused, about to speak before being interrupted by a cough.

He looked at you with concern. “I’m sorry, I know it’s everything you’ve said to me a hundred times. It’s just ridiculous you had to choose between getting to your test on time and using the restroom. Do you want me to talk to write a letter to the dean? I know it has been several years, but I’m sure I still have some sway in the research world, especially with my upcoming publications.”

You tell him maybe later, and he nods.

“Good. I’ll get started on that after you recover, then. For now, it’s all about getting you healthy. I called Stan and got the recipe for Ma’s chicken noodle soup for sick days. He told me to just pick up any can, but I worked him down to giving me the old recipe instead.”

Ford looked proud of himself for out-talking his persuasive brother. You wanted to say something but your throat is dying and you fear any extra sounds will make you devolve into another coughing fit. So you just smile and encourage him with a nod.

“And after that, well, I’ve been reading up on many different websites that comment on the best way to beat back various ills and sicknesses. After checking your symptoms into something called ‘Web M.D.’ I—what?”

You started shaking your head at him quickly. You pull out a sticky note and write out that Web M.D. is notoriously unreliable. Ford scratches his chin as he ponders this latest development.

“Thank you for that warning, my dear. I shall have to reconsider a few of the contingencies for today. However, I do believe that some of the most common ways to beat colds (or whatever you have, not according to the website fake doctor, thank you) is to get plenty of rest and fluids.”

You started to shake your head and turn your backpack around to show him the (heavy) books inside.

“No, I know what you’re thinking. Homework, right? Well, I’ll read your assigned chapters out loud while you lay down. You can type notes if you wish, but you’re not straining your eyes, alright? I don’t think you should do anything that will make you worse.”

You make a disgruntled sound in your throat (that, thankfully, does not set off more coughing) and he wags a finger at you in response. “Nuh-uh. I’m serious. You’re going home, and I will assist you with homework after I make you some dinner. No serious work, though. Your health comes first, then your schoolwork. Deal?”

You give him a small smile of gratitude.

Thank goodness Ford will never let you down.

Okay so slightly longer than a blurb. Here ya go. Mostly the crappy layout of your building and lack of restrooms for women made me mad and Ford mad on your behalf. 


Happy Bellarke Fam Selfie Night!! I didn’t post a pic last week because I was sick but I’m happy to be back to post a selfie again this week!! Last week’s episode was honestly one of my favourites of the season and I super hyped for tonight’s before we go into our midseason hiatus. I really should be doing Homework and memorizing the 89 lines I need to memorize from Richard The III because I was stupid and picked the longest role for a presentation of a scene lol whoops. What are you all more excited for tonight?

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Can I just say I'm really impressed by you as a college person? I know a lot of people who use Tumblr a lot that are in college and post a lot like "I skipped all my classes today" or "I should be doing homework but here I am on Tumblr" but your most recent post mentioning homework was about watching a new episode after finishing your homework, and I guess with that and other posts you've made I'm just really impressed and thanks for inspiring me :)

Aww… thank you so much! I really try to make sure that I have time to do both things and that I prioritize things properly (most of the time haha); I don’t even let myself draw until I’ve done the things that I know I have to do in a certain timespan.

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Your bullet journal is ace 😩 do you have any tips? I'm just starting haha xx

.hi! thank you so much! i’m still starting out myself and i’m still trying to figure things out. hopefully these tips will help! ;o;

  • If you’re a visual person, then integrate a lot of pictures and color in your bullet journal! 
    • You should use colored pens/pencils and highlighters if you want certain things to stand out (ie. homework, important events, etc.)
    • I like to use washi tape and magazine cutouts and post-it notes to add a visual flair to my journal. And if you’re really inclined to, you can get textured paper as well!
    • I doodle a lot so that could add to the visual flair to your journal
  • This bullet journal is going to be your bible. Get into the mindset that you will write in your bullet journal each day (despite it being a weekend or a day off) and you will complete the tasks you have for that day. This is gonna be very hard, especially if you have a habit for slacking off. I mean, it’s hard for me still, to strictly follow my to-do lists, but you’ll get better as the days go on!
  • As you’re planning out your journal, adding some of your favorite quotes is a great for motivation
  • Search for ideas on Tumblr! Honestly, everyone the studyblr community is so talented with their journals i s2g 
  • If you need more help, here’s my masterpost tag and my inspiration tag.

if you need help getting supplies:

