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The inevitable (Pt.4)

Genre: Mafia!BTS

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary:  After Hoseok is sick of you moping around after your break up and Yoongi overworking himself he made a plan to put you guys together. Despite surprising you with the sudden meetup you come to terms that maybe it was okay to move on already. He’s a mafia member with a short temper? Well, nobody’s perfect.

Pt.1 // Pt.2 // Pt.3 // Pt.5 // Pt.6

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As exhausted as you still were you slowly opened your eyes to take notice at the clock in front of you. It read 8:27 and suddenly your minded was flooded of thoughts of last night. You shake your best friend awake as he slept next to you on the couch. Hoseok groans, grabbing one of your wrists.

“…What is it..?”

“Did Yoongi come home? Did he call either of us? Oh my god, shouldn’t he have been back by now?”

Hoseok finally sits up, stretching his arms. Your rambling wasn’t ideal this early in the morning but he fully understand due to your circumstances.

“Y/N. He’s fine. I promise you that last night and we both agreed to just trust Namjoon. We’ve been with him for years and there’s no way something went wrong.”

You shot him the saddest puppy dog look you could manage, making him feel guilty.

“I’m serious. He’s okay..”

“But what if-“

“Do you trust him?” He asked, looking more serious than usual.

“Well yeah-“

“Then he’ll handle it. Maybe you should just go get dressed and I’ll try to call one of them to see what’s up.”

You were grateful he was here right now because who knows what you would have done without him. You smiled, giving him a hug.

“Thank you for staying with me. I’m sorry I’m such a mess right now.

He sighed, not being able to hold back his own smile.

“Who wouldn’t be when the person they care about is fighting another gang? I mean remember all those times I got into fights and you worried for nothing?”

You nodded.

“I know, I know. He was just already hurt and-….I get it. I’ll just wait for him to come home.”

Hoseok rubbed the top of your head, teasing you.

“Good girl. Now go shower and I’ll see if Yoongi has any food worth cooking. The dude really needs to stock up his fridge but I’m sure you’d be happy to help him with that.”

“Yup~ Since this is his place though I might have to change into his clothes…”

“I doubt he’ll mind. If anything, I think he secretly loves shit like that.”

With a smug look on your face you got up from the couch.

“Good. He should get used to it.” You commented before running off to his bathroom to take a shower.

Hoseok fiddled around the fridge trying to find something edible for you two. He wasn’t the best cook but he prided himself for being able to make basic things when he needed to which was more than you could say for yourself. As he started to pull things out he heard his phone going off somewhere in the living room so he tried to search for it. Long after he heard it ring he still couldn’t find where it was hiding out.

Frustrated he came over to the bathroom door, leaning against it.

“Hey Y/N! Where’s your phone at? I need to call my phone with it!”

You could hear him talking but to no avail were you able to understand him. So, you turn off the shower and wrap a towel over yourself, opening the door.

“What? I can’t hear you when you’re not even talking near the opening.”

Hoseok froze, not expecting you to come out like that. He has assumed you would have just changed in the bathroom and he wouldn’t be seeing you standing there dripping wet in only a towel. This really wasn’t the time for thinking about the things he was but it was bound to happen anyway.

“I-I…um…need your phone to call mine…”

You rolled you eyes. “Alright. Alright. Just make eye contact with me while you talk, please?”

As you walked over to your old pants and pull your phone out of the pocket you hear a sound from the door. When you place your phone into Hoseok’s hand you turn around, standing In the doorway to see a shocked, blood covered boyfriend of yours.  Yoongi’s eye sharpen as he steps over with heavy feet.

“What the fuck is going on?” He growled.

At first all you felt was confusion until you realized how the situation must have looked. You run over to him, afraid to put your hands on him.

“Wait a second! Hoseok was only here to keep me company because I was so frantic while you were gone!”

Yoongi moved past you, ignoring your statement. He stops in front of your friend, glaring up at him.

“I’m out there busting my ass while you’re in here having sleepovers with my girlfriend?”

Hoseok didn’t look threatened though, rolling his eyes as he crossed his arms.

“A fight you started. They were just making you clean up your mess.”

Yoongi’s hand flew up and as almost a reflex you grabbed his wrist.

“Do you want a bullet to the throat? I’m on a roll right now and I don’t think you want to be #5.” Yoongi threatened.

“Stop it!” You yelled.

Both of them looked back at you in surprise. You tightened your grip on him, avoiding their gazes. You were sick of these two bickering when nothing had even happened. You were mentally tired and you didn’t need Yoongi getting into a third fight when he was already hurt.

“Look, I’m glad you’re safe but please just shut up for a second! Nothing happened! I was worried sick about you and I thought about going after you but he stopped me! He was there for me and he kept me safe. Doesn’t that matter to you? God, I promise you. Please….just trust me like I trusted you last night.”

Yoongi’s anger completely wiped off of his face. He put his other palm against the hand you used to hold his wrist and pulled you off of him softly. He brought your hand up to his cheek as he stroked it with his thumb.

“…I’m so sorry. I know I worried you..”

Hoseok grabbed his backpack as he began to pack his stuff up to leave but you turned to him.

“Oh wait. I’ll go with you. I just need to change really quick.”

Yoongi still held onto your hand when you tried to walk away. As you felt the small tug you looked back at him.

“Please stay with me a little bit longer.” He said, sounding exhausted.

The pure neediness in his voice struck a chord inside of you. You nodded.

“Yeah. Don’t worry, okay? I’ll stay here with you. Hobi you can call your phone with mine so you can find it. Just leave it on the coffee table afterwards.”

Hoseok only gave you a short look before putting your phone up to his ear in search of his phone. You pull Yoongi’s hand along to his bedroom.

“Can I borrow some of your clothes?” You asked.

He nodded, sitting down on the bed next to you. He watched as you wondered around the room trying to find the right drawer of clothes.  As soon as you opened the correct drawer you stopped, thinking of something you should have asked earlier.

“That blood…Isn’t yours, right? You’re not hurt, are you?”

He had a zoned out look to him that you couldn’t place. It’s like he wasn’t fully there when you were talking to him. He’s been through a lot the past few nights so you couldn’t help but still worry about him despite standing right behind him.

“No, babe. I’m not hurt.”

You slide the clothes on easily since he wasn’t planning on turning around as you changed. When you finished, and you came up to him he seemed a bit happier, giving a small smile as he reached for your hand. You reached for the ends of his shirt, pulling it over his head.

He gave off a little smirk. “Is this a reward for living? Because I was thinking about you too the entire time I was out there.”

“Maybe later. For now you’re filthy and covered in someone’s blood. You need a shower.”

Yoongi threw himself back on the bed.  “At least lay with me for a bit.”

“Nope. Shower, Min Yoongi or I swear I will leave with Hobi.”

And that was the fastest you had seen that boy jump up from his bed. At least you knew he really wanted you there. Maybe he did deserve a bit of a reward. You bit your lip, getting a pretty good idea.

