i ship them with all my soul

alright im ready to cry and die 

time to find out what my true otp is

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giga-P is gone bless your beautiful soul giga-san



well i guess this was expected you guys dont really know how to handle weapons since you play volleyball




byebye gerita your sausage and pasta will forever be remebered rip


happiness is killing all my ships is this some sort of sick joke?!?!






mikayuu why this is killing me yo






im crying this is not okay i will never be happy in my entire life again 


Before ACOWAR, I used to ship Elucien because I thought of them as a broken Lucien, and a happy, smiley, flower loving Elain healing him from all that deep depression. After reading ACOWAR however my view totally changed. I think they do no fit at all. Lucien is firey and sarcastic, and quick witted, while Elain is the one who’s broken. She needs a gentle soul like Azriel to understand her and take care of her, while simultaneously she’s taking care of him. I mean it would mean the world to Azriel if after 500 years dealing with unrequited love, Elain comes along and chooses to love him and to be with him, even after the mating bond with Lucien. That would be everything! <3 Oh, and Lucien needs someone who can knock some sense into him and give him courage by being honest and not sugar coating things, like Vassa totally could.

tachiagare  asked:

Hi! For the poses meme, Victuuri 3c owo or You annnd idk who you ship her with but Chika I guess?

and I raise shameless Banquet Victuuri + disheveled&horrified Yurio in your honor  🍸 🍸🍸

(I also did YouChika but since I received multiple requests of them I will put them all together~~♥).

  • them: what are you thinking about?
  • what I say: nothing
  • what I mean: is Jimin in love with Jungkook or is he just very affectionate? is Jikook real? of course it's fucking real, I'll fight myself over it - they went to Japan alone together so will they make love all night? will they cuddle? kiss? are they going to have romantic dinners? look at each other like there's no one else in the room? wake up in each other's arms? share a single bed even though their room has two? will Jimin caress Jungkook's hair when he's sleeping? will he wear Jungkook's sweater on his naked body in the morning? will Jungkook just die over how beautiful Jimin is? will he hug him from the back whenever he can? I NEED ANSWERS but I want them to be happy and not be bothered by anyone - all I want is one boyfriend selfie, Jimin - please, do what you do best and-

Do I ship Klance with all my soul? Yes

Do I love Keith and Lance equally? Yes

Do I adore the fanart and fanfics that are made for the ship? Yes

Do I love how their relationship semantics go? Yes

Would I like to see more interaction between them? Yes

Would I like the idea of it becoming canon? Yes

Do I go around harrasing other people with a different ship than mine? No

Do I use an extremely triggering subject just for the sake of discrediting other ships? No

Do I harrass VA and Producers from Voltron just because they support or express an idea that goes against my ship? No

Do I go around trying to convince other people that their ship is innapropriate and by shipping it they automatically become a bad person? No

Do I constantly harass the creators and VAs to pressure them and clearly making them uncomfortable by bringing the canonicity of my ship? No

Do I put post prohibiting other people to like my content or comment on it just because they ship something I do not? No

Do I send hate messages and death threats to other people because they ship something I do not? No

So all of you that supposedly are fans of Voltron, pull yourselves together. A true fan loves the content that is given and does not harrass the people that bring it to life.

You guys claim to be good and like to delude yourselves with the idea that you are helping by not supporting “pedophilia”, but immediately attack Jeremy Shada, after he says he sees Klance as a brotherly relationship.

Mature and respectful people do not attack or send death threats to others or claim that other ships are “pedophilic” even when there is two years of difference between the characters, just to dismiss them.

True fans do not stop or threaten to stop watching the show just because Klance may not be canon.

I know there is a lot of posts out there saying that not all Klance shippers are antis or are respectful. I totally agree with that.

However, we have to admit that the Klance shippers are the majority of the problem, and while the others do make fun of the ship, become antis themselves, or mock Klancers, it is because they have been harrased by Klance shippers and cannot help but feel salty, even if the way the others behave isn’t right either.

So yeah….. Grow the fuck up you guys

Why canon ships suck

So! You like a ship, right?

You want that ship to become canon, but it hasn’t yet, or never will.

So what do you do?

You read fanfiction, of course!

In many people’s opinions, fanfiction can often be better than canon. It allows us to explore ships, characters, alternate universes… and sometimes we encounter authors who do it way better than the canon writers do. It’s pretty spectacular, to be honest.

Fanfiction and fandom allows us to explore the what-ifs. The ‘what would happen if this event didn’t happen, or this character didn’t die, or these two characters met who never did in canon’. It provides us an avenue to ‘fix’ what canon screwed up – well, in some people’s minds. In an age where we are only just starting to get LGBT+ representation on the screen, or in books (but only really just now, in any fair way), fanfiction gives slash/femslash/polyamory shippers a place to explore the ships that they wish were on screen – but aren’t yet, unfortunately. I know that fandom is a bastion for me in that regard.

