i shipped it anyways so it's all good

  • Me: There's only one thing worse than fandom hate *tears away paper*
  • Some of y'all: Shipping
  • Me: N-no

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since u did the voltron au, do u have a ship from the actual voltron show???? also who's ur fave in voltron???

Lance’s my absolute mostest fav!!!! And since he’s my fave I’ll ship anything in which he’s happy, honestly, but I did draw some klance a while ago so I guess you might say that’s my main one 👍


nathaniel actively trying not to think about his sex dream with rebecca



Okay I can’t be the only one who thinks that McNamara would be totally attached to Veronica after all the shit that went down???? I mean—- its so cute and good and makes me feel happy (and also p sad tbh QuQ) inside???

Anyways! Hope you have a good day/night!


hello hello!! it’s sure been a while since we last made a post; this time it’s a thank you, post. though, technically, it’s 11.5k, we’ve decided to host this g!veaway in order to show the people who follow this blog our gratitude for always staying on our side. 

(since i’m in no editing mood rn jdgbfdj please take this simple post) as shown in the image, the winner of this give away will be receiving the first 3 volumes of haikyuu!!, english translated!!!

in order to enter the g!veaway though, please go over these rules and make sure you abide to them! ^ ^

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  • no g!veaway blogs!!! please only reblog this post to your main blog!
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  • as mentioned above, you must be willing to give us your address since we’ll be having the items shipped at you!

the g!veaway ends on the 22nd of november, and if you’re wondering “why so late?” that’s because / the admins have been having some problems ; ; 

with no further ado, once again we thank you all for sticking to us all this time and we wish everyone who enters the best of luck!

I love the Shakespeare fandom because there’s like 0 drama at all. like you’re a freshman who read Romeo and Juliet so now you wanna get into Shakespeare more? fuck yeah man that’s great. you grew up on all Shakespeare’s comedies but never really wanted to read the tragedies or histories? sweet yo good for you. you don’t ship hamratio? that’s cool that’s cool whatever floats your boat. you’ve never read a single sonnet? great they’re all mushy romance shit anyway. plus its literally just a bunch of history nerds writing fanfiction about centuries old plays so I mean I guess if we’re all lame as fuck there’s no room for bullying

Me meeting Rick Riordan
  • Me: Hey wassup Ricky mah maaan. Hey so you know I was wonderin' if maybe you could write another book... I mean don't get me wrong all the other books you've written so far are great but... I need more Percabeth and get more of those gay ships in there that shits real good. And don't forget, I want it to have so much fluff I feel like a teddy bear just swallowed me and I'm in its fluffy belly. You know what I'm talking bout, I also need some making out in there, not necessarily Rated R action but I do want some shirtless making out in there that shit's hot. Anyway man you gonna make me happy?
  • Rick Riordan: Well unfortunately, I cannot do that because these are supposed to be children's books but if that's what you're into you know where to find it.
  • Me: Ye I know what u mean
  • Me: *goes on fanfiction.net*

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holy shit holy shit holy shit. THE ELUCIEN CUDDLES FANART YOU DID WAS EVERYTHING. Thank you so so so so much! I love that little ship with all my heart and your art is just so perfect, it's just precisely how I picture them both and you capture them so well. A+++ headcanon too, it's so cute. anyway, I am rambling at this point, I apologise, I just had to come and yell at you for that art. I stared at it for a good solid five minutes and it really cheered me up so thank you again!

For you my darling, for being such a sweetheart (and because I will take any excuse to draw Elucien)


character/ship aesthetic meme: xeverlasting-illumination requested: naminé/xion

“naminé, are you able to see my face?”

@lonleymeaf replied to your post “SO LIKE, I was looking through episodes to answer a post and I just…”

Dude, why would he be so thristy for a kiss? This makes me feel like Adrien WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR THE KISS WITH MARINETTE but he didn’t have it so he wanted to kiss ladybug instead. BUUUTT WHYY? IS THERE A POSSIBILITY OF ADRIEN KNOWING OR SUSPECTING THAT MARINETTE IS LADYBUG I MEAN WHAAAT IM FANGIRLING RIGHT NOW

Dude like?? I’m actually thinking he probably subconsciously knows? Idk if it’s the magic of the Miraculous or whatever, but he’s definitely feeling that Ladybug vibe on her, ya feel?

I mean, he knows Ladybug has dark hair, wears pigtails, and has bluebell eyes—-and who else is in close proximity to him with the very same features??

