i ship them and your argument is invalid

My two cents (This might be controversial but it needs to be said)

( Please note that this is only my opinion and is not meant to offend anyone if my argument is improperly worded )

So I have a lot of stuff in my inbox talking about the whole 2B9S situation and the romanticization of it. Basically, the argument I see against it is that:

the only reason I like the ship is because its heterosexual and therefore fits my worldview.

it’s kinda sick to romanticize their relationship because she doesn’t love him, only kills him.

The reason why I haven’t answered these is because these people did not use the anon feature and I don’t want to put them in a situation that opens their blogs up for harassment. So I’ll be referring to them as “User 1” “User 2” “User 3” and “User 4” to protect their identities.


First off, I would like to say that I don’t understand the argument that on this site, it’s perfectly fine to bash and assault heterosexuals simply for the their sexuality. To me, it’s flat out disgusting when I see it happen to anyone. It’s discrimination and pretty hilariously ironic that the same people who say they include everyone will shoot you down the moment you say you’re a heterosexual or are fine with heterosexuality. Like shrug emoji you’re literally contradicting yourself in one breath. Make a gay joke? Get the hell out of tumblr. Bully and mock a heterosexual? It’s perfectly fine, welcome to the club :D

I have no words for how ridiculous you all sound.

Secondly, I am not heterosexual. Why is this important? Because the argument that I only like a heterosexual ship is because I’m heterosexual is absolute bullshit. I don’t give a flying damn what sexuality the characters are, if I see good interaction between them and strong romantic leanings, you can bet your ass that they’re getting shipped. So the argument of Users 1, 3 and 4 are invalid right then and there.

I realize that most people would assume that I am heterosexual just based off of the fact that I don’t talk about my sexuality anywhere in my profile, but that’s because I do not fucking matter. This is not a personal blog. On occasion, I post things about myself, but only when prompted. Very rarely do I post anything about myself without something shippy backing it up. In my bio, I have one word descriptors, no mention of my age, sexuality, race, country of origin, nothing. I haven’t posted a single picture of myself or anything remotely close to it. Notice, I haven’t even said what sexuality I am, I just said I’m not heterosexual.

Why? Because I am legit a trashy, boring human being and no one wants to visit a blog about that.

Anyways, onto their second point…

romanticizing a relationship filled with murder.

Now, I can see why some people wouldn’t get why this is such a draw for me, but in my opinion, this is where strong bonds are formed: in fire and suffering. 2B truly cares about 9S and in the novel, which I recommended you go and read, it’s pretty much confirmed that she detests hurting him. In her mind, she’s not strong enough to protect him any other way than killing him; she can’t run from who she is and therefore can’t desert with him and she knows that if he runs, she’ll be one of those who has to hunt him down anyway.

She’s trapped in two options, kill him now or kill him later. And that right there is that juicy conflict that I love so much in romances.

Maybe it is a bit deranged to see people falling in love over the fact that she has to kill him, but 1) everyone is deranged in Yoko Taro games, and 2) I don’t see it that way.

I live quite far away from my family and we only get to see each other once a year. I treasure each of those memories because I know eventually, it’s going to end and we’ll have to say goodbye. Take that to the extreme and you have 2B’s relationship with 9S. She treasures each moment she spends with him because she knows it’s going to end in torment. It’s beautiful and at the same time heartbreaking because in the end, she only wants to see him in a place where he can be happy.

I don’t see this as “sick romanticization” as User 2 put it, I see it as a conflict that plagues them throughout their relationship, something they need to overcome together.

In conclusion, I’m not trying to convert anyone, you have what you like and I have what I like, but I feel that it’s unfair to place every 2B9S fan in one group of “heterosexual ship because heterosexuality” because that’s not how any of us work. We see the forest for the trees. If it was a homosexual ship, then the fandom would be exactly the same and I think this is what these detractors are missing in their arguments: the humanity of us 2B9S fans.

unjustified jonsa hate

I’m always trying to just focus on shipping what I want to without concerning myself with what other people ship but this is getting ridiculous.

There’s a difference in how people attack the J/D ship and how they attack the Jon x Sansa ship. Listen, when people don’t agree with J/D it’s most likely because of the fact that the producers aren’t doing it justice. J/D has been set up to be the most ‘epic’ romance story since the dawn of ages, so of course you can expect people to feel a little cheated/disappointed and start to wonder why it’s so rushed. I’ve never been bothered by anything on GoT as much as I am with how they’re handing this dynamic, and I’ve been watching GoT for years. Apart from that, other people don’t see how it would make sense for it to be endgame since it’s been painted in doom. And that’s okay! If you ship J*nerys, focus on your ship and make edits, fics, art - celebrate it!

