i ship sooooooo hard


make me choose
norasergeants asked Nora & Aidan or Nora & Sally

ladyevenstar22 answered your question “That Iris and The Streak roof scene was steamy af”

i def get vibe grant gustin is crushing on candice , not necessarily in a i want to date her vibe but he def thinks she’s a great fun person

And so he should. Grant did say Candice was his celebrity crush… not saying i ship Grandice but i ship it.

Why aren’t we talking about the end of when they play Castaway live and Michael and Luke just kept exchanging guitar solos????

Because that was my favorite Muke moment from the show, I was shipping them SOOOOOOO HARD. IT WAS SO ROMANTIC (in my head hahaha) AND SO HOT AND OH MY GOD THEY’RE GUITARISTS FOR A REASON. SO . DAMN. GOOD. 

It’s so cute when you and your *boyfriend* can just bounce super cool guitar solos off of each other wow =)))))

(I’ll post the vid if anyone wants it? IDK if it’s somewhere else on the internet hahaha I just don’t see it that much in the Muke tags so)