i ship them loving each other

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Omg, no one's done Beverly and Kathryn yet!!! Pretty please?

Thank you for paying attention to the little hints in my last couple of responses XD

They share so much in common. They are both ambitious and career driven. They both care about home and family. They are attracted to both adventure and domesticity. They can bond over lost love and the difficult dynamics of dating co-workers. They both have fabulous hair and pink nighties (I know that sounds superficial BUT imagine them brushing each other’s hair and sharing clothes). And post-Nemesis is the perfect opportunity: they are both based at Starfleet Command and feeling a bit lonely after their adventures.

Prior to San Francisco, they know of each other, but they don’t know each other. But they are women of a certain age and demeanor, newly returned to Earth, and run in similar circles - they start seeing each other at briefings, parties, on coffee runs, in the park, turns out they live in the same fleet housing complex. They start out friendly but quickly become friends.

Beverly needs a new exercise partner, and a new breakfast partner — and Kathryn would do neither on her own. She suggests it “as a doctor” and Kathryn can’t say no to that as easily as she could to “a friend” so she accepts on a trial basis. And it clicks. Then after a couple months, Kathryn suggests mixing things up. Beverly’s surprised — Jean-Luc always preferred routine and she and Deanna were too busy to experiment— but intrigued, especially as there are no ship-related limits here. They find drop in classes, everything from Vulcan yoga to ballroom dancing. They cycle around the city. They go on a tour of cafés to find the Best Coffee and Croissant around. They try new recipes from home and away — mostly replicated but every now and again Beverly makes them cook, to varying degrees of success. They also request recipes and advice from friends and neighbors and gather so much info on both home recipes and Command adjacent coffee shops Tom Paris suggests they publish a book. They laugh. And then they start collaborating on it.

Eventually they are spending all their free time together. They can talk about anything. Everything. They stay over each other’s apartments now and again. They keep up with old friends and lovers, they flirt with new relationships but they’re not really looking. Once in a while they bring a date to a function but they are more likely to show up together. A year or so in, Deanna’s in town, staying with Beverly and they spend the day with Kathryn. When she goes home, Deanna and Beverly curl up on her couch to chat and Deanna points out how happy Beverly seems. Beverly answers she is. She feels at home.

A few weeks later, Deanna’s returned to her ship, Beverly and Kathryn are on an adventure, walking somewhere outside, maybe by the water. They’re sharing the quiet and Beverly’s thoughts drift to what Deanna said and she looks over at Kathryn and suddenly everything falls into place. It’s you, she says, with wonder. Kathryn looks over, questioning. Beverly closes the gap between them. I’m happy because of you, she tells her. Kathryn still doesn’t know what’s going on, but Beverly takes her hand and a big breath and explains, For half my life…since Jack died I’ve been afraid to settle. Afraid to be still. To be … rooted. Kathryn nods. She understands. I’ve had a good life, many good relationships, but… I feel home with you. Kathryn holds her breath. Home is such a big word to her. I want to stay. Kathryn kisses her. I want you to stay.

Their relationship doesn’t change, only grows. It happens overnight and it takes another year. They move from two apartments near Command to a cute little house, with a tree and a small garden, near the water, with room for dogs. And their book is a hit.

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it and/or write a scenario 

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eren x armin? i love them.

1. My take on their canon relationship: It’s adorable in general. They were childhood friends and it’s normal that protect each other so.

2. Do I ship them: Not really but I see why some people does.

3. Reasons why I do/don’t ship them: I think their motivations differ a bit too much so I just respect their close friendship.

4. Headcanon, if any: Eren does Jean impressions to make Armin laugh.

5. How much do I ship (%): 5%

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Flora for the character thing!

  • do I like them: my!!!! daughter!!!!! whom I want to be happy and confident, and she deserves so much!!!!!!!
  • 5 good qualities: her resilience, perseverance, bravery, adventurous nature, and positive outlook on life.
  • 3 bad qualities: fear of abandonment, naivety resulting from being detached from the rest of the world, apparent social anxiety.
  • favourite episode/etc: when hersh and luke get to her in the mobile fortress so cute….. the Hug and how happy they are to see each other;; I love that she says clive owes her an apology for being a jerk.
  • otp: none.
  • brotp: her and luke!!! good puzzle kids. they’re very different people, but their sibling-like dynamic is sweet. they care about each other a lot.
  • (bro)t3: original trio again…. I love them so much.
  • notp: any ship with her and an adult…..
  • best quote: “The people who live here have been with me for so long. Curious as this village is, it’s watched me grow up. I want St. Mystere, my village, to stay just as it is… forever.”
  • head canon: she likes bugs. she thinks they’re cool.