But what I don’t understand is why you people feel the need to constantly come at Jonsa shippers, and invalidate all of our work towards our ship! I haven’t been active on Tumblr for long but the Jonsa community has been so welcoming and accepting, that it truly rubs me the wrong way when I see pointless and baseless arguments against all of the thoughtful, analytical pieces of meta. And I absolutely hate it when people come at all of these intelligent and precious people and call them delusional just because they’re the 1% of people who have managed to pick up on pieces of evidence scattered throughout ASOIAF and GoT that nod towards a Jonsa endgame.

A lot of you people quickly jump to saying there’s nothing there because Jon and Sansa are half-siblings - we know that! Of course nothing more could be there(for now), theirs is not a story that’s meant to be in your face unlike J*nerys. That’s why we believe in endgame, and that’s why we’re still here standing strong and faithful to our ship despite all of the J/D action we’re getting.

So please, ship whatever you ship, enjoy whatever you’re getting - but stop attacking people and calling us delusional for catching onto little easter eggs. GoT is as unpredictable as it gets. Back when people still believed Jon was Ned’s true bastard, I’m sure there were a few others who slowly started to piece together and theorise that he may have been Rhaegar’s.

Stay strong Jonsa fam, I still believe in endgame and so should you. Don’t let pesky J/D trolls discourage you from creating all of the wonderful fics, metas, edits and art because it truly makes a lot of people’s days(mine included).

Can we talk about this little moment Overgron? I mean, Quinn and Sam are not dating, so I’m going to say this is coming from Chord and Dianna. Let’s talk about:
*Chord’s body-roll to Dianna [she taught him how to do them on his first day on set, back in 2010, in Season 2].
*Chord’s hip reaction.
*Dianna’s smile at the end. You can tell she was not having a bad time ;)
*Chord’s reaction.
*Dianna pushing her hips back to touch Chord’s.
And I noticed/found all of this on a little moment of 6 seconds. I can’t wait for more background moments between Dianna and Chord.

External image

Chord ships Fabrevans.
Dianna ships Fabrevans, she thinks Quinn and Sam will have twins and will live in Connecticut.
Dianna loves Chord, Chord loves Dianna.

External image

ALL of this means that they ship each other, so your argument is invalid:

anonymous asked:

Not to disrespect Clexa but I think Clarke is more suited for Bellamy than Lexa because Bellamy isn't cruel like the Commander, he would never manipulate Clarke like Lexa has done and he deserves to be with someone that understands him and appreciates him like Clarke does.

Wow, okay, let me try and correct this mess as much as I can. Let’s go by parts, yeah?

Clarke is more suited for Bellamy” first off, let me start by saying that Clarke is not a ‘thing’ that should suit a person better than another. Clarke is a human being, a person, she isn’t something that should belong to someone else. 

Bellamy isn’t cruel like the Commander” among many other faults, your precious Bellamy once acted so selfishly that he ended up being directly responsible for the death of 320 innocents. He let them die because he was scared of what would happen to him, if that isn’t being cruel, I don’t know what is. Lexa, however, only acted cruelly when she sent a warrior to kill Octavia -and I would even argue the word cruel being used here, because Lexa was only dealing with a problem in the way she knew how to deal with problems- and anyways, she didn’t even go through with it because she listened to what Clarke had to say -something that cannot be said about Bellamy.

“he would never manipulate Clarke like Lexa has done” You’re super cute if you honestly believe that anyone on that show has ever been able to manipulate Clarke Griffin. That, or you’re watching a whole different show. Another thing, Lexa has never manipulated Clarke, I honestly don’t even know where you got this from. And another thing, Clarke has manipulated Bellamy plenty of times so this part of your argument is invalid.

“he deserves to be with someone that understands him and appreciates him like Clarke does.” this was a particularly interesting choice of words. He deserves. You wrote he, not them. It’s almost as if you only care about Bellamy and not Clarke. What about her? What about what Clarke deserves? Why is it that every time there’s a really popular hetero ship people only seems to care about the male part of the ship? Why is it always about what the wonderful guy deserves? About what he needs? Why is it always about understanding him, appreciating him, and loving him? Shipping is a two way street, honey, so what about you start acknowledging the female part of your precious ship? Like, at least make an effort to pretend that you care about Clarke more than you want her to just be a precious trophy for precious Bellamy to have.

