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Wrong Side Of Town

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Veronica x reader

request: Can i request a fem!reader x Veronica where the reader is from another gang on the other side of the town that no one talks about because they are involved in shadier and scarier things than the serpents.A guy wouldn’t leave V alone late at night and the reader steps up for her and scares the guy away,but V takes an interest in her.Thanks❤

written by Jasmine

a/n - my laptop is still broken! I’m super sorry, but I’ll be getting a new one soon 

warnings - mention of drugs, mention of murder, guns, assault

You shivered a bit as you tugged your jacket closer to you, wishing that your brother would hurry up. He was supposed to pick you up from the bar, and he texted you that he would be there soon. But that was almost an hour ago.

You had considered going back inside, but you could take the cold. And it wasn’t like being alone in the dark worried you; all you had to do was flash the tattoo that sat on your wrist, and it was enough to make anyone back off. Even a Serpent.

No one spoke about the gang you belonged to in Riverdale. Everyone thought it was easier to pretend you didn’t exist than to discuss the horrors that occurred in your neighborhood. Members of drug cartels often came looking for revenge, as almost everyone had been across the border to smuggle something at some point. Murder was practically legal, and no one got away with wronging a member. No one.

You dialed your brother’s number one last time, tapping your foot impatiently as it rang. You cursed as his voicemail began.

“Hey, it’s me. If you still plan on coming, don’t bother. I’ll walk,” You scoffed, shoving your phone back into your pocket. You started walking down the street, heading towards your neighborhood. You held your head high as you passed a few Serpents, who gave you weary glances. You didn’t think twice about the distant shouting coming from the direction of Pop’s, a diner you were banned from entering.

That was until your curiosity got the best of you, and you switched routes. You were worried it could be your brother; it was easy to get caught up in trouble on the preppy side of town. You picked up your pace, your fingers subconsciously wrapping around the gun that was tucked into the waistband of your jeans.  

“Can you just leave me alone?” A timid voice could be heard, and you could now see the two figures in the gravel lot outside the diner. You were ducked behind a few bushes, watching as the two argued.

“C’mon, we could have some fun,” The man pushed, approaching the girl. You saw a flash of green on his jacket, which meant he was a Serpent.

“Seriously, stop it! I don’t even know you!” The girl cried, shoving him slightly. You felt your heart rate pick up, anger flooding your veins as the man kept attempting to get closer to her. You pulled your gun from your waistband, checking the mag and flicking off the safety.

“Well if you’re not going to come easy-” The man grabbed the girl, covering her mouth with his hand. You could barely hear her muffled screams as he went to pull her away, and you quickly raced from your hiding spot.

You aimed the gun at the man, your finger hovering over the trigger.

“Let her go!” You yelled, watching as he turned around. He chuckled, removing his hand from over her mouth, but he kept the grip on her neck.

“Why should I listen to you?” He asked as he pulled out a gun of his own, leaving it pointed at the ground. You bit your lip, dropping your aim to the ground as well.

You began to walk towards the pair, purposefully kicking up gravel as you did.

“Tell me why I should let her go!” He exclaimed. “You probably don’t even know how to use that!”

You laughed, rolling up your sleeves despite the cold. You held out your wrist, revealing the tattoo. You had to stop the satisfied smirk that you wanted to show as his eyes widened in fear.

“You, you shouldn’t be on this side of town!” He stammered. You aimed the gun once again.

“Neither should you,” You shot back. “Let the girl go, and I won’t have to make you disappear.”

Even in the dark, you could see the colour drain from his face. He released her right away, before taking off down the street. You sighed, placing your gun back into your waistband. You slowly approached the girl, giving her a small smile.

“You alright?” You asked, being sure not to get too close, as you were sure she didn’t trust you. You were surprised when she threw her arms around you, and you didn’t know how to react.

“Thank you,” She whispered. “I don’t know what he would’ve done to me.”

“Uh, yeah,” You muttered. “It’s no problem.”

You had lived your entire life in a gang, and contact was something you weren’t used to. But this girl, who you barely knew, you liked her touch. It was comforting.

“What’s your name?” She asked, pulling away.

“(y/n),” You started. “Your’s?”

“Veronica,” She answered. “Veronica Lodge.”

You didn’t know what to say, so you remained quiet.

“I was just going to go inside and meet my friends; you want to come?” She questioned, gesturing to the obnoxiously lit diner. You shook your head.