  • any supply store (eg. Target, Walmart, Staples, etc) is great for getting pens/pencils, especially ones with color
  • any Asian stationery store (eg. Daiso, Morning Glory) is great if you want to find washi tape, cute patterned post-it notes, and good quality mechanical pencils. Basically all the cute stickers and such
    • Daiso is especially great because all of the items in their store are $1.50. 
    • idk where you live but finding stores like Daiso and Morning Glory might be difficult depending on where you life…… there’s a lot in California where I live so????
  • Online stores like Amazon or eBay is also great to find cheap supplies.

hope this answers your question! Let me know if you have any other questions; message me any time!

you: wow i havent started on this homework assignment that’s due tomorrow and will only take me twenty minutes haha i’m such a procrastinator

me, the person who has literally not started on an assignment that was due six days ago that should have taken me days to do because of the requirements it entails but is still gonna try to get it done in one night and hand it in the morning: can’t relate

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i've been doing homework for nine hours straight bc procrastination is an absolute bitch and my hand is so sore and it's 4AM and i think my hand is going to fall off soon ahhhhhh i have two worksheets left and they're about science and i don't like science bleh

ehhhh sorry love, but you should get off tumblr haha💙💙

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Hello, i wanted to ask for the take in! Au what if star ask tom and marco how they first kiss was, maybe it was so romantic or really awkward or maybe both. Maybe they weren't even dating.

Sure I can! I love Tomco first kisses! I think it’s so cute! This entire story is sort of like a flashback, I hope you like it!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/160351197057/ohhhh-boiiii-i-need-more-take-in-au-pleeeease

“Just shut up.” Tom crossed his arms and Marco looked confused. Tom groaned. “I know you don’t really want to hang out with me! So why are you here? You already took Star from me, are you just here to laugh at me or make fun of me?” Tom seethed.

“No!” Marco assured. “I just thought… I thought we had fun that one night, with Mackie Hand and stuff… Aren’t we friends now?” Marco asked.

“Just because we hung out ONCE doesn’t make us friends.” Tom told the human. “Besides, you hate me.” He added. Tom seemed to say this with a little bit of sadness in his voice.

“I don’t hate you!” Marco defended. Tom looked up curiously and Marco beamed. “I… I actually think you’re really cool. And I’m sorry you feel that way about me but… I just… I’ll go.” Marco sighed and went to leave. Tom stopped him.

“No wait!” he called. Tom then fell back, rubbing the back of his head. “I guess I was being a bit unfair. I didn’t mean to be so cold I just…” Tom trailed off and looked down at his hands. “I don’t have many friends… I’m not really good at making friends I sort of just try and push people away because… I don’t know.” Tom mumbled.

“It’s okay.” Marco assured. “I think you deserve a friend and I think we can get along really well, if you want to try again.” he offered. Tom smiled a bit.

“I would actually like that. Maybe we can hang out without any ulterior motives.” He laughed a bit at himself and Marco giggled. Tom then blushed a tiny bit and motioned to his carriage. “You wanna come inside? We can play some ping pong or… listen to music and stuff.” he offered. Marco nodded and the boys stepped inside.

“I still can’t believe your carriage is this awesome.” Marco mused. Tom then blushed very deeply and laughed a bit.

“Well uhm… to tell the truth… it wasn’t like this for all that long. I sort of set it up really nice for our night together because… I wanted you to have a good time.” Tom rambled. “Most of this stuff is never here.” Tom admitted, with his face growing redder. Marco laughed a tiny bit and Tom grumbled, looking away. “Stop laughing!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Marco wheezed. “It’s just really cute.” he giggled. Tom’s ears perked up and he looked over, blushing even more.

“C-cute?” he asked.

“Well, yeah!” Marco giggled. “You’re like a kid in school trying to impress the popular kids.” He teased. “But you don’t need to impress anyone, I think you’re fine the way you are.” Marco crossed his arms and spoke in a bit of a joking tone, but this made Tom stop and think for a long moment.

“R-really?” he asked quietly. Marco turned around and nodded, tucking his hair behind his ear. “Th-thanks Marco.” Tom added. “Thank you.” Marco smiled and the two boys continued hanging out. They played video games, ping pong, but mostly joked and teased each other. But as the night went on the jokes started to sound more like flirting.

“I’m really happy you gave me a second chance.” Marco said, with his mouthful of snack food. Tom looked confused.

“But I was the one who tricked you.” he reminded. Marco nodded and shrugged.

“Well… yeah but, I wasn’t all that nice to you either. Even though you weren’t there to hear all of it, I said some mean stuff about you without knowing your full story. And it wasn’t fair. I like you, a lot, and I’m glad we decided to be friends.” Marco explained. Tom stared for a long time before looking down at his game controller shyly.

