i ship these two like burning

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aodbwijeidje i actually feel like they wouldn’t bother trying to rule the world they are content with each other and just want to be left alone ajdbsjdh the world could be burning and they’re inside cuddling and kissing like

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what would you think of carlisle/caius as a ship?

Hate sex is definitely a thing, but there’s a level of loathing too virulent for hate-sex. 

And that’s exactly the amount of disdain Carlisle and Caius have towards each other, in my opinion. They have very similar drives– Carlisle’s profession was identical to Caius’ when he was human, right down to the “burning wrongdoers” aspect– and similar flaws. They’re incredibly defined by their convictions. In short, looking at one another is like seeing one’s reflection in a fun-house mirror, all distorted and generally terrible. 

I guess I’d need a lot of character-building to really see Carlisle and Caius as a viable ship, instead of “two people hissing accusations at each other and sulking”? But I’m open to persuasion.

Klance: latest interview with showrunners

video here 

 Positive analysis below! Please please please give it a read!!

Interviewer: *giggling a little* There seem to be shippers out there that wanna ship uh, Lance and Keith together. *Lauren giggles a little* So, uh are there going to be any hints of that at all, like okay they’re friends or they’re starting to become friends? 

Lauren: I think we have just a very natural arc in mind for those two, which is they start out very much at odds but then they grow to kinda respect each other. And if that leans into people being like ‘they’re spending time together’ then that’s a thing but we’re not trying to bait anyone.

Joaquim: Everyone can have their ship

Lauren: Yeah! Everyone’s allowed, and we’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything, we’re just trying to do what’s right for the story

Interviewer: Okay, okay, that’s fair

*they all laugh*

Joaquim: We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.

Interviewer: Well that’s good, you wanna tell your story 

Lauren: We’re working in animation our schedule is so far advanced that even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and change the story and be like: ‘Now they’re in love!’ 

Joaquim: We’re already years past that story line


The laughter. Both the interviewer and Lauren are giggling at the start, and whilst the interviewer seems almost to be mocking klance, Lauren just seems kinda awkward, it’s almost as if Lauren is joining in because the interviewer is doing it. Now obviously, I’m not either of those people so I can’t say for sure, but to me it does not seem like Lauren is mocking klance. 

‘Natural arc’ to me seems like a good thing! It shows us that Keith and Lance develop in maturity and respect for each other in a way that is genuine and not at all forced! Gimme that slow burn goodness!!

Lauren seems totally cool with people shipping Klance and even tells us that Keith and Lance will be ‘spending time together’!! That is 100% a good thing!!

For me the most important part of this interview was when they both said that they aren’t trying to ‘bait’ anyone. I think this could mean either two things:

1) They have seen the backlash online when the media queer baits, see ships like Destiel for more info, and because they don’t make klance happen romantically they want to cover their arses.

2) They do make Klance happen and they’re explicitly telling us that it isn’t ‘baiting’ because there is an actual canon queer couple!! 

I believe reason number 2, because I have faith in Klance, see @koganya ‘s giant post about klance to see why I feel this way!

Futhermore, the fact that they tell us that they aren’t trying to ‘cater’ to klance shippers makes it clear to me that we will see lots of klance development, and Lauren and Tim want us to know that klance was planned from the start and not because of the massive online following. This point is only backed up by their emphasis on the fact that they wrote these episodes ‘years’ ago. 

Lauren’s declaration that they can’t go back in time and change the story so it’s like Bam! ‘Now they’re in love’ only solidifies the fandom’s assumptions that klance will be a slow burn ship, and links back to her earlier statement that klance has a ‘natural arc’. This does not  mean that klance is off the table, only that we will have to wait longer to see it become canon!

I hope that you leave this post feeling more positive about klance, feel free to add more comments and theories :) 

before we go, there’s one last thing i want to do on our vacation…

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"We can't go back and say 'and then they fell in love!' " D:

yeah and i took that as they can’t go back and make it happen sooner. they said keith and lance have a very natural development together. the romance has been said to be slow burn and as i’ve said 27387574 times now… keith and lance are the only two that fit that perfectly. they’re the only two that fit everything that’s been said about the romance perfectly. this just became more true with season 3. they are the pairing that has the most onscreen development… their development has been made the focus, or at least a subtle focus, many times throughout the show. people are arguing that lance’s love interest could be allura given their development in season 3 and i’ve debunked that already but also? knowing lauren and how she didn’t want to make lotor be as creepy as he was towards allura in a past version of voltron… she most likely wouldn’t even want to put allura with a guy who continued to flirt with her even after she was visibly displeased with it… even if lance has matured and their relationship has changed. i don’t think lauren herself would like that to be the romance? it gives a lot of people a very bad taste in their mouth. also, none of their interactions in season 3 gave me any romantic vibes. i can pick up on romantic vibes when they’re presented to me and lance and allura had none. no shipping goggles on whatsoever and i still felt nothing romantic about their interactions. aleu has pointed out that the scene where lance hands over his bayard to allura, felt an awful lot like the scene between mako and korra in the finale of TLOK. it felt like the closing of a chapter. they’ve grown to respect each other and they’re friends.

AND you really really have to remember that they couldn’t just fucking say OH YEAH they end up together!!! that interviewer shouldn’t have even asked them that, or anything about any ships, because they should know they can’t just say what ship is going to be endgame. they have to be careful and they have to choose their words wisely when answering questions like that. can’t straight out spoil anything. they can’t just say no comment or it would give it away… and if klance really wasn’t going to be canon, i think they would have just instantly shut it down tbh. yeah, they say all ships are valid (lol they’re not but whatever) but when they say that, they’re talking about fanon. they’ve literally shut down she/th a couple times now because they have a brotherly relationship in the show… and of course, that age gap. YET SHIT SHIPPERS STILL THINK IT HAS A CHANCE AT BEING CANON? shit shippers still think their interactions are meant to be romantic? lmao funny. 

klance shippers are not reaching or anything when we say klance is going to be canon. we know they’re not scared of shutting down a ship and they’ve spoken positively and openly about klance on a couple occasions now. they aren’t baiting, she said it herself and we’ve all witnessed the development between keith and lance and how it’s pretty obviously not… strictly platonic. there is something else there… and i feel like if they were only going for a friendship arc between them, it would have been a more drawn out thing? but they’ve already had so much development and we’re only at season 3. so many people have picked up on it, tbh. so many people have said that klance shippers remind them of how korrasami shippers were before it was confirmed. we’re not dumb. we can see what’s been given to us for what it is. i, personally, have always been extremely good at reading things like this. i get it from my mom. when we watch stuff together, we both always call who’s going to get with who… who’s going to betray who… we have literally never been wrong. we almost always pick up on plot twists before they happen, too.

