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Reasons YJ should have continued...
  • BATMAN: Superman, get over the fact that Connor's other parent is one of your enemies, that he was created without your knowledge, that his existence makes you figuratively a deadbeat dad and that he was literally trained to kill you. Take the boy in hand.
  • SUPERMAN: (holds up Damien by scruff of neck)
  • BATMAN: God dammit.

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So rewind all the way back to 7x04 when Michonne turns over to see a sleeping Rick and gets visibly frustrated, like how can he sleep soundly after all of this? Fast forward to 7x12 and now we know he hasn't been sleeping at all. And the way he took watch and was gonna play it off like he just liked doing it? It guts me. GUTS me.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about that 7x04 moment since he said he hasn’t been sleeping. And I was like, “Well you sure were sleeping that one morning…🤔” But I also thought about how he woke up so easily when Michonne left, and maybe that was after being up all night. He seems to be stealing naps when he can, which made me sad on its own. But I almost forgot about him pretending he liked keeping watch! Ugh, my heart. He was just gonna suffer in silence.

this looks so bad cause i wanted to finish this today n i have to leave for bed rn RGFHJHTMFGT

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Sam x Reader (eventually)

Words: hair under 1,700

A/N: Once upon a time I had this little idea, next thing I know it turned into a multi-part monstrosity. It’s been in the works for a while now, and is pretty much done so I’ll be updating it on a pretty regular basis (probably twice a week). Thanks as per usual go out to my darling wifey Beka ( @impala-dreamer ) who has listened to me bang my head against the wall more than once and assured me I wasn’t bat shit crazy for putting this out there.  

P.S. this will shift POV’s periodically, hopefully it isn’t confusing (but please let me know if it is).

“Hey sweetheart. What’re you doing in here so late?”

“Hungry. AGAIN. And I swear I’m going to turn orange soon because carrots are the only thing I want to eat.”

“Well I’ll leave you to it, just came for some water. Don’t stay in here too late – that’s my niece you’re growing in there – you need your rest.”

“Goodnight. Dean.”

Dean shot up in bed, so confused by the dream he wasn’t really confident where he was.

What. In. The. Hell.

Dreaming about pretty girls wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary. Dreaming about pretty girls, pretty very-pregnant-carrot-eating-in-my-kitchen girls sure as shit was. Niece? Seriously. Did he drink last night? Wrong question. How much did he drink last night?

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Lipstick Evaluation: Portland Black Lipstick Co.

A few weeks ago I ended up discovering a neat little cosmetics company while hunting for something new to add to my make-up box. While I am normally cautious when it comes to lip products, I couldn’t resist after seeing the color selections being offered.

The company is called Portland Black Lipstick Co. and, as the name specifies, their specialty is black and other unusually colored lipsticks. All-natural unusually colored lipsticks to be exact. Makeup without crap in it is always awesome. They have a great range of traditional and unusual metallic colors; various shades of reds, plums, purples, and browns; and some bright colors as well. 

For this post, I will focus on two lipsticks that I ordered and one that they included as a sample in my package: Indigo Bridge, Metallurgy, and Black.

$9.00 per lipstick plus shipping

✖ Ingredients ✖

Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Coconut Oil, Lanolin, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E. May Contain Iron Oxides, Mica, Titanium Dioxides, and other FDA approved mineral pigments.

A note to Vegans: Even though they use all natural ingredients, you will be unable to use these lipsticks as they all contain Beeswax and Lanolin. Their lipstick Bug’s Blood also contains Carmine.

✖ Color Swatches ✖

Indigo Bridge:

“This is a dark, metallic blue that verges on black” - PBLC

Indigo Bridge
is the sample PBLC provided with the other lipsticks I ordered. I honestly do not look very good in blue, so I hardly ever buy blue makeup. 

It certainly does fit the description they give. It appears as a metallic navy-blue in normal lighting conditions and under brighter lighting it turns into a gorgeous Cerulean blue. If didn’t look so bad in blue, I would probably wear this!


“This unique lipstick is forged from black, green and gold colors to produce a truly unusual metallic experience” - PBLC

I was incredibly giddy to try this shade on when it arrived. Strange as it may be, I have a fascination with dark green lipstick. I would probably die of happiness right now if you gave me a free tube of Illamasqua’s Sheer Lipgloss in Violate to put over this.

Anyways, back to business!

The description pretty much sums it up well. In normal light, Metallurgy is a deep, velvety blackish-green with a somewhat golden undertone. When placed under brighter light, it takes on a beautiful metallic golden, green color.


“A perfect blend of black iron oxide and mica in a moisturizing base, this color is opaque and long-lasting” - PBLC

The very reason I made a purchase in the first place.

Opaque, long-lasting, and black are the keywords. The lipstick is very, very black and lasts a very, very long time. How long? Read the ’Wear’ section to find out!

Probably my best experience in the black lipstick department to date.

✖ Application ✖

I would recommend you use a lip brush when putting these on, as they come in a format similar to lip-balm rather than the familiar “bullet” shape used in most lipsticks. Other than that, they go on nice and smooth. You will also find out quickly that you will not need to use too much to achieve an opaque look.

✖ Wear ✖

Since it was raining out last weekend and the Man and I were planning to go around the town, I decided to go full out “gloom and doom” and wore the Black to fit the mood. Here is the finished look! (SO GAWFIK HNGHHH)

Now, I mentioned earlier that long-lasting is a keyword to describe this lipstick. To give you an idea of how long it lasts, I will tell you some highlights of that day while I was wearing the lipstick.

We left around three o'clock and finished our errands three hours later. After that we had dinner out. I ate pizza (and not with a fork!). Upon inspection afterwards, I still did not need to reapply any lip-color.
We arrived home around eight in the evening and I ended up falling asleep with makeup still on. I woke up two hours later and went to remove the makeup before going to bed. Most of it was still there until I wiped it off.

So it lasted about seven hours without a single touch-up and survived eating, drinking, and a small amount of sleeping.



  • High pigmentation
  • Creamy, smooth application
  • Refreshing peppermint scent
  • Does not dry out lips
  • Does not stain lips
  • Resistant to fading


  • Difficult to apply straight from tube

Final Notes:

I am very pleased with these lipsticks. They look great, wear well, and didn’t cost too much. I am now very tempted to to pick up their bright lipsticks in Chlorosis, The Purple Cloud, and Cyanosis. Maybe next paycheck.


there i go with my bs

  • Me: Breaks into a warehouse in Goodneighbour.
  • MacCready: So I wanna take a minute to talk to you about my back story and this quest I think you should take.
  • Me: Really, you want to do this in the middle of breaking and entering with the owners in the next room?

The Girl Meets World tumblr fandom needs to stop disregarding RIley’s feelings and acting like the only person who matters on the show is Maya.