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I've seen some people saying that they don't think Philinda will be together after May is rescued, at least not for a while, thoughts? Because I really hope that's not the case.

It greatly upsets me. Let’s start by the main argument, being that May will be rescued with the memories of a good Bahrain and realize that’s not the life she led. First, we saw the simulation with a Koenig (can’t remember which one) and he snapped out of it pretty quickly. Of course this is more intense and of course it’s longer, but for one thing, it seems like it repeats and resets rather than continuing on for the next seven years (time between Bahrain and present according to 2x17). So that would mean the only memory Melinda has is a Bahrain where the girl wasn’t dead. Yes, Andrew was implied to be alive in that memory, but there’s literally no proof of that. Essentially, she was living in a different version of the past.

There’s also the fact that Radcliffe intended to put the real May back. He said that LMD May wasn’t built to last - that would mean, before everything with the Watchdogs (because if they know Melinda May is there, captured, they might not let her go) he intended for her to go back to the team with no fuss. So she wouldn’t have those memories of a false Bahrain input in her system - Radcliffe’s intention would have been to have the LMD visit him, have her memories scanned and played out for Melinda, so that when the real Melinda woke up she wouldn’t even notice the difference. She wasn’t intended to be self aware.

As for Philinda getting together, let’s remember the fact that Fitzsimmons had their first kiss (I think) in 3x08. That’s only two episodes after she was rescued. Why would they draw out Philinda and not Fitzsimmons? Yes, their traumas are different, and I don’t want to say which is more difficult, but I think they’re honestly equal. 

I think May will need to catch up to where LMD!May and Phil were, but not by much. In one episode they presented that she’d only been an LMD about a week (that seems odd but they did still say it) which would mean she really doesn’t have that much to catch up on other than a bit of flirting and a kiss. As long as we can rely on Radcliffe that the real May has the feelings of the LMD May (which I firmly believe because creating feelings is much harder than creating that directive of taking the Darkhold, and there was no need to manipulate her feelings) May would need maybe an episode or two to really acknowledge her feelings like LMD May had, and then they could go on a real date (much like Fitzsimmons did only a few episodes after she returned in Season 3). 

That doesn’t even account for the fact that people seem to be underestimating May. The girl is damn strong and can handle herself, even in the face of trauma. She has had Bahrain thrown in her face, shot her ex husband, watched her best friend slowly driven mad by carving, and was brought back to life. Do we really think a simulation by Radcliffe could jar her?

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I don’t like Scorpius.  I love Scorpius.  He’s such a dork and I just love him.  I think he’s where I get my inspiration for Barty on this blog.

As for Scorbus, don’t even get me started.  I ship them sooooooo hard.  They’re too precious for this world.  They are probably my second favourite OTP after Regulus/Sirius. 


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ladyevenstar22 answered your question “That Iris and The Streak roof scene was steamy af”

i def get vibe grant gustin is crushing on candice , not necessarily in a i want to date her vibe but he def thinks she’s a great fun person

And so he should. Grant did say Candice was his celebrity crush… not saying i ship Grandice but i ship it.

Why aren’t we talking about the end of when they play Castaway live and Michael and Luke just kept exchanging guitar solos????

Because that was my favorite Muke moment from the show, I was shipping them SOOOOOOO HARD. IT WAS SO ROMANTIC (in my head hahaha) AND SO HOT AND OH MY GOD THEY’RE GUITARISTS FOR A REASON. SO . DAMN. GOOD. 

It’s so cute when you and your *boyfriend* can just bounce super cool guitar solos off of each other wow =)))))

(I’ll post the vid if anyone wants it? IDK if it’s somewhere else on the internet hahaha I just don’t see it that much in the Muke tags so)