i ship them in every possible way

someone: do you still ship klance?

me, internally: I love the dynamic of Klance and I love writing the ship. It was my first ship in the Voltron fandom and my first Voltron Klance fic Bonding Time is still my most popular. But it’s a constant frustration, because the more Klance content I reblog, the more anti blogs and art and posts are recommended to me. Because so many Klance fans are antis, and so Klance is associated with antis, which is so sad because I don’t want to be associated with such a toxic side of a fandom and I know many other Klance shippers don’t either, or don’t see the harm in anti arguments because they support Klance, and they’re defending Klance, so it must be okay, right? I hate that so many antis who ship Klance are also Lance stans, because I love Lance but I do not appreciate the iterations of Klance which make Keith out to be little more than a prop to support and lavish love upon Lance when he needs it - forget Keith’s feelings and character development, he’s from Texas and loves knives and making terrible decisions LOL. I hate the “there can only be one” mentality among so many Klance fans, who will go out of their way to bash other ships in order to make Klance the only “safe” and “non-problematic” one. I hate that the argument “because it’s not Klance” has literally been used when one shipper was asked why she didn’t ship or like Hance, I hate that people label Pidge/Lance as problematic even though Pidge and Lance have great potential as a couple and their age difference is the same as Keith and Lance’s, and most of all I hate that antis who ship Klance (…which is most if not all of them) claim other ships that “interfere” with Klance like Sheith or Shance or Shklance are pedophilia and unhealthy, when they are neither. I hate that antis who ship Klance will go so far as to attack other shippers with slews of hate, death threats, give them labels using words they do not even understand, and worst of all invalidate the experiences and trauma of actual CSA victims in their quest to make Klance the one true pairing. I hate that Klance fans have attacked the creators and voice actors of the show in the same way, I hate that @bext-k has been treated so horribly here on tumblr and then been told she couldn’t defend herself because her bully was a minor (a minor, but not a toddler, someone who is perfectly capable of not being an asshole and whose age does not make it okay for them to say the things they said). I cannot stand the Klance meta posts that analyze the heck out of every interaction between the two of them, and at the same time ignore much more meaningful interactions between characters like Shiro and Keith and deny that there could be anything more than friendship between them. It isn’t that deep, I’m sorry, it just isn’t, and it’s embarrassing to see how far of a reach Klance fans make sometimes in order to make their ship as canon as possible. And look, to a degree, I get it. I love Klance. But I do not love the way so many Klance shippers have broken apart this fandom and created spaces so toxic that CSA victims’ voices cannot even be heard without being shut down, mocked, and insulted. I do not love the way I now I have to check every unknown blog’s description before reblogging a post from them to make sure they don’t say “shaladins get out” or “stinky anti” there. I do not love the way that adult antis claim they are protecting minors and then turn around and reblog nsfw fanart of Keith and Lance, two characters who they apparently see as minors, even going so far as to tag it with things like “yaoi” or “this is so sinful” or something equally insulting. I do not love the way antis gaslight and guilt-trip, I do not love the insidious mob mentality that leads to people feeling afraid of not thinking the way other antis do. I do not love the all too prevalent fujoshi culture found among Klance shippers - have you ever noticed that the overwhelming majority of Klance shippers are teenage to twenty-something girls? Whereas all of the queer guys I know of in this fandom are multishippers and/or ship Sheith or Shance. Why don’t we acknowledge that? Why don’t we acknowledge that queer guys, whose relationships we are writing/drawing/analyzing and fangirling about, have an opinion here, and that their opinion maybe, just MAYBE, matters more than ours? In Hypable’s Battleships poll, this was literally proven - way more guys voted for Sheith than voted for Klance. But Sheith is the toxic relationship. Uh-huh. Right. Okay. Even though they’re both adults and have shown each other nothing but love, trust, and respect. This is what infuriates me about so many Klance shippers. The willful blindness to even acknowledge that other sides, other ships, may have merit. And of course this isn’t all of them, I ship Klance and I know many others who do and who don’t share this mentality that makes me so sad and upset. But there are a significant amount of Klance shippers who do. Why can’t there just be a dialogue? Why can’t antis be people who may not like Shaladin ships but understand that this is a fictional show, people are entitled to their opinions, blacklisting tags/blocking users/not looking at content you don’t like is a valid option, and words like pedophilia and “go kill yourself” should not be thrown around as lightly and frequently as they are? I wish we could. I really wish we could. And I also wish I could ship Klance as much as I want to without constantly being reminded of all the hate spread by people who call it their OTP.

me: yep haha ofc klance will always be close to my heart!

i have a hypothesis that creators should have like, only a small amount of contact with their fanbase. not none at all, a little is good, but once they’re so chummy with the fanbase that it’s like “they’re one of us” territory then you just get a work where the writing is like 22 minutes a pop of wink wink nudge nudge at the fanbase. jacking jokes and ideas that the fans came up with, making the fans’ favorite ships canon but not putting any effort into making the character dynamics interesting, stripping their own characters of all but 1 or 2 personality traits and reducing them into vehicles for Funny Relatable One-Liners.

granted i probably have a particularly strong opinion on this because i think fandom culture is a fucking pox in pretty much every way possible - the way i see fiction consumed by fandoms is pretty much the most dumbed-down, empty and hollow way you can do so - and basically when creators start letting the fandom ghostwrite their own series for them you will see an immediate nosedive in quality because the way that fandom consumes and regurgitates fiction is actually good maybe 2% of the time

but hey, views

As mentioned previously, I managed to drag two friends to get hooked into watching Sherlock and it seems like one of them see more sheriarty than anything else 😂😂

Bear in mind, he’s a casual viewer and he doesn’t even care about shipping. But every time any topic of Sherlock’s relationship comes up, he always allude to Moriarty and Sherlock being together.

Meanwhile the other friend, she seems to see adlock as being the unspoken canon.

And this is what I found most interesting, they’re both sure that their perception is true. Meanwhile I see Sherlock as being a possible asexual who longs for long term companionship and I think that’s what he hopes from John. And like them, I’M also sure that what I perceive is the “correct” way of reading the show. So you know what this means?

It means that the show is made to be deliberately complex and ambiguous yet somewhat reassuring. Everyone sees things differently because everyone relates to the same thing in a different way and that’s ok. That’s the whole point. It’s ok to read the show differently, it’s ok to have a different perception of canon.

So to me at least, there really isn’t any point in forcing other people to agree with me, there’s no point in ship wars, there’s no point in shoving down other people’s throat that johnlock is right and everything else is wrong – because the show was MEANT to leave the doors open for different interpretations. I don’t have to agree with you, but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong or I’m wrong. We just perceive things differently. Like how our eyes receive visual data, the colours that I see with my eyes and the colours you see with yours are different, even though we’re looking at the same thing.

I feel like the fandom forgets this a lot sometimes. Especially when I see deliberately drama-baiting posts like “if you don’t see johnlock then idk what show you’re watching” or other similar things like that. Because it’s so unnecessarily antagonistic towards anyone with a different perception from you. It’s ok to read the same show differently. But it’s not ok if you’re being a dick about it

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ally I can't possibly express through words how grateful I am for your kagehina art it kills me in the best way every. single. time. and I love the way you draw them it's one of my fav styles for them and possibly even one of my fav styles altogether. anyway I guess the point is that I'm slowly teaching myself how to draw and I have a whole list of fanartists who have inspired me and you are def on it. one of the first names in fact. thank you for your art it's SUPER GREAT


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This is going to be a long story. 

