i ship this so hard you guys have no idea

26.4.17 || 5/100 days of productivity

Had a pretty productive day today despite my state of sleeplessness, and finally got around to deep cleaning my room. ✌🏻 I’m talking dusting, vacuuming, sheet washing and changing. The fun stuff. I also worked on some notes and reading for my digital media class, when I should really be writing my criminology essay. Oops?

On another note, I’m somehow less than five followers away from 10k???? WTF YOU GUYS?! Y’ALL HAVE BEEN MULTIPLYING LIKE RABBITS! I wanna host a fun lil giveaway so let me know if you have any ideas for the prize! I’m on a budget though guys so it’ll have to be fairly affordable if I’m gonna ship it internationally. *cries at the thought of shipping prices but puts on a brave face because I love you guys* 💛 I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

🎶 Hard Times - Paramore 

Get it Reyes, get it?? get it… cuz… you’re a smuggler. get it.

Bad pun crew 

Posting something non FMA related just to be different…

Here are my two favorite characters from Beyblade (the first series) I ship them so hard and before people start flamming at the height difference and other stuff, I will let you know that I do know that Kai is not that tall and Rei doesn’t usually wear his hair like that.

I have no Idea what Rei is wearing either, perhaps a mix of clothes from the three seasons *shrugs*

I did this like, back in August, but only now I am bothering to post this ^^’

Hm.. anyways, hope you guys enjoy I guess..

gabrysiek91  asked:

Top 3 ships?

My top 3 ships? Damn, that’s quite a difficult question. So I’ll just go with any fandom since it’s nothing specific.

1. Klance/Lance x Keith/Keith x Lance (Voltron Legendary Defender)

If one’s red and the other’s blue, it’s fucking canon end of story.

No but for real, I love these two so fucking much, even more than my ship with me and Lance. For real, I fucking ship these two so hard that I have plenty of fanfiction ideas for them. All of which are AU’s.

I just fucking love how they bicker and how there are so many possibilities for the two to actually get together. The fanfiction ideas from this fandom are all perfect.

Not only that, but they seem like the couple that would switch or have a rock paper scissors contest on who tops.

They are so fucking gay.

2. Hisogon/Hisoka X Gon (Hunter x Hunter)

Ok. This couple is fucking frowned upon but come on guys…you gotta admit that the danger and toxicity of this couple is fucking addicting.

3. Shizaya/Shizuo X Izaya (Durarara)

Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE hate ships?

(How this fuck did this get featured on the Hisogon tag!?!?! XDDDD)

Aphmau Fanfic?

WElp!! This is gonna be hard! So this Fanfiction will have multiple ending for different shippers for aphmau! From the old ship Garmau to the crack ships VlyadMau, ZaneMau, etc.? I think that’s their ship name(for Vlyad and Aphmau)? I’m not really sure! But would you guys want that? While the roleplayers act as their characters, I could probably write a fanfiction when I have free time so that you guys don’t have to wait when we are running late on posting or so…. Yay or Nay? Idk it’s up to you guys, I personally like the idea of this fanfiction but idk… or maybe I could write it and you guys can choose the choices that she makes

