i shot a stranger

• Jonathan taking pictures of you at random times.

• Modeling for his pictures every once in awhile or whenever you feel cutest

• You would have dinners often with Joyce and Will that’s always full of laughter and funny stories

• Jonathan would make countless mixtapes for you with new songs he thinks you’d like

• Screaming the lyrics to his favorite songs in his room or in the car or anywhere else

• Will trying to teach you how to play Dungeons and Dragons but you not understanding at all

• “Studying” that usually end up with make out sessions and cuddles

• Cute little cheek forehead kisses

•Looking through Jonathan’s baby pictures with Joyce!!

• Jonathan always listening to you if you’re having a hard time and being the best shoulder to cry on


If Ben & Sophie did a romantic drama movie


Damon Salvatore one shot

Requested: I absolutely loved your Damon Salvatore one shot <3 Could I request another one with the same character where the reader is new to town and Damon immediately falls for her? Have a good day darling!

Word Count: 473 words (2,485 characters)

Warnings: Swearing.
Gif not mine, credit to the owner

Your eyes adjusted to the dim lighting of “The Grill” which seemed to be a popular bar in the cryptic town of Mystic Falls. You had just arrived to the town that day as you moved from your home town to a gorgeous but expensive apartment in the heart of the town. All of a sudden you heard the door burst open, and there entered a gorgeous, tall boy. You couldn’t help but stare as he walked over to the other side of the bar, smirking sexily at the bar tender whilst ordering a drink.

You tried to hide the fact you were blatantly staring at this stranger but you being you made it so obvious by glancing now and then whilst gulping from your nervousness. The mysterious boy noticed you, and subtly looked up at you and furrowed his brows. He smiled to himself and got out of the squeaky bar chair and started to walk over to you

‘Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit’ you screamed in your mind as words couldn’t form on your lips as anxiety shook your body as he inched closer and closer. “Couldn’t help but noticing that you were staring”, said the boy, “Uh, oh I- well- you see,” you stuttered out words that instantly filled your jumbled mind, “It’s okay.” the boy interrupted you in your tracks and chuckled at your confusion “I’m Damon” he continued as you let out a sigh of relief. “I’m so sorry” you explained, he sat in the seat next to you and ordered you another drink as you two made small talk

“I’ve never seen you around before, are you new here” he asked whilst shooting you a playful wink. “I am yes, I just moved here” You smiled at him and noticed his phone vibrating. “Are you gonna answer that?” you ask as you turn back to him and find him staring at your features almost as blatantly as you stared at his when he walked in. “Oh yeah, sorry” he instantly turned away and grabbed his phone.

“Hi, Stefan..”, he answered, as he was talking on the phone you couldn’t help but look at his stature above you and how his smile lines moved in every word he spoke. He got of the phone and grabbed his jacket. “I’m so sorry, something’s come up. But how about we meet again soon? I’m usually never this forward but you’re beautiful, I really hope you’d like to see me again.” He suggested as he wrote down his number on a napkin that had a wet patch in the shape of the bottom of your glass on the side. You mentally freaked out and you could barely reply “Uh. Sure I’d love nothing more”, he smiled as he walked to the door. He turned back blew you a kiss, this was the first time you’d truly experienced something so… instant. You could feel the love for this stranger growing. Your hunger to find out more overcame you and you couldn’t wait to see him again.

Authors note: Finally omg, I’m so sorry my loves. School has just been a bitch tbh. Will post more soon

-M xo

I get kinda freaked out by those model shots of the kids from stranger things. Kids. And everyone is like wow! Millie is slaying! And I’m like… She’s a child and it’s weird that you’re using her as a model and portraying her in such an adult way.