Some of you, those who have been following me for a while or seen me at conventions, know that I am *trying* to branch out into designing toys rather than just making them. There are a lot of reasons for this, primarily so that I have time: time to design new things, time to rest, time to do literally anything other than crochet delightful sea creatures - you get the gist. 

It’s not that I don’t love making things, I do. And I’m certainly not going to stop making things; I’m pretty sure I can’t, to be honest. But I have to admit that it would certainly be much easier on me, at least for my wrists, to have sewing machines do most of the work. 

So. The dragons. 

I finally made enough money to get a run of plushies made, and I decided to start with my red dragons as my first line. Dragons were one of my most popular items, but they were a lot of work to make, so I figured they would be perfect as plushies. 

I decided to go with Gann Memorials for my production. Now that I’ve already made my mistakes, I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I should never have partnered with Gann, but since nobody felt the need to tell me anything about them previous to my giving them quite a lot of money, that’s who I went with. I did have one person tell me that they were “skeevy”, but since she wouldn’t go into any detail or even use any other words to describe them, I assumed her issue was personal in nature and dismissed it. I wasn’t planning on spending time with these people, I reasoned, just entering into a business arrangement with them. I don’t care if they’re skeevy. I care if they’re competent. 

Well, now I know. 

We began in July of 2015, a year and a half ago. I made the initial phone call (which was grand, because I have social anxiety and calling people on the phone is one of my least favorite things to do). Chris Gann (hereafter Chris) was a genial guy, very much a salesman - but, since I was looking to buy things from him, that was pretty much what I was looking for. We set up an account for me. Promises were made, verbal assurances; they specialize in quick turnaround for orders, I’d have them in less than three months (assuming that I don’t take forever making alterations, of course), they have very high quality standards, et cetera. 

A few days later he set up a Basecamp account. Basecamp is an app for communication between people working on a project together. I can definitely recommend it; it works out beautifully for that precise thing. The account was started July 27. 

So far, so good. 

On August 11, he sent me the first sample images. They needed some tweaking, but I was starting to get excited. I made my recommendations and he went off to relay them to the production team. 

On August 19, he sent the second sample images. These were very close. I accepted this version:

Cute, right? I think it’s cute. Grumpy, but not off-putting; now that I have a little more experience under my belt, I can see where I would make further changes, but it’s still very cute.  

September 1: Chris tells me that the dragons will be shipped to me in October. 

September 7: Chris informs me that these guys are going to need tags. I hadn’t thought about that, but I whip up an acceptable tag design (it’s not great but it’ll work) and send it off to him two days later. I don’t hear back from him until October 2nd, when I ask for a shipping estimate; Chris assures me that they’ll ship by the end of the month. 

October 21: Chris asks me to approve the tag design that I had sent him. I’m a little confused, but I approve. The day after, I approve of the shipping mark and I start to get myself emotionally prepared to receive a large shipment of toys. 

October 29: I check up again on the time frame. Chris says he’ll ask. 

November 2: Chris says that they’ll be shipped by the end of the week. 

I want to point out here that Chris told me they would be *delivered* by the end of October, not shipped at the beginning of November. I’m a little unhappy with this, but you know, things happen. Whatever. I’ll probably shop around for the next line of plushies due to this delay; he hasn’t lost my business forever at this point, but neither has he pleased me to the point where I would go with his company again as a matter of course. 

November 5: Chris sends me pictures of the final product. There’s not much in the way of variation from what I had already approved, so I assume all is well. He also tells me that I’ll be getting extra product on their dime. I am pleased by the prospect, as that would mollify me about the delay. Unfortunately, it turns out not to be true. 

Novemter 18: I receive the boxes. I do not believe in putting things off, so I opened them immediately and went through my product, counting and sorting carefully. I am widely dismayed by what I find. 

I ordered 350 dragons. It’s a small order, in the way of these things, but it was what I could afford. I did receive exactly 350 dragons, but they were not what I had approved. Every aspect was correct and acceptable *except* the most important part of any mammal, toy or not: the face. In this case, the eyes. Of the whole order, 17 dragons had split seams (not a big deal, I’m handy with a needle and I understand that they underwent significant squishing in order to fit them into as few boxes as possible to make shipping affordable); 46 were correct, as in their eye placement and shape were in a range close to what I had approved of; and a whopping 286 of them had what I have to call drastically incorrect eye placement. Here’s what I mean: 

The eyelids are too low and placed at the wrong angle, making it look sleepy (still sellable, but not what I paid for). The eyelids are, by the way, glued into place. 

These eyes are totally wrong (and, may I remind you, glued into place, so I can’t fix it without cutting the eyes out completely). That’s just… wrong. 

This guy has to be my favorite. One eye is significantly larger than the other one and has been placed about a quarter inch higher; the eyelids are entirely wonky - and still glued into place. 

Dec 3: Chris tells me he is trying to work things out with the factory; I send him the above images for clarification. He says he may just have me keep what I received and he will replace the entire order on his dime. 

I am, at this point, entirely depressed. I feel like a failure. I have a certainty that this issue will not be corrected, and even if it is, it won’t be corrected in anything like a reasonable time scale. I feel that I have wasted a very large sum of money and way too much time and it makes me angry and hugely, vastly, deeply disappointed. 

January 5, 2016: Chris asks me if the appearance of the dragons I received is somehow different from the sample I approved. I wonder to myself if he has working eyeballs, or at least knows someone who does, but I respond in the affirmative and re-send all of the pictures, including the one I approved for reference. All of these pictures are still in the Basecamp account. All I have to do is scroll to look at these exact same pictures, but I send them again anyways. I also ask for honesty, here; if he’s not going to fix this, please at least have the decency to tell me about it so I can move on with my life and not have to expend my energy trying to get something done here. 

January 7: Chris takes umbrage at the notion that he might just possibly not bother to fix these glaring mistakes, as he is nothing if not forthright and good. I point out that the delivery took much, much longer than he had initially told me, and that the extra product that was supposed to be included with the shipment never showed up. 

January 8: Chris says that he  misspoke about me getting extras; there will not be another box forthcoming, he was mistaken about that. He does graciously allow me to keep the gigantic pile of unsellable, wasted material that they sent me, and promises that he’ll have the dragons remade at his expense and the issue with the eyes will definitely be fixed in the next batch. (This also turns out to be untrue.)

January 9: Chris tells me that the next batch will ship out after the Chinese New Year. This makes sense to me; holidays always mess up shipping times, and these are travelling across the planet, after all. I settle down and assume they’ll be here in six to eight weeks. 

April 20: This is more than six to eight weeks, you will notice. Chris tells me to expect a shipment some time late next month. I have given up on ever seeing these damn things. 

September 23: Chris sends new pictures for approval. It has been over a year since the first time I went through this process; I was told that I would have them in under three months. Over a year. I’ve moved to a different state by this point and yes, I was snippy. I pointed out that in the FIVE MONTHS since I last heard from him, my address had changed. 

