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Fuck, what happened?

I finished the first season of House of Lies and was all sad about April leaving when I suddenly had the thought…

“When has the main character of a show ever ended up with the side character they dated in the first season…. never!”

I went through every show on my watchlist (155) and only found ONE couple, wayhaught, but since its only had two seasons its too soon to tell if even they break the mold. Plus, even though Nicole is just a recurring character they’ve made her part of the main plot so its hard to even consider her a side character at this point. There was also another ship but I think the only reason they lasted till the end was because the actors where dating irl

So basically my feeling is that unless Nikohl is made a series regular in season 2, we better buckle up for some kadena heartbreak… :(


Happy anniversary to my favoritest couple on the face of this earth <3

(WEDDING PHOTOS ARE BY JENNY HAAS PHOTOGRAPHY. The rest of the photos are from Tyler and Jenna’s Instagrams. [[@ jennaajoseph + @ tylerrjoseph ]])

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“Does he lay eggs?”

Victor’s boot snagged on the wooden deck. Stumbling, he whipped around to look at the powder monkey that addressed him. Young, short, blond and fiesty. Picked off a ship of the British navy. Had the makings of a good master gunner, despite the semi-permanent scowl on his face.

“Does he–”

“Lay eggs. He’s a bird. Birds lay eggs.”

“Does he look like a bird?” Victor laughed good-naturedly.

“No, sir.”

“That’s because he isn’t a bird. He does not lay eggs. Understood?”

“If you say so.” The boy looked unconvinced. “He isn’t human either, captain.”

Suddenly, Victor was not so sure himself.

“Chris, do sirens lay eggs?”

The ship’s cook arched an eyebrow. “Are we expecting baby birds? Because that will make for extra mouths to feed, I’ll need to recalculate the rations.”

Victor’s eyes went wide.

“I’m joking. You have nothing to worry about, the males don’t…” Chris paused in consideration. “…As far as I know.”

Victor sat, straight-backed, on the edge of the bed. Behind him, Yuuri forwent a comb, threading his fingers through long silver strands. He dipped down, brushing his lips over Victor’s shoulders as he braided loosely so as not to let them tangle over the course of the night. Every evening, Yuuri waited excitedly to play with and care for Victor’s hair and he was never denied.

“Yuuri, I have a question for you. It’s a little strange, is that fine?”

The answer was another kiss pressed between his shoulder blades as Yuuri continued to fondly braid.

“Do you lay eggs?”

Yuuri’s fingers stilled and after a moment, Victor felt him tremble. He glanced back, seeing Yuuri’s shoulders shake as he laughed silently, his dark eyes sparkling in amused delight.

“Excuse me, you’re the first siren I’ve met. There’s still a lot I don’t know! I’ve heard that sirens sink every ship they meet, yet we’re still sailing.”

Yuuri tugged playfully on Victor’s half-finished braid and gestured for him to turn back, so that he could finish the task at hand. Victor swore that Yuuri was a little rougher and needier than usual that night in their bed.

“You’ll owe me.”

Yuuri tilted his head to the side in inquisition.

“I want a cat for the ship. It’ll keep mice out of the ship’s food stores. Victor keeps promising and forgetting. Make him get me one the next time we dock.”

With a smile and a nod, Yuuri held out his hands. Chris gave him three eggs.

In the morning, Victor awoke and pressed a kiss to a sleeping Yuuri’s forehead. The siren was nestled against him, hands bunched into fists against Victor’s chest. Behind him was dark. It took a moment to process that it was because Yuuri’s wings were out. They were folded against his back, black feather tips reaching down to his ankles. Victor had never seen Yuuri sleep with his wings on display before.

Victor rolled and heard the crack before he felt it. Shells, shattered. In horror, he looked down. From beneath his hip, thick yellow liquid leaked out onto the bedsheets. Victor lifted up and saw the eggs, smashed under his careless weight.

Leaping up, the choked noise he made wasn’t human. He tried to scoop shards of shell and yolk into his hands, dismayed to see it had already begun to seep into the mattress.

Yuuri stirred, lashes fluttering. His dark eyes took in Victor’s panicked expression and he glanced down.

“Yuuri, it’s okay, I can fix it! I didn’t see them, I didn’t realize. Oh, of course, this is like your nest, isn’t it. I didn’t know, I’m so sorry!” Victor cried, desperate. “They-… they weren’t fertilized, Yuuri! We can make more! Just tell me what to do, if you need me to keep them warm or sit on them, gently I mean, I can do it. Whatever you need!”

Yuuri laughed so hard he fell off the bed. A couple feathers poofed up into the air.

Victor did not get the joke, yolk dripping from between his fingers.

Victor sulked at the helm of the ship. A white persian slinked by, wrapping its comically fluffy tail around his leg as it went.

finally this monster is finished. i spent several days just trying to get the line art finished not because it was hard, but i was just being so painfully sluggish. and it took another couple days and lots of flopping between my old and decrepit version of photoshop, and then sai, to get the lighting tweaks correct.

there’s still some stuff i’m not perfectly satisfied with, but given that i NEVER do environments or mood lighting, i’m happy. so please enjoy this contribution of mine to the ship of our hearts TTwTT9


anyone else like the ‘mutual pining ship have to pretend to be a couple’ trope bc I sure do

idk maybe I’ll try to write an actual comic to go with this one day after all the others I still have to do

To my Earp fam

Hey fam (that’s the correct term, yes?)
Can I ask a favor?
Please tread lightly when posting about Kat and Dom being “hot for each other” or “wanting each other so bad” because they are touchy-feely in their interviews.

I’ve been a lesbian for 27 years now and I’ve experienced 27 years of having my friendships sexualized because of my sexuality… every touch to one of my friends somehow equates to me “wanting them” or generally being attracted to them.

It makes me not want to touch anyone… can’t I love and be loved and touch and be touched without it being sexual?

We fight so hard to make sure our ships aren’t tagged as “gal pals” but we often forget to hold back on branding every relationship as sexual.

If we project our fantasies of a sexual relationship between Kat and Dom, you may find them interviewing with each other less and less… taking cute pictures with each other less and less….

Waverly and Nicole are our top shelf, haught-ass, end game couple… Kat and Dom are our ally friends who have their own thing going.

Just a word of advice from your friendly neighborhood gay, thanks for reading lovelies ❤️


It bothers me that LGBT+ characters rarely appear in media especially kids media but Rick Riordan tries so hard to incorporate LGBT+ characters like Will Nico Alex Magnus Lester + (others in new book I’ve heard) but homophobic\transphobic\lgbtphobic fans can’t just leave well enough alone like you’ve got a million straight characters and couples (percyabeth frazel caleo jiper juniper/Grover tyson/Ella Silena\charles Clarisse\Chris) why can’t you just leave Will and Nico alone I’m mildly pissed off at the amount of people that rather ship Nico\anyone female rather than him and his boyfriend I once heard someone insist that Nico was only dating Will to cover up his feelings for Lou Ellen like seriously can you just not!?