i should be doing homework but this was a lot more fun

Anonymous: A scenario where the boys really want to cuddle with their lover, please. C:

(Here’s part two! Enjoy! :3)


“Fu~ Bitch-chan!” Laito purred. “I’m feeling rather… bored.” He smirked. “Do you wanna play with me?” He played with the locks of your (H/C) hair. “I’m sure my bed can be a lot more interesting than that homework you’re doing.” Laito suggestively whispered into your ear while you were attempting to complete today’s assignments.

You sighed. “Laito, as much as I want to have fun,” you rolled your eyes. “Kiroki-sensei will murder me if I don’t pass this on Friday.” You looked at him accusingly. “You should be doing your essay, too!” Laito merely shrugged and laughed.

“Awww~ Bitch-chan doesn’t want to play with me! She’s such a mean and bad girl!” He said like he was absolutely disappointed. He leaned down to reach your ear; his hot breath spreading on your neck. You now found it very hard to concentrate on whatever task you were doing. “But you know,” he bit your shoulder teasingly. “I love bad girls!”

He pulled you to his bed which was conveniently just besides the room you were previously in. You weakly protested. You had to admit, this was a lot better than writing another paragraph about your body’s systems.

Laito dragged you to his and and he jumped in excitedly. “Fu fu~ my Bitch-chan! Come now, don’t be scared! I promise I won’t bite~” he winked. You shrugged defeatedly and collapsed besides him.

Surprisingly, he didn’t make any dirty or perverted moves on you. Laito pulled you closer and spooned you. “Ne, Bitch-chan~” he moaned. “Can we cuddle?” He smirked his usual smirk.

You giggled. “Why not?” You questioned yourself and snuggled yourself deeper into Laito’s warmth.



As you tried to sleep while hugging a nice soft pillow, you could feel Kanato glaring and putting at the back of your head. It alarmed you somewhat so you questioned him. “Kanato? What’s wrong?”

The cake loving boy scowled at you deeply and quietly mumbled something to Teddy. You snorted a little at his immaturity. “C'mon, you can tell me!” You said happily to cheer him up. “Would you like to tell me something? You can trust me!” Soothingly, you promised.

He laughed a little with wide eyes. “You expect me to believe you?” He rhetorically asked. “Even when you’re CHEATING ON TEDDY AND I WITH THAT THING YOUR HOLDING?!?” His calm voice immediately changed into a growl. He teared up a bit. “AREN’T TEDDY AND ENOUGH?!?”

You looked confusedly at him. “Eh?” You realized he was talking about the comfortable pillow you were holding. “Oh! Sorry, Kanato!” You apologized hastily to avoid uncalled-for arguments.

Unfortunately, he seemed to still be grumbling something to his stuffed toy. You laughed softly, “Kanato-kun?” You called sweetly.

His purple eyes snapped at you. “What is it, (Y/N)?” He asked impatiently. “Teddy and I don’t have time to talk to such unfaithful women.” Kanato glared at you.

You ignored his insults and replied. “Wanna cuddle with me?” You waited mischievously for his response. “You know, since you were obviously so jealous of my pillow.” You teased.

You watched him fight a blush with amusement. “W-what?” Kanato stuttered. “C-cuddle? No! Why would I?” He hugged Teddy tighter. You waited patiently as Kanato looked like he was contemplating his answer.

“Fine,” he barked. “We’ll cuddle with you.” Kanato buried his head into the depths of your neck happily.



“Yo, Subaru!” You poked his cheek. You were staying at his mansion for the night and you couldn’t sleep. So you chose to bother him because you were bored and he was conveniently next to you. “Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?” You didn’t bother waiting for him to reply. “Because he didn’t have enough guts!” You laughed at your own lame joke.

“Be quiet!” He hissed at you and covered his eyes with his hands. “Get some sleep! It’s not like- it’s not like I wanted you here in my bed, anyway!” His face flushed, you could clearly see it even though light was scarce. “I just thought it’d be more comfortable for you to be besides someone you’re familiar with.” Subaru covered up and straightaway told you. “Not that I care if your comfortable!” He huffed.

You tapped his nose lightly. “Damn it! Subaru, your Tsundere is showing!” You snickered. “I’m not a Tsundere!” He denied. “Oh, do hold your complaints, Tsunbaru.” You smirked. “You can’t lie to an otaku!” You childishly childishly stuck your tongue out at him.

“Go to bed, (Y/N)!” He desperately groaned. “I’m too tired to deal with this shit.” You clicked your tongue. “Swearing is bad!” You told him off. “I don’t fucking care right now! Dream of puppies or something now, alright?”

“Pfft!” You muttered. Your eyes glimmered when you thought of another thing to annoy him. “NINETY NINE BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL! NINETY NINE BOTTLES OF BEER! TAKE ONE OUT AND PASS IT ABOUT, NINETY EIGHT BOTTLES OF BEER ON WALL!” You screeched.

Instead of reacting with a ‘shut up’ like you were expecting, Subaru speedily with an irritated sigh caged you into his arms and covered your mouth gently. “There,” he yawned. “Keep quiet.” As Subaru said this, he kissed your exposed neck; making you blush red. “Goodnight, (Y/N).” He feel asleep.

“G-goodnight, Subaru!” You smiled with shocked eyes. You found it a lot easier to sleep with him holding you like this. Hopefully, he’ll allow you to come over some more…

Star Watch - Mathmagic & The Bounce Lounge

The Star Bomb continues! I should tell you, I walked into these episodes with 0 idea of what was going to happen. Usually I see minor spoilers once or twice on my dash, but the only ones I saw related to Star’s multiple versions of herself! 

…I really need more SVtFoE blogs to follow. :/ 


Alright, an episode surrounding the warping of Space-Time! Always fun!! I sympathize with Star not wanting to solve difficult math. A lot of people automatically want to NOPE out of hard mathematics. 

Pictured:  my reaction to advanced algebra in high school

Not Pictured:  my constant inner-struggle to be productive and actually attempt to do the homework vs watching subbed anime and ignoring my shitty test scores 

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