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about last night (m)

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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: enemies to lovers | explicit smut, fluff and angst

length: 15k

summary: you had promised yourself; if you were to ever hook up with that asshole park jimin, it would be just a one night stand.

a/n: dis was a monster to write im so tired. i stayed up until 12pm to finish this and now its finally done :) also how does every new fic i write get dirtier and dirtier?? idk. 

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• Jonathan taking pictures of you at random times.

• Modeling for his pictures every once in awhile or whenever you feel cutest

• You would have dinners often with Joyce and Will that’s always full of laughter and funny stories

• Jonathan would make countless mixtapes for you with new songs he thinks you’d like

• Screaming the lyrics to his favorite songs in his room or in the car or anywhere else

• Will trying to teach you how to play Dungeons and Dragons but you not understanding at all

• “Studying” that usually end up with make out sessions and cuddles

• Cute little cheek forehead kisses

•Looking through Jonathan’s baby pictures with Joyce!!

• Jonathan always listening to you if you’re having a hard time and being the best shoulder to cry on


Stranger Things 7 Day Challenge | Day 6 -  a character you want to see more of in season 2

Sometimes the bad guys are smart too, you know?

Mike is a total dork and while I can imagine him making a huge deal and effort into his first official date with El like some kind of cheesy romantic picnic, I can also imagine him taking her to the arcade because he thinks video games are cool and he just wants to show her all these amazing things she missed out on. (Plus it’s a chance for him to show off his skills on pacman or dig dug etc.) I’d be totally fine with either versions of these. Better yet he takes her on a romantic picnic and ends the evening at the arcade

Fred being a third wheel would include...
  • You and George would be sleeping in the same bed (which Molly forbade you two from doing but what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt right?)
  • and Fred obviously knowing because you’re all in the same room
  • so if he ever wakes up earlier he would so get into bed with the two of you just to be obnoxious
  • like you and George would be all cuddled up facing each other and then Fred would just climb in
  • George would swear/groan,
  • You would laugh most of the time,
  • and Fred would just act as if this was totally justified
  • He wouldn’t just lie next to you either
  • he would full bear-hug you
  • just to get a reaction out of Fred
  • He wouldn’t usually say anything at first to give the impression that this was definitely a normal thing to do
  • But if the two of you would ignore him, that wouldn’t work either.
  • “Good morning beautiful, you too Y/n”
  • “Wowee, good thing this bed is so small so we can all be closer!”
  • “Hope you two weren’t asleep over here haha that would be pretty shit”
  • George: “actually fuck off”
  • Fred would definitely be thrown out of the bed on every single occasion
  • but since you’d be in the middle then that means that you’d get the force too
  • but also this is an excuse for you to push Fred out and blame it on George
  • George genuinely finds it annoying because you two rarely got any alone time together as it was
  • but you saw it as a fair price to pay since the two boys have been practically joint at the hip since birth
  • plus frustrated Georgie would be hilariously cute

Sweeter Than Wine

by Anonymous

 Walking up, the bass still pounding loudly in his ears, he furrowed his brow in confusion as he noticed one lone figure still sitting at the bar. Almost every other person in the club had fled to the dance floor, but here was someone that obviously hadn’t been caught up in Louis’ spell.
Confused, Louis thought perhaps this muggle was just so determined to get drunk that his spell couldn’t penetrate.
“You must really need a drink tonight, mate,” Louis said, his tone biting as he slid up next to the stranger and clapped him solidly on the back.
The sarcastic tone he displayed a second before must not have flustered the man, because he smiled widely, his cheek dimpling endearingly.
“I do, actually,” he said, gesturing to the stool next to him. “Why don’t you join me for one?”

When Wizard!Louis goes to a muggle club for a change of pace, his one night stand ends up being much more than he bargained for.

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“Smooching?” - Steve Harrington

Request: “could i request a steve harrington x reader where the reader helps steve clean up after a fight (maybe they aren’t together yet and so it’s all tension-y and cute as shit) ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️”

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“Ouch,” Steve hissed pulling his face away from you. 

“Stay still,” you gently grabbed the side of his face making sure he wouldn’t move as you dabbed his face with a cloth to clear away the water and soap from the gentle rinse you did earlier. 

“It hurts,” he moaned pouting his lips. “Well, that’s your own fault, isn’t it? Shouldn’t get into fights then.” You reached for the first aid kit grabbing the plasters within. 

“Had to. Couldn’t let him talk shit about the kids,” he shifted in his seat before quickly mumbling “or you.” 