And hey, sure, Clarke and Bellamy appreciate each other, there’s no denying that. But Bellamy does not understands Clarke. Not even a single bit. He didn’t understand why she had to leave the camp after what happened at the mountain. He doesn’t understand what it feels like to be haunted by your actions because he never truthfully regrets a thing he does, no matter how bad it is. And he doesn’t understands what it takes to be a leader because he’s not one, either. 

Now I could start listing why Clarke and Lexa are good for each other, but not to disrespect, I don’t think you would care to understand.

Am I the only one who thinks that the Glee fandom made the cast of glee something that they weren’t. Looking back on it I don’t think any of the cast member were as close as we made them out to be. They were close and probably friends, just not as close as we wanted them to be. It sucks they get hate for hanging out with people that they are actually close with rather than hanging out with each other. This fandom needs a serious reality check, it’s like no one can have an opinion without another ship saying that what they think and believe is wrong. And when people do have opinions they are rude little shits about it. Don’t preach about peace when you’re the one that spreads hate about a certain someone or ship you don’t like. There are ways to get your point across without being a bitch about it. I hate when people use Cory for everything. “Oh Cory would be so ashamed of them” I love Cory and he will always have a special place in my heart and I will be a Cory fan to the day I die, but don’t act like your Cory/Jesus and know what the fuck he would say. The slut-shaming has to stop too, it’s not cool and it’s not even the guys in the fandom who do the slut-shaming it’s the girls and it’s sick and gross. Cut that shit out, cause it’s not cool. Naya, Lea, Dianna, Jenna, Becca, Amber, or any girl in the cast can wear whatever the fuck they want, they could have their asses/boobs out, they could be butt ass naked they don’t need your permission or anyone’s validation because they are grown ass woman so stop acting like you’re their parents. These hate blogs need to stop, it’s one thing to dislike a character, but another to completely loathe a person that you DON’T EVEN FUCKING KNOW. Unless you have spent a whole day with the cast individually SHUT THE FUCK, BECAUSE YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. Another thing is with these crazy ass crack ships, ship whatever the fuck you want I couldn’t give a flying fuck. But please realize that these aren’t characters they’re real people so excuse them if they aren’t all fucking each other like you would like. In other words Achele and CrissColfer aren’t real so pipe the fuck down and realize that they are just friends (if this fandom hasn’t fucked that up too) and nothing more. Stop disrespecting them and putting your beliefs and what you want them to do on them. I was completely horrified about what happened to Dot’s friend (or fiancee not sure) on twitter and what happened to Lea and Dianna when they didn’t say happy birthday to each other on twitter, ON FUCKING TWITTER. SO YOU ARE MAD, BECAUSE TWO PEOPLE WHO AREN’T EVEN THAT CLOSE DIDN’T SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH OTHER ON A FUCKING SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE. Get over yourself, really it’s not cool to send death threats to Cory, because he’s with Lea and she'e not with Dianna. It’s not cool to slut-shame Naya and Lea, because they are confident with their bodies. It’s not cool to make someone private their twitter cause your a disrespectful little fuck. It’s not cool to send Will and Mia hate, because Darren and Chris aren’t fucking each other. Will and Chris are dating, Darren and Mia are dating. You can ship CrissColfer all day everyday, but it doesn’t change anything. That is one of the biggest problems with this fandom. Fans/shippers think that they can change who these people are and they can’t. No stupid little poll is going to make them do what you want/believe. Why is Lea and Amber getting hate for posting picture of themselves on their twitter and instagram accounts. Isn’t that what those website are for to post things about themselves. What are they supposed to post pictures of a box. Everyone on instagram has more pictures of themselves than anything, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT’S FUCKING FOR. TO POST SELFIES AND SHIT OR HOW YOUR DAY IS GOING. All these Cory fans (not everyone, just a few immature ones) who claim to spread nothing but love and peace, make me laugh. How are going to have a whole hate blog about someone and then claim to spread love and peace. Please look up what peace and love mean, because you’re part of the reason this fandom looks dumb as fuck half the time. And again it’s not just them it’s a lot more. You can ship what you want, hate who you want, love who you want, but all I’m asking is to respect everyone’s opinion and not be rude little shit bitches.

anonymous asked:

oh c'mon, you can't ship everyone with everyone. stallison? really? they didn't even have more than 5 scenes (maximum) together, please stop it. oh i know, let's ship isaac with scott's mom. what? he was in her house lots of times. who know what they've been doing? see? it is ridiculous

So, I didn’t really want to answer this, because I try to be 100% wank free, but I feel like I have to because ship shaming is my least favorite thing. 

