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gif request meme [fvckinggallaghers requested] star wars + favorite platonic relationship(s)

↳ “Chewie, this won’t help me. Hey! Save your strength. There’ll be another time. The princess, you have to take care of her.”

Yuri Pliesetsky is a closet Victuuri shipper - Proof

OK, aside from the obvious teenager-ashamed-of-his-parents thing, I think there is quite solid evidence that Yuri P ships Victuuri hard. This whole meta will end in the glorious scene below in Ep 11, so bear with me, bear with me.

I’ve always thought this scene is a bit odd. Slightly unnecessary, rude and extra, even for Yuri P. What is the point of doing this at all? Why not intimidate Victor and Yuuri at the same time instead, when Victor’s only sitting one seat away? Why frighten poor Sara instead? What is he trying to say?

Muahaha…..What else can be it other than the fact that he is a hardcore Victuuri shipper and wants to prevent anyone else from getting to Yuuri K?


It all begins with Sara Crispino’s mini and quite obvious crush on Yuuri K. Not sure how deep this crush runs, but you see her trying to get Yuuri’s attention repeatedly. Also, note her constant presence around Yuuri during the banquet (ep. 10). –> This is not Sara!

So, let’s just safely assume that Sara’s interest in Yuuri K is  obvious and people kinda know about it. Including a short, angry Russian. 

Now, in ep 11, after Yuuri K has finished his short program and Yuri P just broke the world record. 

When Yuuri sits next to Sara, see how she blushes slightly: 

Then, when even Chris scores higher than Yuuri K and he seems a bit upset, Sara notices this too and is about to say something (perfect time to comfort him?).

BUT is rudely interrupted by a certain somebody.

None other than the self-appointed guardian of Victuuri, of course.

Who sticks his feet between them to prevent any more conversations. Very specifically between Yuuri and Sara.

And his feet stay there throughout Otabek’s and JJ’s performance….

We could argue that it’s because Yuri P has a major major crush on Yuuri, and he probably did (keep 33 photos on your phone of half naked Yuuri for a year, why don’t you?!). But I think at this point he just seems very protective over Victor and Yuuri. And mostly Victuuri. 
Knowing Sara’s obvious interest and Yuuri’s slightly ambiguous preferences, he might be playing it safe. He will do whatever it takes.

Go, guardian Yurio. -_-
May you keep this ship alive forever.

EDITS: A big thank you to everyone who noticed that the dark-haired girl in a blue dress is NOT Sara. My brain immediately equated anyone near Mila as Sara. 

And sorry for calling her Sala……the way they pronounce it in the anime and the way it’s written in the subtitle is just permanently stuck in my head…………….but i know it makes no sense……

Djwen Headcanons

(I’ll fill up this whole tag myself, damn it)

  • Gwen and Duncan drag their respective partners to one of those annual amusement park Fright Fests. DJ is terrified, but tags along anyways - and ends up spending a good majority of the time clinging to Gwen. None of the character actors approach him - he’s a big dude, and they’d rather not risk getting socked in the face - but there is something amusing about seeing the huge hulking figure cowering behind the petite, dark-haired chick. DJ only dares to venture into one of the haunted mazes, and by the end of that he’s wide-eyed, tight-lipped, and shaking. Gwen, feeling bad about that particular incident, offers to take him home - he doesn’t have to stay - but he insists that he wants to, that he’s having a great time (this latter which is delivered with a tight, too-wide grin). They inevitably end up waiting outside of the park for Duncan and his partner. DJ glumly tries to apologize, but Gwen shuts him up with a kiss. “You might be a little bit of a wuss,” She admits with a fond grin. “But I don’t care.”
  • DJ cooks for her all of the time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, whatever. She has tried, time and time again, to tell him that she’s fine, that he doesn’t have to do that, but he does anyways. She resigns to his stubborn insistence with an audible sigh, but secretly she enjoys watching him work - plus the food is delicious. Often they’ll spend mornings sitting on the porch of DJ’s mother’s house, plates of food in their laps, glasses of some kind of juice on the small, rickety little table between them, sitting in comfortable silence and exchanging occasional glances.
  • For no particular reason, Gwen enjoys listening to French music. Her favorite artist is Louane. DJ doesn’t understand it, but he likes that she likes it. So they’ll sit together, her feet propped in his lap, while she sketches or writes in her diary and he reads a book or pets Bunny, with French music playing in the background. More often than not, DJ ends up falling asleep, head cocked back, mouth slack and gaping. And good God his snores are monstrous and nearly drown out the music, but Gwen only grins, shakes her head, and continues writing/sketching (on occasion she’ll nudge him with her foot and he’ll jerk awake with a snort and a blink of his bleary eyes and she’ll tell him about the demon that was trying to crawl out of him in the form of his snoring).
  • The drastic size difference makes things a little weird. Gwen gets annoyed when DJ props his elbow on her head or holds something out of her reach or moves something on top of the fridge - just for the sake of being obnoxious. “And people call you nice,” She mutters, ignoring his cheeky and innocent grin as she tries to fetch whatever he stowed away out of her grasp. She refuses his offers to help (”You did this to me, why should I trust you???”) - always. When they kiss, he either has to pull some kind of yoga pose to reach her, or she’ll hop on the nearest available surface and yank him to her. 
  • Despite his occasionally annoying tendencies, DJ makes for a wonderful boyfriend. Apart from her mom, he’s her biggest supporter - whenever she (tentatively) shows him some of her art, he immediately wants a copy of it - and she was beyond touched when she went into his room and saw a section of his wall dedicated to the pieces she had given him. When she is frustrated or aggravated or just simply tired, he says nothing and opens his arms and she drowns herself in them. 
  • Surprisingly, he’s not the biggest fan of PDA. He does like holding her hand when they’re out together, though, and he’s not afraid to plant a random kiss on her cheek, but he knows how she feels about it, can relate, and respects the boundaries she has. 
  • When accosted in public by the whole Gwen-Duncan-Courtney debacle, DJ rolls with it amazingly. “That’s their business,” He says with a shrug. Gwen does talk to him about it, a lot, often late at night when she’s sleep-deprived, and more prone to wild bouts of emotion, but he doesn’t care one bit. He hates seeing her relive all of that and will offer what comfort he can (often in the form of bear hugs or kisses to her forehead/temple or what advice he can murmur into the top of her head while she leans against his chest). 

