i shipped it before he even showed up

reasons why shipping carzekiel is nice:
  • he’s a grown ass man and acts like it
  • they both faked it until they made it
  • he treated her respectfully before and after she tried to leave even when he didn’t have to
  • they had good scene of honest conversation 
  • nothing in their interactions could be considered “forced romantic” that was just plain chemistry whether you interpreted platonic or not 
  • he showed up to her door with a pomegranate and a tiger
  • did i mention he’s a king?
  • carol wouldn’t have to coddle his ass in a relationship and constantly wipe away his mainpains
  • hes a fucking drama nerd with a pet tiger how cool is that
  • like richonne has colts and katanas carzekiel has a fucking giant ass kitty and pomegranates 
  • i love this ship bye
  • the fact that its got other shippers all twitchy means that they feel threatened which is a good sign probably
  • i declare we start calling this frosted flakes and chill
  • carol would literally be a queen if they got together

Daryls Rant season 2. This is one of my favourite Caryl Moment and I know it’s odd, but here’s why. It’s obvious to me that Daryls venting at Carol, because he’s hurting too, bit doesn’t know how to express it.

When he shouts “Sophia Wasn’t Mine!” you can see Carols face change, she’s seen it, she knows he just told her something that hurts him about her loss, it’s regret (maybe partly because Daryl has no kids, maybe because he hoped for that life with Carol, or he just wished she had been his daughter and Carol his wife) Before that moment Carols face shows nothing but sympathy and defiance. As he says those words, she looks at him with recognition, empathy, love and she sees his regret, she’s even slowly blinked at him, a body language empathetic behaviour. A Lil love in a sad/tense and crappy moment.

I will never give up on this ship, they are such a beautiful otp

The antis that were quick to hate Josh Keaton after that interview even though some of them liked him before. He is not any different than he was before, he has always had those points of view. It’s the fact that he directly addressed the issue at hand that sent people into a frenzy bigger than the ones on the daily.

Listen, I don’t agree with all the Shaladin ships by any means. Some just don’t make sense and some are v not good (Sh//idge, bc hello Pidge is 14) Sheith is pretty much the only Shaladin ship I’m willing to entertain, but even then it’s not that it’s super important or vital to the show, because there still needs to be build up before ANYTHING happens. But I can’t deny that there is potential. Does that mean I believe it’s going to happen? No. Should it? Probably not, but that’s coming from a place of logic. I don’t believe any of the paladins should engage in a relationship in the CANON universe, because a LOT of stuff is happening. They need to stay focused.

In the end, Josh is just saying that he hates all the drama and hate, and to let people be creative. He knows where to draw a line content wise, and wishes for unity and understanding and that there’s no need for the hostility. 

And the worst thing is that he takes the time to spread the message of unity and peace, and then immediately gets hated for simply expressing his thoughts on the topic. If there is a God, please protect Josh Keaton from any hate and negativity. He has a family and a career to focus on and people online calling him disgusting and wrong for wanting to say that we are all here FOR Voltron. 

lotor: *hasn’t even been introduced in the series yet*

fandom: *doing everything in their power to romanticize him and ruin him for people who were interested in his black morality kind of character before he’s even shown up*

What I wish I’d known about C$

I was 12 when I watched the OUAT premiere, a day or two after the original air date, and I loved Emma Swan’s character. I remember hating Regina at first, then gradually beginning to like her as much as Emma as her back story was revealed and it was shown that she did actually love Henry.

Then season 2 came around, and I became a C$ shipper before I even knew what shipping meant. I figured, “hey, this is the only person Emma can be with, and he’s cute, so they should live happily ever after together.” So H00k was “redeemed” and they ended up together, and I was content.

My mom, whom I watch the show with, never brought up how toxic the relationship was. In fact, I don’t think she even noticed. And as a 13-14 year old watching OUAT, that could have easily been what I thought love should be like–a toxic, manipulative thing that forced you to give up everything that made you unique to please someone else.

Eventually, I made a gaming tumblr, and was gradually exposed to things like queer romance, and at first, I’ll admit, I was startled by it. Here was an entire community supporting the idea of non-het romances, something my parents and television hadn’t ever acknowledged. I’d never been exposed to that idea, and I’m so glad I was so I could learn that it was okay.

I remember scrolling through the OUAT tag after the show, like I usually do, and I saw someone talking about how H00k was awful for Emma, how her character has fallen so much, and at first I was like “hah, yeah okay” but as I read, it was like a light was flicked on. I wondered how I could’ve been shipping something that was so awful for my favorite character. And then I wondered who other people were shipping her with. At this point I rediscovered Swan Queen, and saw their relationship in a whole new light. Regina was no longer the same character as in Season 1. She wasn’t trying to hurt Emma anymore. She helped make Emma into who she is, and is willing to help protect the woman she once wanted dead.

