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OUTFIT: Men's Chunky Cardigan 

Feeling Festive

Only a few more hours of work stand in the way of my Christmas vacation and I can’t help but feel festive. Yesterday I did all my Christmas shopping, last minute as usual, and then packed up in preparation to spend the rest of the week at home in New Jersey with my family. When I head home during the holidays I always opt for my coziest pieces including chunky cardigans and warm flannels like the ones I’m sporting in this outfit. That said, make sure to check back on the blog after you’ve opened your presents because I’ll be posting more outfit posts later this week. Be sure to follow me on Instagram too for a glimpse into my family holiday celebration. Hint: Lots of drinking is involved (duh)! I hope everyone enjoys their holiday tomorrow! Merry Christmas guys!


Cardigan c/o American Eagle  //  Shirt c/o American Eagle  //  Pants c/o Club Monaco  //  Scarf c/o ZB Savoy Bowtie Co.  //  Shoes c/o Dr. Scholls 


anonymous asked:

Selam sister! I've noticed I don't have a lot of modest clothing and so when I pray or go to the mosque, my outfits are sort of mixed up and matched. Where do you shop online to get your clothing? I've already tried abayaaddict and eastessence! Thank

Wa Alaykum Assalam! I hope you are well. I mainly shop online since where I live (Ottawa, ON) we don’t have many shops and outlets that cater to modest wear. That being said, I mainly shop on the following websites for everyday wear :

1. www.voilechic.ca - for maxi skirts and 85% of my hijabs.

2. www.Modestycollections.com - for my abayas, modest dresses, skirts, hijabs and shirts (tunics and blouses).

3. www.kabayarefashion.com - for maxi dresses, maxi skirts, tops, hijabs, abayas, kaftans and diraacs.

4. www.Hijab-ista.com - for hijabs, and tunics

5. www.Hautehijab.com - for cardigans, hijabs , skirts, shirt dresses.

6. www.Divinitycollection.com.au - for hijabs, dresses, hi-low tops, skirts, cardigans, jilbabs, and etc

7. www.Verona-collection.com - for maxi cardigans, hijabs, dresses, high waisted skirts.

8. www.louellashop.com - for dresses, tunics, sweaters, maxi cardigans, jumpsuits.

9. www.inayahcollection.com - for abayas, trousers, maxi skirts, blouses, hijabs, hijab accessories.

Those are all the shops I usually buy from. I know there are more but when they come to mind I’ll definitely list some more! Check these websites out their quality is very good and I’m happy to say I’m a loyal customer to all of these sites. I hope I answered your question love. x😊

“Dear Unicorn Diary,

Yesterday Cat asked me who had more cardigans, me or Winn (well, she said Wick, but I digress.)  I was unsure of the answer, but assured her I would find out as soon as possible.

Last night I spent the evening counting first his cardigans, then my own.

Winn owns six more cardigans than I do.

It appears Cat may place inherent value in the number of cardigans in one’s closet.

I have resolved to go shopping this weekend.


I suppose it’s a bit like the cardigan. For all of my life, I have seen these garments in shop windows and on old people in the street and I have mocked and sneered and vowed that I would never wear such a thing, even if I had been shipwrecked on Svalbard. And yet, last year, I bought one, and I’m now sad that the summer is here because I can’t wear it any more. I love my cardigan and am thinking of buying some more in different colors. Maroon, perhaps.
—  In which Jezza distracts himself during an article and begins to wax poetic about cardigans