Cold Hearted (BTS AU) | Chapter 10

Genre: Post zombie apocalypse

Pairing: Jimin X Reader / Yoongi X Reader (Kinda smut ish this chapter)

Will contain:  Violence, Mentions of blood and death and the gross stuff, Fluff, Angst, smut (Wiggles eyebrows.) and major character death.  

Synopsis: The world was once booming with sound, streets full of people, there was always just, something. Lights, the lights that made people feel safe in the dark. But that world soon got took over with silence and darkness. Leaving people alone with creatures they did not know would even exist.

A/N: This is so long but I was just excited that I even made it this far. Sorry you have to read so much!

Word count: 9.4K

Chapter 11

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“So, you think we should scare him out?” Namjoon questions the boy in front of him.

“Dude he sleeps in your bed.” I.M responds.

“Just think, while he is weak we can scare him away. Because he will want to be strong to fight back.” Tae buts in.

“Or we could just kill the fucker.” Yoongi speaks coldly. He has been like this for past 3 days.

“We still have to deal with the other three.” Jin is next. But he doesn’t know about Minhyuk. You don’t even know whether to trust him. Time will only tell.

“Dude can we just scare him off and at least live in our house for at least a week before I get hit in the face or almost shot.” Jungkook’s words make a few people laugh, including the ghost of a smile on Yoongi’s lips.

“Fine, but we are killing him after, the dudes a pain in the ass, why can’t he just bring on a huge ass fight and stop messing around.” Namjoon finally complies.

“Maybe he is just scared, or just likes the fun of waiting. I could have killed him by now.” Hoseok butts in.

“Oh, could you now? Then, why haven’t you?” Yoongi questions him.

“Well I got bit by a Lurker and…Shownu is a little scary, like scary big.” Hoseok is kind of small and you try to bite back your laugh. “Oi don’t laugh! If Kihyun doesn’t shoot me, Shownu would beat us to death, Jooheon would go all crazy on our asses and that Minhyuk…What does he do again?”

“Just stands near Kihyun and kills when told to be honest. Like a minion.” Wonho’s reply makes you think maybe Minhyuk does want out, maybe he fears him, Kihyun might not be able to fight but he is smart. You do want to stop sleeping on cold roads, wet forests and sleeping in the cold air, a week in your old home would be heaven before you stopped the one person who won’t let any of you at least try to live a kind of normal life. 

“When can we go?” You speak up, locking eyes with Yoongi for a split second before you both awkwardly look away.

“Well, how much do you love this cold ass road?” Namjoon asks.

“Love it like I love every Lurker in the whole world.” You reply.

“Off we go then!” Hoseok stands up, holding his hand out for you, helping you off the cold ground.

“Tae carry me.” Wonho pouts.

“Fine.” He fake groans out. He stands up and lets Wonho get on his back. Smiling when the man giggles.

You all pack the bags you have, which isn’t many, packing them with anything edible you have found, small weapons, and in Jungkook’s words “Cool shit he found.” Hoseok glances back at Tae, you nudge him.

“Talk to him.” He looks at you.

“I can’t…”

“Soon?” He smiles at you.

“For you I will. I want to tell you soon I’m just not ready.”

“Take all the time you need…” With that you all make your way back to the direction of the home that you once lived, hoping to do that again with new additions.

For a good half an hour things are awkward, No one speaks, Jungkook walks at your side.

“Okay, next bunny you see you have to hop like one for 10 minutes.” Tae challenged Hyungwon.

“You’re on.” As if on que a bunny appears, you all laugh. Hyungwon groans. Replacing his walking with bunny hops.

“Ok!” You pick up a long stick from the ground.

“Oh no.” Jungkook laughs at you.

“Bring it Kooks!” You re-live something you both did when you had a year alone together, surviving as just two.

“Oh you’re on!” He finds a stick like yours, instantly hitting your own and beginning your sword fight. You both laugh as the others laugh with you.

“BOOM! Here comes the ninja!” I.M smacks your stick from your hands.

“Oh hell no!” You laugh, retrieving it again and attacking him. You notice the others finding more sticks, Tae and Wonho laugh during their mini sword fight. Hoseok watches them and shocks you when he finds a stick and plays with them. You notice the shock on Tae’s face but he takes the moment and lives it.

You go to spin and hit Jungkook’s stick when your stick sword is hit by another and a sweet laugh fills your ears. You look up to see Yoongi.

“Well fight me then.” He smirks. You decide to take your chance and start your own little fight. You both laugh until a stick smacks Yoongi away from you and everyone falls silent.

“Stop playing around. All of you.” Jin speaks, but he says these words while he looks into Yoongi’s eyes.  Looking beyond Jin you see why.

Jimin stands staring at you both, his face blank. Looks like things won’t be able to be like they were before. You all drop your sticks, a few of the boy’s cough awkwardly before walking off again, you silently follow, deciding to walk at the back on your own.

You walk with your head down for at least an hour, no one bothered to speak to you. You could hear conversations between everyone else but you didn’t feel like joining.

You watch as fingers lace with yours. You don’t hold their hand back until you realise who it is. You watch as you step at the same time as each other, your hands swinging together. You look up into his eyes and they are full of emotion, you both have so much to say but you can’t.

“Can we sleep yet!” Jin whines.

“It’s been like two hours. No!” Namjoon fights with him.

“Can we eat then?” Namjoon sighs.

“We have like no food ok. Just wait.” This only causes Jin to groan out, annoyed he can’t get his way.

Jimin’s hand squeezes yours. “Here…” You look down at the hand not holding your own. Berries.

“Are they okay to eat?” He shrugs.

“I’ve been eating them.” You take a few and place them in your mouth. You let out a moan, causing Jimin to freeze up for a second. “They…That good?”

“I mean, food is food.” You awkwardly laugh, he nods. Oh god this was not your day.

“So, I was thinking I wanted to tr-” His words are cut off by Jungkook beside you both.

“Don’t do that.” He points at your hands. “Just don’t cause drama already.” You both drop each other’s hand, as much as you didn’t want to, you didn’t want Yoongi to get mad.

You just decide to keep yourself close to the small group you travelled with before you all joined again, avoiding as much drama as you could.


“Ok, so we just charge?” You can’t help but laugh at Hoseok’s words.

“I mean…Maybe.” Yoongi mumbles.

“Not going to Lie Shownu is so scary.” Jungkook speaks.

“He’s actually not, he fights great but he doesn’t speak. Just avoid him, he will go if Kihyun goes.” Hyungwon states.

You watch as Wonho checks his gun, you don’t know why since he’d never shoot it.

“Fuck it go!” Namjoon races forward. You all stare for a second before just running with him. He throws open the front door to reveal a startled Jooheon. He spots his ex members and his face goes angry.

“Don’t even think about it pretty boy.” Jins words make you giggle. Jooheon does nothing but stare. He has nothing, he’s surrounded and he doesn’t know what to do.

“What the fuck!” He seethes at his former friends. Noticing Hyungwon looks happy with you all. “Why would you?”