I liked the new ones. These looked angrier. If I got dragons like these, I would be able to sell them in exchange for money. 

November 16: Chris asks me for my delivery address. Again. I ask if this indicates that they will be shipped soon, but there’s no response. 

January 10, 2017: Gene Gann, another employee of Gann Memorials, informs me that I should expect my shipment by mid-February. 

February 8: Gene asks me for my phone number, which I supply, so the shipper can get into contact with me to set up a delivery time. 

February 15: The shipper calls me. We set up a delivery time. 

February 17, 2017: I receive six boxes full of dragons. They have the same qualities of the first batch, only there are more of them this time. Four - I repeat, four - are correct, in that they match the above picture. A further 189 are in sellable condition, looking sleepy or disappointed rather than angry but otherwise having no defects. 27 have split seams, only three of which I bother fixing since the other 24 have devastatingly bizarre eye placement. 303 dragons go into boxes with glued-on, incorrectly placed, wrongly sized eyes. 

In the end, I’ve received a total of 243 dragons that are in a sellable condition. Only a small portion of those actually resemble what I ordered. 589 dragons can only be sold as misfits. I put some in grab bags, feeling guilty. I see them in trash cans at conventions and can’t really blame anyone. 218 dragons, which should have been sold at a profit to fund the next line, are utterly unusable. I have scrapped them and am using their stuffing to fill other projects. 

I am bitter about the entire thing. I am angry. I am never, ever going to do business with Gann Memorials again, nor will I recommend them to anyone, as I cannot with good conscience do so, because if they had an experience anything similar to mine I would be wracked with the most horrible guilt. 

I *am* going to try again. As tempting as it is to simply give up, to assume that there is something lacking about my character, that there is something about me that makes things like this happen, I won’t do it. I’m saving up for another line of plush toys. I am shopping around for a different company to work with. 

My hands are tired and my blood pressure is high, but I’m still going. 

(I want to put in a disclaimer that I am not assuming anything about the personal morality of Chris or Gene Gann. I do not want them attacked or thought of in any wrong way because of how all of this went down. This was a business deal, and sometimes they go sour. This could have been a series of misunderstandings, mistakes, communication errors, unfortunate events, what have you. I don’t know what’s going on in their lives. These are things that happened, and they will affect who I do business with going forward, but I don’t assume that these are bad people. I don’t think I could encourage anyone to have a business relationship with this company and these people, but if you want to have a beer with them, I’m sure they’re very nice.)


Eraser: Eraser is easily one of Ed’s best and most honest raps I think he’s put out there. YNMIDNY and Take It Back have more the undertones of not giving a fuck about what the industry thinks and staying a step ahead while being aware of the darkness to avoid. Eraser shows the side of Ed I feel he had been trying to hide from us. It’s honest about his struggles and alludes to cocaine, which is a terrifying drug (not that he needs to be told).  It seems to be an almost apology for the wrong turns he’s made throughout his career; to us, to his family and friends, and to himself. I think this song is the perfect reminder as to why Ed took his year long break to find himself and his happiness again and for that reason it is a perfect opener for this album. It forever warms my heart endlessly to know Ed trusts us with songs like this that are so brutally honest and full of his deepest emotions. I feel happy that he can open up and get these feelings out, but I hope he never feels like he needs to apologize to us for things like this. This is a reminder that celebrities are real people too, just like you and me. It can’t be easy to live under a microscope all the time. I hope he knows how much we love and appreciate him. We are well aware he is not a perfect person and it is totally acceptable to make these mistakes and lose yourself because everyone does.

Castle on the Hill: I remember when Ed dropped this song and Shape of You at the same time, I was immediately drawn to this one despite the ABSOLUTE BOP that Shape of You is. It made me feel so nostalgic for a childhood that wasn’t even mine and that is an amazing talent that no other artist has ever really made me feel (besides when I was 4 and first heard ‘butterfly kisses’ with my dad). This song made me, for the first time in my entire existence, feel nostalgic for my home town, I remember being back on campus in the city and crying in my bed about home AND I WAS MISERABLE IN MY HOME TOWN. I have always heard that nostalgia is a dirty liar and they would be right. But I found that, even though I hated home, I felt a longingness to be there and was reminded of the little moments of drinking in corn field at my friends barn and running through fences when the neighbors called the cops, of driving down every country road around my house with my dog or best friend listening to music, of all the little memories Ed sang about. It gave me an over powering feeling of excitement for the future; to look back and feel happy and whole at my life as ed does. As I have said so many times, I feel blessed to be alive at the same time as an artist like Ed Sheeran. He trusts us with these personal feelings. Hearing this song reminded me a lot of the same sensation I got from watching the Photograph music video. I felt like he had let us into such a different point in his life, before fame and music and before we existed in the same world. Letting us into his childhood and pre-fame life is such a big deal and he has no obligation to tell us anything about his past. I’m lucky to love an artist that acts as our friend in telling us childhood stories and secrets.

Dive: This one if for sure in the top 3 best of this album. I love the beat and the whole idea of starting a relationship and being nervous on whether or not to trust them or to just dive in. I think this might be the most relatable and best song both lyrically and sound wise on this album. Also, I low key see this as an Ath*na drag… do with that what you will.

Shape of You: I’m very happy Ed released this song first because it’s catchy and attracted more people to the album and him in general. It’s a very different sound and at first listen, I thought it was the SING of divide and didn’t love it, though it is an absolute tune. As I listen to it more, the more I really hear the lyrics. I appreciate a big star like Ed writing a song about the female body without degrading it. Also, he is talking about the entire shape of the female body; any and all types. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders and body image issues, it actually made me tear up a bit when he talked about appreciating the female body because the media usually puts pressure on women to look a certain way that isn’t possible and I guess I just really love Ed’s appreciation of women in every sense that he does. Also, that music video actually killed me and is absolute perfection. *cough**cough* SHIRTLESS ED!!

Perfect: I knew this song would be my favorite on the album because Ed had told us that this song was about Cherry and you all know how hard I ship them. Lyrically this song is beautiful. I think it really shows a very happy and in love side of Ed that we didn’t really get in + or x and I love that he is happy now. It is the purest song I have ever heard and an amazing change of pace from all of Ed’s other love songs because it’s not so sad. Thank you Ed for sharing yet another extremely personal part and emotion in your life. Cherry is extremely lucky to have such a beautiful song written for her AND I BETTER BE INVITED TO THIS WEDDING.

Galway Girl: This song makes me want to take Irish dancing again like I did when I was 4 years old just so I have the proper dance moves for this tour. I really appreciate hearing Ed say “pretty little” and sing about Irish girls. I had heard that this song wasn’t approved by his label because I guess Irish folk music isn’t popular but bitch now it is. I appreciate that Ed has always felt he could stay true to himself and where he comes from in his music. He is always 100% honest and embodies his roots, even when it’s not “the popular” thing to do. He had always talked about how important it is for artists to break in America to make it big, so most artists gear their art towards the American audience; Ed, though, has always kept it diverse and different. He further emphasizes the importance of being yourself to be the most successful you can be. Without realizing it, Ed has influenced and inspired so many people, whether it be in pursuing a musical career or just going out and doing what you want regardless of what anyone says. What a guy, what a bop.

