i ship them so hard ngl

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for the fandom meme: miraculous ladybug ((if you know that show))

Oohh, yes, I adore Miraculous Ladybug!!! I went through a craze a few months back XDDD

Favorite Male Character: Chat Noir

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Do Chat and Adrien count as two different people? ‘Cause if they do, I prefer Chat. He’s adorkable and sweet and he loves Ladybug so much <3 <3 <3 I wish we got to see more of this side of him as Adrien.

Favorite Female Character: Ladybug

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One of the few series where the main characters are actually my favourites, surprisingly. I adore how sassy and confident she is as Ladybug <3 And like with Adrien, I just love when you see her confident side as Marinette. I want to see more playful banter between their civilian selves T^T

Least Favorite Character: Chloe Bourgeois

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I hate bully characters like her, and ngl, I’m still bitter about her getting the bee miraculous.

Favorite Ship: Ladynoir

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And every other side of the love square!! Though Ladynoir is definitely my favourite side <3 They’re just so badass and I love the easy camaraderie between them!!

Favorite Friendship: Marinette and Alya

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They just??? Love each other so much!?!?!? They would go to the ends of the Earth for each other and they always have each other’s backs and I adore them so much <3 Nino and Adrien come at a very close second!

Favorite Quote: “ Geez, it’s hard to be creative under pressure.” As an author, this quote speaks to my soul.

Worst Character Death (if any): I don’t actually think there are any…does Ms. Agreste count? It’s the only death I can think of, but it does make me rather sad T^T She looked so sweet and loving, and poor Adrien…

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: 

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Listen, I know it was just because of an akuma but???? I WANT THEM TO KISS SO BADLY???? PLEASE bring us a kiss, s2!!!

Saddest Moment: Basically the entire Bubbler episode?? I’m just…poor Adrien!!! And Nino just loves him so much and he just wants his best friend to have fun and have a birthday party and just enjoy himself. And then Gabriel just has to go and be a fucking douchebag. Poor bby T^T

Favorite Location: The Dupain-Cheng Bakery

It’s just such a beautiful, gorgeous place, and honestly, I would kill to live there. Marinette’s little balcony is gorgeous and it would be so awesome to be able to go up there at night and watch the sky and drink a nice hot cup of cocoa.

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Hmmm.. what do you think about the monoma x shinsou ship??

It’s… possibly a good ship? I guess? I’ve seen it around a bit, but ngl I don’t really understand it haha

Anon said:  when’s your birthday?

November 13th! It’s still pretty far~

Anon said: you say you like seeing the bakusquad taking care of babies hmmm? draw them maybe? OuO

I did haha

Anon said: Because of your art (you made me fall in love with Bakugou and Kirishima and Kaminari) I started BNHA and got my best friend into it. Now I can’t stop writing them and my friend and I have several AUs already.

This is the best kind of ask omfg !!!!! Glad I could get you into my disaster trio!!! …but also are you maybe gonna share like I’m starved for bakushimanari content a n o n

Anon said: Aw man i was gonna recomend that fic by newamsterdam to you. Like i finished reading it and thought you could like it since you like that other kuroo x teru fic (thanks to you and the anon for that btw) and it seemed your style? Im kinda sad i missed the chance (ok i know this whole ask sounds stupid)

Awwww don’t be sad anon, reccing me bakushima stuff is seriously hard because I might or might not go daily in the ao3 tag to read anything complete that’s been updated and I might or might not be following all fics regularly updating unless they have a character death/angst with no happy ending warning oops - thank you for thinking about me tho!!! That made me happy haha

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TLJ Reylo Questions:
I was tagged by the lovely @valyriansword to answer some reylo questions~

1. Kylo’s messier look: yay or nay?
Ngl I miss the floofy hair, but the disheveled look is fitting for him being in such a distressed state right now.

2. What do you think Rey and Kylo’s first words to each other will be?
It’s so hard to say. They’re feeling animosity toward each other at the moment, so she’ll probably say something biting and maybe bring up Han’s death to him. And Kylo could tell her that he thinks she’s making a mistake training with Luke.

3. Will you still ship them if they turn out to be related?
It’s been 2 years and I’ve already come this far, so on the 1% chance they’re related, I’d still hang in here haha.

4. Would you prefer if Rey called Kylo “Kylo” or “Ben”?
Kylo in the beginning and then Ben if/when he’s ready to be called that again.

5. Would you rather Rey make a remark about Kylo’s scar to him or have a scene where Kylo tends to the scar?
The second option. If we had a scene where Kylo looks in a mirror and tracks the scar with his fingers (thinking of Rey), I’d die happy.

6. Rey’s hair buns coming down: yay or nay?
The buns are cute, but I guess Rey taking her hair down symbolizes how she’s moved on from her past and that she’s healing as a person. So buns down!

7. If they fight physically, who will yield first: Kylo or Rey?
I’m going to say…..Kylo.

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Do you prefer Athena/Apollo as an otp, brotp or notp? Fave AU ideas for Narumitsu/Blackbright/Blackmadhi?

Athena/Apollo I prefer as a brotp but I do also enjoy them as a ship!  Truthfully, it is mostly because I have pairs I prefer over the two of them, and a lot of their interaction is playful teasing (which can be interpreted a bunch of ways)!  I really like the idea of them being very good friends where they can talk to each other and open up to each other about things (especially after what happened between them in 5-5) that is hard for them to say to others!  (But again, I also can see that in a more romantic sort of light aha SOOO while I prefer brotp, I also like the ship itself!) 

AND OH GOD uh I’m usually not so great with AUs but I’ll try! 