“He’s fucking mental man!” I.M states.

“You know what he’s been through!” Jooheon bites back.

“I don’t give a shit! We tried to help him!” Something flashes across Jooheon’s face but you ignore it when Kihyun limps into view, his eyes wide.

You all point your weapons to him.

“You’re going to regret this.” He spits through his teeth.

“What’s going on?” Shownu appears at Kihyuns side. He sees all of you and goes to step forward. Hoseok beats him to it, aiming his gun right at his head.

“Don’t even fucking try. Get out.” He growls.

“You’re so funny.” Kihyun laughs. Hoseok shoots the ground near Shownu making him step back.

You notice Wonho has his finger on the trigger of his gun. What is he doing?

“Come back for us all you want, but we will be ready for you.” I.M speaks up.

“You used to be with us!” Jooheon shouts.

“Before you all went fucking crazy!” He shouts back.

You see Minhyuk behind the three boys. You catch eye contact and he nods at you. He doesn’t attack. You watch Yoongi see him, looking shocked to see him back away like he wasn’t even there. He is on your side.

“Run Kihyun.” Wonho speaks for the first time.

“Or what, you’ve always been a pussy.” A shot sounds and everyone falls silent, apart from Kihyun who sits on the ground holding his thigh. Wonho shot him. He did it.

“You asshole.” Shownu launches forwards but is stopped.

“No!” Kihyun shouts. “Let’s give them what they want, I need, fuck I need to heal.” Jooheon and Shownu are at his side. “You will pay for this shit, enjoy your time because I will only come back stronger. I’ll kill all of you.”

“You and what Army?” Yoongi challenges.

“Just wait.” He smirks. Shownu helps him up, Jooheon following.

“Oh, and leave all the shit you brought here, It’s ours now.” Namjoon smiles at him with a sweet fake smile.

“You’re pushing it.” Jooheon comes towards him, only for Hoseok to stand with his gun pointed directly at his head.

“Get the fuck out of our home.” Jooheon backs away. You slowly feel more at ease. A hand slips within yours, you know these slim fingers. You look up to your once boyfriend.

“It’s going to be okay…” He whispers. He knew you were scared. His hand leaves yours too soon.

“Let’s just go okay! They won’t be prepared for what I have in stall for them!” Kihyun is lifted up by Shownu, you notice Minhyuk joining them by their side. He glances at you.  

“This place sucked anyway.” Jooheon barges past all of you, followed by Shownu helping a limping Kihyun. Minhyuk passes you, he laces his fingers with yours briefly before leaving. You look to your hand. He left you a note. You discreetly put it in your pocket.

“I’m so proud of you!” The voice comes from Tae, you watch him run to Wonho, hugging him tight, you watch as Wonho relaxes into his embrace. They act like they are in love sometimes.

“Home sweet home…” Namjoon mumbles.

You look behind you, briefly you see Kihyun glancing back at you before they disappear into the forest. Something big is going to happen. He wouldn’t have left that easy. For now, you ignore it.

You glance at Jungkook. He smirks at you.

“Race you!” He runs in the direction of your old room, you laugh and chase after him. You barge through your door and jump onto your old bed, Jungkook next to you. You both let your laughter fill the room when someone else enters the room. You fall silent as you watch Jimin make his way to the bed he slept in. You were roommates.

“Just pretend we never happened.” He mumbles. His words hit you hard and you storm out the room, catching Jungkook call him a dick before you decide to go back downstairs.

You walk into the living room, everything is still the same, they didn’t change anything. Yoongi is happily laying on the sofa and Namjoon is checking his hidden notes are still there. Tae is happily talking with Wonho and I.M, Jin is settled with Hyungwon and Hoseok is walking towards you.

“Come with me…” He looks nervous. You nod your head and follow him, feeling happy seeing the place he trained you to fight. You really are home and it feels great. You just don’t know how long it will last.

You walk over to the log you would sit as you had a break or just watched the others train.

You look at Hoseok as he takes a deep breath.

“Hobi what’s wrong?” He smiles.

“I love it when you call me that. I’m just scared.” You place your hand in his for comfort.


“Because I’m going to tell you what happened to me while I was gone.” You feel nervous yourself.

“You don’t have to.” He squeezes your hand.

“I want to.” You give him a warm smile, letting him know it’s okay.

“I’m always here for you okay?” He smiles and nods at you.

“Ok, so from the moment Tae left me, I was so mad. He ran from me knowing what he did, I wanted to run after him but I felt so weak as I was losing so much blood. I ended up just lying there, waiting for myself to turn. I fell asleep. The next day I felt awful but, I was still me. I thought I might as well survive as much as I could. I knew there was a berry bush nearby, I felt like shit but I got up and made my way there.” His voice shakes.

“Hobi.” He shakes his head.

“I’m ok…So when I got there I found my vision was going, there was some pain in my body, like all the way through. But I noticed, my Veins looked black in my arms, I was turning. On day 3 I couldn’t walk. I was in so much pain; all I could do was scream or cry when it got too much. My brain felt like it was going to burst. I felt like I was going insane. I felt angry all the time but I was too weak to move. When I could I would just thrash about.” Your heart starts to ache for the boy.

“It’s ok now.” You comfort him.

“I’m not done…On day four I should have turned. But I was just so ill, I could feel everything, I could feel what it felt like to turn, but I wasn’t turning, I just went through the process. I remember I threw up, it was black and gross. I passed out and woke up the next day fine. I was weak, but I was okay, I was still me. I waited two weeks and I still didn’t turn, I was more me again, just so hungry.” You see a tear fall from his eye.

“Don’t cry…” He smiles as you wipe away his tears.

“I got fucking bit again. Three times. I had to go through that process again and again, I just wanted to die. I wanted to kill myself and I was begging I just turned. I go through the process, then I just don’t turn.” You get curious. 

“Hobi…Three times?” He lets go of your hand and stands up. You let out a gasp as he lifts his shirt. You look at three bites. One on his waist. The other on his chest, and another on his stomach. He pulls his shirt back down and sits with you again.

“I’m mad at Tae because he should have just killed me, I had to go through the process of turning four times and I was so scared and alone. I had been bitten a week ago, when Jimin and Jin found me. I found an old home. It was so broken but I just stayed there. There was no Lurkers so I felt safe. Seeing them come through that door, even if it was to check for supplies was the best day of my life.” You decide to joke with him, trying to make light of his sad story. 

“Ouch…What about me.” You pout.

He laughs. “The best day of my life was seeing you again.” You smile.

“Are you going to tell the others.” He nods his head.

“When they ask, but I wanted to tell you first.” You move closer to him and wrap your arms around his body. He hugs you back instantly, his head burying into your neck. “Thank you for being here.” You part with him.

“I always will be.” With that, he stands up and takes you with him. You finally know what happened to him, you feel like your friendship really grew. You also felt like you needed to keep him protected, you decided this was your job now.


Day two back at home


You’ve all been slacking. You haven’t trained, looked for weapons, or anything they might have hidden. You have all done nothing but sleep and joke around.