“Th-thank you, Marco.” He said for the second time. “I-I feel the same way.” Tom told the human. “I-I like you a lot too… like… I like you a LOT.” He grinned. “So I’m happy that e decided to… you know hang out… because I like you and I uhm… it’s just nice when I see you and I can’t really explain why but… I just… you seem so… Oh god I’m so stupid.” Tom put his head down and Marco laughed.

“No you aren’t. I’m bad with words too I just… I actually don’t know why I feel so together right now. Usually I’m anxious or falling apart, or nervous.” Marco laughed at himself. “But I feel fine when I hang out with you…” He blushed deeply as soon as he realized what he said. “I mean! Y-you’re just good company is all! I uhm… Oh man… I just… you’re really uhhh…” Marco gulped and Tom gave a shy smile.

“It’s okay Marco, I get it.” He assured. Marco sighed in relief and the two looked down at the floor, unsure of what else to say. Tom looked up about to speak, only to realize he was speaking at the same time as Marco. “Oh sorry, you go.” He tried.

“No, no, you say your thing first.” Marco urged. Tom nodded and rubbed the back of his head, blushing again.

“I uhm… w-what’s your favorite fruit?” Tom asked. Marco burst out laughing.

“Is that the best thing you could come up with to break the ice?” He asked. Tom bit his lip and shrugged sheepishly. Marco scooted closer. “Strawberries.” He responded. Tom grinned, showing off his sharp teeth.

“M-me too.” He responded.

“Really?” Marco asked. Tom looked down.

“No not really I just felt like it was the right thing to say.” Tom confessed. Marco laughed and soon the demon joined in. When their giggles died down the two boys were left staring at each other, a bit closer than they were before. Without much thought or hesitation both boys moved in and kissed. But as soon as it happened they ripped away.

“Oh!” Tom gasped. “Woops…” Was all he could muster. Marco bit his lip.

“Uh-oh… haha…” He laughed nervously. “That wasn’t…?”

“No!” Tom assured him of the unspoken question. “It wasn’t like… that was just… no.” Tom shook his head. “You should go.” He added way too fast. Marco nodded and scrambled to his feet.

“Yeah I have… homework to do and I… bye Tom!” Marco yelled, before darting out of the carriage.

celebratory aph denmark because it was our first badminton match of the season and we won by a huge margin but oh man it was exhausting

afterwards we played our boys tennis team (they challenge us every year thinking they’re the shit and then we destroy them) so that was a lot of fun and we ordered pizza!! but i’m so totally drained of energy right now i just wanna hibernate for a while or something

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Can I please have a Brad imagine where I'mbeing bullied at school because everyone thinks that I'm lying about dating Brad, but then the boys surprise me during class or something? Thanks gorgeous! Your blog is my life :) <3 xxx

Aw thank you xxx

Brad imagine, people at school don’t think you’re dating him; 

“Nice sweater! Did your boyfriend give it to you??” A girl sneers. You frown and pull the sleeves of Brad;s sweater down. “Yes….” You mumble. The girl and her friends all laugh. “Oh. I’m sure… Because a girl like you could date a guy like him” She says sarcastically. “I’m not lying” You protest. This has been going on for a few weeks. Ever since you posted a picture on your instagram of you and Brad together. Everyone just thinks you’re faking it to get attention. You sigh and walk around the bullies then make your way to the gymnasium for the assembly that’s starting soon. You sit down on the bleachers away from the bullies. Once everyone is settled, the principal goes to the microphone. “We have some special guests joining us today… Please help me welcome The Vamps!” Your principal chants. Your heart stops as you watch your boyfriend and his band emerge. Most of the people cheer, but the bullies all snicker in your direction. Brad walks up to the mic and smiles. "Hello everyone. How are you all doing today?” He asks. The audience cheers in response. He smiles and glances at the boys while they set up their equipment. “We’re going to play a song for you guys before the assembly continues… This is called High Hopes. And it’s dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend Y/N. Love you baby” He winks at you after say that. You feel every set of eyes landing on you, making your cheeks heat up. As the song starts, you can see the jaws of all the bullies drop at what they just witnessed. You send them a mocking smirk then listen to your boyfriend preform. Once the song is finished, Brad invites you up with him. You shyly make your way to him. He grins as he wraps an arm around your waist and kisses your temple. “We’ll preform one more song at the end of the assembly, but until then.. Please give your attention back to your principal” James says, stepping back. The boys all shuffle back into the gym teacher’s office to allow the assembly to continue. Brad, of course, pulls you with him. Once the door to the office is shut, you hug him tightly. “I didn’t know you would be here” You mumble. He chuckles and wraps his arms around you. “We wanted it to be a surprise… Besides. We heard about the girls picking on you, so we thought we’d stop by and show them that I am your boyfriend” He replies, kissing your head. You smile and rest your head onto his chest. “Thank you… I love you” You whisper. He smiles wider. “I love you too" 

~I should be doing homework… Haha I’ll do it later- maybe..

