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I’ve become Victuuri trash and it’s all I can think about now guYS DO I MAKE A NEW BLOG WHAT DO I DO??!  *heavy breathing*

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I shipped KC SOO hard on TVD but when TO came out i stopped watching it and only watched like 2 episodes of TO, and I kinda abandoned my ship but I've just recently looked on to KC blogs I used to follow and Maan it's so lit ahaha, your blog and others as well are giving my former teenage KC obsessed fangirl self hope and I'm honestly worried I'm going to dive right back into that hole you call a fandom lmaooo I'm de ad🙃

Sometimes the Klaroline feels just really WHAM back into ya. Like it deadass comes and goes sometimes. Granted I’ve always got the feels, but like to the extent of back in the day, it always circles back around, haha.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo Episode 12

Ohmygosh, can this show get any cuter or better? The answer is yes! It can and it does every single week with new character development and storylines coming together. I’m high on today’s episode and y’all know why, but let’s go slow. *fangirl squeal*

If yesterday was full of romance, today was definitely more on the bittersweet side. Jae-yi had to finally let go of his first love, who apparently left him for another man, and in the process he destroyed the one good relationship he had going on. It was high time Dr. Go confessed her feelings for Jae-yi and I understand her disappointment, but wasn’t she the one who put herself in this situation? It was her choice to wait around for 10 years to see if he liked her too, so I really don’t understand why is she taking her anger on him. Okay, fine, I do get it but I think she’s misplacing it by blaming him for not even considering her. Maybe with this new information and a time off between them, Jae-yi will appreciate their relationship in another light. They do say the distance makes the heart grow fonder.

What about awesome uncle Dae-ho and his crush on coach Choi? He is so sweet and funny, I really want him to win her over. He already got her sister’s approval. Heee! But, why doesn’t she like him? Is she still hang up on Coach Yoon? Come on! Not only he is married, he has never show any interest other than friendship. I understand that the heart wants what it wants but I can’t help feel that she’s holding on to the idea of love instead of actually going for it. I think that like best pupil, Coach Choi too has a little growing up to do in regards to the matters of the heart.

Then, we got Shi-ho. I have been waiting for the moment where she finally breaks. It was inevitable with the way she takes care of herself, in the sense that she doesn’t. She has performed in competitions and training without eating, sleeping and even injured; and this is only the tip of the iceberg. She refuses to find any kind of emotional support in her teammates or coach, and even when Bok-joo worries about her -because she can see first hand what she’s doing by being her roommate- she pushes her away. Granted, Shi-ho is jealous of Bok-joo, not only because of Joon-hyun’s affection but also because of the support system around her. But Shi-ho really needs to reach out to someone. Yesterday if possible. How many sleeping pills did she take? Does it even matter when she’s clearly in a state of mind where she thinks it’s a good idea to take more than one or two at the same time?

Another person who has it difficult this week is Sun-ok, who we knew had it rough growing up because she didn’t like the idea of her parents owning a motel. At the time she confessed it, I understood it and thought that for a young person it could be difficult but, at least, it was honest work. But now I see her problems are deeper since her family doesn’t support her in any way for her to achieve her dream. And that’s gotta be hard. Parents who only chastised you for doing what you love. Sun-ok is trying to make a different life than the one she comes from, through hard work, and it breaks my heart that she might have to give up. I hope next week we get to see her back in University!

I’m also happy it was mostly Sun-ok’s story the one that made Bok-joo think what weightlifting means to her.

Dad’s disease was bound to take a bad turn at some point and it was incredibly touching to see how much love he has for this daughter, but I would have been disappointed and emotionally manipulated if Bok-joo returned to weightlifting only because she felt guilty. But this show never disappoints and, by mixing the three storylines, Bok-joo’s return feels natural. Like she was ready and what happened, to Dad and Sun-ok, it was the last push she needed to make a decision. I’m glad she is back to feeling like herself, maybe not the same as before since she did a lot of growing up through these experiences, but her slump is over. Now she can feel proud and happy about her chosen profession and herself again.

The amusement park date was both adorable and hilarious. “Did it make your heart flutter?”, asked Joon-hyun to shy and silent Bok-jo, while I was yelling: “YES, DAMN YOU! THE CUTE. IT HURTS”. Every minute had me squealing over these two.

Bok-joo got to see Joon-hyun in a new light altogether, since their interactions weren’t all that different from before, but they sure came about from a different approach. And it’s all thanks to Joon-hyun’s candidness towards her, he didn’t hide nor lie for one minute about his intentions to woo or swept Bok-joo off her feet. I knew he was going to be straightforward but I wasn’t expecting playful, mischievous and endearing all at the same time.

I also appreciate how the show made Bok-joo realize she’s in love with Joon-hyun at her own pace. Very much like his own realization about their relationship, it wasn’t forced, it was just the clear answer. One that it wasn’t all that hard for either of them to figure out.

These two have been a couple for such a long time that you really have to see it to appreciate how their relationship is built on mutual respect, friendship, honesty and love. There’s a tacit understanding of each other and between each other.

And what about that final scene? *squeals* He goes for the peck, she takes the initiative, twice!, I’m screaming, and Joon-hyun sees the green light for a full on make out session. Tenderly, lovingly, knowingly… because this is it.

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Hey, I just watched school 2013 and I'm sooooooo in love with it! I ship Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo way too hard.. Can you recommend any other Korean dramas like that, preferably bromance or male slash? Or is there no such thing in Korean dramas?

Hi ^^ agh School 2013 was the best!!! I ship them hard too~ here are my favs:

Life is Beautiful - The drama revolves around a loving, multi-generation family and their four children, grandparents and uncles. The oldest son, who is a doctor, is in a gay romantic relationship with a professor and comes out to his family. I started watching it for the gay couple but I ended up loving the whole family. It’s such a lovely drama I wanna cry.

The Lover - An omnibus series that depicts four different couples living together in one apartment complex. Room 709: Joon Jae is a loner who likes to stay home but gets a roommate who is pretty much his opposite and starts to draw him out into the world. Their relationship evolves from strangers to roommates to friends and finally lovers. :) I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!!

Prince’s Prince - Si-hyeon decides to work in a video game company in order to save his little sister who is obsessed over video games. He falsely self-claims himself gay and in love with the Mong-ryong (company head) to be hired. It’s hilarious I friggen loooooove it!

Reply 1997 - Has a side character named Joon-hee who is secretly gay and in love with his best friend. He doesn’t get much screen time which is sad but it’s still a good drama. It’s funny and I totally love the emerging fan culture.