In the end, I think putting Emma in a long term relationship with someone who destroys her character and doesn’t make her happy is such a bad idea for a family show. Especially when the other option is putting Emma with Regina, the other mother of Henry who has the same interests as her. Putting Emma with Regina would take the idea of a nontraditional family with two lesbian moms and say, “yes, this can be your happily ever after” to children everywhere who think they have to be with a H00k in order for it to be true love. And while, yes, we did get Ruby and Dorothy for one episode, OUAT needs to show your happily ever after doesn’t have to be a H00k, someone who prevents you from being your true self, and it doesn’t even have to be a man–both of which were ideas that my parents (and most likely other parents) never elaborated on, and should have.

I’m confused when people act like the Jesus x Daryl shippers only like Jesus for the ship? Like I was so excited for his character before he even came on the show? I’ve loved him from the first episode he premiered on. I’ll love him no matter who he dates. I haven’t seen one shipper say they will hate Jesus if he doesn’t end up with Daryl or stop watching or anything of the sort? Just because you ship two people that doesn’t mean you can’t like them individually too. I just happen to ship him with Daryl at the moment. Doesn’t mean I like Jesus any less or ever will based on who he dates.

do reylos even know what the truth is? do they live in some kind of alternate reality now?

this is rey before he tortures her. and look– she’s already uncomfortable. she’s clearly in distress, and she’s creeped out, and he still tortures her anyway.

also, you know, she started fucking crying while he was torturing her, but i guess we can’t show that! gotta lie through our asses for our goddamn abusive ship!!!!! /s

Drama AU HCs Part 1

*Lance is a drama slut

*non-binary Pidge yoooo

*shiro is one of those dorky english teachers who wears cardigans and shit and corrects grammar in pink sparkly pens + has a huge crush on the drama teacher

* *cough* Allura is the drama teacher *cough*

*Keith is a star baseball player

*Keith didn’t want to be in drama but he was placed in it any way

*Lance is obsessed with his grades

*Lance is that one girl obsessed with pastel and decorative tights

*improv with the paladins need I say more?

*Coran is a master break dancer

*Allura hardcore ships Klance

*Lance is Bi as Fuck

*Keith runs from his gay thoughts like he is running for home plate

*Lance’s family absorbs Keith

*just gulps him down

*Even before they start dating lance’s mom is like

*“I like this boy, make him my son one day”

*Keith is adopted because reasons

*Shiro shows up at drama sometimes

*“to check up on keith”…Mmm ok

*Keith used to have really bad anxiety and sometimes it comes back

*Lance knows how to deal with panic attacks because his little sister has them sometimes

*Keith dresses like a lowkey alternative band member but gayer

*Shrio adopted keith

*Shiro giving Keith “the Talk”

I just finished Nagi no Asukara

Oh my! All the shipping feels. I absolutely adored the Chisaki and Tsumugu romance.

They weren’t childhood friends, nor did they have a fateful meeting. He took her into his home when her life fell apart. They grew to love each other, with all the awkwardness, comfort, and frustrations that goes along with it. He patiently waited for her to open up to him and for her to feel like she even deserved to be in love. For him, she was the calm before the storm and he was her rock by the shore. Now I need a set of side stories that shows them in high school, slowly falling for each other and then a set of side stories after episode 26 where they get married and have babies.

littlearliss  asked:

WHAT is your favorite AT ship and why is it the lesbian one

I appreciate you contributing an ask even though I’m sure you’ve seen like a max of 4 collective minutes of this show and have no idea of anything I may talk about 

Anyway my favorite ship from the show is actually Finn/Flame Princess. FP’s introduction might have been what got me started watching the show in the first place (it’s hard to remember why I started exactly though since it was 5 years ago). There’s no especially deep reason why I like them so much together. I just really like them both and they were great together 

(Plus the heavier stuff about how Finn couldn’t even touch her without getting horribly burned but that not at all changing how much he wanted to be with her probably helped fuel the ship too) 

It’s sad to think that they maybe could have spent their whole lives together if Finn hadn’t went and royally fucked things up, but as I’ve said before I still appreciate how AT spent time showing us the reality that relationships can end and end painfully. Media, especially media where romance happens as a long term sub plot to the actual focus of the show, especially stuff aimed and kids and teens, tends to treat STARTING a relationship as the end goal. Oh wow, the MC finally admitted his feelings for his female sidekick and now they’ll be together forever kind of stuff. But that’s not real because relationships are complicated and take actual work to maintain and people can get hurt and they can end. So even though their breakup was painful and sucked, its good that it may have potentially provided kids with a reference to something they may experience in their own life, whether from the perspective of Finn or Flame Princess, and that even though it may hurt eventually you’ll be okay. 