Happier: This one was such a tease because I was really expecting a happy song but instead I got my heart ripped out. I think this goes with New Man because it’s about moving on from someone. It’s very heartbreaking to see someone you loved be happier with someone else and learn to be okay with it because if you really loved them you’d be happy for them regardless on if it includes you. This is another + vibes song and a sad song, and I live for the sad songs.

New Man: This song is a great change in pace and it gets goofy but is also serious. This is part of The Holy TrinityTM: YNMIDNY, Take It Back, and now New Man. This is such a drag on the fuck boys and I appreciate it and the fact that, even big famous popstar Ed, isn’t a fuck boy. This song drags this New Man to the deepest pits of hell with a catchy beat and lyrics about bleached assholes. Clearly this song is the quality content we all expected on this album and this honestly has to be in my top 3 favorite tracks on this album.

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: For whatever reason, I really thought this was going to be the next Take It Back. I thought it was going to be a rap but again I WAS WRONG. This is the only time I actually enjoy being wrong and I should just learn to expect it with Ed because he’s always doing some type of shit to surprise us. It ended up being one of the sweetest songs on the album. It really continues on from Perfect and it makes my heart feel so full when I think of how happy he is now. As a fan, I think our job is to support his career but also respect his personal life and encourage his happiness; even if that doesn’t include us. This song just fills my heart and warms me at the thought of the place someone must be in to write songs like this. I feel lucky to hear it and anyone who has been through heart break and come out the other side can relate to the complete feeling you find in someone that you know won’t do that to you again. Ed somehow has the talent to make me feel in love when I’m not and has the ability to articulate the sweetest and purest feelings through amazing lyrics and song.

What Do I Know: To be completely honest, this is my least favorite song on the album and the only one I don’t really like. Ed had said his favorite lyric was in this song (Love can change the world) but I personally find it generic. Whoops. I do like the beat and how he mentioned his father. This album has such a big emphasis on family and love, so lyrically it related to that. But yeah not my favorite so I gtg.

How Would You Feel (Paean): I love this song and I’m adding it to the second Holy TrinityTM on this album: Perfect, Hearts Don’t Break Around Here, and How Would You Feel. These all truly embrace the happy and in love feeling of this album and of course I love any song about Cherry. The story behind this song actually makes me kind of laugh because Ed had only just reconnected with Cherry a week before writing this and he says he loves her. I actually really do love the sound of this song, though to be honest it’s not my favorite on the album or lyrically. I think I didn’t dismiss this song because of the back story of it. I think this song has a very + feel to it about being young and innocently in love and I really live for that. It’s a very soft and beautifully written insight to the very precious and personal time in their relationship.

Supermarket Flowers: OH GOD HERE COMES THE WATER WORKS. This song killed me just like I had expected. Ed has always been incredible at writing songs in honor of other people. I think this song killed me just as much as Afire Love did because I had just lost my great grandmother a week before this album was released. I felt an incredible connection to putting someone to rest and getting supermarket flowers to decorate their grave. It’s heartbreaking but also peaceful to know they are at rest. “you are an angel in the shape of my mom” killed me because I have never heard someone describe having an angel in such a beautiful way, as well as “heaven singing hallelujah you’re home” describing the peace that comes at knowing someone’s at rest. He wrote this song for his mother and played it at his grandmother’s funeral, which is so personal and beautiful.

Barcelona: Hearing Ed sing in Spanish was beautiful and amusing because I don’t think it was proper Spanish, but again I love the very worldly vibes that came with this album. I think this year off was both good for Ed’s mental health and his sound. It’s not only lyrically diverse but also sound and culture diverse and I love it. I feel like I’m traveling around the world listening to this album.

Bibi Be Ye Ye: I was especially excited for this song because I knew it was the song he wrote in Africa. This song truly embodies the theme of Divide and its diverse sounds. I remember when x came out and people were complaining that he “sold out” to pop and lost his sound, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I was pleasantly surprised that Ed took such a big leap in sound and really changed his image and I loved it. He got to experiment and find himself in x and I think that gave way to his confidence to make Divide because he did so well last time with the diversity. I appreciate the he takes sounds from all over the world and represents other cultures while still respecting them and of course giving them credit. This is also such a BOP and the upbeat kind of song that it going to make everyone dance at his concerts.

Nancy Mulligan: This is an absolute BOP and the story behind it is amazing. It’s quite amazing that he wrote a song in the point of view of his grandfather, much like how I was blown away by Small Bump. The idea that he could embody the view point of a love story that happened years before he was born is quite amazing. One of the things I enjoyed most about this album was his focus on love and family and this song fuses them together with a very Irish sound. When this song title came up on the track list before the album was dropped, I was very curious to find out who this song was about because WHO IS NANCY? Ed being Ed didn’t fail to let us in on not only his very personal life but also his grandparents love story, which is quite an amazing tale. Like so many of Ed’s songs, I felt like I was almost invading someone personal space or listening in to a deep conversation that I was not part of. It is so personal and no matter how many times Ed is open and honest with us, I still get blown away; especially with this song in the fact that he references his grandmother in the point of view of his late grandfather. His story telling skills forever give me chills and take my breath away. I can only imagine what his grandmother must feel listening to this.

Save Myself: Jesus I was not ready for this song. It had so much pain in it and it kills me to know how greedy and selfish people are towards people who give and are the most selfless. It worries me a lot about Ed, but again I think this song compliments Eraser. He really needed the break from fame and especially his phone. I hope Ed learns to say no and to learn to be a little more selfish when it comes to giving people things, and I hope people who took and took from him learn to be more appreciative. I could say so much more about that, but I think I’ve rambled enough.


So, overall I think this is the best album Ed wrote and I love every song on it, which is a first! He was so open and honest with us about his family, emotions, love, pain, and loss. I appreciate Ed and all he gives us. Love you Ed, I wish you a long life xx

Scattered Descendants 2 thoughts now that I’ve finished it:

- Ben is the perfect boy. The main conflict is a miscommunication and he spends literally the rest of the movie apologizing for it, going to extremes to make it right, and trying to get everybody to be more open with each other so it doesn’t happen again? I love him.

- Carlos, also a champion of open communication. There was a theme in this movie and I liked it. My boy insisting his friends all sit down and talk their shit out and get through it together. Look at him go. I love both my Hufflepuff boys.

- also, Mal going to Carlos like “dont you miss the isle a little” and hes just like “i literally had the worst life possible so…… no” my boy

- Carlos and Jane was entirely unnecessary imo but honestly both of them are so endearing that I couldn’t bring myself to hate it. I am still well on board the Benlos ship but I’ll live with this.

- Evie is literally perfect in every way??? Wow. I can’t believe Evie runs the whole kingdom. Sorry Ben, she’s in charge. Mal is the king’s bf but Evie’s the real royalty here.

