i ship them so hard sobs



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• When or if I started shipping it: I started shipping them when Marco was comforting Jean and I was like THERE IS NO HETEROSEXUAL EXPLANATION FOR THIS and I just started shipping it hehe.
• My thoughts: I do not ship them that hard because it can’t happen anymore can it…
• What makes me happy about them: I love how Marco stills stays calm and can reassure Jean, and make him believe in himself again. Marco was the only person who actually saw something in Jean as a leader figure and knew what his weakness was. They just… *sobs* HE DIDN’T DESERVE ANY OF THIS (Spoiler alert: yes I’m looking at you Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt, you’re all dead to me)
• What makes me sad about them: Well the obvious ofcourse that Marco is dead. I also hated that Jean was just so focused on Mikasa that he probably didn’t see that Marco had more feelings for him than just friendship. Maybe he did, we will never know.
• Things done in art/fic that annoys me: I HATE THOSE HALF JOKES. 
• Things I look for in art/fic: I don’t really read fanfic specifically about Marco and Jean but I do like it when they appear as a side couple (if that’s even a word)
• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: This is only for Jean: I would like him ending up with Mikasa or Armin.
• My happily ever after for them: if Marco had stayed alive, they would surely be friends until the end but I doubt that Jean would have ever been comfortable with something more. I’M SORRY
• What is their favorite non-sexual activity? What best friends do ofcourse and Marco just calming Jean down and making sure he doesn’t run into Eren :D

As you can see I’m not shipping this as intensely as Ereri but I still love this ship. I just can’t read any fics about them because it makes me so sad that Marco isn’t there anymore and then I get angry again for the way he died. But yeah, sorry that this was super short so here have some cute fluffy Jeanmarco instead:

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And as a punishment for making me think about all of this (I’m kidding) here have a perfect summation of how I still see this ship even though Marco is dead. That Marco is actually the reasons for Jean entering the Survey corps and that he is the one who gives him strength.

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relationship status: married to the guy mentioned above ;D

favourite colour: Hmm… I would tend to say black? Or silver? I also like dark blue!

lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick!

last song you listened to: Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran

last movie you watched: I think it was Hidden Figures!

top 3 characters: THIS IS HARD, GOSH but I would say, in no order in particular: Rachel (Angels of Death), Zack (Angels of Death), Misaka (Toaru series)

top 3 ships: This is super hard too, omg, I have so many ships… But something ZACKRAY, Spamano, Banlaine (… I might or might not have a liking for smol and tol couples like a lot of my ships are a smol and a tol)

books and manga you are currently reading: Erm… there are a lot! Angels of Death, Nanatsu no Taizai, the Toaru series, Les Faux-Monnayeurs (French sobs), La Sombra del Vento (well I just began reading it in Spanish), Haikyuu, Until Death Do Them Part… and that’s just all I can think for now.

top 5 musicals: Hmmm I don’t watch musicals often, but randomly: Hamilton, Heathers, Fame, Billy Elliot, and huh that’s all I can think about XD

I’m tagging the wonderful and lovely: @lucrecia84, @khymer-vulture, @nyacat39, @blackzodiacqueen, @yuuki-clyde, @kei-sho-yuuuu, @ajimask, @livys-amory and @kuropin (I know we’ve never interacted but I’ve always loved your work even before you got into AOS and I just wanted to tell you you’re amazing and I’m very sorry to bother you I’m sorry )

Sorry to bother you all :’D You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!

Broken Promises [Alexander Hamilton x Reader]

Length: 1111 words


AU: HamilTime

TW: Nada

You hid behind a tree, looking for any blue coats that would have a shot at you or any red coats that needed help. That was what your life has been like for the past months. Red and blue has replaced black and white. Your eyes scanning the area as you gripped the bag on your side tighter. A groan from your right made your ears perk up. You stayed low, moving your head to see the coat he was wearing.   

“Damn it,” the man growled.   

You narrowed your eyes at the blue coat, but your eyes wandered to his deep dark eyes, his long narrow nose, and his thin lips. Those common features you could’ve seen anywhere else on a man’s face, but he was different. You had memorized this particular set of eyes, nose, and lips on a particular man. “Alexander,” you breathed, before recklessly running towards him.   

