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26.4.17 || 5/100 days of productivity

Had a pretty productive day today despite my state of sleeplessness, and finally got around to deep cleaning my room. ✌🏻 I’m talking dusting, vacuuming, sheet washing and changing. The fun stuff. I also worked on some notes and reading for my digital media class, when I should really be writing my criminology essay. Oops?

On another note, I’m somehow less than five followers away from 10k???? WTF YOU GUYS?! Y’ALL HAVE BEEN MULTIPLYING LIKE RABBITS! I wanna host a fun lil giveaway so let me know if you have any ideas for the prize! I’m on a budget though guys so it’ll have to be fairly affordable if I’m gonna ship it internationally. *cries at the thought of shipping prices but puts on a brave face because I love you guys* 💛 I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

🎶 Hard Times - Paramore 

Get it Reyes, get it?? get it… cuz… you’re a smuggler. get it.

Bad pun crew 



And of course he comes with his eros face <3

In addition to the katsudon and chopsticks, he comes with a hair down part with glasses and his phone XD

Bonus Images!

For those of you who might be unaware, Nendoroids are these small, 4ish inches tall figures that come with interchangeable parts. You can use these parts to create certain poses or scenes.   They’re made by the Good Smile Company, who are one of the most popular/well known figure making companies in Japan.

Nendoroids are more expensive than most American figures, running from between 3,500 yen to 5,000 yen before shipping or about 30ish dollars to 45ish dollars, but they are high quality and extremely cute and collectible. Shipping will cost you around 1,000yen from Japan, depending on the method you use. Their pieces are all also interchangeable with other nendoroids, meaning you can switch their heads onto different bodies from other nendoroids, switch out their faces, etc. 

Yuuri is going to go up for preorder Friday February 3, 2017. Nendoroids are pretty much made to order meaning that sometimes popular characters are hard to find in stores after they release (not always). If you want to preorder him, they’ll have him up at stores like Amiami, HobbyLinkJapan, Hobby Search, BiginJapan, AnimeIsland,Tokyo Otaku Mode, and more (I would not preorder from ebay though, fyi). The Good Smile Company will also sell him directly from their website (Edit:it’ll come with a bonus rubber strap), but they will charge a bit more than many other sites and come with a flat 2,000 yen shipping cost.

Anyways, they’re also making Victor :,) 

Edit: and Yurio apparently!

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I'm hoe for him also! But I really don't have any plots in mind. Wait actually I do, how would Lotor react to his s/o being Allura sister?

okay i know i said that i was going to only do Keith until i was done but 1. i’m a hoe for drama and 2. i’m an even bigger hoe for lotor so i couldn’t help myself. sorry i didn’t make it very long.

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“Can’t you just….” You fished for the words as you walked through the ship, trailing behind your boyfriend, “Not kill them? Like just capture Voltron and let the paladins go?”

He scoffed, “Sweetheart, you know that I can’t do that. And besides,” He turned on his heel and made eye contact with you, “Why would I?”

You felt your throat clog under his piercing gaze, and decided that now was not the best time to explain anything to him. Awkwardly, you managed to get out, “No reason,” with a small laugh.

Lotor raised an eyebrow at you before deciding to just let you be.

“I was so close to getting them this time!” Lotor said, “That Blue Paladin girl is really something else. She’s not the best but she’s pretty talented.”

You felt your heart beat accelerate at the mention of your sister, “So uhm, what stopped you from getting to them?”

He shrugged, “It wasn’t worth it, I can feel their defenses crumbling. I’ll just wait for the right time.” You let out a silent breath of relief. No matter how much you supported Lotor, you didn’t want anything to happen to your sister. It was better Lotor got her than Zarkon though.

You longed for the carefree days where you used to just randomly mention your sister to Lotor, never giving away a name - only small memories of the two of you. Now you feared that any little bit of information could kill her off.

“They’re close, sir,” Zethrid announced to Lotor.

“Good, I’ll get ready and meet them myself. Today will be the day that I get rid of the paladins and get Voltron.”

You quickly started following after your boyfriend. When he got to his chamber and reached for his knife, you stopped him by placing a hand on it as well. “Lotor wait, please don’t kill Allura!”

He stopped, “Who?”

“The Blue Paladin- Please don’t kill her.” He raised an eyebrow at you.

“Why not?”

“Because…she’s my sister.”

“She’s you’re what?” Lotor asked, eyes wide. His jaw slackened before he started walking briskly to the front of the ship. 

“Lotor, please-” You started but were cut off by him giving out orders over your voice.

