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dropping in on an episode of boruto
  • ino: so, sakura, does sasuke ever like...call you or communicate at all
  • sakura: well no
  • sakura: but it's totally fine
  • sakura, later: this is where we had our first date! it was like two minutes long and I bet he doesn't even remember it... *nostalgic smile*
  • me: what

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While I respect that anons opinion on genderbending I have many trans friends who have no issue with it. Hell they even draw genderbend characters themselves!

This may come as a shock to you, but sometimes trans people can be transphobic too

Still Star-Crossed 1x07 finale speculations/predictions

One of the things I love about good writing is how writers put in parallels of scenes and dialogue to highlight circumstances, changes and goals for the characters. This also helps in figuring it what might happen next if the story has been laid out well. The writers have already done this alot so I have high hopes for them to follow through on what they’ve started. I’m going to lay out scenes that happened in the pilot and speculate on the potential correlating scene in the finale and make some predictions. 

  • 1x01: Romeo was to be executed for murder but does not die for this crime.
  • 1x07: Benvolio is to be executed for murder (which he did not commit) but does not die for this crime.
  • 1x01: Paris tries to kill someone (Romeo) he thinks has stolen something that is rightful his (Juliet). 
  • 1x07: Paris tries to kill someone (Escalus) to steal something that he thinks is rightful his (the throne of Verona). 
  • 1x01: Benvolio saved Rosaline’s life in the alley. She was upset with him for being a Montague and they argued about their respective guilt in the death of their cousins. Also, note the lines—Ben: “Aren’t you the least bit grateful…If I’d only thought to sacrifice my own life…maybe all of this is on you.” Rosaline: “Maybe.”
  • 1x07: Rosaline saved Benvolio’s life outside Verona. He’s upset with her for betraying him and because his life is still in danger. They argue in the dungeon about his swiftly approaching death.
  • 1x01: Rosaline tells Livia “I should have told you [my secret earlier] and for that I am sorry.”
  • 1x07: Livia is going to regret not telling Rosaline her secret earlier but will eventually tell the truth.
  • 1x01: Escalus tells Rosaline he arranged this marriage to Benvolio because he thought she wanted her rank and comfort back. Rosaline’s response: “You think that’s what I want.” Escalus: “What do you want?” Rosaline: *goes in for the kiss cause the answer is him* Escalus: *rejects her to save Verona*
  • 1x07: Escalus proposes to Rosaline because he will no longer deny himself her love. When Rosaline asks if he will spare Benvolio’s life on her word, Escalus declines. Rosaline rejects Escalus’s proposal because she will not marry a man who doesn’t listen, believe and trust her. She will then save the man who does, Benvolio.

To quote Shakespeare:

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.

  • 1x01: A big city wide event (Romeo & Juliet’s funeral) where a big reveal happens (statue with “harlot” written across it) and a fight breaks out.
  • 1x07: A big city wide event (Benvolio’s execution) where a big reveal happens (Rosaline reveals the Paris and Lady C’s treason) and a fight breaks out. I’m personally hoping that Rosaline will tell Escalus if he wants to kill Benvolio he has to kill her first. Of course, Escalus won’t kill her and then he’ll finally believe her as she tells everyone the truth. Also, I’m hoping for a single combat sword fight between Paris and Escalus for the throne.
  • 1x01: Livia tells Rosaline the thought of marriage does not displease her and hopes she will find her One True Love but asks Rosaline if she would marry to save them both. Rosaline tells Livia no man would be foolish enough to choose to marry her over Livia. Also, Livia talks about how marriage to a man who loves you would be good and how Rosaline had expressed that she wanted a good marriage to a good man who will take care of them both for Livia. 
  • 1x07: TWO MEN will choose Rosaline! Both Escalus and Benvolio will express they love Rosaline and desire to marry her. As stated earlier, she will reject Escalus. Considering how feminist this show has been, I think it might be Rosaline who will propose to Benvolio in a less than traditional way. She has been so adamant that what she wants is to get out of this arranged marriage and it’s currently off. (I noticed on my rewatch the Capulet sisters say “what i want” a ton during the season, it’s like their catchphrase.) Now that the thought of marriage does not displease her and she knows that Benvolio is a good, kind man who would happily take care of her and her sister, I really want Rosaline to utter the line “what I want is to marry you” to Benvolio so there is not a doubt for him where her heart truly lies. 
  • 1x01: A big damn kiss with Rosaline & Escalus, her former love.
  • 1x07: A big damn kiss with Rosaline & Benvolio, her One True Love.
  • 1x01: Romeo & Juliet get married in secret with only Rosaline & Benvolio as their witnesses.
  • 1x07: Rosaline & Benvolio get married in public with the whole damn town as their witnesses. I know this is a HUGE prediction and it might not happen. But let’s get real for a moment, it will be a terrible screw up by the writers if they don’t get married. Literally like every third word uttered on this show is “marriage” because they discuss it so often. There might as well be a big neon sign blinking “MARRIAGE!!!” over everyone’s heads. Going along with my bold, feminist Rosaline theme, I think she will be the one to say let’s get married now in the town square after they’ve thwarted Ben’s execution and Paris’s takeover. Ben will be startled, “Right now?” Rosaline: “We’ve waited long enough.” Ben: *smirks* “So you were counting the hours.” *kisses her* Everyone they love is already present (mainly each other and Livia) and I doubt they want to go back to separate homes after all they’ve been through. Also, they’ve both expressed that they really do want to save their city. This marriage was meant to be a way to begin to heal the breach. Why not fulfill that promise with public immediacy since they really have fallen in love? I really think it will be a huge misstep if we don’t get this. I’m not sure if my hopes are up or not. I’m a little wary it won’t happen but I’m going to be bold and say it does.
  • 1x01: Paris doesn’t die and lives to terrorize them throughout S1.
  • 1x07: Paris doesn’t die and lives to terrorize them throughout S2 (if we were getting one *sad face*). It makes sense that Paris would run back to Mantua and try to get reinforcements. While Verona strengthens it’s alliances within its own walls and with nearby cities like Venice and tries to lure cities like Padua to its side. 

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Nick NEEDS to make a tongue in cheek tell all book about his time on GA (like Greg did w The Room and his book The Disaster Artist) AND THEN James Franco needs to adapt it into a movie…… 

jack mentioned static shock briefly in the dream daddy ep today and aaahh i loved that show so so so much!!! he’s my favorite hero in the DC universe and i always loved watching it every saturday morning growing up. I bingewatched the whole thing a while back too, and it was still so good aaahh :D

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An All Star for the Olympic Men’s Soccer team, Jason Scott, is a bit down on his luck. Trying to get over a tough loss he decides to try watching one of the other sports, only to fall for one extremely cocky tennis player by the name of Zack Taylor.

Zason Week Day 5: AU

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