She's Basically All He Talks About

You were at Comic Con, just like the rest of the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming, getting ready for the panel, but there were some technical difficulties so you had to wait until they could fix whatever was happening.
You, Tom, Zendaya, Jacob, Tony, Harrison, and Laura were all goofing off and joking around with each other while you waited.
You did something stupid, which made everyone laugh and Tom hugged you and kissed your cheek while laughing.
None of you had noticed the fan that was about to walk past when Tom did so.
She stopped and shyly approached six of you and cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention. You all stopped and turned to her, smiling.
“Hi! Sorry. I don’t mean to be a bother. I was wondering if I could get a couple pictures and stuff?” She asked politely.
“Oh, sweetie you aren’t a bother at all! Of course you can!” You chirped.
She grinned and pulled out her phone as all of you got together for a couple group pictures and then individual pictures.
“Thank you so much!” She squealed excitedly after taking the last picture.
“Oh no problem!” “Don’t mention it!” “No biggie!” “Of course!” “You’re welcome!” “Anytime!” You guys told her.
“Um, could I ask a question?”
“Go for it!” Tom encouraged.
“Are you and y/n dating?” She questioned.
You blushed and smiled shyly.
“Oh…um…we-we uh…” You stumbled over your words.
“Oh yeah! We’ve been dating for about…what, two, three months now? She still gets all blushy and embarrassed when people ask. Isn’t she so cute? And she’s not just gorgeous either, she’s really talented and kind and caring and just so sweet. When I first saw her I was like, ‘Damn. She’s so beautiful.’ Like, you can ask Harrison, I said it. I didn’t mean to, but I did. She didn’t hear me though. And after getting to know her I just knew I had to at least get a date with her, because…WOW. You know? Like it’s unbelievable how truly amazing she is and…” Tom went on and on about you for about another two minutes while you stood there and blushed, and the fan just happily listened and hung onto every word.
“And this has been also every thought Tom has ever had on y/n.” Harrison interrupted Tom’s rambling, making everyone laugh.
“No, but seriously. We deal with this everyday.” Zendaya laughed, rolling her eyes playfully.
“She’s basically all he talks about.” Jacob added.
“Awe! That’s so cute! You guys are my otp! Like, I’ve been shipping you so hard you have no idea. Anyways, have a great day! I’ll see you up there!” She said happily, waving and walking away.
You and Tom were blushing like crazy.
“Did I do it again?” Tom asked.
“You did it again.” Everyone confirmed, nodding.

I hope you enjoyed this, anon!
Feedback and requests are always welcomed!
Have a spectacular day/night, lovelies!

Much love -Jai♡


You guys know that I ship Dwalin and Dis so hard. 
I have this whole story in my head and I want to share it with you guys but I think I’ll do that later. This is the moment where Dwalin comes back to Ered Luin after many years and finds Dis at the Marketplace. He doesn’t know that Dis has already married. He already met with his brother and Balin is like “I don’t think it’s such a good idea to meet with her yet, brother.” He’s about to tell him about her situation but Dwalin, too eager to see her again, goes off to meet Thorin and Dis. And just so happens to find her on his way.

My new favourite thing about Episode 72:

After Matt says “that’s where we’re going to end for tonight” and everyone at the table starts screaming while Taliesin yells “BAM, MOTHERFUCKER”

then they have a few solemn moments of thanks to sponsors and Critters

then Matt does “is it Thursday yet”

then, after they all think the cameras are off, they all start screaming AGAIN and Taliesin yells “BAM MOTHERFUCKER” AGAIN.


Scans are from Toudou / English translations from me

(starting from the 2nd page)

Basic Story: you transferred into a new school, take a liking to the teachers around you, and suddenly you’re called into a special guidance class (which takes place after the last period of the day, making this special lesson 7th period). There you realize that the teacher you come to know isn’t really the person you thought he is.

  • ( I appreciate the fact that this game already has a name set up (albeit changeable) for the MC. I’m lazy to think of names and almost always end up naming the heroine as “MC”. )

So there are 3 points described to give you an idea of what the routes will look like:

Point #1

  • Enjoy the various situations you find yourself in throughout the main route, either in the classroom or the nurse’s room, as you run into the teachers. And as you do so, CG s events will take place and as you complete the mini events within the main story, you can continue on with the route.
  • TEACHER RELATIONSHIPS WITH EACH OTHER WILL BE DEPICTED AS WELL (just, sorry – if you have any idea how hard I ship Shido and Nagihara, and Kuzuha and Remu. HHNNFFF.) So it’s important not to overlook it since it plays a vital part in the game /nosebleeds from the images in the inner head area. Ok, I’ll stop lolss sorry guys

Point #2

  • Dummy head mic. ‘nuff said. Also, special voice message can be heard for each character after the endings

Point #3

  • 3 different endings for each character plus an after story following two of the endings. If you take a look at the flowchart, it goes from prologue → character choice → the 3 main stories you can aim for: Doll Ending (yeah… wut), Love Ending which after you clear certain conditions, you can unlock to achieve either an alternate or a sequel to the original Love Ending (it’s translated as Love Ending After, so I’m going to assume it’s a sequel…), and lastly, a Ruin Ending, with an After following that.

