i ship spiderpool

You're not rival for me
  • Me: *reading fanfics in class in my phone*
  • Substitute teacher: Student give me your phone and pay attention to the class.*take away my phone*
  • Me: *take out the other phone*
  • Substitute teacher: Pay attention!*take away the other phone*
  • Me: *take out the iPad*
  • Substitute teacher: The fuck?*take away the iPad*
  • Me: *take out the iPad mini*
  • Substitute teacher: Stop!*take away the iPad mini*
  • Me: *take out the laptop*
  • Me: You're not rival for me *continue reading*
  • Substitute teacher: She's always like this?
  • Student 1: Only when is about gay ships
  • Student 2: You're lucky that she bring all her stuff
  • Substitute teacher: Why you said that?
  • Student 1: Yesterday she only bring one phone
  • Substitute teacher: And?
  • Student 2: How do you think our teacher end in the hospital?
  • Substitute teacher: Oh

is falling asleep whilst reading smut at 2am classed as virtual sleepy morning sex?

Okay so superfamily is cute and all but imagine this: Aunt May being the only person (besides Peter, sometimes) to consistently treat Wade with kindness.

Sometimes she’ll be stern when he’s being inappropriate or generally Being Wade, but she never tells him to shut up. She never tells him to go away. She never tells him he’s not wanted. She doesn’t look at him with disgust or pity when she sees his face, but kindness and understanding.

And it catches Wade by surprise because I don’t think he’s ever had that. Ever. And he genuinely enjoys May’s company, both because of that and because, lbr, she’s an awesome lady. And also baby pictures of Peter, because c'mon. You know he would.

(And Peter keeps him from doing anything stupid like snapping and keeping her hostage when he can’t deal like he did with Blind Al.)

Just think about it.