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ohhh haha it was, "are you my homework? cause I'm not doing you, but I definitely should be" or, alternatively, "I'm gonna treat you like my homework, slam you on the table and do you all night long"

Both wonderful options thank u I lov them

catching up on rock of ages II while doing homework, and when jack was fighting henry VIII, he said something that made me giggle.

…ummm. jack? mini history lesson here, bud.

back in 1534, after being denied a divorce from his wife (catherine of aragon) by the pope and excommunicated/exiled from the catholic church, henry literally made his own church - the church of england - so he could divorce himself with no complaints.

so, yeah, he was pretty damn good at getting around things. XD

if im still standing

summary: in which Juvia falls in love with a god. And she’s not just saying that figuratively, apparently, he is an actual, full-fledged god. noragami au. yes. fight me pls.

Pairings: gruvia, gajevy, GRAVY BROTP, jerza, nalu

Sidenote: has…has this been done yet…pRObAbly???  also the line break is definitely stolen from one of my fave movies of all time yes goodbye


day one.


It’s very few days that the sun decides to dip down in rays, like little holes in the cloud layers that let out filtered droplets of sunshine in fabulous columns.

It was a beautiful sight, especially on a day as dull as Thursday.

Juvia admired the sunlight shafts with interest. Even though they were beautiful and rare, she could smell it in the air. It was going to rain later that day, she could feel it.

“He-ey, Juvia, what are you doing?” Lucy, Juvia’s best friend, asked her, pulling at the gray fabric of her long buttoned jacket impatiently.

“Nothing,” she spoke, pulling the knitted, frayed edge of her cotton-candy blue scarf closer to her mouth, somewhat embarrassed that Lucy had caught her daydreaming.

“I swear,” Lucy drawled, tucking her hands into the oversized pockets of her jacket. “You’re always daydreaming, don’t you ever get tired of living in your own little world?” Lucy’s tone was teasing, but Juvia couldn’t help but feel a jab of insecurity. Lately, she found herself becoming less and less involved in real life, and more and more immersed in the wonders of her imagination. As silly as it sounded, she had a habit of getting lost in her thoughts.

“Not really. I’m pretty good at keeping it interesting.” Juvia lightly joked, but still, she nursed her wounded pride silently on their way to school.

Was it really wrong to wish that you lived somewhere else, somewhere where anything was possible?

Her answer was the quiet, dull screaming of the subway train. It was the same every day, the same train, the same screeching halt, the same stop, the same people.

Like a song stuck on repeat, she bobs her head to the beat of the music, wondering if someone would ever come along and change the tune.


[de profundis clamo ad te, domine]


“It’s really terrible that they happened to let you sit by a window.” Lucy snorted on the walk home, she had a habit of walking along the sidewalk, balancing on the risen pavement like it was a sort of high-stakes task that took all of her concentration.

“Hmm,” Juvia mumbled in agreement. She had lost track of pre-calc so many times she was beginning to wonder if maybe she really did have an imagination problem.

“Aw,” Lucy suddenly spoke, disappointed. “It’s raining.”

Juvia held her hand out. Two raindrops landed onto the back of her knuckles and one slid down the expanse of her wrist, meanwhile the other slid down her middle finger, two completely separate directions for two identical droplets of water. Odd.

“You’re right.” Juvia agreed, tightening her coat and shivering. “We should hurry to the station.”

Lucy nodded in acknowledgement, before hopping off the curb and skipping towards the station stairs a few blocks away.

“So – you know, yesterday Yukino told me something kinda juicy. Remember that guy you used to date, Bora? Well, he got a new girlfriend, and she says that Minerva says that he’s trying to make someone jealous, right? And so I thought – who would he try to make jealous? And then I was like – duh – you! What do you think? Do you…Juvia? Juvia!”

Juvia blinked rapidly an looked Lucy in her wide, chocolate brown eyes.

“Sorry?” She mumbled, noticing the same confused, dumbstruck look on Lucy’s face that she made whenever Juvia had missed something important.

“I don’t get you, Juvia.” She sighed, giving her a sympathetic look before hurrying down the steps to get out of the now heavy rain. The skies darkened, and were long void of those delicate rays of sunshine Juvia had been admiring earlier.

Juvia said nothing in response to Lucy’s comment and only silently followed her down to the subway station.

The station was only moderately full, and Juvia and Lucy wasted no time swiping their cards and scurrying to the benches so they could wallow in the wetness of their clothes and hope that they’d get home soon enough to avoid catching a cold.