  • The color of the dialogue box gives you an idea of what direction you’re headed. If you’re value points (which dictates and helps you unlock the After Endings) approach 0, the dialogue box will turn black.

Interviews with the two seiyuu responsible for singing the opening and ending song to the game

  • Takahashi Hiroki
  1. The first time he heard that he was going to sing the theme songs, what came to mind was which personality should the song be sung with? In other words, for one song, should it be sung with Shido’s “white” side or “black” side. He would ponder about the ability to differentiate between both sides when it came to sing the songs, which in result made him excited about the thought. He wonders if anyone would be able to sense that Shido’s “black” side would come out in the middle of the song, and he thinks that - rather than the song itself – that hopefully when you listen to it, would peak your interest and allow you to enjoy it.
  2. When asked what he would like people to check over as he listened to the recorded songs, he answers that the tempo is pretty fast and worries if people would understand what the song is trying to convey. He would like people to focus on the lyrics in the hopes to better understand it. In fact, don’t look at the lyrics until you hear the song. He thinks it’ll be more interesting for the listener that way to hear the song first and then compare your impressions with the actual lyrics itself afterwards
  3. If he had to go to karaoke with Shido, he thinks that Shido during his “white” side would be able to sense and select what song would agree with everyone. However, with his “black” side, he’ll force everyone to sing and those that score less than 90 points will get punished by him. And in order to properly punish those that need it, Shido would probably borrow a room and he believes since Shido is a perfectionist, he doesn’t think he’ll be able to leave the room.
  4. Message for the fans: There’s two faces/sides to the drama CDs, and he believes the game won’t go against the expectations of those that are familiar to the drama CDs. He hopes that you look forward to what kind of drama will spark out in this game.
  • Takahashi Naozumi
  1. When asked about his initial impression when chosen to sing the theme songs, he answers that he wondered what it would be like for Shido-sensei and Kuzuha-sensei to be singing together. Beyond his expectations, there were some high points in the song that were difficult but he felt that the songs themselves carried an “adult aroma inducing a sense of cool-ness in the song”
  2. Points that he would have liked to be check on when he listened to the theme songs: he thought it was interesting trying to match Takahashi Hiroki’s parts of the songs. Even though Naozumi believed that he has more experience recording songs than his partner, he thinks that Hiroki did a much better job making Shido sound rather cool that Naozumi didn’t want to fall behind. In fact, he figuratively grabbed the coolness from Kuzuha and try to insert that sense of bewitching charm into himself.
  3. If he had to karaoke with Kuzuha, Naozumi believes that they would be able to sing lovingly and passionately together. Not only that, if you listen to the CDs, you’ll know that Kuzuha also has the ability to notice and care about the people around him. So Kuzuha will say something to you if he notices you not singing during karaoke, etc. And whenever he’s around Remu, it’s like he turns into a mother-like figure and so he wants to warn Kuzuha to just be careful.
  4. Message for the fans: he thinks you’ll still be able to enjoy the game without being familiar with the drama CDs and hopes you enjoy the songs as you venture out to play the game.
Anywhere & Everywhere - Michael Clifford

Requested?Yes! No!

“Hey baby.” Michael whispers in your ear before kissing all over your face. He’s only been back from your for 2 days & the jetlag is still kicking. “I made you breakfast & some tea.” He chuckles kissing your nose.

“What time is it?” You groan loudly.

“12:30pm.” He chuckles again.

“Why am I still tired?” You pout, opening your eyes slightly, adjusting to the sun cracking through the blinds.