First, in defense of Stallison, in canon the two are shown to be best friends, not like Allison and Lydia or Scott and Stiles, but still best friends and a strong team. For starters: 

  • In season one, Allison makes sure to invite Stiles to come to parties.
  • He makes sure that she gets a ride home before helping Scott in the pilot. 
  • He checkes on her whenever she could be in danger.
  • Scott, Lydia, Jackson and Stiles are the first and primary friends she makes in Beacon Hills.
  • Her friendship with Stiles is independent of her relationship with Scott.
  •  When Scott and Allison are fighting, she is still talks to Stiles. In fact, he basically smoothes over their relationship multiple times. They talk pretty frequently canonically. 
  • Literally of the Argents, were easily able to identify Stiles.
  • Kate recognized him easily and knew that he and Allison were close friends. 
  • No seriously, all the Argents seem to know Stiles well. 
  • Stiles and Allison are Team Human. They’ve saved everybody’s asses together. Multiple times. 
  • They plot together. 
  • They banter and it is adorable. 
  • Also, 2x05. Enough Said. They really trust each other. 
  • Allison and Stiles have a really trusting relationship. She trusts him to tell her everything, and he trusts her to tell him everything, especially when they had to be quiet about things in Season 2. 
  • They protect each other constantly. 
  • I’m bringing this up again because I think it is important: They talk quite frequently in canon. (Though, her parents do see a spike once she is involved with the supernatural.) In Season 2 and Season 3, after Scott and Allison break up, Stiles and Allison still appear to be close and communicating. 
  • The sacrifice scene when they all look to each other for comfort. 
  • Stiles literally says, ”I guess the only good thing is it looks like I’m dying, too”

And i think that last quote is what really sums it up, okay? Teen Wolf is terrible at showing friendships, it mostly just tells us that they exist, and Stallison is one of the many victims of this sloppy bit of writing. But Stiles and Allison were close, and after Allison dies, Stiles says the only good thing is that maybe he will die too. They are close friends canonically that love each other in a friend way. And that’s great, their friendship was amazing and underrated, but really important to both of them. As the only humans in the group, the two constantly worked together and were kind of each other’s human anchors. AND THAT IS ALL CANON. 

I, personally, think that this canonical chemistry, works as both a friendship and a potential romance. (Their banter is fab) I like them as both and celebrate their great friendship. And just because we don’t see every moment of their friendship doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It clearly does. 

And to go back to your arguments that they onle have five scenes together, that invalidates a good amount of Teen Wolf ships: Derica, Dennifer, Sterica, Scisaac, Stisaac, Allica, and STEREK.

I guess that I’m saying is that Teen Wolf doesn’t really like to develop nonromantic relationships, which means that we, as a fandom, tend to forget that these KIDS are best friends who would die for each other. Stiles and Allison did love each other, as friends, and that is enough for me. 


Of all the mini-arcs of development we got in each character, one of the most poignant is Rhys and physicality.

Rhys’ strengths lie in his intelligence (notwithstanding wit): hacking, attacking, and charming manipulation. Yes, he’s tall and all legs, but all that weight is due to ice cream and metal. That’s canon. Physical appearance was his forte—whilst his small, albeit headstrong, bestie could handle most physical altercations.

The ice cream can’t quite be accounted for. But the metal? That’s what got my heart in episode 5. Starting halfway through the season, Rhys is given a huge dose of “I have a mechanical arm” …by the man trying to take over his body.

Seriously, Jack highlights this. Jack shows Rhys how to use the robotic side of his body. Jack gets Rhys to start using that metal arm to punch shit. To use its non-human strength—and even when Jack is gone, Rhys continues it.  He continues to use that arm for anything physical. That’s what really got to me. Rhys took that information Jack stored in him, and ran with it.

tldr; one of my favorite tidbits from TFTB was Rhys using that damn arm for physical purposes.

And once Jack starts taking control of Rhys? Rhys’s eye turns yellow… which is why I believe the his eye is related to his potential. The yellow eye was practically a red-herring.

We thought “yellow = Jack”.

At this point, I’m inclined to disagree. What if: yellow = full potential.

What if a yellow eye meant a fully utilized cybernetic? When Jack took over, in any way, Rhys got an upgrade of badass. He could hack anything. He could throw bone-breaking punches. He could see through codes.

So when Rhys takes Jack out of his head and rebuilds his own cybernetics, he’s got the full utilization… stored in his brain. He remembers. He knows. He understands how to use this technology now.

That is why his eye is yellow. It’s his full-potential eye. His full-potential arm. And he could have never have reached it without Jack. Jack was very much a part of his journey. Not just emotionally (growing up, moving past his hero, realizing his own goals) but physically. Finding an education and full imprint of how to use an echo-eye. A mechanical arm. All that good stuff.

