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Dating Draco Malfoy would include

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  • Him feeling like you deserve better
  • Summers at his house he feels a little less lonely
  • Making sure he knows that you love him
  • Encouraging him to follow his dreams and not to do what  other people want him to do
  • Him glaring all the time
  • Being each other’s first time
  • Cute sex
  • Like slow and really sweet sex
  • Kinky sex
  • Seriously hand-holding, you leaning into him, your head on his shoulder
  • Quick kisses before class
  • him doing any and everything to make you laugh
  • Draco being jealous a lot
  • Like when Harry talks to you
  • Or anyone, for that matter
  • “Draco I don’t know why you’re so jealous, i only have eyes for you”
  • “Because darling, you’re mine and only mine, why can’t people understand that”
  • “you’re so cute when you’re jealous”
  • Draco being really shy at the beginning of your relationship
  • And you being a little skeptical that he was just a cocky guy at first
  • You realizing you were wrong halfway through the first date
  • Draco being really awkward with you at first
  • Draco having a crush on you for a really long time before you start dating
  • Draco being protective AF
  • Him constantly talking to about you to crabbe and goyle
  • Them lokey shipping you two so hard
  • Draco always defending you if someone is mean towards you
  • “Draco did you seriously say that to them?’
  • “They deserved it because of what they did to you.”
  • “… Thanks.”
  • “Anytime.”
  • You would end up with a very high tolerance for sarcasm, and you would slowly be able to reply with sarcasm
  • him always taking pictures of you because he thinks you’re the most gorgeous person in the world
  • and he’d keep a photo album full of pictures of the two of you
  • You thinking he was a player before dating
  • Him actually being a sweetheart
  • You always being there for him when he’s sad and vise versa
  • Draco spending a lot of his time trying to make you feel like the queen you are
The Fiancée: Kylo x Reader drabble

A/N ok so this was an idea I had… not sure where to take this. I’m leaving it up to my padawans. the intent is to imply that Kylo is up to no good and so is the reader. this is not my first time writing but this is my first time writing a drabble. if you want a part two just lemme know!

warnings: none. future cheating? forbidden love?  

words: 1.5k

Drabble and One shot requests are NOW open.

Today was a big day for Armitage Hux. He made sure every detail of the finalizer was in place and he made sure every inch of the ship was clean. cleaner than usual. He had his room redecorated twice; never satisfied with how it looked. He showered longer than usual and groomed himself slowly so that no hair on his copper head was out of place. He sent for his boots to be shined and his uniform to be pressed. Armitage made sure to keep his cat Millicent away from his clothing. He kept her in her cage; which he never did but it was only necessary to make sure her fur didn’t cling to his crisp clean uniform. Today was a big day… today was the day his fiancée came for a visit.

The shuttle she was on would be landing soon, and he couldn’t have been any more excited. It had been just about six months since they had last seen each other. They kept in contact when he could but he had been so busy with the plans for the first orders new weapon and the tantrums of the Commander that he had become distracted and forgot about his dearly beloved. Armitage felt bad for neglecting her so he had arranged for her to stay with him for as long as she pleased. Once they were married she would have to become familiar with the finalizer, for it would be her new home along with Starkiller base once it was completed.

Smiling genuinely, he stood tall in the docking bay as the shuttle touched down. As the ramp came down he only smiled wider. Out stepped some of his men carrying her things and marching straight to his quarters. They saluted as they passed and he nodded his head. He could have cared less if they had stopped to acknowledge him; he was focused on something else, and when she stepped out last he nearly lost his composure.

Walking elegantly as if she were gliding on air, she moved to him. Removing the scarf from around her head she let her beautiful curled long (y/h/c) locks flow freely. Her ruby red lips curled in a smile and her eyes sparkled. She was just as beautiful as ever.

“Hello, my darling kitty.” sighed Hux happily as he kissed his fiancée’s cheek.

“Hello, my love.” She greeted back.

Armitage gently took her hands and kisses them both as well, before finally kissing her plush lips.

“Was the flight well?”

“A bit rough but nothing I couldn’t handle.”

“Excellent, Allow me to show you my- I mean our quarters.” He winked.

Once she was settled and relaxed he took her to the bridge of the ship so he could carry out his business and still spend time with his darling kitty. She had no business being there other than she was the future Mrs. General Armitage Hux, and no one was going to tell her to leave. She stood center out of everyone’s way, but her Klein blue beaded dress made it hard for her to go unnoticed. She was the most colorful thing in the room and her positive ora brought joy to the officers around her. When Hux was happy they were happy, and his fiancé being there was a blessing to them all… all but one man. The one man that hated everything, Commander Ren.