“Because we were up prettttty late last night.” He smiles. “Do you want me to carry you?”

“Yes!” You smile cheesily.

“Sure thing,” he chuckles, picking you up & throwing you over his shoulder.

“I could still sleep up here, oh my god.” You giggle as he begins to take the stairs down to the kitchen.

“Please don’t, I made you pancakes and everything this morning.” He chuckles, placing you in the seat at the kitchen table.

“So you, know…” He starts.

“I know…” You mumble, with a full mouth, making him chuckle.

“I’ve got the next 6 months off.” He smiles.

“Yea?” You giggle.

“Well, I wanted to ask you something.” He smiles.

“And what is that?” You ask, eyebrows raised in suspicion.

“I’ll tell you when you finish your breakfast & come back upstairs.” He chuckles.

“Couldn’t you have just made me breakfast in bed? There’s so many stairs…” You groan.

“Don’t be lazy!” He said loudly in a sarcastic, sophisticated accent. “Just eat your breakfast and meet me upstairs.” He mumbled, kissing your forehead before departing from the kitchen.

“ILL BE UP IN A SECOND!” you yell upstairs once you’ve fully finished your breakfast. After washing your dishes & hands, you walk up the stairs. Well, more like trudge.
“Mike?” You call when you reach the top. It’s completely silent. “Where are you?” You stroll into your shared bedroom where Michaels laying on the bed, starfished. “What do you want to ask me?”

“Right, okay…” He smiles, stretching out his body. “I think we should leave.”

“Leave?” You giggle, “and go where exactly?”

“Anywhere…” He leans up, taking your hands in his. “Everywhere, for six months.” He smiles, before kissing you.

“That sounds really nice Michael…” You smile, foreheads resting against one another’s while you play with his hair.

“But?” He frowns.

“But… I can’t just drop everything and go?” You whisper, before kissing his lips again.

“And why not?” He asks.

“Because…” You sigh, pondering over the possible excuses you could think of.“I’ve got nothing.”

“That’s what I thought,” he chuckled.

“Just you & I?” You ask.

“Just us.” He smiles, kissing you again.

“Where will we go first?” You smile excitedly.

“I knew you’d ask that!” He chuckles, standing from the bed. “Here.” He says, putting something in your hand.

“A dart?” You ask.

“Yes, now throw it at the map & wherever it lands… We’ll go there first.” He smiles, kissing your cheek.

“Oh, that’s risky.” You giggle.

“No, it’s adventurous.” He defends.

“Okay.” You smile, taking a deep breath before tossing the dart.

“And were going to…” He chuckles.

“India.” You say together, as he wraps his arms around your waist, turning you round and kissing you hard. “This is going to be fun.”

a/n: thank you guys for all the amazing feedback on “So, I Ran.”, you have no idea how much it means to me to know you’re all enjoying these buzzard pieces I’ve been writing. Let me know what you think of this one too!

someoneunknown201-deactivated20  asked:

if Sakura had ended up with Naruto, she would have still wore a apron and clean around their home and greet their child when they got home and you know this would be true.

Yes, this is true. And? Naruto and Sakura’s dynamics is totally different than Sasuke and Sakura’s dynamics and portrayal, btw, so if you’re trying to imply here that it’s only because my pairing didn’t get canon you’re wrong buddy.

Because as you said, their home and greet their child, you know, both of them considering the depiction of dynamics. MinaKushi was a perfect example of that and it’s confirmed by the author itself - even if it was a red herring as he claims, apparently.

Sakura would be in an apron cleaning the house while Naruto would be washing dishes, ya know, like Minato used to do. 

However in canon it is confirmed that not only Sakura does this all by herself, her husband isn’t even around the house to greet their child, together. Nope. He’s gone in the woods to find the secret of life or somethin’.

You see, you’re trying to imply things here knowing that the context and dynamics in which NaruSaku and SasuSaku are totally different so that’s why your argument is invalid before it even begins.