For Narumitsu/Wrightworth: I enjoy the concept of the mafia/baker!AU that goes around, ngl.  Just having Edgeworth as a mob boss who is smitten with baker Phoenix is like too much for me and I really enjoy a lot of the art for it!  I also do still like the idea of a Game of Thrones AU (which I started writing about a while ago here) but that could be more an AU for everyone rather than just wrightworth.  I’ve also seen things where Phoenix is a pirate and Edgeworth is a naval captain and like that seems lit.  BASICALLY anything where they start out on the opposite sides I can definitely get behind aha. 

For Blackbright: Any canon divergence where real!Fulbright isn’t actually dead aha.  I mean I usually prefer it being a slight retcon of aa5 where the phantom was impersonating Fulbright all along, but real!Fulbright isn’t dead; he’s just hidden somewhere, and Simon takes it upon himself to find him before the worst happens.  (I know this is less and AU and more canon divergence a bit, though, so I know it only barely counts.)  

For Blackmadhi: I still really like a fantasy!AU where Nahyuta is royalty and Simon is a hired bodyguard of some kind, and they need to deal with Ga’ran trying to steal the throne from Nahyuta at every turn.  (I wrote a bit about it a while back here.)

Ask me about ships!

tagged by @lapillity for this kpop challenge <3<3

Ultimate Bias: yoongi

Ultimate Bias Wrecker(s): sei?? i feel like everyone i stan is a bias-wrecker tbh

Favorite Kpop Song: this is very hard but i’m going with cute girl by toppdogg for the moment

First Kpop Song: ok techn i ca l l y it was playground by toppdogg but i only listened to abt 45 seconds of it and i didn’t touch kpop again for like a year after that so idk if it counts

Favorite Kpop Album: dark & wild by bts

Favorite Kpop Ship: i don’t rlly consider myself a “shipper” ngl but i really like junghope together…. theyre..soft……


Favorite Kpop Company: uhh musically i really like yg artists (even tho he can ch*ke) but….i gotta mention bighit..i really love that company and even though they’re only rlly promoting bts atm they treat them so well and just. god i love bang pd

Backstory of how you got into kpop: melia… my story is almost exactly the same as yours?? at least the first part, then it gets way different. youtube was like “here watch these kpop stars pronounce western names” so i watched it and i was like. maybe i should listen to their music. so i listened to the afore-mentioned 45 seconds of playground and i hated it and swore off of kpop forever. (that totally worked amirite) then early this year i saw this post on my dash abt namjoon and how he supports the lgbtq+ community and feminism and stuff and i thought that was cool so i found out what group he was from and tried listening to some of their music. i liked it, but not enough to keep listening, ya know? well a couple months (maybe weeks? idk) later i had to work on this project and i needed some music to listen to so i wouldn’t get bored so i decided to put on bts as background music and i just kind of. didn’t stop listening to them for a few weeks?? i think i listened to abt 10 hours of bts in the first two days. anyway then i watched american hustle life (NOTE: NEVER, I REPEAT, N E V E R WATCH AMERICAN HUSTLE LIFE IF YOU CAN HELP IT) and somehow i was suddenly following a ton of bts blogs and then everything else happened and here i am

wow i talk.a lot 

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*whispers softly through a megaphone* Cloud?

( send me a character and i’ll liststill accepting )

  • favorite thing about them : his character development from someone who is initially indifferent towards the world and is self-loathing to becoming someone who earnest cares for his friends and the world.  yes there were muddled memories involved but it still stands.
  • least favorite thing about them : mmm, well there’s nothing i dislike in cloud per se but don’t be so hard on yourself ???? let people in ???? aNSWER YOUR PHONE.
  • favorite line : i’m a nerd so ❝ all right, everyone, let’s mosey. ❞
  • brOTP : cloud and zack.  cloud and the avalanche crew.  cloud and denzel / marlene.
  • OTP : ngl one of my childhood ships was cloud and tifa but i very much admire cloud and aerith as well.  aaand ofc i ship cloud and terra, but i can also see them as a brotp because regardless of whatever relationship one might see between the pair, there is this understanding between one another that i very much appreciate.  one can argue that they see a shadow of another in each other i.e. cloud taking on the role of looking after terra in dff puts him in line with yet another stand-in for locke but i would also argue that their talk about dreams and the future and him reassuring her about it also gives general leo vibes too and it wouldn’t be surprising if cloud saw some of aerith in terra as they are both half-human hybrids, powerful magic users, and cloud and terra encounter each other in what is essentially a remnant of the lifestream in world b; that being said, they also inspire one another, with cloud regaining faith in his ability to help other people and terra becoming more confident with herself and finding a dream to protect.
  • nOTP : i ???? cloud and sephiroth i guess ???? but to each their own.
  • random headcanon : i’m sorry it’s late so my brain is mush and i can’t think of anything.
  • unpopular opinion : if you didn’t get cloud selected by don corneo then what is the point.
  • song i associate with them : the main theme of ffvii tbh.
  • favorite picture of them : can never go wrong with his nomura artwork tbh.

Jon & Sansa | Blindsided

I’m so happy to have finished something about these two! I’ve been obsessing over them a lot lately after they quickly became my new favorite duo (ngl I ship this hard). I hope you guys enjoy some Jonsa goodness in this. Long live the King and Queen in the North!

ngl i ship these three so hard bc

1. Maxie is the smallest (according to the sizes of their in game models), and Lysandre is the largest, so I’d imagine he would probably pick Maxie up just to embarass him

2. Archie would laugh at how flustered Maxie gets 


dont ask about the stage okay i was gonna make them dance but the motion wouldn’t work