But… have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if your ship became canon?

In my opinion…

…and in the minds of a few people whom I have spoken to at length on this topic… canon makes the ships less fun.

They’re together. The people we shipped, the people we wrote fics about… they’re together. What more is there to write or read about? Yeah sure, you could still write some fics, especially legacy and alternate universes. But there will be far less interest in it after the fact. Fanfiction is more often than not a place to explore the ‘getting together’ part of a relationship, and once they’re together, besides wrapping up the plot… what fun is there?

Not much, honestly.

Yeah, there’s the whole fandom attitude of ‘winning’ over another ship. And maybe the canon ship breaks up and ends with someone else. That is entirely possible. But I’m talking about those ships that become canon and end the series/movies/books that way. Yep, we can be gleeful that we ‘won’. We can dance and say nananabooboo! and be all happy and whatnot. ‘Winning’ a ship war can be fun.

But do you know what those shippers have that we don’t, after everything is said and done?

… they get to keep writing/reading fanfic, and it’s interesting for them, exciting, and they can ignore the scene/episode/movie/book/epilogue (I’m looking at you, J.K. Rowling) at their leisure. When we get our canon ship… it sort of, I dunno, ends there for a lot of people.

It kinda sucks.

Actually, it really sucks.

So, you know what? I don’t want my ships to become canon. Or, at the very least, I would love evidence that they’re moving in that direction, at the end of whatever it is, TV/movie/book, that I’m watching or reading. That way I’ve got this pretty strong feeling that they’re going to end up together… but, like… they aren’t actually together.

So then I can write whatever I want, whatever I see as possible for them getting together.

I just don’t want to be spoon-fed.

So… I’m looking at you, Johnlock. I’m looking at you, Hannigram. I’m looking at you, Reylo. I’m looking at you, SSHG. I’m looking at you, Stucky/Stony. 

Basically what I’m trying to say is… that I really enjoy it when my ship becomes canon… but then I lose the fandom love for it. Then it just becomes another aspect of the show/movie/book, and not a way of life, in a way. Because fandom/fanfiction… shipping… it thrives on the unknown. Thrives on the fix-its. Thrives on the getting-together.

Once we have all that. Once we have the known, the fixes, the getting together, the wrapping up… it’s not fun anymore.

But I’m not saying I don’t enjoy when things are pointing in my ship’s favor. :)

So, let’s take a look at a few stats.

I’m not diving deep here, because there are a lot of facts that don’t get taken into account with the numbers. You have to have been part of the fandom to understand the ins and outs, when a fandom was popular, and what effect the decade it was popular in had on a ship or fandom, or the decline of a ship over a certain amount of time, or after it becomes canon (because a ship can still be at the top of the charts, but its fic contributions rapidly declined after it became canon), or if a fandom moved to another website, or was/is more prevalent on another site or whatever, etc. But the numbers are still interesting.

So yeah, this isn’t thoroughly researched empirical data, but… it’s a start.

Red = non-canon, blue = canon (I’m not outlining all of them, just a couple here and there.)

(Edit 9/10/17: Since some people have insinuated some rude things about me, I would like to clarify my stance. I went into it briefly above, but obviously I should have delved more. 

Because writers of books/tv/movies these days are still less likely to write in an LGBT+ romance, the statement that canon ships suck still holds true. As a bisexual and polyamorous woman, I know that it’s very unlikely that I will see the latter, and that it is not something common to see the former, either.

So fanfiction has become something of a safe haven for myself and others in that regard.

HOWEVER, I would be beyond ecstatic if there was a poly relationship, for example, but as long as it was done with respect. I would be beyond ecstatic for a gay or lesbian relationship, that was treated well and respectfully and not fetishized. Not there for shock value. Which is starting to happen more, I’m pleased to note (the ships happening, not the fetishizing).

Take one of my favorite ships: Hannigram. I love it. I ship it on and off screen. On the show and in fanfiction. I mean it practically is canon. I would very likely still read fanfiction even if/when they continue the series and it becomes a reality. Because I’m pretty damn sure that they would show the good and the bad of the relationship and keep it interesting.

And oh my goodness I would be beyond ecstatic if Marvel would follow through on Stucky. I think we all would be. Gah!

And like… if Star Wars would finally give me a polyamorous relationship as part of its main, or near-to, characters… it would warm my soul to feel a part of me recognized in mainstream culture. And you’d be damn sure I’d still be shipping it.

(Game of Thrones had a really good opportunity to make Rhaegar and Elia and Lyanna married, all three of them, but instead they stomped all over poor Elia and her children… my heart!)