- Evie & Mal are girlfriends it’s canon now did you see their love song duet

- Jay is a real friend – “ill drive you back myself”, “say hello to your new captain”, ready to slit bens throat at a moments notice if he hurts mal, what a guy

- Ben: *breaks up w Mal* Literally Everyone: Friendship ended with Ben, now Mal is my best friend


- talking Dude was….. ehhh. i love Dude but that voice…… hes way less cute n endearing w it. Carlos’s frustrated “you’re lucky i love you” was cute tho

- speaking of talking Dude, when he showed up at the boat i legit thought he was ruin everything by blurting out that the wand was fake bc of the truth thing. thank god he didnt

- not sure if this is just me but the songs seemed sort of…. over-produced? compared to the last one? it was a little distracting honestly. also. why autotune ben. we know he can sing. he did it last time and it was good. why do that to him.

- i!! love!!! dizzy!!! what a cutie!!!! if she and all of evies other adopted children aren’t in the next movie im suing!!!!!!

- i hated carlos’s hair less than i thought i would but i still dont love it. mals was okay. evie was flawless as always. jay looks the exact same.

- lonnie is great and i support her in all her endeavors

- when ben roared on the boat i legit thought he was about to have a beast transformation and it would turn into a three way monster fight but nope. just normal human ben diving off the side of the boat to yell at two giant monsters that they need to listen and respect each other and work together to solve their conflict. who gave this boy permission to be so wonderful.

- mal: i have never done a good thing in my life, ever. ben: i know this and i love you.

- lowkey sad none of the villain parents made an appearance but that wouldve complicated the plot too much i guess. uma & her crew were plenty good anyways.

you know what i love about my dirk gently ships? i love the character dynamics so much no matter whether they’re romantic or platonic. literally i just ship the characters in every way possible and even though i have a bias towards writing romance in my stories i would equally sell my soul just to see them all best friends forever. brotzly? could be hella gay, could also be a beautiful example of soft and emotionally validating male friendship. faranda? badass adorable gfs or badass adorable bffs, both good! bart and ken? either the cutest (and weirdest) damn couple in the universe or the beautiful hilarious pure male/female friendship we’ve all been waiting for. amanda and the rowdy 3? either wholesome polyamorous goodness or wholesome found family goodness. there are no wrong ways to ship anyone!!! beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

i was reading through your blog and im curious, do you ship rivamika romantically/sexually? or is it just like a friendship ship. or you like their dynamic together?

Hi nonnie, I ship them in every way possible <3


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This is not a prompt and I know you usually don't do asks... but! just in case: the finale is really messing up with my mind. The idea that she talks to him every day and he probably doesn't know she is alive is too much for me. What worries me the most is the idea of Bellamy getting romantic with somebody in the ark, given where the storyline is going do you think it's a possibility? How do you see things panning out?

In general, you’re right, I don’t do much speculation of this type, and I’m afraid I’m not going to start now. But here are some things that I consider to be important and good:

  • That was not a finale you write unless you care very, very deeply, about the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke. 
  • Clarke doesn’t really have a non-Bellamy love interest other than Niylah, and Niylah hasn’t ever really been treated like a love interest so much as a FWB. Obviously it’s possible they could leave her single or give her a new love interest from a number of places, but I think the lack of an extant obvious person is probably a good thing, in terms of Bellarke.
  • I also think their being separated makes it much more likely that the show is, if nothing else, considering making Bellarke canon. If they were together, they’d have to deal with their relationship in the Ark, with the following possible outcomes:
    • They get together during the time jump (unsatisfying)
    • They do not get together during the time jump and their relationship is at its current level for six years, and then they get together once they get back to Earth (bizarre and probably also unsatisfying)
    • They do not get together over the time jump because they are not interested in a romantic relationship and enter S5 as Firmly Just Friends (ugh)
    • They do not get together over the time jump because they have a Huge Falling Out and have to learn to be friends again on Earth (probably the most interesting of these but also like wtf why)
  • So being separated basically allows the writers to delay making a decision about whether or not they will be canon, whereas I think that leaving them together would have necessitated making that choice, and necessitated it in ways that would not be promising for the ship. I like the time jump, and as much as the sadness both of them are doubtless feeling during their separation hurts me, I much prefer it to the alternative, from both a story and shipping perspective.
  • Our cliffhanger was literally Clarke calling Bellamy EVERY DAY because she misses him so much and Bellamy being in actual mourning, so there is every reason to believe we are getting a fucking EPIC reunion.

On a broader note, I come from the old way of fandom, and from the old way of slash fandom, especially, where we never really expected our ships to become canon, and just sort of assumed every important conversation involving our OTP would end with some variation on “no homo,” so I get that my perspective on this is probably different from some people’s. Will I be frustrated if Bellamy and Clarke don’t mash their mouths together at some point? Yes, I totally will. I desperately want them to mash their mouths together, and I do think it’s pretty possible that they will. But my shipping of things has never really taken becoming canon as a very important factor in how much I enjoy them, so I am much more likely to think of all the reasons it might not happen to keep my expectations low than try to reassure myself that canonization is coming. So I’m not a good resource for that kind of reassurance.

But that also means what I mostly think about is all the things that will make me happy aside from actual face-mashing, and that finale was basically non-stop Bellamy and Clarke love each other so much, holy shit, with every indication that S5 will continue with that. And that is 900% what I’m about.

He’s Insecure

Nico had never been one to care about appearances much.
He never paid attention to fashion or hair, he didn’t pay attention to makeup or figure.
He always just accepted people for the way they are so why shouldn’t they do the  same for him?
For most people, including him, is that another person had said something  to them or made a comment on how they look. In this case, it was something that was said to you  about him.
It was June 1st, the day that marked yours and Nico’s one year anniversary together and he was going to be a gentleman about it and give you flowers, it’s probably something he picked up from hanging around Hazel.
He was only just walking up to the stables to give them to you to distract you from the overwhelming smell of horse poo when he overheard one Artemis’ huntress’ talking bad about him to you and trying to convince you to join the hunters and leave him… just like his sister did…
“ I honestly don’t get why you need this boy, Y/n, you are a strong independent being of your own will. Think about it, if you become one of us you won’t have to worry about boys harassing you for anything. Boys are flawed beings, they have acne, their voice gets all squeaky, they get horrific thoughts, they’re rude. ” About around that tie Nico had heard enough of the huntress’ bad talk and decided to return to his cabin and lie in his bed.
You defended all boys, of course, but it was a short while after Nico left before you got a word in.
“ I appreciate the girl power talk you gave, but  I’m dating a really sweet guy right now and I have a lot of friends who are guys too and I don’t like that you’re talking about people when they’re not here to defend themselves. I don’t know why you became a huntress and I don’t care how but I don’t believe in your views on life and I hope you can respect that we have different outlooks. ” I’m sure anyone could imagine that the girl was pissed off by the look she gave you before stalking off. You quickly began to finish your chores at the Stables so that you can go surprise Nico with his gift you made him in arts and crafts. The gift way actually a small necklace that had your favorite love quote on it, “ I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once. ”
Meanwhile Nico was in his cabin lying in his bunk with his face pressed into the dark pillow and his body encased in a sheet of black that blocked out any light emitting from the green torches that were Greek fire.
He tossed and twisted the bed sheets until they were nothing more than a pile at the end of his bed. Determined to prove the huntress wrong; he hurried over to the bathroom and leaned in close to the mirror to spot any acne and sure enough there were little red bumps appearing on the hairline of his forehead. He groaned and started picking at it with his finger since he obviously had no idea what he was doing and only making the pimple and skin around it a bright red. The now festered pimple  was spilling out a mixture of blood and oil, but the reason for blood being  because he picked and scratched instead of the proper execution. He winced from the sensitive skin being struck so many times in order to get rid of it all, but he can’t have acne because he needs Y/n around. He wants her around.
A small knock echoed loudly through the cabin and back to the bathroom where he stood; fear coursing his body as he recognized the knock on his cabin door, “ Hello? Nico are you here? Today’s a big day so get up! ” Your cheerful voice sounded close once he heard the door open and shut slowly. Nico hurriedly washed his face and scrubbed roughly at the popped pimple, desperately wishing it would go away in under a minute.

