i ship u with that jacket

who the outsiders boys would be in the outsiders fandom

Darry- the one who manages to stay out of drama
Soda- super generic blog probably dedicated to dallas or johnny
Johnny- writes quality fics
Steve- one of the only fanart people
Pony- one of those annoying asks people, u kno the ones, who are like “I want a ship, I hate socs and wear leather jackets and hate children” like bitch just say u want dallas
Dallas- starts shit with everyone
Two Bit- only posts memes
Tim- barely ever posts but when they do it’s Quality™
Curly- is into super obscure characters like he’s got a blog for that Jerry guy

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So in your ereri post you said that like the anime cast and crew said their relationship was holy and beautiful, and I would love to read those. Do you know any of the interviews where people talk about their relationship? Bc seriously I need to read those I need that in my life lmao


after some considerable rummaging, anon:

golly i feel so nice now thank u anon our ship is Sailing

worth fighting for

chapter 3 of my rescue-mission story for Jyn Week | [Ao3 link] - updates daily | writing prompt - family

Some people never come back from the war.

Cassian leans against the rigging, the black of the viewport blurred in glimmering patches, cords of light dragged behind the stars.

“Hey,” Jyn says softly, Cassian wonders how long he’s been standing there. “It’s your turn to sleep too.”

She tips her head toward the rest cots, more gentle than accusing, doesn’t push it when Cassian can’t find the words to answer.

His throat is raw, the tips of his fingers numb.

“I thought they were dead,” Cassian says under his breath, glances toward the ‘fresher as his stomach twists on the words. “I thought they were dead, and I accepted it, and I walked away.”

Jyn’s palm feels cool at his cheek, his face is wet and he doesn’t remember crying. He meets her gaze, won’t shield himself from the disappointment he knows he’ll find there.

Jyn’s mouth presses to a line, she roughs her thumb below his eye. Frowns when it only helps for a second.

“And I didn’t look back,” Cassian says hoarsely, he’s still trying to process her expression. He’s seen it in the field and he’s seen it in the med-wing. It’s the stare so many soldiers have given him, when he’s known it would be their last.


“It’s not over,” Jyn whispers, Cassian hears the sting in her voice too. “They’ve got us, and we have this shot. Maybe it’s their best one. We’re still kicking at least- and… we’re going to make this work.”

Cassian’s mouth hooks at the corners, Jyn breathes out a laugh.

“C’mon,” she offers wryly, “that was at least… half as awful as my one about the sharp stick.”

Cassian would follow her to the end of the galaxy if only to stand by her side.

“Thank you,” he manages, Jyn’s hand ghosts to his jaw before either of them have caught up. Slowly, she kisses him, deep and aching and harsh, kisses him for all that she knows he is. Her exhale skips warm on his cheek, hands tangled in his hair and they stumble, clumsy against the wall.

“We’ve got this,” says Jyn, the words coarse and tender on his lips. “Whatever happens, I’m here.”

She holds him- Cassian realises he’s shaking- the U-Wing makes a low whirr and they don’t have much time. Cassian can still feel the wet of her mouth, his hands are wrung into her jacket.

“Jyn, if I don’t-”

The ship rattles, louder, the comms system’s blinking in the corner of his eye.

“You’re coming back,” Jyn whispers fiercely. Cassian lets himself lean on her, heavy, his cheek presses damp to her hair. “And then I’ll tell you again. That I’m always- I’ll always-”

“Exiting hyperspace in fifteen seconds!” comes a pointed call from the back, and suddenly they’re smiling, breathless and haphazard. Jyn squeezes Cassian’s knuckles, Cassian tries to sniffle himself into some sort of workable state. There’s so much he wants to ask her- no, tell her- Jyn’s mouth pulls crooked, faltering for the words too.

“I’ve always-” is what escapes her.

“I love you,” says Cassian, the stars brighten and flare as they shatter through the brink.

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hey do you ship chris b x sana? and if u do, do u have any hcs? also ur one of the best skam blogs around and ur content makes me incredibly happy, anyway i hope u have a lovely day !!xx

yes!! i love these girls!!!!!

