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You wouldn't have any headcanons about Clarisse and Chris Rodriguez, would you?

Thanks for sending an ask!!! I’m always happy to take requests, so I wrote some headcanons for you!! :) I hope you like them!

  • Clarisse is very overprotective of Chris
  • And by that I mean that if anyone mentions the fact that Chris was on Kronos’s side in a way that blames him, or brings it up against him, she will not be happy 
  • Chris feels constantly guilty for the fact he went over to Luke’s side initially, and he’s told Clarisse that 
  • Everyone’s quite surprised by their relationship? Like constantly?
  • When they first start going out everyone makes bets on how long they’re going to last
  • Everyone loses, because no one thought they’d be going so strong after all this time 
  • They go to Phoenix together for university, and Clarisse hides it, but she’s super, super excited
  • She finally gets the chance to be normal and be with her boyfriend and it’s everything she wasn’t sure she’d get
  • Needless to say, Chris balances her in any social situation 
  • He makes sure she’s not too aggressive, but she also makes sure he doesn’t remain too shy, because a lot of the time Chris isn’t great at introducing himself to new people
  • One of the things that surprises people the most is how unfazed Chris is whenever Clarisse gets angry or basically starts acting like a typical Ares kid, loud and brash
  • Chris doesn’t even react, but he’s also a match for Clarisse (that’s one of the reasons they work so well together) 
  • Clarisse doesn’t like to share her insecurities, so she doesn’t tell anyone she hates the big house, hates going there now
  • It all stems from that time when Chris was insane, and she had to look after him in there… going to that room brings it all back
  • Chris never says anything, but he notices, and he’ll try and make sure they avoid the big house as much as possible 
  • Every year, in the summer, comes the anniversary of Silena’s death. Clarisse always gets super moody and temperamental at these times, trying to deal with her emotions, and it’s only Chris who can calm her down
  • They have a spot in the woods where they kissed for the first time, some time after Dionysus cured Chris of his madness
  • It becomes their favourite spot, and the best thing about it is that no one knows about it (or at least, that’s what they think. Don’t tell them that one time Percy Jackson saw them holding hands there.)
  • Chris wants to become a better fighter, and Clarisse agrees to teach him
  • Chris actually becomes pretty good 
  • Every so often when they’re placed on opposite teams for capture the flag, things become intense
  • They both want to win, and so they’ll try their hardest, just because, why not? 
  • Clarisse usually comes out on top due to the fact that she’s got the might of the Ares cabin behind her
  • But one time Chris spends ages planning the ultimate strategy (he had Annabeth’s help, but don’t tell anyone), and trains for weeks 
  • Sure enough, he wins, and he personally disarms her 
  • He winks at her 
  • “Don’t take it too personally,” he says. “I learnt from the best” 
  • That’s the moment Clarisse realises how much she loves this idiot 

Feel free to send a request for a fic/headcanons!! :D

Decided to do a quick thing for the ship that I am currently really into at the moment with some very lazy colouring because it didn’t feel right to leave it as an outline.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! ^^-

My kid got into Yuri on Ice by repeatedly walking in on the second half of episodes and refusing to leave unless I let them watch it with me. So we’re watching all the episodes from the beginning together. Here are some choice reactions so far:

First episode

“Yuri is sad! I want to hug him!“ 

"When does the guy he love show up?" 

"Ha! Butts are hilarious!" 

"But now Victor is going to be Yuri’s boyfriend right?”

2nd ep:

“Victor loves Yuri!" 

"Yuri is too cute." 

"I don’t like this other Yuri. He’s mean.” Russian Yuri sees the Tiger shirt “Oh he is cute and I love him and I want that shirt!" 

"Yurio is great name and he’s angry and cute!”

 "Yuri is too adorable!“

3rd episode (so far, we’re halfway through): 

opening bit where Victor is talking to Yuri about his Eros "So they are already boyfriends right?”

 "Yurio is beautiful.“ 

"Oh Yuri! You will win! You are already boyfriends with Victor!”


First time in the anime that Mutsumi-senpai blushed because of Kae!

