i ship them ahahaha

big bois just finished working out :“^)

(lol they’re not even buff or something but eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)((rip ben’s ultimatrix- i hAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE UNDER ALL THE COOL DESIGNS N ALL))

also, i tried my best to make to look like they’re sweating so ye a :”“D this was the first thing that came out of my head when I had the urge to draw them,, , ,

forgive m e ;_;;

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hi!!!! i rlly love ur bsd art and would like to ask for a request if that's okay with you, i mean. could u draw chuuaki in a way where chuuya holds yosano in a loving way or smth idk ahahaha i just rlly lowkey ship them :P thank you :)))

hi anon, some chuuaki for you! thank you for liking my art c:

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Question, what made you ship Izuku with Tsuyu. I'm curious to know why one of my favorite tumblr artists likes to draw my favorite OTP? That and I want to know a better understanding of you and why you draw this ship?

It was their first interaction, how blunt Tsuyu was with Izuku and how much he blushed around her, like the two girls Izuku keeps blushing around are Ochako and Tsuyu… the thing that later got me hooked is how WELL they work together, you can see that Tsuyu starts seeing Deku with respectful eyes after he comes up with a plan in the ship, and later on they both try to protect each other with all they’ve got when Tomura is about to turn Tsuyu to ashes, not only that, but after trying to protect her Deku realises he could actually control his power???? which was such a sweet spot for me. I guess it also didn’t help my cause to see some cute fanarts of the ship circling around the net ahahaha;;;;

I love drawing them because they are round and cute, so drawing round and cute characters together is such a plus, so many ideas come from Izuku’s cuteness and Tsuyu’s blunteness also one of the principle reasons I draw them is becuase of the lack of fanarts, I want to see them but if I don’t find them I create them ahahaha. There is a thousand reasons why I ship them and draw them and I’m glad to share, thank you for asking about midotsuyu


I’ve been looking and looking, and I’m pretty sure brown tabbies with white chests, paws, and blue eyes don’t exist; that, or they’re rare! Here are the tabbies I came up with…I Photoshopped a couple of their eyes blue because I’m a sore loser. 

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

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Why do you ship Lunyx? Well , i watched Kingsglaive like 2 days ago , and i just shipped them the moment they met in the movie . ahahaha

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Haha, awesome another LuNyx shipper on deck! I’ve shipped them looong before the movie came out. I was resistant at first because I ship Luna and Gentiana with each other and knew nothing about Nyx. The ones to blame are @stephanythedramaqueen and the screenshots of the two standing next to each other. That’s all. Just standing next to each other. And the fireworks. The team behind KG totally wanted us to ship it with the atmosphere they built. Even with the screenshots alone it was enough for me to write fics for them and I found myself more and more invested in them. Also, they’re just really easy for me to write about, canon and AU settings than say that pairing. Then the movie cemented it for me. LuNyx is one of my OTPs. I go down with this ship and I don’t have any regrets. I’ve made my bed. Oh, and I found really awesome people who produce amazing content so I blame them for dragging me down further. Made awesome friends in the ship, too. Gonna delve into spoilers if you don’t mind. I’ll still tag this as Kingsglaive spoilers and FFXV spoilers.

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