You smiled softly knowing he hadn’t meant for you to hear it. “Always have to be the hero, don’t you.” You carefully pushed his hair back not noticing his eyes fluttering shut at your touch. You were only focused on the soft strands gliding through your fingers.  He hummed as you gently put on the plaster.

“All done,” you held his cheek in your hand for a moment, Steve unconsciously leaning into it, the two of you simply staring at each other. You dropped your hand in embarrassment; trying to keep your feelings hidden were proving to be more difficult than you thought. 

“Well, I-I better go check on the kids,” you stuttered moving to leave. 

“No, Y/N wait,” Steve grabbed your hand pulling you towards him. You ended up flying towards him, you feet not having a steady grip on the floor, only stopping your body from knocking him down by catching yourself on his biceps. His impressive biceps.

You gulped nervously when you saw how close the two of you were; his face mere inches away. 

“Thank you.” He didn’t move his face away, “You always help me no matter what. Thank you.” He got a weird look in his eye, unknown emotions swimming around. 

“Yeah, of course, Steve.” I’d do anything for you, you thought to yourself. Merely being this close to him was making your heart race erratically. You glanced down at his lips wanting nothing more than to close the distance between the two of you. Steve appeared to be thinking the same thing and was slowly leaning in. The moment you had dreamed of since forever was now happening and your lips were almost touching now. 

“Are you guys finished in there? I really need to pee and I’ve waited for like an hour or something now!” Dustin yelled knocking loudly on the door making the two of you jump apart. 

“Uh, yeah. We’ll be right out.” Steve said as you quickly moved away from him opening the door

“I hope you two weren’t smooching in here,” Dustin said suspiciously giving the two of you a look over.

“O-of course not,” you stuttered a slight blush falling on your cheeks. You bit your lip glancing at Steve before quickly leaving the room. Unfortunately. 

Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Shot by Shot Rundown Pt 2

  A week late but here you go (the first run down can be found here)

disclaimer: i own nothing, all shots and scenes depicted belong to Netflix

it should also be noted that these are just MY theories and opinions. I am by no means an expert, and you are absolutely entitled to your own thoughts and theories.

without further adieu here we go-


as long as she has her eggos and is safe that’s all that matters :’)

i hope shes warm enough

that person is me running away from all the shit that’s about to hit the fan

so i’m assuming this season is really going to focus on the lines between dimensions blurring around Halloween thus why Will is struggling so hard rn yada yada yada nothing new

i want to know why this monster is just now on the radar you know? like while Will was in the Upside Down did he know about THIS thing or just the demagorgan

dang i guess trick or treat is ruined then?


??? where are they? and who is that random man with them? it kind of looks like a lab or some place underground. also i’m screaming bc 

NOTE: their outfits here are different from the ones they’re wearing in the shot of them staring at the wall i love detective legends WHO GO OFF AND RESEARCH THE SUPERNATURAL by themselves how interesting 

no really who is this guy and who is he keeping tabs on (see: the white note cards to the left)

WHO YOU GONNA CALL (i made this joke in my last rundown i’m sorry i’m so lame)

i think i mentioned this in the last run down, but even though i’m not a huge fan of Steve atm, i’m intrigued by this dynamic of him and the kids they’re going to be doing

does every small town in tv shows have a lookout point where the core group congregates to see shit go down?

this is such cool cinematography if they did, in fact, make one side of the road green and the other dying on purpose

i’m ALSO SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS FRIENDSHIP DYNAMIC THIS SEASON (just bc Will was MIA last season, we didn’t really get to see much about his relationship with the other three aside from how much they wanted him back, and towards the very end of the final episode)

ok even though this new monster is creepy as hell and i’m so upset will has to suffer again this season……….this kid is a hella talented artist way to go Will you’re doing great

omg please stop hurting mah boy…but also wtf why do I have to deal with another slow burn ship this season screw this

…….you……..you’re to blame

who are you and what are those glowing light cylinders doing in front of you

NOTE: i actually think this is Hop in the same scene as a clip you will see later in the trailer…you can look there to see my theory on why he is doing this stay tuned

pictures???? of what I can’t tell. why are they showing these to him while hes in the hospital? (peep the gown)

someone help this kid pls

are they at an ER or a police station?