You and Yoongi share glances, every now and then he might brush his hands against your body as he passes you in the hall. You wonder why you haven’t fought yet. Why you haven’t argued. But he hasn’t seen you with Jimin. In fact, Jimin only stays in your room. You know Yoongi hates he still stays there, he hates you sharing a bed with Jungkook once again. Jungkook told you Yoongi told him he must be ok with it because then you aren’t alone with Jimin. He is still mad, but he is keeping it bottled up.

You currently sit outside on the porch like old times. Jungkook sits next to you.

“I’m going to help you.” He randomly speaks.


“You keep watching Yoongi, I’ll help you get back with him.” You freeze.

“Jungkook I-” He shakes his head.

“No, it’s fine, like I said, I would rather have you in my life as my best friend and see you happy, than ruin it by being together and it not working out.” But that’s not why you don’t want his help. 

“Kooks listen.”

“No it’s fine. He’s not being angry with you because he still likes you, he watches you all the time, he smiles when you laugh, he always sits near you. He doesn’t want to argue…” He drifts off.

“Look I just-”

“Jimin will just have to understand it was just sex, right?” Is that what he thought?

“Just stop ok?” You snap at him, Jungkook is taken back, he falls silent immediately. Its awkward for a few minutes, you decide to get up and go back inside.

A hand wraps round your wrist, making you spin and come face to face with Jimin.

“Please talk to me…” He whispers.

“You’re the one not talking to me…” He looks sad.

“I’m scared of getting hurt.” You sigh.

“You’re hurting me by doing the one thing you knew I hated. You’re acting like I’m not here. Just like Yoongi did.” Your words hurt him, you watch the pain flash across his eyes.

“I just don’t want arguments, things have been ok.”

“But I’m sad about it!” You snap for the second time today. “I wat to talk to you. But you’re too scared of Yoongi.”

“He beat the shit out of me…” He is keeping calm around you. Something Yoongi didn’t do, when you snapped, he snapped and you would argue, Jimin stays patient whenever you got mad.

“What’s going on here?” Oh no, this was the first time the three of you were near each other at the same time. You both turn to Yoongi who looks at Jimin’s hand on your wrist, Jimin notices this and lets go.

“Nothing.” Jimin mumbles.

“Didn’t sound like nothing, what’s wrong? She doesn’t want to fuck you again?” He is still mad.

“No. I’m not pressuring her for sex like you did.” Now Jimin is just asking for it. The problem is, Jimin was so quiet and innocent, but the events over the last few months have really made him come out of his shell and he really doesn’t care anymore. He got cocky while he was away from you.

“What the fuck did you say?” Yoongi steps forward.

“That’s all you argue about. You needed to get your dick wet.” Jimin snaps at him.

“Jimin that’s too far!” You get involved.

“Seriously, you cheated on me with this idiot, you probably only did it because he was throwing himself at you!” That was it.

“Yoongi, how about you shut the fuck up. And Jimin.” You turn to him. “Stop making things worse.” He looks at you, running his fingers through his hair before leaving the situation.

“Seriously why the fuck was it him. I’d sooner it be Jungkook.” You scoff.

“That’s a lie.”

“Why would you ruin us?” This is the first time you’ve spoken about it.

“I just. I don’t know…” You trail off.

“Yes you do, You just don’t want to admit the truth.” He’s closer to you now.

“Why can’t we just be ok?” You ask him. “I don’t want to get people killed because we can’t focus, just because we have issues.” He looks at you for a few seconds.

“Casual. I can be casual. But that’s hard enough being around the one person who made your world complete.” You feel tears in your eyes.

“I’m sorry…” You whisper, looking up at him he forces a small smile on his face.

“One day, it will be ok, but it’s too soon.” With that he leaves you alone. You stand there for a few minutes before you remember the note Minhyuk gave to you. You run to the only person you can think of. 

“Wonho!! You shout, barging into his room.

“Hey I could have been naked!” He shouts, laughing after.

You smile and sit on his bed facing him.

“Okay so, um…Minhyuk is on our side…” He frowns.


“It’s a long story, but Minhyuk agreed to help us, like he saw us the other day but didn’t get involved, he also gave me this as he left the house.” You hold out the paper, passing it to him.

“This is so random, why haven’t you told anyone?” You shrugged and he sighed. Opening the note his eyes widen. “He really is on our side.”

“What does is say?” You ask, you’re too impatient.

“Kihyun has more people on his side, he has been forming another gang in secret. He trusted me enough to tell me. They are strong, the have fighting skills, they can sneak around. I’ll try hold him off for at least month.” You’re in shock. He has a whole army?

“We need to tell the others.” You know they will be mad.

“Wait, He said to meet him in one week from the day he gave you this at the weapons hut, he will wait all day and night if he has to.” Wonho reads over the note. “I knew there was something about Minhyuk that seemed off. He was against Kihyun this whole time.”

“He’s risking his life meeting me.” Wonho nods.

“But we need to hear more.” You know he is right, you take the note back and decide to go gather the others.

“And you’re telling this to us now!” Namjoon raises his voice at you.

“Don’t shout at her!” Jungkook defends you.

“This is a good thing, isn’t it?” Hyungwon asks.

“I don’t trust him.” Jin speaks.

“Look, I’ll meet him and find out.” You say.

“Not alone you’re not.” Hoseok stands up.

“Then come with me?” He nods. You look at Namjoon who keeps reading over the note.

“We don’t know anyone else who could help us. I don’t even know where to find living people anymore.” He’s frustrated.

“Well, we have a month…” You trail off.

“What are you saying?” Jin looks at you.

“Why don’t we send someone on a quick hunt like Jungkook did, and like you have all done, you don’t have to go as far, just try going somewhere you haven’t and see?” A few heads nod in agreement.

“That’s not a bad idea, in the meantime, we train hard, we need to be sneaky. We are all loud as shit.” Hoseok laughs.

“No you’re just clumsy.” He jokes with Namjoon.

“Shut it.” Namjoon laughs with him. “Someone will go in two days.” With that Namjoon leaves the room.

“If you can, bring Minhyuk to all of us, we all need to speak to him.” You nod your head. Looks like you’ll be exhausted for the next month, Namjoon will over train all of you.

You leave the room and head outside. You look at your bow and the small amount of arrows you have left, maybe you need to learn to use a gun properly. You notice Jin’s crop garden is almost dead, he was so proud of it.

You smile to yourself as you see the blueberries still survive. Walking over to it you pick a few.

“I remember when we had those every day.” Jimin’s voice make you turn on your feet to face him.

“You liked strawberries more.” You say before popping a berry in your mouth, they still taste good.

“True…Look about earlier.” You shake your head stopping him.

“Forget that ok…”

“I’m sorry.” He pulls you in for a hug, shocking you. This is the most contact you’ve had in a long time. You can’t help but wrap your arms around him, cherishing this moment. When you part you feel cold.

“What was that for?” He shrugs.

