i shipped my pants

And Nora never came to movie night again.

They wanted me to post this too.

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I LOVE your punk Peach and Bowser designs :'D do you think Bowser would be flirty and protective over her tough Princess pal? :3

YESSSSss, very much so.


But you’re going to take this job.  Partly because you were meant to do it, but mostly because, if you don’t, I will always remind you that you are a sac-less little fraidy-cat.

I feel like a lot of black businesses take advantage of their black buyers. It has happened to me so many times to the point I can’t even recommend them to people. I wanted to have a family meeting about supporting black businesses but I don’t feel confident in black businesses to come through. the customer service? Forget it. You promoting their product for FREE? They be like oh I didn’t see it *translation I don’t care or appreciate it* shipping? Depends I guess. This one black woman I ordered my crochet bra from, I kid you not took me a month to get it because she was ignoring me. I had to contact etsy. Another that I ordered yoga pants from took THREE months to ship out my order. I had to dig through the comment section in hopes of running into someone that knew her. I feel like black people have a bad rep for literally everything so when you have a BUSINESS & your people are your main supporters you need to do better by them especially because we know it’s not common for blacks to support one another.

Allow me to address the rumors ★

Greetings, adoring fans! I’m sure many of you have wondered why Miss Rachel Barbra Berry disappeared from your social media feeds over the past few days, and before I confirm my whereabouts, I’d first like to deny the ludicrous rumors that sprung up in my absence. 

  • No, I was not carted off to a juvenile detention center for any perceived crimes against my fellow McKinley High Student, Rebecca Jackson.
  • Nor was I admitted into a hospital to deal with any sort of medical condition that leads me to, for lack of more polite phrasing, ‘poop my pants’.
  • I have not been shipped off because I’m carrying Mr. Biff McIntosh’s child, and anyone who thinks I’d potentially sacrifice my body before my soccer career has even truly begun clearly doesn’t understand my devotion to my sport.
  • I also have not been forcibly removed from the school by my fellow glee club members for hogging all of Miss Cassandra July’s attention.

Now that we have that cleared up, I’m more than happy to share with you where I’ve been! While the rest of you have been no doubt busy with your schoolwork and extracurricular activities, I, Rachel Berry, was given the opportunity to travel to Disney World with my club soccer team to compete in an invitational tournament! 

We of course carried home first place after several harrowing matches against the best teams the country has to offer, and I’d be more than happy to show loyal fans pictures of my trophy and give them the details of my epic victory. I look forward to rejoining you all in class now that I’m caught up and settled back into the daily routine of McKinley High, and I’d like to remind all members of the glee club to practice your scales so that you can try to be on my level during rehearsal sometime soon!

- Rachel Barbra Berry ★