“Zethrid, call of the drones. Acxa, get back on this ship. We’re leaving.” He turned to look at you, his eyes holding a power so much stronger than yours, “And you.” He tutted, “You have a lot to tell me.” You gulped down your fears.

Everyone else stared at you guys, wondering what had exactly happened. “But sir, we could-”

“Listen to my orders, Zethrid!” He interjected without breaking eye contact with you. He turned and started walking. You followed without a word.

It was hard for you to find out his exact feeling. Was it..anger? At you? You had no idea.

“Lotor, I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry? Here I am, telling you almost everything, and you don’t even have the decency to tell me that your own sister is a paladin of Voltron!”

“I-I didn’t know until I saw her through the camera on your ship!”

“And you couldn’t tell me?”

“I.. I was scared.” You mumbled. “I didn’t want you to be mad at me.”

“Why would I be mad at you?” He asked, his voice lowering. “You don’t choose where you come from - I of all people know that. I’m mad that you didn’t tell me.” He put his hands around your waist, but you could tell that he hadn’t forgiven you yet.

“I’m sorry, Lotor. I swear, I wanted to! I just didn’t know how- I mean, ‘Yo lotor the lady you’re tryna kill right there is my sister just so you know’?”

“I don’t know, maybe you could have started by telling me that she was helping Voltron. That much you would have known.”

There it was, the icy glare that you knew would come. You see, the thing was you had known that she was helping Voltron. You knew since before you came on the ship, since before you started dating Lotor. You just never knew how to tell him.

Like always, the cunning man had won. He had found your weakness. Your slip-up had been that you hadn’t said that you didn’t know she was affiliated with Voltron. Rather, you had said you didn’t know she was a paladin.

You looked up and made eye contact with Lotor. He smirked, once again, he had you right where he wanted you.


I was tagged by @squaddreamcourt to do my top 10 OTPs of all time, and I am about to be a huge disappointment because I know I won’t be able to come up with 10. 

I feel like I should be choosy because of the “Of All Time” thing but the thing is I didn’t discover what fandom was until like 6 years ago. (which sounds like a long time but I’m 27) and SJM is the first fandom I have really joined so I didn’t really dwell on couples for a long time. 


**Edit: I realize now how much I am exposing my nerd side. Don’t you judge me

**This is in no particular order, also, several of these ships are D E A D. 

Exhibit A

1. Rumbelle- Once Upon a Time

I am obligated to put them as number one because they got me into Fandom™. First time I read smut. Actual reason why I joined Tumblr. Problem. This show grew steadily… into an actual dumpster fire from which there is no return. (Sorry everyone who likes it still, lol where are y’all)  Also this ship evolved from Beauty and the Beast to “RUN BELLE, RUN” thanks to the actual worst TV writers ever and that’s a hard list to crack. Moffat exists. BUT this ship had… the best…. smut you guys. I can’t even. Describe. When this fandom is like “wow guys maybe tone down the sex” I just sort of… smile. This fandom is so tame and vanilla you have no idea. //end rant. (Disclaimer: everyone has a right to whatever fandom experience they would like. You do you, friends)

2. Doctor x Rose- Doctor Who

Remember when Davies wrote Who and the world was good? Remember when Moffat didn’t annihilate any and all concern for the characters by having every single episode end in a Deus Ex Machina? Remember when I wasn’t salty? I mean honestly, when even Matt Smith and my love for Eleven are not enough to save me from rolling my eyes towards the end of his season, there’s a problem. Anyways that had nothing at all to do with this ship but they were great. (you know, for the most part. Shipped them before I knew what shipping was)

3. Cullen x Inquisitor- Dragon Age: Inquisition

(can’t find a smaller pic lol I ain’t even mad)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s got a problematic history and he’s the golden boy blah blah blah. But would you look at this face? I’m not kicking him out of bed. And, me, someone who started this series by playing DAI (and was wayyyy confused let me tell you), walked up to this Loaf and flirted and he was like “ uh-uh.. I- uh.. gotta go! *cannot compute pretty girl flirting with me*” and I was like… well I’m sold. Haters gonna hate this boy is so sweet. 11/10 would romance 3 more times (She says, as she currently romances him, again) Also, quality fic. And quality nsfw art. Like 👌 👌 👌

4. Alarkling- The Grisha Trilogy

This is a prime example of a pairing that I can’t get over even though I thought the series as a whole was mehhhhhhhhh. Catch me complaining about the deus ex machina at the end here too. Their dynamic was just too much for words. And the Darkling was so effing awful while also being a painfully real examination of what immortality would actually look like. I cried a L O T when he died. Also can we talk about the startling lack of fic out there for these two?? The slow burn fic in which Mal stays dead and Alina keeps her powers like we all wanted and these two develop a fucked up, problematic, but ultimately heart wrenching and angst filled love is waiting to be written and here I am, waiting.