“Just in case I don’t get to do it again.”

“Don’t say things like that!” He looks sad.

“Are you going to be with Yoongi again? You always look at each other…” He goes quiet.

“No.” You say fast and with no emotion. Jimin frowns.

“Are you ok?”

“Don’t speak about him when you’re with me, I don’t want to be reminded of how much I fucked up.”

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s ok.” It feels awkward for a moment.

“I’m uh…Gonna go get all the rest I can. Before Namjoon decides to be a pain in the ass.” Jimin laughs at his own words, you feel warm as he tucks your hair behind your ear. You can’t do this. You smile back at him before you walk away.

You’re scared.


One week back home


You fall to the floor, not caring about the cold ground. You’re exhausted. Not only have you been practicing fighting with Hoseok for about two hours, but you had to fight I.M, who turns out to be slightly mental. He’s good.

“Same time tomorrow?” I.M asks. You only nod, trying to catch your breath.

Hoseok sits with you for a few minutes, when you finally seem good he speaks up. “You ready?” He asks, you nod and stand up with him. Today you go to the weapons hut. You feel nervous, but it needed to be done. Namjoon surprised you all by deciding to go on the small hunt, he is the leader so maybe he felt like he needed to find other people as well as any equipment. He took Hyungwon with him because he has a good eye.

You listen to the leaves crunching under your feet, feeling the nerves getting worse as the hut comes into view 

“Hoseok is it stupid I’m scared?” He shakes his head.

“No, He’s killed innocent people, even I’m nervous.” You don’t respond. You take a deep breath as you step into the hut.

“Well it’s about time.” Minhyuk sits on an old stool. Playing with the gun in his hand. He notices Hoseok. “Hey.” He smiles at him, Hoseok doesn’t react. Minhyuk just looks at him oddly. “Ok?” He goes to speak again but you cut him off.

“Wait…Are you willing to talk to all of us.” He goes quiet for a moment, before nodding his head. You feel a wash of relief when he stands up. Hoseok stands beside you, closer than usual, his brotherly side taking over. Minhyuk walks behind you in silence as you walk back to the house.

You walk inside and act normal, walking into the living room where everyone is gathered, recovering from their training. All eyes are on you.

“Can we all, sit?” Everyone looks around each other before slowly sitting infront of you. Once everyone is settled you look to the door.

“Minhyuk!” You call him in, heads turn to the archway, some looking shocked as he walks in the room. He makes his way to your side.

“Um, hi.” No one responds, making him sigh. “Ok, well um, basically, Kihyun has been finding people for a while now, he wanted to make his own army, become strong, and before you guys became involved by getting Wonho, he wasn’t even thinking of attacking Namjoon because he stole weapons. But he got mad about you taking Wonho, since then he has been planning on attacking you, it will be randomly, and these guys are good.” You watch everyone’s faces pale.

“You will need to be good at fighting, and close range weapons would help, trust me, so less guns.” Everyone nods. He would make a good leader.

“I’m going to risk my life for you idiots, because I care for my boys.” His words warm you heart. “Two nights before they attack, I’ll tie a white cloth to your door handle.”

“Thank you for doing this.” Jin comments.

“You’ve kept my boys safe, yeah Wonho might be older than me but he didn’t need that life, so he’s my boy.” He smiles at him, Wonho only smiles back, clearly touched. For a moment, Tae looks mad.

“Is that all?” Hoseok asks. Minhyuk shakes his head.

“I’ll pretend to fight one of you.” Jungkook raises his hand. “Ok, I’ll pretend to fight Jungkook, I need you to look weak enough that Kihyun will get involved. When he comes over, for example you could be on the floor, I’ll move out the way, then I’ll attack him, get him as weak as I can, because I know you guys want to finish him completely.”

“You’re damn right!” Yoongi speaks.

“Stay with us…” I.M drifts off. Minhyuk looks sad.

“I can’t.” I.M just keeps his head down.

“Will you stay after we fight?” Wonho asks. Minhyuk looks at everyone.

“You’re welcome to join us…” Jin offers.

“Thank you.” Minhyuk looks happy. “I have to go…” Wonho and I.M get up, both hugging the man before he makes his way to the front door. You follow.

“Thank you for all this.” He smiles at you.

“It’s nothing.” You offer your hand, he shakes it before opening the door and leaving you with the information he has given you.

“Well that was a lot to take in.” Jungkook is by your side.

“We will do this together!”

“Like old times!” You both feel happy in such an odd situation. You see another figure walk by.

“Where are you going?” You question Jimin.

“I’m going to go hunt, I’m bored.” He shrugs and you just nod, letting him go.

“Things will be okay one day.” Jungkook re-assures you, leaving you stood in the hall. You decide to roam your home, going upstairs.

There are so many rooms, and most of you share rooms so there are spare. You decide to look around in the storage room, where you keep things that got in the way. Opening the door everything is still how it was left before. You look at some old furniture from those who lived here before, framed pictures of the large family are dotted around the room covered in dust.

You go to leave the room until someone decides to keep you company. You become startled.

“Yoongs don’t creep like that.” He smiles at the nickname but it quickly fades.

“You’re the professional creeper.” Does he always want a fight?

“Why do you do this, why can’t you just not mention it?” You can feel yourself getting irritated.  

“Because it fucking hurts! You slept with my best friend but never me and I just don’t get it! I was your boyfriend!” He shouts at you, slamming the door shut, isolating you both in the room.

“Is that all you fucking care about?!” You scream. He says nothing, only making your anger boil more. “It is isn’t it!?…You only cared about sex! It’s all you went on about!” You watch as his jaw clenches. You’ve angered him more.

“No and you know it.” He’s trying to keep calm.

“Then what is it!? I’ve tried to be nice to you and you are treating me just like you did at the start! I’m trying to fix stuff!”

“Fix stuff?!” He finally shouts back. He laughs in a snide way. “You can’t fix this shit! You cheated on me! I was falling for you and you let him touch you! I changed for you! You threw it back in my face!” His words are starting to hurt but you can’t say anything, it’s not like he’s wrong.

“Well at least he was confident enough to go all the way…You mentioned it, but put it off more than I did.” That did it.

Next thing you feel is pain searing through your back. Yoongi practically threw you against the wall.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.” He whispers next to your ear, making the chills run through your body.

“I don’t know what you mean.” He scoffs.

“Hmm, you do.” His fingers play with bottom of your sweater. What’s going on? “You’ve been doing it too…” He finally makes eye contact with you. “I just want to know how the hell he got to touch you the way only I should have.”

“He made me want him.” His eyes flash with lust.

“Did he now?” His voice goes low, he doesn’t hesitate to leave small kisses from your shoulder to your neck. Stop him, why aren’t you stopping him.


“Is that all it takes?” He starts to suck once he hears your breath falter when his kisses reach just under your jawline. You can’t help but tilt your head so he has more access.

“No…” You try, but it comes out breathless. He hums against your skin, releasing your skin, Kissing the spot once more. There is no way you can hide this.