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That video of jikook with ice cream is so cute! It reminds me of a couple feeding each other wedding cake (i.e. goofy smiles, camera flashes). Also it feels intimate like that time jimin stayed late waiting for jk to get done filming and all the staff were standing around smiling at them knowingly. I love videos of them because I feel like you can feel the affection they have for each other

ahhh i remember dis *iconic* snippet. i wish we could’ve seen what led up to it as well as the aftermath but nope. as always with jikook it only a snippet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

but yeah it was really cute. i think even my sister was like: what’s up with jimin’s face (and u know how she allegedly non-ships ehehehehe)

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Is it too soon to say Amberprice for the ship thing?

Who would be the big spoon/little spoon? Rachel is the big spoon, Chloe is the little spoon
Who would wake up first? Rachel is always up with the sun, weirdly
Do they have nicknames for each other? I can’t remember if they do or not but I feel like they usually just call each other by their last names if they’re in that kind of mood?
How do they apologize after an argument? kind of badly lmao but it seems to work out
What would they be like as parents? oh wow. I love them but I’m not convinced they’d be good parents tbh they’re both disasters even if they’d both adore the kid majorly
Who is more romantic? Rachel is more romantic in the general worldly sense, Chloe is more romantic in the relationship sense, but she tries to pretend she isn’t 
What sort of gifts do they get for each other? stuff that is only meaningful to them, little cute things like bracelets and drawings and poems or some shit or something they stole like weed or liquor lmao
Who gets jealous easiest? Chloe
Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas? Rachel, for sure
Who is the most adventurous? Rachel
Who is the most protective? Chloe
What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts? they are, how old are they meant to be in the prequel anyway I couldn’t tell
Who uses all the hot water? both
Who would accidentally set the kitchen on fire whilst cooking? Rachel probably
Who initiates sexy times the most? both
Who is more dominant? Rachel
What would they do if the other one was hurt? freak out and then vow to hurt whoever was responsible
Who gives nose/forehead kisses? they both do, but Rachel more so
What their biggest fight was/will be about: probably Rachel pulling some crap like she does

BOTTOM LINE: Do I ship it? Yes! but also it’s headed for disaster one way or another and I’m not convinced how healthy it is just yet because Rachel is… Rachel. still, I love them a lot. 

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VKook isn't a ship. It's an actual relationship between them. Of course they won't come out to the world but it's enough that they're obvious with how in love with each other they are. This is the only real "ship" in the group, the rest are just fanservice.

Why did I have to read this with my own eyes… please leave me alone…

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Thanks. I hope I didn't Hurt anyone with my word. I'll be a little long sorry. I don't ship because 1/I don't know them and 2/ it's private life. I follow actors or singers for their arts, not their love affairs. For BTS, they didn't know each other but went through many hard ship and created bonds between members that only hard ship can create. I love seing them enjoy their stages together and don't want/need to go further with my imagination.

oneophrysbts said:  Many shippers are attacked by other ship or non shippers. They are mad (of course they should be). But as a non shippers I’m also cursed and judged because I don’t go with the flow. It isn’t pleasant neither. As, you said first of all they are a band who grew together and do great music together. None should forget that and embrace all the 7 members equally, whatever our beliefs are. Thanks for your kind answer always.

Well it may seem like shippers are here for the ship but believe me, most of us are here because we stan the group. And well, like I said you do you. If you don’t feel like shipping or don’t like it. Cool :) 

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K so I love shipping but I am not an actual crazy fan who tries to force a ship and whatnot.... but after looking at all the gifs, images, etc.... How is it that Zayn and Harry never talked?? Like I am still shook about that like when he first said that I was like oh really....but then I fell into a hole of looking at zarry shit and I'm like ??? And then I read your fic about them pretty much having a thing and breaking up and I'm like this must be the reason they hate each other!? Like how?????

all men do is lie. zayn lied about them never speaking because he’s bitter and refuses to call harry even though harry wrote a whole fricken album about him and ended it with why won’t you ever say what you want to say? even my phone misses your call, by the way. like honestly these idiots are the worst communicators when they’re fighting. zayn “is [harry] my rock? yeah” malik is waiting for harry “the paperwork” styles to apologise for being a petty white boy after march 25th 2015 so they can get back to eating candy thongs off of each other and getting complimentary tattoos

no one is that bitter unless they exes, anon


kdrama women’s week, day 8: age of youth lovefest
↳ favourite couple: yoon jin myung x kang yi na