5. Helnik AND Kanej- Six of Crows. No, I can’t pick. And no, you can’t make me 😝

Both of these ships are just… so pure. The purest. Leigh if you think I will ever forgive you for the end of Crooked Kingdom, you are dreaming. I, admittedly, haven’t read a whole lot of fic for either of these two. But, I haven’t encountered much fic that really falls under my purview. I want to know what kanej are up to now. And what awesome things helnik is doing TOGETHER. AS A HAPPILY MARRIED COUPLE. 

6. Rowaelin AND Elorcan….and Manorian- Throne of Glass. Second verse, same as the first.

These three are tied and you can fight me. “Why don’t you just make them 6, 7, and 8, respectively?” Because fuck you, that’s why. I read the exact same proportion of fic for each and they are all my babies. No one better kill my babies. Sarah.

7. Nessian- Acotar

I mean, hello. I will say, I have been trying to dial it back a little on these two because I am worried that by the time their novel comes out that I will have read so much fic that I’ll doom myself. But it’s Cassian (AKA husband) and Nesta (AKA problematic fave), I don’t need to explain this to you.

Honorable mention: 

Mal x Inara- Firefly

“Why didn’t you put them as number 8? You clearly had room” Well the thing is, I thought of them last minute and I loved them back when but I also haven’t done a whole lot about it. Well, I think I may have read part of one fic. Really, this makes me want to go look them up on AO3 because I was really damn sad at the way that Serenity ended. Damn you, Fox.

I’m tagging @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks @paperbacktrash @rowaelinsmut @aedicn @nessiansmut @readinglikewildfire if you would like! obviously you don’t have to get as into it as I did, It’s late and I was bored lol

You know, I’m against the idea of BoruS*ra vs. BoruS*mi (because ohmygod you guys) but if I see one more post about this “shipping war” that shouldn’t even have existed in the first place, I will start shipping SaraSumi so hard you people will forever regret this.

Anemone, mutsurie fanfic

Summary: Whenever Mutsuki steps into the room Urie is able to feel him. He feels the exhausted energy, the repressed rage, the unspoken lies. He can feel the beat of his heart, the soft sighs that escape from his lips now and then, so familiar. The scent of him is different, though. That scent he associates with Mutsuki, a mix of wet leaves and clean cotton, it’s gone; he smells only blood and metal. 

Rating: ANGST (!!!) | Words: 2,829 words | Read on: AO3 | If you like it, please reblog!

*steps into the empty ship* h-hello? is anyone here who still ships mutsurie? *sobs* because i do! ahhh 🙏 i’ve been wanting to write mutsurie for a looong time now, but couldn’t find the proper time&plot, their relationship is very complex and hard to understand (especially from mutsuki’s point..) but here i am, rubbing more salt into my poor wound. This is my first mutsurie, so i want to give this to @kukiscream *heart eyes* who loves this ship a lot, you guys have no idea all the mutsurie headcanons we’ve discussed together, i love you waifu, i hope you like this lil thing 💞 and if you also liked this fic, feedback is always appreciated! :’) enjoy!! 


“Are you okay?”

Mutsuki laughs ironically, gazing up at the moon. He takes another sip, the weight of his jacket around him feeling heavier than ever. The weight of his words, too.

“Why do you ask me that?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s the first thing you ask when you see me. If I’m okay. Why?”

(Because you look like shit, because I know you’re not okay and I want to know, I need to know, there’s so much I want to know and you won’t ever—)

“Because I care,” he spits out, desperate to make him see, to make him understand.

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I was rereading an old book and found this definition of Sirius that I wanted to share with you guys:

Sirius, lo mundando hecho sagrado. Una pequeña acción se convierte en símbolo de lo colectivo

which translates to

Sirius, the mundane turned into sacred. A little action turns into a symbol of the people

Two awesome guys that we know with that star working in their lives in very similar ways: Yoongi and Namjoon. How poetic, isn’t it? That it talks about what they’ve expressed that they want to be known for in many ways - how they want their lyrics to represent their personal struggles but also in a way that will help many. And they have it conjunct their Mars, which is working as an uncontrolled malefic that is representing the goals they want to achieve and how they’ll do it. They’ll have to work hard, there will be pain, they’ll suffer from it but won’t stop until they do it - until they can fully share their supposedly simple ideas that are actually able to change lives so profoundly. Astrology, you guys. It’s magical.

