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Fred being a third wheel would include...
  • You and George would be sleeping in the same bed (which Molly forbade you two from doing but what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt right?)
  • and Fred obviously knowing because you’re all in the same room
  • so if he ever wakes up earlier he would so get into bed with the two of you just to be obnoxious
  • like you and George would be all cuddled up facing each other and then Fred would just climb in
  • George would swear/groan,
  • You would laugh most of the time,
  • and Fred would just act as if this was totally justified
  • He wouldn’t just lie next to you either
  • he would full bear-hug you
  • just to get a reaction out of Fred
  • He wouldn’t usually say anything at first to give the impression that this was definitely a normal thing to do
  • But if the two of you would ignore him, that wouldn’t work either.
  • “Good morning beautiful, you too Y/n”
  • “Wowee, good thing this bed is so small so we can all be closer!”
  • “Hope you two weren’t asleep over here haha that would be pretty shit”
  • George: “actually fuck off”
  • Fred would definitely be thrown out of the bed on every single occasion
  • but since you’d be in the middle then that means that you’d get the force too
  • but also this is an excuse for you to push Fred out and blame it on George
  • George genuinely finds it annoying because you two rarely got any alone time together as it was
  • but you saw it as a fair price to pay since the two boys have been practically joint at the hip since birth
  • plus frustrated Georgie would be hilariously cute

Sweeter Than Wine

by Anonymous

 Walking up, the bass still pounding loudly in his ears, he furrowed his brow in confusion as he noticed one lone figure still sitting at the bar. Almost every other person in the club had fled to the dance floor, but here was someone that obviously hadn’t been caught up in Louis’ spell.
Confused, Louis thought perhaps this muggle was just so determined to get drunk that his spell couldn’t penetrate.
“You must really need a drink tonight, mate,” Louis said, his tone biting as he slid up next to the stranger and clapped him solidly on the back.
The sarcastic tone he displayed a second before must not have flustered the man, because he smiled widely, his cheek dimpling endearingly.
“I do, actually,” he said, gesturing to the stool next to him. “Why don’t you join me for one?”

When Wizard!Louis goes to a muggle club for a change of pace, his one night stand ends up being much more than he bargained for.

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• Jonathan taking pictures of you at random times.

• Modeling for his pictures every once in awhile or whenever you feel cutest

• You would have dinners often with Joyce and Will that’s always full of laughter and funny stories

• Jonathan would make countless mixtapes for you with new songs he thinks you’d like

• Screaming the lyrics to his favorite songs in his room or in the car or anywhere else

• Will trying to teach you how to play Dungeons and Dragons but you not understanding at all

• “Studying” that usually end up with make out sessions and cuddles

• Cute little cheek forehead kisses

•Looking through Jonathan’s baby pictures with Joyce!!

• Jonathan always listening to you if you’re having a hard time and being the best shoulder to cry on

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Mike and El (!!!) and 6 for the asks, please, I'm in dire need of more Mileven (but literally when am I not)

The first time he hugs her, it’s brief and chaste and she’s sobbing in his arms — as a matter of fact, it’s not really a hug so much as holding her up to keep her from falling; week kneed and blurry eyed she sags against his body for the shortest of moments, and then pulls back, because for whatever reason she fears breaking him, and he needs to see her — really see her, because Jesus Christ, she’s back. She’s not dead. And it’s not how he imagined it at all, the contact, but it’s enough. Because she’s real.

Their first real hug — warm, loving, desperate — comes later. They’re fourteen, and it’s late. Eleven is curled up in her fort alone, sketching the way Will’s been teaching her. That’s when Mike storms down into the basement. His feet slam against the rickety wood, which bends beneath his exaggerated weight. Within seconds he’s ripped off his coat, and plopped facedown into the couch.

Eleven leans forward, setting aside her papers, and stares at him. “Mike? Are you okay?”

He jumps, and rounds on her. “El! What are you—?”

“Nancy let me in,” Eleven explains, slipping out of the fort. She walks over to him, sits beside him, and takes his hand (in that moment, they both vaguely recall the day she killed the demogorgon, when she lay on the table in the science classroom, and he made her promises he couldn’t keep). “Mike?”

She’s pressing and she knows it, but she can’t help it. He’s on the verge of tears and she needs to know why. She can’t help if she doesn’t know why.

“It’s nothing,” he whispers, curling up into a ball and closing his eyes. “Just nothing.”

“Nothing doesn’t make you hurt,” she argues.

Mike is stubbornly silent, but El is patient. She waits, beginning to accept the fact that he just doesn’t want to tell her, or talk about it, when he speaks.

“I didn’t think you were here,” he confesses. “I didn’t know…”

He looks away, biting his lip, tears beginning to form in his eyes. “Lucas was getting on my case about something. It’s fine — I’ll get over it, I promise.”