His hands press your waist more into the wall as his body presses to yours, he slides his hands up your sweater, letting his hands run along your bare waist line. You aren’t stopping him. You let your own hands fall to his waist, tugging his sweater he only smirks.

“No way in hell am I going first.” You smirk back. He raises his hands up your bare body, gliding over the material of your bra as he brings your sweater over your head. He throws it to the side before glancing at you. “Shit.” He mumbles.

“Shut up.” Is all you say when you rush a little too much, sliding his own sweater from his body, his paler skin on show, his toned body making your eyes not look away.

“I can’t wait.” Your back with his hands on your waist. Only this time his lips are on yours and you’re kissing him back. You have never kissed him like this. It was hungry, it was full of lust and want. Anger was another thing added in the mix, only making the situation more heated.

You let his tongue slide in your mouth, meeting yours with his. Soon your breaths become heavy but you both don’t pull away, dealing with the air you have between you. His hand finds its way to your hair, pulling your head back with it to gain access to your neck once more.

“I want you. I need you.” He mumbles against your skin. You can’t speak, your falling into nothing but lust filled emotions. While he kisses, and nips at your neck, you’re already working on his belt, finally freeing him from it and completely undoing his jeans.

He reaches a part of your neck, he nips and you let out a moan. He’s making you want him more than ever. You should stop.

You let his jeans fall to the ground and he moves you both, you find his lips once more as you back him up.

“There’s no bed.” You part with him to speak breathlessly.

“Floor.” You nod, letting your mouths join once more. You don’t know how but the next thing you know your back is pressed to the cold wooden floor, his body feels heavy on you but you can only focus on his lips on your own, soon feeling his hands fumble with your jean button. He parts with you once he has it undone, kissing down your chest, not bothering with your bra he kisses down your stomach.

Finally, he slides your jeans from your legs, his eyes meet yours and you nod. He hooks his fingers under your underwear, sliding them down your legs so you’re almost completely naked. He lets his eyes roam your body while he bites his lip.

“Fuck.” He mutters. You can’t help but smile.

“Yoongi.” You take him from his trance, shaking his head his lips are back on your body, only this time he’s spread your legs apart, kissing your inner thigh, only finding his way closer to where you need him most You feel yourself panting as he comes closer.

His mouth is where you want him and you don’t try to conceal your moans.


Thick sweat covers your body as your back arches from the floor. Your moans are not being caught this time, you let them go. The situation only feeling hotter as Yoongi lets out small grunts and moans right near your ear.

He thrusts fast, hard, making your back scrape on the wood, you know there’s damage but the feeling of pleasure makes you forget the pain.

“Yoongi…” As you pant out his name he kisses you, its sloppy. You didn’t care. You could feel his movements becoming more uneven, you knew he was close, and so were you.

He slows his thrusts for a moment as he parts from your lips.

“I love you.” He whispers. Your eyes go wide and you don’t have time to respond before he picks his pace back up, only making you let out a moan louder than before.

“I can’t…” You manage out.

“Let go baby…” His words send you over the edge, you let your head fall back to the floor as you come to your high, feeling him slow his movements within you, guiding you through. He pulls out to let himself finish off, kissing you softly as he does.

He lays himself next to you, pulling you into his arms as you both catch your breaths.

You did it.

You had sex with Yoongi.

You don’t know how you feel about it.

It was sudden, you could tell there was anger in there, and for him there was love, but you didn’t know how you felt. You let him hold you for few minutes. You rest your arms on his chest while he smiles at you. You dip your head down and kiss him once more.

Getting up you retrieve your scattered clothes. You’re about to put your sweater back on when you feel a hand on your back and you wince.

“Your backs cut up.” Of course it was, you has sex on an old wooden floor.

“I’m fine.” He laughs, kissing your shoulder before turning you around. You both stand in just your jeans and shoes.

“Everyone heard.” He says.

“How do you know?”

“You are aware everyone is just downstairs and we weren’t exactly quiet, at all.” You know you weren’t, you feel heat rise to your cheeks at the thought of everyone hearing you, then you paled. Jimin.

You spin back around and retrieve your sweater, sliding it over your body.

When you turn around Yoongi is fully clothed. Things were not going to be the same after you leave this room and you know it.

“Let’s go…” He reaches for your hand but your pretend to not notice, only opening the door yourself and letting yourself out. You don’t speak as you make your way down the stairs with Yoongi behind you.

Entering the living room, three pairs of eyes look at you awkwardly.

“Hey…You…” I.M drifts off. You can’t even look at him.

“You’re…. Vocal.” Wonho speaks. Eyes wide.

“You’re a fucking whore.” Not again. You look into the eyes of Jin.

“Jin.” You try.

“No. Fucking no! I let you back in! I told him its okay to hug you! To hold your hand because maybe, just fucking maybe he had a chance this time! And then you do this!” He loses it at you.

“Jin fucking save it!” Yoongi snaps.

“Don’t.” You warn him. “W…Where is he…” Jin laughs.

“he punched Jungkook in the face.” What?

“What!?” You shout.

“He walked back in from Hunting, he was so excited because he found something to help us with our fight, then he heard you. He lost it and I’ve never seen him do it, He punched Jungkook for no reason and now I don’t know where he is.”

You go to leave the room.

“Don’t go after him.” You frown.

“Jin I have too…” he sighs.

“Why do you keep hurting everyone?” Everyone?


“First Jungkook, then Yoongi and now Jimin…Next thing I know you’ll be in bed with I.M!”

“Yeah no I’m good.” I.M laughs.

“He is my best friend and I love him like my own brother, please. Stop.” Jin begs of you. You want to tell him something but the others are here.

“Let me find him.” You try.

“whatever. Just stay away from him after.” You can’t do that. You just nod and leave the room, making your way out the house.

The first place you try is the place where you used to pick fruit together. You had no luck. You think of other places he would be. He wouldn’t be in your room, he would be too upset for that.

You walk to the weapons hut, not seeing any signs of anyone.

“Who knew Jimin could punch.” Jungkook steps out from within the hut, you look at his swelling eye.

“Oh my god.” You touch it and he flinches away. “Sorry.” You mumble.

“It’s fine. You finally got Yoongi huh?” You go silent. “Are you back together?” You shake your head. He laughs. “Does he know that?”

“I’ll tell him…” he eyes you up.

“You don’t love him like I thought you did, do you?” You look into his eyes and find yourself welling up with tears. He pulls you to his embrace. “Why did you do it?”

“We were angry, and he just, he was trying to get me to want him, doing stuff that he knows I like, it ended up going further because in that moment I wanted to feel it again, I also thought, giving him what he wanted he might…” you trail off.

“Let it all go? Let you go?” You nod.

“It’s all he ever wanted.” Jungkook strokes your back.

“You only reeled him back in.”

“I know.” Jungkook holds you at arm’s length, he takes a deep breath.

“Are you in love with Jimin.” He asks. This is the first time someone has directly asked you.

“He made me feel happy.”

“Even when you didn’t have sex?” He asks.

