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I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.


“He asked me right after he’d pulled me out of the lake,” Hermione muttered. […] He sort of pulled me away from the judges so they wouldn’t hear, and he said, if I wasn’t doing anything over the summer, would I like to -“
“And what did you say?” said Ron, who had picked up his pestle and was grinding “And he did say he’d never felt the same way about anyone else,” Hermione went on, going so red now that Harry could almost feel the heat coming from her.

My mom: oh my daughter just loves to read, she’s read more books than anyone I know

Me internally: all I read is gay fanfiction

Me out loud: oh yeah I love reading

We talk about how much Mike must miss Eleven but we never talk about how much Nancy must miss Barb. Barb whose been Nancys best friend since elementary school and who Nancy has probably spent every Friday night with since she can remember. Barb who Nancy planned on going to college with and who exchanged secrets with her about their worries for the future. Barb who Nancy probably blames herself for her disappearance every single day. Nancy must miss Barb so much it hurts

yoonjin: snarky and comfortable. literally roast each other entirely too much but always have each others back. taking care of each other in small quiet ways. jin complimenting yoongi all the time cause the flush on his cheeks is adorable. yoongi feels the need to declare that they’re boyfriends every 3 seconds. “hyung-ie”

yoonseok: cheesy soulmates. the whole world disappears when they see each other. /my boyfriend is my number 1 hype-man/ hoseoks arm around yoongi’s waist, fingers slipping under the hem of his shirt and feeling soft skin. yoongi giggling with a small blush on his face when hoseok shows off his dancing. everyone who is mean to hobi will get shanked. lots of hugs and forehead-kisses. “seok-ah”. 

sugamon: forever best friends™. in-depth discussions about lupe vs lamar while yoongi sits on namjoons lap. sitting in the studio late at night, drinking coffee, writing lyrics and holding hands. yoongi listening to namjoons rambling about their destiny and place in the universe with a fond smile. the size difference makes something in namjoons stomach clench. “joon-ah’’

yoonmin: soft and cute. full cheeks smashed against each other and sweet, short pecks. giving each other flowers or candy without any reason for it. Jimin whispering into yoongi’s neck and saying he is perfect and smells good. yoongi blushing when he looks at jimins full pink mouth or jimin running his fingers through his hair  “jiminie”

taegi: fun and supportive. silly jokes and conversations at 3 am. taehyung playing with min holly and yoongi taking a hundred pictures of holly licking taehyung’s face. yoongi wearing taehyungs shirts without pants cause he enjoys taehyungs hungry stares at his thighs. taehyungs golden skin is beautiful to yoongi and he loves holding hands and admiring the contrast. “taehyungie”

sugakookie: teasing and playful. making breakfast together and burning pancakes cause they’re too busy kissing. back hugging and hand holding. they have at least 15 inside jokes. jungkook pushing close to yoongi and yoongi reaching for a kiss until jungkook pulls away with a smirk. yoongi telling jungkook how good he is and jungkook flushing and silently playing with yoongi’s fingers “jungkookie”

@majamy03 OKAY (spoiler warning???)

FIRST OF ALL, the Joker was written in a way that made him so obviously a gay character, at least if you ask me, and the hero/villain relationship between Batman and the Joker was treated like they were a couple

The entire plot happens because it’s all Joker trying to make Batman acknowledge their relationship and admit there’s something special between them

Literally all of Joker’s motivation to do what he does is to make Batman think of him the same way he thinks of him

He literally “breaks up” with Batman at one part because Batman wouldn’t say “I hate you too” when Joker said “I hate you, now, you say it”.

Istg Batman made him cry like, 3 times because he kept rejecting him

Theres a really gay, sunset scene with them at the end too tho where Batman finally admits he feels the same way. As this sun is setting dramatically they have this entire “I hate you” “I hate you more” “I hate you most” “I hate you forever~” thing.
(Since its a hero/villain dynamic they say I hate you instead of I love you but it’s still said in this stupid, loving tone that murders my soul)

just good golly man.

Batman lovingly tapping Joker’s chin and saying something like “I’ll see you around” almost killed me?

Also Robin, before he knew Bruce Wayne and Batman were the same person, thought he had TWO dad’s and was super excited about it which was precious as hell