  • when they first get together it just?? feels so natural??? like not much has changed with their relationship except that occasionally there’s kissing and even more cuddling
  • they love to share everything with each other–makeup, accessories, jewelry, and especially clothes
  • one day sana comes to school wearing chris’s bright pink and blue jacket and chris is wearing sana’s camo jacket and they’re just strolling through the courtyard holding hands and Everyone does a double take because it’s literally the most iconic thing they’ve ever seen
  • honestly just picture sana wearing one of chris’s snapbacks over her hijab. life-changing.
  • they also share music!! they have similar music tastes, though sana is more into 90s hip-hop (like 2pac and Biggie, and also my big personal headcanon is that sana loves heems), while chris is more into current hip-hop (the weeknd, desiigner, karpe diem, silvana imam), but whenever they hear a new band or song that they like the first thing they do is text the other “you’ve GOT to hear this song”
  • honestly chris is such a “text you ‘let’s go on an adventure’ in the middle of the night and suddenly you’re going grocery shopping at like 2am” kind of person 
  • so she and sana end up sort of going on their own little adventures
  • they’ll ride the trams to the end of the line and just watch the people get on or off, or they’ll get off at some random stop they’ve never gotten off before and wander around and see new sights and meet new people
  • chris is the best at chatting up people honestly, every time they go somewhere she’s made at least 3 new friends, gotten at least 5 people’s numbers, and has plans to go partying next friday
  • you KNOW they go to concerts and raves together. sana and chris wearing glow stick necklaces and dancing together as the music plays and the lights flash and yell-singing the lyrics to each other 
  • HAND KISSES! at first chris starts doing it as a joke as a sort of “my lady” gesture, but then when they’re cuddling and chris’s arms are wrapped around sana’s waist sana will take her hand and press it to her lips and it’s their thing now, they’ll be walking and holding hands and one of them will just lift their hand and kiss the others (sana still complains that it’s super cheesy but chris knows she loves it)
  • and the hoverboards are there too. sometimes they’ll just go out for a spin on the town, stopping traffic wherever they go
  • just
  • chris and sana holding hands and hoverboarding along
  • that’s all
  • i love them so much

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what were the stuff youve gotten from shein

my most recent items are:

  • pom pom beanie - great for autumn / winter since this really covers your ears and head
  • army green coat - this was really large on me. i’m not sure if its because im kinda thin or maybe i didnt look at the measurements properly.
  • grey coat - this coat is quite popular in the site and it’s perfect for autumn / spring since its kinda sheer
  • grey round glasses - cute aesthetic glasses. this was also too big for my face bc my face is kind long and narrow
  • embroidered jacket - I LOVE THIS JACKET SO MUCH!!! i love the design and quality of this jacket

some tips to help u out:

  • always remember to check the measurements bc the sizes here vary
  • read the reviews
  • LOOK OUT FOR SALES AND FREE SHIPPING bc they usually have promos during black friday, events, holidays, and etc
Meet Indigo!

This is Indigo, a ship-child I made for @gdpft-sans14 and @lolsome99 (since their dating C:) Here’s some info


Age: 12

Birthday: July 1st (cuz that’s when I made him XD)

Appearance (this is a whole damn section)


He has blue headphones, a fluffy red jacket with a dark gray turtleneck sweater underneath, Jean colored pants with a red line, red shoes, and he wears black fingerless gloves.

Outside Appearance(???)

His eyes are purple, his blush is dark blue (TELL ME SOMETHING I DON’T KNO-) and one of his teeth are blue(same color of his headphones, also thanks for the info I didn’t know (’-’)b) (im already talking to myself)

Hobbies: Listening to Music, playing video games (especially loves playing it with his dad C:), and drawing

Traits(right?): He’s chill, rarely gets angry, sometimes energetic C: (but then gets lazy XD)

Designed made by me and @gdpft-sans14

If you have any questions about him feel free to ask! 

  • Furihata: I'm kinda cold.
  • Akashi: Here, Kouki, you must take my jacket.
  • Mibuchi: You know what, I'm a bit chilly too, Chi-chan.
  • Mayuzumi: Well damn, Reo, I can't control the fucking weather, can I?