keith and lance are so undeniably each other’s love interests, how do some people not see this??? especially after the shot we got of keith through lance’s eyes??? he was literally admiring him and seeing him in a new light. all those soft looks that keith saves just for lance??? he’s not just interested in being lance’s friend. he has wanted to get closer to him ever since their bonding moment and he got upset when lance said it didn’t happen. why would keith get THAT upset and then proceed to, only AFTER the bonding moment, get jealous when lance flirts with people around him if he wasn’t interested in him romantically??? they aren’t baiting and i think lauren wanted to clarify that and she also wanted to clarify that when klance is canon, it was never because it’s what the fans wanted. it was never because it’s the fan favorite. it’s because it’s been planned from the start. it’s what’s best for the story, it’s what’s natural for it. the klance interactions in seasons 1 and 2 were done when they didn’t even have any clue that klance would be this huge. these two have so much trope-y shit surrounding them and their interactions. the build up is so obvious to me, i honestly get a little confused when people don’t think they’re meant to end up together… because this isn’t me being so certain just because i love the ship and want to see them together. it’s me being so certain because i SEE it… i see what they’re doing with these two. i see what’s happening. i’ve seen it from the very start. i do not see ANYTHING like it between any other characters. shay and hunk are different because it’s clear that they’re meant to be viewed as a romantic pairing, but with keith and lance… it is subtle and gradual… it is the natural evolution of their relationship. it is a slow burn romance.

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HEY! I saw that you did a thing about what Bex said about KLANCE but can you do one for Jeremy too?

fam trust me ok my favorite thing to do is to drag jeremy shada about klance

i feel like you want me to do the one of afterbuzz [link] (tbh i think i can do his other interviews too lol i am a trashcan), but i got kind of… too annoyed at the hosts to finish that episode…….. for reasons……….. BUT i tried for you anon i briefly skimmed it again

warning: this is gonna be long because despite what most people are saying on tumblr jeremy does not explicitly state that klance has a slow burn relationship lol and i need to explain context gdi

  • at 19:26 the hosts say that the commenters are crying over how lance and keith weren’t reunited in the first two eps and how people are concerned for their relationship and jeremy is grinning like an idiot tbh THIS BOY I LOVE HIM
  • he goes “Love that! Love that.” and he adds that there’s plenty of more lance and keith scenes in the rest of the season and tells us “Do not fear.” lol
  • ok klance is mentioned by one of the hosts at around 39:14 (they were talking about how jeremy isn’t a writer of the show and can’t make ships canon even if he wanted to)
  • then they drop the topic of klance completely and side comment about “the age discourse” (lol) and about how shippers are literally insane and tbh its true
  • then ok the hosts mention how the creators once said they’re willing to explore sexualities on the show and jeremy shada gives his two cents about it
  • he basically says that yeah they’re pretty open about stuff in every capacity
  • then about ships his exact words are this lol (complete with stammers sorry jeremy)
  • “But I think, uh, they’re planning a pretty slow burn with most of the relationship stuff. Uh, and so… yeah, I mean as far as where we’re at there’s not even been- I mean, they’re- they- yeah. They always put like little things and we’re like this will probably pay off later? Odds are? But yeah we don’t, I mean, nothing like for sure as of yet. Uhm, but I - I imagine throughout the course of the series they’ll probably definitely have something. I don’t know. I don’t know- they could - you can’t tease, like, certain things so much but yeah.”

bonus: he says lance is the space version of sokka from avatar, (who was jeremy’s fave character) i feel alive

All This Time - An Elriel Fic - Chapter 1

Well. This story poured out of me today once I realized how many people were on board the Elriel ship (post here). 

Keep in mind this is a slow burn and will be approximately 8 chapters. Please let me know if you like it so that I know to continue.


He was death and darkness and shadows. She was life and light and fresh air. They were both quiet and gentle and caring. She grew flowers while he grew shadows. 


Two years after the defeat of Hybern

Elain stood in the foyer of the townhouse, waiting for Feyre to appear. Her sisters were always fluttering in and out, doing a million different things at once, and it was never easy to track them down. She figured the townhouse was a good starting place, as someone was bound to show up eventually.

Since no one had dared to make an appearance yet, she figured it was as good a time as any to check the garden out back. In the two years since the defeat of the King, Elain had taken up her own residence a few streets away. She had her own sprawling garden there, but still tended to Feyre and Rhys’ in her spare time. Theirs was mostly devoted to various herbs and spices, while hers had beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs.

As she stepped outside, the sunlight hit her and she couldn’t help but raise her face and arms to the sky. She was lucky to be alive, and thankful for it, most days. There were days when it still didn’t seem real, when she couldn’t believe this was her life. That she not only had years ahead of her, but centuries.

As she bent down to check the thyme, with her fae hearing, she heard the crack of someone winnowing into the house. Knowing it was always best to announce your presence in Rhys and Feyre’s house, lest they immediately started doing things best left for the bedroom (and she had walked in on them more times she cared to admit), she called out, “I’m in the backyard!”

Rhys appeared in the doorway of the garden, leaning, as he always did, against the threshold.

“Looking for Feyre?” He’d been flying at some point during the day since he smelled of the wind. A few specks of darkness leaked from him, but nothing out of the ordinary. These days, their lives were “downright boring” - Mor’s words, not her own.

She didn’t mind the boring.

She nodded at him.

He gave her a soft smile in return, and she knew he was using the bond to tell Feyre she was looking for him. “She’ll be over when she’s done dealing with Cassian.”

Elain nodded. She thought about asking what Cassian had done to incur the wrath of her sister and his High Lady, but it was such a common occurrence that she didn’t bother. She turned back to the garden.

“Can I get you anything, Elain?” Rhys asked, pushing himself off the doorway.

“I’m all set, thank you.”

Rhys left her to the thyme.


A short time later, Feyre winnowed straight into the garden and immediately mumbled, “I swear on Amren’s favorite ruby necklace that the next time that asshole decides to borrow one of the paintings for his house without paying the artist for it, I will make sure him and Nesta don’t have any privacy for a month.”

“It’s nice to see you too, Feyre.” Rhys chuckled from inside the house.

“Go make yourself useful, elsewhere,” Feyre replied, before giving him a vulgar gesture. Elain immediately worried that maybe this wasn’t the best time to have the conversation she needed to have with her sister. But the second Feyre turned to look at her, it was as if all of the anger evaporated. As if she couldn’t bare to frown or yell or be angry with Elain.