He wants to cap it at that, and she knows it. El almost let’s him; he looks so pitiful laying there like that. She gently, gently runs a hand through his hair. The touch is so light it shouldn’t even be considered touch, but their eyes lock. It’s innocent, but it’s bordering on territory they’ve not crossed since November two years ago.


“El,” he replies, with just a hint of deadpan. It’s in his nature, he can’t help it. He squeezes her hand, and then withdraws his own.

El purses her lips. She knows he’s leaving something out — probably the major source of his discomfort. If it were anyone else, she would let them be. She knows very well, painfully well, what it feels like to be trapped within yourself. But she knows that Mike will only keep it to himself, add it to the pile of pain in his chest, until it all explodes with the lightest feather weight.

She leans over him, determined. When Mike turns, they’re so close their noses touch. She thinks nothing of it, but for some reason his cheeks redden dramatically. “Please tell me?”

“I-I… El—” he breaks off, gathering a breath. “I just… Lucas wants to know when I’m gonna ask you out, okay? But you probably don’t even know what that means, though, do you?”

El sits back up, frowning in frustration at the limitations of her vocabulary. “No,” she admits, folding her arms over her chest. “What does it mean?”

“Go on a date,” Mike chokes out, averting his eyes.

El frowns. She knows what that means, at least. “Oh,” she whispers. “Wh-why would Lucas…?”

“He didn’t mean anything by it,” Mike insists. “He just knows how much I like you and—”

They both stop breathing for a whole minute. Eleven’s face burns. Two years ago, she wouldn’t have thought anything of this comment, but now, after countless conversations in regards to Steve, Jonathan, and Nancy (not to mention Max and Lucas), she knows very well that there are multiple ways to use the word ‘like’. And she knows it means more than friends.

“I’m sorry,” Mike says, quickly. He sits up. “I’m sorry — I don’t want to ruin anything, I want us to be friends, okay? Always. I’m sorry—”

“Mike,” she says. And then she tackles him; throws her arms around his neck and pulls him close. He draws in a sharp breath, surprised, and then he’s hugging her back. Hugging. She knows hugging. Joyce hugs her all of the time, Will does, too. Sometimes Hopper, even. But this is… more.

This is need. This is every moment spent not touching but staring instead all rolled into one. This is crushed lungs and fallen tears and pounding hearts. This is… this is an embrace.

“El,” says Mike, quiet, and still holding on. “Do you wanna go to the movies with me? On Saturday?”

“Yes, you dork!” She buries her face in the crook of his neck to hide her smile. “I do. Of course I do.”


Bucky x Reader


Summary: They were both emotionally scarred, and he knew not to take it personally. Based off of Strangers by Halsey featuring Lauren Jauregui.


Warnings: angst, fluff, swearing probably.


Word Count: 2.3k

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I knew from the moment that I kissed her that everything changed between us. I liked her–alot. She just drew me in. The mysteriousness surrounding her captivated me. In a way, she reminded me of myself. She was quiet and cold, brushing off any sign of affection from anyone. I knew not to take it personally, I was the same way when I first arrived. HYDRA had us conditioned that we were incapable of love and affection. We were tortured until we became the monster that they wanted us to be. We were deprived of kindness and compassion, something that naturally comes easy to the Avengers. Now, months into her arrival, I had made the irreversible mistake of kissing her when she got shot during one of our missions.

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Reylo and Visual Storytelling

Star Wars films are known to hold key visual storytelling elements. For those of you who don’t know, visual storytelling is a story told primarily through the use of visual media. Camera angels, color pallets, editing and many other methods are used for this type of storytelling. The Force Awakens uses this technique throughout the film, especially with Rey and Kylo Ren.

Choker Shots

Choker shots are camera angles that show the facial features of the characters up close, making their emotions more prominent.

In TFA a choker shot of Kylo and Rey sticks out in one of the most intense scenes of the movie.

Kylo ren holds no anger on his face. His emotions seem to be of calmness and curiosity, which should be the opposite of what emotion he should be feeling at the moment. This shot here is to show that Kylo Ren is not filled with rage and hatred when fighting Rey, instead he is intrigued by her power and abilities. Here he allows her to find the force, while standing there in awe.

Rey is shot the same as Kylo though her emotions seem to change throughout the scene. The first image shows her trying to find the force with Kylo (This has been said by Daisy Ridely in a interview) calmness is prominent on her face. The next image shows her finally gaining control of the force, calm demeanor still showing, though the next shot shows her slashing Kylo.

Now you’re wondering, what purpose are these shots? What’s the significance? Well, the use of Choker shots are not common in Star Wars. Never in one of these seven films can I remember a shot of this angle besides this one. It’s even stranger considering it’s in a lightsaber fight. Can you imagine if there was a choker shot of Darth Vader and Luke while fighting? It would a very strange choice and give off the wrong vibe.