He was heavy on his feet, and suddenly the room was filled with tension and anxiety. He marched straight for the general saying something almost un-audible to her ears but the General seemed to understand it. His smile was gone and his eyebrows were creased in anger. He looked to her then to Ren and sighed.

“Kitty, I am most sorry. It seems something has come up. Stay here, will you? I won’t be long. Commander Ren here will keep you company.” He turned back the man in the mask. “Mind your manners, Ren.”

If he could have seen through the Commander’s mask he would have seen him roll his eyes. The Commander honestly didn’t care. He had no vendetta against her and she had done nothing to deserve his backlash. Though he was not a kind man, the Commander knew if he left her alone the General would leave him alone and that’s all he wanted.

She stood with her hands crossed in front of her. “It’s very lovely to meet you, Commander Ren. I’m (y/f) (y/l)-”

“I don’t care.” He said simply, voice covered in layers of synthetic sound.

“Oh well alright,” she smiled then nodded, “those are very lovely robes you are wearing. A bit more tattered for my taste but I’m sure they have great stories to tell.”

The Commander looked down at the woman to his left. She was so small compared to him and he could crush her like nothing if he wanted to. It wouldn’t take much of the force to break her delicate neck. He played through the scenario of killing her and determined it wouldn’t be a fair fight. She was far to petit and defenseless to protect herself. The Commander wondered if protection and safety were why she chose the General.  Kylo Ren wasn’t one for emotion but he wasn’t blind. She was attractive. far too decent looking for Armitage and far too nice.

“I like your helmet. It really does intimidate.” She said softly to the Commander, and he tilted his head intrigued.

(y/n) smiled; eyeing him up and down. “You know- not many people can pull off black but you pull it off very well, Commander.”

“Must you speak to me?” He muttered, rather sourly.

“Yes, who else will I talk to?” She countered.

Kylo growled taking a step to his left. “You’re standing too close to me.”

“Dearest apologies, Commander.”


“Stop what?”

“With all the politeness!” He gestured with his hands.

(y/n)’s jaw dropped as Kylo’s hand flew in the air. She snatched his hand squeezing it in her own. 

“My- What large hands you have, Commander! Amazing!”

“Ok, no touching!” He hissed pulling himself free.

Interrupted, (y/n) was approached by an officer who bowed awkwardly.

“Oh, I love your uniform.” She complimented.

“Thank you, ma'am. It’s the same as everyone else.”

(y/n) laughed. “Yes, but you wear it differently- dare I say better than everyone else.”

The officer blushed. “The General has requested your presence for tea.”

“Oh, I do love a good tea!” (y/n) clapped, knowing exactly what that meant. “Commander Ren, would you mind helping me back to the Generals quarters? I’m still getting familiar with the corridors.”

Kylo shrugged and lead the way.

He was silent the entire walk to the General’s private quarters but she was not. He was irked by the spring in her step and couldn’t stand the way she complimented the officers every time they passed on in the corridors. She even found a way to complement each stormtrooper individually; no two compliments were alike.

When they had reached the destination Kylo sighed in relief.

“My darling kitty, just in time for tea.” Smirked the General as he stood in the doorway. “I was beginning to think I’d have to have a cup alone.”

She laughed. “As if you’d ever start without me.”

Armitage took (y/n)’s hand and gently kissed. “Is that one lump or two?”

“We shall see how I feel after the first cup of tea.” She winked before stepping in.

Suddenly Kylo realized it wasn’t tea they were talking about at all and he shivered in disgust.

“Was he good to you, kitty?” Armitage said, more for Ren then he did as a question for (y/n).

“Oh most definitely-” She smiled as she poked her head into the doorway. “-So kind he is, and a great listener too!”

“Really, a good listener?” Hux sneered. “Wish he listened to me as well as he did you.”

(y/n) kissed Armitage’s cheek and looked at him with a fake pout. “Come now darling, the tea.”

Kylo stood awkwardly; it wasn’t like he needed to be dismissed. The General had already walked away and he had already escorted her where she needed to be.

“Goodbye, see you tomorrow commander Ren.” She smirked, blew him a kiss, then shut the automatic door.