You nod your head. “He did the little things Yoongi didn’t, we developed slower, it wasn’t rushed.” Jungkook smiles.

“You didn’t answer my question though.” You bite your lip.

“Yes.” You say.

“Yes what?” He pushes. You smile as you say the words, admitting it to your best friend and to yourself out loud.

“Yes, I’m in love with Jimin.” You finally said it.

“If…I help you. Will you promise me it will only be him?” Is he serious?


“Then I’m going to help you get Jimin. It’s going to take a long time you know, you just shattered his heart.” His words make you feel awful, Jin is right, you are a whore.

“How are you going to help.” He smirks.

“Just trust me.”

“Kooks…” you warn.

“What? Nothing wrong with locking two people in a room together.” You widen your eyes.

“No!” You shout, he bursts out with laughter.

“I’m joking, I’ll slowly push you closer.” That sounds like a better plan.

“fine…” he does a little victory dance and you laugh. For a moment, you think of something.

“Shit I know where he is!” Jungkook stops.

“Good luck.” He mumbles, leaving you be.

You head towards the place where it all began. Where he first kissed you. You go to the broken little hut that lies deeper within the forest. It comes into view, you feel not only nervous but terrified.

You take a deep breath as you step inside. He’s here. You look at his sleeping figure, he is slumped against the wooden wall, you crouch and notice tear stains on his cheeks. You wish you never slept with Yoongi. You wished it was always Jimin.

You feel brave for a second, raising your shaking hand you place your hand on his shoulder.

“Chims…” you whisper. He stirs for a second. Slowly opening his eyes. It takes him a moment to register that it’s you. When he does, his face goes blank, he doesn’t look mad, he just looks empty.

“Why?” He whispers. You look down.

You feel shocked as his finger hooks under your chin, making you look at him.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me why you would go back to him when I tried to make you happy…” You can’t speak, you see his eyes are glassed over. He’s holding back tears.

“Jimin…” You start.

“I should have tried harder to get you back, but he was there, I was so scared of being beaten again…” your heart is breaking the more you look at him.

“it didn’t mean-” he shakes his head.

“Don’t bullshit me.”

“No, it meant nothing to me at least.”

“Then why do it?!” He shouts at you, this is a side you never wanted to see and you caused it.

“I’m sorry.” You whisper.

“You are never sorry!” He stands up, making you feel small as you stay crouched to the ground. You say nothing.

“I tried to tell you I wanted to be with you! The day I gave you those stupid fucking berries! But that idiot best friend of yours came and interrupted me!” He’s pacing.

“Jimin calm down.” He looks at you with disgust.

“Calm down? You’re a joke right now. Just go run back to him. I don’t want you now.” That’s when your tears fall. You made sweet Jimin harsh.

“Do you really mean that?” You ask, voice breaking at the end.

He doesn’t speak for a moment. “Yes.” With that you stand up, you can’t be here. You run, you run back to the house.

“Hey!” You hear Jungkook’s voice but you ignore him. Running through the door you find your way to your room. Avoiding your own bed, you fall into Jimins, curling into a ball and trying to forget the world as you cry. You cry until you can’t no more. Until your body is so tired you fall asleep cold.


You wake for a small moment, your eyes feel too heavy you keep them shut, you feel your body becoming warm. You feel a blanket being placed over your body before fingers move your hair of your face. Now you pretend to be asleep. Who is that?

You feel the bed dip for a second. Hearing a sigh.

“you’ll either have to sleep next to her or sleep in bed with me.” You recognise Jungkook’s voice.

“Why can’t you sleep next to her.” You hear your bestfriend scoff.

“Yeah because you’d love that after today.”

“I’ll take the sofa downstairs.”

“Hoseok sleeps there.”

“Then I’ll sleep on the floor!” Jimin snaps. “I can’t do this…” With that you feel him get back up. Footsteps sound, then a door is opened then closed. You try to go back to sleep, but you didn’t.


you don’t know what time it is but the sun is only just rising. You had the worst night’s sleep, and you’ve slept on hard roads, Wet forests, and next to I.M…Who likes to kick. You stand in the kitchen, staring out the window watching the sun slowly rise. You almost let out a scream when arms wrap around your waist and a chin is placed on your shoulder.

“Hey…” Yoongi whispers in your ear. You awkwardly turn in his arms, watching him lean you panic and turn your head, his lips landing on your cheek.

“What are you doing?” You question him.

“Are we not like…A thing again?” He asks.

“Yoongi…” You start. He lets you go.  

“I should have known.” He still stands close to you.

“It just happened.” He frowns.

“You wanted it, you clearly enjoyed it.” You can’t deny that, but he wasn’t Jimin, Jimin made you feel better.  You remember something.

“You told me you loved me…” His eyes avoid your own.

“Well, you hurt me, but I’ve always loved you…But I’m not him.” He looks sad rather than angry, this is new to you.

“Would you ever accept it?” He shakes his head.

“I’ll always fight for you…Until the day I know you’re serious, I won’t give up trying to be with you.” Serious?

“How serious can you get in this world?”

“Weddings can still happen.” You actually laugh.

“I won’t marry anyone!” He smiles hearing you laugh, ignoring the fact you are clearly telling him you want someone else.

“Hey! A wedding in this world would be fun!” You smile at him. He tries again, cupping your cheek he leans in.

“Yoongi…” You whisper.

“Pick me…Everyone deserves a second chance.” You shake your head.

“You don’t want someone like me.”

“I don’t want anyone unless it’s you.” Why wasn’t he always like this? You know you cheated, but before he even knew, your relationship went sour. “Just at least tell me, you won’t rule us out.”

“Are you saying, I can like Jimin?” He sighs.

“I hate the thought, I hate it so much, but I can’t stop who your heart beats more for…Just, not near me…” You nod. He takes his chance and kisses your cheek before he leaves the room. You can’t help but blush, but you know you need to prove to Jimin its him you want.

You make your way into the living room, Jimin really did sleep on the floor. Hoseok is asleep on the sofa, Jimin on the ground next to him. You wish he stayed at least in your shared room, even if it was on that floor.

“You’re up early?” Wonho walks in the room.

“So are you” You laugh.

“Good point.” You both chuckle causing a certain two people to wake up.

“Why so loud.” Hoseok looks at you with sleepy eyes. You don’t answer, you only focus on the figure standing from the floor. You connect eyes. He immediately looks away from you and only pushes past you.

“It’s okay…” Hoseok tries.

“No its not.” You join him on the sofa only to immediately stand up again when the front door opens.

“Everyone up!” Namjoon enters the door with Hyunwon, they both smile at you as they walk in the room. Slowly everyone gathers in the room. You all sit around him like old times, letting Namjoon stand at the front.

“So, what happened?” I.M asks.

“First of all, there were a bunch of Lurkers, I think we got them all but there was a small heard of them nearby. Second, we might win this fight.” You all mumble amongst yourselves as Namjoon leaves the room. You hear the door open and watch as Namjoon returns. “Ok! Enter one by one!”