Can you pinpoint the exact moment you first fell in love? [insp]

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I'm sure Dean/Chuck parallels have been drawn already w/ the pieces of exploded Cas/siren clinging to them stuff (&we all know Cas is Dean's siren ;) ), but I wanted to point out how big of an asshole Chuck was in that moment bc it hit me looking at gifs that, horrible & funny in a terrible way as that moment was, what I can't forgive is Chuck being like ''I dunno, I guess" or smth similar when asked if Cas is dead, I BET he was still undecided whether or not he was gonna bring him back, BOO!!

God, yeah. (probably the wrong turn of phrase when I’m side-eyeing God the character :P)

It’s always interested me that Cas has no timeline for his resurrection there. He seems to know that Sam and Dean are alive and how that happened but then he might have just been brought back and been fighting angels ever since, trying to get to them sooner - not like he booped into existence moments before he starts fucking shit up on screen (although tbh what a resurrection if his first moment IS him just showing up and stabbing someone :P) 

But no… Knowing Chuck IS God for definites, it seems in the fandom to be a sort of consensus that he decides Cas is worth resurrecting after 4x22… but what if he was going to let that be a big heroic sacrifice and everything continues on its merry (tragic) way, but then Dean doesn’t do what he expects - he grabs a car, and immediately drives miles in the wrong direction BACK to Chuck’s house to see what happened to Cas as a first priority, and then is visibly devastated when all that happens. Like, he doesn’t care if Chuck is alive or not and since Chuck’s protected by Raphael Dean would have no reason to think he wouldn’t be - that was all back tracking to see if Cas was okay, and he doesn’t even ask Chuck for any advice/prophecy/whatever, so Chuck has to go send Becky after them when they don’t even use him for plot purposes. And then there’s “learned that from my friend Cas” to Zach…

Maybe Chuck realises there that they’re A: really going to be in with a shot at resisting his story (I think 4x18 was a test too because it’s like a microcosm of season 5 and they win, so he’s already sort of seeing if they’re up to it) but B: they’re going to need Cas. Or, Dean is. He saw in 4x22 (and 4x18) that Cas could use free will and would pick humanity… I guess in 5x01 he sees Dean genuinely cares and learns from Cas… And he changes his own story just a little to see what else they can do together. 

I mean he kinda sucks as God but he does ship it hard :P 

“Of course it looks like a cat. Look.” She nudges at your knee and before you can think better of it, you move aside on the couch to make room for her.

- this fic, by spockandawe


New short comic based on the first scene between Wonder Woman and Superman in the Justice League: War animated movie, but in my version Wondy meets Supergirl instead :P <3.

Time is a ribbon with many folds. 
Formed from our past together 
and our future yet to come.

non!idol au where all jimin and hoseok want is a date to themselves, if only their friends could understand that

for @dibidibidismynameisjhope hope you enjoy <3