Feyre strolled over to her sister, the day’s stress flowing out of her like string. “It’s good to see you, Elain,” she said, taking a seat on the iron bench. “Need a break from the morons who make up my court.”

Elain gave her a weak smile.

“What is it? Rhys said you were waiting here for a while. Is everything okay?”

No. Everything was not okay. But she didn’t know where to begin.

“Is it Lucien?” Feyre prodded. These days, it was always about Lucien. “Did something happen?”

Sometimes, Elain thought her sister was also a seer. She nodded.

“Did he come back early?” Feyre asked. Silence. “Elain, whatever it is, you can tell me. I promise I won’t say anything to anyone.”

And Elain, sweet, gentle Elain, who never said more than a few sentences at a time, started talking. And what she had been holding in for months poured out of her.

“No, he didn’t come back early. He’s at the Day Court with Helion for the rest of the month and….does it make a horrible person if I don’t want him to come back? If I realized this is the happiest I’ve been in a year? When he’s gone? He’s my mate, Feyre, and I know he is. I feel the bond, I feel the pull, but when he’s away….that feels right, too. It feels doable. It feels liveable.”

Feyre nodded, urging her on.

“I see you and Rhys, and…I want that. I want what you two have. But that’s not me and Lucien. We don’t match. He needs fire and wind and destruction. And I need calm and quiet and….”


“I was going to say sunshine. But Feyre, I can’t remember the last time I truly smiled.”

Feyre did know. Since the death of the King, it was always calm, weak smiles from Elain. She’d forgotten what her sister’s real smile looked like. Feyre grasped Elain’s hands in her own as Elain continued, “Right before Lucien left, we decided that when he came back we’d make a decision. Together. But I know what my answer is. I don’t want it. Maybe it’s because I’m still healing, maybe it’s because I’m not ready for it…but I -”

“You want to reject the bond?” Feyre whispered, a tinge of fear to her voice.

“I want to reject the bond.” There. She’d said it. And it was like a weight she’d been carrying since the moment she’d tumbled out of the cauldron was lifted.

Feyre wrapped her arms around her, Elain resting her head on his sister’s shoulder. “Okay. I’ll talk to Rhys tonight. We need to…figure out a few things.”

“In case he goes crazy when I reject it?”

“Yes.” She sounded afraid.

“You’ve always taken care of me.”

“And I always will.”


Feyre had insisted Elain stay for dinner, not wanting her to go back to her house to sit by herself now that she’d told her the news. She could tell her sister felt lighter than she had in years, and had even come close to cracking a smile a few times during the dinner as Mor and Rhys bickered back and forth.

Nesta was off visiting the Winter Court and Feyre was glad for it - she wasn’t sure how Nesta was going to handle the news. Her and Rhys needed to have a plan in place before she returned.

“Stop frowning at me,” Elain said from across the table. “Didn’t anyone tell you that it’ll give you wrinkles?”

“We don’t get wrinkles,” Feyre responded with a wink.

Rhys waved his hand to clear the dishes, leaving the wine glasses. “One more round?” he asked.

“I’ll grab one of the special bottles,” Mor said, rising from the table.

At that moment, Azriel breezed into the room, wrapped in shadows.

“Nice of you to join us,” Rhys said, barely turning his head to look at the shadowsinger. “I invited you three hours ago. Where have you been?”

“Not everything in my life is about you, Rhys,” Azriel replied, jokingly. He didn’t offer any more of an explanation. He sat down in one of the empty chairs at the table, pulling a glass of wine towards himself. He nodded to Mor, things still a little awkward between them, before turning towards Elain and giving her a smile. His shadows curled slightly. 

Feyre was so busy trying to analyze if things between Mor and Azriel were back to normal, that she almost missed it. But it was there. A genuine smile had crossed her sister’s lips.


Chapter 2 here.

Sansa (to Bran): You’re the Lord of Winterfell!

Sansa is concerned about her sister Arya showing an insane skill in fighting and her brother being emotionally distant.

Sansa looks after the food stores to prepare for the fight against a supernatural enemy.

Sansa haters: Look, she’s about to betray Jon, she hates her siblings, she’s so powerhungry.

Me: How do I even call this level of misreading a character development?

D@ny: Bend the knee to your rightful Queen

D@ny (after having seen proof that the Long Night was real): I may give my dragons for the fight against the White Walkers, but first bend the knee!

D@ny burns the food supplies of the Reach.

D@ny stans: Look at her, she’s about to save the world, she cares for the Smallfolk, she has endured so much, she deserves the Iron Throne she has a good heart.

Me: How do I even call this level of misreading a character development?

P.S. Just to be clear on two points: I’ve disliked D@ny since book two and I’ve liked Sansa since book two. I began shipping Jonsa in season 6, so one has nothing to do with the other.
And tyranny and absolutism is simply a bad system, even if the tyrant is occasionally benevolent. This has nothing to do with the fact that the tyrant is a woman.

I want shows with long, slow burning ships for two girls or two boys. I want to be able to ship these characters together without it being seen as a joke or a crackship. I want shows to see that two actors have amazing chemistry together and decide to put them together. I don’t want the token gay and lesbian and bi and pan characters anymore. I want to see more than just one transgender character and I want to actually see an asexual or an aromantic character. Just like there are a million different kinds of heterosexual characters there are a million different kinds of LGBTQ+ characters. If a show can make 10 heterosexual characters who are all completely different why can’t they do the same for us?

We really got lucky with Captain Swan guys...

Like lemme list

- Amazing development

-Amazing chemistry

-Amazing slow-burn

-Best couple on the show with great screen time.

-Two incredible actors

-Who just so happen to be amazingly attractive

-Who LOVE the storyline and want the characters to be together as much as we do!!

-The writers favourite couple to write, who give us amazing scenes and storylines.

-Our amazing fandom filled with incredibly talented and just plain awesome people! 

Like Do you guy so realise how RARE this is? 

Like i ship other couples from other shows and on those show she either the actors hate the ship or the writers do or there’s always something going wrong. But captain swan is perfect you guys. It’s the ultimate ultimate fandom, the ultimate ship. OTP FOR LIFE! WE’RE SO LUCKY!!!!! 🍀⚓️🌹🥇🏆❤️💝

Reveling in Richonne

#19: The Reveal (6x11)

Now that R&M were together, and Richonne had been officially born, one of the big things I wanted to see is how the other characters would find out and react? Having not yet found places where people celebrate Richonne like me, I had seen a lot of negative comments on social media the week after 6x10. 😒  I know y'all know about it so I won’t go into the plethora of misguided reasons people weren’t down with Richonne.