Milkshake (Full Version)

I was asked to make a full version available because for some reason the Keep Reading link wasn’t working for some so here it is! Thank you so much for your responses and support. I really wasn’t expecting it so thank you :) 

“What did they feed you there? What did you eat?“ Mike asked. He didn’t want her getting an upset stomach from unfamiliar foods, plus what if she was allergic to something?
El furrowed her brow in frustration, unable to find the words to explain. What was it called? Some sort of drink.
In the lab, she was given a drink with every meal. Along with the tasteless and colorless foods she was given, the bad men served her a thick concoction that looked like melted ice cream, but tasted nothing like it.
Despite it’s cold temperature, the liquid burned her throat as she choked it down. It tasted like dirt and copper, like the blood that dripped from her nose. The sludge slid down her throat slowly like a slug that had come from The Upside Down. It’s aftertaste clung to her throat like how gum stuck to the bottom of her shoe last week.
Growing up in the lab meant knowing exactly what was expected of her; always given orders but never told why. The drink was one of the only things she was ever given an explanation for, but it was only to push their agenda. They said it was to keep her strong and healthy after playtime. That was supposed to help keep her mind sharp. If anything, though, it made her feel even worse. Bile rose in her throat after every sip and she remembered the punishment if she didn’t finish. El snapped back to reality just as Mike was finishing a rambling explanation on why Lucky Charms were his favorite cereal, his attention focused on the cupboard and, thankfully, not on the girl behind him.
“So, does anything sound good?” Mike asked.
El looked at the colorful boxes and shapes in front of her, unable to recognize anything. 
She looked around the kitchen for a cup so she could try to explain. In the sink she found a clean glass, almost the same size as the steel cup the bad men gave her and showed it to Mike.
"Oh, a drink? Okay, well.. we have orange juice and stuff.” He motioned to the fridge and opened it for her. A slight draft came from inside it, surprising her. “See, we have lots of drinks. Juice, milk, pop.” Mike waited for her response.
El looked at the produce in the fridge. She recognized orange juice, a slightly bitter drink that Dustin had her try at breakfast once after a sleepover. If there was any indication that she did like orange juice, it was hidden by how her face twisted up when she swallowed it.
She gazed up at the top shelf at the tall bottles. They didn’t look the same as the milk or pop. They were dark brown and made of glass. She pointed at the foreign beverage thinking maybe it could be that, unable to see the liquid inside.
"Oh, that. That’s beer. It’s only for adults so we can’t drink it but sometimes my Dad lets me take a sip. It’s not very good so you’re really not missing out.”
El’s lips lifted slightly at that but she’s not really sure why. Mike grinned back at her. She reached for the… milk? And turned to Mike. He shut the door.
“That’s milk. It comes from cows,” he explained, “personally, I like chocolate milk better.” He wondered if she knew what cows were, but she didn’t ask so he let it go.
Eleven twisted the top of the carton and sniffed the liquid inside. It smelled sweet, like the warm stuff Papa would sometimes reward her with before lights out after she made him proud. She looked to Mike at a loss for words, unable to determine what she wanted to say.
“Here, let me pour it for you. Maybe I could make you chocolate milk, too?” He asked tentatively. He walked over to the kitchen table, pulled out a chair for El, and poured her a glass of milk. He then motioned for her to come sit, so she did. She lifted the glass slowly to her lips, took a quick sip and relished in it.
“Do you like it?” Mike asked.
El smiled and nodded in response.
“Good! Do you wanna try chocolate, now? It’s even sweeter,” he said, grabbing two straws and making himself a glass.
When the milk changed color El’s eyes widened, but not in her usual inquisitive manor. It was a gaze of recognition. The chocolate milk was the same color as the drink at the lab. Mike took note of her expression, wondering if it was a good sign or not.
“Eleven, is everything okay?” His voice filled with concern.
She looked at him, mouth agape, but no sound came out. Mike tried to continue for her, “have you had this before?” He asked.
El struggled with her words once again, “Yes, but…. more,” she hesitated, not sure how to get her point across.
“More… like more in the glass or—” but El cut him off by shaking her head. 