But the thing which you guys didn’t even understand from that post was that my beef wasn’t even with the fact that SasuSaku is canon - yeah, I don’t like it but I can make very well exception of it as long as Sakura is treated well. Which she’s not. That’s the difference here.

SasuSaku might’ve been canon for all I care - you guys keep forgetting I was an initial SasuSaku fan for some reason here (guess it fits better for the argument or something) -, however the dethroning of Sakura’s imagery wasn’t necessary.

Sakura in an apron at the end of 15 years of work knowing her character wishes is atrocious. You know why? If you guys would just take your heads out of your asses a bit and put the pairings aside and THINK for a little while you’d understand why. But no, all you’re seeing is pairings and pairings and pairings. This is what ruined this fucking manga anyway.

But leaving pairings aside, let’s not deflect from the matter at hand here, as I was saying, you know why this implication is atrocious? Come on, Kishi dedicated a 15 years old manga and a movie for this for you guys to get it.

But you don’t kinda because all you see is pairings so let me spell it for you.

What did Sakura motherfucking Haruno hated most about her status as a ninja? - Oh, you don’t know that? Let me answer it for ya.

The fact that her mom and dad never had high aspirations ergo Sakura motherfucking Haruno’s core character trait no. 1: her pride as a shinobi and why.

She wanted to make a career out of being a shinobi. She wanted to be there, up along her team-mates not a stay at home mom that dusts shelves. Remember what Sakura “hated” most about her mom? That she used to embarrass Sakura regarding the laundry and all that. Sakura wasn’t that kind of girl. Sakura was absolutely not the old fashioned stay at home mom. Sakura was breaking that pattern, that cultural image of a Japanese woman as you guys like to excuse it. Sakura was none of that. Sakura motherfucking Haruno wanted to be a ninja.

So next time you guys bring the ships into a thing solely about Sakura’s character development as a person when the ships don’t even matter, fucking think twice because I’m sorry to say it and be so bitchy about it but I’m so fucking done with explaining to people like to a 5 years old that barely now understands life why this ending was the absolute shit and disservice to Sakura’s character and to a character in a story ever done.

So that’s it, hope it fucking clears it up for you and I don’t have to repeat myself over and over and over again because you guys purposely choose to look like illiterates that don’t even understand a simple idea (because if it’s not the case then I really don’t even want to think at the alternative here) that’s not even that hard if you’d really recognize the character you pretend to so much love or know or whatever reason you try to come-up with.

Hasta la vista! Adios, muchachos! 

anonymous asked:

I know you don't ship naruhina, but is there any sort ending you would have been okay with them being canon? I love the ship myself, but I'm finding I'm distancing myself from canon, not just because of the end, but the shippers... they're so nasty now. Not just to narusaku, but to sasusaku. I wanna call myself a NH shipper, but the shippers and canon make it so hard to. For all the development we had, we deserved more from the end. NS deserved closure, too. You guys got screwed over. :(

To be completely honest – I just simply don’t like the idea of Naruto and Hinata as a COUPLE. I just feel like these kind of romantic relationships ( the message it gives and how common it is makes it hard for me to find any modern and realistic vibe from it.) it’s too disney…i don’t know, just too stereotypical. Shy girl loves the unloved boy before anyone else and in the end all the girls wanted him but he picked her etcetc – i am so done with that. It worries me what kids will think about this. It’s like love is a competition and the first person to love the other is the one who deserves and will win the other. It’s a really wrong way of viewing love, no matter how pure it may be expressed it’s really not. Aside from that, i just really wanted to see Hinata use the inspiration she got from Naruto to focus on herself instead of him.

I loved Hinata in the beginning, i loved how she used Naruto’s motto to change HERSELF and despite losing against Neji she was still the winner to me – because she progressed and took a step forward as an individual and came closer to her goal : to change herself. If Kishimoto only continued in this pattern to develop Hinata as a character – i promise you that i of all people would be her biggest fan. If Hinata had one day walked up to Naruto in the future, after fixing the clan issues and gaining respect from her father and everyone in her clan, and thanked him for how much he changed her and how much he showed her the right path – Hinata would have been one of the most developed characters and i would be head over heels in love with her. 