As some people have pointed out, a lot of writers don’t know how to write a relationship after they’ve gotten together. This feels true to me. Good examples of the opposite, though, are Bones and Castle and Outlander, and even Shadowhunters with Malec, and Buffy. Usually, though, writers don’t quite know what to do with characters once they’ve gotten them to this point.

This is what I am referencing when I say I have bad experience liking ships after they become canon.

But I am SO here for writers getting better at it. Especially as they start to explore LGBT+ and minority representation. 

(And maybe part of why I don’t like canon ships… is because I am also bored with the het white ships that keep popping up… just a thought that came to me reading comments and reblogs. It’s worth considering.)

I don’t check out if the ship becomes canon. Not at all. I cheer alongside the rest of people.

All I am referencing is that the fanfiction about these canon relationships (something I typically love more than canon) seems to suffer and peter out afterwards.

And here is my response ^ that will now be viewed as “the lady doth protest too much”. But whatever.

Enjoy. xoxo)

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i may or may not have used this post as an excuse to talk more about these ridiculous angsty characters that have taken over my life

ok bye

Owari no Seraph Chapter 56 TRANSLATED

Part One: Read Here! 

Part Two: Read Here!

Part Three: Read Here!

Part Four: Read Here!

Part Five: Read Here!

Translations by: @panadabro (( Thank you for bearing with me LOL ))

Editing by: @lestkarrkingofeurope (( I’M SORRY FOR MISSING LAST MONTH AAAAAAA ))

(( Okay okay I was really worried I was going to miss this month again bc I was on a three day tour trip on the weekends, BUT HEY NO I’M HERE AND I MADE IT LOLOLOL - also onto more pressing matters, I sincerely hope Kagami doesn’t pull what I think he’s gonna pull with Shinoa and Yuu bc God forbid this fandom was chaotic and toxic enough when the series first started out with the godddamn MikaYuu and YuuNoa ship wars. Don’t start it up again, please, for the sake of all that is holy. ))



Okay but talking about the chapter…again there’s not really much I think of it because I wanna see more of the vampires so…

BUT I honestly love Aoi and Kureto and their relationship /SOBS LOUDLY AT THEM 

Also I want to guess that either Tenri IS the First Progenitor reincarnated over and over OR his weapon is the first progenitor - I DUNNO BOTH CAN BE WRONG BUT I JUST KNOW THAT TENRI HAS /SOMETHING/ TO DO WITH THE FIRST PROGENITOR AND OH BOI AM I READY FOR THIS AAAAAAA

Also off topic sort of, in earlier chapter when Crowley was peering into one of the tanks, and Yuu was asking him if it was someone he knew, most considered that it was the boy back from Crowley’s human years that was always by his side [Jose was it? idk LOL] but like…OKAY JUST HEAR ME OUT! What if…WHAT IF instead of the boy…it was either Horn and Chess? I MEAN OKAY THAT SEEMS MORE FAR-FETCHED THAN THE BOY BUT JUST THINK ABOUT IT?? WE HAVEN’T SEEN THOSE TWO IN A WHILE SO ??? I DUNNO MAN I’M JUST SAYING W H A T I F TH O U GH ???

Alright I think I’ve rambled enough honestly lololol please enjoy reading the chapter and I WANT TO SEE MORE OF LEST KARR PLEASE THANK YOU KAGAMI.


I’ve been intense BNHA trash as of late. I’m sweating for the next chapter to come out. But I’ve honestly fallen so SO SO hard for All Might and Midoriya like??? I want them to be happy. I want one canon hug between them and my soul will ascend thank you.

  • Lance: Hey Keith, my boyfriend's better than yours!!!
  • Keith holding Lance's face, foreheads touching, looking into his eyes: You are the light of my life, the most beautiful boy I have every laid eyes on and everyday I wonder what in the universe I did to deserve someone as perfect as you. I love you, with all my heart and soul and would cross over galaxies to find you if you were ever in trouble, which is why if I have to hear you say anything deprecating about yourself again I will need you to write down the first and last names of anyone that has ever said anything bad about you and destroy them.
  • Lance: *literally dies*

The only woman who completes Oliver’s soul is Felicity Smoak. She is his always.

Oliver Queen is Felicity’s heart, he is her perfect match and she loves him in a million different ways. 

If there’s no one for either of them but each other, then there’s no one else for me either.

Olicity is my OTP. OTP means ONE True Ship. I’m loyal to my OTP. Reblog if you’re loyal too. 


I laugh at that name every time, and I’m not even sorry.

So I haven’t touched the 2 latest episodes because I’m lazy, but this was so much fun that I had to devote some time screaming to it! So get ready kids, because there is screaming (and spoilers) below the cut.