“Hm. Do you think that boy’s cute?” Lucy asked, pointing out a young blonde boy in his late teens shuffling up by the cross fire.

“I guess.” Juvia muttered half-heartedly.

Ugh.” Lucy groaned dejectedly, resting her head on Juvia’s damp shoulder in defeat. “You’re hopeless.”

Juvia felt the rise and fall of Lucy’s chest, the comforting repetitiveness was almost soothing, accompanied with the harsh screech of the train.

“Oh, look.” Lucy said, lifting her head and smiling brightly. “Nice timing!”

Twin lights glowed dimly in the cavern between the train station and the subway. Juvia brushed some imaginary dust off of her wet coat and stood up, Lucy mirroring her actions obediently.

“I still think that boy is cute, do you think he’d take me on a date if I asked him?” Lucy wondered, holding a piece of her hair and twirling it next to her cheek, a slight habit of hers when she was smitten.

Juvia tried to make a sound of encouragement, something along the lines of yes, Lucy, you could charm a thousand men with your siren song, or something that might bring comfort to her already distraught best friend, but her gaze stopped at the very edge of the station, where the sharp drop off to the train tracks started.

“Lucy, do you…see…” she whispered, holding her hand out and swiping, to make sure she wasn’t imagining things.

“Uh…what are you doing?” Lucy asked, like Juvia’s actions were unbridled and ludicrous.

“Don’t you…see…?” She asked, wishing she could add one last monosyllabic word to her fractured sentence.


Couldn’t she see him? He was…

The boy was standing, staring out to the opposite end of the corridor ominously, almost like he was going to jump down, to end his life to the speeding of the subway, it’d be quick, painless-

“Hey,” she spoke up, stepping forward and cutting past the ghosts of the people around her. She couldn’t see them – they didn’t matter, only him, only him-

“Juvia, what are you-“

Lucy’s voice became lost in the crowd, along with everything else. Time slowed down, the world stopped, it was just her, and him.

He turned, like he had sensed a minor disturbance in his everyday life and stared at her, eyes as dark as coal and hair like frayed silk. He stared at her, almost as if he could see straight through her, straight through her mind and body and directly into her soul.

Her heart paused, like it was trying to remember what it had been doing just a second ago. Her mouth opened to say something, she didn’t quite know what, but she knew it had to be something.

His head tilted a fraction to the side, studying her, like he was confused. Juvia took a few more steps towards him, the reckless abandon and flurry of strangers behind her long forgotten like a sandcastle too close to the shore.

Her hand reached out almost as if she wanted to grasp him, but he was still ten feet in front of  her.

Then, he stopped short. His head darted back to the subway corridor like he had heard something disturbing.

Then, arms geared back , he stepped forward, three, two, one-

And he jumped.

The train was seconds away, it was going to hit him, oh god, why wasn’t anyone else scared, why wasn’t anybody doing anything?

In the midst of her fear gripping her like a well-endowed sword, she studied the area around her, blank faces, empty voices, it was like no one could see him, n one could see her, the was just an illusion…

She looked down at her hands and felt her breath come in erratc gasps.

Five seconds, five seconds until the train collided with him – what was he doing? Did he have a death wish?

Without thinking, her mind whirred like clockwork and hr legs pumped forward, faster and faster, in tune with the ticking of her heart, five seconds, five seconds to go-

And she jumped.

She collided with the boy, her body making a soft poomf noise as if she had run into a very squishy pillow instead of a human boy.

He looked down at her, stainless black iron eyes blazing. His mouth opened, to yell at her, to scream, but no words came out. She yanked the slippery fabric of his collared jacket so harshly she heard the zipper break. She shove him face-first, in a snowstorm of adrenaline, onto the ground, and jumped on top of him.

One second, one second to go.

Her head ducked, she could smell the grease and steam emitting from the screeching train, no time left, and the last thing she felt before the blackness was a wildfire in the back of her head and a scream- Lucy’s scream – echoing across the gaunt corridors, bouncing off the walls and haunting her memory to the very core.

And then – nothing.


please feel free to murder me for this, will most likely delete in the morning bc katie wtf

also chapter two is already done

fuck me

Oz’s Tea Party

@itstheendandweareallfallingup your wish is my command so look what I finished! Enjoy your fluffy fanfiction because we all know we didn’t get any canon (haha *cries*)

Word Count: 2934 words

True to Glen Baskerville’s word, Oz finds the abyss as it was before Lacie extraordinarily beautiful. He doesn’t think he’ll ever grow tired of its golden light. It’s a shame that time passes so quickly there, his hundred year cycle will be up in what feels like only days - weeks at most. And so he thinks he’ll have to make the most of it.