“Nico? What are you doing? ” Your voice sounded right next to him and he jumped back in surprise, hands flying to his face to cover the mark.
You raised an eyebrow at him and placed your hands on his arms in effort to push them away from his face.

Instead of facing the situation; he darted past you and out through the doorway, flinging himself on the bed and tossing the covers over himself once more today.

“What the actual Hades? Why are you hiding from me?” You said while fast walking over to his bed and sitting down on it, the creaky springs squealing slightly and the mattress tilting down from the new weight. You slid your fingers through the uncovered patch of long ebony hair that
stuck out wildly in an attempt to coax him to look at you. “I can’t help you if you won’t show me what’s wrong, ” you whispered quietly.

Nico sat up with teary eyes and the black blankets still wrapped around him tightly. Tear tracks followed the outline of his jaw and his dark midnight blue-black eyes were red and puffy only slightly. “I’m sorry,” his hoarse voice made a shaky apology.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, why is he crying?
“ Nico, why are you crying? Did something happen? ” You said timidly while reaching out to wipe away the tears on his cheeks.

He stared at you with a sorrowful look of anxiety painting every crevasse of his face, but he didn’t answer. Instead of an answer he gave a whimper and a muffled sob, his hand flying up to cover his face only made it cover your hand instead. His teary eyes scaled and climbed up your body until they reached your face, the words tumbling out before he could stop them, “ Why do you love me? ”

You were taken back by his sudden question. “ What do you mean ’ why do I love you?’ how can I not love you? ”

He shook his head and let out a quiet “No” before sniffling again. “ Why do you love me, Y/n? I’m always gone, My voice goes in and out when I speak, and I have pimples all over my face! ” His quiet voice got gradually louder as he listed off reasons, which were a bit exaggerated if I do say myself.

You blinked multiple times in thought of his reasons but smiled in victory once you put a sentence or two together in your head.
“ I love you so much, Nico, that when you’re gone I feel like you’re right next to me whispering sweet things in my ear just like you always do whenever you are here. I love your voice and how it squeaks and fades when you talk, it shows that you’re becoming a young man and I love how it squeaks whenever you talk excitedly about something Mrs. O'Leary did. You do nothave pimples all over your face and it just so happens that I love each and every one of them. ”

A small smile crept up on his lips at your words, “ Really? Each pimple? But they’re so unattractive! ”

You shook your head with a grin on your lips in the happiest way possible, “ I love your pimples, they remind me that you aren’t a god sent here to break teenage girls hearts. ”

He laughed lightly and leaned in to kiss your cheek, lovingly. “ Thank you, Y/n, now we can be the most beautiful couple in camp together. Screw Percabeth because (Ship name) is the new thing. ”

** IT’S DONE! Don’t hate me for being AWOL again, I’ve got 4 tests this week and I have exams coming up. I’m having to study all day and write whenever it’s possible. I’ll update as soon as I can next time, have a wonderful day, love!**

anonymous asked:

I can't help but realize wrt Aegony shippers most of them refuse to even consider the possibility of Jon and Sansa having romantic feelings for each other. Probably because if they did, they'd know how doomed their ship is.

Dear nonny, they are indeed and to me it seems ‘delusional’. In a way it is natural to look for other possible ships, that might become canon as well. I shipped Zutara in the last airbender, but I was never blind to the fact that Aang had very real feelings for Katara and that Kataang was a possibility. But imho Aegony shippers are very hardcore ‘canon shippers’ and they tend to bend every shred of evidence to support their ship. I am a canon shipper as well, at least for Jon and Sansa, but that never meant that I was blind to Aegony.

Indeed, when I first read the books, I was convinced early on that accidental incest would happen  (I had worked out R+L= J all on my own, after the first book, something I’m still proud of), but I was not very happy about it. I disliked D from book 2 and 3 onwards and for me Aegony was always my NOTP. I like my ships ‘happy’ with a reasonable chance of lasting and being good for each other and I never saw any potential for that in Aegony.

I think that they feel so threatened by our ship because it is popular, and it is in a way the exact opposite of their ship. Jon is D’s nephew and doesn’t know that and he thinks he is Sansa’s brother, but is in reality her cousin. And of course with the literal trope of accidental incest they have to wonder what will happen once Jon learns about his parentage. This is the ultimate threat to their ship and they know this deep down, because accidental incest and the repercussions (and the punishment that follows) is deep in the core of humanity’s storytelling. And the very reveal which is a threat to their ship, makes our ship acceptable and opens the possibility of a happy or semi-happy ending.

I do think that this is the reason why they insist that every interaction of Jon and Sansa is strictly platonic, even though non-shippers have gotten the odd vibes and the chemistry of the Jonsa scenes. They insist that Jon and Sansa would never feel anything else but sibling affection, and they have to think this, otherwise the moment of the parentage reveal might do more than just shake their ship to the core. It might shatter it - and this is what I think will happen.

They insist that - in a world that gave us Jaime and Cersei, as toxic as their relationship is - there is no ways Stark siblings would fall for another. I agree that there should be a difference between Starks and Lannisters since the Starks are very close to being our ‘heroes’, but I don’t think the difference would be the feelings that could befall them or not, but how they would act upon those feelings. And as much as I love angst in fics, I definitely think that Jon and Sansa would not act on their feelings canonwise as long as they believe they are siblings.

Honestly, I thought they would calm down now with their ship being ‘legit’, but the fact that they - or at least the part of the Aegony fandom who is inclined that way - still stalk our tags, call us delusional, tell us to drown in our tears, sends anon hate, etc. tells me, that they are uncertain what will happen in season 8. And they should be. And the awkward and sloppy realisation of the ship can’t have helped.

If I was an Aegony shipper I would be worried that my pair is together now with still 6 episodes to go. It is highly unlikely that season 8 will introduce a new person as a love interest for Jon. If he ends up with someone else, it must be someone who is already there, and even without shipper goggles, Sansa is the only possibilty.

We should weather it and not go down on their level - or at least the level of the part of the fandom that pesters the Jonsa tag.

Thanks for the ask, nonny!