“You’re new to town, aren’t you?”

She cocked her head to the side but nodded. You chuckled, biting your lip.

“I can’t go in there,” You sighed. “I’m not even supposed to be past the border; I could get arrested just for standing here.”

Veronica raised an eyebrow.

“Well that’s not comforting,” She muttered.

“I’m just like you, Veronica.” You brushed a strand of hair out of your face. “Just born on the wrong side of town.”

She nodded, before opening her purse. She pulled out her phone, unlocking it and handing it to you.

“Could I at least get your number?”

Your mind was telling you no, that you shouldn’t risk getting arrested just to see a girl you barely knew. But you had already taken the phone from her hand, and your fingers typed away quickly. You handed it back, and she smiled.

“I’ll text you.” She turned on her heel, making her way into Pop’s. You shook your head at yourself, before heading back to your side of town.

A soul mate to remember chapter 10

A/N: Welcome to my 200 follower celebration! I’ll be posting 2 chapters in my series, and opening up Headcanons for 24 hours!!! You defiantly have to send them in through my ask box for me to def. answer/see it.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9,

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Chapter 10-

    It had been three months since Jason and you had met, you had still kept his secret, and he had occasionally come to work with you. Your stitches were out but your leg wasn’t fully healed, your Mom somehow sprang back faster then you, and it annoyed you ‘cause she was now a big helicopter mom. But in the last few days she’d backed off.

The public found out your name not long after that lunch. You soon noticed that many, many women gave you some dirty looks whenever you were out and about, but you couldn’t really blame them, your Soul Mate was attractive and part-heir to a fortune. You didn’t particularly care about that, you weren’t gonna lie, you were eternally grateful that your soul mate was a 10.

Your mother was thrilled, however, more so about the money. After all, you lived in an apartment, and you had no hope to move out in the near future, as half of your money that you made working three days a week went to your rent and the other half went to any fees that the program you were in, didn’t pay for. You tried not to focus on the money, but the two of you had spoken briefly on it, but you both were both too nervous to really breach the topic, you guessed.

     You thought about how people treated you different now. Like when Ben had come back to work that following Wednesday, his usual chipper self. He was a kind boy with sandy hair and deep brown eyes that pulled you into a cacoon of safeness and warmth if you got too close. Ban and you watched the kiddos as they played in the sanctuary- that doubled as an indoor gym at times-though any sort of sports-ball was strictly prohibited. He fashioned a paper fortune teller for a two preschoolers,“So. I hear someone met their soul mate.”

You nodded,“Yep.”

 Ben’s eyes suddenly became cold and his whole demeanor seemed to shift,“Well good luck with him.”

  You stiffened, about to retort or say something, when as soon as that shift was there, it was gone. Ben was back to his warm, charming self and was rounding up the kids for snack and story time. You scrambled up after him, maybe you had been seeing things?

    You put it out of your  mind, after all Ben hadn’t done anything similar after and it had been a few months. Jason and You were having dinner. You shouldn’t be thinking about those kinds of things, you decided. The two of you were talking about our childhoods more in depth, when Jason asked,“So, can I know about your father?”

   You put down your fork,“I don’t see why not. He…” You paused thinking over your words and how to best choose them,“He was a good Dad, a little bit of a hard ass at times, but he was still good. He… He died trying to evacuate the streets during one of those Batman-Gang fights a while back.”

  Jason nodded,“Oh. I’m sorry.”

 "Don’t apologize,“ You sighed,"He knew the risks, especially living in Gotham. I just wish he could have met you. I think he’d like you.”

  Jason took your hand and gave you a soft smile,“I think I would have liked him too.”

  We settled on a routine, you’d see Jason during the day, and after his nightly activities, he’d usually shoot you a text which you’d read that morning, just to know he was fine.

    But one night, You were working on a research paper due the next evening. It was late, or rather early, about two-thirty. You hair was pulled up into a bun, and you wore only a white tank top and tights. You were so focused on your work you had hardly heard the loud noise out on your fire escape, the only thing that made you snap back to reality was the heavy tapping on your window. You set your laptop aside and pulled your blackout curtains aside, revealing the Red Hood, holding his side and kneeling.