I’m rooting for you senpai!<3<3 Right from the first chapter of the manga that you were introduced!!!! >8///>

P.s This episode just came out raw and I had to translate this scene (with a few references from the manga though the anime changes it up a bit). Excuse my Japanese, it’s only 50-50, I’m still studying the language~

Heith Week

Heith week 2017 will take place between Friday March 9th and Thursday March 15th

the only things I ask of people participating is to please only focus on heith for the event and please do not include sh@ladin as I am very uncomfortable with those ships. Be kind to other artists and authors as the week goes on, too! 

use the tag: #heithweek2k17 so I can find the posts! Younger blogs may have a hard time showing up in the tag so feel free to send your posts to @ta-guel to get them reblogged here and make sure it’s in the first five tags so tumblr tracks it.

You are not obligated to do every single day. And If you don’t like some of the prompts, then you can definitely take the day(s) you don’t like as another free day*!

the prompts are: 

  • March 9th: pets/kids
  • March 10th: confessions/lies
  • March 11th: make out/make up 
  • March 12th: free day
  • March 13th: game night/movie night
  • March 14th: fire/gold
  • March 15th: bear/panther

*I didn’t make crossover/au a prompt because I believe any of the prompts could be written in an au. Because of this, you can also use this as a substitution for a day you don’t like or fill it in for free day is you want to

Some Sportarobbie Headcannons I Thought Of

-The only sportscandy Sportacus can get Robbie to eat is strawberries, because he dips them in sugar or chocolate. (Which Sporty regulates so it is still kinda beneficial.)

-Robbie is very protective and Sportacus finds it absolutely adorable.

-Despite him telling everyone how amazing he is, Robbie is very insecure so when he and Sportacus are dating Robbie needs constant reminders that Sporty still loves him.

-Robbie has spent basically every Christmas alone until the first one Sportacus spent in Lazytown, because Sporty personally brought him a gift and invited him to the Lazytown Christmas Party.

-Sportacus and Robbie are A+ dad’s to Stephanie. (Sportacus is the parent who wants her to be healthy and active and safe and Robbie is the parent who gives her an invention of his every single birthday. That and he bakes a enormous cake.)

-Robbie has insomnia and the only way to help him sleep is Sportacus’ singing. (Who isn’t the best singer but Robbie would argue that it is the best singing in the world)

-Robbie on the otherhand is a GREAT singer and Sportacus will sit outside the bathroom and listen to him sing, seeing as that is the only time Robbie sings. (Robbie gets super embarrassed everytime he finds Sportacus sitting there, but is secretly flattered)

-The two took a trip out of Lazytown once and checked out other towns, more populated towns, and Sportacus tried to flip around but constantly ran into people or broke things so they agreed to just stay put in Lazytown because Sportacus can’t not flip for the life of him.

-While dating, Robbie still likes being portrayed as the town villain so he convinces Sportacus to keep it secret from the kids but Stephanie will catch Sportacus smiling lovingly at Robbie all the time and she eventually figures it out and freaks because it is the cutest thing ever.

-Sportacus is a sports elf, thus the reason he is always active, and he has pointy ears that he hides under his hat because he doesn’t want the kids to think they can’t be like him because their human and he is a sports elf but one day when he flipped it fell off and Robbie was the only one around and he just stumbled upon the very flustered Sportacus and thought the ears made Sportacus x10 cuter.

-Before they dated Sportacus was very oblivious to Robbie’s feelings for him and when he found out he was like, “So that’s why you always jumped into my arms!” And made tons of remarks like that.

-Robbie loves cuddling but Sportacus has trouble doing so because he wants to move around all the times so the only time they cuddle is at night.

-Sportacus gave Robbie a real bed (big enough for two) so that they could sleep in Robbie’s lair because Sportacus knows how afriad of heights Robbie is and really wants to comfort him.

-Sportacus will do flips over Robbie and land in front of him and kiss his surprised face.

-Robbie sometimes sends unsigned letters that say really nice things to Sportacus because he is too embarrassed to say them in person. (But Sportacus knows it’s Robbie because of the handwriting)

-Did I mention how great of dad’s they are?

-Robbie designs all Halloween costumes.

-Robbie sometimes has to cry through the night on Sportacus’ shoulder and nobody in Lazytown can figure out why Sportacus is tired once in a while.

