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  • Kylo: So there was that giant fat slug guy on Jakku who made you pick garbage for rations
  • Rey: What's that got to do with anything? Don't try and tell me HE's my parents.
  • Kylo: If you ruled the galaxy with me we could totally murder him
  • Kylo: I'm just sayin'

these two are good together 

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Reylo is likely going to be canon and Finnpoe will never happen, ahah. We won ! How do you feel ?

What ? You mean we live in a world where producers are more likely to make a romantic relationship happen between straight white characters than two men of color ???! Can’t believe it.

(my fav finnrey moment / the reason why i think finnrey is endgame)

at the beginning of tlj, finn’s first word was “rey” and then he asked poe where she was and everything after that was about her. in the middle, she asked chewie to keep reaching out to find out how finn was. and at the end of tlj, he stands beside poe (another possible suitor), with rose behind him (comatose basically but we’ll disregard that) and the rocks clear and there’s light.

there’s a ray of light, rey, and all he sees is her.


I’m home

I took all the things, i needed to made the food for my husbands.
It has already pass 5 years since we finished A.U. and became official heroes.
But honeslty since the big battle happen when i fought with All for One, i haven’t seen a lot of villians now in days, there are some but i’m not going to lie they are not big deal.
So i just kind of live a normal life with my family.
-it will be 20 yens- the women behind the counter say. i just nod and took the money to pay her - thank you for saving us- she whisper and i almost didn’t catch it. i looked at her, she had a big smile in her face, and then i looked she put a hand in his belly- we own you a lot- I could help but smile.
- no need to thanks me- i took the bags in my hands- this is what i do- i say smiling getting out of the market.

-“I’m home!!”- i scream expecting to hear a lot of noises in respond. i carefully took my shoes of and put my All Might slippers on.
This was strange, it is impossible to this house to be quiet for more than 10 seconds and here it was quiet. “Something is wrong”. I walked to the living room panicking a little bit, i was going to shout out My husbands and daughter´s names but then i hear a little snore.
I looked where the snores where coming from and for a moment i feel my heart jump.
Both of my husbands where snuggling into each other sleeping with our little baby girl in there arms.
I almost pass out for so much cuteness.
“I need to take a picture.”


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One last question I swear! you don't have to answer. You seem to like Shin/Ran, What do you think of the couple anyway. I mean what it's appealing about it, what does it need,etc. what do you of Gosho's romances overall?! the only thing I shipped was Co//Ai. I can't seem to ship anything else.

I can’t hope that 500+ odd words would help me convey to you that Ran and Shinichi have a great bond that simply escapes any adjective or definition. No matter how predestined their romance comes across or how they only befit the gosho-esque childhood sweethearts tandem, they are a practical and real couple (for me at least). 

I have seen two arguments been thrown around a lot to convince others that as compared to Heiji and Shiho, Ran is not “matched” enough for Shinichi, as his partner:

Ran’s presence is not that stimulating or thought provoking for Shinichi. 

It is logical to think that Shinichi would or could have a deeper bond with Heiji and Shiho because they think at the same level. However, they only create a surrounding for Shinichi that is familiar (mystery and deduction laden). This is not stimulating or thought-provoking for Shin, it’s familiar and repetitive. Yes, he seems to enjoy himself while fine tuning his capabilities but that’s about it.

When he is with Ran, however little time that is, it is a completely different story. It’s unfamiliar and novel for him. He has difficulty in discerning and understanding what Ran is thinking. Interestingly, Shinichi is able to predict accurately what Heiji and Shiho would do or think, but his almighty deductive reasonings fail when it comes to Ran. The fact that he goes on to say, “Even if I were Holmes it is impossible to solve! The heart of the girl whom one likes… How can one accurately deduces that!”, proves that the moments he shares with Ran are substantial and thought-provoking, in the truest sense.

Relationships of any kind are about dynamism not similarity. Differences in opinion and ways of seeing the world, are what adds to the relationship Ran and Shinichi embody. And, this appeals to me in spades. This makes it real.

Ran doesn’t know or interacts with Shin, infrequently.

This argument is flimsy as fuck. Really? The fact that Shiho and Heiji interact with Shinichi, with the pretext of knowing that Shinichi is Conan, doesn’t make Ran any less important. 

Even though, it’s a plot device that keeps Ran “formally” away from the underlying BO narrative, she is already involved. Even if she weren’t involved, she would still be important. Her intuitive capabilities are matched and at times even better (albeit ever so slightly) than Shin (from tailing Jodie’s movements to understanding that Vermouth disguised as Azusa is not Azusa based on one single word “angel”). 

She is Shinichi’s literary counterpart, who goes out of the way to save and help people she barely knows, she manages her house and finances, takes care of her father and a freeloader, captains the school karate team, and has unprecedented knowledge about history and literature. All at the age of 17. I doubt any of the more aged, important, and involved characters would be able to do half of what Ran does.

You know what, across all the different multi-verse Batman narratives mostly Alfred Pennyworth knows about Batman’s true identity, does this make the other characters who don’t know the same, any less important to the plot? Obviously not. They all have a role to play, just like Ran does.

This is why I feel that their bond is “matched”, and endearing. Besides, if anyone can name any other girl or guy who can wait for Shinichi, as un-begrudgingly, as Ran does. I will stand back.

Wow can you believe ALL Voltron ships deserve respect???