Oh antis with their “Clarke cares about Bellamy just as a friend”. I always find it so strange and semi funny when people say Bellamy and Clarke are just platonic or that Clarke doesn’t love Bellamy. There’s literally nothing “just platonic” about them. The only reason why there’s even a ship war is because people see that Bellamy and Clarke are obviously not just platonic and that there is a very real possibility that they will get together. They are threatened. You only feel threatened when you SEE THE POSSIBILITY. Why even hide behind “they’re just friends” when you obviously see the potential for it to become more? And just for fun, humor me. Does Clarke act the same way around her other male friends the way she does with Bellamy? Does she care for them the way she cares for Bellamy? Does she rely on them like she does Bellamy? Does she hug them like she hugs Bellamy? Clarke hugged Monty in 2x16. It looked like two friends hugging. Then she shared a hug with Bellamy too but what did they have Clarke do in order to show how different her relationship is with Bellamy than her relationship with Monty? She kisses Bellamy. Does she hug ANYONE the way she hugs Bellamy? Does she freak out about them being in danger the way she freaks out about Bellamy? Are they her biggest weakness the way Bellamy is? Does she hold their hand like she does Bellamy’s? Does she nuzzle their hand like she does Bellamy’s? Does she stand together with them like she does with Bellamy? Does she find strength from them the way she finds it in Bellamy? Do people around Clarke see and comment on her relationship with her other male friends as they do her relationship with Bellamy? So.. how can you possibly say that Clarke acts and feels for her other male friends the same way she does Bellamy, when that’s not the case? You certainly don’t have to ship them if you don’t like them but pretending that Clarke loves Bellamy the same way she does every other male friend is just canonically wrong. Lxa stated in season two (!!) that Clarke cares about Bellamy more. Other characters have called out both of them for their love and devotion to each other. We have scripts that include several of the above as canonically correct. So again, I ask, in what world are Bellamy and Clarke just platonic or that Clarke doesn’t love him?

Acting Class on the ship Entropy

I wrote a thing related to humans are weird. It’s a short story about humans and acting. It took way to long to write. Way longer than it normally should have.
Things were not going well for Dorin. They were a tiny, “adorable as fuck” Hylian who had no idea what it was like manning the station they were assigned. The Human who was given as help to them, had said that to them on the first day. That they were “adorable” and “the cutest fucking thing in the galaxy.” Dorin took it as a compliment, especially since the human, Andy, had meant it to be one. Hylians were all business, and this fight for the universe was there’s alone. Dorin never saw any problem with asking for… assistance in the fight for the galaxy, but they were certainly beginning to see road blocks when it came to humans.
Andy was expressive. He was all over the place, literally. One minute he would be sorting the weapons and defensive machinery, and the next he was next to them, braiding their hair into intricate designs. Dorin did not mind the braiding, they liked it actually. It proved to be very therapeutic.  
The day had been going south. Nothing was going right, and it was up to Dorin to fix it all. With Andy’s help, after all. Andy was a talker, and thus their afternoon was not quiet at all.
“The other day I was talking to Ramone, and do you know what he told me? The Vroks are gonna join the resistance against the Empire, because of us! Like, they really love humans apparently? Something about cooking and it being an art form to them…?” He said, while twisting Dorins hair with beads. “So anyway, it’s because of our culinary prowess that we were able to get then on our side anyway.” Dorin grunted, something they normally did when faced with aggression. The humans took small noises like that as a sign that they were listening to them for some reason. It had weirded them out the first week they had been with Andy, but they got used to it.
“Hey…” Andy said uneasily. “I’m picking something up on the Holo Pod. It looks like someone who shouldn’t be here is on board.” Dorin looked up from their terminal, and headed over to the large screen known as the Holo Pod. It was a giant holographic image that showed live heat signatures of the crew on board. Each member of Entropy was decked with a chip, one that emitted a sort of signal to the Pod. This way, stow-a-ways couldn’t hide among the crews heat signatures.  Andy was right, someone was on board, and they were quickly moving about in the ships engine room.
Dorin snapped their fingers in agitation, a Hylian expression for aggression. “Dammit. We don’t have time to deal with pirates…” They said. Andy paced the room.
“Yeah, we don’t. And we need to resupply. We’re down on bullets and laser power. Who knows how many are actually down there.” He said. Dorin looked confused.
“What do you mean? It’s just one pirate, right?” They asked, looking at Andy worried. Andy rubbed the back of their neck.
“Well it could be… but they’re in the engine room. And the one place that successfully partially jams the Pod is the ships engine. It’s for maintenance reasons, so the ship and the Pod don’t fuck each others signals up. It could be that the Pod can only pick up that one heat signature, cause the engine won’t let them scan the whole area.” He said. Dorin pressed a finger to their Holo Deck on their arm.
“This is Officer Dorin Dorik reporting a stow a way in the engine room. Officer Andy Cho picks up one unassigned signature, but suspects many more. Please respond immediate-” the door to their station was blown down with a mighty kick. A low chuckle filled the air, and Dorin was filled with fear. Andy stepped in front of them, shielding them from whatever danger awaited at the door. It was two Tyerion pirates. They were decked in armor, and they sported two Hylian B-Grade pistols. The kind of guns assigned to common foot soldiers of the Hylian Empire. Their guns and their armor were impressive, and enough to send warning signals of immediate danger to Dorin.
“Calling for help, I see?” One pirate said. He was stocky, and short, and his slime body was a bright pink. Dorin vaguely remembered reading that humans regarded the color as feminine, but they couldn’t remember what passage they had read it in.
“Pirates huh? Isn’t that a little out dated?” Andy said. Dorin was thankful that Andy was protecting them, but they weren’t sure what they had that could defeat these thugs. Thorks. They were, as humans so eloquently put it, totally fucked. The stocky pirate growled, and took a step forward.
“You better watch it human. I know about your species, I cant believe they actually let you freaks fight for the Empire.” He said. His voice was deep, and very sonorous. He spoke harshly, and with no lisp at all. He had clearly mastered the Humans language perfectly, where as Dorin still had noticeable problems when speaking any Human language.
Andy stood proud, not showing any fear on his face. In fact, if Dorin didn’t know any better, they would say that Andy looked excited. His face was determined, and he looked ready for anything.
“Well,” Andy said, loud enough for the other pirates to hear. “This freak is the captain of the ship Entropy. And he has a help on the way.” Andy was lying, but Dorin was too scared to do anything about it.
“What do you want? This ship is very under supplied. There’s nothing here for you to loot!” Dorin squeaked. They managed enough courage to say that at least. The Pink Tyerion  didn’t even glance at them.
“Thats a lie! Both of them! You aren’t the captain of this ship!” He said, outraged. Andy merely scoffed.
“Oh yeah? What makes you so sure? I’m sure whatever defector you got your info from lied to you. I’m the captain. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.” Andy said, determined. The Tyerion froze, unable to speak.
One of the pirates poked his boss with a gelatinous arm. He spoke to him in Tyri quickly, panic in his voice. His boss responded harshly by slapping his arm away, but his underling retaliated by fighting back.
While the pirates were busy fighting, Dorin began to slowly step back from Andy, inching towards the Holo Pod. There was an emergency alarm button there, and if Dorin could get to it in time, the Tyerions wouldn’t have time to escape the ship. Unfortunately, one of the pirates, who happened to not be caught in the fray of the boss and underlings squabble, spotted him. He shouted out in Tyri “Suran!” Stop.
He pointed his gun at Dorin, and fired, but Dorin had the training to duck and dodge it. Dorin rolled into a cabinet, knocking down documents and luckily, a gun. They grabbed it, and made a dash for the Holo Pod. The other Tyerions were alerted to what was happening, and took out their guns. Andy barged into them though, running with his arms outstretched at full speed, and knocking at least three of them down. That was enough to make it hard to aim for the Tyerions, and it gave Dorin enough time to press the button.
The alram blared through the ship. The Pink Pirate cursed, surprisingly in human. Some of his lackeys ran off down the hall, hoping to escape before the Hylians came. The Pink Pirate had a hold on Andy, as he was one of the Tyerions who got knocked down when Andy rushed them. In moments he was swarmed by armed Hylians and a few humans. Andy smirked at him.
“I hope you’ll think next time when trying to board away on my ship.” He said, looking down at the pinned down Tyerion. As the soldiers took him away, Andy called back at him. “When you get to the Prison, tell ‘em Captain Andy sent you!”
Dorin lay exhausted on the floor, but they couldn’t help but laugh at their Humans foolishness.
“I’m just glad none of you were seriously injured.” Captain Korone said. Andy and Dorin had reported to her as soon as the pirates were apprehended. While it was true that none of them were seriously hurt, Dorin had sprained an ankle dodging bullets from the pirates. And Andy had a few scratches from grappling with the Tyerion Pirate.
“Still.” She said, sighing deeply. She was an old Hylian. Wrinkles formed in her blue skin, and she had what many Hylians considered to be age spots. Little freckles of gold that spread in places that ached the most when moved. Captain Korone had a lot under her neck, and some on her arms. Though most of them we’re concealed by the armor she wore.
“Pirates coming onto Entropy so wantonly is unheard of. I shall send someone to see that the storage unit is secure in every way possible.” She smiled down at both of them.
“As for you two, I think i would like to hear how you handled a group of pirates by yourselves.” She said. And Andy regaled her with the story of how he pretended to be the captain of the ship to scare them off. It didn’t work that well, but it was enough to get them panicking.
“However did you manage to convince them? I can’t imagine a common foot soldier taking on the air of a captain so easily. No offense to you Human Andy.” She said. Andy merely smiled.
“Ah, it’s alright. That’s what five years of theater does to you, you know?  It makes it easy to slip into any role given to you. Though,” he said. “ I was kind of just winging it.” He laughed.
“I had no idea what acting was gonna do, but it just sort of… happened? I saw them, and just kind of panicked and said all that stuff to scare them. Then I realized i couldn’t take it back, so I went with it!” He said, shrugging. “I’m kind of impressed at Dorin, though.”
Dorin looked up at Andy in surprise. “Me? Why? I was so scared, I froze right behind you!” They said. Andy waved them off.
“Yeah, but the way you dodged those bullets? That was cool! I didn’t even notice you slipped away, until that one guy started shooting.” He said, beaming at them. “It was Dorin who pressed the button ma'am. Without them, we probably wouldnt be standing here.”
Captain Korone clapped her hands in front of her face once. “Well, I’m glad I have such trained soldiers. But next time, try to pretend to be something else please? I don’t think the Galactic Council will buy that I’m a tall, young human male. Wouldn’t you agree?” She laughed and so did Andy.
It truly was an eventful day on the ship Entropy.