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Hopefully another Cassian request isn't an issue? Can you write one where another Rebel officer flirts with the reader and Cassian gets super jealous? Please and thank you!

Nope, not an issue at all!

Here you go! I hope it’s to your liking, nonnie. 

Warnings: None

Words: 1,155

“Before you go, I just wanted to say that I had a great time with you last night.”

Cassian’s blood boiled as he watched the scene that was unfolding before him.

Just a few feet away, you stood with Avan Parr, a fellow Rebel Alliance officer.

Cassian didn’t like the way the man was looking at you.

And he definitely didn’t like the way that you were looking at him. 

“I had a really nice time too,” You replied, flashing him a friendly smile.

Avan reached out to take your hand in his and Cassian angrily clenched his fists.

“We should do it again, you know, once your mission on Serenno is complete.”

Cassian couldn’t take it anymore and he stiffly walked towards the two of you.

“I hate to interrupt,” he practically sneered, “But we’re starting to lose our time.”

Avan grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, Captain. I didn’t mean to keep your partner.”

Ignoring him, Cassian narrowed his dark eyes at you. “Get on the ship. Now.”

Your mouth fell open in pure shock. He’d never spoken to you like that before.

For a brief moment it felt like he had just slapped you across the face. 

Without waiting for your response, he whirled around and stalked off towards his  waiting U-Wing. He hopped on board without so much as glancing back at you.

Avan frowned. “What’s with Andor?”

“I don’t know.” Your voice wavered slightly. “But I’m certainly going to find out.”

After saying a quick goodbye to Avan, you quickly boarded the ship.

Cassian was up near the cockpit, shrugging out of his brown leather jacket. 

“Excuse me, what the hell was that?” You asked fiercely as you approached him. 

With his back still to you, he rigidly replied, “What was what?”

“Get on the ship. Now,” You mimicked him. “How dare you talk to me like that!”

He remained silent.

“Cassian?” You waited, but still, he said nothing. “Cassian, I’m talking to you!”

Slowly, he turned around to face you. His eyes had gone stone cold. 

“In case you’ve forgotten, we have a mission we have to complete on Serenno.”


“We don’t have time for you to stand around flirting with your new boyfriend.”

You crossed your arms over your chest. “Avan isn’t my boyfriend, Cassian. And I wasn’t flirting with him either. We met up at the cantina last night for a few drinks and dinner and we were just telling each other that we had a good time.”

Cassian snorted, shaking his head. “Well, isn’t that sweet.”

You raised your eyebrows at him. 

“You know, if I I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you were jealous.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. I am not jealous.”

“Then why are you so upset?”

“I’m not upset.”

You scoffed. “Okay, then why else would you be acting like such a damn jerk?”

Cassian groaned out of frustration. “Can you just drop it? We have to leave—”

You grabbed his arm. “We’re not going anywhere until we talk this out, Cassian. I need to know what’s going on with you. Please, just talk to me.”

He snatched his arm out of your grasp and took a step back. “What do you want me to say? That you’re absolutely right? That I’m jealous? That the second I saw him take your hand it took every single ounce of strength I had in me not to walk over and knock his head off his shoulders?” 

“Cassian, you have no right to be jealous. You know how I feel about you, you’ve always known. But you were the one who said that we couldn’t be together, that we could never be together.” Your voice started to tremble and you paused for a moment, trying to collect yourself. “You’re the one who said that we could never be anything more than just mission partners.”

“So you found somebody else,” he stated, bitterly. “You moved on.”

“Yes. No.” You let out a small groan. “I mean, I tried to.”

“You tried to?”

“Avan is a nice guy. And I’ll admit that it I really liked spending time with him.”

Cassian tightly clenched his jaw.

“I was lonely,” You continued quickly before he could say anything. “You’ve been avoiding me, Cassian. Do you think I haven’t noticed that we only ever talk when we’re sent out on missions by the council? That we don’t eat our meals together anymore like we used to? That whenever I even try and approach you, you make up some excuse to leave?” Hot, frustrated tears blurred your vision. Not wanting to cry, you furiously blinked them back. “You can’t be upset with me for trying to move on, not when you’re the one who’s been pushing me away.”