You could almost say I’ve been studying Laurens behaviour from 2012-16 in correlation with her sexuality. I’m finding it extremely difficult to see anything ‘questionable’ about her sexuality, other than her interactions with Camila. When I watch these interviews with the girls, Lauren touching or looking at the girls is clearly platonic. There’s nothing that even hints at anything within her sexuality through her behaviour with the girls. But with Camila, there’s something different. Those longing stares weren’t platonic, how they touched and interacted with each other, wasn’t platonic. The only part of Laurens behaviour that showed us she was also attracted to girls, could be seen through moments with Camila. There’s no doubt in my mind that C played a huge part in Laurens self-acceptance. In an interview a couple months back, Lauren spoke about her sexuality at #beautyconNYC: (3:10-)

Lauren saying “what are you looking at when you see that” is blatantly obvious to me. Camila. The only factor fans could use at the time when/if doubting Lauren’s sexuality was Camila. The interactions and behaviours that the two shared, fuelled the speculation and presumptions about not only Lauren’s sexuality, but Camila’s also. She mentioned when she was younger, she “wasn’t ready to accept it about herself”. Presuming she was questioning her sexuality in her mid/late teens, the only person around her whom she publicly showed attraction to via these little secret looks and touches was Camila. She didn’t show anything intense towards the other 5H girls as she did with Camila. You could tell her interactions with Dinah, Ally and Normani were purely platonic and even from early X-Factor interviews, Lauren was always extremely protective and admiring of Camila. She spoke about “not being ready” to come out so at the time she must have already had existing doubts about her sexuality. I wonder which girl caused her questioning? Fans labelled her before she even had a chance to accept and fully understand it herself. So this coincides perfectly with Camila’s Facebook live, where she’s asked for her advise on an LGBT relationship where the other half isn’t ready “to come out”. (12:40-13:50)

Watch Lauren’s interview first then watch Camila’s. Compare their descriptions and understandings of ‘coming out’ and note that they are EXACTLY the same. C fills in the gaps L missed out in her interview and vice versa. It all falls in place like a little puzzle. Their words are spoken parallel to each others. Aren’t they basically both explaining how they personally reacted during that specific time? You can tell both are speaking from experience. C’s “I’ve learned that” was a massive slip up on her behalf.  I mean the only way you learn something is if you study it, or it happens to you. Camila must be super invested in the LGBT+ community to be able to articulate a response as intricate as the one she gave in this particular interview. There’s no doubt that each individual played some sort of role in the acceptance of each other’s sexualities, whatever those may be. 

Remember though: “All you can do is just love them”.

I wonder who did the loving in this scenario? Was it Camila? Was she loving Lauren as they both finally understood and accepted their feelings towards one and other? Is C’s Hurting the struggle in which she/Lauren were unable to view their sexualities in a positive light after the pressure of shipping and criticism from labels and PR teams? Is the Healing her coming to terms with herself and starting to gradually share to fans a huge part of her that is ‘forbidden’? Is the Loving the final ‘fuck it’, C accepting and being proud of being who she is? I wonder how many more “she” pronouns will pop up in the album. 

Everything is a process, sit tight.


Hanzo and McCree go all out for each other, shush. Hanzo’s just not into chocolates.


Genji eat your chocos.

Your Harry Potter OTP as things my parents have said to each other


Dad: damn, who pissed in your wheaties?

Mom: is that a euphemism or a legitimate question? Because I know the answer to both would be you


Mom: (snorts at something on her phone)

Dad: why did you just snort?

Mom: I don’t know I was just being stupid

Dad: shouldn’t you be snorting all the time then?



Dad: my two front teeth? Wait


Mom: i like your butt.

Dad: I like YOUR butt.

Mom: this is why we are an example of a good marriage.


Dad: did you change the wall color? When did our walls become blue?

Mom: I painted these walls two years ago. Did you even notice that there were walls in the first place?

Dad: only the ones you put up to block me out :(


Mom: I love you.

Dad: you smell. But I love you. And your smells.


Dad: a navy pilot drew a dick in the sky with a plane!

Mom: stop saying the word dick we’re in a public place



Dad: Come look at this meme!

Mom: what’s a meme?

Dad: The Answer to that question is



Mom: just because you read something about the government on the internet online doesn’t mean it’s true.

Dad: that’s just what the government lizard-people are brainwashing you to think.