i shipped them so hard

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Is it just me but I laugh so hard when I see people arguments why they hate Nesta and why they think Cassian doesn't deserve her

I stopped reading it, I just scroll down so idk what their arguments are and it’s okay to not like a character but when they say that Cassian doesn’t deserve her because she’s not caring enough, that’s what makes me laugh. Because I know that some of them ship Rowaelin so hard and like how was Rowan towards Aelin in hof? Kind? Caring? Lol. They all love bad moody boys but when a girl is like that she’s a satan. Because we’re supposed to be kind and gentle towards men we don’t even know (yikes). Nesta doesn’t know Cassian, he’s the creature from her nightmares and she’s supposed to what lick his ass?

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I just find Chloe and Brooke's friendship to be toxic so I just find it hard to ship them.

they have their good moments but chloe was just,, not very good to her at all and it’s kinda :// like it’s not ABUSIVE or anything it’s just kinda problematic like im not saying Don’t Ship Pinkberry How Dare You but you have to at least recognize that brooke deserves better

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The art class submission story with the whole lotta blushing and staring sent me straight TO THE FLOOR😭 I was smiling so hard, I ship them so much. That was so cute a good way to start a convo is about same interests if he was good and you run into him again ask for some help 😏😏


The Wedding 

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JM (to JK): Why do I like you so much?