But after those two the lesbian ship is definitely my next favorite 

(great choice for a screencap) 

Fandom Bubbline stuff doesn’t actually do all that much for me, but I love their interactions in the show–going from clear dislike when we first saw them interacting, to learning that they have some kind of deep history together and used to be much closer, to seeing them regrow their relationship and become close again. They’re my two favorite characters of the show, and I also love all the juxtapositions they have. Both in aesthetics (black vampire queen vs. pink candy princess), and in personality (Marceline acting cool and evil all the time but being really sweet and caring deeply about the people she loves, and Bubblegum being sweet and kind and nurturing but also being scary one of the last people in Ooo you want to fuck around with). They round each other out very well and the show has also shown how they’re both such good influences on each other and help each other grow and it’s great 

romanaofheartshaven  asked:

“An apple a day keeps the… Ah, never mind.”

doctor who sentence starters!

   ❛ ha- ha. the dry laugh is accompanied by a quick glance up to her face - just a brief look, before he focusses back on stitching the small wound in her side.  i’d never keep away - well, unless ya asked me nicely, which - let’s be frank here - considerin’ i sorta stabbed you in the side only a couple of microspans ago, i wouldn’t blame ya if you did. but even then i’d probably still show up, from time t’ time, like that bad batch ‘a eggs i threw out three weeks ago that i can still smell whenever i open any bloody refrigerator on this whole ship. ❜ 

Thoughts about Luke & Claire

Out of MCU Luke’s 4 love interest, (Misty, Jessica, Reva and Claire) Claire Temple is the only one who kept it 100% with him the entire time. 

He had women straight up use him for a variety of reasons and Claire shows up in his life and says “You’re amazing.” “You can do this.” “I’m here for you. And only you.” But she also has the capacity to call him on his shit in the same breath. 

But then Claire enters this man’s life and he is immediately like, “No, I trust you wholeheartedly.” “I’m only doing this if Claire is here.” And doesn’t hide his feelings for ANYONE. 

And this makes me so so so so so happy because Luke and Claire started from Heroes for Hire #2 published in 1972. 

This is a love story over 40 years old. And it was honestly beautiful to see it play out on-screen. I was fine thinking they wouldn’t go there, but I am tearfully happy that they did. 

One Year Of Bonkai

Day 1: First impression

Like I said  before, I start shipping Bonkai in 4 episode “Black Hole Sun”, where their dynamic showed up. Especially when Kai said to Bonnie just ignore Damon.  

I think, I thought about a possibility of those two to be together, even when Damon told to Bonnie not to try impress a new guy… 

And all This sexual tension between Kai and Bonnie. Just like Chris said in his interview. He knew what he was talking about.

So it was hard to believe, when Chris “didn't” understand what’s wrong with those people who shipped Bonkai… (it’s obviously Julie’s blame).

When I first time saw Kai I thought that finally appeared a man that I can and want to ship with Bonnie. For me, Kai have the most chemistry with Bonnie from all TVD’s guys. I guess this is the merit of Chris and Kat.

I really don’t get why everyone’s so mad that they might take the incest out of the show 

are you guys really that into incest that you’d like to see clary and jace make out when they know(think) they’re siblings?? I think the plot could easily be kept mostly the same without incest and still be a good show. 

For example, Valentine could still have raised Jace and just say his family died and that he took him in and raised him. Simple as that.

Are you all really that picky that you’re going to stop watching the show just because they took a part out of a show that could be potentially triggering to sexual abuse victims and people who are just in general disgusted by the whole idea of incestual relationships? 

I personally couldnt even bring myself to ship Clace after I found out they were ‘siblings’ and that lingering feeling stayed with me even when I found out they werent, so..

Please stop giving up on the show before you’ve even seen it.

If all of these spoilers are bothering you, just stop looking at them. I’m sure the show will be great, if we stop over-comparing it all to the books. It’s an adaptation, not a replica. 