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What seventeen members think of the 'meanie couple':
  • -
  • S.coups: gawd they are everywhere.
  • The8: I ship them so hard you don't even know.
  • Woozi: Well... /awkwardly scratches his neck/ I think they make a good couple.
  • Dk: /scrolling through tumblr/ I think they're okay. Couple choker -- if that even exist -- are good on them.
  • Dino: Uhm what?
  • Jeonghan: I ship them as long as the fans are happy shipping them. /imaginary halo suddenly pops on top of his head/
  • Seungkwan: I think they are disgustingly cute. Disgusting because mingyu clings to wonwoo even if wonwoo has to pee, but they're still cute.
  • Jun: I think they are flawless.
  • Joshua: /sobs but still managed to look handsome/ they are /wipes tear/ perfect.
  • Hoshi: wait I have a question. Why is their couple name called meanie? Are they mean or something?
  • Meanwhile.
  • Wonwoo: /takes mingyu's hands/ come on the guys are waiting for ---
  • Mingyu: /moans/
  • Wonwoo: whut
  • Mingyu: I just had an hand orgasm.
  • Wonwoo: /leaves mingyu/

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Haha Jean then

my precious jeanie boy

for the character tag!

  • My NOTP for them
    i actually really don’t like jeankasa???? yikes whoops

  • My BROTP for them
    eren obviously these dudes are just. just guys being dudes i love them so much

  • My OTP for them

  • My second choice pairing for them
    jeanarmin is the Cutest and the Most Pure

  • My fluffy pairing for them
    jeanmarco again

  • My angsty pairing for them

  • My favorite poly ship for them
    i mean. i am kind of impartial to the idea of armin hooking up with jeanmarco and them kind of staying together?? like jean and marco would both fall so hard for armin im sobbing

  • My weirdest pairing for them
    possibly erejean lmao but like. im a vanilla jean shipper leave me alone


WHAT’S YOUR OTP FOR YOUR MUSE?: FUDGE. THIS ONE IS HARD. I seriously can’t pick up just one, so I’m gonna say Denpru, Pruk and P R U S T O N I A. (You’re missing out guys.) How can I pick between two amazing feelssy adorable TERRIBLE historical ships and a cornflower boy? I WON’T. I need all of this in my life. sob

WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO RP WHEN IT COMES TO SHIPPING?: Pretty much anything, really? I can do break-ups, pre-established relationships, marriages (AUs), smut and even cover abusive relationships, NOT BECAUSE I WANT TO GLORIFY THEM OR ROMANTICIZE THEM, but because they would be very interesting to write about. I won’t do incest, however. Ludwig will forever be a baby brother to Gilbert and that boundary won’t be crossed. (Most likely even in an AU where they aren’t blood related.)

HOW LARGE DOES THE AGE GAP HAVE TO BE TO MAKE IT UNCOMFORTABLE?: As Gilbert is actually a lot younger than majority of the characters in the APH universe, chronological age matters little to us both. :D Gilbert won’t date anyone who is physically a minor,  so under sixteen years old by appearance. (This far I have only shipped him in the mainverse with muses 17^.) 

ARE YOU SELECTIVE WHEN SHIPPING?: Kinda, sorta? Not that much. I’m open to most ships and if there’s chemistry, I’m willing to try almost anything. Though usually, I require some historical / canon interaction between the pair. The historical part goes especially for OCs. It’s a pretty safe bet to assume I won’t (seriously) ship Gilbert with a city or lake or community that has nothing to do with Prussia.:D 

HOW FAR DO STEAMY MOMENTS HAVE TO GO BEFORE THEY’RE CONSIDERED NSFW?: Intense making out, prolonged groping, suggestive nudity, anything that would be weird to get caught reading in public places xD This is how I roll, anyway. If my partners wanna be even more careful, I don’t mind. 


So, I’ve got multiple Denmarks I ship with Gil, including @vchemcnt‘s Bertram and @adanishdelight‘s Magnus, we have discussed A LOT but actually haven’t gotten that far with anything with either mun (WHO ARE BOTH SWEETHEARTS) which needs to be FIXED ASAP. Then there’s my go-to mentor rp mother @mr-puffinwhisperer and her Iceland, which was an inside joke turned into many heartfelt conversations and then finally an actual ship, which to this day gives me feels because TWO SNOWBALLS MAKE ONE HEART. Then of course this completely aggravating, terrible, amazing muse England from @lordalbion, (Also good great amazing friend you fill my heart to break it over and over again SOS) which is by far the most angsty ship with Gil I’ve EVER shipped. It gives me life and it kills me. At the same time. Always. Forever. xD Also @dente-avvelenato‘s Romano!!! Both mun and muse amazing sweethearts ;w;; Feels with this one as well. I’ve been blessed with great ships by far. xD

DOES ONE HAVE TO ASK TO SHIP WITH YOU?: No, but I’m always ready for discussion!!!!