Though first: someone who’s never seen Camp Camp tell me what’s going on in this picture:

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so uh
i like rwby and i like dogs/foxes so?????
drew some dumb fluffy ships and the like [tosses confetti]
this was nice practice for drawing fur and trying to make animal face shapes different. plus i’m a big nerd who loves to pick dog breeds out for each character based on their appearance/personality (faunus included) (yeah ik blake’s a cat but i drew her as a wolfdog) (sun & velv are a moneky and a rabbit respectively and i drew them as mutts as well)

i have reasons for every breed picked out probably lmao
idk this is dumb
don’t sue

Liberty Pt.7

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Peggy x Steve, Wanda x Sam

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo, Brock Rumlow, Alexander Pierce, surprise character!

Warnings for this fic: Angst, smut, running away, profanity, violence, self defense practicing, injury, alcohol.

Warnings for this chapter: Hungover!Reader, kisses and tickling (fluff), violence (slight gore) sexual harassment, implied necrophilia (shit gets real guys im sorry) death, family issues, guns, daggers, threats.

Word Count: 3217

A/N: enjoy, put a lot of thought into this chapter, my head is spinning! I’m also taking the heading out of new chapters now to keep it tidier.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6


“Y/N… Did your father ever tell you where that lullaby is from?” Bucky asked, he could feel the unwanted tears pool in his eyes.

“Mmm, he ne’er told me, why’d y’ask Buck?” You mumbled in your relaxed state.

“Doll… That’s a lullaby only pirates know.”


You were fast asleep before you could hear the words, the hangover hitting you prematurely. Bucky shifted you off of his lap to lay on your side on the king size bed. He admired your sleeping form; hair mussed and fanned against the pillow behind you, lips parted ever so slightly, a light snore coming from your mouth. He chuckled before draping the covers over you and kissing your temple.

As Bucky shifted out of the bedchamber, he made his way to the main deck to Steve, Peggy, Sam and Wanda. Both couples were dancing merrily as Bucky approached them. Judging by his scrunched features, they knew something was amiss.

Psst, guys, I need to to tell you something, like, right now.

They all gathered to the galley, ushering the two men that were situated in there outside.

What’s happened? Is everything alright, James?” Peggy pushed, worried for the man in front of her.

I-I’ve just put Y/N to bed and, er,” Bucky stuttered, not knowing how to wrap his head around the subject, “she requested if she could sing me a lullaby, albeit it was actually her going to sleep, and… the one she sang, it… it was a pirate’s lullaby, thought some of the words were missing I recognized them perfectly. Her father is a governor, she told me herself- she told me her father used to sing it to her when she was a babe, her mother had died during childbirth.”  

It took a while for the group to adjust to Bucky’s confession, the thought of you knowing such a rare poem, known only to pirates, shook them.

Steve cleared his throat, “Surely there must be some coincidence? Maybe… Maybe her father heard it from someone whom he was traveling the seas with?” He pondered, and Peggy wrapped her hands around his arm, squeezing him with a smile.

Steve, always the man who had faith in the most unlikely people, even if he didn’t know them.

N-No, I wouldn’t think so. We all know Pirates sing those lullabies to their own kin, they don’t sing them when they’re wandering or in enemy territory, or anywhere off their ships, for that matter. There must be some sort of connection?” Bucky was pacing now, making conspiracies throughout his head and Wanda cleared her throat.

Oh, merciful God… Bucky, you do know who’s been missing for nineteen years, right? He hasn’t been seen by a living soul, he was only known by his pirate name. The Trading Company never caught him because they could never locate him, therefore they never knew what he looked like. My…My father told me-

Oh, don’t say his name. I beg of you.” Bucky cried, everyone’s eyes were on him. The realization and fear was written on all of their faces.

We have to think of a plan, Bucky,” Sam mumbled.

Bucky kicked a lone stool before rubbing his face. “You’re correct, Sam. We need to make a plan tonight, Steve, Peggy,” Bucky looked up at the tall blonde and short brunette, earning two small nods, “what are your thoughts on accompanying us to Singapore?


The Governor stood by the large grandfather clock, the time was 8:46 pm and he was holding his daughter’s pale blue dress in his withering hands. He made his way to the main deck of his ship, where Peter awaited.

Sir, I swear. I haven’t seen her or two weeks. She didn’t say a word to me - like she would have - she would have left a note or a letter or a secret sort of hint. I’ve only just found her dress underneath my bed, a pair of pants and a blouse of mine have gone missing too. She only mentioned once - and this was months ago - that she wanted to go away and never come back. I’m sorry, Sir.” Peter stuttered, his fingers tapping against one another as the crease between his brows deepened. The young man was upset, worried, all the negative emotions rushing towards him full throttle like a tidal wave. He felt heartbroken because you were his best friend- his only friend apart from the mule that shifted the grinds and gears in the blacksmiths.