“No. More like… more,” and made a sort of expanding motion with her hands.
“Oh, like thicker? Like a milkshake?” Proud of himself for finally deciphering her language, hoping it wasn’t a mistake.
“What is milkshake?”
“Here,” he stood smiling, “we have ice cream. Let me show you because I think I might be right.” He smiled at her and she smiled back, because she remembered ice cream. That’s the sweet pink stuff Benny had given her when she escaped the lab. However, her smile didn’t last. As soon as Mike turned away, El pulled her legs up to her chin and kept her gaze down.
In truth, she was nervous about trying a milkshake, which was unlike her, especially when it comes to food. She’s always so curious, so ready to try new things in the world that had been hidden to her.
It only took Mike a few minutes to make the shake for his new friend, but when he came back, he noticed she had retreated into herself. A nervous habit he had noted.
“Bad men,” she muttered, her brows furrowed.
“What? Bad men? Is this what they fed you?” Mike felt concern welling in his chest at the sound of her tone. He didn’t understand how she could be so hesitant towards a milkshake when she had just drank milk itself Had the bad men done something to their version to hurt her? Did it taste different? “El?” He asked.
She looked up at him and the drink in his hand cautiously.
Now Mike felt anxiety rising in his chest. He didn’t mean to upset her. It’s just so hard to communicate with someone who has a limited vocabulary. But she knows “no,” so why hadn’t she said that if she thought it might be bad? Maybe she wasn’t comfortable saying it. He shook all the thoughts from his brain.
“Hey, I’m sorry,” clearing his throat If you don’t wanna drink it that’s okay. I didn’t mean to upset you, but it is really good. It tastes like the chocolate milk we were drinking.”
She looked up at Mike, one eyebrow cocked. Good? Like their chocolate milk? She wanted so desperately to believe the freckle faced boy in front of her, but memories of the lab held her back. All she could think about was the acrid taste that used to settle in her stomach every night.
But that was the lab and those were the bad men and Mike was not bad. Mike was good. Mike was so good. He was colorful and bright and inviting, not like the hollow white walls of Hawkins National Laboratory. He would never do what the bad men did to her, would he? She considered this for a moment before decided that friends don’t lie. Mike said milkshakes were good and so they must be.
El shifted in her seat and visibly relaxed. Mike saw the tension fall from her shoulders, but her arms were still wrapped around her bony knees.
He knew he had tot think of something to help her move past this. “Here, see? It’s good,” he said, taking a sip. This always worked with Holly when she didn’t want to eat her vegetables. And the shake was good, that was no lie. Mike Wheeler may not be the best thirteen-year old cook, but he knew how to make a mean milkshake. He just needed this girl to believe him. She needed something in her stomach after being trapped in The Upside Down for so long.
El nodded and slowly withdrew her hand from her cocoon. The glass was colder than before, but the milkshake smelled intoxicating. It was so much sweeter than what she was used to. She sucked at the straw and watched the substance rise as it came to her lips and she smiled. It was really good!
Mike saw her change in expression once the shake hit her tongue and smiled. He sat next to her enjoying this new experience for her. “Hey, be careful though, El. You might get—.” He cut himself off as he noticed El’s expression change once again. She drew her entire self in once more and let out a whimper, her hands rubbing at her temples.
She hadn’t felt this before. Sure, her head would hurt if she overworked herself, but it was never a pain like this. When she used her powers it felt more like a buzzing or a humming in her head. This was like a blizzard screaming in her head.
“El,” he called, “El, it’s just brain freeze. Here,” he reached his hand out to hers, but she pulled back staring at him. “Right, no touching. Well, try this. It gets rid of brain freezes.” At that, Mike Wheeler stuck his thumb to the roof of his mouth and breathed out.
El, even though she had no idea what he was doing, didn’t hesitate to relieve the feeling. So she stuck her thumb to the roof of her mouth, too. It was rigid and cool. She breathed out a sigh of relief as her brain went back to it’s normal temperature.
“Better?” Mike asked.
“Better,” she grinned, “thank you.”
“No problem,” he let out a small chuckle. “Next time, don’t drink it so fast!”