Also I know there’s some people who just genuinely don’t feel Richonne and that’s fine. But there’s a difference between that and haters lol. But you know how the saying goes: “Haters are just confused fans" 😉😌 Where’s the lie? 😂

There was some amazing positive reactions too tho! And as upsetting as the negative stuff was, I also knew that one day people were going to realize, like I realized, that Rick and Michonne are actually perfect for each other and this isn’t a mistake or a causal thing it’s a soulmate thing.

I don’t really post comments on stuff (this blog is sort of a first for me lol) but the week after they went cannon, even I had to post a comment on TWD’s FB post, listing receipts as to what episodes people could watch to realize that Richonne absolutely did not come out of nowhere and they’ve been feeling each other for awhile.

Since I just barely boarded this ship before it set sail, it was important to share the pre-cannon episodes that helped me learn, post-cannon, about just how long Richonne had been endgame. What helped me was seeing a compilation video of their scenes on Youtube (I didn’t even know people made those before 6x10) and then I went on Netflix and fast forwarded to scenes with the two of them and y’all when I tell you it felt like I was watching a different show! It was sort of mind blowing. I couldn’t believe how I could miss this beautiful slow burn. But after 6x10 I saw the show and their relationship in a whole new light.  

Part of me was upset with myself because I feel like it was my own conditioning, even as a black woman, to think that all the show would ever let them be was best friends. I know some people, myself included, want to say we missed it cuz “we were engulfed in overall story”and that’s true too, but I also know that if this couple had a different appearance I would have seen it coming. Cuz sure their love story was subtle but not that subtle.

In the course of a week, my eyes were so open to this beautiful love story that had been unfolding for three seasons. I finally saw it all. And I was so completely here for it. As someone who had missed this slow burn as it was happening, I wrote my FB comment with receipts hoping that maybe it would get other people out of the sunken place 😂.

But that’s why I’m so extremely glad that TWD made Richonne happen. I know this is a TV couple but it’s also a really important and significant statement. Plus TV has a lot of influence, so for the highest rated show on television to have their leading couple be Rick and Michonne. It’s big and it’s beautiful. Also I think the reason some people have a harsher reaction to them is because they know Richonne is beautiful. They know and it makes them uncomfortable that something they thought shouldn’t work, works so perfectly.

Hopefully they’ll come around, and if they don’t…Richonne will live and thrive either way. So we good lol.  

I’m also glad they made R&M so much more than friends cuz it’s the only thing that made sense. How are you going to have obvious soulmates just acting like pals? Lol it would have felt more forced to keep them friends.

Anyways, I say all this cuz this post is about “the reveal” and Richonne was revealed to me and the public during 6x10. But, beyond the publics reaction, I was curious what the characters reaction would be. I mean this is Rick and Michonne! For three seasons they’ve been around these other characters and getting closer and closer and leading and being partners in crime and now they’re openly in love.

Plus, this would be the first episode where they are fully cannon which I’m sure was nice for long time shippers to know you could watch with no more worry or wondering if. They were in love. It’s been confirmed. And 6x11 let us know they weren’t afraid to show it.

Things can sometimes move fast on TWD (and sometimes not so much lol) so of course R&M weren’t going to get time to strategically reveal their next level relationship to everyone. Instead the characters get a classic and sudden reveal.

In a hilariously candid moment, Jesus reveals to Carl that his "parents” (I love love love that he assumed that R&M were Carl’s parents) are getting dressed. Now for Carl that was probably an awkward moment, but for the audience it was amazing. I know when he heard Jesus say “parents” he immediately knew Jesus meant Rick and Michonne, even before seeing them run out.

And then for all the squad and Day Ones to be on the stairs with their weapons out. 😂  It was great. Cuz they all officially find out about Richonne when R&M run out from the bedroom. To this day I’m like “How did Michonne have time to get fully dressed but Rick couldn’t put a shirt on?” I’ve heard people speculate that it was cuz he was helping her get her stuff and I am here for that theory!

And pretty much everyone has a subtle reaction to seeing R&M. Everyone except Daryl, who keeps his sight on Jesus, cuz he’s been did known that Richonne was inevitable. Like this was literally Daryl’s reaction…

The reactions of everyone as they tried to play it cool was classic and well done. My favorite reaction is from Glenn (😭). Glenn (😭) has always had such an up close and personal view of Richonne and you can tell he wanted to try and just stay focused on the threat of Jesus but he could not help reacting to R&M’s arrival.

And when Rick realizes it’s a dang reunion on those stairs and his son is right there to witness it all, Rick cutely looks back to check on Michonne, who’s low key trying to hide behind him a little bit lol. But then she returns back to her queenly self enough to subtly put a hand up and let everyone know they can chill about Jesus. It’s adorable that Rick’s first thought is to check on her.

It’s funny because I know that R&M mainly only cared that Carl was seeing all this. And I think they would have preferred having some sort of game plan on how to tell him and yet Carl finds out in what would be a lot of teens’ nightmare lol.

Anyway, because TWD isn’t a romance (yes I’m aware of this lol) they have to move on rather quick from the reveal of Richonne, as they sit with Jesus and learn just how big the world is now. But even that has an amazing moment where, in one smirk, we know exactly where Carl stands on this newfound relationship. 

Originally posted by journeyslegend

I love that smirk, cuz it’s Carl still so clearly seeing Michonne as his friend. And it’s also Michonne, who’s more private, having to realize that she’s been fully outed and Carl knows what’s up, but more importantly Carl approves.

At first I expected a bigger reaction from some of the characters but then I realized their subtle reactions are pretty perfect, cuz they’ve been seeing the love and progression between R&M for a while now. Richonne was never a matter of if but of when to them.

So for most of them it wasn’t a shock, it was their own “of course” moment.


Okay I know we all love this scene already, but aaah. I just have to pin point the moments I love.