Not everyone is there - no Sharon or Liam or Gil or Ada or Vincent or Leo - he almost wishes they were because he’d have loved them to be at his tea party. Maybe it wouldn’t quite have been fair to them. Still, there are lots of Oz’s friends attending. Out of all of them, Elliot is by far the loudest.

He grabs Oz by the shirt and holds him up to look him in the eye, (the kid is short, what is he supposed to do?)

“It is evidently summer down here, so please explain to me why you have decided to use winter teas?!” Elliot all but yells at him.

Oz laughs, disentangling himself from Elliot’s strong grip, “We’re using them because people like them, Ell-i-ot.”

Elliot shakes his head in disagreement, “That’s not a good enough reason… You have to have appropriate tea for the occasion! Do you know anything about being a nobleman?”

Oz shrugs, “Not really. I kind of didn’t get the time before, well stuff happened.” He was kind of cast into the abyss before he could really learn anything, after all. Although it was quite different from what it is now; no more broken toy boxes.

Elliot splutters for a moment, he’d almost forgotten all of that, “Well- well!” Clearing his throat, he slowly regains his composure, “Anyway, we should have green teas and the like, instead you decided to go with Earl Grey and Darjeeling! It’s unacceptable!”  

“There’s not really any seasons down here, what’s wrong with winter tea? We could use any tea we want!” Oz begins listing off the seasons and why he likes their different types of tea, “We could have spring teas because they’re refreshing and slightly sweet.”

He counts on his fingers every point of his list “Iced green summer teas because they’re light and cool. White and oolong autumn teas because they’re the perfect mix between summer and winter. Black winter teas are great too! They warm you up with cinnamon and spices. We chose winter because they won the vote.” Oz keeps it to himself that only Alice, Break and Elliot had actually voted - unfortunately for Elliot they won against his green tea.

“Why don’t we use both? Would that satisfy you?”

“That would defeat the point!” Elliot snaps at him, he tries not to be too harsh - it is only tea, after all.

“Well then I guess we’re sticking with winter.” Oz smiles mock-sweetly at Elliot.

Elliot glares at Oz with disdain over his tea choices; there’s not really anything he can do to change it though, and he’s already given Oz a piece of his mind so he stomps off. He always argues with Oz over the most ridiculous things, maybe he sort of finds it fun. He can’t quite decide whether Leo would have punched him under the pretense of correcting his master’s behaviour or if he’d have just ignored them with his head stuck in a book.

Perhaps Leo would have just laughed at the thought of a Nightray and a Vessalius getting along so well. Quite a shame that he wouldn’t get to see it. Elliot thinks that he might as well enjoy the tea party even though the tea may not have been up to standard. It’s beautiful today and the sound of such genuine laughter isn’t one he commonly gets to hear. He revels in it, running off to join in.

Oz watches him fondly, Elliot looks much lighter than he used to. Cheshire sidles up to him, rubbing his face against his legs. The bell on his collar chimes quietly. Oz bends down to stroke Alyss’s beloved pet; Cheshire purrs loudly when Oz scratches at his ears. Alyss runs up to them, hair bouncing behind her and chasing her precious cat back to him.

Behind her, Alice is a little slower, but still making her way over. Cheshire is scooped up in Alyss’s arms when Alice links hers with his. “You can’t just stay all the way over here Oz. It’s your tea party!”

Alyss agrees, “All your friends are here, you should go and have fun with them!” She wanders off back to the table of food. It’s kind of strange to her, being surrounded by people like this. They include her so easily though, jesting and joking around, it’s like she’s known them her entire life.

Beside him Alice bounces excitedly on the balls of her feet, “Come on Oz, let’s go eat all the nice meat that you made!” She starts almost dragging him, smiling up at him with sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks, “I might even save some for you!”

Oz laughs, “Well, given that I made it, it would be mean if you didn’t.”

She waves her finger in his face, “You can’t expect that when you made such good meat!” Alice pulls out a chair, settling in next to Break. Oz pulls out his own chair, quietly sipping his tea as Alice ravages the meat supply and Break does the same to every cake he baked. Since he had made them all, Oz had expected to at least get one; it seems all the food will be gone before everyone gets the chance to try it.

“You know Oz-kun, you actually make pretty good food, I’m surprised.” Break says.

Alice looks almost offended, “Of course he does, Clown. He’s my property after all!”

“Still, it doesn’t match up to Gilbert’s - he was an amazing cook.” The three of them sigh wistfully, Gil’s food was always something to look forward to. Pity that he hadn’t been there to make any - if he had it would truly have been gone in an instant.

“I wish Gil were here, I miss him already,” Oz says, there’s a sad note to his voice. He never did get to spend enough time with Gil - too many things got in the way.