another face - GhostGrantaire - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Honestly, it was more than the thoughts of Christmas lights and bear traps that kept Steve away from Jonathan’s house. While that experience still haunted his dreams (and he always took care to step over the burn mark in the hallway) there was something intensely more terrifying about the Byers’ themselves than the house.

  • Jess: MONSTERS
  • Officers: um.
house of balloons | yoongi pt.2

Originally posted by skullhongs

a/n: this is the last part, feedback is appreciated!

genre: angst, fluff

word count: 2.1k

warning: swearing


I sat in front of her as she ate the waffle and stared at the people passing by staring at her too. It’s not every day you see a girl eating waffles at a cheap dinner in a floor-length gown and heels that probably cost more than the actual diner.

“What?” she asks looking at me.

“It’s funny,” I begin.

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Never accept candy from strangers. Even hot strangers.

Why do people ask me how I am while passing me in the hall. Like, give me time to process and respond??

Let me process the question

Then process my current mood and recognize it.

Then come up with the correct responce, whether that is a lie or not.

Like once they asked me how I was and kept walking,I was so busy processing the question, that I didn’t notice they were already out if ear shot, and I turned to a stranger walking by me and said “good” with a nod.


A bellarke Stranger Things au for @reblogginhood.  Also tagging @tryalittlejoytomorrow because I think this is relevant to your interests too.

(Slightly spoilery for Stranger Things, obvi.)

“Can you stay?”

Her voice was so quiet that for a moment, Bellamy thought he was imagining things.  There was no way that Clarke Griffin— pretty, popular Clarke Griffin— wanted him to stay.  Not even after they’d fought that thing that had taken Octavia and Wells, a nightmare of a monster whose bloodcurdling shrieks still rang in his ears.

Because Clarke was a lot of things, but frightened wasn’t one of them.  Clarke had stood her ground and fired off round after round while that thing charged her and when that failed to stop it she’d fought it hand to claw and face to fang.  She was still covered in the sticky goo that oozed from the monster’s pores and up until this very second she hadn’t betrayed even a hint of fear.

But now, perched on her bed with her hands clasped between her knees, she took a shaky breath.  “Just for tonight,” she said in that same tiny voice that reached into his heart and twisted it so tightly it was hard for him to breathe.

Bellamy lifted his hand and hesitated before he rested it on her back.  He’d wrapped her in his jacket on the long walk back from the woods because she couldn’t stop shivering.  He’d thought she was cold but now they were in her bright, cozy room and still she trembled.  “Yeah,” he said, his voice cracking with the remnants of fear.  “Yeah, I can.”  There wasn’t anyone waiting for him at home, after all.  Octavia was gone— gone, not dead, no matter what Sheriff Kane said— and his mother had been nearly catatonic since the morning they woke up to discover the one good thing in their family was missing.  Aurora wouldn’t notice if Bellamy didn’t come home, knowledge that at once saddened and comforted him because tonight he didn’t want to go home either.

Home meant walking past Octavia’s door.  It meant seeing his mother’s blank eyes.  It meant ignoring the silence that blared from Octavia’s room instead of whatever pop princess she decided she loved that week.  Home meant knowing he’d failed Octavia, and home meant being alone.  So Bellamy shooed Clarke gently towards her bathroom and dug out a sleeping bag from under her bed.  He snatched a frilly pillow from her bed, a soft yellow that matched the swirls of pinks and creams and pastels that coated her room.

Clarke emerged, her hair dripping, and wordlessly climbed under her covers.  “Do you want the light on?” she asked, and Bellamy stared up at her ceiling, debating.  Every time he closed his eyes he could see that thing closing in on them.  He could hear its screams and smell its foul breath and his heart picked up with every creak and groan the floorboards made.  But he wasn’t sure that having the light on or off would make any difference because Bellamy wasn’t scared of the dark, he was scared of what would emerge from it.

“Whatever you want,” he said finally, and the light stayed on.

But he could tell she wasn’t asleep, because he wasn’t anywhere near it either.  “Could you— could you come up here?” Clarke whispered.