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dean-bangs-cas-in-the-impala asked: Hi hun ;) I’ve got a prompt for u and I’d love it if you write it <3 Ok, the prompt is: TFW is hunting a witch and before she dies she turns Cas into a kitten. They can’t find a cure and it’s been 2 weeks & everyone is losing hope. So, one night Cas is sleeping on Dean’s chest and in the morning boom he turns into himself again and Sam walks into the living room seeing Dean sprawled out on the couch with a very naked Cas on top of him. So Moose The Winchester snaps a pic ;) Thank you so much!

Author’s note: I couldn’t stop thinking about this, so here you go! Enjoy. :’) 

“Holy crap!”

Dean was staring at the floor, bewildered, his mouth hanging open. It had happened so fast, too fast. One blinding flash of blue and purple, seconds before Dean had managed to throw a knife and end that nasty witch.

“Cas?” Dean called out his friend’s name as he kneeled down and studied the pile of clothes, the witch’s lifeless body in the corner long forgotten.

When the sweater that Cas had been wearing suddenly moved, Dean flinched away. The second he dared to look again, blue eyes were staring back at him. Blue eyes that he knew like the back of his hand, yet they weren’t quite the same. A tiny black cat was shyly peeking at Dean from under the bundle of fabric, shooting him a helpless look.

“Cas?” Dean said again, this time a whisper of disbelief.

The only response he got was a soft, broken “Meow”.

With a gasp, Dean got up to his feet, unsure what to do as the little cat proceeded to simply stare at him.

“Dean!” Sam exclaimed as he entered the dusty room, sounding slightly out of breath. “Turns out she had a sister downstairs, but I took care of it. Where’s Cas?”

Dean scratched the back of his head as his younger brother came to stand beside him, then silently pointed at the kitten that was their friend.

“Yeah… I think we have a problem, Sammy.”

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Genre: Angst with Happy Ending.
Word Count: 1,103 words
Member: Joshua

A/N: I might have gone a little overboard perhaps listening to Ailee’s Goodbye My Love was not the best idea for writing xD Anyway, enjoy ~Admin Hari

It’d be nice to have a nice normal crush who had a nice normal job. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Joshua.

You and Joshua had been casual friends for nearly a year now. You worked at a cafe down the street from the company he worked at; Pledis Entertainment. He would often come in during the late shifts when it was just a few employees. Joshua would pull out his laptop and type at the table in the corner and you’d refresh his drink. You got to talking one night and you realized you were horribly in love with this boy. Each night after your shift, he began walking you home as you talked about your     days and your interests. It would have been all well and good until one night after you finished your shift.

Joshua was waiting for you. He wasn’t dressed in his normal casual wear but instead had on a hoodie and hat to hide his face, slung over his shoulder was a guitar case. You walked up to greet him.

“Josh, what are you doing here?” You asked him but his usually friendly face looked blank. “What’s wrong?”

“Y/N… I-” He paused with a deep sigh. “There’s something I really need to talk to you about.”


“Well, the thing is… for a long time now, I’ve had feelings for you.” Joshua began as you walked together down the sidewalk. “I really like you, Y/N.”

“Really?” You question, hopefully. He nods but still looks rather solemn. “Is there a problem with that?”

“There is. God, I wish there wasn’t. I wish I could just confess to you normally and not have to worry about anything but that.” He swallowed. “I know I told you I was just an office employee but that’s not the truth. Y/N, I’m training to debut in an idol band. And it’s going to be really hard for me to see you from now on because we are debuting very soon. I talked to the company about the dating policies but…”

You bit your lip. “Is there nothing you can do?”

“I wish there was. But as a rookie, the company doesn’t want us to be distracted from our work with dating.” Joshua reaches out and takes a hold of your hand. “I’m so sorry.”

You’ve arrived at your house but you don’t go inside. Not yet. Josh isn’t the only one who gets to dump everything on you.

“Well this sucks because I was just starting to work up the courage to ask you out.” You laugh, blinking back the burning sensation of tears. “I guess there’s no use sneaking around, is there?”

“I don’t know if I’d even have the time. The first year is hectic.” He explains, his thumb rubbing against your hand subconsciously.

“If this is the end then..” You choke back a sob. “Can you just hold me for a bit?”

Joshua nods and you let him hug you. You wrap your arms around his middle and let yourself cry into his chest. He strokes your hair and tries to hide his own tears but you see them when you finally look up. Slowly, you reach up and brush them away. For a second, you just stand there with your hands on his face and his own your waist.

“Does this have to be the end?” You whisper. “I can wait.”