Alice nods, agreeing with him, “Seaweed Head said he’d wait for us Oz - you won’t have to miss him for long!” Alice does her best to remind him of that, to cheer him up. She couldn’t stand to see Oz feeling so low again.

Break distracts both of them, diverting the subject subtly, “Your taste and presentation leaves something to be desired compared to his, Oz-kun.”

Despite the difference in quality, Break finishes off the cakes just as eagerly. Such a sweet tooth. Oz and Alice both tilt their heads in confusion, the off-hand comment about presentation causing it. “How do you know what the cakes look like? Aren’t you blind?”

Break holds up a finger, “I was blind, down here I can see though,” his voice lowers just a little, “if Ojou-sama knew she’d probably force me to learn how to dance.”

“Not to worry Break, I can teach you how to dance even if Sharon isn’t here to,” Lady Shelly whispers in his ear from behind.

Break doesn’t look surprised per se, but it’s clear on his face that he’d momentarily forgotten that she would be here. He twists in his seat to face her, grimace clear in his expression. Lady Shelly offers a hand to him, an invitation to dance with her. Break groans but takes it all the same, she nods over at someone else attending and they start playing an upbeat tune on their flute for them to dance along to.

Guiding gracefully, Lady Shelly takes the lead of their dance. She steps back and forth in time with the beat of the melody, easily avoiding Break’s awkward, clumsy missteps; one would think that he was actually aiming for her toes with how often he nearly crushes them. Oz and Alice giggle quietly.

Lady Shelly murmurs quietly, her voice is as soft as silk, “You did a good job Break, taking care of my daughter.”

He swallows the slight lump in his throat, he can’t say that he doesn’t wish he did a better job, “Thank you, but I can’t say I did. She wanted me to stay longer and that I couldn’t do.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, no one could stay forever. You did a good job.”

Break nods, there’s no arguing with Lady Shelly.

Underneath the golden afternoon sun, Break and Lady Shelly are not the only gleeful dancers (though gleeful isn’t all too accurate for Break, apprehensive suits him far better). Oscar waltzes with his wife, twirling her round and round until she’s dizzy and giggling into his chest. For a moment they’re young again, young and carefree and happy. He trips, stumbling over the child playing at his feet. The child tugs on his trousers, quietly asking to be included. Oscar bends down, grabbing him up onto his shoulders.

The boy looks like him, blond hair and green eyes but with the soft features of Oscar’s wife, he’s about three or four; twenty five years or so in the abyss seems it would only age you that much - maybe it would age you less and he just wanted to age that much. He’s a true Vessalius though, that can’t be doubted. Oscar and Oz had done their fair share of fawning and cooing when they first saw him. The child has them both wrapped around his pinky fingers.

Oscar takes his wife back in his arms with his son still on his shoulders. The child digs his fingers into Oscar’s hair to hold on, Oscar winces slightly at the tugging then grins. His hands are firmly planted on his wife’s waist as they step in time to the music, right, forward, left, back, right, forward, left, back. Oscar holds his hand up, his wife’s own soft ones in his, he spins her. She almost bumps into Elliot but Oscar pulls him back to her just before.

Slightly startled, Elliot’s attention snaps from his attempt to stroke the still-purring Cheshire. He ducks back down towards the cat, reaching out to stroke him. Something blocks the warmth of the sun from his back, casting a shadow over him. Elliot looks up to find Alyss looming over him.

“I bet he’ll let you pet him if you dance with me,” her voice is almost a song, bubbling over with simple joy.

Elliot straightens himself up, taking the hand she holds out toward him. Alyss leads him to the dance floor, surprising both of them when she actually dances well. It’s almost peaceful, dancing. How long had it even been since he last danced?

Although Elliot would still rather say almost - if only for Rufus Barma’s untamed version of a dance. Waving one’s arms wildly and leaping around isn’t exactly a conventional dance. Especially not when it’s so out of time and style compared to the music. Elliot sighs.

“What’s wrong?” Alyss asks him, suddenly unsure of whether he actually wanted to dance with her.

He inclines his head in Barma’s direction, Alyss glances at him, raising a hand to her mouth to muffle her quiet laughter. It quickly turns to a scowl when Barma knocks into Oz. Oz goes flying - near enough - landing some feet away on his back. Although he props himself up on his elbows laughing, Alyss pulls away from Elliot.

She grabs Cheshire up to her chest and marches determinedly toward Barma. Her finger is pointed accusingly in his face, “How dare you hurt my precious black rabbit Oz! Get him Cheshire!”