Bellamy swallowed.   Finn hung heavy in the air, unspoken and unmentioned but still present.  There was a line somewhere up ahead and Bellamy wondered if he would cross it, and then he wondered if he cared if he crossed it.

He decided he didn’t.

Bellamy carefully peeled back the covers and laid down.  He stayed on his back, fighting the urge to curl around Clarke and let her heat and warmth and softness drive back the terror, and she rolled to face him.  “We’ll be okay,” he lied, because monsters were real.

“You don’t know that,” she said, and she sounded more like the Clarke he knew from a distance— controlled, brave, and decisive.  The Clarke he saw at school, laughing and joking with her friends.  The Clarke who had probably never noticed him even though he couldn’t help but notice her.  “We don’t know where it went.”

It was that, more than anything, that kept him from being able to shut his eyes.  One minute the monster was there, fighting off his assault like he was no more than an annoying fly while it tried to tear out Clarke’s throat, and the next it was gone.  He blinked and it disappeared, like he’d imagined the whole thing.  Bellamy might have told himself he did, except Octavia was gone and Clarke had seen it too.  

Bellamy turned and rested his cheek on her pillow, so close he could feel her breath.  “Then at least we won’t be alone,” he whispered, and a soft, sad smile flickered across her face.  Clarke wriggled closer and Bellamy threw his arm around her, drawing her against his chest.

And somewhere out in the darkness, a monster lurked.

anonymous asked:

Um okay hope I'm not late! 1) I think confidence and compassion. Should be mentioned that the first one is a huge lie. 2) Loyalty or soothing presence, as in you can sit hours in silence comfortably. 3) I'm the type to just "be there" and listen. After that probably try to get the person's mind off the sadness. 4) I would trust a stranger, I'd give it a shot. Nothing to lose. 5) I think I'd start voicing my concerns after the fuck-up? I don't really trust myself so I'd do it very subtly tho.

No such thing as too late, sweets!

I think you’re Hunk, 100%~! Of all the Hunks I’ve dubbed, you are the Hunk-iest. You should be proud. Hunk is a good noodle and you are, too.

One-Shot: Running into the Winter Soldier (Literally)

Could I get a one-shot? Imagine a stranger jumping in front of your car and being unable to hit the brakes in time or hard enough… long story short… you might have just taken out the Winter Soldier all by yourself… you swear it was an accident. But how do you explain that to those two guys that showed up right afterwards calling themselves Captain America and Falcon? Besides you are already late for lunch with your brother Scott (Lang) anyway ~ -Requested by anon
This takes place around the Captain America: Winter Soldier time, when they’re searching for the Winter Soldier. Mild swearing in this one 

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson
Word Count: 969

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EXO react to you drinking and smoking

So you sent me another message saying this was for EXO, aha! So these aren’t all the same, I’ve done a few for drinking, a few for smoking and a few for both. Have a nice day too, thanks anon

Baekhyun: *To your friends* “You should have seen her last night, it was horrific,”

Y/N: “Babe, it was only a few drinks,”

Baekhyun: “A few drinks? It was more than a few drinks,”

Chanyeol:*Sees you doing body shots with a bunch of strangers*


Y/N: “I don’t understand why you’re so annoyed,”

Chen: “You were smoking.I think I have a right to be annoyed, don’t you?”

D.O: *Sees you, drunk, all over another guy whilst smoking*

Kai: *Mid-conversation with someone when he notices you dancing* “Oh my god. Someone’s had too much to drink,”

Kris: *Sees you having a cigarette with your friend*“I’m not meant to find that attractive, someone please stop her,”


Baekhyun: “You know Y/N’s out there, a bottle of something in one hand and a cigarette in the other,”

Luhan: *After he sees you smoking*“I’m not even pissed, I’m just disappointed,”

Sehun: *Just as drunk as you are* “Come, we’re going home,”

Suho: *He’s a little drunk himself so when he sees you smoking, he gets emotional*

Tao: *You say/do something funny because of the amount of alcohol you’ve had*

Xiumin: *Sees how drunk you are* “I don’t know her,”

Kind Stranger

Just something small I kinda thought up late tonight. Not all that amazing, but kinda hits close to the heart for me. Italics is Sign Language. Hope it isn’t that bad. Much love explorers. <3

  Sitting there I knew what was coming next…

  These two guys had been doing the same thing for hours, asking each employee if they had seen anything. I had somehow managed to make sure I was the last one they talked to.