anonymous asked:

im glad about the way you see bakugou. so many people take the fact that he has a temper and then goes. temper=angry lover=frivallous/casual sex life. and im like?????????????? like headcanons are fine but complete misinterpretations of characters that become popular in the fandom and get seen as canon just makes me sad

Well, I understand this tbh, some popular headcanons are kind of cringy to me too - personally I’m under the impression that if Bakugou were ever to decide he wanted to involve himself with someone else it’d be because he’s really, 100%, completely and utterly convinced that’s something he definitely wants in his life and he can’t do without, and that just doesn’t fit with casual relationships? He’s too focused in a one-track-mind way on becoming number one, a “distraction” of that kind wouldn’t work for him

Then again it’s not like this stuff is canon, everyone’s free to see him as they wish haha

Anon said: What’s your favorite bnha crack ship?

…………………………………… TetsuKami - it??? kind of started because of their quirks??? A lot of my ships started because of the quriks actually, but yeah their quirk compatibility intrigues me - are they perfectly compatible? Or would Kaminari just straight out kill Tetsu if he ever used his quirk on him? Metal and electricity have some fancy things they can do together, if Kami could electrify/magnetize Tetsu without killing him they could be an amazing team?? I thought about this so much that I started thinking about a possible friendship between the two (they come from the same prefecture too!!) and in the end it turned into a ship rip


That depends on which bokuroteru we’re talking about and just how much you mean to change! 


Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O* I’m glad you liked it!!!!!!! <3<3<3

Anon said: yamaguchi (my husbando) looks so freaking cool in your style!! i love it so much!! aaaaaaaaaaaa

BOI thank you!!!! I haven’t drawn him enough for it to be comfortable yet, so I’m glad I’m doing something right hahaha

Anon said: I thought you should know that you and your posts are the reason I wake up every morning and I love you!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!! I love you too!!!! And I’m glad I can help you like that???? oh my!!!!

Anon said: I love you!! Your art makes me really happy! I hope you’re doing well!!

THANK YOU!!!!! I hope you’re doing great too, anon!!!!!

Anon said: I read the last anon asks, and the one about the rare pairs made me laugh, because I find that haikyuu! And BNHA are two fandoms where there is barely any ship wars. Yeah, some are more popular, but you could pretty much ship whoever you want and everyone is like “yeah, that’s good” because every character in both series are so well developed, that you see them as actual people and not just cookie cutter archetypes who can only be shipped with a single/certain type of character, and I love that.

Right? Fandoms in which my multishipper heart can have its way are my favorite t b h, I’d been looking for something like this since khr ended a real long time ago and now I have two what a good so many possibilities I’m Glad™

The fuck is up with Hemlock Grove?

I learned a new term the other day. ‘Queerbaiting’. It’s when a TV show teases the audience as to a homosexual 'ship’ between two otherwise heterosexual characters. The show often used as an example of this is Supernatural. The characters Dean and Castiel(?) seemingly hint very obviously and strongly at a shared romantic interest. This all came to a head when the show did a Twitter promo, or something, and fans hijacked it, calling them out. 

All I can ask is have you guys fucking seen Hemlock Grove? The two main characters are literally in all ways possible in a fucking relationship. Other than actually fucking. It could not be any more obvious. Fuck, their relationship (Roman and Peter’s) is more believable than nearly every fucking real relationship in TV shows. It’s total queerbaiting. And I don’t get it. The show would be more interesting if they’d actually made them into each other. Both their romantic asides in the show actually just feel like a distraction from the central romance which should be theirs. 

Seriously, this isn’t some sort of wish fulfilment bullshit -  it’s just so fucking obvious. Like, they’ve literally written these two as a romantic couple, then decided to cut the sex and make them straight anyway. Get some balls, man. You can make characters gay and people will still watch your show. What the fuck, though, am I right?