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Any love for Tsubaki?

the biggest problem with this manga is exactly that I have way too much love for the bad guys tbh at least they probs won’t die by the end of it

Pirate Lavellan AU Update!

You guys are awesome! There has been an awesome show of interest in the idea and everyone wanting to input on creating this Lavellan for the story. I believe I will open up the survey perhaps tomorrow afternoon (about…maybe 15 hours from now or so?) and leave it open for a week. It’ll be hard for me to wait that long, but I wanna make sure everyone has plenty of time to participate that wants to. We will have things like name, body type, skin tone, facial structure, scars, ship names, sea rivals, and a bit more! All decisions themselves are pretty simple, so don’t be intimidated by the number of questions!

Spread the word and see y'all tomorrow!

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She's Basically All He Talks About

You were at Comic Con, just like the rest of the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming, getting ready for the panel, but there were some technical difficulties so you had to wait until they could fix whatever was happening.
You, Tom, Zendaya, Jacob, Tony, Harrison, and Laura were all goofing off and joking around with each other while you waited.
You did something stupid, which made everyone laugh and Tom hugged you and kissed your cheek while laughing.
None of you had noticed the fan that was about to walk past when Tom did so.
She stopped and shyly approached six of you and cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention. You all stopped and turned to her, smiling.
“Hi! Sorry. I don’t mean to be a bother. I was wondering if I could get a couple pictures and stuff?” She asked politely.
“Oh, sweetie you aren’t a bother at all! Of course you can!” You chirped.
She grinned and pulled out her phone as all of you got together for a couple group pictures and then individual pictures.
“Thank you so much!” She squealed excitedly after taking the last picture.
“Oh no problem!” “Don’t mention it!” “No biggie!” “Of course!” “You’re welcome!” “Anytime!” You guys told her.
“Um, could I ask a question?”
“Go for it!” Tom encouraged.
“Are you and y/n dating?” She questioned.
You blushed and smiled shyly.
“Oh…um…we-we uh…” You stumbled over your words.
“Oh yeah! We’ve been dating for about…what, two, three months now? She still gets all blushy and embarrassed when people ask. Isn’t she so cute? And she’s not just gorgeous either, she’s really talented and kind and caring and just so sweet. When I first saw her I was like, ‘Damn. She’s so beautiful.’ Like, you can ask Harrison, I said it. I didn’t mean to, but I did. She didn’t hear me though. And after getting to know her I just knew I had to at least get a date with her, because…WOW. You know? Like it’s unbelievable how truly amazing she is and…” Tom went on and on about you for about another two minutes while you stood there and blushed, and the fan just happily listened and hung onto every word.
“And this has been also every thought Tom has ever had on y/n.” Harrison interrupted Tom’s rambling, making everyone laugh.
“No, but seriously. We deal with this everyday.” Zendaya laughed, rolling her eyes playfully.
“She’s basically all he talks about.” Jacob added.
“Awe! That’s so cute! You guys are my otp! Like, I’ve been shipping you so hard you have no idea. Anyways, have a great day! I’ll see you up there!” She said happily, waving and walking away.
You and Tom were blushing like crazy.
“Did I do it again?” Tom asked.
“You did it again.” Everyone confirmed, nodding.

I hope you enjoyed this, anon!
Feedback and requests are always welcomed!
Have a spectacular day/night, lovelies!

Much love -Jai♡


You guys know that I ship Dwalin and Dis so hard. 
I have this whole story in my head and I want to share it with you guys but I think I’ll do that later. This is the moment where Dwalin comes back to Ered Luin after many years and finds Dis at the Marketplace. He doesn’t know that Dis has already married. He already met with his brother and Balin is like “I don’t think it’s such a good idea to meet with her yet, brother.” He’s about to tell him about her situation but Dwalin, too eager to see her again, goes off to meet Thorin and Dis. And just so happens to find her on his way.

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Top 3 ships?

My top 3 ships? Damn, that’s quite a difficult question. So I’ll just go with any fandom since it’s nothing specific.

1. Klance/Lance x Keith/Keith x Lance (Voltron Legendary Defender)

If one’s red and the other’s blue, it’s fucking canon end of story.

No but for real, I love these two so fucking much, even more than my ship with me and Lance. For real, I fucking ship these two so hard that I have plenty of fanfiction ideas for them. All of which are AU’s.

I just fucking love how they bicker and how there are so many possibilities for the two to actually get together. The fanfiction ideas from this fandom are all perfect.