big mood Joyce (ugh I hate how she has to suffer through this again just let the Byers live please)

can’t even tell whats going on here other then the fact that it looks like the upside down next slide

what are all these wires yikes

this doctor seems like (based on what I saw this trailer especially) he’s going to become a new reoccurring character…interesting…he better not back stab any of my children or i will stab him in his back


oh my god a conversation between Will and Mike where Mike fills him in and tries to explain his feelings for Eleven HERE FOR IT PLEASE LORD




ummm…??????? first of all whose house is this, I dont reconize it and second of all…

why does she look so angry now i’m kind fo concerned WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS?

halloween dance maybe? i’m just confused as to why people are at the school in the middle of the night, i think this is mainly wishful reaching on my part

what’s interesting to me about this shot is not even so much the drawing (which i discussed in my last rundown), but the fact that Joyce has the phone next to her again? last season she had it in hopes of communicating with Will, which causes me to question who she is waiting for this time?

a portal i’m guessing?

NOTE: I think that Steve and Dustin are going to be the main friendship focus out of the kids and Steve. i think it’s going to be Will off having problems of his own, Mike with Eleven when she comes back sorting things out, and Max and Lucas…which i’m guessing is going to be the love interest for max they’ve been hinting at and if any of the crazies out there start trying to SHIP Dustin and Steve I will come for your throats

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus please mAKE THIS STOP


nope ignore, next


how many dang trips is Hop taking to the Upside down this season?

edit: see further down for the theory

see: my last statement 

who are you odd doctor man?

well he kind of looks as out of the loop as the rest of us so i think we can trust him…for now…

*heavy labored breathing*

oh boy…

excuse me while i scream until my lungs concave (OK BUT THE BED ROOM SHARING TROUPE PARALLEL??? CANT I JUST CATCH MY BREATH FOR FIVE SECONDS BEFORE BEING ATTACKED AGAIN?? okay but it kind of looks like theyre in a hotel???? why????????????)

Holes (2003) that should be Hopper behind her

this scene was in the Comicon trailer and it doesn’t concern me any less now 

me too steve…me too…

…will the real Karate Kid please stand up

actually, the more i think about it, the more i’m thinking Hop making all these weird trips to the Upside Down has to do with that deal he made with the scientists last season…like his end of the bargain was basically doing all the dangerous dirty work everyone else is too afraid to do 

that or he’s being sent to locate Eleven but I’m choosing to ignore this theory

YIKES (Part 18937487002)

lowkey think this is going to be that weird pet thing Dustin eventually gets but watch me be wrong

classic Samwise Gamgee

nothing but respect for my sons (if their love triangle causes any sort of animosity between these two this season I’m burning something)

i reeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy want to like Max this season and I hope shes more like cool and reserved and not annoyingly angsty and rude like so many tv franchises like to paint preteen girls. but Stranger Things has not failed me yet so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt

interesting that Will and Mike aren’t there doing whatever the heck they’re doing, but Steve and Max are? idk if it means anything, it’s just interesting. makes me wonder if Will and Mike are going to be off figuring out whats happening to Will, while these four focus on something else? but what?

Dustin is ready to throw down (I think that this has to do with his “pet” they’ve been teasing this season. like idk maybe he’s trying to tame it or something)

everyone in this show is about to be in the best damn shape of their lives with all the running they seem to be doing my god

oh my god??? so it looks like they’re sterilizing him for something, but Hop looks like he’s in pain so I’m completely against whatever the hell is going on in this scene

NOTE: this is probably in reference to him paying off his end of the bargain with the lab

can this monster just calm tf down and give these mf kids a chance to take a BREAT?????????????? LEAVE

this whole trailer consisted of horrified looks, people in pain, and running

so maybe Hop is being used to test weapons for the labroatory on the monsters in the Upside Down? and that was the deal he made?

the amount of panic and seeming lack of experience these people working at the lab have expressed on multiple occasions makes me doubt their credibility as scientists to begin with

she looks terrified and sweaty this is not a good combination (also did you know that Nancy Wheeler could run me over with an 18 wheeler and I would say “thank you”?)

that looks like Nancy’s gun so looks like the core group is getting ready to rumble 

can’t tell if he looks suspicious, seductive, confused, or constipated in this shot so MOVING ON

??????????????? who tf are you? (based on the pictures on the walls, he’s in the Byers house?)