“See me tomorrow?” He thought to himself in a far to chipper tone.

Why in the galaxy did she plan on seeing him tomorrow, but why in the galaxy did he get excited?

Tabby my darling, please forgive this yoongi loving, puddle sinner. I was feeling some type of way hahah but I toned it down some~~

I tried to use your color palette (bc i love it) but it didn’t come out that good…



“ahh Jemma Redgrave, she’s a fine looking big woman isn’t she? a big darling!” 

“now I always think that Jemma looks like she’s being embraced by a midget wearing nail polish there” *laughter* …“she’s being embraced by Imelda Staunton”..


p.s ^ Notable appearance by Louise Delamere who played Colette in Holby city, who I shipped so hard with Serena I can’t explain. And yes that is Rupert Giles s h o o k e t h. Did I mention the film also stars Charlotte Church??

*All quotes by director Craig Ferguson and some other producer dude*


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spones for the ship asks?

Send Me A Ship And I’ll Tell You Who…

Drinks all of the coffee

BONES for real. Doctor is grumpy in the morning (and maybe hungover) without his coffee. Spock doesn’t drink coffee (not even Vulcan Mocha) but he drinks tea and they’d squabble over whether hot tea is better than iced and why coffee is bad for you/stunts your growth (which would infuriate Bones) while tea is good for you “without a clotting amount of sucrose” (more angry Bones). Spock tries coffee ONCE and underestimates how powerful it is (Bones might have added espresso) which causes him to spend alpha shift trying to do everyone’s jobs at once. It annoys the crap out of most of the crew but Kirk thinks it’s the best thing ever. He tries to convince Bones to do the same thing with liquor.

Brings up adopting a pet

Spock. He’s such an animal lover. Brings up getting a Sehlat and Bones teases him about wanting a teddy bear until he *sees* the h u g e freaking things (as Spock goes up to one and calmly pets it) and is a little impressed that baby Spock managed one. Though he’d never say that of course. Eventually they decide that Starfleet takes up too much of their time to properly care for a pet while they’re in it. When they retire they go to Vulcan (Bones can take the heat, he’s from the south) with a sehlat named Tiberius that Bones “spoils rotten” according to Spock, and a sort of weird bioengineered dog named Hank that looks like a bloodhound but was built for the Vulcan atmosphere. (Spock voices some doubt to this fact given that Hank seems to always be sleeping. Bones tells him Hank’s resting up incase something good happens.)

Kills the bugs

Bones. He grew up in the SOUTH for godsake. Spock would merely shoo them away or trap them then release them outside. (There are no bugs in space so this is either on missions or back home) Though Spock actually likes bugs and will catch them for fun/to examine. Bones does not like this especially since Spock will cavalierly walk up to him and hold out his hands only to reveal a huge/possibly alien/hairy bug thing and start lecturing Bones on what it is while Bones tries to remember what a normal heartrate feels like.

Cooks the meals

Bones. Good ol’ Georgian cooking (though he’s a bit of a bachelor in the sense that he only cooks when he HAS to and would rather have someone else cook it. He doesn’t mind synthesized food but he swears he can taste the difference despite Spock informing him there’s no molecular difference.) Spock isn’t very enthusiastic about Bone’s cooking because he’s Vulcan and they think saltines are too flavorful but Bones CAN NOT tolerate Vulcan food so if someone’s cooking it’s him.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should

They’re both grumpy when it comes to holidays but down to the wire Bones probably celebrates more than Spock. He at least had traditions around Christmas and Halloween and the like. Spock wasn’t raised to celebrate earth holidays but might participate. (If Bones forces him) Spock observes Vulcan holidays (though there aren’t very many) with the exact amount of enthusiasm as he was taught to display. He’s not very interested in trying to get Bones to learn the disciplines of Surak, though after they get into a fight (debate?) over Bones’ disrespect of Vulcans/their culture, the doctor tries to learn a little just to be supportive. (He still cannot perform the ta'al though. Spock thinks it’s funny but he would never say.)