The cat starts clawing and hissing at Barma, taking swipes at his face with his front paws. Elliot strides up to them, takes the cat in his arms and tells it off. Cheshire stops scratching at Barma. Oz stands up, brushing himself down.

Oz directs a beaming smile in Alyss’ direction, “It’s alright Alyss, why don’t we go explore? We haven’t done that yet.”

Elliot nods his head, “I’ll come with you, it sounds like fun.” He pats his arm, offering it for Alyss to take. She links arms with him.

The three of them are about to set off as the child comes barrelling into Oz’s legs, Oscar’s son grins cheekily up at them, “I wanna explore too!” He bounces up, still clinging to his cousin’s leg.

Oz laughs and takes his hand, “Okay then, let’s go!”

Someone jostles into his other side, when Oz turns to see who it is he finds himself face to face with Alice. She doesn’t even have to say the words for him to know that she wants to tag along too.  

“Last one to the top of the hill is a rotten egg!”

They race up the hill, sprinting at full speed. Almost all of them are doubled over, panting and out of breath, by the time they make it even half way up the hill. Oz has taken to giving up and flinging himself down into the grass. It’s so much steeper than he’d first thought. It vaguely reminds him of his childhood spent running around with Gil and Ada.

Alice stands triumphantly at the top, laughing proudly at herself and the weaklings who couldn’t even run up a little hill. She wasn’t going to be a rotten egg, not at all. Elliot, Oz, Alyss, Cheshire and Oscar’s son stumble up the hill eventually - after they’ve given up on the race.

They’re not quite far enough away to not hear Rufus Barma in the distance. The man is shouting something about how he was such good ‘friends’ with Lady Sheryl, and when they look down from the top they find him running away from a rather terrifying- looking Duke Nightray.

Over the other side of the hill is a small lake, surrounded by trees and rocks on some edges. There’s a wooden jetty with a small row boat tied to it using fraying rope.

“Wow!” Oz’s cousin jumps excitedly in the air, “This has so many places to explore!” It looks to have a lot of hiding places too.

“Why don’t we play hide and seek?” Alyss has a bit of a sparkle in her eyes when she suggests it.

Everyone nods.

“Okay, Alice is counting then! Everybody run and hide!”

They all do just that as Alice turns her back to them, muttering “One, two, three…”

Oz takes his cousin’s hand in his again with the others running behind them, he’d almost been shot back to when he was a kid - running around anywhere with Ada’s hand in his and Gilbert following. He really missed them.

He leaves his cousin in a hiding place behind a rock, instructing him to stay there until Alice finds him. If he does, he’ll most definitely be the winner.

“Alright! Alice will never find me here!”

Once Oz knows he’s settled for sure he scrambles off to find his own hiding place. He’d always been good at climbing trees so he shimmies up one. Finding the thickest branch possible he tries to hide himself using its leaves; he hopes Alice won’t see him too easily.

She takes a while to count. Not knowing what number she’s supposed to count to, Alice counts to two hundred before she gets completely and utterly bored.

Oz has just about fallen asleep when he faintly hears her shout, “Ready or not, here I come!”

He starts to snore.

It’s warm when he wakes up - it’s always warm, never cold, here. Little specks of light seem to be dancing around Alice, Cheshire, Elliot, Alyss as they look for him.

They have their hands cupped around their mouths, shouting his name, “Oz where are you?!”

“Come on, it’s been hours! You better not have fallen asleep, you’ll get sick!” Elliots yells out to him.

Hours? He’d had such a good nap though. He laughs and moves into view, waving at them, “Sorry! I did fall asleep!”

They all turn towards his voice, smiling at him. The speckled lights dancing around them dance more brightly then; he sees them dancing around his own hand as he waves too. It takes him a couple seconds to realise, but they seem to be fading. Him too.

His cousin is the first to disappear, hours before any of them. He’d been gone before Oz even woke up.  A hundred year cycle didn’t last very long but he’d had such a wonderful tea party. His time with them had passed far too quickly. He climbs down the tree and hugs them all at once. The light around them all is almost blindingly bright now.

Elliot and Alyss are still hugging them, they’re together when they disappear, so Oz knows they’ll always be together.

He really did love tea parties… Tea parties with them…

Alice squeezes Oz tightly, the pressure a welcome comfort. He hugs her back hard, until there’s no longer anyone in his arms and all he can see is that warm, white light.

Just as Glen Baskerville had said, the abyss was extraordinarily beautiful. It felt like only days - weeks at most. He’s glad to have made the most of it. He wishes he could have spent more time there, or that everywhere was just as warm and peaceful as the abyss. But they’re all waiting now, Gil too, in a moment he’ll be back to them.

Oz closed his eyes, like he was having the most wonderful dream.