i ship them so much it's not even funny


So besides flipping over the proposal (which I am!!!!!!!!!AAaaAAaAaHHAhHHh) Can we talk about these cuties and how much I’m shipping them?????? ps click for caption because I think I’m funny (spoiler alert: I’m not)

[…] I was under particular obligations to him for particular acts of kindness, and of late also much more in habits of confidence with him than with any other man in New York.

This is a part of the letter that Pendleton wrote after Hamilton’s death.

Why were all Hamilton’s friends gay for him? Damn

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Do you ship Enjoltaire, and if you do, and read fan fiction, could you recommend some? I am bored and it's late in the evening

OMg I love them so much!!! 

And yeah I have a FUCKTON of them to recommend!! 

 - How the Future’s Done by @barricadeur its really cute; it involves cats and fluffiness. 12K words

fire in my hands by @wittenberg shit fam this is one of my favourites by FAR! Its so funny to read but then suddenly everything becomes serious and oh no, shit became real. 5,5K words

Love in a Coffee Shop by @tell-themstories rock star!Grantaire and coffee shop owner!Enjolras that we all need in our lives. 23K words

I have more if you need but I guess this is enough for now (or is it? hehe) 


You’re Adoughrable  by @willowveild Its and Combeferre/Enjolras/Grantaire fic, but I just LOVE it SOOOOO much!!!! 13,5K words

A Lack of Wisdom (Teeth) by @themightychipmunk is a quadrumvirate fic and its my favorite fic of all times. im not joking. 10K words

Hope it helped you!! 


Because when Scott was trying to find Boyd to ‘stop Derek from turning him’ Stiles said ‘what if we just… let him? I mean it’s Boyd. You said Derek is giving them a choice.’

Stiles understood what Derek was aiming for when he picked these teens to make up his pack. And that’s the thing about Stiles and Derek, They always seemed to understand each other on this certain level. Scott never understood Derek, never even tried to really but Stiles? Stiles got him from the start. 

And its funny to think that Derek got so much hate in season 2 up until the season finale. That this point Stiles makes just went right over all our heads (yes, me included. my undying devotion to Derek came after s2. i remember crying during the episode he leaves town with Cora and thinking ‘when did i fall in love with him?’).

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It's funny Gray is one of your favourites, but you really dislike the canonical pairing he's put in. I kinda wish Mashima had the ability to please everyone, or at the very least change some of the dynamics of Gruvia so that the current anti-Gruvia fans or most of them could get on board to ship the pairing.

It’s because Gray’s one of my favourites that I hate Gruvia. I pay too much attention to him not to notice how uncomfortable and uninterested he is in Juvia, and how forced their entire dynamic is.

No author can please everyone. Even if Mashima did change Gruvia’s dynamics to be “better”, that doesn’t mean everyone or even most people would suddenly ship it, and they wouldn’t be obliged to. I can’t even safely say that a better written Gruvia would make me like the ship. It just comes down to personal preference.

It is a shame that Gruvia and Juvia were written so badly, but we have what we have. I’ll just be over here, pretending Gray wasn’t suddenly morphed into a sexist POS at the last second… 


Okay…I’ve fallen soo hard for Dickon x Sansa ship its not even funny! I think Im gonna make a gifset or video of them (which one do you guys want?) 😍 god I really did NOT expect to love a GOT ship like this aside from Jonerys! If anyone is planning on making a DickSa fanfic or whatever…please let me know! My heart needs this ship! Im sitting here praying and hoping this boy bends the knee to Dany so he can meet Sansa in Winterfell eventually. Ahhh! I can just imagine him being smitten with her instantly and getting all flustered around her. MY HEART!! ❤❤ Sansa needs her knight in shining armor and I think she can have it with Dickon 😍
















Stoick the Vast and Valka, for a very good friend.

…Promise me your heart and love
And love me for eternity


@vepalsa​ said:  [nah bro i was going to tell you to do that actually but YEAH v//oltron fandom is 10000% WORST. Ot//ayuri anti are tame compare to them!!! SO MUCH FUCKING DISCOURSE IS NOT EVEN FUNNY]

[its so bad that there is no real ships in the show but the fans are obsessed with it, threaten the studio to make their ship canon and tried to get even a few of the VA (voice actors) fire because of their opinion as one supported a ship which the fandom consider pedo despite never having AGE confirmation. but the anti believe they are minor expect for that ONE character]

[because he looks older! (he is only older because he suffer from trauma and has PTSD which is CONFIRM in the show - yeah v//oltron fandom fucking insane. y//oi is calm compare to it.]

[don’t ever watch the show unless you aren’t prepare for the discourse of it. ITS such a good show but the fandom RUINS it so badddd]

[and bro i can talk all day about it]

like, jesus christ that sounds like a fuckin’ nightmare but I can’t say I’m surprised. fandom nowadays is pretty much wrought with this kind of shit where people go ‘uwu i must protect this fictional character by ruining the lives of real people’

like what, is everyone 11 years old now? I don’t get it and it’s 90% of the reason I only ever create content for shows I like in my own little corner and never really reach out to that show’s community. i’d much rather enjoy it with a select few and avoid the stress of the whole *motions uncertainly* hive-mind attack-dog mentality that’s oh so common in fandom culture.

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How can you not ship Makoharu? It's the most popular pairing in the fandom! I'm sorry but 'rinharu'?! Talk about abusive-relationship much.

Ahahaha, oh Anon you’re so funny! I don’t ship it because in my own opinion I only see Haru and Makoto’s relationship as something of brotherly love. Even though I don’t ship it, do you see me rambling on and on why other people do? I don’t care even if its the most popular pair in the entire planet, my opinion stands firm and clear. Now about Rinharu being an abusive relationship, please refer HERE. Also, I clearly stated in my last ask that I LOVE the Rinharu ship, so please stop talking bad about them, you bash them you deal with me.


You got that Anon? Good bye and stay clear of unwanted fights.