Initiates the couple selfies

Kirk. HEAR ME OUT! Spock thinks photographs should be used solely for documenting important things/research/etc and Bones is a Grumpy Old Guy™ who definitely complains about the younger generation (Kirk) taking so many goddamn selfies. So they would have approximately 3 photos of the two of them and they’d likely all be official group photos from Starfleet events. But Kirk ships them HARD (his two best friends dating is hilariously cute to him) and would, as a result, sneak photos of them whenever possible. Them eating in the mess hall, playing chess, talking on the bridge, and ONCE a photo of them exchanging a brief Vulcan kiss before a particularly dangerous mission. (I still think that Spock sticking his tongue down Uhura’s throat was OOC as hell. Inappropriate and emotional not to mention breaking regulations and revealing their secret relationship. He wouldn’t even break regulations when it meant he was gonna DIE. But I digress.) Spock eventually catches on and his ears will flush green if he sees Kirk photographing them (which only makes the photos cuter according to the captain) but Bones doesn’t catch on until Kirk forgets to turn off the flash one time and tries to take a picture of Bones feeding Spock a piece of alien cuisine on a mission. The flash goes off and everyone goes dead silent and Bones just sloooowly turns to Kirk and there’s a pause before Kirk stands up and HAULS ASS OUT OF THERE screaming “BEAM ME UP!!!” into his communicator as Spock attempts to restrain a near-rabid-Bones.

Kirk escapes alive, though his next few doctors appointments include a lot of hypos.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

On the one hand, Spock is Vulcan and probably doesn’t care. On the other, his memory is near perfect. Bones doesn’t seem the type to care about anniversaries much unless it’s a BIG one (marriage) but he’ll definitely get Spock birthday presents (either gag gifts he presents with an overly cheerful air or serious ones he hucks at Spock grumblingly and leaves before the Vulcan can react). Spock will either ask Bones what he wants to have happen for his birthday or seek Kirk’s assistance (which might not end well) in throwing a party/giving him presents.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

Bones but barely. He’s a doctor and Spock is a Vulcan so neither would be overly into junkfood (Kirk coughcough) but Bones does enjoy his southern delights (peach pie, apple fritters, liquor, etc) while Spock’s idea of indulgence is adding redspice to his plomeek soup.

Nicknames the other

BONES are you KIDDING ME?! He’s constantly giving his hobgoblin green blooded pointy eared robot alien boyfriend nicknames. He finds out which ones Spock is too sensitive about and doesn’t use them but Spock grows to understand the doctor means them affectionately. (Well. Not affectionate when they first met, but… over time) Spock retaliates ONCE and it nearly scars Bones for life. He had just made some crack about how dating Spock was the same as standing next to a wall and calling it “darling” and Spock (in front of the entire bridge and without turning away from his screen) said “That statement is illogical given that walls cannot hear nor speak. I am able to do both along with several other amorous activities you do not seem to mind, *darling*.”

Kirk passed out from laughing so hard and Bones didn’t revisit the bridge for a solid week.

Boyfriend Johnny...