(and I could go on a whole other spiel about Fiona and her journey and how she went from protective sister to protective vault-hunting sister but this isn’t her post)

Say what you will about Jack, but regardless of his personal completely IC motives when he took any semblance of control over Rhys, there was an imprint. Rhys absorbed it. Rhys stored the information of passcodes and hacks, just as he digi-structed (much like Gortys had) how to utilize his cybernetics to their full potential thereafter.

Rhys made a choice many years ago, and now he knows how to use it. It’s come full circle for him.

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Girl Meets Pluto

I was recently rewatching Girl Meets Pluto, and one part really struck me. When Shawn looks at the things he put in the time capsule he say “oh me and Angela we were going to be Cory and Topanga."But then he says something along the lines of I guess there can only be one Cory and Topanga. And honestly I feel like that was the writers seriously foreshadowing. Like they may not know exactly who is going to end up together, whether it be Rucas or Lucaya although I pray it’s Lucaya. But they do know that neither couple or ship will be Cory and Topanga. Like it’s scary I read so many things on tumblr like omg Riley and Lucas are just like Topanga and Cory. That’s coming from both sides one side thinks that that’s the reason they will be together and the other side thinks that the show will make sure they don’t get together because of that fact. I truly don’t believe Rucas is anything like Cory and Topanga I mean sure Riley is a lot like weird little Topanga and Lucas has some Cory qualities but honestly other than that I don’t see how they are alike. Cory and Topanga have literally been together forever. If we wanted to say any ship was like Cory and Topanga I think it would be Farkle and Riley. They grew up together Riley has qualities from both her parents and Farkle has qualities from both Cory and Topanga. As a lucaya shipper I want them to be together, but the writers have even said they have no clue who is end game and I just wanted to put it out there that truth be told the argument that Rucas is Cory and Topanga whether your arguing that that love will last or that this isn’t bmw it’s still an invalid argument because Rucas isn’t Cory and Topanga.

Dear antis,

No, I don’t hate Rey (if I hated her, I’d let you play with her). No, I am not racist (I just started shipping stormpilot as soon as Finn rescued Poe). No, I am not a rape apologist (that argument is invalid because he didn’t rape her, because if he did, than Vader raped Luke which is even more disturbing considering Luke is his son). Whether I’m an abuse survivor or not is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!!!!!!

Why do I ship them? Because I can. Why can’t you leave us alone? Because you’re a bunch of thought police morons who think you’re saving the world when all you’re really doing is adding to our block lists.


WestAllen & SnowBarry Nonsense...Again

I swear I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall…smh

Alright, let me break this down for y'all because there are a selected few who aren’t getting it still.

* WestAllen shippers overall aren’t racist against Danielle Panabaker.

* SnowBarry shippers overall aren’t racist against Candice Patton.

(Now in each fandom there are the occasional few who throw us back into the 1960s.)

* One. ship. is. not. better. than. the. other

* Pro WA doesn’t equal Anti Danielle (in most cases) * Pro SB doesn’t equal Anti Candice (in most cases) * You like what you like, go ahead and support it by gif sets/pictures/posts/etc. Even engage in a few playful but thoughtful debates here and there, but fights…no

* Stop trying to make it seem like Candice Patton or Danielle Panabaker aren’t good people…do you know them? Do you go shopping and get dinner with them? I didn’t think so.

* Why are y'all attacking Grant for which way he shows support?! He’s promoting his show…in which he’s the main character in this. If you forgot

* If you only watch the show for a ship then you need to please exit quietly because that’s not the reason this show was created, it’s for fans of The Flash/Barry Allen

* For the millionth time…it’s a TV show, this isn’t real okay so just chill out

* The point of having ships is for fun, it starts to loose the fun when there are accusations of racism and rude behavior

* Let’s be honest with ourselves here, WA isn’t incestuous. They’re not related by blood and last time I checked, everyone was rooting for Josh and Cher to get together at the end of Clueless. So that “point” is an invalid argument here * Anti-WestAllen and Anti-SnowBarry blogs/comments/posts?? Come on now, how old are we?! Does someone need to be put down for a nap because they’re cranky?

* What’s the point in being disrespectful because someone isn’t into your ship?! Okay and? Why do you feel the need to attack them, that’s not the point of this

* Would any of you want Grant, Candice, or Danielle see how horrible you’re acting?!

Some of y'all really need to let this marinade in your brains because I’m so sick of people having all these false claims and making this whole SB and WA thing way too serious and accusing someone of racism is a serious thing so I suggest you stop because we aren’t there and we don’t know them on a personal level so you can take several seats, please and thank you.