All your eyes widen as a boy walks in the room, you recognise him instantly. And so does someone else.

“Yugyeom!” Jungkook rushes to his feet and attacks the boy in a hug, they both laugh, Jungkook notices someone beyond your view. “Jackson!” With his words, Jackson is in view, you knew Jackson and Namjoon were close, and Namjoon does seem happier already.

“Don’t be shy!” Namjoon calls out once again. You watch a tall slim boy walk in the room, you recognise him as Minghao. Following behind him you knew to be Soonyoung. They all smile at you, all of you happily accepting them.

“Now, I’m damn happy this one decided to join us, his height helps, he’s seriously sneaky.” Turning to the door again you watch a smaller boy walk in. You knew who he was, but you worried for him, would he really be safe?

“I’m down for a fight.” Jihoon speaks, way too happy might you add.

“dude where did you find these guys?” Jin asks. Namjoon looks nervous.

“Remember when you went on a hunt, you said there was a huge warehouse nearby, it was overrun by Lurkers so you got too scared.” Jin looks embarrassed.

“They were in there weren’t they…” Namjoon nods.

“You were so close!” Jungkook smiles at Yugyeom. You knew how much he worried for him.

“Where are the others?” Jimin asks, his voice making you feel warm.

“Some people didn’t like the idea of a mini war, they just wanted to carry on with what we have built.” Jackson answers. He looks so much stronger than you knew him to be. You all nod understandingly.

“It’s better than no one” Namjoon states.

“We know don’t worry, thank you…” Yoongi says.

“Oh! Kookie is this your girlfriend?” Yugyeom looks at you.

You choke on your own saliva and Jungkook looks shocked.

“God no! I mean I wish but no!” He panics.

“So, she’s single?” Minghao suddenly perks up.

“She’s not taken?” Yugyeom seems happy with this until a voice speaks up.

“She is.” You turn to look at Jimin. The room falls silent. The tension can be felt by everyone, even Yoongi looks shocked. “She’s Yoongi’s” And your heart breaks once more. With those words he leaves.

“Sensitive subject?” Soonyoung asks you. You nod. You look at your new members, you were still a small group, but this could work.


Day Thirteen


You watch as Soonyoung fights Yoongi, he wields his own what seems to be a sword of some kind, he brought it with him and you have no idea how he found it, Yoongi wields his axe. The two are good.

You move your vision to Jihoon and Hoseok, Jihoon dodges every move Hoseok throws at him, he’s really good, he’s fast.

Jimin stands with Yugyeom who also uses a bow. He clearly does not like him, but over the days they have been here he has dealt with him.

Jackson fights Wonho, the two who both have the most muscle, Jackson has knocked Wonho down a few times, but he gets right back up.

You watch as Namjoon uses small targets for Minghao to use with his gun. This is your first training session all together. You only ever had time to get to know Yugyeom and Jihoon.

You currently sit on the log, catching your breath after fighting with Jungkook, You’ve been teaching him what you know, he could fight, but as of recently, you were one of the better fighters.

“Ok let’s all take a break!” Namjoon shouts. A few people cheer and you laugh. You follow Jimin with your eyes, He still hasn’t spoken to you, Jungkook keeps trying to start a conversation and involving him, but he just leaves the room.

Something catches your eye as you follow Hoseok with your eyes. You suddenly stand up. You falter for a second as Hoseok goes to pick up his gun ready for the next session.

“Hoseok look out!” But it’s too late. He screams out in pain. It happens too fast but the next thing you know the Lurker is on the ground, this time headless. Soonyoung beheaded it. You felt sick.

“Hoseok!” Yoongi rushes to his side. You all gather around the two.

“We have to kill him.” Jihoon speaks.

“Whoa! No! He’s Immune!” You shout.

“I forgot to tell them that.” Namjoon speaks.

“He’s been through this before, he won’t turn, just…Goes through the process…” Hyungwon drifts off.

You all look to Hoseok who looks at you with sad eyes.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispers.

“Why are you sorry, you got bit.” Wonho asks.

Hoseok looks down to the bite on his wrist, then back to everyone else.

“This time you will have to watch it happen.”

You all fell silent.


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Headcanons about having Izaya and the Orihara twins as close friends? (so basically what it'd be like to have Izaya/the twins as your close friends). I hope you recover from the dreaded writer's block soon! (>;o;)>

thank uuuu, i hope so too ;u;

being a close friend of Izaya includes:

  • phone calls in the middle of the night. generally izaya goes to bed late and he’s a light sleeper, so whenever he’s awake at 3 or 4am, he tends to get bored. it’s bonus points for him, if he can annoy you with it, but the idea of him giving you a random call to talk about philosophies and the world came to my mind immediately and i’m not complaining
  • spontaneous visits and meet ups. “oh you’re here in this café too? who would’ve guessed, what a nice surprise. what are you talking about ‘you knew exactly i was going to be here’? yeah ok you’re right, i couldn’t miss out on the opportunity.”
  • pro: nobody is going to mess with you and if they dare to, they’re basically screwed
  • con: he takes way too much pride in it “remember that time i helped you? aren’t i the best?”
  • i can picture him helping you out with various stuff regarding your job/studies/university/relationship problems in general, but he always expects silly shit in return “you owe me one, i could use some company”
  • but, since he now has a victim friend, will he finally gET HIS HOTPOT?
  • honest and blunt opinions. whether that’s a good or a bad thing is up for you to decide, but i like to think he’d not lie unless it would be beneficial to him. for example, he’d be straight forward if you ask him on his opinion on your behaivour regarding something or your haircut or something like that

being a close friend of the twins includes:

  • bingewatching all the tv shows together with them. sleep? what is that? is it edible? you only know anime and tv shows from now on.
  • they’ll shower you in things they think suit you, even if it really doesn’t. really dumb looking sunglasses, ridiculous hats and quirky t-shirts. eventually you start to think, their challenge is to make you look as silly as possible, but they really just think you’re always looking hella cute and/or cool, no matter what.
  • lots of friend activity that is outdoorsy, going to amusement parks, going to the cinema, eating ice cream, going swimming, going shopping, etc.
  • basically, the definition of fun is being friends with mairu and kururi! no matter what you do, it’s always exciting and never gets boring
  • your phone will probably die because all you ever do is take selfies
  • ok but walking through the town while the three of you are holding hands and people look at you funny, because you swing your arms and hold them up
  • sleepovers? more like, you’re living with them. and you stay up the entire night talking and telling ghost stories. you’re also probably sharing a single bed and you’re squished between the two, but you don’t mind.

ian moves into mickey’s apartment.

[chicago pd series part 6 - 1500 words - ao3]

“You’re a horrible person,” Debbie told Mickey, crossing her arms across her chest and glaring at him, that extra-special Gallagher glare that Mickey had learned to fear.

Mickey made a face. “Excuse me?” he asked, because he was not a horrible person. He was a cop. He saved people’s lives.

“You’re stealing Ian.“

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