It’s okay, Peter, you didn’t know,” The man reassured him, patting him on the back. “Why don’t you eat something, boy? I’m sure you’re famished after all the interrogation, help yourself to some fruit and water.

Peter muttered thanks as he plucked an apple from the fruit crate.

I’d like you to accompany me, Peter, I want you to help me find my daughter.

It’d be an honour, Sir.

Let’s hoist the sails then, Mr. Parker.


The sun had risen, the blinding rays blinding your awakening form. You looked at the small clock hung against the wall of the bedchamber and gasped; it was half nine in the morning, you were normally awake by eight.

You looked beside you to find Bucky’s side of the bed empty, the memories of last night’s rendezvous flowing through your head, the dancing the alcohol, the shooting the throwing up, all of it. But there was something missing, you felt, something important.

As you scrambled to get up, a throbbing pain occurred between your eyes.


So this is what it feels like? The effects of the rum from the party had definitely turned your brain into a whirlwind of blood, sending you straight to your knees with a small cry.

You suddenly heard footsteps coming towards the bedchamber, you looked up to see Bucky coming to crouch by your side.

Oh, sweet Jesus, Y/N, are you alright?” Bucky asked, his warm hands coming to lift you up and plop you down on the bed gently.

I-I don’t know, Buck. I just need some water…” You looked up at him. His eyes were surrounded by purple again, a dark shadow. Judging by his clothes, he hadn’t even come to bed last night.

I know that look, doll, what’s wrong?” The tall brunette kneeled in front of you, his hands gently rubbing at your bare thighs.

You didn’t sleep last night, why, Bucky? You know it makes you feel unwell.


Come on, my love, spit it out. Tell me how you’re feeling and what’s on your mind.” You urged, your eyes still squinting because of the harsh rays of sunlight pouring through the small windows. You brought your small hands to run through his dark hair, lightly scratching at his scalp.

You’re going to have to take this in… carefully. Well, last night, you were absolutely smashed, no doubt about it,” You groaned at the words, scared that you did anything embarrassing. “you… You were resting your head on my lap as you were drifting off. You asked if you could sing me a lullaby,” You turned beet-red in embarrassment. “What you sang…fuck…” He rested his forehead on your stomach and breathed deeply.

Oh, someday this chair may be a boat for another pair and you and your baby will sail the sea.” He mumbled the words, the octaves of his voice slightly deeper.

Within this same rocking chair, and as we rock and hum and sing so you will go sailing too,” You continued.

And pirate dreams, with sweep and with swing, will take baby and boat and you.” Bucky looked up at you then, meeting your bright eyes. You felt the tears prick at the corners; your father had always sung that to you when you were small, and at times when you couldn’t sleep as a young adult and the realisation hit you. “Y/N… it’s a pirate’s lullaby.

I-I gathered that from the…the…” Your chest started heaving as the panic hit you. Was your father a pirate? Was he a wanted man? Was his name even his actual name?

Darling, shh, shh, it’s going to be okay. Now, I need you to listen to me, please, Y/N?” Bucky gently grabbed your face in his calloused hands, using his thumbs to wipe away the salty tears smearing your cheeks. “We’ll figure this out, but I’m going to have to ask you some questions- that’s if you don’t mind?” You shook your head.

Bucky crawled onto the bed and ushered you to sit on his lap, facing him. His hands pulled at your waist, egging you into coming closer to him, you obliged and shuffled up, your smooth thighs rubbing against the cord-like fabric of his trousers. You felt one of Bucky’s large hands rub up and down soothingly on your back and you relaxed in his touch.

Now, my love, I’ll probably only have to ask you about three questions.” You hummed in response, tears still slipping from your eyes. “Could you tell me what your father looks like?

You described him as a man with slightly tan skin, wrinkles upon his face, and when he didn’t wear the grey Governor’s wig, he donned a head full of jet black hair which was usually ties back. He sported a dark grey to almost black beard, always trimmed neatly. As you finished your description, Bucky inhaled shakily.

Did he ever mention to you about a ship called ‘The Queen Anne’s Revenge?’”

No, I don’t think he did.” You whispered, playing with the ruffled edge of the collar of his blouse.

There was once a pirate named Blackbeard. 19 years ago…He disappeared off the face of the earth, no one knew where he went, where he is at this very moment.” You furrowed your brow, trying to string things together in your mind. “Rumours spread amongst pirates that the notorious captain had found love in a woman of good fortune, she was a Lady, born not to royalty but to wealth. He wasn’t attracted to her money, but to her soul.” Bucky took a deep breath and continued his explanation. “His ship was the Queen Anne’s Revenge and when he disappeared, she disappeared with him, maybe she lies at the bottom of the ocean, who knows. But I must ask you this, Y/N. What is your father’s name?