I would actually also love the idea of Hinata ending up with Naruto in this case ( only if it happened naturally as in them getting to know each other – no toneri, no guilt tripping, no princess of the byakugan or other characters talking naruto into it) . I admire Hinata for admiring Naruto, but i don’t admire the crash in her development where she stops realising what she really wanted from the very beginning as an individual – Kishimoto simply turned her into nothing but a girl in love in the end – and it literally HURTS me to confirm that – it hurts me to know that in the end all that was made of Hinata was “ the shy girl who wanted to change her clan and herself but ended up getting a shoujo movie where she ended up with the unloved kid all the girls wanted in the end. “ 

Even NaruSaku has it’s flaws and ofc those are also problematic, but this is really because Kishimoto wrote these pairings including SasuSaku very badly. I shipped/ship NaruSaku because i 1) Respected and Acknowledged Naruto’s feelings just like people acknowledged and respected the girls feelings. 2) The dynamic and chemistry between them was very natural, there was nothing about Sakura that was extremely special ( as kishi himself stated Sakura was supposed to be a very normal girl from a normal family ) and that is really nice because it proved that you dont have to be super special or different to be loved by a guy like Naruto, 3) Sakura moving on from Sasuke would actually NOT be the worst thing considering the fact that many girls stick to guys that– well let’s just say – don’t treat them the best way.

If you ask ME, i honestly truly believe that we all got screwed over – each one of these hetero-pairings had the potential to be great messages and stories but Kishimoto just took a very safe, stereotypical and common way of writing them and “ keep everyone happy “ – not to mention, the next generation kids would have been quite a flop without more characters from the confirmed ships. 

P.S for those of you reading this; This is just my opinion – please ship and love whatever you like – i respect different opinions ( seriously ship and like whatever makes you happy ) but in return please respect and accept my opinion too . Thank you.

As a Rhink shipper, but more importantly as a human being, I really appreciate Rhett and Link’s attitude towards Rhink.

I mean, there could of been many ways to react to being shipped with your married best friend. They could of reacted negatively, ask us to stop, then maybe MAKE us stop, tell us that Rhink shipping is not acceptable, demean those who ship them, all sorts, but instead, they USE it and turn it into a COMEDY SKETCH.
Like…I mean….*applauds*
I understand that they may be uncomfortable by it, they seem to be somewhat so, but I respect so much that they realise that things like this are hard to dismiss and stop and have accepted that. 
I’m so happy that they somewhat accept (or rather, don’t try to ban or demean) that people out there love the idea of them as a couple and then take it in their comedic, internetaining, stride. 
Thank you, Rhett and Link.
I ship you guys real bad, but that isn’t the important part.
I really, REALLY respect you guys.
Just…thank you for being awesome and putting up with us Rhink shippers.
Thank YOU for being your mythical best. :)

When I made Daryl I had no idea I would get this far in only 3 months. I have talked with some wonderful people and made awesome ships with others. I also found some wonderful mun's which I speak ooc with everyday. Thank you guys so much for following and staying with me and rping with me.

If you have not made it on this list don't think I don't like you. It's hard to keep up with 807 of you guys and I have horrible memory.

                                          тнє вαє'ѕ ♥

roccothewopthexnotoriousxstar-lorddaryl-my-brotherblue-hopesalwaysxrunninxburntbreadpeetaanempathsbecomingyoujustchxngecicatrix-letroxxansplacethxholymotherthesaintofaequitasgunslingerdixonkxllercoltsoutherngentlevampcajunxsassshootxemupoopsbusysignalcaptain-watsons-tardisasskicker-grimesthat-biker-with-the-vest ♥ 

