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Headcanons for Uf!sans with an s/o that gets flustered easily?

Oh-ho-ho, this is going to be fun. 

  • * Teasing. ALL THE TIME.
  • *As soon as he figured out you flustered easily, well, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.
  • *Lots of sexual innuendos. He likes the shade of red your face turns when you realize the implication of whatever he was suggesting. It’s adorable.
  • *He’ll sling his arm ever-so-casually around your shoulders, and watch with a half lidded grin as you sputter.
  • *He enjoys mumbling dirty humor into your ear in public the best, because your reaction is always the most noticeable. He’s been shoved away smirking by you quite a few times, while you quietly hiss we’re in public!
  • *Of course, Sans doesn’t care if you’re in public or not, and proceeds to make an offhanded remark about the phallic quality of someone’s earrings. You smack him.
  • * He knows not to take it too far, however. If you’re obviously uncomfortable, he’ll back off right away. He knows not to push you.
  • *But if you just so happen to walk in on him without a shirt- well, he’s never going to get over the face you’d made. No, he isn’t ever going to let it go.
  • *For someone who’s easily flustered, however, you sure as hell know how to make him hot and bothered.
  • *He’s fairly sure you don’t even know what you’re doing. But you’ll bite your lip in concentration or adjust your shorts so he can just snatch a little clip of skin under your clothes, and his gaze will grow a little heavy.
  • Let’s not even mention the popsicle incident.
  • He think’s he’s converting you, a little, because you don’t react as dramatically to his teasing anymore. Hell, you’d even made a sex joke the other day, and that had… Well, he wasn’t sure how he felt about that.
  • You’re the cutest thing in the world, to him. Complementing you never fails to make you blush, too, and he resolves to do it more often.
  • To him, the only thing better then you flustered is when you’re happy.


Dialogue Prompts

1. “I am a terrible aunt/uncle and I know it.”

2. “Look, I promised myself I will wear a black dress at my wedding and let me tell you, that’s not a promise I’m willing to break.”

3. “What a great day to hate humanity!”

4. “Believe me when I say that I just want it to be over.”

5. “I’m tired of fighting for this.”

6. “My hear is broken and if you don’t stop talking, so will be your nose.”

7. “Just hug me, nothing more than a hug”

8. “You need to understand that sex is not 100% required in a relationship”

9. “I won’t die for you, I won’t live for you. I’ll live for myself, as I was born whole. I’ll just love you.”

10. “You weren’t born to find a special person, that’s just a choice.”

11. “How can lovers go to enemies that fast?”

12. “I walked in on them so many times, I sometimes have nightmares”

13. “Cry me a river, see if I care.”

14. “I love the sparkles I feel when I’m around them.”

15. “My emo phase started ten years ago and I’m not sure if it’s a phase anymore.”

16. “We’re lovely, aren’t we?”

17. “You can’t play a Panic! at the Disco song and expect me not to sing along.”

18. “Oh look, the back tabbing bitch of the year decided to honor us with their presence.”

19. “Shut up and let me do my thing.”

20. “I really expected this to last longer.”

21. “Happens to the best of us.”

22. “What the fuck did you just said about my friends?”

23. “Apologize? For what am I supposed to apologize when I’m only stating the truth.”

24. “I’m sassy, classy and very bitchy in my native language but English? Um… I’ll pass.”

25. “How pathetic of you.”

26. “This is not the time for you to get poetic, say your speech and let’s go.”

27. “Funerals are fun, especially because they give you food so you can’t really say no to that.”

28. “Go and write some lgbtq+ fiction, make your family proud.”

29. “Look at those clouds, look how pretty they are!”

30. “I broke the “how desperate can a human being get” record and I’m kinda proud.”

People be saying in the bakudeku tags “I dont ship bakudeku” “I dont like bakudeku” “blah blah blah”

….Like? no one asked…???

You dont see me bashing your ships in your tags? Maybe because I respect other people’s feelings way more then hating on something people like????

@alikouweek day one: sweet/friendship

Title: you can thank your stars all you want but I’ll always be the lucky one
Characters/Pairings: Ren Kougyoku/Alibaba Saluja, Aladdin, Judal
(This is a one-shot collection for my Alikou Week contributions, so other characters might appear on later stories.)

It was rare for one of Judal’s pranks to result in good things.

Fine. Judal’s pranks never, in written/remembered/reported history, resulted in good things.

Until Kougyoku met her (new, not-prank-pulling, sweet, considerate, too-good-to-be-true, and very much not-Judal) friend because of it.

Read the rest on Ao3.


I know I’m late but I don’t care~ I missed Alikou Week last year so I thought I’d challenge myself this year and try to do both prompts each day. Also I might do either fanfic or fanart through the week.

  • you: what's the world's worst betrayal
  • me, on the outside: i don't know, cheating maybe
  • me, on the inside: when i open a fic whose summary was in third person but the story is actually in first


Here we have Dean and Cas being open about their feelings. Cas has been away, and Dean’s been worried. Cas comes back, and Dean lashes out at him.

For most of their relationship, they never talk about it. Dean just assumes that Cas just wants to get away from him because he thinks Cas has more important things to do than spend time with him. Cas, on the other hand, always thinks that the only way he can be acceptable to Dean is if he isn’t a burden, if he delivers what is required of him, and if he functions properly as a savior and protector. Neither of them know the truth. Dean doesn’t know that Cas would want nothing more than to stay with him, that the reason why Cas is away all the time is so he could keep him safe. Cas doesn’t know that Dean just wants him to stay and keep him company, to fight alongside him, and to always be within reach because he worries about him all the time. They care about each other so much, but they’ve always iced each other out when push came to shove because they’ve always had trouble communicating it properly–until now.

Dean gave Cas a mixtape of his Top 13 Zepp traxx–Dean’s extended an olive branch to Cas to let him know that he matters so much to him that he wants him to share his taste in music and know the words to his favorite songs–that maybe they don’t always say the right things to each other, but maybe the gesture would show him how much he means to him.

And here we see Cas returning the mixtape Dean gave him after spending a significant time apart. He uses this as an olive branch to get Dean to talk to him–to let him know that he listened to it while he was away because he cares about him–that maybe this gesture would be capable of bridging the distance between them. But Dean gives it back to Cas and reinforces that the tape is his because he gifted it to him, and Cas takes it back. They tell each other everything.

Dean tells Cas that he’s angry because he’s worried, and Cas tells Dean that all he wants to do is redeem himself to Dean. They’re communicating their feelings. They know each other more wholly. They understand each other.

And it’s really amazing to see how far they’ve come now that they’ve both realized that they’re so much better when they’re together.

If Voltron Were a Romance Movie || VLD Recut Trailer Preview 

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this is still a rough WIP btw