-And when Robbie sees how tired Sportacus is he feels really bad and Sportacus has to constantly tell him that he would do it for 1,000 more nights if it meant Robbie wouldn’t feel so sad and alone.

-People are confused as too why Robbie has just suddenly stopped trying to kick Sportacus out of town. (He still tries to make the town lazy but is in love with Sportacus so he doesn’t want him to leave.)

im regretting falling into rare pair hell coz omfg its so freaking hard to find a good fic of them but at the same time im so happy to have fallen coz omfg once i do find a good fic it just pierces through my heart like “bam heres your rare otp enjoy it to the best of your abilities”

I bet people in the rebellion hated Luke Skywalker at first. I mean they go through hell on Scarif loosing so many people, the rebellion has lost so much and they know how desperate the attack on the death star is for them and in comes this little shit all like “yeah it’s not hard, I used to shoot tiny creators from my piece of shit ship back home”……..like fuck off Luke!

TOG Headcanons (kid edition)

hello my lovelies these have been on my mind for quite a while and I’d love to share them with you so let’s begin :D Please note that these headcanons are the basis of my fics and that everything i say here has been or will be touched upon in my fanfic.

(these are mainly Elorcan bc i’m trash but other ships too so hold on)

-Elide and Lorcan are the first to get pregnant and it is PURELY by accident. 

-Like the war is over and both of them are v happy with each other, but her mind gets muddled about a few things and she forgets to take the birth control tonic that she and Lysandra usually share and BOOM since she’s not High Fae and doesn’t have the thing where it’s hard to conceive.

-When she finds out she FREAKS but knows that she’s gonna keep the baby no matter what. She seeks Lorcan out and immediately talks to him about it, no dancing around and no useless emotional conflict bc this is a serious thing. 

-Lorcan is dumbfounded and needs a few minutes to fully process that he’s going to be a father. He’s never particularly wanted kids himself but he does love them and show them affection every time since he himself was an unloved bastard child so he has a soft spot for them.    

-But when he does fully process it and Elide is a bit nervous since he hasn’t said a word since she told him. He kisses her forehead and says it would be an honour to have children with her.

-Lorcan is surprisingly good at tending to her needs, like you wouldn’t think a brute warrior would know about nightgowns and bras and generally all the things that come with pregnancy but he does and what he doesn’t know he asks Elide and keeps that info in his mind for later. The only thing he lacks is that sort of caring and loving element that should accompany him taking care of her so Elide teaches him by hugging him long and hard and snuggling upto him at night and giving little caresses throughout the day, Lorcan catches on and starts doing this as well and Elide loves him all the more.

-Aelin and the Terrasen gang come to Perranth to visit and congratulate them since traveling is a no-no for Elide and the girls all gush with her about what the baby will look like and what it’ll be named and Aelin starts discussing fashion and maternity clothes for Elide and they all coo after the designs she brought of baby onesies. They both feel so happy since the cadre make numerous toasts to them and even though Lorcan isn’t the social type he still enjoys himself with the simple company of his friends and nothing else like they aren’t bloodsworn members of anyone’s court and they aren’t legendary warriors. They’re just guys that are celebrating about one of them becoming a father.

-Everything happy dandy? NOPE.

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“Hello?! Will someone please explain to me what the hell is going—”

VegeBul Shippers

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join now the vegebul ship because it’s about to become full heh



“you must be Bulma’s boyfriend right? You helped Goku to save my beaaaauuuutiful daughter, you are a hero <3”





Vegeta, whose pride had been deeply wounded, sought help from Bulma, and little by little, his ruthless personality changed. Nowadays, you certainly might be able to say that!







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i recently caught up with bsd and fell very hard for these two, so naturally i had to draw them


SHOWKI ARE SO FUCKING DOMESTIC LIKE HOW CAN ANYONE NOT SHIP THEM LOOK HE PUT HIS HANDS ON SHOWNU’S BELLY IN THE SECOND PICTURE IM CRYYYYYYYYY (bonus: memelord hyungwon sleeping in a fetus position at the top left corner of the first picture oh god my heart hurts for you my meme son)