Edward. Edward Teach.” You replied.


Bucky felt as if his whole world had jolted to a stop, he felt the colour drain from his face as he heard the name fall from your lips.

Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach (amongst pirates) was the thing all men feared aside the gallows. Bucky had never met the man, but his father used to tell him stories about the wickedness; how he could use his sword to steer his ship and maim mutineers with a flick of his fingers.

If it wasn’t coincidental, and Blackbeard was your father, everyone surrounding you would be in mortal danger. He wasn’t going to let that happen.

Bucky gently squeezed your hip, “Your father is Blackbeard.

“Is that… a bad thing?

Many people have fallen to his blade, he had no mercy, killed innocent men and women. Some say he was full of dark magic- that his sword was cursed. He attempted to take command of the sea, but failed, that’s when he went missing. Most pirates assumed he had been taken to Davy Jones’ Locker- but they were obviously wrong.” You took a sharp inhale of breath, pulling back to look Bucky dead in the eyes.

He’ll come for us, he’ll find us. My father didn’t really pay much attention to me after I turned 18- he arranged for me to be married to Commodore Zemo but-

Zemo?” Bucky choked, his turquoise eyes wide with shock and his mouth agape.

Yes, Baron Zemo… A weird man, really, do you know him, Bucky?” You questioned, hands still resting lightly on his neck.

Not personally, but we’ve had a few spats during my years sailing the sea. He tried to send me to the gallows once, I’m surprised you never heard.” You winced at the thought of Bucky being hanged. He looked at you then, a hand creeping its way to your face, a soft thumb rubbing your jaw.

He pulled you a bit closer as he placed a soft kiss to your nose. You blushed and giggled as he began to pepper kisses all over your face, the tickling feeling making you forget about the life threatening circumstances for just a few fleeting moments.

I must admit, waking up how I did wasn’t the best way to wake up, neither was the whole ‘your father is blackbeard!’ but, right now, with you? I can get through my day.” You murmured, pressing a tender kiss to Bucky’s lips. Your Bucky.

I’m sorry you had to wake up like that. Y’know, if I could rewind to the day you boarded my ship I wouldn’t have grabbed you by the neck and scared the shit out of you- if I heard what had been going on I would have been way easier on you than I was at the beginning.” Bucky admitted.

My sweet, I wouldn’t have it any different. I’m here now, I’m happier than I was back at Port Royal, I wouldn’t trade it for the most rarest gold on this earth.

Are you sweet talking me, princess?” You chuckled and then your smile faltered.

Er, have Peggy and Steve left?

No, actually, with all the whole… y’know, they’re accompanying us to Singapore.” He grinned as he saw your face light up. You done a double fist to the air and yelped when Bucky’s slender fingers tickled your soft sides, you were a laughing, fidgeting mess and he looked at you with the amount of admiration a smitten husband gives his wife.

You are truly beautiful, Y/N, are you sure you’re not a mermaid?” Bucky chuckled.

I’m not as beautiful as a mermaid, Bucky.

True, you’re way more beautiful.” Bucky began to tickle you again, making you fall backwards onto the large with a thump. Bucky laid by your side and held your hand in his whilst you both stared up at the ceiling.

So… what’s the master plan for today?” You mumbled.

Well, Peggy and Sam are going to teach you how to shoot properly until you can get the hang of it yourself. Steve, Wanda and I are going to inform the crews what is going to happen, or what could happen, hopefully there won’t be any backlash or mass suicide as soon as they hear the word ‘Blackbeard’


The fuck do you mean Y/N’s father is Blackbeard?!” You heard Brock scream. You were on the quarterdeck of the ship with Peggy and Sam, firing a few rounds for practice. You turned back to Sam and he looked at you with a face and he mumbled ‘ignore him, he’s an arrogant piece of shit

Men! Listen to me!” Bucky yelled, clearly irritated at the hustling and bustling of worried and angered voices. “This has all happened so suddenly. Y/N didn’t know until I had to confirm it for her. She is just as shaken as we are!

The rest of what he said was white noise as you tried to focus on shooting. The small blasts in front of you the only thing you could really hear.


Later that night, you had a small moment of despair and anxiety. Your father was Blackbeard. Your father was a murderer, a fugitive.

As you leaned against the railing of Bucky’s ship, you looked up at the stars. As a little girl, your father told you that your mother was up there somewhere, always looking down on you. But now you didn’t know what to believe, first your father not informing you about who and what he was, what if your mother was still alive?

You felt a stray tear slip down your cheek, you hastily wiped it away as you heard heavy footsteps approach you.

No need for tears.” The voice was gruff, and you instantly recognized it from earlier; Brock Rumlow.