I don’t think I’ve ever hated an idea more than the idea of my bois going into the upside down themselves no thanks

does anyone know this guys name? i can’t keep calling him Samwise


a raid of sorts? but on what because this doesn’t look like the upside down so…the real world?

again with these inexperienced scientists working on what is apparently a very important government project. this staff need to be reevaluated

*Teenager by My Chemical Romance plays in the distance*

(the relevance behind this shot makes me curious, because from what i can tell which obviously isn’t a lot with the mask and such, its not anyone we know yet…and it’s just a bunch of teenagers sooooo)

i think it should be noted that Dustin is wearing the same outfit and headset from that scene from the previous trailer where he’s screaming “ABORT ABORT” so my guess is we are just going to have one episode where the kids venture into the Upside Down for a mission of their own (in which they ALL better return safely or I will be making some calls)

i’m confused now, because previous to this, it looked like Dustin was outside with the headset kind of running point, but here it looks like he’s in there with them??? idek anymore

i’m so sosososoososososososo really for this show down scene


this pretty much confirms for me my theory on how the love triangle pans out (Lucas and Max end up together) 

*sigh* at this point, i’m officially worried for every single one of the main characters 

LOOKS LIKE JOHNNYBOY HIT BACK(look at that bloody nose) OOooOOooOOOOOoO (also i can’t wait to hate you whoever you are we’re just going to call you Crusty for now)

hmmm….this is the same van that those teenagers in masks were getting out of a few scenes back…interesting


she literally looks so angry this trailer oh man…though this one she also looks more…upset maybe?

correct me if i’m wrong but is that not the woman who we’re pretty sure is Eleven’s mom? the distortion around the camera also kind of makes it look like a vision/ flashback, so this could possibly be something Eleven is seeing and explain why she’s so upset?

this looks like the same scene where she’s yelling and looking pretty mad. also noted: this is the same outfit she’s wearing when she appears in that unknown door way looking so angry 

NOTE: i’m also confused about her hair? like yes, i know they let Millie grow her hair out this season, but in a recently released short clip where Eleven busts out of the wall into the middle school, her hair is still buzzed. so does this suggest a time jump? if so, how much time has passed? does this also suggest that she came through the upside down a while back and has been living on her own long enough for her hair to get THAT long? which would mean she didn’t go to Mike or the others for help, she just has been roaming around doing whatever it is they’ll have her doing…

solidifies my belief that Dustin and Steve will be the main friendship they will be pushing this season 

NOTE: ….??? why does Dustin have flowers? i lowkey think Dustin is going to awkwardly go to Steve as like a big brother figure to give him advice on his crush on Max

eternal mood

oh okay wow…so this is actually right before all the shit with the kids going into the upside down all happens (Dustin’s shirt and headset)

all of these scenes with the same outfits makes me wonder how long of a time period this season spans over…honestly my guess would be like three days

lol why does Steve seem so confused by the contents of his own trunk

NOTE: whoa whoa whoa this just went from day to night…so the whole “do you still have the bat” scene is different from Steve actually removing the bat from his car

why does Steve have the bat to begin with? I thought it was Jonathan’s?

i’m betting said shit just officially went down


QUESTION: is there anything you guys want me to do when the episodes are released? maybe like an episode rundown w/ my thoughts and opinions? idek leave a comment if you reblog and have an idea



Imagine Steve and you getting into a fight over helping your brother Dustin but he comes back wanting to help.

You go over to your window when you hear something hit it. When you look through it you see Steve Harrington looking up with his beat up face. You and him had fought and not talked for days since he refused to help your brother Dustin look for his friend Will.

You open the window and glare at him. “Go away Steve.” You go to close the window before he yells.

“Y/N wait! Look I was an idiot. I didn’t believe that anything was even going on other than your brother having a large imagination!” He tries explaining. “I know now that he isn’t! I saw those things! I’m sorry.”

“You refused to help my brother! You called him crazy!” You yell back down to him, still angry.

“Look Y/N I get it if you hate me. But I…I just wanna help.” You stay silent, he sighs and starts to walk away.

“Steve!” You yell at him, he stops walking and turns around. “Fine. Get up here before I change my mind.” He smiles a little and runs to your door heading upstairs to your room.

agentwhlskey  asked:

hey 🌹 can i request soulmate au prompt "stop aging at 18 yrs old until you meet your soulmate" + steve harrington please? [bonus points if reader was born like a couple of centuries ago 👽]

I tried my best, I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: None

I’m taking requests for Jonathan, Steve, and Nancy in honor of season two! 