• he complimented your shirt when you guys first met
• “listen pal, I also have a cool shirt collection that consist of super corn… Super broccoli..”
• you honestly thought he was a salesperson instead of an idol
• right off the hook he friendzoned you
• or as you thought
• his term of endearment is a list consisting of but not limited to: piece of poo, smol loser, midget, piggy, dingus
• you are dating now and he still rarely calls you bae!!!
• “hey loser can you help me with these dishes”
• it doesn’t matter if you’re 30cm shorter than him or 2cm shorter if you are shorter he will call you smol!!!!
• boyfriend Johnny is never boring… EVER
• he takes you on adventures even in your living room
• you know how when you were a kid you would have an imaginary best friend whom you’d talk to while building forts
• that best friend is no longer imaginary he is named Johnny and he is also your boyfriend
• he got a cardboard box, placed you in it and pushed you around the house
• you guys also bake together
• “mommy mommy let’s bake a cake together!! I want rainbow”
• “ Johnny I know your fans call you daddy but I never knew you had a mommy kink”
• he doesn’t but his 5 year old high pitched voice is just annoying
• you might’ve accidentally left him in the kitchen cause you had to run to the store to get icing
• you find yourself walking through the door with a smoke filled house, a black cake, and a whiny johnny with several burnt fingers
• time goes by so fast when you’re with him, but ironically the hands of time also turn back as you guys live as 5 year olds again
• surprising as it is, Johnny is also really romantic
• but romantically awkward
• he once brought mark on a date with you guys with the excuse of Mark needing ideas to court a girl
• Johnny was uneasy the entire time and was constantly looking over at Mark
• you literally thought Johnny was going to propose to you after 3 months of dating
• “Johnny is there something you’d like to tell me…”
• Mark comes back with a green balloon after he excused himself to go to the “washroom”
• Johnny starts off a speech on why he loves you
• “I know we’ve only been going out for a bit, but I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful. I’ve never met anyone with such a beautiful… SHIT!”
• you look up and realized that Johnny accidentally loses the balloon that Mark gave him
• “THAT BALLOON HAD A PROMISE RING WORTH 400000₩ ($351, €303)!!!!”
• Mark looks up at the sky… then looks at you…then looks up at the sky…then looks Johnny before laughing
• “Johnny that truly was one as long ass ride”
• you engulfed Johnny into a tight embrace and laughed along with Mark
• “ I don’t need a promise ring, just promise me you’ll love me for a long time”
• johnny replies, “ is forever long enough for you?”
• Johnny is really cheesy
• Johnny also makes a lot of sex jokes
• you’ll sometimes hear Ten and Johnny just laughing and you know it was a sex joke
• sometimes you ship Tenny more than your own relationship
• sometimes Johnny ships Tenny more than he ships you guys
• Ten calls Johnny “darling”
• so sometimes you’ll randomly burst out “darling darling darling” just to tease Johnny
• he likes to wrap his giant arms around you
• and kiss the back of your head
• he also likes to kiss your forehead
• and your lips
• but it may be hard to reach
• “ I don’t want to get on all fours just to kiss you…”
• you kicked his groin and ran off declaring that you’ll never kiss him ever again
• he chased after you, picked you up bridal style and kissed you softly on the nose
• he’s a good kisser
• among other things
• he also laughs a lot
• but you can’t help but to smile and laugh after seeing him happy
• he’s been through a lot
• so on the nights that you’re upset he comes over with a care package filled with your favourite little treats
• actually he comes over more times than you invite him with your favourite treats
• he builds a blanket fort for you guys to snuggle
• Johnny is so SARCASTIC
• “okay dear YES I LOVE it so so much”
• “shut heLL UP JOHNNY”
• whenever you are annoyed with him he will kiss it away
• he just really likes to kiss you
• and likes to make fun of you
• but he would always make you realize that choosing a clumsy, lanky, sarcastic LOSER is the best thing you’ve ever decided on

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top five Big Kisses?

I totally used this as an excuse to rewatch every web series kiss I loved. It was so hard choosing. I’m interpreting “Big Kisses” as first kisses / kisses that ended the unresolved romantic tension and I’m including the conversation surrounding the kiss as well as the actual kiss in my judgement Some of them aren’t even my fave ships - they just had good Big Kiss moments.

  1. Jack and Bitty - Check Please #2.18 Goodbye for the Summer
  2. Victoria and Eli - Frankenstein MD #24 Alone Together
  3. Lizzie and Darcy - The Lizzie Bennet Diaries #97 Gratitude
  4. John Darling and John Smee - New Peter and Wendy #3.13 Red Handed Jack
  5. Alice and Andrew - Classic Alice #53 Great Expectations


teaandchess replied to your post “Fuck that asshole, Misha. At chicon he fucking stirred the destiew pot…”

from a megstiel shipper standpoint, this is so fucking irritating and why I have such a hard time with Misha these days… he can’t even acknowledge our CANON ship without giving a bone to the destiel people for fear of reprisal on his popularity with them

That is a great point darling. Instead of just giving the Megstiel fans something to smile about, he has to ALSO cater to them at every opportunity. 

Enjoy this CANON Megstiel kiss.

Pure guilty pleasure time thanks to the amazing @kazeknight who wanted a “date pack“ for the OT3. I have no idea where they’re going. Dragon Games with romantic vibes? Jousting tournament where Darling is competing? Idk.

But yea, I ship this thing so hard. Three strong women in varying degrees of mental , physical, and spiritual strengths? Give it to me.

Disclaimer- All the outfit designs were created by me, the characters themselves belong to Mattel.

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Hi!! Can I get a HP, AHS, and Marvel ship? If not all 3 than any one of them, your choice!! I'm 5'3 on a good day with curly pink and brown hair and really really green eyes. I'm very friendly to everybody and have been told I'm hilarious. I like to joke around and have a hard time being taken seriously sometimes. I love to sing and play piano! Also the ocean is my actual favorite thing if it helps. (PS I'm a slytherin!!) Sorry this is so long!! Thanks! 💕💕

u sound lovely omg


I ship you with George Weasley!

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I ship you with Jimmy Darling!

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I ship you with St. John Allerdyce (Pyro)!

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