HOW OFTEN DO YOU LIKE TO SHIP?: I’d like to ship more than it’s probably possible with Gilbert, having his reservations. xD But I love to aggravate him with very flirtatious muses, so I catch any chance I can get. Mwahahahahaa.


ARE YOU SHIP OBSESSED OR SHIP MORE-OR-LESS?: As long as I’m a miserable single pringle I feel the need to give my muse all the love HE CAN GET amirite? ;) Yes, haha. But it isn’t necessary for interactions. Not at all.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SHIP IN YOUR CURRENT FANDOM?: Not even gonna go into all APH ships, because there’s just too many otps to choose from. ;-; 

I’m just gonna say Rhodonite from SU. Two smol space ladies make best giant lady < 3

FINALLY, HOW DOES ONE SHIP WITH YOU?: Just send me a message! Contact me! Send in a meme! However you like. If you’d like to ship, just hmu. c:

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TAGGING: I can’t think of anyone??? Do it if you like!!

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every time u reblog dna i cry bc the boys look so cute but i don't got the patience and time to watch it and i wanna scream ( + the fact i've been slowly watching naruto like fuuuuck)

My dude, it’s totally worth it!!! I was a little slow getting into it too, tbh (bicycling caught me first and ruined me, lmao), but it’s so good.

Sawamura Eijun is a precious sunshine child who needs all the love in the world and he works so hard and I’m just so proud of him always.

Furuya Satoru is also a precious bean who just wants to have fun playing baseball and sakgljwoifejaoi. (Too many feels about Furuya, I love him, my polar bear son.)

KuraRyou is the ship that has absolutely ruined my life and I love them so much, omg, they’re just absolutely perfect for each other.

Chris-senpai just… *sobs*

AND HARUICHI OMG. I love him so much. Precious bubblegum boy.

And I’ve been meaning to read the manga but, uhm… yeah, that hasn’t happened yet… I don’t even know why lol.

heart eyes!jungkook

you guys can blame @jikook-love for this one. she gifted me so i had to give something in return. AND @kurooozora made me suffer so…suffer with me. lets get started; 

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so like, if you think im gonna pass up the opportunity to post this gif, think again. bc this is like the definition of heart eyes. 

multiple angles are needed to REALLY get a feel for this moment. look at jungkook’s face. look at it. hes so in love

ok i know this isnt exactly heart eyes but like go watch the video. jungkook takes out confetti from jimin’s hair. watch seokjin’s reaction to them. he’s so DONE. 

^ the vid. im losing focus here.

HE CANT CONTROL HIS FACE. seeing jimin laugh makes him smile and im just…askdnaksd


look how happy he is. urgh.

so basically, this ship reduced me to a complete mess.

i will take every opportunity to post this vine. seokjin is once again thirdwheeling and as usual he looks so done. i cant blame the guy.

*sobs in a corner*

you know what kills me? the fact that jungkook tries so hard to make jimin smile and then is SO PLEASED when he manages to get a laugh out of jimin. 

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the huge smile he gets on his face when he makes jimin laugh keeps me up at night.

arm wrestling? no. just an excuse to hold hands.

he loves teasing jimin.

(x) i dont even know.

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i have to stop myself somewhere. 

up next; maybe more hovering!jungkook or jungkook teasing jimin. 

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That midotsuyu and kirikami you drew was adorable, I ship them so hard~~ I hope you draw them again

Hello!! Your comment means the world to me, thank you so much for thinking that about my drawings!! 😊😊😊 also excellent taste in ships friend 👌👌

I’d love to draw them again :D! I’m just kinda slow to develop new ideas for my drawings lmao but expect more drawings of those two ships soon, especially midotsuyu! ✨✨ since that ships sadly ever gets content sobs

I hope you have a good day Anon! :)