Not only that, but they seem like the couple that would switch or have a rock paper scissors contest on who tops.

They are so fucking gay.

2. Hisogon/Hisoka X Gon (Hunter x Hunter)

Ok. This couple is fucking frowned upon but come on guys…you gotta admit that the danger and toxicity of this couple is fucking addicting.

3. Shizaya/Shizuo X Izaya (Durarara)

Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE hate ships?

(How this fuck did this get featured on the Hisogon tag!?!?! XDDDD)

Posting something non FMA related just to be different…

Here are my two favorite characters from Beyblade (the first series) I ship them so hard and before people start flamming at the height difference and other stuff, I will let you know that I do know that Kai is not that tall and Rei doesn’t usually wear his hair like that.

I have no Idea what Rei is wearing either, perhaps a mix of clothes from the three seasons *shrugs*

I did this like, back in August, but only now I am bothering to post this ^^’

Hm.. anyways, hope you guys enjoy I guess..

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can i request a drabble w/ the gang's(tm) s/o (the gang = your gang) - someone you know ;)

*squints* I THINK I know who you are! >-> Maaaaybeeee… Also… I am ASSUMING you mean ship myself (I may just be hella selfish oops) Okay, so here is the deal Y’all I had FOUR PEOPLE (you hoes ilysm) Ask for a Vaith drabble. I have NEVER written a self-insert for myself?? So I am EXTRA nervous. 

Also, I a cheater so what I am going to do it write a drabble, and a full on Vaith Fic cause that seem easier than 4 separate drabbles. This drabble is kind of a preview of sorts?? for the fic??… There is some foreshadowing so… hope you enjoy??

What the fuck, Faith. I swear to god, I am going to shave your head one of these days. I had walked into the bathroom to find a hair tie and walked into a fucking hair orgy.

Now, Faith is normally very tidy, it was one her many appeals. But, for some god damn reason she always forgets to clean up her damn hair after brushing it. Sitting in, and around the sink, is several strands of dark purple hair. They were everywhere, what the fuck. I storm out towards the living room, finding Faith sitting in front of her violin. She was still learning, which I was actually impressed with, yet she refused to play for anyone. I will never understand why.

I freeze for a moment as I watch her, she as this soft smile on her face that I don’t often see. She is usually smiling brightly or scowling whilst giving me sass. Don’t get me wrong, both her sides are wonderful to me. Yet, seeing this, tugs at something deeper and I am still trying to figure it out. I focus back in when I feel her staring back at me.

“Vandy, take a picture it lasts longer.” She says, as her eyebrows furrow. She begins to put the violin back into its case. At this moment, I remember why I came in here in the first place.

“Clean the fuck up after yourself.” I roll my eyes at the confused look she gives me.

“What the hell are you talking about?” She asks, she stands up moving towards me. “I do clean up after myself. I’m not Seven, ya know.” She places her hand on her hip, jutting it out. I have to force myself to keep my eyes on her face.

“The fucking bathroom, Faith.” I watch as her face falls. “There is hair everywhere, it’s disgusting.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.” She rubs the back of her neck, looking sheepish. My heart clenches for unknown reasons. “I’ll go clean it now, it won’t happen again.” I stand still as she leaves the room, heading towards the end of the hall.

What am I going to do with this little shit?

My new favourite thing about Episode 72:

After Matt says “that’s where we’re going to end for tonight” and everyone at the table starts screaming while Taliesin yells “BAM, MOTHERFUCKER”

then they have a few solemn moments of thanks to sponsors and Critters

then Matt does “is it Thursday yet”

then, after they all think the cameras are off, they all start screaming AGAIN and Taliesin yells “BAM MOTHERFUCKER” AGAIN.

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do you ship the boys together? i kind of get that vibe from your blog...

I am so happy they have their loving wives. But they known each other all their lives. It is hard not too “ship” two guys that spend more time together than their wives. (I have no idea how much time they spend with their wives/family and I find it funny they have to basically ban each other certain times)
They are married but not to each other. But they act like a old married couple.They say it themselves!!!! I love these dorks!

okay i’m about to liveblog the Shannara Chronicles ep. 2 of season 2. now keep in mind i have not watched s1 and therefore i have like zero idea what this show is about i’m literally watching this for Malese Jow who is like A FAVEST 

and also cause her character and Austin Butler’s character have like crazy insane chemistry and i fell for their ship dynamic hard. a smooth 24 hours ago. 

so like i thought it’d be fun for you guys to watch me muddle through this show for my faves and faces 

okay let’s ride