i shit you not slow that scene down and you will hear clear pauses where i put the. so. suggestive

Physical- Harry Styles Smut

You traveled from person to person, snatching drinks from those who were beginning to have a pale green tint and struggling to stand straight, and allowing the lesser inebriated to pull you into brief conversations. It was around eleven when you stepped outside. The cool air brought goosebumps to your bare legs, and you took a deep breath. You had only had a couple drinks at this point, and you were planning on much more. You never did drink much at parties for the sole reason that it nearly felt your duty to take care of fellow partiers, especially the girls who drank too much. You knew what it was like when guys tried to take advantage, but the difference was you also knew how to take care of yourself. Those poor, wasted girls with crop tops showing their under boobs because someone didn’t raise them right had absolutely no idea. You walked forward, the heels of your black booties clicking on the cement patio. It was fairly crowded out, not too much but enough that you needed to duck through people.

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