B-Brock, er, what are you doing out here? I thought you’d be sleeping…

No time to sleep when Blackbeard has resurfaced.” He snapped, and you suddenly saw him flinch. You felt a cold blade being held against your neck as he pressed his front onto your back, squishing you between his tall body and the hard wood of the ship.

W-What are you-” You stopped speaking as the blade was pressed harder against your neck.

Now you listen to me, princess. I don’t care if you’re the Captain’s little slut, I will slice your fucking throat open, let you drain and then dump your body in the ocean for your dear father to find, after me and my friend Alexander have had a little bit of fun with you,” You could feel the pulsing behind your eyes and the burning in your throat as you struggled to keep the pained cries from slipping out. The words coming from his mouth were vile like nothing you heard before, you were disgusted and felt the familiar sensation of vomit rise in your throat. “I’m not risking Blackbeard’s blade again,Again? So this is a grudge. “and I know for a fact he will find all of us, probably massacre us all just to get his precious little daughter back.

By then you were shaking like a leaf, you weren’t going to get out of this.

Give me one good reason I shouldn’t shoot your fuckin’ nasty piece of shit head off your neck right now.” Sam’s thick accent growled. Thank goodness, you were saved. You were stupid enough to come out here unarmed.

As Brock turned his head, holding you still underneath his bulging arm, he heard a whirring surrounding his ears and red wisps of light swirled around his head and neck.

You move that blade one inch and I will crush the bones in your neck to dust, then I will gladly watch you suffer.” Wanda. It was two against one, but you were still at a disadvantage; unarmed with the sharp metal still held against the soft skin of your neck, right on top of the hard cartilage. Your life was in this bastard’s hands, literally.

Before you could think, a loud bang came from behind you, the sound of curdling blood strong in your ears and you felt the sticky texture of it and human tissue splatter against your skin. You felt the burly man’s body fall limp, the blade falling from his then clenched fist.

You whipped around on your heel to see Bucky holding a rifle, the face he held was murderous and his eyes looked almost black in the dim light, it was almost as if he didn’t look like himself.

Sam, fetch me Pierce, please.” Bucky’s voice was deeper than usual, yes, his voice would drop a few octaves when he was angry, but this was a whole other level.

Your world had stopped. Your hair and skin was stained with the blood of a man you had never provoked, you were a statue, stuck, unwilling to move, the stench of iron in your lungs.

And then everything was black.


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ok so i felt like a reaper/zenyatta fusion would be a rly cool looking combo, and that was my only reason for doing it, but like.. i have a lot of time to myself at work ok i started thinking about them a lot and i have.. a few thoughts to share if you would lend me the time… *rolls out a comically long scroll of paper*

it starts when reaper is cornered and needs a little boost to his power, he grabs zenyatta, being a frail healer, and force fuses with him. zen is horrified by what he sees and feels when he’s fused with reaper, but being who he is he doesn’t try to fight his way out of the fusion, he thinks this may be an opportunity to help a tortured soul. once they’re alone, reaper realizes just how good it feels to be fused with zen. the steady flow of calm and gentle thoughts helps to ease his mind just as much as the new healing aura does to his body. when zen tries to actually communicate with reaper about his problems and find the root of why he feels as he does, reaper blocks him out entirely, and if pressed, threatens violence. eventually zen exhausts himself entirely from feeding all of his positivity into reaper and getting nothing but negativity in return, and they can’t hold the fusion anymore. reaper finds himself in agony once they’re apart and tries to force zen back with him, but it wont work. he’s beyond frustrated, the pain of his constantly shifting cells has returned full force after being dulled for so long, and he goes to lash out physically only to stop cold when he realizes zen is laying there still trying to talk him through things even as his voice glitches every other word, pushing an orb of harmony towards him with the shakiest hands. and reaper just breaks because this isn’t just some tin can sitting before him anymore, this is someone– a person with their own soul– who, against all reason, cares about him and wants to see him be the best he can be. so he finally listens.

bonus sad:

In my heart I’ve known for a long time that Cole and Lili were together, and it finally being confirmed is music to my ears.
And for me it’s never been about shipping Sprousehart or fangirling over them; it’s always been about supporting them and their relationship. These two beautiful souls just have something so special between them and I am such a sucker for romance that I couldn’t help but fall in love with them and their love story.
To all those people worrying about them breaking up and ruining Bughead, please don’t say or think such negative things. Lili and Cole are human beings with real feelings, and their real life relationship is a hell lot more important to them than their fictional one. Stop thinking of the worst possible scenario, and just believe that true love will prevail in the end. ❤️

My Top 10 Anime Ships

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I admit to spending an embarrassing amount of time on this.

