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A-awww, your smile is so c-cute, C-Caddy! You s-should see it right now! I'm sure Meaux and Cleaver will agree! You l-look cute!

Meaux: “They’re right - Ol’ Meaux always did say you got a winnin’ smile.”

Cleaver: “I would have to agree. It was your expressive face that inspired me to use these stick on magnets.”

Caddy: “Guys, please! You’re gonna make me look like a strawberry milkshake… ”

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First, I wanted to say that your blog has taught me basically everything I need to know about Lolita fashion and I’m really grateful! Anyway, I’m new to Lolita and I just bought my first dress. I bought Pumpkin Cat’s “Spun Sugar Rabbit” in OP 1 and I’m looking for hair accessories for my coord. Would SheenasBellaBows’(Etsy)  "Mini Pastry Chef Hat" in Pink look good with my OP? My logic to the hat is that it goes with the pastry theme of my OP. I would probably also add some small blue bows or ribbon in my hair to balance out the colors. I want to make sure that it would look good before I buy anything. Thanks! 

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Response from Lolita Tips:

I think they could be really cute together! Personally though I think if you’re going to go with the chef hat you should take the baking theme even further. It might be cute if you were to add a little white apron that’s short enough to still show the print or even just baking inspired jewelry like this charm bracelet for example.

  • Super long shifts? Yes.
  • Weeks without a day off? Yes
  • Hardly ever getting a break? Yes
  • Stressful? Definitely.
  • Do I complain about it? Yes, more than I should... But compared to the thought of having a job with half the hours, sitting in a quiet office not being able to do much in the way of creativity.... There's no way in hell I'd swap my work with anything.
  • Chef life rewarding? F*CK YEAH.
Sugar Stardust

Between baking pretty macarons and sculpting wedding cakes, Katsuki slowly falls in love with a certain green-haired coworker who has effervescent stars in his eyes. Maybe working as a pastry chef in Nowhere, Japan isn’t so bad after all, especially when he’s in such close proximity to a boy who manages to beautify every little thing in his presence.

☆ A pâtisserie AU where Katsuki and Izuku are really the perfect ingredient for each other.

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I... u-uh, t-talking to S-Seymour seems.... l-like... uh... uh.... s-something... I-it c-could be hard!? I j-just.. uh.... w-what's t-the v-voicemail s-say? W-who's it from?....

*Caddy listens to the voicemail.

Caddy: “…Looks like this message is from yesterday… maybe the day before… ? I should’ve checked this sooner, it’s probably too late now… ”

Cleaver: “I am sure Dr. Greenburg will be able to make time for you, Caddy. He is, after all, your mentor. And your need for care is not as inconvenient to other monsters as you might think.”

Meaux: “Yeah. Ain’t no shame in needin’ help sometimes - Cleaver couldn’t go to the grocery store durin’ the holidays, ‘cause of the crowds, so Meaux went for ‘em. It ain’t no thing - ’s just what you do when you care ‘bout somebody.”

Cleaver: “Indeed. Why would things be any different for you?”

Meh heh heh heh

So I was replaying True Love Sweet Lies, and I can honestly say that I find the character of Yuriko amusing

This is probably because she reminds me a lot of another gender confused character that we all know and love

Anyway and then I got to thinking, what might happen if Yuriko were to meet the MC from Finally In Love Again or Be My Princess 2. Those MCs are pastry chefs, but they would still have some savory skills I’m sure…

Yuriko: *pisses off one of the above MCs*

MC: Have you ever head of shepard’s pie? *pulls out knives* it’s normally made with lamb, but i’m sure goat would do just fine.

Yuriko: *runs*

moral of story…Yuriko should be careful….

‘I’m a pastry chef and you’re the regular who constantly comes in to buy my desserts for your coworkers/kids/friends/family but you never leave without insulting the food I make which always ends with me shouting at you what is your goddamn deal you could just not buy them and I should really ban you from my shop… wait you just wanted my attention and you’ve really been buying my desserts for yourself all this time? haven’t you ever heard of a compliment what is wrong with you’ AU

In which Doumeki makes cinnamon rolls and is a cinnamon roll

So artemisrisen wants an AU where Doumeki is a pastry chef and Yashiro wants his sugary buns. And since she’s traveling and trying not to die, I wrote this for her as a Happy Travels  thing and because, as usual, I’m trash you’ll agree after this.

(BTW I blame her for the whole thing and I blame my husband for the end, who said “Why would he like sugary buns? Wouldn’t he want something dick-shaped? Like an eclair?” #allmenaresevenyearsold)

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so i was thinking, some of the overwatch “heroes” are more or less just “ordinary” professions right. like you have two scientists, an architect, a pilot, even a freakin DJ, and they were just all brought together bc of the omnic crisis (old or upcoming). well what about the other professions that were affected/will be affected like the economists and lawyers and business CEOs and cooks. like can you imagine some guy in a suit with a laser pointer who can outsnipe widowmaker or a pastry chef whose ultimate is releasing a flour bomb that blocks the enemy team’s visibility for a few seconds. and all their voice lines are bakery puns like “easy as pie!” “i really whipped your butt there!” “rising to the occasion because it’s the yeast i can do!!”