i ship this so hard you guys have no idea

Decided to do a shipping chart for some of my characters (or rather, the ones you guys have seen on this blog~)
Mort is pretty hard to form a ship with, being asexual and scared of most things but it can happen. Fei is only drawn as anthro so I’d prefer her partner to be drawn as anthro too c:

As I do not role play, the ships are mostly open for throwing ideas and art back and forth, rather than role playing a story. I am very picky with who I ship my characters with, I won’t choose just anyone~ And don’t forget this is just for fun! 8D

My new favourite thing about Episode 72:

After Matt says “that’s where we’re going to end for tonight” and everyone at the table starts screaming while Taliesin yells “BAM, MOTHERFUCKER”

then they have a few solemn moments of thanks to sponsors and Critters

then Matt does “is it Thursday yet”

then, after they all think the cameras are off, they all start screaming AGAIN and Taliesin yells “BAM MOTHERFUCKER” AGAIN.

Every character has something about them that no one knows, and if your a writer it can be hard to think of something special. So here’s a little list of common/uncommon things I put together to help you guys out:)

-They secretly can curse like a sailor

-Very ticklish

-Really like a certain food (Peaches, Peppermints, etc)

-Have a figurine of a stupid action show

-Are into really old movies

-Love to crossdress

-Listen to a really bad pop singer late at night

-Are secretly really good at a sport (Snowboarding, Pole dancing, etc)

-Secretly hate a certain animal (cats, horses, etc)

-Love to be kissed on a certain part of their body (the side of the neck, behind the ear, on the tips of their hair, etc)

-Like to have their ass groped

-Love having tons of pillows to sleep with

-Can be very sassy if they don’t get their food that they like (French fries, yogurt, etc)

-Get sleepy after reading books

-Love to sleep naked to sexually frustrate their partner(s)

-Likes to sit on the counter while eating

-Eats ice cream with a fork

-Hates ketchup/mustard

-Needs to watch a certain show every week or they will die (The walking dead, parks and rec, law and order, etc)

-Will actually punch someone for yelling in a store (and almost get sued)

-Always wins/looses at monopoly

Just a couple ideas I had, if you guys want another list for something I’d be glad to make one. Feel free to message me;)

Wow… I didn’t even realize we had this many followers! Where did you all come from?! Thank you all so much for supporting me and Ashley! It means a lot to both of us because we both thought we would have a hard time getting to just 100 but here we are! Maybe we can do something special at 300? Let us know if you guys have any ideas for that!

I’m sorry for the slow updates but we will posting more soon! Requests for Imagines and Ships are still open or if you guys just want to just talk about a fandom you love don’t be afraid to message us! We’re really friendly!

Posting something non FMA related just to be different…

Here are my two favorite characters from Beyblade (the first series) I ship them so hard and before people start flamming at the height difference and other stuff, I will let you know that I do know that Kai is not that tall and Rei doesn’t usually wear his hair like that.

I have no Idea what Rei is wearing either, perhaps a mix of clothes from the three seasons *shrugs*

I did this like, back in August, but only now I am bothering to post this ^^’

Hm.. anyways, hope you guys enjoy I guess..

As a Rhink shipper, but more importantly as a human being, I really appreciate Rhett and Link’s attitude towards Rhink.

I mean, there could of been many ways to react to being shipped with your married best friend. They could of reacted negatively, ask us to stop, then maybe MAKE us stop, tell us that Rhink shipping is not acceptable, demean those who ship them, all sorts, but instead, they USE it and turn it into a COMEDY SKETCH.
Like…I mean….*applauds*
I understand that they may be uncomfortable by it, they seem to be somewhat so, but I respect so much that they realise that things like this are hard to dismiss and stop and have accepted that. 
I’m so happy that they somewhat accept (or rather, don’t try to ban or demean) that people out there love the idea of them as a couple and then take it in their comedic, internetaining, stride. 
Thank you, Rhett and Link.
I ship you guys real bad, but that isn’t the important part.
I really, REALLY respect you guys.
Just…thank you for being awesome and putting up with us Rhink shippers.
Thank YOU for being your mythical best. :)