Originally posted by sarahcada

I mean, there are a lot of instances where Adrien seems to be giving Marinette some “special” attention that even he doesn’t give Chloe or anyone else—-the primary one being him putting out all the stops to impress Marinette during the Evillustrator episode (and thus Marichat was born).

Originally posted by 50shadesofmiraculousladybug

Originally posted by chibistar

“She has other things to do, so YOU’LL be my Ladybug.

Like……… Adrien…. kid… dude… bruh…

And he winks at her a lot??

Originally posted by miraculousgifs

And touches her a lot???

Originally posted by lovelysemixo

And it’s clear that he admires her one way or another?

Originally posted by ionlywannaseeyousmile

Hahahaha……….. kid… pls.

He doesn’t have to say or realize he has a crush on her too. I honestly think it’s less that he’s not interested in her, and more that he’s completely oblivious about his own feelings because of Ladybug being at the forefront of his mind. But I think, deep inside, he just sort of knows.

Then again he is a French teenage boy so……………. I don’t know…. I mean, I’ve seen him touch Chloe’s shoulder? And Juleka’s? Maybe he’s just the touchy feely kinda dude. He is starved for affection after all, someone love him pls

But, I mean, they’re obviously made for each other anyway. In the end, they’ve always liked each other. In the end, the four ships are two dumb people circling around each other so! It’s all good??

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i hate to be that guy but i lost my binder and ive looked everywhere including under furniture, in every hamper, in closets, and even out in the garage?? and it just disappeared somewhere and im freaking out.

if u wanna help me get a new one, my paypal is dreamsweetism@gmail.com and the one i’m looking at specifically is a replacement from gc2b. its $35 without tax/shipping, so i’m guessing somewhere around $40-45 is the goal.

if you want something in return i take commissions please just ask me for a link and i’ll happily provide u one. but if u can’t donate at all please reblog this! i can’t go out in public without my binder and i have literally no bras that fit me so i’m fucked. and i’m not about to wear multi layers in 90 degree weather to look masc u know? anyways thank u all for listening hopefully things turn out good!!! 💚💙💚

So there you got Abby and Erin, the core relationship of the movie with Erin literally jumping on the other side for Abby. But you also have Holtz and Abby who’ve known each other for a while and worked together all these years and Abby was Holtz’s family as stated in her final speech. BUT you also got Patty and Holtz, always being the dynamic and fun duo, the Baby™ petnames and having each other’s backs. BUT ALSO you got the heavy gay subtext on literally every scenes with Holtz and Erin, The Wink ™, The Dance™, The Bickering™, The Swiss Army Knife™   and so on..

SO what I mean to say here is: every ships in Ghostbusters (2016) are wonderful and whatever pairing you’re shipping, it is good and pure so please enjoy

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I personally don't ship RikaxV, but when I saw the photo of them two, smiling and looking so happy together, it made me want to cry because that just went so downhill. They looked so good and happy together. Rika was smiling and looked genuinely happy. And /V/. V MY PRECIOUS BOY HE LOOKED SO AT PEACE AND WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL OF THAT- Anyway that video destroyed me. 😂❤️😭

I mean, I have had like over 20 relationships like that. You are so happy in the beginning and then looking back its like wow……..I can’t believe this even happened. I regret everything. 

It is sad. For the game it is a great literary piece to build from! A wonderful plot point!! 

The video, and idk how many times I can say this, is absolutely breathtaking. I love everything about it. The lyrics, the music, the art, the symbolism. It is perfect. 

I feel so blessed they decided to even release it right now because I feel it explains so much about V and the route. But I am thankful 

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do u ship hoseok x seokjin? i think i saw it on one of ur tags. i dont think i've ever heard of that ship, so what are u fav moments to convince me? :P

oh my god YES dsfdjghsdhg there are maybe 3 people who ship 2seok and i dont??? know why??? its lonely over here but we manage bc its worth it,,, anyway, 2seok are pure, soft boyfriends who are just full of love and mutual support; they have the best time together, laugh a lot and joke around all the time all while having rly gross heart eyes for each other.. so lets get into this (under a read more cause i’m Passionate and this is gonna get very long)

Keep reading

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hi!!! you're like one of my absolute fave ppl i follow in yoi fandom and i love all your fic and hc posts and shitposts they're all gr8, and it's so good seeing ppl call out the anti shit (i wasn't bothered abt otayuri but holy shit i think i'm starting to ship it out of spite). anyway, i was wondering if u had any recs of other yoi blogs similar to you? and thank u for being awesome!

hi thank you holy shit!! this message made me feel very WOW AMAZING.  here are some lovely mutuals who all still consistently produce and reblog wonderful YOI content who i have had the pleasure to meet in this fandom. i’m going from the date i followed them newest to latest, if the order seems weird: 