Choker Shots are mostly used in romantic films, which makes sense considering they’re used to show emotions up close. But why would this be needed in a lightsaber battle? We should already know their emotions right? They should angry and battle ready, yet that’s not the case. Kylo’s face is soft and gentle, Rey’s is like that as well. Strange camera angles to use for cousins, huh?

Bridal Carry

“A man carries a woman in his arms — one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back like a groom carrying his bride. It usually denotes or foreshadows a romantic relationship between the characters or a major difference in their physical strength or both. It’s also called a princess carry.” (Tvtropes.org)

Kylo Ren carrying Rey is very strange for his villainous character. Why doesn’t he just let the stormtroopers drag her like they did Poe? Why does he carry her bridal style of all ways? It’s a very strange choice on the filmmakers part if they’re not trying to convey a future romantic relationship of sort. It can also show how Kylo is stronger then her at the moment, but why would the filmmakers need to show Kylo’s strength this way? They showed his strength and ruthlessness in the beginning of the film when he had his army slaughter a village. Heck, they even showed his strength in the scene before he started to carry her. It’s pretty clear his power doesn’t need to be shown anymore for us to understand, so that means the bridal carry must symbolize something else. Something to come in the future.

Last time I checked cousins don’t carry each other that way either.


Scenes where Kylo Ren and Rey are present together always seem to hold hearts in the background. Though at first it may just seem coincidental, but more and more show up. The film makers had to have deliberately put them there. The hearts can also be seen in scenes with Han and Leia, but they’re split down the middle. (I’ve only posted a few pictures with the hearts, there are many more out there)

Sources for some of the photos

Hearts can even be seen in Kylo’s eyes as he stares at Rey. This obviously isn’t something that can occur naturally, editing had to be done.

Comparing and Contrasting

If a scene is played out a certain way and then later on another scene is played out close to the other, more then likely the filmmakers want you to compare and contrast them. I believe this to be the case with Poe and Rey’s kidnapping scenes. Both play an important role in the film, but both play out differently then the other.

In the beginning of TFA, Poe is taken aboard Kylo’s ship as a prisoner. He is dragged by stormtroopers without a care from his captor.

When Rey is kidnapped instead of letting the stormtroopers drag her, Kylo Ren instead carries her like a bride.

In Poe’s interrogation room we can already see he is brutally beaten before Kylo even comes. Darkness is filled throughout the room and Kylo stands tall and threatening. When Poe refuses to give him any information on BB8, Kylo then uses the force to torture Poe into submission.

Rey awakens from her sleep, completely healthy with no bruises on her. The room is beaming with light and Kylo Ren is kneeling in front of her. When she asks him questions he answers truthfully, and when confronted about his monstrous mask he releases it from his head. When he finally has to get the map from her, he uses the force to look through her mind, saying to her “don’t be afraid, I feel it too.” In the novelization he even explains to Rey how he doesn’t want to go into her mind, and takes no pleasure from doing so. He even let her loose from her restraints in book, which is something he never does to Poe.

Both interrogation/kidnapping scenes are played out completely different from the other. One is hateful and non caring, while the other seems to be more gentle and kind. Kylo has no reason to treat them both differently, yet for some odd reason he does.

Another source that can apply to all the points listed


Hidden implications in TFA show that a romance may occur between Rey and Kylo in the future films. Thanks for reading, please add things that I may have missed : D

Pizza & Perfection

“Go fish.”

Dustin huffed, grabbing a card from the stack centred between them all, and Lucas snickered with delight.

Mike rearranged his hand. He looked to Lucas triumphantly. “Got any fives?”

Lucas squinted. He reluctantly handed over his five, and Mike paired them. “Suckers,” he said, grinning.

El rolled onto her stomach. She loved watching them—there was something so natural about the way they sat, effortlessly teasing and laughing, throwing bits of popcorn and occasionally eyeing that winning stack of comics and candy bars.

Will straightened his pairs, head down. He’d confessed to El that he was terrible at bluffing. I just don’t look at them at all, he’d said. I’ve won a few times.

Her gaze shifted to the window, where rain was lightly pattering against the glass and rolling down in clear streams. She loved the smell; Mrs. Wheeler had cracked it just a touch, so that the fresh scent permeated the living room.

“Who’s winning?”

Lucas quickly glanced at his tally. “Me,” he said, sitting up a little straighter. “Obviously.”

“Cheater,” Dustin muttered. He bitterly ripped his twizzler in half, handing the larger part to El. “Man, I swear, if your sister doesn’t get back with the pizza soon I’m gonna combust.”

“Lucas doesn’t cheat,” El advocated.

“I’m naturally brilliant,” the other boy added. “Sevens?”

“Son of a bitch!”