                                 Øŧħɇɍ wønđɇɍfᵾł ᵽɇøᵽłɇ ♥

shotgunshellsandfeathersixtorinnahtheskinchangersonuva–bitchdean-the-lost-boy-winchestersam-themiddle-winchestersmokinshieldhanstheprinceofthesouthernislesmistressmxleficentmotherofasgardsavingconvictionbloodymissmuffetblewinonaleaflethargic-hunter ♥ lets-grxncmacmanusitsacreativeplan rxckthistownmethylminethebigbadspikethegirlwhowaited-dwsweetlittlesunflowerwynterisdeadcastieletonwecreatethedarknessjudxthgrimesmusicaltricksterimmaggiegreeneimmortalspxrrowbeside-thedyingfirecaxlgrimescaptainspanglystackhousedreamsavalonpoolekeepingwatchkingxfchristmaswhatskillingmeisthatimkillingyousxnofadickbowgirlxbowdenprincessasskickermcxoytheboysguardianangellieutenantfuckingmorganrickxgrxmesimhardlythewomaniwast-chamblershroomsandbullshitindyflaneryremy-thibedouxtheres-us-and-thedeadtheresusxndthedeadwalking-whitakernewestknightofhellsweettranzvestitefrankiethe-almighty-invaderbabewith-abowguardiansoflostsoulslivelxngkeep-singingxmissmesobadbethgrnenotmyownperson ♥ notthemooseyouarelookingforchowtimemuthafxckersdontfxckwithbabyharvellebackinactionfarfromgxneabusinessmanwithstandardsofxfidesloyal-tarapettyxthiefblood-spilledxlongedfordeathgeniusineffigybehindlassieblueeyesvaliant-xgunatmysidexonlyhumxnparum-imperiowere-gonna-get-youdxtadxtadxtaetnxnxdissxlvanturfiliimalorumstxntsmanmillxnniumthxfathxrgypsylobohxnnibxlagtxcarteropheliaxfable ♥ 

anonymous asked:

For the fandom thing: PJO

Favorite Male Character: Percy!
Favorite Female Character: Annabeth, duh.
Least Favorite Character: I mean.  I hate to say this but I guess the least interesting character to read was Grover?  But that’s saying a lot because I still love that guy 
Favorite Ship: Percabeth. The first and original otp.
Favorite Friendship: I liked Thalia and Percy’s friendship evolution.
Favorite Quote:  “The whole world was collapsing, and the only thing that mattered to me was that she was alive.”
Worst Character Death (if any): Luke’s death was super hard to read, in the best way possible.  He died with his wish unfulfilled, drowning in regret, and in immense pain.  Completley heartbreaking.
This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: I practically died reading percy and annabeth’s first kiss in Mt. St Helen’s. 
Saddest Moment: Probably either Luke’s death or Percy having to tell Nico about Bianca’s death.
Favorite Location: Camp Half Blood!

anonymous asked:

The more I see of gmw both on the show and tumblr the more I'm convinced that Farkle is Riley's Topanga. As the writers have said, the parallels are uncanny. I predict that Farkle will realize that Riley's the one and that they will get together before the show's over.

Same! It’s been so subtle during S1, but as the show goes on, I ship Riarkle even more and more! :D I am absolutely convinced that they are endgame. I almost want to rewatch BMW just to find some parallels between Corpanga and Riarkle. :)

I think both Farkle and Riley will have some growing up to do for the time being, and then eventually realize that they’re the ones for each other. Farkle just has to step out of his shell a bit with his feelings for Riley, and for Riley to realize that the guy for you might not always be the cute guy in the subway or the knight in shining armor, but sometimes the best friend that has always been by your side. (I have a feeling the idea of Cory and Topanga not only ruined Auggie, but Riley too, though she might not realize it yet. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Lucas, Charlie, and Zay.)

But really, I agree with what you said. Even without the parallels, it’s impossible to not ship Riarkle at least a little bit. RILEY AND FARKLE ARE SO PERFECTO FOR EACH OTHER AND I SHIP THEM REALLY REALLY HARD EXCISE ME I GOTTA FANGIRL OVER THESE TWO MORE.