i ship these two so hard

asparkofhope asked:

So. *coughcough* What do you think about NicAlex?

They are my OTP… Part of the OT3…

I love them, they seems to understand each other. Both had a difficult past and I want them to be happy… If not romantically, just platonic. I don’t care, I just want them together, supporting each other emotionally and physically because we have seen how Nic calmed Alex and how Alex calmed Nic…

But I do ship WorickAlex, too

I ship the three together and I want them together and forever, living happily and with a well deserved break. Seriously.

What do YOU think about NicAlex? Do you ship Alex with Worick too? Do you like the OT3?


i spent a long as heck time trying to find my old bh6 wallpaper but apparently the person who posted ‘em deleted them :(

but two of my ships are now gracing my brand spankin’ new iphone 6 so it’s hard for me to be sad