@@actualyuuri @forovnix @door @lovelytitania @cafecliche @taritangeo @exile-wrath @cocopines @lavenderprose @justanxietythings @inknose @bigbigtruck @fireblazie @cutthroatpixie @pearlo @utlaginn @radialarch @winchilsea @kixboxer @idrilka @kitsunec4 @rcmclachlan @lazulisong @kevystel @hellotailor @ladyofthelog

i adore all these people and want to spend my twilight years drinking white wine spritzers with them on the patio of a fandom retirement home while we throw water balloons at kids across the street, they are precious to me and Good People and i will fight in the pit for any of them, please check them out!

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hi lisa :D mind revealing your top 10 BL couples? pretty pls

omg of COURSE I DON’T MIND most of these are manhwa but i have some manhua and manga in there too

  1. FOOLS - eungi & jeongwoo (what did you expect lmfao)
  2. RAISING A BAT/BATBREED - chun sam & min gyeom
  3. H&H ROMAN COMPANY - ginger & rum (i want to post more about them tbh,,, theyre so cute ahh)
  4. DARK HEAVEN - simon & conor
  5. I’M YOUR CUTE COPYCAT - yohan/john & semin (i hate spelling his romanized name my finger always goes to the e instead of the i)
  6. YATAMOMO - yata-chan & momo (ahhh theyre so cute tbh i love them a lot)
  8. 19 DAYS - jian yi & zhen xi
  9. OUT OF CONTROL/NEVER UNDERSTAND - dohoon and yumin (i love yuri and jaerim too but i have so many side ship feelings for them theyre my faves)
  10. i couldnt pick so i have like 4,,,
  • TEN COUNT - shirotani & kurose
  • HIDAMARI GA KIKOERU - taichi & kouhei (really REALLY good read 100% recommend)
  • BLOOD BANK - eric & shell
  • HEY, YOUR CAT EARS ARE SHOWING - i dont know their names but the main guy and the small catboy !!!! its super cute i havent read it in awhile but im probably going to read it again;;; ahhh idk if they’re rlly considered a couple but they’re super cute??

anyways yeah that was really long but like im v indecisive

these are all of the ones in english btw!!! if i did everything including untranslated stuff im p sure this post would jump out of the computer screen and slap me for being so incompetent at making lists

Kendra’s death was so frustrating. There was no mourning. And I guess that makes sense, because the only person she had a real connection to was Buffy and Buffy had a lot of other things to deal with, and then we didn’t her for months so we don’t know if she mourned. 

But still, she was a good character and it’s like her death had no weight other than to raise the stakes (I tried to find a way to word that that didn’t make a fucking stupid pun but I couldn’t) which they didn’t really need to do, because Jenny was already dead and Angelus is intense all on his own, and to bring Faith into the picture. 

She didn’t get to have her own character development and problems, really. It was always about being a mirror to Buffy and furthering other plots/characters and that’s just unfortunate because Kendra’s got so much potential. 

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Oh man I just caught up on taz and it makes me happy to see you like johncurch too! :D (also did Griffin really had to describe so in depth how Merle was embracing him? And then go with "he's really close to your face"? That man plays with my emotions)

I just thought it was funny at first, but then I read some Very Good Fanfics and I was sold (I fall easily for ships anyway so it wasn’t too hard ! Plus the dichotomy between Merle and John, their frequent meetings, John’s attractiveness as a character (honestly the “i’m an eldritch monster who devours planes” thing is ummmm kinda hot and also really really interesting in all its loneliness and coldness and cruelty) and his potential (fingers crossed) redemption arc… It all just makes that ship’s dynamic so interesting to work with.

ALSO Yeah like “he’s really close to your face” “SIGNIFICANT PAUSE” like dude Griffin did you secretly hope it’d happen ? Is that how you want TAZ to be solved ? By kissing undeads ? Because let me tell you I’m down with it

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This is more focused around Rose but but my hc is she will blackmail the HELL out of you if she wants something.

sdkjfhdd yes totally

ROSE: It would be a real shame if someone leaked these pictures of you and Karkat cuddling while watching 50 First Dates, Dave. SBaHJ fans would have an absolute field day with such incriminating images if they were to be posted online.

DAVE: first of all how the fuck did you get those pics?? youre like some kind of occult paparazzo with the uncanny ability to show up on date night and make my life hell

DAVE: second of all youre a cunning asshole what do you want from me

ROSE: I don’t feel like doing the dishes tonight and it would be so kind of you to volunteer. :)