The lock on the door clicked, and in came Nancy, Steve, and Jon, bearing pizzas and sodas. Their hair was soaked, and Jon was holding Nancy’s jacket. She whacked him with it when he gave it back.

“Stevie!” Holly jumped up from her perch on the Lay-Z-Boy, running across the floor toward him. “Did you get pepper-pony?”

Steve laughed. “I sure did. And cheese, before you monsters freak out.”

El followed Nancy into the kitchen and helped her dish up the food. For a moment, the house was silent. El watched the boys re-deal their cards, and Steve rewind a VHS tape.

Max came running up the stairs from the basement, where she had fallen asleep a few hours before. Her hair was frizzy and tangled. “I smell food,” she said, wandering over. El handed over a plate of pepperoni, which Max took gratefully. “You’re a lifesaver, El.”

El smiled. What are friends for?

Max grinned at the thought. She helped El carry over the plates. El settled down beside Mike, who had enough pairs, she thought, to win this round.

“Pretty in Pink, or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?”

Mike glanced up at Steve. “Is that a real question?”

“Everyone’s favourite movie it is.”

El leaned against Mike, smiling happily, because everything about that moment was perfect. She was with her best friends, her family. No adult supervision, plenty of junk food, and peace.

Hours later, when night had fallen and the ten of them had crashed in various places in the living room, El softly intertwined her fingers with Mike’s and pulled Holly a little closer. This is what friends are for.

Tyler Seguin- You can do better

Request:  Maybe a Tyler seguin w a dialogue prompt? “Hey! Don’t talk to her like that!” “And who the hell are you!?” “Who the hell am I!? Who the hell are you!? Maybe like her bf could be saying mean stuff or even a guy that’s talking to her. Idk 🤷🏼‍♀️

Author’s note: I didn’t follow the dialogue perfectly but I hope you still enjoy it!

Warnings: cursing, signs of abuse, etc.

Up next: Morgan Rielly

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Fuck You Good - Frat Boy's

Originally posted by thedesire

He looked at me from the corner of the frat house, a beer to his hand as his eyes never left my body not even when I looked back at him, he would just answer back by arching one of his eyebrows and taking a sip from his beer, which in mine opinion, was on his hand for way too long. I swayed my hips to the beat, a mess of hot bodies around me, but none were dancing with me, not even my friends I had come with, who probably were lucky enough to find a good night stand way faster than I did. My arms went to my head, pushing my sweaty hair away from my face as I continued to dance to a EDM song I didn’t even know the name, my feet ached for me to stop, but the beat was contagious and my promise of a good night was right there and I continued to dance waiting for a move of his

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If Ben & Sophie did a romantic drama movie

  • Jess: MONSTERS
  • Officers: um.

A guy rolled up and got off his bike as I crouched for the shot. I always feel a little funny taking pictures of strangers’ cars in public places, but the thing he said next threw me: “Is he getting a ticket?” he asked. 

Do I look like a cop?

It was his boss’s car, he explained, and he’d just gotten a ticket a day or two before for parking in the same place. He seemed equally concerned and bemused at the prospect of his boss getting another one.

Nah, I told him, my interest is of a purely, um, documentary nature. I proceeded to explain the history of his boss’s Audi, its birth as a concept car that was brought to production with strikingly few changes, so few in fact that it was only discovered once they were on the road that the car’s airfoil-like profile made it susceptible to lift at high speeds, which led to accidents and a hasty recall which bolted a spoiler to the cars’ rear end. One which spoiled not only the flow of air but also the Bauhaus minimalism of the original design. Only a handful of examples emerged unscathed, their owners either oblivious to the risk or obstinate in the face of it. 

Bike guy took this all in, wondered if his boss had any idea. We bid each other good night and I headed off to dinner as he went inside.

An hour or two later, on my way back to the hotel, I wondered if the lady in the safety vest was as captivated by the car’s rarity and uniqueness as I was.

Why do people ask me how I am while passing me in the hall. Like, give me time to process and respond??

Let me process the question

Then process my current mood and recognize it.

Then come up with the correct responce, whether that is a lie or not.

Like once they asked me how I was and kept walking,I was so busy processing the question, that I didn’t notice they were already out if ear shot, and I turned to a stranger walking by me and said “good” with a nod.

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Think the music video will be symbolic mostly. Two lovers from two fighting houses having a match against one another. Maybe there's a party afterwards where they meet in secret. Romeo and Juliet vibes but with a tragic ending. I don't think it's going to be a sexual video. Which is good I think.

I’ll take anything I could get from Lauren other than beauty shots (not that I’m complaining about beauty shots lol). I just want to see another side of her onscreen

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Jessica is reading a magazine about herself...with herself watching herself on TV... is it..possible for the fourth wall to break three times over?

god is a bedazzled woman and her name is jessica krupnick

so yes, anon, yes!