{NOTE: Before you begin reading, I’d like you to know I’m trying to be as calm and civil as possible about this. In no way am I trying to come off as a ‘bitch’. To show how serious I am, there won’t even be alot of swearing. Thank you, and enjoy.} Okay, so a few days ago me and this Tumblr user got into a heated argument over a few of my favorite ships, which he claimed were “pedophilia” and that I was a “pedophile apologist”. A few of my fellow shippers on Tumblr also stated they got similar responses from him after trying to defend their ships. For being so reckless and enraged in that argument, I apologize. But for defending my fandoms? I won’t, and I never will. In this, I will try to remain calm, and explain my point as validly as possible. I asked him about two of my other lesser-but-still-important ships, InuYasha × Kagome, and Gajeel x Levy. His response, to say the least, humored me. “At first glance, InuYasha and Kagome seems okay, but when I think more about it Kagome is around fifteen while InuYasha is several hundred years old. It seems okay because they both look young, but I’d personally avoid it.” “I don’t watch Fairy Tail, but I googled it and it seems like the second one is okay. I don’t know anything about the characters though.” The fact that he had my question hastagged as “pedophilia” was frustrating enough, even when I was asking a simple question. The fact that he had to Google Gajeel × Levy thoughs and he said it “seemed okay even though he doesn’t really know the characters” is what made me think. Levy is seventeen, and Gajeel is a steel dragon slayer, and over 80 years old. (Which is perfectly fine, I still adore the ship. Doesn’t matter whatsoever, and the fandom embraces this ship full-heartedly.) It’s perfectly fine that you didn’t know that, but when you said “it seemed okay” was the real ticker. When you see a picture of Gajeel and Levy together, you’d assume they’re around the same age so it “seems okay”. When you see a picture of Levi and Eren together, you’d assume they’re around the same age so it “seems okay”. When you see InuYasha and Kagome together, you’d assume they’re the same age so it “seems okay”. And you know what they say; “Assume” makes an ass out of you and me. Each of these pairings has a character that’s older that the other one, but the thing is, the InuYasha fandom and the Fairy Tail fandom embrace their ships. Because you know why? They don’t have judgemental people lurking around in the shadows of their tags, hating on people’s OTP’s. I also think it has to do with the fact that Ereri/Riren is a gay ship. Someone said in a post once (I’m so sorry I don’t remember who it is but who ever wrote it, THANK YOU. You are fucking awesome and deserve a medal of honor) “I bet none of you Ereri haters would mind if one of them was female.” It was something along the lines of that, and I think he/she is absolutely right. People just tend to think straight ships are more justifiable, which is kinda sad when you think about it. For example: *based on a Free! account I saw on Instagram* *opens a post with Gou × Nagisa, which is actually a thing believe it or not* Stranger 1: “Awwww, _____ is so cute! What an adorable couple!” Stranger 2: “I knowwww, why don’t more people ship this?” Me: *thinking* “They barely have any show time together, and they have no chemistry whatsoever. But whatever, they can ship what they like.” *opens up a new tab with Makoto × Haru* Stranger: What the fuck is this shit? I hate it when fangirls ruin a perfectly good anime with their gay ships. Me: *mentally screaming* You can have your own opinion but DON’T BE A DICK ABOUT IT. Why must people some people just refuse to except them? They’re just as valid as any other ship out there. And if you hate a ship, why must you bully everyone into hating themselves for liking it? Why can’t you just keep your opinions to yourself, and move onto a ship you do like? Why must we hate each other? … Well, what I’m basically try to say here is, DON’T SHIT ON SOMEONE ELSE’S SHIP. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, LEAVE. IF YOU SEE SOMEONE SHITTING ON A BUNCH OF PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY ARE SHIPPING, REPORT THEM. IF SOMEONE IS SPAMMING A TAG WITH SHIP HATE, REPORT THEM. IF SOMEONE IS HARASSING YOU FOR LIKING SOMETHING, REPORT THEM. EVERY. SINGLE. SHIP. IS. VALID. REGARDLESS. OF. WHAT. PEOPLE. MAY. THINK. {Thus concludes my giant rant. It got a little thrown off track, sorry. If you have anything else you’d like to add, please share. ^^}

Okay, so I need to rant because I am still absolutely SEETHING.

I am so done with this utter bullshit storyline.
Do writers honestly not know how to write a solid goddamn love story without writing in an unfuckingnecessary love triangle. 

Before they even WERE  a ship. They named them Fitzsimmons. It was their decision. WHY give us all this build up and all this hope about a beautifully, but heartbreakingly good love story and then ruin it with another bullshit love triangle?

I’m so upset, and so mad.


He deserves so much better. 

Bucky telling Steve before he gets shipped out that everyone comes home eventually. 

Steve finding Bucky in that Hydra camp, and when Bucky, wearily asks him why he’s here, all Steve can say as he looks over him is everyone comes home eventually and Bucky doesn’t quite understand that Steve doesn’t mean the war, he means Bucky.

Bucky falling from the train and Steve knowing he won’t ever go home, not even eventually.

Years later, Bucky showing up on Steve’s door, his hair a little longer, his eyes a little dimmer, everyone comes home eventually he murmurs when Steve stands unable to move at the door of that tiny house they used to share in Brooklyn, staring at his best friend he thought he’d lost forever.