- How plainly obvious it is that Tina is so taken with him! Like when Newt starts saying “Well it’s been…” and he doesn’t even finish before she eagerly adds “Hasn’t it?” and she’s all big smiles and 100% different from when Newt first met her!
- Newt’s reaction to her quick response! He just looks at her kinda surprised? And he doesn’t even say anything more to it. As if he’s not quite sure how he had such an effect on her?
- The way Tina’s voice breaks. She is SO full blown emotional She just really don’t want him to go and it breaks my heart.
- Newt is still not quite keeping eye contact for long.
- “I can’t think of anybody I’d rather have investigating me” *grimace* Instant classic, awkwardly hitting on Tina without intenting to.
- “Quiet life for me now” okay so this just reminds me of Bilbo Baggins at the end of the first Hobbit movie saying he believes the worst is over now. Because HA HA there’s four more f*cking movies coming Newt and you live and breathe trouble whether you intend to or not!
- “And I’ll look out for it! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and Newt looks her dead in the eye!! She just hit the jackpot right there!
- “Does Leta Lestrange like to read?” and he bloody hell says who! Who? The very woman they talked about days earlier. The same woman that has him hurting. That’s a huge thing for him to have a memory slip there. He’s found his giver! Not to mention Tina’s voice breaks when she brings her up.
- “People change” and Tina’s breathless “Yes.” 
- Newt being distracted by the ship soon to be leaving and Tina just struggling to keep her tears back. It just… ugh my heart.
- And don’t tell me Newt brushing a strand of her hair back isn’t better than a kiss in this moment? YES I ship them and YES I can’t wait for their relationship to start, but I HATE movies that forces love. This is so much more effective and fitting for these two. A slow start, but no less romantic and absolutely sweet. If there’s one thing this movie is it’s sweet and I think everyone needed a movie like this right now. Which included a slow burn relationship..
- Newt is not good at goodbyes. He leaves quite abruptly twice and you know it’s because it’s difficult for him to let her go. He just have to do it quick. It’s why he stops a last time before entering the ship, but can’t afford to look back. 
- He struggles to look at her when he’s in doubt of whether she wants him to come back. If she truly wants him. Only when she does show interest does he meet her eyes again. Like when she says the title of his future book because she gets him and now when she very much wants him back in her life.
- HER SMILE. It’s so beaming and sunshiny and nothing hurts while everything hurts at the same time
- He’s still not quite able to understand how he earned her affections. Like when he first looks at her he really looks at her as if he’s trying to figure it out.
- And he’s off and it’s all bittersweet because it hurts seeing him go, but she’ll see him again and she makes that little happy hop because she’s in love.

Okay that got a lot longer than intended, but you should really study this scene because Eddie and Katherine are just amazing with their acting. Their expressions and small details. Wow. Just focus on Tina in one go, then Newt the next. They are just brilliant. For someone who’s not much of a shipper in general it’s a big effing deal for him how deep I am in this Newtina ship <3

—  I don’t say your name often enough and maybe there’s a cause for the way that silence can be more familiar to us than faces that tug at our sleeves. I am made from the many similarities that gave birth to stars, I am also made from the remnants of destruction, so we tirelessly write about the many what if’s and how they’ve all gone wrong. It is simply not enough most days to just say I love you, you are more than a three stringed word that stays near the bee’s sting. You are heartfelt to many, but everyday to me you are love. The essence that leaves our memories to the piano keys that we long to hear from their voices– it’s one thing to miss someone, it’s quite another to miss yourself while missing them. You see I don’t write enough about death, it looms and it pours. Which sad song do the sirens sing today? I am not a myth, but I believe in mythology. I understand why Icarus kissed the fucking sun. I am not a leaf, but I understand why I must fall during winter. If I don’t, how would I return by spring? Heavy lies the crown, broken says the heart, tragedy writes my smile, rain takes my tears and fear is just whispering to my shadows– I’ve made peace with sunshine on rainy days to find that a normal day can be quite the opposite. We don’t get to return from the way we’ve treated ourselves after such a giveaway. So when we write poetry, we’re just trying to run away. So when we say that we love people, we’re just trying to not ask them to stay. Who wants to force love? Not I. Who wants to need love? Not I. But we do and there’s madness where sadness used to be. Who wants to be immortalized? Not I. Who wants to die? Not I. But we still write our golden stars into the darkest of nights– Clair de lune, a kiss from seasoned lovers waiting to leave while our backs are turned. I guess flaws are all that I am. I don’t say your name enough, so here I am writing my many I love you’s down as meaningless tattoos try to break into skin– they say that if it didn’t hurt then you didn’t earn your tattoo. Maybe that’s why love hurts because you earned it. If you’re anything like me, which you are, then loving people can grow you while simultaneously crack you open. We can try to build a spaceship out of those fragments, but we won’t get far– there’s a broken heart for every star that shows up at night. I’ve heard the wishes, I’ve heard the requests, I’ve heard the stuttering, I’ve heard the crying, I’ve heard the confusion, I’ve heard the restless– we love them, we loved them, we will always love them, we had love them, we have loved them from the very beginning, we left our love inside of a golden lamp and prayed that one of the three wishes was to be more than just a replacement. I can’t give you a flying carpet, I can’t give you the pot of gold, I can’t give you a unicorn or a dragon to ride the infinite sky into submission, I can’t give you the other rabbit’s foot, I can’t find the original horse to give you the other three golden horse shoes– I’m just not that lucky. I once read a question that asked if it’s possible that the universe fights to bring two people together– I think so. It brought us together. We are bound by ink and strangled by words. We are an infestation of nevermore and an ocean filled with love letters made safe because we burned them away. How many letters in a bottle did we ship out the last time we cut our lips next to a high? How many times will we try, try, try? Third time is the charm, right? I love you, I love you, I love you. There is a place for people like us, some call it depression– I prefer the more widely acclaimed name: we belong to the arts.
"Not on my bed!"

For @inhibitme Prompt Starters #3.

They’re at Jason’s house one Friday night for a little team bonding. Only “bonding” has turned into Zack and Kim arguing over who’s cooking is better, Jason trying to talk on the phone, do the dishes, and complete his math homework all at once, and Trini having a glaring contest with Pearl’s devil cat Princess. (The cats totally winning.)

At least Billy seems to be having a good time, patiently waiting for someone to play Mario Kart with him (or rather patiently waiting to destroy someone at Mario Kart). Trini would play with the boy bit she’s already had her ass handed to her four times in the last half hour alone. A fifth is just overkill at this point.

“Just admit I’m the better cook, Kim!”

“Hell no!”

“WILL YOU TWO SHUT IT?! I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF AN IMPORTANT CONVERSATION HERE! … No, Mom, I’m perfectly fine with washing my own underwear… Mom, please!”

Trini turned to watch her girlfriend stride into the living room, looking deeply annoyed, and plop down heavily into the couch cusion beside Trini, reaching for Trini’s hand and kissing the back of it. They shared a smile.

Zack entered the room, shaking his head. “I’m not saying you’re a bad cook Kimmy-”

“Oh for the love of Zordon!” Kim suddenly stood, yanking Trini to her feet before ushering them both out of the room and up the stairs, Zack snickering in the background and Billy asking if he wanted to play a few rounds.