His expression suddenly softened. “I had to push you away.”

You stepped closer to him. “But why?”

“Because, what I felt—what I feel for you, it’s something that I have never felt for  anyone else before. It’s so incredibly strong that sometimes it scares me. I swear to you that I never meant to hurt you, but I was so lost and confused. I thought it would be best for me to put some distance between us. I thought that maybe if I spent less time with you, these feelings would subside. But I was wrong.”

“So what do you feel for me, Cassian?” You whispered, looking up at him.

Your eyes widened in a slight surprise as Cassian reached up and gently cupped your cheek in the palm of his hand. He put his other hand on your hip and pulled you as close as he possibly could. He looked deeply into your eyes as your arms wrapped themselves tightly around his neck. Cassian leaned down into you, and the both of you stood absolutely still, each waiting for the other to make the final move. 

Finally, it was Cassian who closed the remaining distance between you and him.

He softly pressed his lips to yours. Any and all hesitation that he might have had before vanished completely as you parted your lips, allowing him to deepen the kiss. 

“That,” he said breathlessly once he’d pulled away, “Is what I feel for you.”

“And here I thought you hated me or something.” You were just as breathless.

Cassian frowned. “I’m sorry. And I’m sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. It’s just that seeing you with Avan, the thought of you with him, or with any other man that’s not me, I just couldn’t handle it.”

You couldn’t help but smile. “I appreciate the apology, Cass. And I forgive you.”

Relieved, he smiled back at you. 

“And you don’t have to worry about me being with him, or with anyone else for that matter,” You assured him with all the confidence in the galaxy. “Believe me, you are the only man that I could ever want, Cassian.”

Ending was a bit meh, but it’s almost five in the morning so…yeah. 

Not 100% sure but the next imagine might be a Bodhi one! I have a request for one and it’s almost completely finished. I also have three more Cassian requests and some ideas of my own. So I have a lot of imagines to come if anyone’s interested! 

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aaaaaAAAAAAAA I NEED MORE- FUEL ME. I love how this works, though! All the colours and expressions are so good and what ships will be involved?? Bc I am a s l u t for like most of what happens in this comic and I neeeed to know more. (Also I might make Bill's jacket from the BillDip Week day three thing bc it wa sso soft n I need it)


As for ships, aside from what’s already been seen like BillWill as well as Will’s various one-sided pinings, there’s just going to be hints of basically everything, though it will often be one-sided because that continues to be my favorite trope ever.

BillWill are demon married in a sort of convenience trap, Bill has complicated feelings about people in general mostly due to the fact that he doesn’t particularly understand emotions and such anyways, Will falls for anyone even remotely nice to him, Mabel dates often but has much higher standards than she did when 12, Dip tends to shoot himself in the foot with his relationships bc he’s a doormat to the people he likes unintentionally, aaaand thats all i really have to say about it bc spoilers. 

Also you should def make the jacket and make it the most comfortable one in the world. 

rules: tag people u want to get to know better

tagged by: @sebanstianstanthank you!! :^)

Relationship status: single and probably never ready to mingle

Favorite color: black/red

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick! 

Last song I listened to: damn fine coffee by mybrd (for another coffee related song see: coffee and cigarettes by jazzinuf)

Last movie i watched: gosh it was either the thing from another world or gaslight

Top three shows: scrubs, psych, and always sunny

Top three characters: at the moment: proinsias cassidy (preacher), the outsider (dishonored), and jacket (hotline miami)

Top three ships: oh gee batcat for sure, harlivy, and gency

i tag (you don’t have to if you don’t feel up to it!): @tyrelloit @chuckhansen @rogue-demonhunter @triwizard @hvlfbloodhacker

Howler con 4

I was so happy to not experience any ship haters and meet a lot of fun people. And apparently everyone’s been in JRs trailer for REASONS

Dear the lovely person with the Not A Total Psycho jacket. You won the night. I ❤️u but not in a creepy stalker way. If you want a Peter centric fic do give me a prompt.

Still reeling from con feels