  As they walked towards me I pulled out the piece of paper with the note that I had written when I first realized what it was they were doing, “Selective mutism. Will answer in sign language or writing.” I prepared myself for the embarrassment that awaited; staring at my hands and bouncing my knee hoping for it to just go away.

  “I’m Agent Osbourne, this is partner Agent Butler,” I was snapped out of my own thoughts quickly as the deep voice rang through my ears, “We’d like to ask you a few questions about what happened here today.”

  I nodded hesitantly then handed over the note, never looking up at the two men in front of me. After a long pause, which felt all-consuming, I started to break. I was just about to walk away –

  “So you can hear us?” the same voice rang true.

  I nodded and slightly glanced at the one standing slightly to the right. He was tall – really tall – and had a very strong stature with very gentle eyes.

  “Okay, do you mind if we begin?” he asked with a small smile. I replied with a quick shake of my head. “Alright, so did you happen to see anything out of the ordinary? Any customers acting weird or suspicious, any weird smells, or cold spots?”

  “There was one girl. I had never seen her before, and being a small town we typically know everyone that stops in,” I signed quickly without thinking. As soon as I was done I realized my mistake and squeezed my eyes shut momentarily before reaching for a pen and some paper.

  “What did she look like?” the second of the two men asked.

  My head shot straight up, with my eyes connecting with his immediately. Had he understood what I said? Much to my surprise his partner was giving him the same odd look as myself. I stopped my progress of reaching for the pen and slowly retreated my hands back to my chest before slowly beginning to sign a description of the girl.

  “5’6ish, brown hair, pale skin, very pale skin, and blue eyes,” I concluded with a still very confused look on my face.

  “Okay. Now just a few more routine questions,” and with that he continued in the way he had with every other employee. Just another conversation about another incident he was dealing with.

  “Alright, I think we have all we need. Thank you for your time ma’am,” he said after about five more minutes of talking. I gave him a slight chuckle.

  “No. Thank you.

  And with a small smile he left. This stranger who had made a situation I had encountered so many times, and had never ended well, seem like just a normal day-to-day friendly conversation.

*Sam’s POV*

  “When the hell did you learn sign language?” I asked with a laugh as we entered the impala.

  “Hey, what I do behind closed doors is my own business,” Dean said starting the ignition. And with that we were off to the nearest motel.

Thank you guys for everything <3

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{ a stranger and an insignificantly significant experience }
      → for all those enjoying sunny skies this summer
                   and ravyngrace who’s been lovely from the very start

AU: Summer, Airport
Pairing: Akashi x Reader (Semi-platonic)
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst
Words: 1443 
A/N: Way longer than I intended lol I’m sorry but I hope you enjoy!


Fantastic. You had rushed to the airport, thinking that you were going to be late thanks to the terrible weather and your flight gets delayed instead thanks to the terrible weather. You huffed as you listened to the woman’s voice echo throughout the airport, telling all the passengers that all flights would be postponed until further notice. Meaning, you weren’t going to board the plane anytime soon. You huffed as your shoulders slumped. Just great.

This vacation was already starting off horribly.

The redheaded man next to you cursed under his breath, muttering something about being late to a meeting. Wow, the start of summer vacation and he still had work. It must suck to be a workaholic like that. “Do you know when the new flight times are going to be posted?”

“They said they’re delayed until further notice.”

“Fuck,” he spat out absentmindedly. His eyes widened slightly as he turned to you, “I apologize. I didn’t mean to use such crude language.”

“No big,” you cleared your throat, finally noticing the beautiful shade of his eyes. Wow. You didn’t know anyone who could pull off red eyes and still look hot. “Um, are you in a hurry somewhere?”

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