Kim pulled Trini along the upstairs hallway until they came to a door, clearly Jason’s room, and Kim had barely opened it before she was shoving Trini inside.

“Geez, Kim. We might be virtually indestructible but I’d prefer not paying Jason’s dad to replace his son’s door, thank you.”

Kim closed the door with unnecessary force before turning to Trini, a devious glint in her dark brown eyes. Trini gulped.

“Well if the doors not an option, how about… the bed?”


But Kim, being the fastest Ranger of the five, suddenly had Trini pinned to Jason’s unmade bed in the span of a single breath. She hovered over the smaller girl, chuckling lowly, sending hot puffs of air over Trini’s ear and making the poor girl flush hotly.

“Kim- wait, we can’t… the boys-”

“Are busy and I’ve barely kissed you all day.” To emphasize her point Kim started trailing small, teasing kisses away from Trini’s ear, across her jaw line, and down her neck. Not enough to satisfy, but certainly enough to make Trini’s head spin. Kim pulled away with a knowing smirk, watching Trini as her girlfriend struggled to catch her breath and blink properly. “So?”

“Te odio-” Trini fisted Kim’s Henley shirt and yanked her down into a heedy kiss, groaning as Kim’s hands snaked underneath her sweatshirt and scratched along her sides. A particularly hard scratch had Trini gasping and arching firmly into Kim’s front. Kim licked softly into Trini’s mouth, a dizzying juxtaposition to her harsh handling. Trini whined feebly as her leg wrapped over Kim’s hip, bringing her girlfriend closer. Kim’s hand abandoned its scratching in favor of tightly gripping the back of Trini’s thigh, pulling the smaller girl into her harshly. The two groaning, hips grinding…


The girls startled apart, heads snapping to the now open bedroom door. Jason stood in the doorframe, one arm raised to effectively shield Billy’s eyes from the sight in the bedroom, and they could hear Zack cackling from down the hall.

“I usually could care less where you girls do your… whatever! The quarry, fine. The ship, sure. Kim’s car, just don’t break the seats again. BUT THIS?! Absolutely not! Not on my bed!”

Trini could feel herself burn from the top of her head down to her toes. Kim merely huffed like the boys interrupting them was a nuisance rathed than a totally mortifying experience. Jason watched, red faced and exasperated, before Kim finally relented, extracting herself from Trini with an “alright, alright, don’t get your tighty whities in a twist”, and they all proceeded downstairs to sit in awkward silence for a minute before Billy cracked a joke and everyone was laughing like nothing had even happened.

Later the next day when they were all in the pit training, Jason’s words came back to bite him in the ass when Zordon’s voice boomed through the cavern that the girls would have plenty of time to consummate their bond when training was over. Kim’s voice could be heard in the distance saying, “Jason said he was fine with it!”

random thoughts about 4x05

1: First off. Abby saying “oh baby” when Raven was having a seizure. Actual mom (or lover, your choice;)

2: ilian and Octavia are probably gonna be a thing

3: Clarke and niylah flirting?

4: why was Clarke asking her about a radio? Future booty call??? I need answers

5: Clarke making out with Octavia

6: Riley is the walmart version of jasper (because both emotionally unstable but one does it better)

7: roan telling Clarke she’s still grieving for Lexa and shes nothing like her 😭😭

8: Raven telling Abby there’s two seats in the spaceship she’ll drive Abby can cook. I ship it. #doctormechanic

9: part of me likes ilian even though he’s dumb and destroyed arkadia

10: do Clarke and Bellamy like each other ?? Why are they always hinting that but never moving forward? Slow burn is one thing but this is ridiculous.

11: so far this season Bellamy isn’t awful

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about how nicely slow burn applies to tododeku this morning (especially considering the pun on todoroki's part aha) and I realized a nice ship name for those two could also be Forest Fire (idk I was thinking about how Midoriya ignited a flame in todoroki both literally and figuratively, that burns merch like a forest fire does)



anon you’re a freaking genius.

dear those who bash people for liking meihem.

(before you start reading this, this was stemmed from a tweet stating that meihem and symmrat are the worst ships bc the girls would never ‘stoop that low’. this isn’t a personal bash at them, im just angry.)

what does this bitch mean 'stoop that low’? yes, junkrat is a criminal and pretty fucking insane. but people treat him like he’s the fucking joker. there is no record of him manipulating a woman. ive seen so many people call meihem 'toxic’ and i genuinely do not see why. junkrat is insane, but not completely. i don’t see him as a sociopath. y'all can’t be like 'oh he wouldn’t care about these girls and would just want them for their body’ and then go ship roadrat and act like he WOULD care about roadhog. why? bc its gay?

ill admit, I do ship gay ships more often then I ship straight ships. is that a bad thing? OF COURSE NOT. but these people get so fucking triggered bc of one straight ship. there is absolutely nothing wrong with shipping meihem or any other straight ship with junkrat.

another thing, ive heard people say that mei doesn’t like junkrat, which is confirmed bc she has voice lines degrading him. therefore, it’s not a good ship.

what about some of the most popular ships on tumblr? like klance? they dislike each other. or kagehina, they have the biggest hate-love relationship of them all. they hated each other at the beginning of haikyuu with a burning passion, and now they are best friends (aka boyfriends (; )with a competitive nature.

there is nothing stopping me from believing that these two could end up just like that. junkrat would go so soft for her. junkrat has seen so much death and hate, mei would be a light in his life that’s filled with insanity and loss.

and before people act like im 'bashing’ gay people, I’ll have you know that meihem isn’t even my favorite ship.

mchanzo and reaper76 are my favorite ships in the overwatch fandom.

i do also enjoy roadrat, but not as much as i enjoy meihem.

to end this, i’d like to say there is nothing wrong with disliking meihem. you are completely allowed to dislike a ship. the people this is targeted towards is the ones that bash people for liking meihem. this post might’ve seemed a bit degrading, but sorry im angry as hell.

thank you for taking your time to read this.

Be Careless/Don’t Be Stupid

Prompts 2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” & 11. “I feel like I can’t breathe.” +  harry hook when you’re injured??? thank you + Could you do a Harry Hook x Mr. Smee daughter imagine please?

Harry Hook x Smee’s Daughter 

               Being Smee’s daughter, you weren’t quite a villain kid.  You often found yourself cowering in dark corners of alleys during fights that broke out in the streets or stayed in the back of a crowd at Ursula’s Fish & Chips when they were plotting evil. You followed Harry around aimlessly, like a small and helpless puppy but he never minded. Harry had always taken you under his wing, even when the two of you were young and running around his father’s ship in Neverland.

