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Part one of my Victuuri comic is finally done!

No real romance in this one, there’ll be more in the upcoming parts!

I hope you enjoy it until here, all the pictures you see are based on actual parts from the show, as you can probably see, the next parts will be more free style.

Other characters will make appearances later on. 


read from right to left.

Under The Covers (Otayuri Fansong)
Miss Mindy
Under The Covers (Otayuri Fansong)

So I was asked to do a fluffy Otayuri song earlier this month and this Otayrui aesthetic by @mylittlesecretshelter done for Domestic day 4 for Otayuri week, inspired to write a fluffly, domestic song about them. Credits goes to @mylittlesecretshelter for the inspiration and the photos and the song credit is recorded, written and produced by me. Song beat itselt is by  Transcendent Beats

Have any ship or character song requests? hit the ask box yo :)


They’re there with them and today they shall be awakened

Art by my friend Straw

This is still his old stuff from before…I’ll be out tomorrow too, gonna just leave this at the front of the Window

(Possession-ish AU by the way; does it count as “possession” when both minds exist in the same body…like isn’t “possession” more “completely taking over”?)