“I don’t want to burden you like that.” Joshua smiles and grabs hold of your hand, moving it down to his chest from his face. “You should find someone who can be with you in public. Someone you can see everyday and makes you happy.”

“But what if I don’t want that someone?” You ask, feeling the tears well up again. “What if I want you?”

He laughs. “You’re something all right, Y/N. Tell you what.” Joshua says. “If a year from now when the ban is lifted, you still haven’t found that someone; I’ll still be here.”

“Okay, hopefully I’ll see you next year then.” You smile as tears continue to run down your face.

You untangle yourself from him and go to walk inside. But his hand grabs yours before you go. Joshua pulls you back and grabs onto either side of your face, pulling your lips to his. And with that kiss, he goes. You cried a lot that night, until your tears stopped coming.

12 Months later

You wrap up your shift at the shop late as usual. The last year had been a long one. A lot of work at your job and your classes had been taking up the rest of your time. There had been times when you had wanted to say screw it all and walk right into the Pledis building. But after many weeks of waiting, the day was here. You had timed it exactly from the last day you had seen him. 12 long months had come and gone.

You waved goodbye to your co-workers and headed outside to walk towards the Pledis building. You didn’t know what you would do when you got there but he had to be there. It had been a nightmare seeing his face everywhere with the success of his group Seventeen. But it gave you something to hold on to.

To your surprise, a tall figure was leaning against the wall outside the store. They had a hat and facial mask on but you could recognize him anywhere. But he had to work for it. You pretended not to notice him and walk along the sidewalk as usual. He followed and it took a lot of self control to not laugh. After a few minutes, you are finally standing in front of your house. The footsteps behind you stop too.

“It’s been a while.” Joshua says, his voice slightly muffled by his mask.

“12 months, exactly.” You say, without turning. “A lot has happened.”

“Too much?” He asked, his voice wavered.

“Well, not so much that I can’t tell you all about it tonight.” You turn and smile. Without warning him, you wrap your arms around him. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” Josh whispers, resting his chin on your head

“So about that dating ban?” You question.

“All cleared up.”

“Then let’s catch up.” You smile and grab his hand before pulling him into your house.

This entire year you had thought about just giving up and moving on. Find someone who loves you and can be normal with you without having to worry they’ll be scolded. But, as you realized, normal isn’t what you need. You need him.

his best girl. (steve rogers x reader)

pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Steve is always calling the reader his “best girl,” and the team grows suspicious of their relationship. Out on a mission, their suspicions are confirmed, but not in the way that they had hoped.

word count: 3087

trigger warnings: violence and character death.

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The Hunter

Dean and Sam walked into the shady bar where the victim of their latest case was last seen alive.  Dean tugged on his suit collar, hating wearing the damn things, and Sam opened the door for them.  Inside they were assaulted by cigarette and cigar smoke.  This place obviously didn’t abide by the state law banning smoking from all public buildings.  It was dimly lit, for which Dean was grateful because he was certain he didn’t want to be able to see whatever it was on the floor that was making sticking sounds as they walked on it.

Sam glanced at Dean and then made a slight movement with his chin toward the patrons around them.  Perhaps they were stereotyping, but Sam was right to silently ask him if they should be flashing their FBI badges amongst the group of rough looking men and women.  Dean shrugged back.  It was late, he was pissed that supernatural activity had been increasing in recent months, and he wanted out of the suit.  He wanted to take the short cut to asking questions.

They approached the bartender who looked like he would just as soon piss in a beer mug as serve them actual drinks.  Dean gave him a pleasant smile.


“I think you gentlemen are lost.”

“I don’t think we are.”

Dean and Sam flashed their badges.  The bartender rolled his eyes and groaned softly.

“Another one?  Don’t you people talk to each other?  Look, I’ve already answered a fuck ton of questions today, and I’m not answering any more.  I saw the guy in here last Friday night.  He left with a woman who could have been a pro, but I don’t know.  And that’s all I know.  Now either you make a purchase at my fine, upstanding establishment, or Meaty will show you out.

Sam and Dean turned to look in the direction the bartender was directing his gaze.  They both straightened up immediately and gave Meaty nice smiles and waves.  They turned back to the bartender.

“Uh, thank you for your time.  It’s much appreciated.  We’ll leave now.”

The bartender glowered at them and Sam and Dean scooted out of the bar as fast possible.  Once outside, Dean let out a nervous laugh.

“Holy fuck, did you see that guy?”

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