               You were currently helping him clean his cabin on Uma’s ship, attempting to fold some of his clothes and placing them inside of the chest next to the old mattress on the floor. You then knelt and pushed the red beanie off your head before you began to pull the ratty blankets up on his bed and fixed the pillows. “Love, there’s no need to make the bed, I’ll just end up sleeping in it later,” Harry chuckled and pulled you up from the floor. He grabbed your beanie and pulled it too far down on your head.

You fixed it, so that you could see and went to reply but a sudden commotion upstairs on the deck brought the two of you out of conversation. You watched Harry’s face contort in confusion, your expression matching. “Stay here,” he tells you as he grabs his sword from the old bureau and moved to head upstairs to see what the noise was about.

But after ten minutes of hearing screams and swords clashing, you decided to be brave for once. You’d never forgive yourself if Harry got hurt and you hadn’t helped him. You grabbed an extra sword as you moved up the stairs, immediately met with a sword swinging at you. Harry yelled for you to get back downstairs but it was too late. You were already stuck in a fight, throwing quick and sharp jabs at the boy in brown leather who was advancing on you and cackling as he did it.

Harry began to make his way over to you, fighting off members of what you now realized were Scar’s son’s gang. Last week, Harry and Gil had gone on a run for Uma, stealing some stuff from Arik’s gang hideaway and Arik surely was here for revenge.

“Don’t you think you’re being a little careless Harry? What if someone had caught the two of you? What if they come back in retaliation?” you sighed and tied your hair up in a loose bun and changing into a sleep shirt. You often stayed with Harry on the ship, the natural rock from the waves of the water relaxing you. You felt most at home on the water.

“Relax love, being on the Isle of the Lost is about being careless,” he rolled his eyes at you. You simply stared at him, lying on his bed. You couldn’t speak for a moment, distracted by his appearance of messy, finger-pulled hair and his bare toned torso.

“Yeah, but you have people who care about you,” you mumbled and looked away from him as you crawled onto the mattress facing away from him. “So, don’t be so stupid.” He just stared at you with a lackadaisical smile before he wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you close to his chest.

“Oh perk up sweetheart,” his accent raspy in your ear, “I love you too.”

               You got distracted by your thoughts of your best friend, you hesitated and that got you hurt. Harry watched helplessly as the young boy got a solid swipe against your chest, tearing open your pale skin, immediately staining it in blood. You fell to the ground with a gasp and a loud thud. He took two good kicks at your defenseless body, one to the face and one to the gut before he was pulled back from you, thrown overboard to the waters below.

               Harry quickly ducked down and wrapped his arms under you, one cradling your head the other to your knees. He hushed you slightly, feeling nauseous at the sound of your whimpers. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore,” he whispered as he moved below deck. He placed you down on the mattress and immediately grabbed a shirt from the pile you’d just folded and ripped a piece of it, scrunched it up and pressed it to your bleeding chest. You screamed out in pain and grabbed at his shoulder, squeezing it to try to cope with the sting.

               You gasped out, attempting to breathe but the burning was incredibly painful. “I feel like I can’t breathe.” The pain was too much to bear. You passed out from the pain and Harry maintained pressure, needing to stop the bleeding. When he was finally able to bandage you up the best he could, he left the ship while you were asleep to dunk a cloth in some water, the coldest he could find, from the restaurant so he could help the swelling down from the two kicks you got.

               When he came stampeding back down the stairs, he saw you watching him throw hooded eyes, your hands on your head. You had an uneasy look on your face and he rushed to your side to press the cool cloth to the bruise on your cheek. “What happened to ‘don’t be stupid’?” he asked you quietly, his eyes meeting yours slowly as he pouted.

               “Sometimes, you got to be careless, right?” you told him, your innocent tone making him feel hot. You were so incredibly adorable that he couldn’t help but drop the cloth and lock lips with yours.  

Us Against the World

A/N: This is a direct sequel to Me Against You!! This takes place during Spiderman Homecoming, and much of the story is based solely on my knowledge of the trailer! When Spiderman Homecoming comes out, I might consider redoing this series so that it fits in with movie canon ( *whispers* If I get begged enough I’ll definitely consider redoing this based on the movie!! ). 


Tagging: @tomsleftbrow 

You walk into a hall that’s plastered with Knights Rule posters and majorly congested, kids rushing in every direction, a ( red and blue ) beach ball being tossed around, laughter echoing. You must be walking too slowly, because several people try to mow you down.

In an act of self-preservation, you press into a wall of lockers. Soon the crowd will thin, and you can navigate your way without incident. As you wait, you try not to think about your old school three blocks over, and the fact, that after your last class, you wouldn’t be walking back with …

No way are you going there.


Your gaze shoots up from the floor to a rotund giant of a boy. “Ned!” You blurt out, eyes going glassy with horror.

Normally you would be happy to see one of your dearest friends, but not when you’ve just broken out of Wakanda to head back to Queens. It’s been close to a year since your fight with Peter; you’d hoped that your friends from your old neighborhood would forget about you, but it appears that Ned hasn’t. 

King T’Challa had sent papers to Midtown High’s principal, stating that you’d moved to Greenland to be with your ailing Grandmother. Everyone was under the impression that you were in Greenland, playing the dutiful granddaughter. No one knew you were hiding out back home – which makes you wonder how Ned had managed to track you down.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Please, no.” You chant desperately under your breath, grabbing Ned’s hand and dragging him into the first empty classroom you can find. “What the hell are you doing here? More importantly, how did you find me?”

He, at least, has the good grace to look ashamed. “I saw you heading into McDonald’s with some other kids. I asked around, found out a new student had transferred here. Figured it was you.”

“Did you tell Peter?” Your anxiety swells to a fever pitch. “Please tell me you didn’t tell Peter.”

“I . . . Didn’t want to say anything until I knew for sure that it was you. But that’s why I’m here, actually.” Ned’s face is unusually serious. “Peter’s in trouble.”

You snort to yourself, moving over to sit on the teacher’s desk. “Please. Parker can handle himself.”

Ned stares at you. Initially, you grab your hands to steady them against his intense scrutiny. You’re not scared, no – but uncomfortable, definitely. Wordlessly, he hands you his phone. There’s a live feed on YouTube, already playing on the screen. There, in living colour, is Spiderman – no, Peter – arms and legs outstretched, straining with the effort of holding two halves of a metal ship together.

“Oh, crap,” You breathe. Peter, what have you done?

