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After series four, all of these articles started popping up about Benedict and Martin having a "frosty relationship," never interacting outside of the show, not having the warmth of people who have worked together for years, etc. It's strange that these rumors are only starting now and that no one working on the series has contradicted any of it. What is your take on this?

Hey Nonny,

Honestly? Same song and dance happens after every season. Like personally I hate the paps and the gossip rags, like ffs, they treat celebrities like these ethereal beings. Like my BEST FRIENDS ALL LIVE IN DIFFERENT CITIES. I don’t spend every fucking waking hour talking to them or driving 2 or 5 or 10 or 24 hours to see them every week. Like Ben and Martin have JOBS and FAMILIES and LIVES. Like, they’re doing normal adult things???? I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE NOT CONSIDERED HUMAN BEINGS?? Like, I ship freebatch ‘til the end of time, but good god, even I KNOW that they have actual LIVES and know that they are still friends when they’re not on set. Good god.

ANYWAY. That’s my gripe with rags. I don’t believe it for a second. I have eyes:


Their body language speaks volumes to me. Anyway, even if they did have a frosty relationship, that’s honestly none of anyone’s business but their own.

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Atla started when I was in my mid-late teens and at the time, I casually shipped Maiko and Kataang. I did cringe a bit when I watched them kiss at the end of the series but back then, I never thought too seriously about things that weren't canon. I wanted Katara to be with Zuko cos that shit just fit, but at the time I just accepted what the show gave me. Til I found fanfiction and got older and rewatched and wtfed all over the place. Were you the same? When'd you jump on board the Zutara ship?

I was pretty much the same. My rewatch in my late teens was when I started shipping zutara over the others, then I found the Tumblr community around age 21 (didn’t join until I was almost 23) and all hell broke loose.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: don’t talk to me about pain until you’ve shipped two characters for 8 years only to have them become canon for approximately 7 minutes in the exit episode of one half of the ship. and then two and half years later, after only ever seeing one on-screen kiss, finding out they have a child together and that the same half who exited may or may not be dead. but now both characters have left the show so we’re up to ten and half years of shipping a pairing who have shown they love each other, said they love each other but never really to each other, had a kid so are now canon for eternity and still haven’t actually been together beyond the fond farewell that happened off screen. yet for some damn reason there’s still the hope they will get a happy ending because if two characters ever deserved it it’s Ziva David and Anthony DiNozzo and despite how ludicrous it is I did not choose this ship, this ship chose me and I will go down with it kicking and screaming. because it’s Tiva. and it aint over ‘til it’s over.

I STG I’m going to have my husband redo my theme and add disqus so I can make comment replies pretty, but I didn’t want to wait til he had time to reply to this because it was TOO NICE. @salmonscooby thank you so much for your kind words on my story! I’m really sad about this story ending too, but I have other things planned and I’m really excited about them. RivaMika is my OTP I’ll fucking go down with this ship, so I have more planned for them and also some random ideas floating around for other stories. I don’t think I’m gonna be going anywhere for a bit. LOL. 

Thanks again for your kind words.

Alright guys, so there’s one thing I really want to say. More than say, I want to shout it and scream it and never stop saying it - because I love this ship with all my heart.

Whether people watch from now, or don’t watch from now. Whether people check in occasionally or ignore the show completely. That is everyone’s personal business and I don’t want to see anyone giving anyone shit for whatever their decision is. But please, if you love this ship. Don’t quit it.

Swan Queen are too much. They are too beautiful. There is too much story to them that we should ever abandon them because of what poorly written canon is happening. Forget Once Upon A Time, we’ve been a separate fandom for a good long while now really. And we can continue to be a fandom til the end of our days. The show can do whatever it wants - it can marry Regina off to Pongo for all it concerns us.

We can just use whatever material there is for our gifs and our fics and all the beautiful work we create. It’ll be like we take other JMo and Lana work and use that.

We can have our Big Bangs and our Swan Queen Weeks and we can continue to be the amazing, talented, prolific fandom that we are.

We evolved into our own thing a long time ago, we became a nation sailing together high above the bullshit. Maybe one day they will decide to go there, maybe they won’t. We can remain distant from it. But whether they do or they don’t, we have already taken something from this more beautiful than they can ever claim to have offered.

We did this. We took a story and let it blossom into one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever had the privelge to encounter. Swan Queen is ours and they will never take it away from us. So whatever bullshit is ‘canon’ - we don’t need it. We are telling our own story now. Ours.

And the only way to really hurt it, is for us to stop telling it.

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YOUR PERSONAL GUESS/OPINION: when do you think h&l are gonna come out ?? you've probably gotten this question loads sorry haha I'm just curious

Unpopular opinion time. Warning for deluded, too optimistic and whatever tags people put in these kind of posts:


When we think about One Direction as a brand, we have to understand that we are talking about a multimillion dollar business. Whoever manages them puts business first, and if they are lucky their new team will consider their physical and mental health too. 

Decisions have been made to get more money out of the boys, and don’t only think about their target demographic, but the promo, how many times their accounts have been used to promo other M!M acts, It was always about MONEY MONEY MONEY. New perfume for a musical act? MONEY. A christmas album for a musical act? NO. THAT doesn’t bring as much money as a perfume. Giving them weeks of breaks in a 69 show tour during WWA? NO, that means less concerts aka less money. 

So what do we have now? We have a long seeding process behind us, (and maybe ahead of us???) and we are just seeing the big picture that it might have started in Feb with the headlines. We are indeed part of a social and marketing experiment.

My logic is based on this.

If I WAS their management at the moment, and I made the decision (aka my SPECULATION, OPINION) is that the CO makes sense during:

  1. album release for FOUR 
  2. before OTRA: to boost ticket sales. (well, that’s not the case)
  3. OTRA break (3) - I’m team OTRA break.
  4. Album release (4)

let’s analyze them one by one - more under a Read more

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