i ship this so hard it's unreal


Continuing my attempt at doing some ink art and thus no ability to erase… Lillie turned out great! Kaetlyn less so… Oh well. Thanks to @dc9spot for letting me use their adult Lillie design! I adore it! I hope you won’t mind if I use it again~

You know what people really need to stop doing? Being against a particular ship and ranting about this opinion and then TAGGING THE MOTHERFUCKING SHIP THEY DON’T SHIP!!! I’m not saying you’re not allowed to not ship something and have the opinion its not real, but when i’m scrolling through my OTP’s hash tag, the last thing i want to come across is a post saying how unreal it is and saying why it couldn’t be possible! Geez, is it so hard to do!?

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I've waited so long!!! I haven't stopped looking at those gifs, my lawd... I really don't know why some people are so against this like you have to be blind to not see those small gestures and glares between these two. Racism at it's finest... Smh

Same! I’ve watched that scene an embarrassing number of times by now, tbh. It still feels kind of unreal that we’ve finally made it after waiting for so long. As for the racists…it’s sad but I’m just going to keep doing my best to ignore them. The buildup for richonne has been obvious since season three and I have a hard time believing that if Michonne were a white woman that the detractors would have any problem with the ship. Most likely they would be shipping it themselves. Richonne came out of nowhere to these people simply because they refused to see what was right in front of them. That part of the walking dead fandom may be loud but they don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Gimple handled this relationship with such care and he made it clear that it’s here to stay. The antis can keep talking but really that’s all that they can do :)