10. Kaede x Setsu from Mirmo de Pon

Probably my very first anime ship ever, so I have a very soft spot for them. Mirmo de Pon was my childhood; if anyone could please help a poor soul find the complete episodes online? :’(

9. Tomoe x Nanami from Kamisama Hajimemashita

Tomoe knows how to treat Nanami like the goddess that she is, even as he snarks at her all the time. UwU, now I feel like re-watching it just for their moments. 

8. Soul x Maka (SoMa) from Soul Eater

I love my protective soul mate ships with an extra helping of angst yes, please and thank you. 

7. Amu x Ikuto (Amuto) from Shugo Chara

HE WAITED FOR HER. They saved each other countless times even when they were enemies; she saved him from himself and he loved her as herself no matter her persona, and he vowed to WAIT FOR HER no matter what. 

6. Hak x Yona (HakYona) from Akatsuki no Yona

I also love my bodyguard ships. Swoon! (I want someone who has not watched AnY to explain what is going on in this picture.)

5. Sanji x Nami (Sanami) from One Piece

Didn’t mean to ship anyone in One Piece at first, but now here we are. I am full-on heart-eyes (just like Sanji’s) for them. 

4. Yato x Hiyori (Yatori) from Noragami

When the mom friend and the dad friend get together to battle gods and demons with their snowpuff son. 

3. Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye (Royai) from FMA

Have I said how much I loved angst already? ANGST ^^^ Riza ‘I’d follow you to hell’ Hawkeye and Roy ‘I can’t afford to lose you too’ Mustang, ladies and gentlemen. 

2. Shinichi and Ran (ShinRan) from Detective Conan

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1. Hitsugaya and Hinamori (HitsuHina) from Bleach

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*directs you to the copious amount of HitsuHina meta on my blog* My tag for them is ‘OTP of OTPs’. Nothing’s perfect, but they’re pretty much close to it! She melted his icy heart and he made her believe again. I JUST CAN’T with these two..!! 

If you’re wondering if I literally scoured google images just to find pictures of my OTPs doing the princess carry (aka the bridal carry - denotes or foreshadows a romantic relationship between the characters) or holding each other, then the answer is, yes, yes I did (totally worth it). 

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First off, here am I waking up this morning after Hamlet. 

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Second off, OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! I just…there are NO WORDS! The play starts out with HIddleston sitting at a piano, silence, then he starts playing AND SINGING! It was this absolutely heartbreaking song and the whole theater is dark except for one spotlight right on Tom. Then all of sudden FANFARE LIGHTS, SET CHANGE, PANDEMONIUM as the play truly begins. @imaginaryboyfriendcollection and I were sitting in the last two seats on the end, in the front row literally ON THE STAGE. I was on the very end so I was right by the stage entrance and the entire night the actors kept freaking me out because I couldn’t hear them creep up behind me preparing to come out on stage. This also meant every time Hiddleston came out on stage from my side his lovely most wonderful smell of happiness, rainbows, and sunshine would waft past me. It was the greatest high ever! My favourite part of the play was when Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are sent to figure out why Hamlet is going crazy. Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are played by two AMAZING women and so they changed the gender of the names to RosAcrantz and GuildAstern. My favourite was Ayesha Antoine who plays Rosacrantz (seriously Tom NEEDS to date a WOC I SHIP THESE TWO SO FUCKING HARD!) Anyhoo back to the scene, Hamlet is sitting on a couch brooding wearing a hoodie, black jeans, war paint on his face, and his shoulders a draped in the flag of Denmark. When Rosacrantz and Guildastern walk in with a black BeatsAudio Pill speaker playing an upbeat song, Hamlet jumps up and a dance party ensues. I believe this is where the couch humping part came in but I can’t really remember because I was so in awe of everything. But the moral of all of this is Ayesha Antoine and Tom Hiddleston are soul mates and my OTP and my true ship and good god I need them to date after this because they were amazing together and shes all short and petite and he’s all tall and amazing and just UGHHHHH I LOVE THEM! Anyhoo, the play continues, Hiddleston crys real tears and at one point a teardrop drips off his nose and poor baby he looked so sad and miserable. Don’t even get me started on the sword fight between Hamlet and Laertes all I could think about was Coriolanus and that interview where Tom says his sword broke and went flying through the audience. Since I was sitting literally RIGHT THERE I could just see that sword breaking and flying at me or someone losing their footing or something. Another thing to note is throughout the entire play everytime Hiddleston would raise his arms his shirt would rise up and his little tummy would peak out and it was cute and adorable and in his death scene he falls to the ground with his arm reaching up and you can see his abs peaking out and basically I couldn’t cry at the death of Hamlet because I was too busy oogling Tom’s abs staring at me within touching distance. 

So yeah…that was my night. Please keep and eye on @imaginaryboyfriendcollection blog today as she is a far more eloquent writer than I am and probably remembers more details. But now you know my favourite scene, the fact that Tom needs to date a WOC, and he humped a couch.