You quickly flick through Ned’s phone, only to find more videos and articles all talking about how the masked vigilante Spiderman was struggling to keep the Staten Island ferry from collapsing off the coast of New York. There are over two hundred people on that boat. People with lives of their own, families waiting … You feel an overwhelming urge to flee the room. You look to Ned, but he doesn’t say a word. His brow is furrowed. Instead, you hand Ned back his phone, swallowing back the instinct to rush over to Peter, quashing back the hopeful voice whispering that this is your chance to make up with him.

You cross your arms over your chest, fighting to keep your expression affected and superior, though objectively it’s neither affected nor superior. “No, no and no. There is no way that I’m going out to bat for Parker.”

You’ve managed to keep your low profile for two weeks. If you do this, there’s a chance your face could end up splashed all over the tabloids, the very thing that you’ve been trying so hard to avoid. You could be thrown back into – You shudder, fighting to keep your breathing from slipping into hyperventilation. No. No way.

“He needs help!” Ned protests. “He told me about Germany, and Peter said you were amazing –”

Now you want to slap Peter for being a snitch. Nobody likes a snitch. “Newsflash: I don’t do that anymore. I’m never using my powers again!”

And it was true. You’d kept to your word, locking your powers up where they belonged, where you could never use them again. Captain America had been firmly supportive, enveloping you in a warm and tight hug that nearly set you off crying again. Clint, Scott and Sam had all offered you words of encouragement, along with more warm hugs that had soothed you infinitely. Wanda Maximoff had given you odd, furtive looks when you’d announced your decision. You’d gotten the sense that she was sympathetic, that she knew all too well the fear of having powers that you couldn’t control and feared.

“You have to!”

“You can’t make me do anything!”

Shock flits across Ned’s face at your outburst; then, his face hardens and he turns to leave, but not before he tosses out over his shoulder, “He’s never stopped talking about you. Even after the two of you fought. He moped around for weeks after you left, you know. He liked you, he wanted to ask you to the prom. Now you’re just going to abandon him? I can’t believe you!”

“He liked me? Like, just as a friend, right?”

Ned doesn’t reply. But you’ve known him long enough to know his face when he’s screaming internally with panic. It’s obvious that he’s gone and revealed something he wasn’t supposed to. You watch Ned practically sprint out of the room with a twinge of guilt in your intestinal region.

You should be glad Ned’s gone. There’s no one around to bother you anymore.

But your mind is glued firmly on Peter, in over his head, struggling to save everyone.

“You’ve got class,” You remind yourself weakly. “Creative writing.”

But you’re already slinging your Anello pack over your shoulder and running out the door.

You’ve got a ship to catch.

You’ve blown sixty bucks on cab fare, but the cabbie had gotten you to Battery Park in less than half an hour, speeding like a bat out of hell the whole way there.

You’ve never been to the park before; if you were here for leisure, you would take in the sky that seems much bluer down here, the noise of the ferries, the seagulls wheeling overhead. But you’re not here for a relaxing picnic today. Your feet fall into step, heels barely touching the ground, toes pointed forward. You dash down cobblestone paths, pushing past stunned people, some of whom are running and screaming in panic, some of whom stand rooted to the spot, utterly transfixed by the sight of the famous Spiderman holding a crumbling ferry together with a mixture of sheer willpower and his spider webs. Someone elbows you in the back, and you tumble to the ground, scrambling off the ground after a minute of lying there, stunned. There are scrapes on your hands and knees, but it could be worse.

A frantic scream rips its way out of your throat. “PETER!”

He might be hundreds of miles away, but you swear his head turns in the direction of your scream, as though he’s managed to pick it out from a crowd of thousands. His face remains tilted towards the spot where you stand, and you can’t help but wonder if he knows you’re here. Your ribs convulse and your lungs hold tightly to every millimeter of air so that you don’t sob in fear, which hasn’t happened since you were a kid. You’ll let your face turn blue before you let strangers see you cry.

“Peter,” You say again, your voice cracking like an adolescent boy’s, betraying the messy wad of emotions within you. “Peter.”

There’s no way he’ll be able to hold that together on his own.

Fear. It coats your mind like a sticky spider’s web. If word gets out, Thaddeus Ross could very well have you thrown back into that hell-hole of a prison. You could lose your freedom in one fell swoop. It would be so easy to run; to pretend that you never saw anything.

But you can’t. Peter needs you. And you know that if the situation were reversed, he wouldn’t even hesitate to help you. The two of you might have parted on bad terms, but however much you hate him for being Tony Stark’s lapdog, you know that you’ll hate yourself even more if you stand by and let him die.

Okay. Okay. I can do this. Focus.

The power burns beneath your skin, begging to be released. After a year of being locked up in the deepest recesses of your mind it snarls like a wild animal in a cage. You scream and thrust both hands outwards, forcing the powers that sleep deep inside to the surface.

Slowly, but surely, with the screaming of metal, the two halves of the ship start moving towards each other. You’ve taken some of the burden off Peter, but now it feels like you’re pushing and shoving against a brick wall that refuses to budge.

A sharp pain slices through your head, agonizing enough to make you whimper. You wipe at the thick, warm blood that gushes from your nose, wondering if this is the punishment that comes from a year of pretending that you were normal, that you weren’t a freak who should be locked up far, far away, where you couldn’t hurt anyone.

Your hands tremble. The ship groans, threatening to collapse, and more frantic screams split the air. You wonder if Peter’s one of them, screaming with the effort of holding three tons of metal together. Gritting your teeth against the pain, you shove the two halves back into place once again, sweat dribbling down your neck and into your collar. There is only one thought looping through your mind: Don’t let go. If you do, it’ll be the Titanic all over again. People will die. Peter will die.

And you know that if he does, you won’t ever recover.

You and Peter are still holding the boat together when Tony Stark comes swooping in.

Never in your life have you been so happy to see him.

a slow burn ship/plot of two best friends (a “straight” one and a gay one omg) where the gay one is just really casual/nonchalant and flirts with his straight friend bc that’s just who he is and the straight friend is fine with it (bc i am NOT HERE for those homophobic types who can’t even let their friend joke around with them like jfc) and like… just eventually they get really drunk/high/etc one night and things end up happening and it’s kind of just like? a snowball effect of the straight one questioning about if he’s actually straight and then it leads to just… a cute relationship where it’s just like “we’re dating now but like before anything you’re my best friend. we might break up, or fight, or whatever, but you will always be my best friend” and just CUTE SHIPPY SHIT FAM with only a little smut thrown in (okay maybe occasionally a lot, i just want this to be more about their relationship than their sex k fam)