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Tightly (Mileven)

October, 1984


Mike doesn’t believe it’s real at first. How can it be? She’s gone, she saved them but she’s gone now. He’s dreamt so many times she returned that this must just be a cruel joke on him by is own mind. He had just gotten over it - well that was a lie, he hadn’t gotten over it but he’d started to accept that she wasn’t coming back. He just blankly stared at the girl, watching for something to be wrong, to prove to himself that he was just dreaming or insane or something, anything more logical than believing she was really home. His heart couldn’t take any more lies, couldn’t take any more tricks. He was tired and done. Why can’t the nightmare just end already and put him out of his misery. It was as if his subconscious enjoyed playing tricks on him and reducing him to a state of tears. Any minute now he’ll wake up and…


She kept calling for him softly, stirring in her sleep at the Byers’ house where Hopper had taken her, unsure of what to do. Immediately Will called Dustin, Lucas and Mike knowing they’d been separated for too long. He hadn’t known Eleven himself, but the stories the boys had told Will of her made him feel as though they were already friends- or at least will be good friends. Mike had tried to run away at first but Dustin and Lucas grabbed his shoulders to pin him in place. They knew if he wasn’t there when she woke up, he’d regret it for the rest of his life. Mike tried to fight back tears, he didn’t want it to be a dream.

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friday: fake boyfriends

Late list for the world’s best trope! Thank you to everyone who’s followed so far!

So so Sterek. So so excellent. Hilarious!: 

Date Me by @cloudyskiesandcurlyfries (1/1 | 2,073 | Gen.)

Stiles and Derek pretend to date to see how long it will take Scott to notice and they end up forming a real relationship along the way

Still giggling like a loon!: 

May I Interest You in an Apology Muffin? by Leslie_Knope / @leslieknopeismyspiritanimal​ (1/1 | 1,478 | Teen)

“Wait, seriously? Who is it? C’mon, just tell me.”

“Uh…,” Stiles said, buying for time while he looked around as surreptitiously as possible. “That guy over there,” he whispered finally, jerking his chin toward the dark-haired guy three tables over, a guy so hot that Stiles’ only chance with him would most definitely be in an imaginary scenario.

Scott looked over his shoulder at the guy and got that determined glint in his eye that Stiles recognized, just about three seconds too late. Scott was gonna do something that he thought was heroic but was actually dumb.

“Scott!” he hissed, grabbing for his backpack and nearly knocking over their coffee cups in his haste to follow him. “Oh, holy shit.”

Omg omg omg! lmaoo!!!: 

Go With It by frnkieroo (1/1 | 1,311 | Mature)

The “I ran into my ex at the store while I was buying… special items, and he introduced me to his new girlfriend and you’re standing right there so I guess you’re my boyfriend now, just play along” AU

Just the sweetest!: 

I’ll Fake Date You For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams) by @exhuastedpigeon / 42hrb  (1/1 | 2,217 | Teen)

When Derek needs a date to his company holiday party he asks his long time friend Stiles, but their unspoken feelings for each other might make it an awkward night.

Perfect oblivious idiots! Seriously, perfect!: 

it just is by @hoechlin-perfection​ / marishna (1/1 | 4,294 | Mature)

“Thanks, man,” Stiles said to Derek. He hopped off the stool. “I’ll leave you alone now.”

Derek nodded but then, before he realized what he was saying, he said, “You don’t have to go.”

“I thought you didn’t like strangers?” Stiles shot back but he sat back on the stool.

“Then tell me more about yourself.”


The Bet by Leslie_Knope (1/1 | 8,238 | Mature) 

“Okay,” Stiles started. He had a monumentally stupid idea, but well, that was kind of his trademark. At least they usually worked out for him. Emphasis on usually. “If I win…you have to go to my ten-year high school reunion next year. As my date.”

Utterly precious dorks!: 

All the broken hearts in the world still beat by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 3,354 | Teen) 

Stiles totally needs to make Lydia Martin jealous. Yeah. And his best chance is to convince star lacrosse player Derek Hale to (fake) date him.

Gloriously cute!! Love the dynamic!: 

Solid Alibi by LadyDrace (1/1 | 3,469 | Teen) 

Derek makes horrible life choices. It’s Grandma Hale’s fault, really.
Stiles is Derek’s fake boyfriend who maybe isn’t so fake after all

Flippin’ adorable!: 

It’s Always Been You by charlesdk (1/1 | 6,085 | Teen) 

Stiles’ love life was practically non-existing, always had been. He was always terrible at picking up clues when people hit on him (it had happened, Erica had been witness to it and had been the one to let him know it was happening in the first place) because he never expected anyone to do so.

He wasn’t the most desirable guy around, he knew that. He was loud, extremely nerdy, never knew when to stop talking, not exactly much of a looker if you asked him, the list was endless.

Point was, he never did know when someone was flirting with him. Which was probably how he ended up in the fight that would change his life for the better.